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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 7, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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do ski jumping. you could hurt yourself. unless you're finnish. craig: well, i think we learned a lot about finland tonight, didn't we, everyone? geoff: yeah. well, i guess we're finnish. craig: congratulations, finland. good night! good morning nelly! woah.
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detained in north korea fore than a month... this is merrill newman heading into the bei airport... after it was announced that north korea d released him. newman is a kn n... who was on a new video tonight of the palo alto man detained for more than a month. here newman is headed to the airport after he was released. more on the plans to bring him home. we have new video out of castro valley tonight. a water main break is reeking havoc tonight. thousands of gallons of water gushing down the street into people's homes. firefighters set up wood panels to try to protect the house as
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the water spews on the lawn. one resident was forced out because her house was filled with water. fell into the sink eated by the water main break. it's not clear why the pipe failed, although freezing temperatures may have playea part. an alamena fire struck needed rescuing after falling into the the sink hole. it's not clear why the pipe cleared. and paul has a lot of rain right now. >> it's pouring throughout the bay area. lit up literally like a christmas tree. we have red, orange, yellow, and green. free mont and also oakland and alameda coming down at half an
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inch an hour. not going to get up for the next 20 to 30 minutes. heavy run from the south of the front. you will have rain for several hours down near san jose. the peninsula, you are dealing with all the snow. heavy snow for the sierra. above 2,000 feet. it's not rain falling, it's snowfall. we have a winter weather advisory in effect. 2,000feet in the east bay hills and also the south bay of the santa cruz. rain a lot of it, out there. joe vazquez on something we do not see that often. >> reporter: at the peak of the
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mountain, a wintery snow flake. the snow fell and some of it actually stuck. as the windy roads were dangerous to traveling, the now plows were called back in. temperatures bounced right back up. 8:30 tonight, snow turning into the a moderate rain. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5s. in the last week four people have died from being exposed to the freezing temperatures in the south bay. betty has more. >> reporter: this kind of weather is life or death for a homeless person. that's why shelters like the one behind me are opening their door for extended hours.
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at this shower, they they have 70 open beds. >> it's just for tonight. >> reporter: julia angel will not have to search for a warm place to sleep tonight. >> i would be hiding in a friend's garage with no heat, no nothing. >> reporter: she knows a night at the shelter could be life safing since last week four men died from hypothermia. one was in a garage, and the others with nor the elements. >> our goal is to turn no one way during this time of the crisis. >> reporter: they run three cold weather shelters. they are handing out blankets and supplies during the day for those who are visiting the crowd. >> i have friends in a creek. i would rather have no warm
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bed, shower to take. >> reporter: there's more people than there are shelter beds. >> there's more than 5,000 shelter beds, but we have to be sure we ask people to come inside. ed a row -- advocates are working overnight. if you would like to help, their offices here on meryl street are accepting money or blanket donations. now the 85-year-old aloe alto man held by north korea is coming open. andrea is at sfo where he is expected to ply in this weekend. >> reporter: julia, he was offer a ride on air force 2 by
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joe biden who happened to be in south korea, but he opted for a special flight that will land some time soon. since this afternoon, the family had to give their reless. >> is this a great moment for us as a family and will be even better when we have a chance to be back together in a few hours. >> reporter: this is video of meryl newman arriving in beijing china, a few hours after the north korea regime deported him because of his age and medical condition. >> we had a chance to speak briefly with meryl who was in beijing. he is eager to be reunited with
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his parent. it was last month that the tape him admitting wrong was released. >> he seems to have gone there with every good wish and intentions, and it seems like it's one of those things that went array. >> reporter: and now meryl ask headed black to the bay, back to family in time for the holidays. >> it's been a difficult ordeal for us as family, particularly for him. we want to thank everyone who gave us the opportunity to bring him home. >> reporter: he will arrive this weekend. it's unknown exactly what time, but tomorrow morning, there are two flights headed here from beijing. kpix 5.
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bad weather is forcing searchers to scale back their efforts to find dale smith after his a plane disappeared into the wilderness. he radio he was having engine trouble, and there's bullpen no sign of them since sunday. the weather is expected to keep the aircrafts grounded for the next few days. it will not likely be as intensive millions something shows up. san francisco bay, conservation, and development misconfirmed they start abdomen inner nerviness combination into the process. they want to know if the permits actually allow the work going on. after secrecy, google finally admitted the barge is a
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floating market set r. - - setter. last month u.s. employers added 200,000 jobs, and transportation, warehousing, and health care was the largest increase in jobs. a cold and rainy night in new york city tonight. the colors of the south african flag are shining brightly atop of the building for nelsonman -- nelson mandela. >> reporter: he is being remembered with grace, not joy.
