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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  December 8, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PST

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good morning, i'm anne mako. i'm phil matier. i'm mark kel good morning. it's 7:30 sunday december 8. >> we've got a bunch to talk about in this next half hour. >> eric spauld well will join us talking to about everything from obamacare to immigration reform. that's something he has held near and dear to his heart since he came to office. where are we? are we going to be able to pull that off? >> that's right. we'll also be talking about the building boom. you have seen san francisco's exploding skyline. therefore there are cranes everywhere. >> that's right. it will lead to incredible increase in population in san francisco and the entire region. we'll talk about what this
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means for people in brent wood, fremont, all across the bay area. workers are demanding a hike to the minimum wage. president obama weighed in on this. now we have local leaders weighing in on this. phil you have an interview with some of them. >> first let's take a step outside because you probably noticed it's really cold. it has been for several days and the cold snap will continue. we are taking a live look outside. you can see the bay bridge. it looks nice but again jacket and scarf weather. you see the temperatures are in the 20s in some spots. otherwise we're making it up to the upper 30s in san francisco and oakland. for the rest of the week we're going to warm up but very, very slowly. today we are staying chilly. we will take a look at the warming trend albeit slight coming up in a few minutes. anne, freezing conditions have taken a toll on human life. the coroner says a homeless person died of hypothermia
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friday in dublin. in santa clara, four died from exposure over the weekend. homeless advocates are scouring the streets handing out cold weather supplies and urging less fortunate to take shelter. an additional 375 beds are available at the bacardo reception center in san jose until tomorrow. the veteran detained in north korea is now back in the area. he was detained for six weeks at the end after visit to north korea. in the early 1950s he advised south korea gore i will will as and during recent detention was forced to read an apology on camera. newman appeared relieved to be home in the u.s. >> i am tired but it is good to be here with my family now. thank you all for the support
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we got. it is very much appreciated. >> newman thanks swedish embassy in north korea and u.s. embassy in china to help secure his release. oakland material race. one announcement shook up what is going to be a high profile race. >> a challenger to mayor jean quan, we asked libbey what she thinks she can do better. >> jean quan got competition close when libbey shaft signed up to run against her for the top job next year. >> i think oakland can do better. >> reporter: she was isn't alone. a survey found that only 5% of voters in oakland were ready to vote for juan again. >> i think it might be time for a change. >> jean quan loves oakland but
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i think we need something more in a mayor. >> the same chamber poll found that 70% of oakland voters said crime was their biggest concern and shaft wasted no time zeroing in on the hot spot issue. >> oaklanders deserve to have the police come when they call so that the city can be safe. >> shaft was murky when asked how she planned to deliver on the police promise. >> i will be rolling out a campaign platform in the new year. >> juan declined to comment about shaft or oregon challengers. she did however release a statement saying "i have not yet announced my reelection plans and won't be commenting on potential candidates. right now i am focused squarely on my priorities as mayor "therefore there are officially five candidates. there may be more in the future. rank choice really shook up the last race. how do you think that will affect things this time? >> it's going to be another
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roll of the dice. rank choice voting allows people to pick three candidates first round and then they stack up the votes. if you don't get enough your votes go to somebody else. if they don't get enough, it goes to the next person. there is not a run off. it helped her get elected. it could hurt her reelection efforts. you are right. more will be coming into the race and one talking about it is jean's old friend and advisor, dan seeger. he is talking about entering and coming into the race. it could get very interesting and very crowded. >> we'll continue to follow that for you. we have a national day of prayer and reflection kicking off this week of events in south africa to remember nelson mandela. people are gathering inside in churches and such already blocking houses of worship as they're expecting one of the
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biggest funerals on monday. >> two services dedicated this morning to the late nelson mandela including special songs. there will be special sermons. the services are at 9:00 and 11:00. >> i got the chance to sit down with reverend cecil williams from live memorial church friday. williams made mandela personally on three occasions including at the white house. he was first to greet mandela when he got off the plane for the visit to the bay area in 1990. >> he stepped out, you could tell he was above the visions. he was above anything that occurred that would take away from being with people and making sure that people understood he was going to be different. >> he really did have an amazing story to tell about his meeting with mandela. obviously an amazing guy in and
