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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> it is. there are chain requirements for 50 and highways 89. none required for 880. there's highway 50 traffic -- supposed to be highway 50. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems this morning coming into san francisco. and now that we're right at 5:00, they should have just picked up the cones that had been blocking lanes on the incline portion of westbound 80. so you're good to go. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. i mentioned that smallish fender-bender. they are working to clear it now. it was at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. this cameras is just past it so obviously once you get on the span there's no problems at all leaving hayward. it should only be about 13 minutes or less drive time to get you out towards the peninsula and foster city. and a live look at the nimitz now in the east bay. a little gusty out there. two hands on the steering wheel this morning. we don't have any wind advisories. this camera near the dublin interchange is rocking back and forth a little bit earlier this morning and it's still going a little bit.
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westbound 580 traffic though no delay yet through the livermore valley. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on this cold weather here's lawrence. >> back to wintry weather here in the bay area after some record-breaking warm temperatures over the weekend. here we go starting out with a few showers this morning. out the door on our hi-def doppler radar, you can see most of that located in the south bay along the peninsula. those showers will sweep out of town. rain is not the major concern today. it will be those cold temperatures developing outside. right now we have some cloudy skies some scattered showers. the temperatures holding mainly in the 50s right now but you know what? it's not going to get much warmer than that. in fact, we're looking at a very cold night tonight into tomorrow morning. freeze watches are going up for tonight through thursday. that's when we're expecting the skies to clear out and these temperatures are going to plummet down into the 20s and 30s around most of the bay area. so yeah, we could even be looking at a hard freeze in some of the north bay valleys and the delta. for highs today we are going to see those temperatures running up on the chilly side. it will be breezy at times.
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we are seeing some gusts now at 30 miles per hour but by the afternoon i think the winds start to calm down a little bit. about 54 degrees in concord. 54 in san jose. but you see all the blue over the top of the mountains, those are highs only in the 40s getting colder, too, we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. 5:02. as a cold spell hits the bay area three cold weather shelters have just opened in santa clara county to help the homeless stay warm. kiet do reports from sunnyvale and reports on hotel 22. you have had a long night. >> reporter: yeah. we jumped on that bus well before midnight here. but before we get to that, i want to show you, they just woke up inside the sunnyvale center. we are talking about 275 beds spread across three locations and when i say beds, i use that term very loosely. you might see there some of them are just mattresses on the ground with a blanket and
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towel. now, we have three locations sunnyvale, san jose, gilroy. they are all staying open until the end of march. this will make a very small dent when you think about the fact that there are 7,000 homeless people throughout santa clara county on any given night. last year 40 people died from cold weather. we have been talking to numerous veterans who have come upon hard times. we'll have their stories coming up in the next hour but they did say that any of us are just a couple of emergencies and accidents away from being in their same situation. coming up in the next half hour we'll take you along on a ride and what you call there a hotel 22. this is the nickname for route 22 for the vta bus system down here in santa clara county. homeless people have been riding these buses for years. you wonder where a lot of these folks go the other months out of the year when it's not cold. a lot of them go on the bus. the stories are heartbreaking and tragic. back to you. >> people are getting on the bus just to stay warm?
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>> reporter: yeah. so they pay a couple of bucks, takes about three hours to ride all the way to palo alto, and then if they get a day pass they jump right back on and stay on the bus, very safe, very warm, not a lot of sleeping going on because it's so bumpy but at least they get a couple of catnaps in there. get through the day and get enough energy to keep them going. so, you know, this is a situation that has been going on for years and may continue for quite some time. >> i know you were on that bus. kiet do live down in sunnyvale with more coming up. thank you. a plane carrying a family from san jose has been missing for more than 36 hours. it vanished over rural idaho. betty yu on what's making search-and-rescue efforts so difficult. >> reporter: dale smith is known to friends as neighbors near his mindy way home in san jose as an experienced pilot, a mormon and loving father of five. >> they are usually a very
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sweet and gentle group of people. and very giving. so i'm just hoping as i said the prayers will find them all in one piece. >> reporter: some 700 miles away in the idaho backcountry, search-and-rescue crews are hoping for better weather conditions to help them find the single-engine beechcraft bonanza similar to the one pictured here. it was carrying 5 family members. the plane was flying from oregon to montana when the pilot reported engine trouble and then lost contact with controllers, the pilot intended to land here on the remote johnson creek airstrip. >> he flies frequently so i'm surprised that he's gone down or missing or whatever's happened. when he goes on these trips, he stays in touch with everybody and the all the airports. so it's something to be worried about. >> reporter: officials have not confirmed who was on board but neighbors believe smith took this trip for pleasure with at least two of his children.
