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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 7, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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area -- arriving this mo and for more than a month held against his will. in north korea, a palo alto man is back in the bay area this morning arriving at sfo. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm ann notarangelo. don? >> reporter: and mail newman is indeed in fact back in the bay area tonight. but he may not be here that the retirement complex in palo alto with his shoes off. he wanted to be that way. all day long he's been avoiding the news media. at a teem when negotiations continue to get the release of another american still detained there. a round of applause greets newman as he walks through san
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francisco's international terminal. back home after being held six weeks by the north korean government. >> great homecoming and i'm tired but ready to -- be with my family. you know. and -- thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciated. >> reporter: newman declined the talk about the experience and later we waited for hours at the retirement home for a chance to learn more. he didn't show. new maundiesed south korean -- newman advised south korean guerrillas, on october 26th north korean agents entered the plane and removed him. last week they released this video of him reading a so- called confession and apology. >> but the information of the kpa and attack the communication system and killed three innocent operators. >> reporter: the north korean video signaled the impending release according to stanford's research center director daniel
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snyder. >> it was a stupid act on their part andas i said the good thing is that they didn't keep it going and hold him forever and ever can they're certainly capable of doing. >> reporter: the brevity of the remarks suggests an effort to avoid offending north korea. many have wondered why newman with his history of work with south korean guerrillas would have gone to the north for a visit. >> would you go back again? >> probably not. >> reporter: while the korean were may be the forgotten war in the u.s., newman know nows that in korea at least north korea, that war has never ended. reporting live in palo alto, don knapp, kpix 5. >> since 2009, north korea has detained six americans all but one have been freed. as don mentioned kenneth bet was detained a year ago and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the family released a statement saying it was pleased
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newman would be with his family for the hol delays adding -- holidays adding quote we believe that our kenneth should also come home soon. and back in the bay area, it's been chilly as you well know but it's going to get even colder. the freeze warnings posted tonight for the bay area with clear skies. temperatures are up a bit. it's going to get even colder sunday night tomorrow night than it will tonight. so there's a freeze warning for bay area valleys and temperatures plunge to the low 20s to mid 30s and of course protect the plants and the pets. to put a few specific numbers on it, tonight santa rosa down to 22 degrees and napa down to 23. out on the east bay. and just 22 degrees at fairfield and 27 in san jose. also the coast not quite so bad and in san francisco, 33. we'll have the entire forecast for you in just a few minutes. ann? all right, icy temperatures helped set a new record for pg&e this week, customers used more natural gas on a thursday than in any single day of the
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company's 108 year history. fge and says -- pg&e says the previous record 4.3 billion cubic feet on a cold day in 1998. on an average day customers use half that amount. volunteers are hitting the streets of san jose trying to keep hamulose people warm and alive -- homeless people warm and alive. this comes after four people in santa clara county died this week of hypothermia. they have been handing out socks and blankets and also encouraging the homeless to come into shelters but sometimes getting the homeless to come into a shelter isn't an easy thing to do. >> there comes a point where the somebody has said no to you and closed the door in your face you stop believes and triking that people -- believing and trusting that people can try. >> the shelters need blankets, socks and toiletries. this was the scene last night after water main break flooded a castro valley
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neighborhood. firefighters set up wood panels to try to protect this house as water spewed onto the lawn. thousands of gallons of water gushed down the street and into several homes. in alameda county fire truck at the between sail needed some -- scene actually needed some rescuing itself. not clear why the pipe failed although freezing temperatures may have played a part. and this was the scene today as crews mopped up a soggy mess. neighbors gathered destroyed belongings in plastic bags. furniture also carried outside to air dry and one woman who wasn't home during the flooding says that she is thankful that neighbors helped her protect her home. >> my neighbors locked my front door with some wood blanks and they -- planks and they created dams to divert the water to the street and minimize the damage. and all the mud went into my garage. and luckily not into my house. >> east bay mud crews worked through the night to restore water to all the houses in the area. the company has assured neighbors that it will help pay for the damage. a ramp concert was cut
