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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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you know that cyber monday is really going to draw the crowds. >> it's a big deal on the retail calendar. this year cyber monday is expected to bring in millions. >> wallets in sacramento are a little bit fatter today. lawmakers are getting a raise amounting to more than 5% for sacramento lawmakers. >> there are 23 days until christmas and today is the busiest shipping day of the year. fedex expects more than 85 million shipments this week. >> wow! it is the best early christmas present that all of us could possibly imagine. >> a bay area toddler who nearly died in a drainage pipe is making a miraculous recovery. >> family friends and fans mourn the death of "fast & furious" actor paul walker. speed is the focus on the investigation into his deadly crash. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald mallicoat.
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and i'm michelle griego. tis 6-- veloping this morn good morning, everyone. it's monday, december 2. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing this morning, two earthquakes shook gilroy overnight. the first was magnitude 2.5 at 1:35 a.m. then a stronger quake struck at 2:05. that was magnitude 3.7. both were centered about 4 miles south-southeast of gilroy. we have had no reports of damage or injuries. i'm mark kelly live in san francisco. the holiday shopping season is finally here. and fedex expects this to be its busiest day of the year. >> and crooks are also working overtime on this cyber monday. we have a couple of tips to protect yourself when you do shop online. how about traffic, liz, what's going on? >> it is all about the fog this morning. especially over at the bay bridge toll plaza. lawrence will have more on this but it is impacting the morning
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commute. in fact, chp issued their own dense fog advisory for the eastern side of the bay bridge. and it looks like they just turned on the metering lights over at the bay bridge toll plaza. so that's why we're seeing the delays beginning to build there. the fog is also pretty thick impacting visibility right now through the macarthur maze. and you can see it begin to slow down now westbound 24 as you head through oakland. that was a look at telegraph. bart great option, so far all trains are on time. with more on when the fog is going to lift, let's go to meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> visibilities down to quarter of a mile in some areas because of patchy, dense fog especially near the coastline and the north bay valleys but you can see more clouds beginning to head toward the bay area part of a cold front that's going to slide in bringing with it some much colder air into the bay area the next couple of days. over the bay now patchy fog and temperatures around the bay in the 30s and 40s all the way down to 34 and some fog into santa rosa. plenty of 60s into the east
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bay. then inside the bay cooler temperatures further north about 4 in san francisco and 64 in hayward. all those gifts people ordered over the holiday season are about to get shipped out adding up to fedex's busiest day ever on cyber monday. kpix 5's mark kelly is standing by now with more. >> reporter: good morning. everything is just starting to open up here at fedex. the infrastructure are rolling in. the employees are coming in. now, companies that study our shopping habits expect this holiday shopping season to be one of the busiest ever. fedex is expecting today to be the busiest day in company history moving 22 million boxes just in a single day. now, compare that to its second busiest day in company history, 19.9 million boxes, that was last year on december 17.
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so what's driving all this? well, the company's pointing to all that online shopping people are doing these days. remember, today as we said is cyber monday. and fedex says talking worldwide online shopping is three to four times the rate of traditional store shopping. of course, someone has to ship all those online purchases and that's where fedex is seeing these record numbers coming in. so here's some more positive economic news for the next couple of years. a company called ecyber does some number crunching on all of our online holiday shopping. and they expect that online holiday sales are going to increase by 15%. frank and michelle, year after year. >> getting lazy, i guess, mark. kind of frustrating to get a late gift, a late package. what's the company doing to make sure that doesn't happen? >> reporter: they have 300,000 employees worldwide making sure
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your boxes get to their locations on time. they also said they have additional seasonal staff and coming up later in this news car, we are going to talk to the facility manager here to see how they are going to keep up with demand. >> it all gets going today. mark kelly live in san francisco, thank you. >> reporter: in new york, thousands of commuters are on buses being detoured around the scene of that deadly train derailment from yesterday. investigators worked through the night to make sure no other victims were trapped in the wreckage. four passengers killed yesterday morning when that train ran off the tracks on a sweeping curve in the bronx. >> they will know the speed the train was traveling. .they will also know if the engineer was attempting to apply the brakes or not. they will also know if the brakes were working. >> some of the passengers said the train seemed to be going a lot faster than usual right before the crash. a freight train derailed in the same area in the summer in july. investigators will be looking
