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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 1, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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look who's heading home nowm the long holiday weekend. ts is interstate 680 in dublin- 's jammed as people make thei good evening. look who is heading home now from the long holiday weekend? this is interstate 680. it is jammed as people make
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their way back to the bay area. the cars coming towards us near the westbound direction. and this is 880 in oakland. it has slowed down quite a bit since our 5:30 newscast. you can bet it will slow more. look at this. the bay bridge toll plaza. smooth sailing it too. likely getting heavier. travel is slow at the airport as the thanksgiving weekend comes to an end. don knapp is at sfo. one airport has seen a decline in airport traffic, what is behind that? >> yes. get to that in a moment of the biggest single travel day of the year is the wednesday before thanksgiving. now, today, most of those folks are trying to get back home. and the 3 competing airports, well, they are happy to get the share they need. >> reporter: fully loaded airports are landing, and others are waiting to take off at the end of one of the
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holiday busiest periods. after billions spent on upgrades, sfo is benefiting from increased travel. up to 9 million passengers a year since 2007. >> you need to follow that line going this way, please. everybody. >> reporter: not that it is fun for travelers. >> the rest go,that way. >> this line is a bit crazy. i board in 35 minutes. hopefully i make it. >> stunned by the economic downturn, oakland's passenger count plunged by 5 million since 2007. oakland spokes person told kpix5 the numbers show passenger losses to sfo as flyers chase the low fares of other hraeurl airlines that dropped to compete. and tracks at the airport are not yet ready, the ridership generate dollars 17 million a year for oakland. robert alexander prefers oakland for the best of reasons. >> i can get in and get out. quick on the 80 to get back. so, convenience for you. >> yes. convenience. san jose airport and a press
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release for 8 straight months for increase in passengers. this despite facing many problems that oakland faces according to barns. triple a projected airport this holiday period will be down 4% to a little more than 3 million travelers. passengers have to brace for skies that are bizy and not always friendly. >> i do. -- busy and not always friendly. >> i have to get in a state where i am not annoyed by the tsa and by the crowds and folk us on family and having a good time. >> the economy may be improving but not fast enough apparently for some customers. travel is project those who host faith in the future that travel will drop 3.7% for holiday air this year. reporting live at sfo. don knapp, kpix5. >> it is expected 43.5 million people will travel had this weekend and most of them, 39 million by car. new details are emerging about the fire car crash that
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killed actor paul walker. now, we have the emotional reaction from his father. >> i just am glad every time i saw him i told him i loved him. [crying] >> reporter: paul walker's father is trying to deal with the death of his son who was named after him. one of four children, a neighbor told us he and his wife raised in this house. today, friends and family got together here. >> can't beat friends at a time like this. and brothers. we are all taking it pretty hard. >> walker leaves behind a 15- year-old daughter, medo. >> going to take time and dad she is 15, i don't have much more time to get with her and boom another movie. oh. i don't know what to do here, you know? >> reporter: best known for his starring role in "fast and furious." but his next door neighbor who knew him since he was born. >> my daughter baby-sat him. >> reporter: his acting career started a long, long time ago.
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>> cheryl, his mother had him even in the pampers commercial. [ laughter ] when he was a little baby. you know. >> reporter: walker was an actor who loved the fast cars he was known for. he and his buddy hosted a fundraiser for reach out world wide here yesterday. [crying] >> i was proud of him every day of his life. >> there were hot cars here at the fundraiser including his red 2005 porsche. >> roger got in the car and moved it. paul walker jumped into the passenger side of the seat. looked and said i will be back in five minutes and it never happened. >> the sheriff's department says the car was speeding as they returned to the warehouse. there are skid marks on the road. the car slid off of the road paul walker's fans have been flocking to the crash site since learning of his death. leaving no flowers and candles
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for the memorial to the 40-year- old. some just want to drive the route. well, the 2-year-old boy, who fell into a creek yesterday, is expected to make a full recovery. the 2-year-old went fishing with his grandmother and fell into four feet of water. he was in the water for more than 10 minutes and was unconscious when he was taken to a local hospital. now the doctors say he is off medication and he is doing well. the police found no evidence of neglect. they say it was an accident. first showed up in the early 1980s. a mist rear illness with a cure that killed those infected with. it talking about hiv, the virus that can cause aids. the recent numbers for center for disease control say that more than a million people in the u.s. have hiv. there are about 50,000 new cases every year worldwide. it is estimated that more than 34 million people have hiv. today, the 25th year that world aids day has been observed. hundreds gathered at a special
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place in san francisco to remember loved ones. mark kelly talked to organizers who's say it is important to use this day to educate people for the future. >> tucked in golden gate park is a tranquile place, where lives are snuffed out by aids are remembered forever. and hrufd ones finds a place to grieve. this is a national aids memorial, a fitting place to gath or world aids day. >> brought together different communities that work together, share their experiences and share their collective grieve and magnify their own sense of hope together. inside, photos taken by aids line the perimeter. the hurt the disease caused. too raw for some to relive. but, leaders say we must remember. aids is not just our past it is still plaguing communities in this country. >> i often say aids in america today is a black disease, black americans represent 10-12% of the u.s. population and
