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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 5, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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this is kpix5 news. >> parts of the bay area cold as ice now or in some spots even colder. we sent joe vazquez to one of the most frigid places in the bay area tonight, but first paul is in the weather center. >> we're at 72 degrees inside, very thankful for that. it is cold out there. everywhere shaded in red over my shoulder which is the entire bay area except san francisco is under a freeze warning not only tomorrow but also tomorrow night. many of you will have several hours below freezing, some of you up to 10 hours below freezing. petaluma already is 24 degrees outside right now, vacaville 27. if you think it's chilly in san ramon, you are correct below freezing at 31, brentwood 32 and tomorrow morning a cold walk to school for the kids,
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concord 27, redwood city 30, santa rosa 24 and fairfield 26 degrees. it's a pipeline of air coming direct down from the arctic. it has to come from due south and north to get here. one of the cold spots tonight will be santa rosa. joe vazquez reporting live tonight. we know it's a freeze warning, but not everybody agrees that it's cold? >> reporter: cold is in the eye of the beholder. this beholder is freezing just like the city of santa rosa back there, 32 degrees, but not everybody here agrees on the level of discomfort. >> i'm always cold whether it's summer or winter. i'm cold. >> when it's freezing like it is now? >> i'm shaking. >> not too cold because i'm jumping up and down. >> it's not as wet and rainy, but definitely we got the cold, dry and cold. >> one bad ass latte on the
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bar. >> reporter: oh, that's the name of the place. >> i'm missing a bit of our warm weather. you really need to bundle up. >> serious coat, our winter cold. >> reporter: your teeth are chattering. >> it's freezing out here of. >> reporter: but look at that. he's wearing shorts. >> i'm always warm. >> reporter: tomorrow morning you're wearing shorts? >> yeah. >> reporter: in the 20s? >> yeah, that's fine. i'm inside most of the day, so that's not a big deal. >> reporter: i've got four layers on. that's how i will deal with it. you can wear your shorts. paul says it will be in the mid- 20s by the time the sun comes up in the morning. reporting live in santa rosa, joe vazquez, kpix5. >> discomfort is one thing. losing your cops is something quite again. some citrus growers near gilroy hope to save their orange trees from the freeze with this big winter blanket. they own thousands of trees, some worth as much as $10,000 apiece. the hits just keep coming
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for b.a.r.t. commuters. this morning hundreds were stuck in a tunnel as their train filled with smoke and there was another issue just a few hours ago. of g maritans...a woman >> reporter: yeah. if you were hoping that massive delay today was an anomaly, you might want to think again. there was another delay this evening 10 to 15 minutes on b.a.r.t. i spoke to a b.a.r.t. spokesperson who told me flat out this will continue to happen over the next three years. rough year for all bart ri trikes and major >> i really, really want to thank them. napoli royal is the woman being wheeled -- melody royal is the woman being wheeled away after an asthma attack. she said a couple good samaritans came to her rescue when an electrical short stopped the train and smoke and dulled filled the car. >> i must have passed out. when i woke up, i wasn't in the same train. >> reporter: 700 people were stranded. nine including royal were hospitalized. this is the latest in a strung
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of b.a.r.t. delays and maintenance failures that -- string of b.a.r.t. delays and maintenance failures that have plagued the 40-year- old fleet this year. october 23rd a b.a.r.t. train overheated at the orinda station and caught fire. a cooling mechanism was missing on the train. november 22nd 1,000 passengers were stranded when the computer system in the central control crashed. november 26th, delays lasted for hours. it's been a really rough year for b.a.r.t. riders between strikes and major delays from our equipment not functioning properly and the spokesperson told us point blank the maintenance problems are going to persist until new trains are on the tracks in 2017. >> i can't believe they would just say that. >> we need a major reinvestment, billions of dollars. >> reporter: manufacture is that cash will come from a fare increase in -- some of that cash will come from a fare increase in january, but it won't cover everything. >> we have a long way to go.