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for possible connections between the two accidents. bart's two biggest unions are working on a lawsuit against the transit agency over their contract dispute. the "san francisco examiner" reports a union official said a suit could be filed this week. the issue is the tentative contract that union members approved in october. bart directors removed a family leave provision before they voted to ratify the deal. california lawmakers are getting a raise. an independent panel approved the 5.3% bump over the summer. it's meant to restore part of the paycuts made during the recession. lawmakers will earn about an extra $5,000 a year, although about a dozen will turn it down. no bay area lawmakers are on that list. holiday weekend was a busy time for air travel fully loaded airliners dropping on to sfo runways yesterday while others waited to take off here. after billions of dollars spent on upgrades, sfo is benefitting
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from increased travel. the airport's numbers are way up. nine million more passengers a year since 2007. travelers have to brace for skies that are busy and not always friendly, too. >> i do have to psych myself out. i have to get into a state where i'm not going to be annoyed by the tsa and by the crowds and really just focus on family and having a good time. >> oakland's annual passenger count though has plunged by nearly 5 million since 2007. an oakland spokesman says the numbers reflect losses to sfo as flyers chase the low fares of virgin america and as other airlines at sfo drop fares to compete. travelers at sfo will have the option of doing a little canine therapy. volunteers from the spca will start visiting the airports this week with a certified therapy dog. the animals have been chosen for their temperament and they will wear vests that read, pet me. the white house says the problems with its website are
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now fixed. the obama administration says 50,000 people can now log on to at the same time. more than 400 bugs have been fixed. response times have improved from eight seconds to one. and error rates have gone from 6% to less than 1%. >> hopefully we are going to have americans get access to that healthcare they need. >> most americans are going to find a less dynamic health system. they are going to find that the costs of the healthcare that they must purchase is going to be a lot higher. >> republicans are now focusing on the overall healthcare bill rather than the website. even with the improvements, the administration admits the site could still buckle under peak demand. december 23rd is the final signup date to ensure coverage on january 1. checking our bay area headlines, the santa rosa teen shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy may have a memorial park created in his honor. sonoma county lawmakers will meet tomorrow to discuss requests from the community.
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a deputy shot 13-year-old andy lopez in october because he mistook the teen's bb gun for an ak-47 assault rifle. san francisco's muni agency is reminding riders to be on alert this holiday season. robberies and cell phone snatchings have been a problem on some buses. muni wants people coming into the city to shop to be careful with their belongings and alert to their surroundings. some retail experts say this year's black friday was disappointing. that's according to the national retail federation. 141million people went shopping over the holiday weekend. that's up by about 2 million from last year. but total spending is expected to to $57 billion down 3% from last year but retailers hope they can make up that 3% today. it's cyber monday of course and tons of great deals you can find online. but before you start throwing out the credit card numbers in the cyber world let's check in with kpix 5's keit do live with how you can keep your information secure and safe. kiet. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, frank. it's always a good idea to
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follow some of the best practices like making sure that your operating system and your virus software is up to date. and also, comparing your purchases online with your banking statements. beyond that, know that the bad guys are out there trolling for victims. even though you may be an old pro at shopping online, here's a quick refresher. do not click on any links to access an online retailer. go directly to the site and look for security symbols. >> when you're on a secure site, it will show the https in the address. it will also change the color of the address bar or show you a lock icon. >> reporter: for goodness sake, do not click on pop-up ads! >> they are not actually legitimate. when you click on them, you will get a virus. >> reporter: use a credit card instead of a debit card when you check out. >> most of your credit card companies offer you purchase protection with your purchase for dispute resolution. some debit cards with some
