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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 10, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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7:26. >> enjoy your tuesday everybody, we'll see you at noon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, december 10th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." nearly 100,000 people are gathered to say good-bye to nelson mandela. the moving scene under a rainy sky as crowds celebrate the man who liberated south africa. >> your democracy is his cherished legacy. the emotional words from president obama after an unprecedented pilgrimage of world lead toers soweto. new snow and rain snarling the travel, the storm impacting millions and the latest casualty, the federal government. we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this struggle was your
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struggle and your freedom, your democracy, is in his legacy. >> the world pays tribute to nelson mandela. >> thousands of south africans along with dozens of world leaders at the stadium in soweto. >> four u.s. presidents in the crowd. >> president obama shook hands with fidel castro from cuba. >> he's uniting people from all over the world. he is uniting us. it's wonderful. >> very festive atmosphere, dancing and singing but weather has impacted the ceremony. >> when it rains the gates of heaven are open as well. >> another nasty morning storm in the northeast. the federal government is shut down this morning in washington. >> out on the west coast, the big problem has been high winds toppling trees, truck, even people. >> i saw this truck in front of
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me. i thought, dang. >> crews are searching for a missing in family in nevada. >> they set out sunday to play in the snow but never came home. >> the starter for the university of oregon's football team will not play in their bowl game. >> touchdown, chicago. >> wh an effort. win on mike ditka what was one of the big plays? >> go bears! >> and "all that mattered." >> according to documents obtained by edward snowden, spies infiltrated this online fantasy game known as the world of war craft. >> on "cbs this morning." >> we feel betrayed if we who they say they are! the whole globe would fall apart! >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah, good morning, gayle. >> good morning.
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>> an extraordinary day. we begin in south africa where one of the largest gatherings of world leaders in history. nearly 100 presidents, prime ministers, and royalty are with tens of thousands of south african citizens at the memorial to honor nelson mandela. >> the crowd started arriving early this morning at fmb stadium, where mandela made his last public appearance during the 2010 world cup. they are sitting in heavy rain listening to the string of tributes from family, friends, and dignitaries. but you can see there is joy there as they celebrate nelson mandela's life. lots of dancing. one of the first speakers said the rain is a blessing that means the gates of heaven are open. >> really a lovely wayway to look at it. president obama spoke in the service and shook hands with raul castro. one of the other speakers. three former u.s. presidents -- george w. bush, bill clinton, and jimmy carter -- are also attending the service today. bill whitaker is inside the
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stadium in soweto near johannesburg. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and our viewers in the west. people are streaming out of the stadium now. earlier they were streaming in. citizens of south africa and dignitaries from around the world. the emotional high point today, the speech by president barack obama. the cars bearing world leaders and world famous celebrities pulled up to the fmb stadium in a steady stream. the people of south africa streamed in, too, walking and dancing. they entered the stadium only half full, the steady rain may have kept people away, but it didn't dampen the spirit. they celebrated nelson mandela with songs. ♪
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they paid tribute to the prisoner who became president, whose politics of peace changed south africa and touched the world. >> to the people of south afriafric africa -- [ cheers and applause ]. >> including a young college student named barack obama. >> in every walk of life, the world thanks you for sharing nelson mandela with us. his struggle was your struggle. his triumph was your triumph. your dignity and your hope found expression in his life. and your freedom, your democracy, is his cherished legacy. >> reporter: regards for mandela crosses racial and political boundaries. the u.s. and cuba have no formal
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diplomatic relations but here today the president of the u.s. and president raul castro of cuba sat on the same stage with leaders from africa, asia, south america, the middle east. they came not so much to mourn the loss of mandela but to celebrate his life. >> nelson mandela reminds us that it always seems impossible until high school done. south africa shows that it's true. south africa shows we can change, that we can choose a world defined not by our differences but by our common hopes. we will miss him deeply. may god bless the memory of nelson mandela. may god bless the people of south africa. >> reporter: the body of nelson mandela will now be moved to pretoria, the national capital, it will lie in state starting
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tomorrow for the next three days. >> this morning services being broadcast all over the world. many people in south africa are watching it in public gatherings. mark phillips is in orlando stadium. that's in soweto. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a very official public ceremony, but if ever there was the people's presence, it was here. the people are pretty determined to be part of this celebration as well. through this driving rain on this horrible day here, they were determined to come out. when they got here, they sang, celebrating his life, not mourning the departed president. they just felt they had to be here. >> it's better for you to be around the crowds and for us to be out celebrating.