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>> we hope they locate him and they're fine. we will hold on to hope until we hear something. >> i hope that everything is okay. i really, really do. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> smith is the founder and president of san jose-based serial tech that services the data storm industry. people in san mateo county are protesting a planned parenthood clinic but not for the reason you might expect. the facility is in north fair oaks just outside redwood city. it's received public backlash from neighbors who believe it will negatively affect businesses and property values. protestors say 1600 people have signed a petition demanding the property owner evict the planned parenthood. >> this isn't helping. this used to be a family restaurant where they could have community. and now it's a blight. >> a spokesman for planned parenthood says there is a strong need in san mateo county
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now for the health services the organization provides. an emergency meeting yesterday in one bay area school district to combat bullying. here's what prompted it. this video a group of girls caught on camera ganging up on a transgender student. it happened at hercules high school last month. school officials say enough is enough and the culture at west contra costa county schools has to change. >> we're making sure that everybody knows we are putting the money where it needs to be to make our schools safe because that has to be the priority even above learning. if you don't feel safe, you're not going to want to learn. >> the girls involved in the fight were suspended two days. oakland city council member libby schaff is entering the race to unseat mayor jean quan now. schaff holds the mayor's old seat on the city council and plans to focus her campaign on the city's crime problem. recent chamber of commerce poll found 70% of oaklanders rate crime as the top priority.
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>> they can do better. this city can be safe. >> same poll found just 5% of voters say they would vote for mayor quan again. vice president joe biden is visiting japan and china this week to try and lower tensions over china's air defense zone. the zone is set above a chain of islands in the east china sea that both countries claim. japan's government is pressuring the u.s. to take a side in the escalating dispute over the air zone but the obama administration is treading lightly on the issue as it pursues an economic relationship with china. autopsy results for paul walker could be released today. new crash video shows the fiery crash that killed the actor and a friend. surveillance video was taken from a building across the street shortly after the accident on the saturday. you can see smoke rising and turn dark as the car burst into flames. friends and family held a private vigil for paul walker at the crash site last night. >> we have road closures, sidewalk closures and permits
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for all of it. we are going to broom everybody out of here in 15 minutes. you guys are going to go down the road. >> the film production crew from the "fast & furious" franchise paid for the service. 5:09 now on your tuesday. the confusion over sales tax on the rise during the holiday shopping season. when do you need to pay taxes for things you buy online? we'll tell you coming up. >> also ahead, a play of the day that will have you on the edge of your seat. >> cloudy with showers now but get ready, we are headed for the deep freeze! we'll tell you when coming up. >> and even though traffic conditions are pretty light right now over at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a stalled bobtail truck blocking a lane on the deck. we'll show you where. but first, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing we're pointing to lawrence. what drives you crazy besides lawrence? tweet me at #ewengerkpix. we'll be right back. ,,
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paul walker autopsy results expected today for the actor. time poy. voting is open through tomorrow for times person. year. the winner will be announced december 11. and christmas, today's is the 3rd so we're 22 days away. how about that? people are starting to buy their trees. >> you know what? i haven't put my decorations out, haven't started shopping. >> i bought a poinsettia. >> that's a start. >> michelle, did you get your tree yet? >> no, i haven't either. so much to do. i still have pumpkins all over the place. step up! all right. let's go out live and show you what's going on in some of our bay area freeways. it's windy outside. the camera has been shaking back and forward so two hands on the wheel. i'm surprised chp has not issued wind advisories but so far a little gusty and it's not causing delays yet through the livermore valley. here's a live look at sensors now in the east bay. looks good up and down the nimitz freeway even though there is a stall reported northbound 880 by fruitvale exit so i keep waiting to hear if there will be delays behind