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banks do and some don't. >> reporter: even better, a third party payment system. >> it's actually preferred because you actually gain customer service representation if there is a problem with the purchase. paypal or google will represent you in disputes. >> reporter: and so the emails have been rolling in all morning long for these incredible deals. if it's a wild crazy just super duper incredible deal, double- check it if you can but chances are, if it's too good to be true, eh, it probably is. frank, back to you. >> thank you. his movies are now a cherished memory. how hollywood is mourning paul walker. >> a little holiday cheer lands a man in trouble with the law. the stunt that had money everywhere. >> and got a couple of clouds outside right now more to come but the big chill is headed our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and this is not a good morning to be a deer. we have seen a numerous deer- related incidents including this one now in martinez
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blocking one lane on westbound 4 approaching alhambra. all right. we want to know once again what drives you crazy during your commute? you can ask us a question or just share a gripe. go ahead, complain! you can email us at or you can find me on twitter at #ewengerkpix. and watch right here to see if we answer your question on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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many people mourning the deh of his co- star in the "fasd furious" movies. there's a memorial for forty- year- o paul walker on the street w he w actor tyrese gibson is mourning the co-star in the "fast & furious" movie. there is a memorial for 40-year- old paul walker on a street where he was killed in a crash saturday. he was a passenger in a friend's porsche when the car slammed into a power pole in
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valencia near los angeles. both men died. >> curiosity to see it. it's so sad how he died. he probably left quickly and now he is resting in peace. >> the 7th film in the "fast & furious" series is scheduled to be released next summer been universal pictures hasn't changed its plans yet. paul walker is trending. also, amazon. the company says drone deliveries are in the near future. "bao bao" the name voters decided on for the panda cub at the national zoo. redskins is also trending. the team lost to the new york giants last night. and cyber monday, it's the biggest online shopping day of the year today. you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. a minnesota man may have gone a little too far to spread holiday cheer and landed him in trouble with the law. >> he decided to throw hundreds of $1 bills into the crowd at the mall of america on black friday. the man says he had a rough
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year losing his business and going through a divorce. so he wanted to make the holiday brighter for others. >> my wife pay it forward i can't keep up with my bills i'm losing everything might as well just have my last little thrill. >> the man was cited for disorderly conduct and will have to pay a fine. >> that's too bad. >> he was doing a good thing. >> probably better way to do it. >> people go bananas in a mall. >> he could have just hanked it out. >> now he is left with nothing. let's talk traffic. we have a number of different incidents coming in later in the morning commute things heating up and then we see more accidents. a lot of them involve deer this morning. so westbound 4 we have a deer in the roadway still blocking one lane approaching alhambra in martinez. the real delays we are seeing in the usual spots coming out of antioch specifically "a" street to somersville speeds under 25 miles per hour
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westbound. so the back-to-work commute after the long holiday weekend is certainly under way. westbound approaching mccarthy an accident blocking a lane. solo car accident searching we are not seeing any delays so may have actually already been cleared to the right-hand shoulder. the rest of the south bay problem-free on 101, 280, the guadalupe parkway towards the san jose airport. bay bridge there is a lot of thick fog this morning coming through the macarthur maze. be extra careful on the eastern side of the span. chp issued a dense fog advisory early this morning. and there's also the metering lights so you have fog and metering lights meaning extra delays backing up towards the overcrossings. remember kcbs when you hit the roads, tune to kcbs radio 740- am and 106.9-fm. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." lawrence has weather. >> a thin layer of fog only a few hundred feet thick down at the surface. some of the visibilities less than a quarter mile so be careful this morning if you are
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headed out the door. that will lift in the next couple of hours. we have more clouds coming in our direction. those clouds maybe bringing with it a light shower or two but more importantly some very cold air is going to settle over the bay area probably for the rest of the week. so today, the last mild day of some hazy sunshine and partly cloudy skies. then this cold air dives in right from the gulf of alaska and plunges into the bay area bringing the coldest temperatures of the season so far. numbers around the state about 69 degrees in fresno, 66 in sacramento. 64 degrees in redding with showers there. computer models showing you the patchy fog trying to break up and here come the other clouds from the cold front sliding into the bay area ushering in colder temperatures the next few days. today 65 milpitas, 65 mountain view, 66 san jose, 62 pacifica. east bay temperatures up in the 60s in most spots. then inside the bay, partly cloudy skies and hazy sunshine, 64 in san francisco.