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>> reporter: this is the major ceremony in johannesburg. mandela's body will be moved to pretoria tomorrow where it will lie in state for three days. huge crowds are expected to file past the body there. and then of course as we take him down to the eastern province to qunu where the burial will be attended by invited family and some foreign dignitaries as well. >> mark phillips, thank you. richard steng sell a former "time" magazine managing editor. he wrote the biography "mandela's way" and collaborated with mandela on his own autobiography and also wrote an article for "time" magazine on stands now. welcome. >> thanks, charlie. >> we're watching this and wondering how much nelson mandela might have thought about this day and planned for it.
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>> you know, charlie, i did ask him about his not only legacy but what he thought was going to happen to him when he died. and he wasn't a religious man. i think he was a spiritual man. he would always say something form lake, i will dwell among my ancestors,ly walk the hills as a boy. i think he just didn't like talking about it. and he would always say, look, i'm not a legend, i'm not an aicon, i'm not a saint, i'm a regular flesh and blood guy. and i don't know that he thought about it that much, but the south african government has obviously thought about it a great deal. and, you know, i don't think i'm being sacrilegious to say nelson mandela is south africa's greatest export. the government recognizes that. they want people to congregate and want that to be part of brand south africa and it is. >> everyone is very sentimental about him, but he was not a sentimental guy. but you can't help but think
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this is exactly what he wanted for the world. we have world leaders coming together to have people in the stands who years ago couldn't even sit next to each other. he has to be looking at us and saying, well done. don't you think? >> well, as you say, gayle, i mean, he's reconciling people in death just as he did in life and bringing people together. and of course everybody wants to borrow a little bit from the halo of nelson mandela. what world leader wouldn't want to be at nelson mandela's memorial service? >> how do you think he'd want to be remembered in history? >> i think as a unifier. i mean, he is the father -- as jacob zimmer said, he's south africa's greatest son, but he is the father of modern south africa. he was such a great patriot. i just think that he really sees as his legacy. he doesn't necessarily think about anything larger than that, even though his legacy is larger than that. i think he saved his country and brought democracy to his country. >> it was so interesting to hear president obama eulogize nelson mandela.
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this crowd in that stadium went wild for obama. and obama in some ways tying his own inspiration for politics, his own journeys to his own improbable journey to that of nelson mandela and comparing nelson mandela to gandhi and dr. king and abraham lincoln. this was a remarkable address. >> i think it was very personal for the president. and i think he was obviously inspired. his first political awakening came in the anti-apartheid movement. something he said i just really struck me and had resonance with me, that lovely line that nothing was inevitable about nelson mandela's life. i think in some sense he's thinking about himself, too. nothing was inevitable in barack obama's life. and i think he sees this strange ark that they both have been on and kind of weaving together. also very few people who ever in a position of power were able to speak about nelson's legacy in real time. >> and on that point of legacy, the president then used that in his speech to say we must all
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been asked how well have i applied his lessons in my own life, that that matter of reflection about mandela's life to our own differences and circumstances. >> yes. i mean, he's talking about the inner mandela in all of us. if you can somehow imbue yourself with these vals it will make us a better person. but he also is very smart i think to notice that, look, there are still political prisoners in the world now. mandela's long walk is not over yet. >> the struggle continues. >> the struggle continues. >> what do you see, rick, for the dmur of south snafshg we all know that nelson mandela hasn't been in public view for years but he was still the moral compass, the moral center of that country and everybody was very mindful of that. i've heard people express concerns what will happen to us now. what do you think? >> you know, i think there is a lot of concern and worry in south africa and some of it i think is exaggerated.
