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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 8, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> glor: tonight sunday storm, a dangerous combination of ice, snow and rain coats the country all the way from missouri to maine. we'll hear from jeff pegues and get the forecast for the week ahead. as the country says good-bye to nelson mandela, bill whitaker reports from johannesburg on a national day of prayer. d allen pizzey revisits a day that changed a nation. protesters in ukraine topple the statue of lenin. charlie d'agata on the rising anger in a country that finds itself pulled between europe and russia. and the new powerhouse in publishing. books for kids find an audience in everyone.
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>> reporter: in stadiums along the east coast today the players on nfl teams weren't just tackling each other, they had to take on weather conditions as well. >> calvin johnson makes the catch! >> reporter: clearing the snow
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on an n.f.l. field is easy compared to getting the roads primed and ready for a storm that one virginia official called an historic ice event. in westminster, maryland, salt truck could not match the storm's intensity. this pickup truck slid off the road and it was going to take a lot more than this to get it back on track. in northern virginia it's rocco's job to keep traffic moving even in icy conditions. >> yes, the temperatures continue to drop, our concern intensifies we have almost 2,000 vehicles out there in northern virginia. we're monitoring the situation both through cameras and through feedback from our folks there. >> reporter: and they're already seeing signs of trouble. this late fall storm has been moving up from the south, barreling toward the east coast. the weekend kept pain cars and trucks off the road. but monday morning's commute is expected to be different. in northern virginia, as many as 2 million vehicles are expected on the roads heading back to work. here in washington the snow has stopped but what we're seeing is sleet and rain. jeff, the concern is overnight the temperatures will drop,
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roads will turn to ice and ice cumulating will bring down power lines. >> glor: all right, jeff pegues, thank you. for more on all of this we are joined by the meteorologist from our chicago station wbbm now. megan what happens next? >> well, jeff, areas that were hit so hard earlier today with very heavy snow, places like washington and philadelphia will now slowly transition to a rain- snow mix. sleet, freezing rain, all a possibility there. that happens during the overnight so that leads into a morning community that will include all of the above and potential ice accumulation from d.c. to philadelphia. new york starts the snow and then sees a wintery mix as well there as the snow continues to spread north then eventually those milder temperatures will bring about a bit of an issue in terms of boston later. looking at the forecast lows tonight among the nation, four below in minneapolis and the deep chill continues for much of the country. >> glor: megan, thank you. in some of those places that are
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bitterly cold, ice problems continue. over 2,000 flights were cancelled nationwide today. texas saw a bit but we saw this video a short time ago. outside an apartment building in plaino, one neighbor captured sheets of ice cascading down from the roof. no one was hurt. >> in south africa it was called a national day of prayer and reflection for nelson mandela. today also marks the beginning of an eight day series of events that could stretch south africa's resources to its limits. bill whitaker is in johannesburg. >> glor: across south africa people raised their voices in song, and prayer for nelson mandela. the first black president, the first democratically elected president was remembered today by south africans of all races. i'm comforted by the react of the people of the country and
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the world. >> reporter: civil rights lawyer george bizos was mandela's attorney and friend. >> he was an example to the people of south africa, to the people of africa, to the people of the world as to how authorities is to be exercised. >> reporter: almost 60 heads of state including president barack obama and most of the living former u.s. presidents will attend mandela's memorial and funeral services this week. from a massive ceremony at a johannesburg stadium tuesday to lying in state in the capitol pretoria to burial next sunday in his ancestral village in the eastern cape province, it's expected to be one of the largest global gatherings in recent history. >> reporter: you say 11,000 troops? >> 11,000 troops have been deployed. >> reporter: defense minister nosiviwe mapisa-nqakula is overseeing security. she says soldier, the air force, national and city police all are being deployed to control and protect tens of thousands of mourners. >> this is a test for us.