6:20 am
63 in petaluma. and about 64 in santa rosa. next couple of days we'll watch the temperatures nosedive as the cold air sits over the bay area some very chilly nights and hard freezes overnight. so something to think about. sunrise times today. 7:08. sunset 4:5. take51. take care of pets, plants, people and pipes. police are treating a parking lot death home of the nfl kansas city chiefs as a homicide now. coming up, the evidence that led police to believe it had nothing do with fan rivalry. >> straight ahead this morning, what college football team is tops in the land? what does it mean for stanford football? wild one for the ws an coach harbor, take it easy. you would have thought the 49ers lost. >> what's cool about your school? we want to know.
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you can email us your nomination at ,, ,,,,,, yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did.
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good morning, everybody. it's december 2nd. the bcs rankings are out. florida state is number one. stanford is moved up to number seven. they are going to play arizona state for the right to go to the rose bowl. nfl, rams and 49ers yesterday. hofstra reunion michael crabtree back, six months after tearing his achilles tendon. joe staley left the game with a right knee injury and rams tj mcdonald was injuring vernon davis in other ways in the man zone! oh!! he wasn't down long so. colin kaepernick looked and found him and davis runs and he hurtles into the end zone.
6:25 am
the 49ers win 23-13 to get to 8- 4 for the year. peyton manning and the broncos erased a deficit. manning threw for five touchdowns. four to eric decker. they win 35-28. steph curry hit two free throws late to give the warriors the lead but the kings had the last shot. >> isaiah thomas playing beat the clock. thomas to the rim, andrew bogut blocks the shot! he got the rebound, warriors win! [ applause and cheers ] >> andrew bogut came through with the big block. and the warriors win it, 115- 113. warriors starting to get the momentum back, just wait until they get andre iguodala back in the line-up. that will do it. everybody, have a great day. thank you, vern. play of the day from the broncos-chiefs matchup. denver's running back.... knowshon moreno... stole the show with some denver runningback moreno stole the show with interesting moments. first he cried during the national anthem just gushing
6:26 am
out then the crawl comes after he was finally brought down by what seemed like the entire kansas city defensive line. and there he goes. doing the worm out there. moreno's moment today's play of the day. the broncos won, too. >> they did win. developing now in kansas city, a deadly altercation outside the chiefs stadium is under investigation this morning. police say a struggle happened after the victim was found inside someone else's car following yesterday's chiefs- bronx game. right now it's not -- chiefs- broncos games. right now it's not clear how the victim died. it wasn't the result of a fan rivalry, according to officials. 6:26. pilots are used to flying in autopilot mode and it's causing concern. the investigation into emergency incidents in the sky. >> reporter: i'm mark kelly live in san francisco. fedex expects today to be its busiest day ever. coming up, we are going to talk to a manager about how they keep up with demand. ,,
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up
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for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. morning. plus -- your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald the teenager set on fire on a bus is on the road to recovery. the step he is taking this morning. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a deadly train derailment in the bronx. i'm marlie hall in new york with the latest coming up. >> and we are starting out with some patchy, dense fog this morning but some much colder air is coming our way. we'll talk about it coming up. >> drive carefully this morning towards the bay bridge. thick fog is making visibilities a problem. we'll show you where it's impacting your monday morning
6:31 am
commute. that's coming up. good morning, everyone. it's monday, december2. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. today is fedex's busiest shipping day of the year. it could be one for the record books. kpix 5's mark kelly is inside the san francisco facility where the sorting is just getting under way. mark. >> reporter: well, michelle, joining me now is andre toledo, operations manager here at fedex. so busiest day of the year, possibly the busiest day ever. how are you keep up with the demand? >> reporter: we have been planning for a year. so we have everyone here. we are going to run a full staff and just each year keeps growing and growing see we have the heads up to plan ahead and get everybody here. >> reporter: how due keep morale up during the holiday season when everyone is working so hard? what do you tell your staff? >> we have a great group of guys and basically when they know the holiday season is here, and they just give 110% and, uhm, all the focus is on getting the service down and
6:32 am
packages to customers. it's a good time, we're busy. >> reporter: you're a manager now. you used to be a deliveryman. what was that like during the holiday season to be on the roads? did you feel like you were really part of something? >> yeah. i mean, it was a while ago but definitely remember the times of like the holiday season on the radio and heard everyone say merry christmas to one another and just everyone working late hours and getting the job done, had a good feeling to it. >> reporter: the holiday season, the shopping, wouldn't even happen without you guys. >> with e-commerce we're busy. >> reporter: thanks for talking to us. he is going to make sure our gifts get to where they need to be this year. he is going to be accountable for that. back to you in the studio. >> be sure to give us his phone number if not. thank you. aviation experts are concerned airline pilots are becoming so reliant on computers that they may be unprepared to take control of the plane. the ntsb will hold a two-day investigative hearing next week on the asiana airlines crash in san francisco back in july. the hearing will have a broad