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what mandela -- wants everybody to be imbued with his spirit. i think he would feel best that he laid his foundation that everybody builds off now, that he has created this nonracial democracy and that they should build on it. i think that is true. even his successors have not had the same bar of achievement as nelson mandela. well, who really would? >> as we watch the end of the life and a celebration of a life i'm always struck by it is two things that happened to create a giant like nelson mandela, history and a moment in history and something that resides in a person. and when they are joined, then you have -- >> yes. charlie, i told you this before. mendandel mandela's great mentor and his patron when he first came to johannesburg, he was a real estate broker in soweto, and he was just in the anc, wanted it to become a national mass movement. one day the door opened and a mass leader walked into my
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office. it was nelson mandela. >> yeah. >> that is so true. you know, it's interesting, people in south africa were telling me that you know, on this day, even sterategic in hi death because his final service is on sunday. we're going to go on sunday to qunu. the next day is a day of reconciliation. they pointed out to me even in his death he was strategic in giving people time. i thought it was an extraordinary observation. >> lovely. great to have you with us. >> great to see you. now to the big story at home, more rough weather for millions today, another windy and cold morning in southern california. a big rig overturned on i-15 in fontana. some areas saw gusts yesterday topping 70 miles an hour. and a mix of snow and rain is making its way up the east coast. winter storm warnings are up for washington, philadelphia, baltimore, and wilmington, delaware. take a look at the jefferson memorial. government offices around washington are closed this morning. nancy cordes is in washington for us.
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nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and to our viewers in the west. it's been coming down here in d.c. for about three hours or so. a mix of rain, snow, and sleet, and we're expecting totals that could exceed all the snow we've seen in the past two years here in the district of columbia, something that road crews aren't all that accustomed to. so federal officials decided the smart and safe thing to do was to simply shut the government for the day. the office of personnel management sent out an e-mail announcing that nonemergency employees will be granted excused absences today while emergency and telework ready employees may be required to work. they just have to follow their agencies' policies. the local public school systems are closed and we could see cancellations at the three d.c. area airports as well. norah, charlie, gayle? noonan si, thank you. snow is coming down hard in pittsburgh this morning, up to 3 inches could fall. it's the area's second round of
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snow since sunday. across the country yesterday more than 12,000 flights were canceled or delayed due to stormy weather. this morning more than 4,400 flights are already affected. meteorologist megan glaros of our chicago station is tracking the storm. >> thanks a lot. we're talking about another very brutal rush hour for the mid-atlantic states and up into new england eventually a little later on this morning. heavy snow is falling for west virginia from maryland including d.c., of course, philadelphia, and new york this morning. it's primarily a morning commute thing. the storm system that pretty quickly exits on off to the east. but there are winter weather advisories and warnings scattered from tennessee and kentucky all the way up to massachusetts this morning for snowfall accumulations that could top 6 inches in some of the higher elevations across west virginia and maryland. d.c., philadelphia, new york will all top 2 inches. boston just under an inch and a half.
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when the storm system exits we begin to feel the intense cold. it starts for minneapolis and chicago. chicago this morning already dealing with bitter cold, one of the coldest days this early since 1995. and it gets even worse going into thursday morning. charlie, norah, gayle? >> megan in chicago. time for this morning's headlines from around the globe. our cbs station in san francisco looks at the pilots of an asia airlines jet that crashed while landing in july. the pilots will not testify at a federal hearing. the accident happened when flight 214 hit the edge of the runway as it came in over san francisco bay. three passengers died in the disaster. the two-day hearing was set to begin in washington. it is postponed because of the weather. the ntsb wants to know if the pilots rely too much on technology. >> in connecticut, the newtown bee says families o school shoo launched a new website that will allow relat
7:18 am
newtown will not hold any public events. >> "the washington post" says congress e re authorized a ban on plastic guns. senate agreed to the measusure last night. it blocks the manufacture of plastic guns that cannot be detected by screening devices. >> president obama is calling for calm in a central african republic. president obama recorded a message addressing the citizens. choose a path away from violence. last week more than 400 people died in clashes between christians and muslims. >> the "detroit free press" says general motors has picked a new ceo. mary barra replaces dan ackerson when he retires next month. barra will be gm's first female ceo. the news comes one day after the government sold its final shares of gm stock. >> the "reno gazette-journal" says the search is expected to resume today for a family in northwest nevada. two adults, their two children,
7:19 am
a niece and a nephew vanished in remote mountains on sunday. authorities say they went to play in the snow. >> temperatures nearby had dropped monday to 16 degrees below zero. >> and "the los angeles times" says 18 former and current sheriff's deputies face federal charges. they are part of an investigation of corruption inside the nation's largest jail system. the charges include beating inmates and visitors and trying to intimidate the fbi.,, another cold start@morning, freezing temperatures hoeing up outside again today. clear skies. all the way to the coastline. but temperatures dropping off into the 20s and the 30s again especially inland. high pressure now beginning to work its way on shore. i think the next couple of days the temperatures going to moderate. even by this afternoon maybe some mid 50s in toward san jose and mountain view. 53 in san francisco. next couple of days it will be warmer and maybe some mid- to upper 60s by the end of the weekend.