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it but right now you're good to go past the oakland coliseum, the oakland airport. this is a live look closer to 66th exit and here's the bay bridge. there's a stalled truck carrying concrete blocking a lane. may take a while to clear but traffic is light approaching the pay gates over at the bay bridge. san francisco 280 another live look. we sent our photographer out this morning near the mariposa exit. you can see the gorgeous san francisco skyline in the distance. and everything looks quiet. we are seeing traffic on the roads now. so obviously things are starting to pick up as you head towards at&t park on 280 extension. let's go back out towards our drive times now. our east bay travel times so far still in the green including through the altamont pass. unusual actually for this time of the morning. usually we see a few delays and a few slowdowns eastshore freeway also looks good through berkeley and we also just called bart and so far all their trains are on time. got any questions about your morning drive once you hit the roads? tune to kcbs radio 740-am and
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106.9-fm. that's traffic. we are cooling things down. here's lawrence. >> maybe you need a little cold snap to get you motivated to change things at home. you know what? we have some very cold air settling in over the bay area and the high country. they are seeing some snow beginning to fall there. in fact, they could see upwards of six inches of snow in many of the high country areas there as you will see snowfall down to 3,000 feet by the afternoon. so yeah, some very interesting weather coming our way. the coldest outbreak of the season as this cold front really now just bearing down on the bay area. here it is. you can see it's making its way through far northern california right now. a lot of the snow showing up in the sierra nevada. just some light showers around the bay area so far. but if you are getting up this morning, you may be seeing some rain towards san jose and the south bay. that will continue to slide on through but really just scattered light activity. the rain is not going tonight big part of the system. it's going to be the cold temperatures behind it that are really going to make for an interesting story over the next couple of days. partly cloudy some chilly
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temperatures by the afternoon today. tonight the winds will calm down. freezing temperatures going to be widespread in the interior valleys. overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. so that cold arctic air going to be settling in overhead a little later on today and then tonight, really going to get cold. temperatures around the state 50s in the central valley, snow in the higher elevations. computer models showing you that system sliding through the cold front moves by and then your skies clear out. once the skies clear out, that's when those temperatures will get to cold especially as the winds start to subside. numbers looking like this into the afternoon, plan on 50s in the south bay, low 50s toward the coastline, east bay temperatures only in the 50s. and over some of the mountaintops probably only going to see highs in the 40s for today so the chilly temperatures on the way. even colder for tomorrow. highs on thursday maybe struggling to get into the 40s. >> wow. >> it's going to be chilly. then on friday it will be interesting. we have a cold front headed our way, could bring us some rain but you know what? these temperatures going to be chilly enough that we could see a dusting of snow across some
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of the tops of the mountains. that should motivate you to change things around your home. >> a little bit of excitement in his voice. >> i know. he loves this. >> i do. yeah. it's getting very interesting. >> tired of saying 70 degrees and warm all the time. >> it's winter weather. let's get into it. >> i never get tired of 70 degrees. all right, lawrence, thanks. getting a great cyber monday deal doesn't mean you get a free ride on sales tax. there's now an amazon tax in california. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains that even if you don't pay the tax now, you're obligated to do so eventually. >> reporter: with everyite. you add to your cart -- with every item you add to your cart, you're responsible for the sales tax even if you're not charged. >> under law you owe tax even if you weren't charged at the time of person. >> reporter: tax foundation explains not every online retailer is required to collect tax. back in the 70s soffits the supreme court ruled that only businesses with a nexus, or a physical presence in the state,
5:18 am
had to collect sales tax. but last year, california lawmakers went one step further. >> california's one of 12 states that passed a law that redefines physical presence. >> reporter: the law was coined the amazon tax and focused on large retailers like amazon. henchman says it was found to be unconstitutional by courts in some states like illinois, but just in time for cyber monday, the u.s. supreme court has decided to let a similar law stand in new york. here in california the law went into effect last year requiring companies like amazon to collect tax at the time of purchase. >> but regardless of whether they charge, you actually have to pay the tax if it's not a sales tax at the time of purchase, you're supposed to keep your receipts and pay a use tax at the end of the year. not a lot of people do that, though. >> reporter: but buyer beware. while henchman says for now the state is only likely to go after you for taxes on big items like cars or art, when it comes to the fluctuating economy of california, you never know when a simple cyber monday purchase could haunt you. >> there have been moments when