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represent nearly 50% of the estimated 1.1 million americans living with hiv. >> he says lack of affordable health care is a big obstacle to fighting hiv but education is another. that is why this student, laura potter, hopes to teach a new generation about hiv. >> i honestly think it has to come town with stigma and doctors need to think about ordering routine hiv test iting for absolutely everyone. >> reporter: decades after that pandemic rocked this country. this room has not forgotten and it is continuing the fight against hiv, aids. >> so to many it does not look like it is a life-threatening illness but there is no cure. a fatal disease. it is important that those coming up in the next generation are aware of that. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> 9 college students were honored money to teach that aids is not over. there is no cure but effective treatments. question tonight about a
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deadly train derailment at new york state. did excessive speed contribute to the crash? not your ordinary joyride, what happened when the port authorities noticed a ferry leaving the dock at its unscheduled time. and a big chill. looking live towards the bay bridge. it is coming. the forecast is coming up next
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york. at least four people died --- 60 more injured --- after a commuter train went the tracks this morning in e bronx. now, looking live at the scene of a deadly train derailment in new york. four people died here. 60 more injuries after a commuter train went off of the tracks this morning in the bronx. about 150 people were on board as it made its way to manhattan. the crash happened as the train rounded a bend where the hudson and harlem rivers meet. some passengers said they thought the train was going faster than usual and the next thing they knew, screams, rolling sensation and bodies my flying in the cars. >> start making a loud shifting sound with the tracks and then the next thing i know, two people came flying across the train and landed on top of me. >> reporter: they saided the brakes did not work. it is the first fatal crash in
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theline's 31 year history. a man was arrested in seattle after the police say he tried to steal a ferry. they noticed the ferry was moving away. they checked the schedule and knew it was supposed to get repairs. they called the captain to see if they were on the boot. they were not. they caught up to the ferry and hooked it on a tugboat. after a standoff the man was arrested. he told the mess he took the boat because he wanted to go to west seattle. up next, the new law that will change how wildlife experts handle mountain lie ons that go exploring in populated areas. in the san francisco bay, it has only taken 100 years, we will have the story for you, coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mountain lions in californi but now, a new law is goingo change the way wildlife officials themselves will he to deal wi in 1990, voters passed proposition 117, banning private hunting of mountain lions in california. but, now, a new law is going to change the way wildlife officials, themselves,ville to deal with the big cats. kpix5 john ramos tells us how roeurz the town of half-moon bay backs right up to lion habitat. occasionally a young lion, searching for territory, will get a little lost. >> and all of a sudden they pop out of the woods and find themselves in the middle of a subdivision. they don't know what to do. most of them go run up a tree and wait for humans to leave. they are not going to do. >> reporter: on this day, one year ago, the town was outraged when a game warden with the department of fish and wildlife shot two cubs found hiding in a backyard deck. at the time the department said
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it man dated the lethal response to protect the public. >> up until now it was safer to kill the lion than to worry about, well, if i had not stopped that lion maybe some day he might of hurt somebody. >> reporter: today they passed the signing of a new law that will change the wayward ens deal with lions found in populated areas. >> the legislation requires wardens to use nonlethal procedures on mountain lion fist they don't pose an imminent threat to human life. >> reporter: the law gives wildlife officials greater flex bill -- flexibility to tranquilize them. >> if they are not threatening the humans as the case a year ago issue the game warden can
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look at other alternatives. >> reporter: a partnership with local zoos will relieve some of the pressure the officials feel to take deadly action. they say tell add common sense to those times when city life butches up against nature. in half-moon bay, kpix-5. >> the new law also allows the officials to provide veterinary care to rehabilitate them. it has taken 150 years but all of that slush, generated by gold rush miners in the sierra, nevada, washed out to sea. that means the water in sap fran bay is getting clearer. but the clearer water lets in less sunlight. causing algae. new reg -- regulation may be needed. >> they were doing mining it it lowered the level of the bay that so much came in there was
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10 feet on the bottom of the bay that is purely gold rush sediment. that will always be through but the clairity is getting better. that is good news. now, heading out, 56 in concord and 66 at oakland looking towards the bay bridge. cool side, bundle up if you are heading out. should be clear. and overnight lows tonight, down to 38 degrees in santa rosea, 49 in the city and 45 degrees in san jose. 41 out at trafis. and for tomorrow, we will be looking at mostly sunny skies with the temperatures in the middle 60s around the bay. inland is still all of the way in the upper 60s and around the bay, not bad. plenty of sunshine but, boy, things are going to cool down. this is what kept us warm. the high pressure that is hitting the california coastline. the high gets a bite taken out of it by a strong area of pressure that is coming down. very cold air that is coming
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down the big chill comes into the bay area. the numbers drop by 20 degrees or so. here is what is next. another mild day tomorrow. and then tuesday, big changes, the numbers are going to plummet. freeze warnings possible around the bay area. 68 degrees in livermore, that is monday. look at the forecast for thursday. numbers coming down in just that amount of time by as much as 20 degrees in parts of the bay area. you will really feel it. it is warm down there in the southeast. so, not bad by comparison. california will get some of the biggest changes in the temperatures over the next 48 hours. tomorrow's fine, north bay, extended forecast, you can see it on tuesday and wednesday. the warmest readings will get will be in the upper 40s inland. and around the bay and the coast. man, let me tell you, it will feel like a slash in the face. i am warning you now. just a tiny chance of rain.