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and we know that and believe that people will be watching how south africa perform. >> today a south african's pray, >> reporter: today a south african's pray, they also worry, the show of affection for mandela by world leaders and citizens might be more than this grieving country can bear. bill whitaker, cbs news, johannesburg. >> glor: defense secretary chuck hagel flies to pakistan tomorrow after meeting today with u.s. troops in afghanistan. in an interview today our state department correspondent margaret brennan asked if a total troop pullout is a possibility if president karzai does not sign the security pact allowing troops to stay past 2014. >> it's a very real possibility because if we don't have a bilateral security agreement which i have noted, that means we can't protect our forces that
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would be here after 2014. no international partners will come. afghanistan essentially will be alone. but we have no other option. >> reporter: american people look at this, all the blood, all the treasure. they here things that karzai says about adding new demands before he signs a security agreement, just a refusal to comply. why can't americans look at that and say it's just not worth it. >> i think that it is a legitimate question, that we should ask that question. is it worth it or not worth it? it needs to be asked and especially in a representative government, a democracy those questions must be asked. so it is now up to president karzai to make a decision. >> reporter: did the u.s. miscalculate in thinking he could be a partner? >> well, he has been a partner. >> reporter: but he surprised the u.s. i'm going to sign this thing, and he didn't. >> we were surprised. and then to have him come back
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and try to reopen some of these issues, yes, it was disappointing. yes, it was surprising, but you know, we're dealing with realities that we had before us. >> glor: margaret brennan with secretary of defense hagel today. u.n. weapons inspector arrived this morning in a heavy water production plant near the iranian capitol of tehran. it is one of the sites iran agreed to open up as part of last week's nuclear agreement. elizabeth palmer in tehran tonight. liz, what do we know about what happened? >> good evening, jeff, well, we're past the first hurdle. iran had promised to let the inspectors into this site which is associated with a very controversial reactor which could, when it's working, produce plutonium. they said the inspector kos go in, two of them want in today. and there are talks of their
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next going to be allowed to inspect iran's uranium mines which is something the international community would very much like to have a good close look at. >> glor: liz what is the reaction to all of this inside iran? >> reporter: the majority of people see this deal as welcome relief from sanctions. but the hard-liners are very much against it. in fact, president rouhani has been accused by the hard-liners of selling out. so he's got quite a mind field to walk if he's going to make good, not only the promises on geneva but go even further and introduce more reform in the coming months. >> glor: liz palmer from tehran tonight, thank you. anti-government protestors in ukraine today staged a massive rally in kiev, the biggest yet and one of their targets was a relic of the country's soviet past. charlie d'agata has more on the country's growing rift. >> reporter: in tearing down the statue of vladimir lenin, protestors scored a symbolic victory. destroying a hate figure of the soviet era and a powerful reminder of the pro russian
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government they're fighting against. they raised an opposition flag in its place. earlier hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the biggest show of strength yet denouncing the government's decision not to sign a far reaching trade deal with the european union, favoring instead building closer ties with moscow. matt rojansky director of the kenan institute specializes in the former soviet bloc. >> ukraine has only been independent now for 22 somiers since the collapse of the soviet union. and what this european association agreement offers them is a chance to say look, we've grown-up as a country. our identity is a european country, a modern country. >> reporter: but others don't see it that way, a smaller pro government rally was held nearby. many there believe closer ties to russia are in ukraine's best interests, especially giving their reliance on russian gaps
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to keep their homes. despite a crackdown on crowds earlier this week, demonstrations are only getting bigger, upping the ante. today protestors blockaded government buildings with makeshift barricades piling up anything that wasn't nailed down and they're not going away. bowing to keep up the pressure until the president steps down. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> glor: american airlines and u.s. airways are expected to make their merger official before the markets open tomorrow morning. that follows a late challenge last night rebuffed by the supreme court. planers complain it will raise fares, and crowd planes. later books for kids finding plenty of adult readers. and a white house reception for the kennedy center honorees. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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nielsen says 80% of the market for young adults books is now over the age of 18. the overall category of kids books is the fastest growing in publishing with sales up 24% since 2010. when r.j. palacio sat down to write a kid's book she tried to put herself in the mind of a ten-year-old. but the story of a 5th grader struggling with a facial disfigurement put to video in this publishing minimovie struck a nerve everywhere. >> we've all been outsiders. we all remember what it's like 6to be either the new kid or the different kid. >> glor: wonder, a simple story with short chapters has sold more than a million copies in 18 months and been on "the new york times" best-seller list for 53 weeks, propelled by the adults. >> completely surprised. there is no way i would have ever predicted that this would have happened.
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>> glor: kids books long given less attention by big publishers are suddenly bigger than ever. young readers editor erin clarke. >> now we are one of the most profitable departments of random house, you know, people pay a lot of attention to us now. >> glor: the titles may not sound sophisticated by the sales are. "the dork diary" series sold 13 million copies. "diary of a wimpy kid," 115 million. and the biggest names have now joined the table like james patterson and david baldacci. >> they're huge. they're sit on "the new york times" best-seller lists and they are, you know, just as big, i think, as their adult titles in a lot of ways. >> glor: this phenomenon has much of its roots with harry potter which was embraced by all ages. selling 450 million copies. and leading to that blockbuster movie franchise. book agents alyssa eisner henkin. >> it's a great happy surprise an one that everyone is milking but i don't think it's one that we necessarily could have predicted and we don't know how long it will last. >> glor: lions gate which made
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>> glor: in brazil today getting set to host the world cup, a riot broke out among fans at a game. dozens ran through the stands in sao paolo kicking each other, police fired rubber bullets to break up the melee it is the latest incident. there was concerns in advance of 2014 cup. one week and one day after the sudden death of actor paul walker an unofficial memorial gathering outside los angeles today. this tribute to the fast and furious star began as a post on facebook. at least a thousand fans then showed up in person to remember walker. an olympic gold medal won by jesse owens has been sold in an on-line auction. the medal is from the 1936 berlin games. it fetched 1.4 million dollars. the highest ever paid for a piece of olympic memorabilia. the medal had been given to bill "bojangles" robinson as a gift.