5:19 am
they needed every dime they could get. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> earlier this year, the u.s. senate passed the marketplace fairness act. it would require retailers with over a million dollars in sales to collect state tax but the bill is stalled in congress. coming up at 5:19, how low will they go? a look at whether gas prices are still dropping now that thanksgiving is over. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49ers look to gain some ground in the nfc west and the a's add some pitching to the roster in a big, bi shake-up. we'll tell you who is coming and going. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cold front sliding into the bay area. a major change in the weather coming our way. get ready for freezing temperatures. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's a winter wonderland wonderland. it's very snowy. so chain requirements on highway 50 between twin bridges and meyers. a full "kcbs traffic report"
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coming up. good morning, everybody. shake-up day in the a's organization. second basema weeks is gone followed by colon and balfour. last night, the a's acquired closer jim johnson from the baltimore orioles for weeks. johnson had 101 saves in the last two seasons with baltimore. the move means that grant balfour won't return. the a's also have signed starting pitcher scott kazmir to a two-year, $22 million deal. last season, he was with the indians and this means that pitcher colon won't come back so fans in seattle screaming for washington native fred couples who raised the 12th man flag. defense absolutely dominates the saints high-powered offense. drew brees fumbles on the pass attempt. and picks off in the air by michael bennett who recovers, 22 yards for the score. 34-7. they lead the 49ers by 3 games in the west.
5:24 am
wasn't all roses for football fans in seattle. washington head coach steve sarkisyan accepts the usc vacancy. he was with the trojans before moving to seattle. ucs's interim head coach was hoping to get the job. he didn't get it. so he said, sayonara. i'm not coming back. not even for the bowl game. he is out. as for frank mallicoat, he is also out eliminated from play- off contention in the fantasy football kpix 5 league. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great day, everybody. >> well, that hurt a little bit, dennis. my gosh. >> did dennis boot you up? >> i went up against peyton manning an decker this week. we move on. a freshman making his name for himself as one of the most clutch players in all the of the nation. look at the point guard's
5:25 am
thrilling finish. uconn beat florida. >> he got it! >> that was quick. but effective. nappier finished with 26 points yesterday. uconn remains undefeated with the 65-64 victory. we are going to get another look as he goes in and a clutch little shot right there. they beat florida last night for your play of the day. by the way, i'm out of fantasy football here at kpix 5. dennis told thank you. thanks, dennis. the cost of gas is going down. the average price a gallon for regular unleaded in our local metro areas, saying it's $3.52 in the san jose area, $3.55 in and around oakland, and $3.64 in san francisco. these prices are about a penniless than last week and up to 15 cents lower than a month ago. so going in the right direction. >> that's good. we love that. 5:25. a massive fire burning this morning in boston just ahead, what has been engulfed by this
5:26 am
8-alarm fire. >> also ahead, linkedin. it's not just about jobs anymore. a look at how college students are making use of the networking site coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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eight-alarm fire on the ci's south side. developing news out of boston this morning. the latest on a massive fire there. eight-alarm fire on the city's south side. >> and the search in the idaho wilderness for a missing plane from san jose. >> get ready, the coldest temperatures of the season so far headed our way. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and what started out as a stall on the bay bridge is now a fender-bender. it is involving a bobtail truck. we'll tell you about the delays there coming up. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 3. i'm
5:30 am
frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 5:30. we begin this half hour with developing news. the search resumes today for a missing plane in idaho. that plane belongs to a san jose man. other members of his family were also on board the plane and mark kelly joins us live from the family's neighborhood in san jose now. mark, people there i would imagine very concerned right now. >> very concerned, frank, absolutely fearing the worst at this time but rescuers in idaho now are hoping for better weather this morning so they can resume the search for this missing plane believed to be carrying a bay area family from this neighborhood in san jose. now, the owner and pilot of the aircraft dale smith of san jose and four members of his family, they were flying to butte, montana, and that was on sunday. now, smith reported engine trouble but then lost contact with controllers. he was trying to land at an airstrip in idaho's backcountry.