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i will not put it in there on tuesday. >> all right. >> vern is here, boy, the warriors have exciting finishes. >> yes. absolutely. you got to get it done. in these games that are winnable. >> yes. the warriors, coming up, and the many faces of 49er coach jim harbaugh. that is when the team is winning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nothing flashy...just physical... a little...chippy from the
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jump!... wr mich nfl and the 49ers and a workman-like effort, holding the rams it today. holding them down. nothing flashy. just physical. a little shifty from the jump. grabtree was back. and a right knee injury early. he did not return. 6 minutes in the second quarter. gore, like a battering ram. 4 yards and out. 49ers took a 10-point halftime lead. rams, macdonald, had to go to the man zone. he will be okay. 9ers up at 10. getting separation, first game back from a torn achilles. the kings longesten one of the year. two catches, 58 yards with crab tree. gore fumbled and it stalled. 4th quarter, fake, dew point, fools nobody. stumps it it out. sets up a short field.
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on the near side. flips it to davis. and he hurdles it in the end zone. the 10th of the year. the 49ers in control. as for the 49ers defense, they were big. check out willis, the sack of them, clemens, one of four, 49er sacks. and the 9ers wore down the rams 23-13 to improve to 8-4. >> a tough opponent and, you know, all of the all of the pressure of the high stakes of this time of the year. i thought our guys answered the bell on that. >> male viewers shield your eyes, not a good place to be hit there. >> a lot of chippiness out there not anything on our part but on their part. and, you know, maybe that was the game plan. it did not work. >> all right. nick, the 49ers a favor. he and the eagles took care of the cardinals today. three touchdown, 2 to stanford
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product there. eagles hold down the cardinals by 3. 24-21. >> so, the 49ers now have a 1- game lead for the final wild card spot in the nfc. the panthers now, san francisco will host the division-leading seahawks next sunday at the stick. afc business, the raiders had the day off. got to sit back and watch the chiefs and broncos go toe-toe, manning and the broncos forced to play catch up. smith, look at this. anthony, it was 21-7, chiefs. but then it was go time for manning and the broncos. the old general went to work and hooked up with the best- looking man, many publications say, eric decker. married to country star jessie james. and beating kansas city. 35-28. the chiefs lost 3 straight
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after starting the season 9-0. segue to the nba. a blackout in the arena form he known as arco. starting the kings, now, a hero. knocks it down. warriors by 3 at the half. seth curry going ahead. 8 seconds left. here is how it ended. thomas, trying to play beat the clock. >> on 3, on 3. on 3. >> thomas, to the rim, bogus, the shot, he got the rebound. warriors win. >> warriors hang on, 115-1then. you got to do it at both ends. coming up tonight on "gameday." david fales and chandler jones joins me in studio. the spartans are riding high after the first win over a ranked team since the year 2000. we will get out of here by telling you stanford football now is ranked 7th in the nation
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in the bcs. so, they are moving up but with two losses, their chances for a national championship, pretty much gone. >> you and will talk about the 9erss too? >> how can i forget them. >> all righty, thank you. that will do it for this edition of kpix news "60 minutes" is up next. the latest news and weather is always on have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> rose: tomorrow, on what is known as cyber monday, it's expected that more than 300 items a second will be ordered on amazon. >> anything you want on earth, you're going to get from us. >> rose: anything you want on earth, you're going to get from us? >> yeah, that's where we're headed, i believe. >> rose: during our recent visit to amazon's campus in seattle, jeff bezos kept telling us that he had a big surprise, something he wanted to unveil for the first time. >> let me show you something. >> rose: oh, man. oh, my god! >> pelley: tomorrow marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the capitol dome. it's hard to imagine america without this crowning achievement, but when you hear the story of how it was created,


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