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short after a gun battle in a parking lot last night. the 34-year-old woman was killed after several men exchanged gunfire outside dan foley park. another woman was shot taken to the hospital and then released. the shooting broke out during a concert in the park's main meeting hall. police don't believe the women were the intended targets. and there have been no arrests made. and amber alert still in effect for a 14-year-old girl. elizabeth roam row disappeared wednesday afternoon from her home in washington state. police believe 19-year-old eduardo rosales abducted her and they may be on the way to mexico. the chp says the car that you were in is a hunter green 2001 to 2003 ford escape with temporary washington registration tags. the suv also has a roof rack and custom wheels. well, leaders from around the world will attends the memorial service for former south african president nelson mandela. but before the high and might
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till gather, huge crowds flocked to mandela's johannesburg home to say good- bye to the man remembered as the father of modern south africa. tomorrow they'll begin a national day of prayer and reflection for the first time since mandela's death his family released a statement. >> we have lost a great man. the son of the soil. >> today, children in his hometown danced to celebrate his life. on tuesday the township will host a memorial service at a soccer stadium. up to 100,000 people are expected to attend. mandela will be laid to rest on december 15th. and san francisco, it's planning its own memorial to the iconic former president of south africa. set for wednesday, december 11th at 8:00 a.m. at city hall. starting monday the mayor will have a condolence book the public can sign. flags in the city are flying at half staff until next sunday.
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tonight a special one hour tribute. and you can see it beginning at 6:00 right here after this newscast. on kpix 5. still ahead, bat kid returns to san francisco. after getting to live out his fantasy how he's helping others make their domes come true. -- dreams come true. >> and bay area veterans who were there tell us what they experienced at pearl harbor 72 years ago today. ,,,,,,
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francisco today for a make-a-wish fundraiser. well, after winning hearts in san francisco and beyond last month, that kid returned to san francisco today for a make a wish fundraiser. >> i think we just showed you the clip from the old 1966 tv series. as anne makovec reports he's using his celebrity to help other kids. >> reporter: 5-year-olds miles scott made headlines around the world when the make-a-wish foundation made his dream a reality to become "batman." he bat -8d leukemia for most of his life but on november 15th he fought evil villains, thousands came out to support him as he zipped around san francisco in a bat mobile. and today -- bat kid returns for brave the bay. a fundraiser for make a wish
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including a 5k walk/run which bat kid led at aquatic park. >> if he can help anybody that's what we want. >> reporter: it's a reality the scott family is still trying to process. >> we didn't expect him to be a celebrity or anything. >> reporter: miles is more than happy to oblige. >> how do you like being bat kid? >> it's good. >> reporter: the 5-year-old leukemia is in remission and he ended chemotherapy in june. miles lives in the county in northern california and on today's trip to the big city, he proved again to be the strong and silent type. >> you can say anything to anybody, what would you say to them right this second? >> i don't know. >> reporter: miles also reunited with police chief greg sir who played commissioner gordon last time around. congratulating that kid after he foiled diabolical plots. >> really just all ability making wishes come true for kids that have gotten a tough draw. >> reporter: part of the fundraiser today? a dive into the cold san francisco bay.
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>> energy's great. it doesn't feel cold. it's a great warm feeling and anything for kids. >> reporter: the goal of today's fundraiser, $75,000 made easier by miles' ability to once again save the day. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the scott family also recently established the bat kid fund to support make a wish and ronald mcdonald house charities which also helped miles during his treatment. ski resorts get more than two feet of snow overnight. what they're saying tonight about opening more runs. >> going to get even colder in the bay area as the big chill continues. details coming up. after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oklahoma this afternoon.