6:33 am
focus looking at pilot awareness in a highly automated aircraft. the oakland teen set on fire in the ac transit bus will return to school today. luke "sasha" fleischman is a senior at the maybeck high school. he returned home last week after being treated for second- and third-degree burns more than three weeks after a skirt was lit on fire on the bus. sasha thinks he is neither male nor female. the 16-year-old was arrested. police say the attack was motivated by homophobia. it's taken 150 years but the sludge generated by the gold rush miners in the sierra nevada apparently is finally washed out to see from the bay. tests show as a result, the water in san francisco bay is actually getting cleaner each year. the downside is that the cleaner water lets in sunlight and more algae grows in the bay. all right. so we need to get our sweaters and coats out, coats, gloves, hats. >> blanket, get ready to go. slight chance we could see showers but the big story will
6:34 am
cold temperatures. today out the door, we have some patchy dense fog this morning early on. that's the main concern early today but that will lift and then we'll see some more clouds coming our way. in fact, seeing some of those clouds beginning to make their way into our skies right now. looks like as we head toward the afternoon we are going to see a few more of the clouds but a nice start to the day. some patchy fog there in the distance. temperatures a little chilly in spots. numbers dropping off into the 30s in the north bay valleys down to 34 in santa rosa right now. 44 degrees, 10 degrees warmer in san jose and 47 in san francisco. this afternoon, i still think we're back into the 60s in most spots. but this will be the last day. in fact we might not see 60s for some time to come. we'll have more in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. it's slow traffic through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. there may be some fog in the area and that's what's slowing things down. no reported accidents but you can see that long line of red sensors which means those are speeds below 25 miles per hour.
6:35 am
they start in the altamont pass and doesn't clear up until you get past vasco road. east bay also seeing slowdowns in richmond towards berkeley, that's a live look westbound 80 near carlson boulevard. that is one of our caltrans cameras. and we are also getting first reports of a new accident eastbound 92 approaching el camino real, that off-ramp may be blocked. bart 48 trains systemwide on time. no delay. and with all the fog out there may be a good morning to use it. thick in spots towards the bay bridge as well this morning. caltrain and ace train 1 and 3 also good to go no delay there. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you. a toddler trapped under water for more than 10 minutes is doing well this morning. brian webb with how the child survived. >> reporter: it was a typical saturday afternoon at vallejo fire station 23 when a 911 call came in from one district over. but when a little boy is drowning, you don't worry about the address. >> i actually was working out in the gym so i was in a t-
6:36 am
shirt and shorts. >> reporter: a 2-year-old had fallen in this murky green pond while fishing with his grandmother. she couldn't find him after searching for nearly 10 minutes. when diane arrived, she jumped right in and spotted the boy in a drain pipe on her second dive. >> he actually had drifted under the road, and he was suspended so i saw him saw the white t-shirt grabbed him and was able to stand on the bottom raise him up and hand him off. >> like an overpass. >> reporter: apprentice firefighter wally trajillo six months on the job started chest compressions and prayers. >> everyone would agree, when it's pediatric, it's an eerie feeling bus you never know the outcome. >> reporter: the water right here is 5 feet deep and very cold. that along with the fact this boy is very young probably saved his life. >> incredibly cold which that gives the child a way better chance of deficits or making a recovery. >> reporter: 24 hours later word reached the crew the boy
6:37 am
was doing better so much he is expected to make a full recovery. >> wow! it is the best early christmas present all of us could possibly imagine. >> reporter: just another day on the job at fire station 23 saving lives along the way. brian webb, kpix 5. >> that toddler's grandmother who dove in after him will make a full recovery from hypothermia. a man trying to sell a videogame system is robbed and killed in the bayview. police said the man set up a meeting online to sell the device. the victim agreed to meet the suspect near bayshore boulevard and jerrold avenue when he was shot. the victim's name isn't released. no killer description. rescue workers are making sure no one is still in the wreckage of a commuter train that derailed along the hudson in new york city. this morning, thousands of commuters are riding buses past
6:38 am
the scene of the deadly crash in the bronx. investigators worked through the night at the scene of a seven car commuter train derailment that killed four and injured more than 60. >> that car you see in your screen now, that was tipped over on its side yesterday partially. it's uprighted . >> reporter: the investigation appears to center around how fast the train was moving as it reached a curve in the bronx just north of manhattan. a law enforcement source tells cbs news the train's engineer, william rockefeller, jr., told rescuers he tried to apply the brakes but they weren't working. the ntsb recovered data recorders which should tell the story. >> they will know the speed that the train was traveling. they will also know if the engineer was attempting to apply the brakes or not. they will also know if the brakes were working. >> reporter: the train came to a stop just feet from where the hudson and harlem rivers meet. some passengers say they thought they were going to plunge into the water. >> i thought i'm going to die. >> reporter: this passenger says people were tossed around like rag dolls. >> i can see some people flying from my left side to the right side.