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>> you look at other country's transit and it's kind of embarrassing. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. may have to look to a ballot initiative to raise the rest of that revenue for the new trains. as far as the train that malfunctioned today, it's going to take at least a full day inspection to troubleshoot what went wrong. reporting live in walnut creek, kristin ayers, kpix5. take a close look at this video. police are trying to figure out who this woman is and whether she's okay. an ac transit camera captured a man dragging her away screaming from a bus stop in mill pete -- last night. it happened here on calaveras -- milpitas last night. it happened here on cal veras boulevard. the third day of an exhaustive search across snow
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covered mountains in the idaho wilderness ended with. >> sign of the smith family or their small plane. the executive left with his son and daughter. they ran into engine trouble and never arrived in montana. tonight at his congregation in san jose where you would normally find smith leading a youth group there's a real void. >> we're not focusing on the discouragement. obviously as each day passes it's getting more difficult and we're obviously more worried, but we're trying to focus on the hope. >> reporter: today the search ramped up with more planes and hi-tech tools and more people including family member brad norton. >> no results yet. we haven't been able to find them yet, but from what i understand, i haven't been up there before, really steep mountainsides, really dense forests. so it's kind of a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: that faint signal from an emergency beacon yesterday that sparked hope
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could be misleading. >> today they're not getting that, so we don't know. we haven't ruled out that it's not an e.l.t., but we're looking at other options that it may have been a false signal. >> reporter: veteran pilot ken maple said if smith made a safe landing, he has a decent shot at survival. >> he's got gasoline in the tanks you can use for a fire. you're pretty well off. if he's not injured, i would say the chances if he stays put are pretty darn good. >> reporter: two members of his congregation and friends arrived in idaho earlier today to help with the search after getting approval from the sheriff's office. it will resume tomorrow morning at 8:00. in san jose i'm betty hu, kpix5. >> six or seven relatives are already in idaho searching for the missing family. the bishop of their church is in touch with dale's wife and she's doing her best to stay positive. autopsy results say fast and furious star paul walker
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died from the impact and fire from last saturday's car crash. in this video you can see a light pole and tree fall down. it took about a minute after the crash before the porsche carerra gt burst into flames. walker's friend behind the wheel also died. a hijacked shipment of highly radioactive material horn turned up north of mexico -- material has turned up north of mexico city. thieves pried the protective case around the cobalt 60 it was hauling which is used for radiation therapy. it can also be used to make a dirty bomb. investigators think the thieves just wanted the metal for recycling. a nuclear physicist said they could be dazed from radiation poisoning. u.s. marshals arrested a man at a home in sacramento wanted for a massacre in mexico. nick janes on how he managed to hide in sight for 13 years --
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hide in plain sight for 13 years. >> you look at the man you'd probably say was a family man, but he's not. >> reporter: his name is genaro alaguez, 13 years on the run a wanted man. he used heavy weapons authorities say to kill a commissioner and seven other city officials in a massacre in mexico back in may, 2000. >> i haven't saw him around. >> reporter: u.s. marshals acting on a tip from mexican authorities tracked him down here in sacramento. they arrested alaguez who was staying with family at a home on grove avenue. >> oh, my god, and he's here in the united states now here in california? >> reporter: he was living just down the street. >> oh, my god, no. >> reporter: living in a neighborhood where moms walk around with their kids. >> every day take my kids to school and every day i walk. it's a little bit scary. that's good that they found him. >> reporter: the question is how long was he hiding here? u.s. marshals tell cbs13 it's
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safe to assume for quite some time. that's because when alaguez was taken into custody, he had phoney id documents and tried telling authorities he was someone else, not the man who allegedly carried out a cold blooded deadly attack on eight people all those years ago. >> well, i'm nervous now just thinking about it. i didn't realize that he was just around the corner. >> he's now awaiting deportation back to mexico where he'll face charges for that massacre in 2000. take a look at this guy, a bay area thief caught in the act, but he had no idea what the homeowner had in store for him. >> the 9ers only have two more games at the stick, wait till you hear what it's going to cost you to say good-bye. >> what are the odds? ,,
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check it out: he broke into this fremont home sometime saturday.. and s a burglary suspect caught in the act on not one camera, but two. he broke into this freemont home saturday and stole about $2,000 worth of items. police are hoping someone will recognize him from these home security cameras and give them a call. . 4:57 'tis the season, unfortunat. police recommend you pro >> what's great about video surveillance is that the likelihood of us being able to solve the crime is increased because of the images and we get -- we put out a lot of video and we get a lot of tips coming in. >> tis the season unfortunately. police recommend you protect your home by closing all