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of himself. wednesday 8:00 san francisco city hall will hold a very big service. there is a condolence book at the mayor's office that you can go and sign. leave your reflections on how nelson mandela has affected your life. flags in the city in the meantime are ordered at half staff until next sunday. a national memorial will be held tuesday at johannesburg. >> coming up on face the nation, bob schieffer looks back at the life and legacy of the antiapartheid leader at 8:30 following this newscast. the investigation into the deadly crash landing at sfo takes another turn. why it's now zeroing in on the pilot. >> the beloved bat kid returns. this time he was helping other kids' wishes come true. we'll show you how next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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20 minutes before 8:00, let's look at our weather
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forecast. it is continued cold. we're looking at the current conditions in the 30s, even 20s in some spots. santa rosa is 27. today everybody has been waiting for the seattle seahawks verses 49ers, big rivalry. 1:25 kick off. it will
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ezra rapport... director of association of bay area governments... thank you.
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how much of the growth is driven by affordable housing? >> i wish it was more affordable housing available in the bay area. it's a real crisis when we get big economic growth and don't have enough housing to supply for the multiplier effect, the spin off of jobs that occurs when this industry expands. >> when i go to meetings where we talk about future and planning first i hear about set asides for low income. we're building more and more low income or affordable housing as they call it and high income housing but the people in the middle don't qualify for the low income and can't afford the high. they're the ones feeling the
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biggest squeeze. >> that's why we need to have a big expansion of multi family housing to provide that type of rent and ownership structure. >> why is it so hard to get that going? >> almost all oh sights in the world -- societies in the world understand this is a problem and provide housing to make this occur in this particular market. in the state when we abandoned redevelopment for fiscal crisis we lost a major source of affordable housing. it's been hard to piece that back together again. >> how much if boom bust will take care of itself this. >> some of it will because the demand for housing is being met in many areas where you can see construction taking place. >> where do you think the biggest boom will take place? if we were going to look at the bay area in five or ten years what will look different this. >> the tech companies discovered they want to be in urban areas because social media is growing. when they go into vertical spaces as opposed to campuses
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they put pressure on the cities and you can see that in san francisco. that's going spill over to oakland and san jose which is already experiencing growth. we're going to see demand for housing, affordable housing. the jobs will be spreading throughout the bay area. >> will people continue to move out further and further to the tracys and continue to drive in? >> they'll fill the capacity that's already there. i don't think there will be a lot more growth in the areas because the commute is so large. >> i don't know. every time i go they seem to be packed everyday. people are just willing to do it. >> unfortunately the more packed they get the slower the speeds and it becomes more and more inefficient. over time it will not work well. >> in the middle of this i look at the plans and you do too, does anybody pencil in and say we'll have a warriors arena on the water front of san francisco or anything that we just sort of come up with?
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>> projects come up because people have ideas, billionaires want to build in a particular place. who is going to stop that? >> they rule the roost then. >> it looks like it but we have to make adjustmentsments, we update. >> it's amazing. planning sometimes is an oxymoron around here i have to say. >> it may look like that but we have more collaboration with local governments to build high quality neighborhoods with affordable housing for mixed income and those plans hopefully will take fruition. >> we'll see. maybe mark and andy will get a place down the line. they're feeling the squeeze, trust me. >> back to you. >> let's look at our current temperatures. a chilly start, santa rosa 27, napa 38, fremont is 36. this is what we are looking at
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later today. 48 in san francisco. san jose, 49, 46 napa. as we move later to the work week, a warming trend. by wednesday in the bay area we could see 57 degrees. while freezing temps might have you yearning for a nice cozy fire hold on. today is a spare the air day around the area. using fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, outdoor fire pits, not allowed today. high pressure system covering the bay area through the day traps smoke close to the ground so the bay area air quality management district says this makes for unhealthy polluted air. he is back, bat kid, mile scott, returned to the bay area for the brave the bay make a wish fund raiser with his usual as the result and swagger. there he is, bat kid, braves the frigid conditions yesterday and led the 5k run walk.