5:31 am
>> flies frequently so i'm surprised that he's gone down or missing. he stays in touch with everybody, the airports or where he's landing, you know, so i would say it's something to be worried about. >> reporter: poor weather at this point low visibility is making this search for rescuers very difficult. a little bit more about smith. he is the founder and president of a san jose-based company that company called serial tech. it services the data storage industry. live in san jose, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> smith has been flying for years. he got his pilot's license in 2005 and has a second class medical certification which does allow him to fly commercial aircraft. a cold snap is hitting the bay area and three shelters have just opened in santa clara county. one is at the national guard armory in sunnyvale. it's open for the last time this season before it's torn down to make way for affordable
5:32 am
housing. altogether the three shelters provide 275 beds in sunnyvale, san jose and gilroy. most of the homeless in silicon valley will continue to sleep indoor ways, under bridges or in makeshift camps. sleeping outside carries risk. 40 people died on the streets of santa clara county this year. there's one unusual kind of shelter in the same area. some of the homeless often ride a bus, the vta's only line that runs 24 hours a day. kpix 5's kiet do just got off a vta bus 22. and many call that hotel 22. the bus line is available all night long as long as riders pay the fare. >> reporter: yeah. that fare is just a couple of bucks and you get a nice warm dry place to spend the night. this is a story that i have been wanting to tell for quite some time. it turns out if it's very cold and you're homeless here in santa clara county, you do not have a lot of options. it's the first cold wet night of the season in san jose and
5:33 am
the shelters are full. but there is one place with vacancy. welcome to route 22, the vta bus line that goes 25 miles from eastridge mall to palo alto and back. it runs 24 hours a day and around midnight, it takes on a different name, hotel 22. >> because it's safer on the bus than anybody else so it's become by default a shelter. it's just a moving shelter. >> reporter: for james breslin a 55-year-old former tech worker fallen on hard times, this warm dry place for the night cost him $2.50. if he weren't here, he says he would stay warm by sleeping next to a pg&e transformer box. >> safer than being on the streets. warmer than being on the streets. i don't want to ride the bus all night but it's just the best thing going that i know of besides going to a hospital. >> reporter: the vta doesn't have good estimates on how many or how long the homeless have been riding route 22,only that
5:34 am
it's been going on for years. the agency says they don't restrict anyone as long as they pay the fare. >> it's really a tragic event when you think about the amount of innovation and creativity and power and money we have in the community. we still have people riding a bus at night to stay safe for shelter. >> reporter: 5,000 people are homeless on the streets of san jose on any given night. as the temperature dips below freezing this week, expect those seats to fill up. passing through some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, james says don't judge. >> don't feel sorry. help. then you won't have to feel sorry. ha ha ha! >> reporter: all righty. we are live here in sunnyvale. this is the old armory, this is one of the three of cold shelters that are open down here in the south bay just in time as this cold front is moving down into the bay area. so as the weather is approaching freezing temperatures we are thinking a lot about the homeless here in the bay area. michelle. >> we're glad that they are
5:35 am
getting a chance to stay warm out there. kiet, we understand the vta is not being very talkative though about the existence of this all night bus line. >> reporter: yes. i called them yesterday looking for some comments about this story about the history of this, where it's been, where is it going. at this point they didn't want to draw too much attention to it because they just did not want to encourage more people to ride the bus. >> all right, kiet do live in sunnyvale, thank you. if you think this morning is cold, just wait a couple of days, right? >> hasn't even set itself up. a little weather knowledge. a cold front is a boundary, you have the cold air on the back side, warm air on the front side, right now we are in the warm air sector and it's still cool outside. >> got it. >> that is all going to change as we head in toward the afternoon though as that cold front is going to come sweeping through the bay area and once those winds calm down, it is going to be a very chilly night tonight into tomorrow morning. all right. starting out this morning though our hi-def doppler radar picking up on a few scattered showers especially in the south bay right now. not a whole lot of showers with
5:36 am
this type of storm system, very cold bay so not holding a lot of moisture. temperatures outside right now this is almost about as warm as it's going to get today so 54 degrees in livermore. 53 right now in san francisco. and 53 in san jose. not going to warm up much more than that. so we have some freeze watches going up across most of the bay area as it looks like the temperatures are going to plummet down to the 20s and the 30s. we could very well be talking about a hard freeze in some of the north bay valleys and also into the delta. temperatures for highs today are still going to be chilly in most spots. plan on about 53 degrees and windy conditions in pacifica. 55 in san rafael. 54 in concord. and 53 degrees in fremont. if you can believe it, it's going to get colder than that. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> earlier incidents are cleared off the roadway including an accidents we were watching on the bay bridge. it was beginning to stack up on the eastern span. the accident right around treasure island. they just cleared it so it's all gone now.