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>> announcer: this national he >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. we return to soweto for the world's farewell to nelson mandela. one of his close american friends joins us from this morning's service. how the family is dealing with the loss of madiba. and two airlines merge creating the world's largest. what american's ceo says about fares and frequent flyer miles.
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hi everyone, and good morning, 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. update you on the bay area headlines now. bitter cold continues to grip all around the bay area. six people now have died due to the frigid temperatures. many shelters will have extended hours for the next couple of days. firefighters spending the night keeping an eye on smoldering fire at a recycling wear house. it started at around 8:30 p.m. at the facility near candlestick off highway 101. no reports of injuries there. the sheriff's deputy who fatally shot a boy in sonoma county is back at work now. he shot andy lopez in october after mistaking the teen's toy gun for a real rifle. traffic and more chilly weather coming your way right after the break. ,,,,,,
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good morning, well, it is a solid wall of traffic now heading to the bay bridge. bumper to bumper to the toll plaza. backed up into the maze now. you can see it's in the cash and fast track lanes. and it does begin to slow on westbound 80 right around richmond approaching carlson. down into emeryville and the mcarthur maze. a number of different accidents, black ice still reported northbound 280 near black mountainside. heads up. -- mountain road. heads up. and things are looking good heading out of heyward. here's lawrence. temperatures down into freezing many in areas now especially -- in many areas now especially down at the coastline. high pressure now beginning to build in that's squeezing that air mass further to the east, still the temperatures cold in spots and 20s and 30s in the valleys. by the afternoon, up in the mid 50s so a little bit warmer. but warmer weather is on the way. moving well into the 60s over the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
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that is one of the many unforgettable moments from this morning's memorial service for nelson mandela, president obama giving graca machel a long hug at this morning's service in south africa. >> welcome back to "cbs morning news." coming up in this half hour, us airways swallowed american airlines to become the biggest name in the sky. but now, only four carriers control more than 80% of the domestic market. american's new ceo explains what the merger means for you. and our special coverage of the memorial for nelson mandela continues. one of his closest american friends is at this morning's service. he met with the mandela family and he will tell us how they're holding up this morning. that's ahead. >> and right now, we want to go back to soweto.
7:31 am
bill whitaker joins us from inside fnb stadium. bill, good morning. >> good morning, charlie, norah and gayle. well the rhetorical and even emotional high point of this day so far was the speech by president barack obama. just when his image and his face and michelle obama's face was shown on the jumbotron, the crowd went wild. and when he stood up to speak, he had numerous applause lines. the crowd here sees him as a kind of hero. he has said that nelson mandela was a hero of his. but people here see some similarities between the two. and they were waiting to hear what he had to say. talked about that nelson mandela showed the world how to move forward. how to forgive. he also said that nelson mandela moved this nation, and in so doing, moved the world. and you could tell how much he
7:32 am
moved the world by how many people came here from around the world to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. more than 90 heads of state, dignitaries, kings, queens, prime ministers, came here today to say farewell to nelson mandela. it's a very, very moving day. >> bill whitaker, thanks. one of nelson mandela's close friends is with us again. the president and ceo of img artists. he knew nelson mandela for more than 20 years, and he joins us from the memorial service in soweto. gerry, good morning to you. >> good morning, gayle. you'll pardon me. it's very loud here. 18,000 very excited people. >> i know. i know. we can see. i know that you spent some time with the mandela family yesterday, after you arrived. what can you tell us about what they're doing, saying and feeling?