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the 5 year old's leukemia is in remission and made the trip to raise money for other kids with cancer. batkid is more than happy to be of service. >> if he can help anybody by dressing up and being batkid then that's what we want. >> brave the bay hopes to raise money for the foundation. sales from clothing for the event last month raised more than $30,000. a rifty new gun ad targets newtown and begs the question is it too soon? >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sandy hook elementary shoot on december 14 advocates for stricter gun control are airing an ad referring to the one year anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> on december 14th we'll have a moment of silence for newtown. but with 26 more school shootings since that day, ask yourself is silence what america needs right now? >> one minute ad shows children in a classroom with a clock ticking to 9:35 am, the time when a gunman killed 20 children and six adults in newtown. the group is called moms demand action for gun sense in
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america. it's leaving a lot of people saying is it too soon for something this intense? what happened is so incredibly horrifying. a lot of things have changed as far as the 911 calls. a lot of news organizations decided not to air them because it was so intense. >> that's right. but it is an intense issue and one that we raise in washington and elsewhere, debate shortly, then move to something else when it hits gridlock. we'll talk with eric swallow about that and maybe get his reaction as well. the ad is intended to get action and get people back to the fact that it is horrible. >> it raises the question are we almost becoming desperate that we didn't get national legislation? is that why we are starting to get ads like this? >> we'll ask that as well. in president obama's radio address he stood firm on raising minimum wage for workers. >> we learned that businesses created about 200,000 jobs in
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november. we need to do everything we can to help businesses create more good jobs that pay good wages even faster. >> fast food workers walked off the job in 100 cities, part of a national effort to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour in the industry and secure right to unionize. >> it's not only president obama behind raising minimum wage. we sat down with two who did a story recently about how this is getting unusual support from even conservatives. >> conservative republicans are backing this and they're doing it from a financial point of view. they're saying these low wage workers are costing the government money. they're costing the government money in welfare payments. california is paying $700 million a year to support low income workers. now they're try and put a ballot measure to raise minimum wage conservative in california. >> they're doing it on a
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practical basis and frankly it is appropriate that they do so because if there is any reason why the deduct ability of the cost of an employee from your tax return ought to be the way you do it not therefore pay them -- pay them wages and therefore not give them application for food stamps. >> this is not going to work next year. it's not going to work. legislature raised minimum wage in california. >> that's california. >> yes. >> but the rest of the nation, the numbers are atrocious. even barack obama, president of the united states, has said it should be at least $10 over whatever period of time he is talking about. so something is going to happen on this issue. now that the reits are looking respectable on the issue, it could happen. >> i am skeptical for voters that a battle measure in
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california will go for raising minimum wage when it was just raised by legislature. they'll say why should we do this? we just did this? >> i think you are wrong. i believe that any time you become enviewed with the idea that you are going to reduce the cost to government and you can prove that by doing something of this nature the small business people will be probably the only ones that will be lining up. you aren't going to have the gap lining up. you are going to have google lining up. they're all going to be for raising minimum wage. >> the question is how would this affect the economy? some would say it would hurt small businesses. but also it can spur the economy because workers will have extra money in their pocket. >> we always have these studies. you can get a study to say anything you want. i looked at three, one from university of mass, one from the industry and one from
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university of california. they say it could raise the price of a hamburger from 10 to 30%. instead of $3 it could be $3.20, $3.30, $3.60. are americans willing to pay that? that's the question. if you want americans and american wages are you going to pay for it? >> there is a look of maybe keep it with inflation. have the wage increase with inflation through the years. that's one of the things they're talking about. >> that's also a good way to get out of it politically because rather than having it vote to increase it, it just goes up. >> then the prices do too. >> we'll be talking about that in the next half hour, if there is a fair increase on the way. >> the city where electronic cigarettes are banned in places and why this could be the start of the crack down. [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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welcome back to k-p-i-x 5 ts morning. the time is _ _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm anne makovec. a lot to k about in the n welcome back to kpix5. 7:59. good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we have been talking about bart all year long. none of it has been good. there has been a lot of drama with the bart system. they're asking for a fare increase. they're not asking. it is happening, and it's