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the u-s-g-s say it was a 4-point-5 centered in edmon just north of oklahoma city. people an earthquake rattled parts of oklahoma this afternoon. it was centered in edmond a little bit north of oklahoma city. people were surprised when things started shaking just after noon local time. no reports of damage or injury. but since 2009 more than 200 magnitude 3 or greater earthquakes have hit the state's midsection. according to the us gs scientists aren't sure why the activity spiked. 72 years ago today the japanese bombed pearl harbor and hawaii and the united states entered world war ii. today 2500 people gathered at the pearl harbor memorial to mark the solemn anniversary. the minute the bombing began they observed a moment of silence. 50 survivors returned for the ceremony. and local veterans gathered in concord to remember falling comrades today. the event was supposed to happen on mount doe ab low to
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celebrate the relighting of the 85-year-old beacon shut off after the 1941 attack. so it wouldn't be targets. cold weather and the threat of snow led organizers to move the event inside. they were happy the beacon would be lighted again. >> we're alive and obviously i endured and gratified at the people that the many friend that we had -- friends that we had that have since passed away are in effect remembered by this beacon. >> the ceremony coincides with the ceremony in hon lieu lou to honor those who lost their loves during the attack. and the beacon is relighted each year on the anniversary of the attack. the beacon has been refurbished this year. and snow is piling up in the sierra and it's a welcome sight for skiers and snowboarders. this weekend, several lake tahoe resorts will be open including heavenly. it got more than two feet of fresh powder overnight and as a result, the resort was able to
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open two more runs today. and kirkwood is also open this weekend after seeing nearly three feet of snow last night. the resort opened new runs and has plans to open more later this month. well, let's pick it up where we left off and show you the forecast overnight lows for tonight. down into the low 20s in some parts of the north bay around santa rosa the forecast low will be 22. 26 at livermore and 27 in san jose. want to show it in case a few people tuned in a little bit late. it's going to be cold tonight. you probably heard that by now. as we look live to the bay bridge from the rooftop camera. in livermore 45. in san francisco, 46 degrees. wind speeds right now, if you head out tonight, it's going to be not only cold, but winds are gusting up to 20 miles per hour at sfo. mostly out of the northwest a few out of the east northeast though at fairfield. a little bit windy. they will die down later in the night tonight. and so if you're heading out 8:00 p.m. temperature shows readings mostly in the low to mid-40s
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around the bay area. bundled up obviously. and we've got clear skies that's not going to help trap the heat that we generated during the day. recover tomorrow to readings only in the mid 40s. a chilly sunday on tap. around the bay the number may be about 50 degrees and high pressure is out on the pacific but just too low. and low pressure that was over us and spun into the south land is now moving into the desert southwest. it takes that big chill back east. lows plunging into the 20s inland tonight and the big dividing line the jet stream between the polar air to the north and the relatively warm air to the south and all the way down to mexico is the dividing line. we had uncomfortable weather and back east it's going to translate into a big time ice storm for them. for us we'll get a chilly day on sunday and then things are going to begin to warm up. freezing lows through monday night. colder tomorrow night. then we'll get tonight. warming trend begins on tuesday and back to near 60 degrees inland and boy look at that.
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the frigid temperatures. a degree below zero tomorrow. heading out sunshine for much of northern california. and as we look at the numbers, it's going to be mostly mid 40s and mid- to upper 40s for the south bay. 48 at millipedes. on the east bay. 45 degrees at napa. pleasant hill hits 46. up in the north bay, chilly tomorrow with 49 at sausalito and just 47 at row net park. santa rosa a high only in the upper mid 40s tomorrow. 45 at the yucaipa. tuesday through thursday, the numbers skyrocket all the way back to a sweltering 60 degrees inland. so if you hang around for the latter half of the week back toward where we should be for this time of year except for one thing. not a drop of rain as far as the eye can see. >> i have to remember to cover the plants again tonight. gary in tonight and are we talking football and you're talking golf. >> why not? warms things up a little bit right? i like to do that.
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we're going to talk football too and we have to talk golf of course on this saturday in december. how tiger woods did after the amazing 62 yesterday. the scary moment in the sec championship game. the golf cart stopped missouri but could auburn painful results for one team coming up in sports. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the tigers hosted #5 missoun me. no miracle,, all right, this time there were no end of game miracles for auburn. the tightest hosted missouri in the -- tigers hosted missouri in the sec title game. great game though. henry joe see ran for over 100 yards but here watch this.