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this year's kennedy center honorees are attending a reception ahead of tonight's formal ceremony including carlos santana, schullerly mclean, billy joel, herby hancock an martina arroyo. "cbs this morning" will be on location in washington tomorrow with full coverage. still ahead, remembering the deadly south african shooting that was a turning point in the battle against apartheid.
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>> glor: finally tonight the apartheid regime nelson mandela opposed6. >> a cbs new reports nearly three decades ago exposed one brutal government tactic leading to the prompt expulsion of correspondent allen pizzey and two other cbs news employees. the report provoked outrage around the world. allen pizzey tonight looks back on the trojan horse. >> nothing will happen here if you people leave. >> reporter: you people were the foreign press.
6:25 pm
the white south african regime often accused the media of instigating the violence that was filmed when i was reporting from the country in 1985. but on october 15th of that year, two cbs news camera crews would capture a police operation which no one except perpetrators could possibly have known about in advance. >> it is a bit dodgy right now. >> reporter: when cameraman chris everson and sound man nick della casa arrived in a suburb outside capetown there was no more violence than usual. but it would escalate into an event that many said did more damage to the south african's regime's international image that all the other coverage combined. >> there were a bunch of kid standing on a street corner, probably about 30 strong. clearly there had been some incident already. not wanting to be part of the scene, we set ourselves well back from it. >> reporter: just up the road but out of sight cbs cameraman wim de vos and anton van der
6:26 pm
>> reporter: just up the road but out of sight cbs cameraman wim de vos and anton van der merwe no strangers to police harassment arrived there. >> i could see the rocks in their hands. i wasn't that far away from it i thought oh, there comes trouble. >> reporter: chris everson had the same gut feeling. >> a flatbed vehicle with boxes on the back and i filmed the truck as it went down the road away from me towards the group of kids on the corner. >> reporter: then the truck turned around and came back. >> as it approaches the kids, three or four stones hit the wind screen. >> and as they did so, there were several policeman in the back of the truck hiding in boxes. and they popped up-- one stunned youngster froze and watched the horror unfold. back in 1985, we had no idea that the police had labeled their operation ghost vehicle. when i wrote the story that day, i called it a deadly trojan horse. three kids were killed, the youngest was 11 years old.
6:27 pm
and 12 were injured, among them two children who were hit in their own homes. the strange thing was, you know, at the time, we didn't even realize the importance of what we had just photographed. >> reporter: and neither did the police. when they finally forced the camera crews to leave the area, they failed to confiscate the videotapes and the damage was done. >> of course it was one of those very ugly, very ugly events that did us a lot of harm. >> reporter: at the time roelof pik botha was the south african foreign minister. >> it was extremely harmful for us in foreign affairs because that increased the negative reaction overseas. and expanded economic sanctions against south african. >> reporter: worldwide condemnation was almost immediate and so was the white government's reaction. within days of the shooting the state of emergency was expanded. journalists were prohibited from
6:28 pm
filming anything incident of police violence under the threat of ten years in imprisonment. >> what was new about this event was that there was a camera there. these events, these killings, this police brutality, this happened all the time in south africa. >> reporter: thorton road today is a far cry from what it was like 28 years ago except for a steel memorial, a grim reminder of the day three young south africans were gunned down from that deadly trojan horse. allen pizzey, cbs news, johannesburg. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs 60 minutes. i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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lows we could see overnight. engines it's cold and believe it or not it's going to get colder, the record lows we could see overnight tonight. e to the fast and furious tor-- gone too soo >> the sounds of high performance engines fill the air as thousands pay tribute to the fast and furious actor gone too soon. >> the all out security force at candlestick park that's nearly as tight at a presidential security detail. >> kpix5 news is next. ,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix5 news. crac >> people all bundled up in hats, scarves and heavy coats to keep from shivering as temperatures barely crack 50 gr


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