7:33 am
>> yes, it was a very emotional day with the family all day yesterday. very, very dignified. of course, it's, you know, it's heartfelt that they would lose, you know, their father, their grandfather, their husband. but they're very dignified as a family. they're very united. they've been very warm in receiving people from all over the world. instead of thinking about their own grief, they've been very concerned about people's comfort and logistics. i mean, they're really an extraordinary family. so, i think they've been strong, i think they've been elegant. but on top of all their grief they've been very considerate to everyone. >> we know that nelson mandela thought about his final resting place. did he talk about or plan about what he wanted this day to be about and like? >> yes, he did. he always felt that when it was time to go, you know, madiba was
7:34 am
very self-effacing. he said i don't want anybody making a fuss over me. he would say it all the time. but you know he had such wonderful memories from his boy hood in qunu and that's where he was still very traditional, very principled man. even through the whole 95 years. so, he used to say often, that as the sun rises my heart rises, as the sun sets, my heart sets. and i want my heart to set in qunu. so he'll be buried in his childhood ancestral village. >> i want to ask you about archbishop desmond tutu who i know in a remembrance on sunday called mandela, a magician who turned south africa's poisonous caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. you've been with archbishop tutu. how is he doing? >> you know, he is a remarkable man. last night amongst all the rain, he gave the most beautiful, eloquent speech, filled with humor. filled with festivity.
7:35 am
teasing mandela, marking his mannerisms the way mandela used to dance. you know, it's really rare that one small community in soweto could produce two nobel peace prize winners. but he's strong. he's well. you know, he's just a rare person, and he also is the heart and soul of south africa. he and madiba were very close, as you know, and he was wonderful last night. he's doing very well. >> what has moved or impressed you most about the service that you've seen this morning? >> you know, i'm surprised, because a lot of my feelings have been very emotional. you know there's a very profound grief because the moment has come where you realize that a man you admire and loved all of us, everybody all over the world, is gone. but the thing -- the thing that impressed me more than anything today is 90,000 people not afraid of the rain, chanting, singing, celebrating, and you
7:36 am
know, rain in africa, and in south africa, means blessings. it's called madube. so everybody in the stadium sees the rain as a blessing to send of their hero. so i'm very touched by the rain, i'm touched by the singing. i'm touched by the joy and festivity. and madiba brought the best out in all of us all over the world. so the way the rain makes the ground fertile for crops, madiba made all our souls fertile for good service in our futures. so we owe him for that. >> all right. thank you very much. >> so beautiful. and still dealing with the rain there but dancing in the rain. >> i was saying earlier that a friend of mine in south africa, we knew this day was coming, but why is it so, so painful? and she said because he has rallied so many times, people close to him actually thought he was going to pull it out again. even the day of his death his daughter in london said oh, he's old but he's okay. so really, now that we know the day has come, it's time to
7:37 am
celebrate and wish him well. send him home. >> these services continue. >> and we will continue to follow that and the other big story here in the united states, the weather. but also, this, does bigger mean better for flyers? american airlines sure hopes so. the ceo of the world's largest airline tells us that customers can expect a smooth trip after yesterday's historic merger. what does it mean for you? that's ahead on "cbs morning news." across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen.
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♪ the starting tight end for the university of oregon football team is paying a huge price for taking part in a snowball fight. the students melted drivers and dumped a box of snow on one motorist. brown has been forced to sit out this year's alamo bowl. he wasn't the only player involved but he is the only one suspended. all right this morning american is the largest airline in the world.