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he slides out into the corner of the cart. he would have to leave the game. 100 yards for him. rushing. but he is out of there. missouri kept it close down eight at the end of the first half. james franklin for green beckham. 55-yard touchdown and auburn only up one at halftime. that calls for the fans to take the shirts off. you have to have no shirts on if you're a fan. how about this? the teams combined for over 100 points but awe auburn prevailed. they win the sec championship game 59-42 and still have a chance at the bcs title game if florida state or ohio state loses tonight. battle of oklahoma and oklahoma state. how about this? sooners and cowboys usually a punt highlight means a fighting and it is right here. saunders took it at his own 36. a few moves inside outside and forget about it. you're not going to catch him. off to the races and all said and done it's a 64-yard return for a score. game tied up at 7. came down to the wire and oklahoma driving for the win and blake bell to the saunders in the corner of
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the end zone. that is the game winner. oklahoma stuns number six o. k. state 33-24. that likely pushes oklahoma state out of the bcs bowl picture. by default the championship was mack brown and texas hosting baylor. all baylor up 13 in the fourth. martin the 18-yard touchdown run put the game away. he likes that one. and so does this. do a little crowd surful. 30-10. they win the big 12 and with oklahoma state loss that, they'll be going to the fiesta bowl. it's the first time baylor won a league title since 1980. all right, well college basketball now. and nothing like the old buzzer- beater, colorado and kansas all tied up. >> booker gets it off. he got it! >> there it is. that booker wins it as the buster, colorado upsets number six kansas always fun to watch those.
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in thousand oaks is hard enough. sprinkle in rain and wind and forget about it. the host tiger woods shot a 10 under 62 yesterday. not even close to that today. third round of the northwest mutual world challenge. and how about that? little wildlife out there. deer pouncing around. how about bubba watson right here rolling this one from off the green and rolling it and rolling it and somehow finding the bottom of the cup. currently in third place at a shot of 3 under for the day. tiger woods on 16 with the approach. watch this the nice shot. this would set up a birdie. just stares the shots down. roles right up there and gets it. he actually lost the lead to johnson midway through. but that's a pretty nice looking shot. and then now on 18, it's going to be zach johnson, lining up a 20-foot birdie putt and nails it. and amazing. very tough greens to read but they can do it well. he's at 9 under. tiger woods thought to himself hey if i can do it i can do it. a two stroke lead after shooting a 72 and 11 under heading into the final round
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tomorrow. a little soccer for you. the mls cup up for grabs, sporting kc taking on real salt lake. but colon heads it in to tie the game up at 1 apiece. the championship game would head to the shootout and it was an epic one. colon in the corner for sporting kc. now it's up to palmer to keep real salt lake alive but no. his blast is high off the cross bars and sporting kc takes the 2013 mls cup. so tough to see that and bouncing right off the cross bar. all right it was the pop warner super bowl of northern california. and it sent three teams to the big dance in florida. palo alto in green and unfortunately no match for the team from norfolk, virginia. palo alto shut out in the game 28-0. there's more, there's more. the brentwood oakley falcons were also shut out. picked off here. there's more there's more. by warren of the ward warriors
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team from washington, d.c. and brentwood also shutout in this one 28-0. but watch the little guys run. isn't this great? >> it the good no i like it. >> good to watch. now here we go. northern california's final hope was a team from gilroy. and they came through. here it is. lane runs it in from 20 yards out for the game-winning touchdown. the gilroy tigers win the division two junior midget super bowl 28-20. >> but at least they got to represent over there in florida. that's pretty cool. >> i wish they had that when its playing the little guys. >> they didn't have it way back then? >> not highlights. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you gary, that's going to do it for us at 5:30. stay tuned for an hour special on the life and work of nelson mandela. >> until then the news updates are on have a good night. ,,,,
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♪ >> we will reach the goal of liberating the black people of this country within our lifetime! >> viva! >> pelley: tonight, a man for a rebel, a prisoner, a president. nelson mandela is dead at 95. >> take your guns, your knives and throw them into the sea! >> pelley: a revolutionary who fought for liberty, an icon who embraced peace.


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