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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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admirerers are mourning the passing of nelson mandela -a pact was felt arou your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. world leaders and millions of admirers are mourning the passing of nelson mandela, a man whose impact was felt around the globe including right here in the bay area. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. a day after the death of nelson mandela, much of the world has paused to reflect on his legacy and also his accomplishments.
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cbs reporter tara mergener is live in washington with more. >> reporter: mandela was an international icon. today millions are mourning his passing and celebrating his remarkable life. the flag is after half-staff at the south african embassy in washington. outside his home in johannesburg, mourners are gathering to remember the man they called madiba. a memorial service will be held tuesday and the outpouring of love says something with the caliber of the man who led the country out of apartheid. >> we'll always love madiba for teaching us that it is possible to overcome hatred and anger to build a new nation. >> reporter: messages are
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pouring in from around the world. from the dalai lama in india. >> we must [ indiscernible ] that sadness translate into determination. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: at the vatican pope francis applauded mandela for promoting human dignity and forging a new south africa. and at the white house, president obama spoke about the man who inspired his first steps into politics. >> like so many around the globe, i cannot fully imagine my own life without the example that nelson mandela set. >> reporter: the president said he will continue to live by mandela's example. he will join other world leaders in south africa on the state funeral sunday december 15. south africa has entered into 10 days of mourning. his body will be laid to rest at his ancestral home. live in washington, i'm tara mergener, back to you. >> and tara, we understand the funeral preparations are a huge
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undertaking. what can you tell us? >> reporter: in fact, these funeral preparations, michelle, have been compared to a world cup inauguration, a coronation, all together at the same time. so a very big deal. now, coming up, we have a national day of prayer and reflection. that comes up first on sunday. there's going to be memorial in johannesburg on tuesday. then mandela's body will lay in state before the state funeral in his hometown. again, his body will be buried at his ancestral home but certainly a lot leading up to this funeral both official and unofficial events. michelle? >> that's right. his legacy just spans from generation to generation. how will the country keep his memory fresh and alive for future generations? >> reporter: i think the recommendation is to keep a lot of reminders about the way he lived and there's already a lot of them out there. you have mandela day already. that's july 18. that is his birthday.
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that's been going on for a while. speeches and books, many left behind that contain numerous quotes that really defined the way he lived. he has statues in his honor. he has degrees at 50 universities around the world so he has connections there, as well. and michelle, there is even a spider in his name which i will not attempt to pronounce but the second part of it is mandelaii. it's a legacy that won't soon be forgotten. >> you're right. tara mergener live in washington, d.c., thank you. the bay area had a very special connection with nelson mandela and the anti-apartheid movement. one prominent figure here had a chance to meet with him on several occasions. a short time ago, kpix 5's anne makovec talked with cecil williams. >> he came out as a reconciler as a statesman as a person who really was going to make the world a better place. >> reporter: glide memorial's
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cecil williams met nelson mandela when he came to the bay area in 1990. >> didn't come across like someone that was above everybody else. he was really -- you talk about being with people. he was really with people. >> you, the people of oakland, the people of the bay area, who have given me and my delegation strength and hope to progress and continue the struggle. >> reporter: that was mandela speaking at the packed oakland coliseum, the final stop on his 1990 u.s. freedom tour. then congressman ron dellums was the first to introduce anti- apartheid legislation back in 1972 and 7 years later the city of berkeley became the first in the nation to divest from south africa. assemblywoman nancy skinner was part of that movement. >> it was so thrilling that we americans, that we east bay residents, could have been part
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of something with that kind of global impact. >> reporter: a lone rose left an oakland monument memorializing mandela last night a reminder of the impact he will have. >> he was above the divisions. he was above anything that occurred that would take away from being with people and making sure that people understood he was going to be different. different because that's -- that was his mantra, that was his -- that was who he was. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> glide is planning two specials services on sunday to honor mandela's life. we're also looking back at his life on our website,, complete with a photo gallery. the deep freeze continues into the weekend but the end may be in sight. let's go over to lawrence for
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the latest. >> maybe a little reprieve tonight. three straight days of temperatures in the 20s and the 30s. even some record-breaking cold numbers. now outside the clouds beginning to fill into our skies. we are seeing some snow in the shasta siskiyou mountain range and showers may not be far behind. let's check the hi-def doppler radar. you can see fairly quiet right now, but you see a little moisture just off the coastline. i think we are going to see more clouds and maybe some raindrops during the evening commute and that cold system sliding overhead and we have winter weather advisories in the bay area over the santa cruz mountains and the east bay hills tonight. we could see 2 to 4" of snow above 2500 feet. now, that would make for a beautiful sight tomorrow morning. we'll have more weather coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. thousands of homes in benicia spent the morning without heat. temperatures are in the mid- 30s. outages in three areas knocked out power to about 4100 homes. we spoke with some folks who spent the morning bundled up