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happening next year. we'll go into what's going on with bart. >> we'll sit down with eric swallow from the east bay. obamacare is launched but will it float? is this system going to work in the long run? that's the real question. we want to take on minimum wage and the controversial ad on gun control. >> nelson mandela's impact here in the bay area, actually specifically the bay area's impact on his fight against apartheid. the bay area played a key role in that. we'll talk about that lots coming up. first let's go outside because if you are heading out you are going to want to bundle up once again. a live look now at san jose with a little bit haze. mainly clear. don't let sunshine fool you. you will need a warm coat. it is in the 30s now around most of the bay area, even in the 20s up there in the north bay, 26 in santa rosa. we have a freeze warning in effect for another hour until 9:00. otherwise today, sunshine, staying chilly. we have a slow gradual warming
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trend coming into next week. tomorrow the coroner will investigate the death of a homeless person who may have died from exposure because of the cold. the unidentified man was found dead in dublin friday afternoon. four homeless people in santa clara have died in the last week from hypothermia. >> the palo alto man who served in the korean war who was recently held in north korea is back home. merrill newman arrived yesterday. he was detained 6 weeks at the end of a visit to north korea. in the early 1950s he advised south korean gorillas. during recent attention he was forced to read apology on camera. yesterday he apeyered relieved to be back home in the u.s. >> a good homecoming. i am tired but i am ready to be with my family now. thank you all for the support
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we got. it is very much appreciated. >> newman thanks swedish embassy in north korea and u.s. embassy in china for helping secure his release. happening in southern california, thousands are expected to pay final respects to actor paul walker. police are preparing for the public memorial. they estimate a crowd of up to 5000 people at the crash site. in an effort to ease traffic congestion police will issue a traffic alert on the street where the fast and furious star was killed. it's time for a closer look from strikes to service disruption, bart has been having trouble all year. >> wednesday, 700 passengers spent an hour on a train stuck in a tunnel. brake dust and smoke filled some of the cars. nine people were taken to the hospital and service was stopped on the pittsburgh bay point line. passengers were stranded at stations and traffic around the stations was a mess. how that happened is still
8:03 am
under investigation. i talked with a bart spokesperson about that and the rest of the drama the bart system recently endured. >> it has been a tumultuous ride for passengers this year, no doubt about it, between a lengthy labor process that became way too public. we had two strikes. there has been nonstop bronze on the system because of the age of the system. we are more than 40 years old. there is a billion dollars of reinvestment needs. the good news is we have a plan in place to replace train cars and other main components. there are still billions of extra dollars we need besides that to replace the guts of the system. >> events like wednesday, is this something we can effect more often. >> it certainly won't go away until we are really to reinvest in the system. bart has a robust preventative maintenance program. >> what can we expect from the labor dispute this we know it's
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going to litigation. >> unfortunately that delays the process. we need to sit down and figure out how to get to resolution. management wants to do that. hopefully we can do that. hopefully this does not need to go to the court. good news is no one is talking strike so hopefully passengers can no longer be interfered with the labor strikes. >> when it comes to the perception of the year and how it's been so rough is it just a matter of publicity or are we having issues? >> really what is it like to be a rider everyday? when you started to interrupted somebody's daily routine they're going to be upset. that's understandable. as long as bart continues to try to communicate as best as possible and as long as we try to think of what is it like to be on the train everyday, to be late to work, late to picking up your kids, as long as we keep pass edgers in mind we'll be okay. we are in a rough spot now. we need to keep eye on the prize, which is reliable train service everyday. not just sometimes. it has to be everyday. that's how you get reliable