5:37 am
the delays behind the pay gates look typical even for 5:36 this morning. right hand lane slight delays no metering lights yet. roadwork long since cleared. it looks good all across the span. this is a live look coming into san francisco that first exit approaching fremont street. also, there was a stall northbound 880 by fruitvale that's cleared out of lanes. chp just updated that incident. so now no delay between hayward and the macarthur maze. we are starting to see a few brakes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. the thickest traffic is actually coming out of tracy all the way out to about north flynn. and then we see our speed sensors improve once again. bart systemwide still on time same thing ace train number 1 and 3 also should be good to go out of the central valley. that's your latest "kcbs traffic report." back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:37. police are looking for a juvenile escapee from a
5:38 am
detention center. he ran away on woodside between 6:30 and 7:00 last night. there is no word on how he escaped or why he had been detained. investigators say they are now closing in on a suspected cat killer here in san francisco. he is suspected of tossing a woman's cats into the bay last week. surveillance video shows the suspect leaving a hotel near the embarcadero. investigators say a witness identified him from the video. san francisco police say he was nearly caught yesterday but officers arrived a little too late. cyber monday has come and gone and perhaps you scored some attractive deals. did you remember to add the tax? a new state law that took effect last year requires you to pay sales tax for online purchases even if the retailer doesn't add it on up front. >> regardless of whether they charge, you actually have to pay the tax if it's not a sales tax at the time of purchase you're supposed to keep your receipts and pay a use tax at the end of the year. not a lot of people do that.
5:39 am
>> brick and mortar stores have long complained they are losing business to online retailers because shoppers aren't forced to pay taxes online. 5:39. the new york commuter train that derailed killing four passengers was speeding. all seven cars of a metro-north train ran off the tracks on a sharp curve in the bronx on sunday. the speed limit for the curve 30 miles per hour. the train was going 82 miles an hour at the curve. it's not clear what caused the crash. the engineer has been questioned. autopsy results for actor paul walker could be released today. the movie star and a friend killed in a fiery crash over the weekend. there were reports the pair had been racing another car before the accident but as teresa garcia reports, investigators have ruled it out. >> reporter: this video obtained by "omg! insider" shows the crash and the explosion that created a
5:40 am
huge plume of smoke and fire on saturday. the crash killed paul walker and the driver, professional car racer roger rodas. the actor was at a fundraiser near los angeles for victims of the recent philippines typhoon when he decided to go for a ride in his friend's porsche carerra gt. authorities say speed was a factor. but they don't think they were racing. jim torp saw them before they left. >> i know they weren't drag- racing. >> reporter: walker was best known for his role in the "fast & furious" films. the movie is about street racing, it was a huge hit worldwide. production on the 7th installment is delayed because of the death. fans continue to pay their respects at a makeshift memorial set up at the crash site leaving behind candles and movie memorabilia. walker's father talked to reporters outside his home. >> i'm just glad every time i saw him i told him i loved him. >> reporter: investigators say they have yet to determine how fast the car was going when
5:41 am
walker and his friend crashed. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. in business news, u.s. stock futures are falling this morning as investors wait to see a large amount of economic data including november car sales. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is in new york this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so what's new? [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, we have a big week ahead of us and today, we're looking at those motor vehicle sales. let me tell you what's expected. first of all, last month was a big dip in sales. and that was really attributed to the fact of the government shutdown. some people pulled back but today we are expecting to see an annualized rate of over $16 million for car sales a lot of people pulling on those big holiday sales incentives at car dealerships so it looks like a big day for motor vehicle sales could be coming. listen, later in the week we have the biggest most important
5:42 am