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windows and blinds to make it difficult to see in and turning on lights and tvs so it looks like someone is always home. san francisco's mystery tipper revealed, the gawker blog valley wag says he's former paypal exec jack sellby. he's left more than $50,000 in tips at restaurants across the country. two san francisco servers got them, one for 1,000 bucks, another one for 1,500. along with the note tips for jesus it says on the receipt. the associated instagram account has gone viral. lling to s ucks for the 9ers the end can't come soon enough. we're talking about candlestick park, but andria borba says fans are willing to shell out big bucks for a ticket to history. >> reporter: want to say good- bye to cold windy candlestick park for one last 49ers game? well, join the club and hit an atm. tickets for sunday's game versus the seahawks are going
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for thousands on craigslist. robert bellstock of los altos sold his, face value 129 bucks, sale price? >> $650 each. it was an easy decision. >> reporter: they told in 45 minutes flat -- they sold in 45 minutes flat. >> i had no intention of selling them, but i thought if i put them up for a ridiculous price, you never know. somebody might. >> reporter: for so long the old concrete stadium was revealed by fans, hated by kicks are. for all the cold soggy -- kickers. for all the cold soggy days it was the house that willy and the giants built as montana and the 49ers resurrected. >> throwing in the end zone. >> reporter: the home of so much san francisco pride and agony. >> defeat by the new york giants in the championship game. roger craig fumbled. >> reporter: with an impending exploration date suddenly remembered with longing, nostalgia, the chance to be home to your memories one more
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time for a price. now the face value for those same $10,029 tickets will be 3 -- for those same $129 tickets will be $389 apiece at the new stadium in santa clara. >> it's bittersweet, isn't it? there's something sort of special and nostalgic. >> yeah. it's a crummy old place, but we love it. sad to see it go in some ways. thank you. rescue workers trying to save a huge option pod of whales stuck in florida -- a huge pod of whales stuck in florida but aren't having much luck. 41 have been found in the shallow waters in the everglades. almost 10 have died. >> we try to do a process called herding by trying to move them around. >> a fisherman first spotted the whales last night where several had beached themselves
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in a remote area accessible only by boat, wildlife officials not sure exactly how long they've been there. a sacramento area couple defied the odds. they are the proud new parents of identical triplets. it is so rare the doctors don't even know how rare it is. >> tammy brown introduces us to the three special sisters. >> it's overwhelming to think about everything to come. >> reporter: just 10 days old meet abby, laurel and brinn. hannah and tom hempner are already looking for ways to tell them apart. multiples don't run in either of their families and the couple wasn't using fertility drugs to try and conceive. >> when we first found out, we just kind of laughed in that nervous way. >> really is extraordinary. >> reporter: dr. william gilbert at sutter memorial hospital says with multiple births there can be complications. the little ones are doing better than expected he says.
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>> they'll go to kindergarten and graduate high school and bring home bad boys. >> reporter: everything times three and for now the couple says there aren't any other babies planned any time soon. >> this is more than we bargained for. i think we're good. >> we're good. >> oh, that poor dad. >> oh, just wait about 14, 15 years. >> i love it. the doctor says brings home bad boys. if the doctor had to estimate, the odds of having identical triplets naturally, he would say it's somewhere between 1 in 1 million and 1 in 2 million. can you imagine having three daughters all the same age? >> no, no, no. three times the one. >> you know that's going to happen. he's a lucky guy. >> yes, he is. we've got some cold weather around here. >> it is, tonight likely the coldest night. look at where we are right now. these are your current temperatures about 5 to 10
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degrees below average if they were the overnight lows, but we're not done cooling yet. campbell and livermore 30 degrees, concord 29 degrees, freemont 35 degrees. salt lake city at 14, walla walla, washington, southeastern washington state 12 degrees. denver is 13 below 0 now and great falls, montana sitting at 18 degrees below 0. this cold is enveloping the entire western portion of the country. we're just getting a glancing blow. vallejo 29 tomorrow morning, a cold walk to school in fremont, 29 degrees, 30 in redwood city and santa rosa down to 24 cold degrees, 8 degrees below freezing about eight hours below freezing as well. this is why. that cold front moved through all the way down to orange county, southern california, high pressure building in behind it and it's sitting off to our north and west. winds always flow clockwise around high pressure, so it's dragging down more of that arctic air. we'll get more tomorrow, friday, over the weekend.