7:42 am
and its merger with us airways became official on monday. the combined carrier flies 1500 planes, and employs more than 100,000 people. we sat down with the company's new leader to look at the future and what it means for passengers. >> we want to be the airline that customers want to fly, where employees want to work, and where investors want to invest their dollars. >> reporter: for doug parker, american's new ceo, monday's announcement has been two years in the making. >> we take two airlines, and put them together, with networks that are highly complementary, of the 900 routes that are flown between american and us airways, only 12 of them is there any overlap. it provides the ability for us to take customers to places neither airline can today. >> reporter: the merger, which won't be fully complete until 2015, will create the world's largest carrier. leaving american and three others, united, delta and southwest, in control of more
7:43 am
than 80% of the u.s. market. when you take two and combine it into one, some see one less competitor out there, and that their airfare might go up. >> in this case we're putting to the two airlines that are highly complementary and not reducing the supply of seats. so nothing about this merger should affect prices. >> reporter: but according to this june 2013 government accountability report, airline studies have shown increased fare premiums, following mergers. other challenges, include integrating the company's networks and reservation systems, and managing pilots and flight attendants from different unions. >> we're flight attendants why is this merger a good thing? >> it's a good thing because it's job security. because it's going to offer many more options in their career. they're going to work for a very competitive company. we want the new american to succeed as much as anyone. >> reporter: parker says the deal should not negatively affect the passenger experience. >> early in january, our frequent flyers will see the ability to earn and burn miles on either airline into one
7:44 am
program. you'll be able to see things like being able to get your upgrades on either carrier. you'll shortly thereafter be able to see the ability to, through code sharing, fly on either network seamlessly. >> reporter: a hopefully seamless transition, in a still turbulent market. for cbs this morning, dallas. >> so then we have four carriers controlling more than 80% and you wonder what does that mean in terms of prices and other things and you also know that mergers don't always work out as assumed or predicted. >> yeah, somebody's always sitting on the sidelines. it will be interesting to see if bigger really does mean better in this case. >> we'll be watching. north korean leader kim jong-un is cleaning house. he got rid of one of the highest ranking members in his inner circle. his uncle. and he did so in a very public way. >> reporter: the booming announcement came from north korean state television. it broadcast these pictures of chang song thek being physically removed from a meeting of north
7:45 am
korea's highest level political body. chang was dismissed for reasons that translate in any language, including corruption. but many of the charges had a distinctly north korean flair. it said chang had engaged in the lifestyle of capitalism. and lived an excessive, decadent life, which included gambling, drug abuse, and womanizing. the most serious charges alleged chang established his own political factions. that, quote, tried to undermine our only rightful leader. >> he represented a potential threat to some extent, to kim's authority. >> reporter: cbs news consultant bob carlin has traveled to north korea 25 times, and was an analyst for the cia. >> kim jong-un could not afford to have anybody around him who seemed to be even approaching his level of power or authority. >> reporter: when we visited north korea earlier this year,
7:46 am
we saw the dramatic, breathless devotion to kim jong-un on display nearly everywhere we went. chang, kim jong-un's uncle, was often pictured close to the great leader's side. but not anymore. this official north korean propaganda documentary, which once showed chang in a number of scenes, has now been re-edited, and chang has been deleted. >> i wasn't surprised that he was shown the door. i was surprised that it was so theatrical. >> reporter: north korea is so secretive it's known as the hermit kingdom, and this high profile purge from power offers a tantalizing glimpse of internal politics. and is another sign that kim jong-un is assuming absolute power. for cbs this morning, seth jones, shanghai. you know, this is a big story. it's on the front page, too, of "the wall street journal." sort of erasing his uncle out of
7:47 am
these pictures. i mean, not only removing him, there's one report in south korea that he may have been executed. but then just the propaganda machine, as if he never existed. >> well it certainly sends a message that your services are no longer needed. >> the irony of all this is those people that they thought in a sense were the core of the support for this 29-year-old. >> yes, and more questions about what he's doing in north korea. certainly made a another cold start to the morning, freezing temperatures showing up outside again today. clear skies. all the way to the coastline. but temperatures dropping off into the 20s and the 30s again especially inland. high pressure now beginning to work its way on shore. i think the next couple of days the temperatures are going to moderate. even by this afternoon maybe some mid 50s in toward san jose and mountain view. 54 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. next couple of days it will be warmer and maybe some mid-to upper 60s by the end of the weekend. it was a secret weapon in
7:48 am
nelson mandela's fight for freedom. wynton marsalis shows us how music became an instrument for change. that's ahead on "cbs this n "cbs thi morning." ♪ [ male announcer ] let the rich robust flavor of nescafe clasico stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ you need a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. then how is that a bargain? [ sighs ] no, that's too many -- it's not gonna fit! whoa! cascade kitchen and math counselor. here's a solution. one pac of cascade complete cleans tough food better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. so you can tackle tough messes the first time. that is more like it. how are you with taxes? [ laughs ]
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day hearing... that was to begin, into july's deadly pe good morning, everyone, 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. updated on the bay area headlines now. ntsb has postponed a two day hearing that was to begin into july's deadly plane crash at san francisco airport. bad weather today shut down much of the federal government in washington, d.c.. ntsb is looking into whether the pilots relied too much on a computer system when the asiana airline plane approached the runway at sfo. and cold continues to grip here in the bay area. six people now have died due to frigid temperatures and a number of shelters will have extended hours for the next few hours for those folks. traffic and perhaps some warm weather on its way. your forecast much more coming up. ,, a subaru...