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>> i am celebrating his life and sacrifices in indian students lit candles and said prayers. students are flying at half mass, and the empire state building is home near the school that will soon bear his name. many chose to meet mandela. >> he said let bygones be bygones, and not a lot only
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people will do that. the city of san francisco planning it own memorial for nelsonman dell louisiana next win at 11:00 a.m. at the city hall. there will also be a condolence flag for the city to sign. tomorrow night we will have a special 1-hour tribute to the life and work of nelsonman cellula. how those bay area teams are learning a kale nay never worked before. the snowy conditions in the 'air are a and the trouble people are having getting up there. we will be back in 70 seconds. ,,,,,,,,
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i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. one... and security will be tight. kpix 5's linda yee explains how police plan top rowdy fans in check. niners/seahawks game at candlestick park on sunday is a security niners-seahawks game at candlestick park is a big one, and linda yee explains how the police want to keep everything in check. >> we will whip their butts. >> reporter: the rivalry is intense, and sunday's game with the niners and the seahawks promised to be one for the books. >> this is the defending nfc champion against the current top seed in the nfc west, and these two teams don't like each other. >> reporter: in case sunday's show down is rowdy, more cops will be at candle stick in
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uniform and undercover as decoys. >> we always have police officers dressed in rivalry team jerseys, hats, whatever, and they will out in numbers at this time. >> reporter: ever since this brawl 2 years ago, police have been more vigilant. >> we have a few people telling us to watch our back, but we are not scared. >> reporter: the hoard hat? >> it protect mess in case it's too crazy in the football game. it's game over for any fans involved. because seahawk fans have the reputation of being the the noisiest, that could set off a niner fan. in the past, some of the fighting happened in the parking lot. it will open 3 hours before the
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game for tailgating. after the game starts, you either have a ticket to go inside or you go home. one man in oakland is on a mission to show troubled kids a world beyond their own. christian aires. >> reporter: the handful of west oakland teens walk on to a boat. >> no one would have believed it. >> reporter: some are dropouts, ma have been to juvenile hall. many have never seen a boat up close, let alone learn to skipper one, but matthew grease is teaching them. >> we didn't want to duplicate the classroom they walked out of. >> reporter: it's caulked oakland youth first, and he's on a mission to show them the world beyond the inner city, by
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sea and air. >> is your flight up and ready? >> reporter: he and members of the airmen are teaching the kids how to fly using the high- tech simulators, the kind used by professional pilots. >> we teem them out to use the operating systems and speak to the towers. >> reporter: this is as close to a real cockpit as you can get. after five hours on the simulator, they ared are -- they are ready to land a plane in a few months they will copilot a real play. leon has learned his passion. >> i like the environment. the air, and you get to -- it's like being on the water. there's something about it. i feel like that's something i could do for a long time. >> reporter: how does it make you feel for the kids to say
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something like that? >> that's what inspired me. >> reporter: graves bought the boat and built the flight facility with private funds, but we will need more to keep it afloat. >> reporter: the boat will be part of the annual parade of boats at jacuelin and square tomorrow night. we have a link on our website and click on links and numbers. as paul mentioned earlier, sierra is getting blasted. rob mccalister showing us f you're traveling up there, not a good evening. >> reporter: the wind is chipping, the snow is coming down at a feverish pace rice right now. an inch on the ground in the last hour they are having a
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tough time to get the chains on because of the elements. it's been one of the worst storms they have had in a long time, and they have a long night ahead of them in the sierra. typically they are put on close tore blue canyon, but we are at 3,000 feet tonight, and something that is very rare. kpi x 5. >> heavy snow in the 'air are a and heavy rain fall in the bay area. my voice may be competing with the sound of the rain on your rooftop. it's coming down at the rate of an inch to 2 inches an hour. the bay area that is you in hayward and danesville, and antiak. in the southway, you're up close to that freemont, san jose, all of the heavy rain has
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to clear through you are. rerain -- we are rain free here. larry sent us this picture. that's more than a dusting. that's more than half an inch of snow on the ground. you got some snow earlier today before the warmer air and wetter air moved in. overnight tonight well are avoid -- we will avoid the freeze. what is going on? it's really not leaving just scathing it out for a few hours. as it passes by it will drag down even more cold air, and for some of you, colder than the last few day with the highs in the mid- to upper 40s, and another freeze is coming up, already issued a freeze warning
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for tomorrow night, we will likely see widespread ice. if you're traveling at all, be advised, there's black ice out there. the week lend be dry, but chilly. the heavy rain will be gone by sunrise. 15degrees below normal for you in san jose. sunny, but cold. 47 and 40, that's it for the high tomorrow in lake port. extended forecast, just as cold on sunday. monday, we will moderate a bit. tuesday, back to the 50s. rain will end tonight. another freeze coming up tomorrow night. that's your forecast. we will be right back. ,,
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basketball. sloppy right, 13 first 1st turnovers. no rhythm, not happen. james harden, 35 game points. the rockets win it. ♪ mr. grinch ! took a visit from whoville to visit carolina. it's 3-3 mid-way through the 3rd. >> i wouldn't touch you with a -- >> thank you! first time they have lost back-to-back regulation games all season. the u.s. would like a do over they are in the so-called death group with number two germany, number five, portugal, and ghana eliminating them the
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last two dimes two teams advance from the group. time now for the friday night top 5. number 5, tiger woods tieing his own course record in thousand oaks, an event he has one fire times. highest scoring women chemobasketball game ever. four overtime. 133-130. number 3, friday night lights, saras middy and white. spin move and the touchdown. take the ccs championship. number 2, on ice, jonas, and it's called ghost. the red wings beat the devils, and down goad tyson furry. he gets up and takes care of
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steven cunningham. how can he do that to abrother? [ laughter ] >> we will be back even with that. >> it looks painful. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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