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it's not going away till the middle of next week. that jet stream is way down to the south. we stay chilly. the only real change is a small area of low pressure moving in friday night, saturday morning. this is a big deal because this will bring moisture, a couple showers. some of those showers above 1,500 feet which is a very low. >> ever will be snow showers. when the snow -- very low snow showers. when the snow comes back out on saturday morning and it will be sunny and chilly tomorrow and the rain comes in friday morning. livermore tomorrow 10 degrees below average, san jose high 51, freemont and redwood city and hayward city, not even 50 for walnut creek, benicia tomorrow 49, san francisco 49 degrees, nevada 40 east, lake port 48, sunny. friday milder, more humid,
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chance of showers friday evening and friday night. we clear out for the weekend but still cold. it will be next wednesday before we hit 60 degrees again. now somebody visiting from chicago is looking at that and saying that would be a gift in april. we are wimps because we don't get cold that often and we enjoy that. >> pretty much wimps. >> you said it. coming up the new bra that you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah.
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you know it's a holiday when you see this kind of stuff. check it out. kids aren't the only ones who sit on santa's lap. what you got in your pocket? furry friends got their turn today at the peninsula humane society in burlingame. that dog tried to nibble santa's beard. elves were on hand to snap photos. proceeds go to homeless animal programs and santa will be back saturday. the stress of the holiday season can lead to overeating. >> microsoft says they can help us ladies stop while we're
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ahead. it's working on a new hi-tech bra that has sensors to monitor your heart rate. microsoft claims the bra detects emerging stress and sends an alert to your smartphone letting you know when you're probably not actually hungry. >> does it help with overeating? yeah. it's kind of hard to tell when you're done eating except when you hate yourself, of course. i really want to eat naturally. i really don't want 10 telling me when to eat. -- technology telling me when to eat. don't expect these bras to be in stores any time soon. they use up so much battery life in the trials, they lasted about four hours. >> there you go. >> what about the weight loss for men? >> they have something else. we don't want that. >> they have a bro. jim harbaugh has a rare jim harbaugh has a rare admission and ,,,,,,
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game, 49ers coach jim harbah usually says, "it's just the next opponent on the schedu not th seattle comin' when referring to an upcoming game, 49ers coach jim harbaugh typically says it's just the next opponent on the schedule, not this time, not with 11-1 seattle coming to town sunday. this is north versus south. >> if this doesn't fire up the fans, then, you know, what does? i suppose abraham lincoln riding across the field with a frock and a top hat riding a horse waving an american flag,
2:07 am
you know, that would -- i doubt that would fire them up if this game doesn't fire them up, the people that really love football. they'd be fired up by this match-up. now the seahawks fan base is among the best in football. it includes a 3-year-old named kelly bluetoh who knows every single player on the team. >> who is the right tackle? >> the right tackle? >> who is no. 39? >> brendon. >> who is the kicker? >> steven hauschka. >> what do we know about the 49ers? >> they're bad guys. >> they're the bad guys, yes. >> who are the good guys? who do we like? the seahawks! >> kelly might know a new number by sunday, 94. that's justin smith. at 34 years old he's one of the eldest statesmen but remains a huge force on the 49ers
2:08 am
defensive line. he's got 4 1/2 sacks and was asked about his signature move to sack the opposing quarterback. >> called i wish i had another move. wish i had a spin move or a speed move or something, but it's all i got at this point, so we'll keep going with that one. >> all he's got, but it's still working. time for the wednesday night top 5. no. 5, the league has fined steelers coach mike tomlin $100,000 for stepping on the field during a kick return by jacoby jones. spurs and t-wolves set to play in mexico, but the game was postponed because of smoke that filled arena because of a bad generator. women's field hockey match in england visited not by a streak are but a injury man she -- streaker but a german shepherd and all he wanted was a little belly rubble. tar heels knock off the no. 1 -- belly rub. tar heels knock off the no.
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1 sports team. from 40 yards out he puts justin upton on that to go in and he had a hat trick in that match. just warming up for the world cup coming up to brazil there. cup coming up to brazil there. >> to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
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