7:57 am
...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. good morning, we are
7:58 am
searching around the road sensors looking for the worst commute. highway 4 and we also see the backups through antioch. this time they continue to 242 and those westbound lanes. expect bigger backups heading to con ford. also san jose northbound 101 is gridlocked and from hellier to dela cruz. at the bay bridge backed up well into the maze. as you can see there about 20 to 25 minutes on to the bay bridge. iest your late -- that's your latest traffic, here's lawrence. freezing temperatures around much of the bayer early on this morning. continuing now. this is one of the mild spots into the 40s there in san francisco. high pressure now beginning to build in. you see it squeezing that arctic air further to the east and the temperatures going to start to moderate and warm up the next couple of days. right now though in the 20s and 30s in many soft the pots. we start to warm up a little bit today and more warming on the way. pretty nice weekend ahead.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this mornin morning". world leaders and the nation say thank you to nelson mandela. president obama called him the last great liberator from the 20th century. the second winter storm in three days forces offices in washington to shutdown. they face up to a half foot of snow. the founder of gold di- locks joins us in studio 57. first, here is a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. nelson mandela reminds us it always seems impossible until it is done. south africa show that is is true. >> the people's president.
8:01 am
the people determined to be part of the celebration. >> reconciling people in death as he did in life and bringing people together. >> president barack obama. michelle obama's face was shown on the jumbotron and the crowd went wild. a brutal rush hour. we are expecting totals that could exceed all the snow we have seen in the past two years. >> when you take two and combine it into one, some see one less competitor out there and air fare might go up. >> nothing about the merger should affect prices. >> 90,000 people not afraid of the rain, chanting, celebrating. >> when it rains, the gates of heaven are open as well.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. south africa saying a passionate farewell to nelson mandela. it's 20 years to the day of when the leader received the nobel peace price. >> dozens of world leaders attended the service in spite of the rainstorm. bill whitaker is in soreto this morning. good morning. >> reporter: morning, charlie, norah and gayle. there's been a steady rain here this morning. but not enough to stop the enthusiasm of the crowd. people started screaming five hours before the service. they might say they made a joyful noise. now the rain that we might frown upon in the u.s., here, the
8:03 am
people embrace it. they see it as a good omen for the departed. heavens opened up their gate and are welcoming the departed. meanwhile, as people were streaming in here, cars were dropping off droves of world leaders and celebrities including president barack obama who was very warmly received here. he was aco komccompanied by firy michelle obama and three former presidents, george w. bush and bill clinton accompanied by former secretary of state, hillary clinton. barack obama spoke passionately about how he was inspired by nelson mandela. >> over 30 years ago, while still a student, i learned of
8:04 am
nelson mandela and the struggled taking place in this beautiful land and it spurred something in me. it woke me up to my responsibilities to others and to myself and set me on an improbable journey that finds me here today. and while i will always fall short of madiba's example, he makes me want to be a better man. he speaks to what's best inside us. >> reporter: president obama's remarks were very warmly, i might say wildly received by the crowd here. he had a pause several times to let the applause die down. now the response of president obama was in sharp contrast to the president of south africa, jacob zuma who spoke just after
8:05 am
president obama. when jacob zuma took to the stand, the crowd responded with cheers and boos. >> happening in south africa today. thank you bill whitaker. thousands of south africans are gathered to watch the service. mark phillips is at orlando stadium. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. orlando is a different morning. a little rain or a lot of rain is not going to keep people away today. there was the official ceremony, of course, which president obama spoke and other world leaders and now the president of south africa. there were other unofficial ceremonies and the people were determined to be part of a little rain or a lot of rain. it's not going to keep it away. they formed at venues like this one. parade around the country set up as people gather. it's part of the acceptability
8:06 am
of this man and the ceremony that was put together. nelson mandela was famous for leading the liberation struggle here, but also, perhaps even more for bringing the country together after the end of the apartheid. the country was very, very determined to come together to see him off. gayle, charlie, norah. >> thank you. a major snowstorm is hitting the region this morning. up to six inches of snow could fall. winter storm warnings and advisories posted for new york, boston, philadelphia and washington. nancy cordes is in washington where the town is shutting down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are expecting snowfall totals up to six inches in the area. it may not sound like a lot, but here in d.c., the largest snowfall in three years if that happens. federal officials were worried road crews couldn't keep up with the accumulation falling
8:07 am
quickly. they decided to close the area's largest employer, the federal government to keep people off the d.c. area roads. nonemergency employees are told to stay at home. they will get excused absences while the rest, including those who telework are told to follow their agencies policies. d.c. area schools are closed and colleges are closed. take a look at the airport. there could be cancellations at the three d.c. airports and those up and down the eastern sea board. we are getting reports of power outages, too. >> thank you so much. travel is tough in philadelphia this morning. snow and rainmaking a mess of the roads. in pittsburgh, up to three inches of snow could fall by mid-morning. it's the second storm since sunday. plows are on the streets in new york city where it's been snowing for the last few hours.