6:39 am
>> reporter: james lovell is among the dead. his 17-year-old son posted this message online, this feels like an awful nightmare that i can't wake up from. rest easy, dad. i love you. marlie hall for cbs news, the bronx, new york. >> that train carried about 150 passengers and was about half full when it derailed. well, the next time a mountain lion wanders into your neighborhood, wildlife officers will have to be a little friendlier to it. a new state law now requires fishing and game officers to use nonlethal methods to deal with the animas as long as the lion poses no immediate threat to those around him. >> until now, it was safer just to kill the lions than to worry about, well, if i hadn't stopped that lion, maybe someday he might have hurt somebody. >> last december fish & game shot and killed two orphan cougar cubs that had taken refuge under a backyard deck by the fences. at the time that was the policy. the new law gives officers a
6:40 am
little more flexibility now to tranquilize capture and relocate those little cubs. california couple has vanished under mysterious circumstances. the man and woman of sacramento went out fishing on the delta thanksgiving afternoon. hours later the boat was found still running in circles but there was no sign of the two. the coast guard and deputies searched but didn't find anything and their family is worrying someone might done something to them. >> it's just really nice people. they have no enemy, nothing like that, i'm still hoping that they still alive, they still okay. >> family plans to expand their search outside the delta area. they are going to meet with detectives later today to discuss the case. the family of a palo alto veteran detained in north korea says he appears to be in good health. 85-year-old merrill newman was pulled off a plane in october while touring the country. the swedish ambassador visited him at a hotel and newman said
6:41 am
he is being treated well. the north has been holding him for more than a month accusing him of hostile acts during the korean war. time now 6:41. delivery drones, amazon is testing out a futuristic plan to fly your packages right to your door. >> and following the carol, the 12 days of christmas, how one set of gifts will set you back. >> a mixed bag on wall street so far. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
6:42 am
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
6:44 am
the new service, called "pre air," could have orders on customers' doorsteps within0 amazon wants to use drones to speed up delivery time. the new service called prime air could have orders on customer doorsteps within 30 minutes but it at least four
6:45 am
years before the drones are ready. they would only handle packages weighing up to 5 pounds. so you won't see an 80" tv gliding through the air. the price of the 12 days of christmas is going up. buying all the gifts mentioned in the classic carol would cost more than $27,000 this year. that's according to mnc wells management up almost 8% from last year. if you buy all 364 items repeated throughout the 12 days of christmas you will pay $115,000. the most expensive gift, the swans a-swimming and more than $1,000 each. >> every year it's the swans. >> they are expensive. retailers across the country acounting their cash after black friday shoppers hit their stores this weekend. >> they are. here now to chat is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this cyber monday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. if you did go out shopping this weekend you saw a lot of people spending money and the numbers of people out were a record
6:46 am
high. they were up quite a bit. but because of discounting and promotions and things like that, actual spending according to the national retail federation, dropped 2.7%, the first drop on a black friday weekend since they started keeping track in 2006. now, it is cyber monday and it's expected to be a big one. some analysts calling for a 20% gain in sales over last year. that's got a lot of interest in ebay and amazon. stock in both companies are heading higher. ebay shares up over 4%, that's real -- that's really driving the stock market this morning. let's check the numbers. the dow is down by 40. nasdaq lower by a fraction mainly because of ebay and amazon shares heading higher. s&p meanwhile is dropping by 1 point. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. it is 6:46 now.