report probably of the entire month. friday is the jobs report day. and the reason why you need to focus on this is we are expecting about 185,000 to 200,000 new jobs created during the month. and we're probably going to see the unemployment rate drop by a tenth so to 7.2%. why do you really care about this? i know you care about the jobs market. but this could actually put some pressure on the federal reserve. if the number comes in much stronger than expected, we could see the federal reserve perhaps pull back on the bonds that it's buying when it meets later this month so you have a couple of big days here. we're talking a lot about retail sales but it's still the jobs market that dominates everything. >> all right. jill schlesinger, thank you. it's 5:42 right now. the deadline has come and gone for the healthcare website fix. the progress that's been made and what president obama plans to announce today. >> and some new territory for the silicon valley's linkedin. how students are now using it for college. coming up. ,,
5:43 am
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[ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and for students heading off to college next year, it's cruh time. 5:45. let's check traffic. >> caught me there. okay. >> frank, i know. >> take it away. >> it's cool. i like it. all right. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are still on standby waiting for the metering lights to be turned on, but so far, they
5:46 am
haven't been so it's good in the fastrak lanes. outer cash lanes are getting a little crowded. they cleared an accident on the upper deck causing no big issues. they cleared it in time before traffic really backed up. san mateo bridge there was also a fender-bender on the san mateo bridge toll plaza blocking a lane. that's clear, as well. so a lot of our earlier incidents we have been reporting in the last half hour or so everything is cleared now out of lanes. here's a live look at the nimitz. 880 in oakland. we have the stall near fruitvale also out of lanes. so everything is quiet actually 92 towards the maze. along the peninsula, all green on the sensors coming off the san mateo bridge whether you're going northbound or southbound 101. everything looks great coming into and out of san mateo. here's what it looks like for silicon valley commuters. 880/237, coming around the bend no delay even as you approach zanker road towards sunnyvale and 101. but grab your chains heading towards the sierra. this is what it looks like, gorgeous. picture of all the snow on the ground but it is a little treacherous traveling so
5:47 am
highway 50 right now between twin bridges and meyers that's where you will need those chains or highway 89. they are not in effect right now for interstate 80. that could change though. bart systemwide on time. golden gate ferries, caltrain and ace also reporting no delay. if you have any questions when you hit the road, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. if you want to get up to the snow and check it out a little rough this morning because of the snow coming down but by the afternoon, skies clearing out and the roads should be wide open. still our hi-def doppler radar showing you some scattered showers moving through the bay area this morning as we get ready for major cold.5 here the coldest temperatures the season so far. scattered showers starting to diminish somewhat in the south bay even over this last hour. you can see widely scattered showers now just north of san jose right now. some of the scattered showers rolling on by this morning. and then as we head in toward the middle of the day i think that cold front will be just about done with. and then that cold air is going to start to settle in overhead.
5:48 am
so partly cloudy into the afternoon with some chilly temperatures and then tonight the winds will subside. you have the clear air and we are going to see some widespread freezing temperatures especially in the valleys maybe even inside the bay for tonight. cold arctic outbreak is going to occur as this cold front slides on through the bay area later on. that is going to usher in some much colder air today and over the next few days. so be prepared. it is going to be very chilly. around the state looking at snow in the high country. 53 and rain in the monterey bay. possible delays at sfo because of early clouds. warm in houston at 81. 45 in denver. that will be the high this morning at 7 a.m. and then getting cold and snow moving in toward the afternoon. chicago looking at some showers at 48. 50 degrees partly cloudy in new york. computer models showing that you front beginning to move by and by the afternoon it starts to clear out. so here we go. it looks like the temperatures
5:49 am
are going to be much colder overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. that's when some of these number dip down to the 20s and the 30s. highs for today also going to be chilly only in the 40s so we have a chilly day ahead. and so these numbers about 54 degrees in san jose, 53 in fremont, 53 in pacifica. east bay temperatures also running into the 50s, as well. inside the bay 50s. windy at times throughout the day today. temperatures only in the 50s. tomorrow colder and then by thursday some of these temperatures struggling to get into the 50s by the afternoon. probably highs only in the 40s. chance of showers again on friday. and on monday. and by the way, here's your schoolcast for today from muir wood elementary school at walnut creek. chance of morning showers early on. partly cloudy for the middle of the day but bundle up it is going to be a chilly day ahead. if you would like to nominate your school go to enter it there. looks like we have some unsettled weather ahead, guys. that cold front is on the way. >> it looks like it.