8:05 am
patrons to become happy with bart. >> you can understand a lot of people are not happy to hear about a fare increase next year on top of this. >> no one wants to see a fare increase, we understand that. this will be an extra $.19 on average per ride. the good news is that money will be dedicated towards top three projects. it's going into a locked box. it's a fund created and dedicated by bart board of directors to pay for new cars, new train control system, a new maintenance facility meaning all better reliability at bart. >> reliability has been a huge problem. that's what we have seen over the past months. this will be up to the riders. when is enough enough? >> or the fear is down the line when bart asks for a tax increase or bond measure to improve service, riders or voters will say enough is enough. i don't like the way the railroad is run. >> which is catch 22 because it would run better if they had
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more money. that's a theory. >> people have been saying we have been giving money. is it running better? good news is one of the smaller unions has tentatively agreed without the family leave situation that's thrown others into court. we'll see what happens. keep your eye on bart because it is going to be a bumpy ride for them for sometime to come. in south africa sunday services are dominated by remembrances of the late nelson mandela. >> in 1990, four months after released from prison nelson mandela visited the east bay. >> that's right. we sat down with political insiders former mayor willy brown and chronicle political reporter joe garrett foley and say there was a reason he came here. one was the contribution california and the bay area made to the antiapartheid movement. what was it? >> we are the most successful of all the people interested in
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trying to get something going on doing something about dismaysment in south africa. university of california kid on the campus treated it like it would be occupied in the legislature. we were doing things in order to achieve the goal. at the board of regions as was the case with the board of regions, all of that was around the question of die vestment. >> san francisco was very influential, one of the first to go. >> correct. >> ron dell ams, the congressman from oakland at the time. you were in the legislation. how did you get it through? there were questions about whether the state should get involved in this. >> my friend maxine waters who is now congress person was on the ways and means committee. >> los angeles. >> yes. she was my lead person. she was always looking for some way to do something about absence of success for herself on the issue. low and behold the farmers from
8:08 am
the valley had some issue that they needed. she did what you ought to do. you see a horse moving along and you can hitch a ride. she hitched a ride on the horse. >> she took their issue, stabled it to hers. >> absolutely. >> you had the farmers from central valley. >> she made the exchange and you had advocates who advocated for themselves carrying her water. >> i was speaking to one of the protest leaders at berkeley, now professor in new york. he pointed out this was a win for progressives. sometimes liberals say we don't have wins. this was a long term win, one that was movement building. it was not popular at first. president reagan opposed it first. gradually the governor even supported you somewhat reluctantly. >> he signed it and also voted at the board of regent. as a matter of fact he couldn't even carry with him his
8:09 am
appointees on the board of regents on this issue. he had to join us in that movement. that would be an interesting vote to go and research. >> why? >> it will clearly show you how really powerful the image of nelson mandela had actually become and how politically acceptable it had become for california ans. >> in the end, what was the main point of resistance for the entire movement? >> all the business around anything having to do with investment, you have an obligation. you are supposed to get the best return you can for your constituency, fiduciary duties they call it. it was almost impossible to prove that you could get quality materials from other organizations and individuals equal to what you could get and earn just as much money. eventually that is what happened and when that happened it was katie. >> fascinating back story.
8:10 am
the city is planning its own memorial to honor nelson mandela. that will go on wednesday at 8:00 am at city hall. >> starting tomorrow, monday, the mayor's office will have a condolence book. the public can sign there. flags in the city have been ordered at half staff through next sunday. bay area city leading the charge in the crack down on e cigarettes. we'll talk about that when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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daphne webb disappeared five months ago. today her family and a local church wl accept coats and also donate jackets to those in need. it happens at emmanuel temple church on sixth street in vallejo... from 11 a.m. to they're still drying out in castro valley this morning. water main broke near seven hills road and santa maria avenue. the water flowed do hill and flooded homes. "east bay mud" says it willp pay for the damage. cold wer may be to blame for the rup in the water main.