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without heat. >> i woke up, and everything was black and dark and it's very, very cold and freezing. >> i woke up and tried to get my daughter to school and we had no heat, no nothing. i tried to come down here for a cup of coffee and nothing. >> that's tough. the cause of the outage is under investigation. pg&e hopes to have everyone's power back on early this afternoon. an amber alert is in effect right now for a 14-year-old girl from washington state. this is a picture of elizabeth romero. the teenager disappeared wednesday afternoon. police believe 19-year-old eduardo flores rosales abducted her. chp just released this surveillance photo of his vehicle, a 2001 to 2003 ford escape hunter green in color with a roof rack and custom wheels. chp believes they may pass through the bay area on their way to mexico. a man is in custody after slamming into a police car and then trying to escape in san
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jose. kpix 5's kiet do spoke with the security guard who saw it and stepped in to help. >> reporter: from the looks of it, it was a violent collision. it's unclear how fast the suspect was driving. but the force of the impact pushed the san jose police car into the middle of the intersection. it happened just before sunrise when a security guard from the hilton san jose leaned over to talk to the officer. >> literally just stepped back as the officer i guess was about to leave stepped back on the sidewalk and thank god very fortunate that's when the accident occurred. >> reporter: police say the driver of the cadillac tried to run. that same security guard with the help of another guard tackled the suspect and held him until backup arrived. >> doesn't surprise you? >> absolutely not. he's a hero almost every day and big in the small ways so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that this is actually what happened. >> reporter: the officer suffered moderate injuries and went to the hospital complaining of back pain. the suspect is also being
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treated for his injuriesas well and will face felony hit-and- run charges. in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> it's unknown if alcohol or drugs played a role in the collision. the suspect's identity hasn't been released. sunday's 9ers game will have some undercover fans making sure the heated rivalry between san francisco and seattle doesn't get out of hand. extra san francisco police officers will be at the game in anticipation of trouble and some officers will be disguised as seahawks fans. >> we need every fan in the seats cheering for our team to beat the seahawks and not getting arrested and in a police wagon headed off to jail because you punch somebody that ended up whether it was a real seattle fan or a san francisco police officer dressed up as a fan. >> fans on both sides are paying big money to get into the stick on sunday. tickets are going anywhere $300 to $4,000. a special task force will
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conduct an independent review of racial harassment of a san jose state student. four white students have been arrested accused of tormenting their black roommate. the university president appointed retired judge ladoris cordell to head the task force. it will look into existing rules and make recommendations for changes. and caltrain has been transformed into a christmas express. we got a preview of the train this morning decorated with 60,000 lights. the train goes between santa clara and san francisco at dusk this weekend. at each stop the christmas train will be loading up donations of christmas toys for local children. the batkid returns for a sequel. five-year-old miles scott of siskiyou county last month saved the city from evil villains. that was his dream as he battled and then beat cancer. miles will be back tomorrow to help with a make-a-wish fundraiser and leading 5k walk and run that starts at the aquatic park at jefferson and hyde street at 8:30.
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a teenager is arrested for his actions in the aftermath of the crash that killed actor paul walker. the charges he now faces. >> and we are learning more about the american gunned down in libya. why his students there say he was more than just a teacher. >> clouds now streaming into our skies. we have some rain on the way maybe a little snow. when will we finally warm things up? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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walker died in. "jameson witty" an 18-year-old is under arrest for stealing part of the porsche which "fast & furious" actor paul walker died in. the man is accused of following the tow truck carrying the wreckage and grabbing a car part. detectives searched a home north of los angeles and found the porsche's roof panel. a second suspect is also expected to surrender. the u.s. state department
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has confirmed the killing of an american teacher working in benghazi, libya. ronald thomas smith was a chemistry teacher at the international school. a group of men in a black jeep pulled up and opened fire on him while he was jogging. smith was beloved by his students and they say he offered free private tutoring and they looked at him as an older brother. more proof today that the job market is recovering. the government says employers added more than 200,000 jobs in november while the unemployment rate fell to 7%, a five-year low. there was strong growth in high paying sectors like manufacturing and construction. the recent economic up turn has surprised many experts who expected the government shutdown to slow growth. that strong employment report caused a surge on wall street. the market snapped a five-day losing streak. the dow jones industrial average is up 200 points at one point and now it's up about 176. a massive winter storm continues its march across the country. it stretches in a line from icy
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texas to snowy ohio. behind the storm, temperatures are plunging. >> reporter: a half inch of freezing rain and snow made the roads treacherous. >> low-lying area water is frozen over. >> reporter: residents are calling today ice friday. the north texas tollway authority has about 80 trucks spreading sand on more than 800 miles of highway. >> transportation officials are focusing on major bridges and overpaterson like these trying to keep them from freezing over. but you can see right here what they are dealing with. ice has formed on most everything. power is knocked out for millions of people and hundreds of flights are canceled. farther north in arkansas, snow is blanketing the state. >> stop here because my windshield wipers quit working so i was going to use the thing to get them going, you know, and it was packed in there
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pretty good. >> reporter: this massive storm is slowly moving across the country. it's already dumped one to two feet of snow in minnesota. indianapolis is expecting up to 9" of white stuff before it's all over. drivers say the key to staying safe is extra caution. >> go really slow and ease on the brake. >> reporter: or perhaps the best advice, stay off the roads altogether. >> this wintry mess will push into the northeast by sunday with a dangerous mix of snow and freezing rain. makes me happy to be here in the bay area. >> i know. and a lot of folks having complaining of the cold but it's pretty cold for the bay area. >> it is. >> record lows. but things changing a little bit on sunday. right now we have clouds making their way into our skies. and maybe a little rain on the way, as well. so as you head out the door right now the temperatures still a bit chilly. numbers running in the 40s and the 50s right now.