6:47 am
20,000 bucks for a 1999 lexus may seen outrageous but a san diego man thinks that's nothing to own a piece of actor leonardo dicaprio. this is the picture of the famous actor with the car. this is back in 2000. the current owner is auction the car on ebay right now. he says he has the paperwork, listing the titanic actor as the car's original owner and the car's navigation, look at that still has leonardo dicaprio's former address stored on it. late model gs-400 is creating quite a buzz. >> from all over the world, i have had people email me from canada interested in the car, making bids. from michigan, a guy was a huge leo nut. >> it's just a car. that car was leased by a production company and leonardo dicaprio was the original owner. the bidding closes today so log on to ebay and bid.
6:48 am
$20,000. >> it's just a car. >> leonardo dicaprio? that's kind of cool. >> still got to fill it with gas. not a big deal. >> frank is not impressed. >> not impressed. >> i would have been more impressed if it was leonardo dicaprio five years ago or if it was matt damon's car. that's for topic. [ laughter ] >> we'll move on to traffic. why not? towards 880 right now, we have what sounds like a stalled big rig and it is blocking two lanes. northbound 880 by 7th, so we're not seeing any slowing yet on our sensors. but again, that could change because it is blocking two lanes. so we don't know how long it's going to take to clear. that's going to be the deciding factor if we start to see some problems heading towards your downtown oakland exits. here's a live look now at the richmond commute. westbound 80 has been very slow and very foggy this morning. in fact, all the approaches towards the macarthur maze, it is pea soup this morning causing kind of some dangerous conditions. we'll show you the bay bridge
6:49 am
in just a second but eastbound 92, the el camino real off-ramp is closed. the accident is cleared but the ramp is closed. dense fog advisory for the eastern side of the bay bridge, it is very thick this morning approaching the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on and it is stacking up towards the macarthur maze. that is the latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your foggy forecast, here's lawrence. >> very gray in parts of the bay area this morning but i think the cold weather is what we're all going to be talking about in the next few days. we'll squeeze in one more decent day before things change. starting out with some dense fog some of the visibilities less than a quarter mile in spots so watch out for that. but you can already see the clouds making their way from northern california sweeping in our direction. so as we head throughout the day we'll see some partly cloudy skies. a little hazy sunshine and then much colder air settling in over the bay area. the next couple of days even a slight chance of showers as we head in toward tomorrow. high pressure weakening somewhat all this cold air coming down from the gulf of alaska. it's going to bring with it
6:50 am
some chilly temperatures probably the coldest outbreak all season long. partly cloudy possible delays at sfo although nothing just yet. if you are heading around the the country we're okay. looking at clouds into houston to 80 degrees. mostly cloudy 65 in denver for today. some much colder air headed in their direction. 40 degrees, showers in chicago and 48 in new york. looks like partly cloudy skies as we head in toward the afternoon. you see those clouds beginning to move in across our skies. that is going to usher in some much colder air in the bay area. the temperatures expected to be in the 60s in the south bay so enjoy today. not going to see numbers like this for quite some time. about 68 in livermore, 66 walnut creek, inside the bay we'll keep temperatures in the 60s too. next couple of days, wow, we are going to watch these temperatures take a nosedive. we are going to struggle to get into the 50s in some parts of the bay area. in fact, i think some of the mountaintops probably going to be in the 40s. by the way, let's check your schoolcast for today for john swett high school in crockett. temperatures in the 30s to start, slow warming in the
6:51 am
middle of the day. in the afternoon into the 60s. go to to nominate your school. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." it's monday, that means charlie rose is in the big chair. he joins us now live in new york. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. you're right, frank, from the big chair. how are you, frank and michelle? >> we're doing great. >> we enjoyed your amazon piece last night. it was terrific. >> hey, thank you for watching. let me tell you what we have for you this morning. we're on the scene of the deadly train derailment in new york city. and you'll hear from a doctor on board who describes the moment the train jumped the tracks. also, two top lawmakers say the u.s. is not safer than it was a few years ago. our john miller on who we should be more concerned about. and we are hearing a lot of reaction to our "60 minutes" interview with jeff bezos which you just talked b we'll talk about how the amazon founder surprised our team when he revealed his delivery drones.