8:14 am
if you've looked into getti health care through covered california, you may get some calls you weren't expecting. california's health exchangs giving insurance companies e names of tens of thousands consumers without their knowledge. the l-a times reports -- the state provid names, addresses, phone num and email addresses to insue agents. those consumers researched coverage online. but did not ask to be conta. the head of the program saye purpose is to make the procs easier for consumers. we want to get a sense of w things stand now with the affordable care act. are en people signing up? and is hh care reform a political plu a liability for the democrac party? joining me now is congressman eric swalwell..a democrat representing eastern alameda county. congressman eric swalwell... thank you. (mark does weather) (mark does weather) >> you can't fix a broken system with a broken promise
8:15 am
and a broken website. in california the news is encouraging. it's signed up more people than all the other states combined. that is encouraging news. i think if we can spin out of the website issue, get people the care promised we can move on and show the american people we can do more with issues than just tackle healthcare. >> one of the issues in that for it to work is young people have to sign up, healthy people have to sign up. are we seeing the numbers. >> i know a few things about young people. they usually wait until the last minute to sign up. in california the people signing up that are young, 18 to 34, is tracking the percentage of young people in california. we may see a young person turn in the term paper at the last minute surge and if that's the case california will hit its goal. >> speaking of young people, minimum wage, big issue. the president wants it raised. back and forth on there. what are the economics of that here as far as you see? >> we are seeing economic recovery but economic recovery
8:16 am
only going to the top. the 1% is getting the game now. the working class american is feeling like they're being left out. >> is that something that should be mandated? >> yes. >> why? >> i think it's our job to be sure that middle class working americans have a living wage. i am supporting george miller's raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10. >> there are those that argue that these minimum wage jobs are for students, part timers, starting, not intended to be full time jobs for someone with a family. >> if you don't give a living wage to an individual they can't get healthcare, can't provide for their family. then they depend on public services. we all end up paying anyway. it's in our interest to be sure we give them a living wage so they can take care of themselves and not rely on the federal or state government for health insurance as to the degree they are today. >> i want to move on to this ad
8:17 am
we showed on the anniversary of the terrible school shooting in connecticut. you have seen the ad. what's your feelings? >> this is a very difficult issue across the country. i think we need assault weapons ban across the country and back ground checks. when i got to congress the first bill i signed to and tried to get other freshman democrats to sign to was an assault weapons ban. i saw going around to my colleagues in the house how difficult. >> what about the ad? do you think it's too much? >> no. i think it's a reminder of having what assault weapons and not doing background checks can do. almost 20 children were killed because of an assault weapon. i think we owe it upon ourselves in congress to act. the majority of americans want us to act. the majority of the americans of the senate acted to pass background checks. it's time for us to act now. i understand there is a gun culture in america. folks believe if you take the assault weapon the next step is
8:18 am
the hunting shotgun. that's not the case. there are military style weapons that don't belong on the street. if you want to hunt, protect your home, that's fine as long as you are not a criminal or have mental health issues. >> it will be interesting. i think it will be coming back to your area. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we'll look at the current temperatures, a chilly start to this sunday morning, santa rosa, 26. we have a freeze warning for the area except for san francisco until 9:00am this morning. here are our highs later today. pacifica, 49, san jose, 49. fortunately a warming trend later in the week. monday is 53 degrees. wednesday is 57. their pitched as healthier alternative to cigarettes but bay area cities aren't buying claims of e cigarettes. >> john ramos says another one wants to ban them. >> reporter: in richmond it's
8:19 am