5:50 am
>> all right. bundle up. >> yup. >> here we go. >> thank you. go ahead. >> i'll take it. for students heading off to college next year, its crunch time. application deadlines are just around the corner. cnet's sumi das reports on a new way students can connect with and impress admissions departments. >> reporter: this year, as future undergrads try to get in their dream schools they have a new tool. linkedin. the professional social network recently launched university pages which offer online snapshots of colleges. >> you're in the right place. that's right, linkedin. >> reporter: the university pages can also reveal the types of students the school is seeking. >> i can start to look at the freshmen, sophomores of the university, look at their profiles, how they develop their profile, what they put on there. it starts to give me an idea of the breadth of experiences they brought in. >> reporter: for young self starters like this 17-year-old canadian student, linkedin a virtual career counselor. >> allows me to find people that i think have a really cool job and see where they went to
5:51 am
school, what their first job was, kind of the path that they have taken. >> reporter: but even with limited work experience, kids can create strong profiles using linkedin's student vertical feature. >> you can add things like course work, things that you're learning in the classroom, publications that you have been quoted in. >> reporter: high schoolers should emphasize volunteer work and tap their network for endorsements. another link in benefit, it could give you a direct connection with someone in admissions. jeff schiffman of tulane admissions says he recently received his first linkedin request from a prospective student. >> where facebook is going to be, you know, pictures of your social life and i think linkedin i think it's usually recognized as a different forum that's much more for career advancement or allowing others to see your resume', skill set and what you're passionate about in the workforce. >> reporter: another reason to give your linkedin profile the old college try. in san francisco, i'm sumi das,
5:52 am
cnet, for cbs news. 5:51. coming up, have the repairmen completed their job? how the website is functioning after the deadline and an upcoming announcement from president obama when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
cold showers headed our way sunrise time 709 this morning sunset as we head to a very cold night at 4:51 p.m. >> and things are heating up unfortunately on the roads especially if you are traveling highway 4. it is one of our slowest areas right now and the delays begin right around "a" street. much more on this plus a check of bay area bridges it's all coming up. >> the white house says the new
5:55 am
and improved website is ready for users. today president obama will talk about the benefits of the affordable care act. he will also highlight the improvements made to the troubled website. the revamped website now has a new queuing system which allows it to handle 50,000 users at the same time. and folks are waking up from their first night here at the cold shelter in sunnyvale opening up just in time for freezing temperatures in the bay area. might save lives in the process. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. so important, and i don't think you know it. you can buy a house. you do not want to be... [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get 8 pieces any recipe, 2 large sides, 4 biscuits, and 12 cookies baked in-restaurant, that's a lot for just $19.99! yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did.
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5:59 am
that prayers will find them all in one piece. >> protestors are trying to stop a new planned parenthood facility from opening today in san mateo county. >> it's troubling to our community that this kind of healthcare is coming and a breakdown of family values. >> friends, family and fans of paul walker are mourning the movie star's death including his "fast & furious" co-star vin diesel. >> thank you for coming down here and showing your support. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald . good morning. fuse, december 3. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. tuesday december 3. time now 5:59. developing now, a massive fire tore through a five-story brick building in boston this morning. within minutes, it raged out of control and jumped to eight alarms. windows on the first three
6:00 am
floors were blown out and firefighters were ordered not to go into the building. firefighters had it under control in about an hour. the building was under renovation and everyone inside got out safely. cold weather shelters open up just in the nick of time here in the south bay. we have a live report coming up. and the search continues in idaho this morning for a plane carrying a san jose family. the plane was lost 36 hours ago. mark kelly following the developing story joins us from the family's home in san jose with the very latest now on the search. mark. >> reporter: well, frank, as the search resumes this morning, neighbors here in this san jose community are very concerned. the missing plane is registered to dale smith, who lives here at mindy way and snell avenue. neighbors say yesterday, smith's wife headed to idaho to help in the search effort. the sear


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