6:52 am
the news is back in the morning. so we'll see you in about 7 minutes. >> thank you. everyone is talking about it. okay, charlie. nice job. see you at 7:00. it is 6:52. bart may be facing a lawsuit this week. hundreds of thousands of riders might be in limbo once again. also ahead -- >> and my email in box has just been blowing up with all these cyber monday deals. we have a couple of tips for you on how you might be able to save even more money coming up in a live report. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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6:55 am
new york. four people were killed and more than sixty others injured.... when the train flew off the trac the ntsb is investigating sunday's deadly train derailment in new york.
6:56 am
four people were killed and more than 60 others injured when the train flew off the tracks along a curved portion of the track north of manhattan. the train engineer reportedly said he tried to apply the brakes but they did not work. china's space program took a step today as its space program launched the nation's first lunar probe. if all goes well it will be the third nation to land on the moon after the u.s. and soviet union. when the probe lands, it will release a rover to get soil samples. bart's unions will be suing bart. the suit could be filed this week. the issue is the tentative contract that union members approved in october. bart directors also approved it but first they removed a family leave provision. there is no deadline for unions to act putting thousands of riders in limbo yet again. and the white house says it has fixed most of the problems with healthcare do the got. the obama administration officials say the website can
6:57 am
now handle up to 50,000 users at a time at it launched in october and continually crashed as people logged on to buy mandated health insurance. the national retail federation says 141 million people shopped over the holiday season but total spending is down 3% from last year. today is cyber monday. the busiest online sales day of the year for retailers. our kiet do is in san jose this morning checking the deals. >> reporter: emails have been rolling in since midnight some talking about fantastic deals of up to 70% off. some experts say many will spend up to 4 hours shopping at work online. i bet a big part of that will happen today. on this cyber monday, sure, there are good deals but how do you know they are great deals?
6:58 am
online databases like and claim to do all the heavy lifting by pulling coupons and deals from multiple online retailers. >> take advantage of deal sites as well as online databases that congregate or help collect all that information in one place. so it really takes the hard work out of it for you. >> reporter: cyber monday has now grown into a cyber tuesday, wednesday and so on. it's more like a cyber week that's now worth about $1 billion. a mommy shopping blogger says she's noticed another trend that hits around mid-december. >> around december 15, a lot of discounts on jewelry, handbags, other apparel items, and they are trying to clear their extra inventory and they know that us as consumers are looking to go out and buy all those christmas gifts. >> reporter: all right. so that coincides with the annual free shipping day which happens on december 18. and i'll tell you, this is how
6:59 am
you shop for christmas. forget black friday. hot tea. slippers in your own house. this is how you do it. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> great way to report! first just got a tweet about a new five-car wreck southbound 101 approaching cesar chavez. so just a heads up there is. we are already starting to see some backups. and the commute has been rough for most of the morning on westbound 580 through the altamont pass and livermore. a lot of red sensors showing a lot of slow speeds. also there was an earlier stall southbound 680 in sunol so we're still seeing delays there. 880 even with reports of that big rig stalled, still okay in oakland. >> starting out with patchy, dense fog around the bay area, you can see some of that toward the ferry building there this morning. it looks like it is going to be giving way to some partly cloudy skies outside. enjoy, the last day in the 60s. after this temperatures take a nosedive. chance of showers tomorrow. temperatures going to be struggling to get into the 50s the next few days. >> we're in the freezer. >> bundle up! >> captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning to our you viewers in the west. it is monday, december 2, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." it went flying, a survivor describes the deadly train derailment in new york city. what the controls tells investigators. the white house declares victory fixing the obama care website. >> what caused the crash that killed the actor paul walker. and what learns about drone delivery. >> first we look at your world in 90 seconds. >> peoe


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