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chilly 43 in santa rosa. 49 in san jose. 50 in san francisco. and 44 degrees in concord. in the afternoon, going to see a chance of showers developing later on today and into the evening hours then rain tonight and a chance of some mountain snow down to about 2500 feet locally and then looks like some warmer weather coming our way as we head in toward the middle of this next week but for now that trough of low pressure that is also bringing that stormy cold weather across country remains locked in place and going to stick around allowing for the throw drop into the bay area bringing with it some rain and some snow on our mountains and some snow in the high country too. up there they may see upwards of two feet of snow. 30 degrees mostly cloudy lake tahoe for today. 48 in sacramento. 52 degrees in the monterey bay. some rain in parts of the northern parts of the state as we are going to see this cold system begin to drop in. in fact, by commute time, even then we are looking at scattered showers looking up just to the north seeing a wintry mix here of sleet and slush. this is all going to pile down throughout the bay area and once it does it will bring cold
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air so overnight tonight, we could see a good two to four inches across some of the higher peaks locally so tomorrow as the skies clear outlook up at the mountains you may see a neat site. temperatures expecting 40s and 50s into the south bay 50s at the coastline east bay temperatures in the 40s and the low 50s and then inside the bay, we'll keep you cool as though clouds now are moving in. so with that in mind, yeah, a little wet toward the commute hours tonight. then looks like tomorrow maybe a liftover shower early in the morning and then we're done dry weather on sunday, monday and tuesday. slight chance of showers by next thursday. by the way, sunset times tonight 4:51. sunrise 7:12. if you are traveling in the high country, michelle, be aware, grab those chains. you may need them. >> thank you. well apparently, you can never be too young to be tech savvy but a new product from fisher-price is generating a backlash from some parents. we'll explain why. >> and kpix 5 is looking for a veterinarian to appear on tv.
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to nominate a vet you know email we'll narrow down the top five and let you vote on our pet expert. ,,
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there's a new babysit they are in town. take a look. it's a bouncy chair that's been outfitted with an ipad holder for baby. the ibouncy chairs is a fisher- price creation but some parents and child development experts are slamming the device.
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they call it an embarrassment for mankind. it's a leafy green with a long tradition in italian cooking. today tony tantillo is shopping for kale. >> reporter: if you ever made reboiled italian soup over bread or like to make a nice tuscan soup you need this kale or if you like kale loaded with nutritional value and great for us but selection and storage is important. when you buy your kale, green like this all the way around. the tuscan kale is tender and silky unlike the other which is firmer. store it in the refrigerator and remember one thing like always, open up the bag a little bit so they can breathe. otherwise, you will lose nutritional value and flavor if you store it for too long. kale, the tuscan dinosaur kale in the market enjoy. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> a police officer in indiana goes above and beyond to
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reunite a little girl with the very special friend. how the officer saved the day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at 5:00. well, a police officer in evansville, indiana, is now a little girl's hero. dashcam was rolling as thousands watched officer jason rescue her very special friend on a busy roadway. yes, i said berry. he returned the teddy bear after catching up with the girl's family down the road. chocolate has been with her since she was 4. so chocolate's very special to her. >> chocolate was on the road? >> i guess so. maybe shoe three him out the window but they are reunited now. have a great afternoon, everyone. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> aly: hope is beautiful. >> liam: yeah, very. >> aly: and famous. >> liam: uh, yeah, not that that matters. >> aly: i get why she's enjoying this time with you and wyatt. but i don't think it's right. >> liam: [ sighs ] >> aly: liam? >> liam: i hear you.


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