illegal to smoke cigarettes in any public place indoors or out or nearly anywhere elsewhere another may take in secondhand smoke. that didn't include the new so called e cigarettes that deliver nicotine in a heated vapor form. >> richmond has been a leader in protecting people from smoke. e cigarette smoke is still dangerous. >> reporter: she voted unanimously to add e cigarettes to smoking restrictions. those who like them say hold on. at this smoke shop the son says he used to smoke tobacco but was able to quit by using a smoke pen. it heats a flavored liquid containing nicotine in various concentrations. >> nine months ago i started at a high level, 18 milligrams. now i am down to 0. all i am doing now is the flavor. >> the people who manufacture the pens sold say it's not fair
8:20 am
to associate their product with tobacco smoke. >> there is no smoke. it's heating pope lynn glycol, vegetable grade. when they are exhaled it turns to water vapor. >> they have exploded much in popularity. he doesn't sell much tobacco anymore. you would think that would be cause for celebration but the fda says it has not yet been fully studied. cal researchers last night convinced the council to adopt the band. >> the scientists that testified last night said there are significant detectable amounts of substance which they know get inside people from having studied it. that's enough for me. >> those who are embracing the alternative to tobacco might need a bit more convincing. >> the ban gets another reading next month before it will take
8:21 am
effect. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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to face with families strugg in poverty. a peninsula mother's vacation to south america brought her face to face with families struggling in poverty. >> she's helping as many as she can from the bay area. >> we are introduce todd this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: they are colorful hand crafted works of art. >> this is all paper, paper beads. this is beads. >> reporter: stacy knows the story behind each item. >> the majority of women who make these are hiv positive. >> reporter: stacy imports an em permanent of crafts from 23 countries almost all made by women struggling to help their families. >> they want the same thing for family and children like we do. they juan a roof over their head, want to feed them, want
8:24 am
to educate them. >> three years ago her trip to south america inspired stacy to do something. >> the poverty i saw in peru in contrast with the beauty of the people and how colorful it was and all the artistic talent there, i came back struggling with what can i do to help? >> she got to work raising money and started a nonprofit called shopping for a change. >> so i developed web based platform where we sell the artisans' products. they are paid right up front. it's all fair trade. once we get everything in, i have to price it and tag it. >> reporter: her garage studio is now a stock room. when you buy something on the website the money does three things. pays the artist, supports a community project where they live, and contributes to a u.s. nonprofit you select when you check out. >> it's great to want to help the people in these under developed countries but we also need help at home. i didn't want to ignore that.
8:25 am
>> reporter: while we aren't talking about huge sums of money yet, a little goes a long way. >> when you empower a woman in the community it tends to trickle down everywhere. >> reporter: for improving lives of families around the world one at a time this award goes to her. >> you can buy a necklace for $5 or hand crafted ball for 100. >> stacy expects to sell $25,000 worth of items this year. >> you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award as well online at >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
day of prayer. here is a look at the stories trending. nelson mandela, today is a national day of prayer.
8:27 am
also trending is paul walker. thousands are expected to attend a memorial for the actor who died in a car crash last weekend. >> mega millions jackpot is up to $344 million. cold weather. the 49ers. they play seahawks tonight in the cold weather. follow us on twitter. >> let's look at our forecast before we leave you with face the nation this morning. these will be the highs today. they are going to be only in the 40s. it is going to be another warm jacket day. your seven day shows a little bit of a warm up later in the week. it's going to be gradual, no real rain in sight. don't let the sunshine fool you when you look out your window. you do need the jacket again today. >> see you next week. hope you enjoyed the show. >> face the nation is coming up next. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> schieffer: today on "face the nation," the world remembers nelson mandela. thousands are turning out in his country as south africa holds a national day of prayer to honor the man they call mondiva the father of modern south africa. we'll talk to friends and followers of the former president who died last week at the age of 95. that and the other news of the day on "face the nation." >> schieffer: good morning again, the storm that left parts of the south and midwest in an icy deep freeze is now moved east, it's expected to hit virginia and mid atlantic states today then move up


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