8:08 am
nationwide, more than 12,000 flights were canceled or delayed due to wintry weather. this morning, 4400 flights are affected. we are tracking the storm. >> thanks. it is yet another rough commute for folks in the mid-atlantic and up into new england. what we see is heavy snow falling from tennessee up to kentucky, d.c. and into boston later on today. the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for purple shaded areas, two to four inches of snowfall there. anyone in the white color, it's four to six inches of accumulation. looking at city accumulations, two inches in washington, philadelphia and new york. outside that area, there could be some higher totals. speaking of what happens beyond that, when it accesses the colder air we have had in years settled in from minneapolis to chicago.
8:09 am
a blast from washington into new york as well. chicago, thursday morning could have windchills 20 below. charlie, gayle, norah? >> that's what you call cold. thank you. saturday marks the year of the shooting at sandy hook. this morning a white house official confirms biden will announce $100 million in funding for mental health services. in newtown, no official ceremony for the 26 students and staff killed in the attack. local officials are taking the unusual step of asking the public and the press to please stay away. elaine quijano is with us. good morning. >> good morning. the community is dealing with the aftermath of the horrific even events. they want the public to give them breathing room to mourn, reflect on the past year and remember the lives lost. one by one, victim's families
8:10 am
spoke about how they will commemorate the anniversary. >> we will light a candle on behalf of jessie. >> we will light a candle in honor of our beautiful girl grace. >> we will light a candle for anna. >> we will light a candle for my mom. >> reporter: those interested in honoring loves ones should do so with acts of kindness. >> we hope a small measure of good may be returned to the world. >> reporter: they have unveiled a new website, it's a way of sharing communication and contact with the families of those who lost their lives that day. >> the anniversary is on saturday and newtown leaders are asking outsiders to stay out. they do not want a repeat of last year when the small town was overrun. >> the tremendous presence of physical vehicles, which the
8:11 am
kids saw, families saw, it's an emotional trigger. >> we don't need to be reminded or relive it. we live it every day. we carry it with us. we are trying to say to the world, give us a chance to grow into that happy, healthy place that loves children and families. >> reporter: houses of worship in newtown will hole services to honor the sandy hook victims. in keeping with the towns and wishes, cbs news and other organizations will not broadcast from there this weekend. >> let's hope people respect that decision. >> not asking a lot. it's a tough ,,
8:12 am
debbie sterling w debby sterling wants more gi girls to engineer a different kind of career. she's in the green room to show how she's making it happen with toys of all things. that's coming up on "cbs this
8:13 am
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,,,,,,,,,,st 3 minutes. because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. ♪ ♪ and the world remembers nelson mandela as a fighter for justice and a great national leader.
8:17 am
he also understood the risk power of music. we talk to one of the first performers to bring the struggle to america. that's next on "cbs this morning." performers to bring that struggle to the u.s. that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota, let's go places. hey, jan. i love the tundra i got last year. i'm here to get the new one. the new redesign is pretty tough. tundra's the toughest truck i've ever had. my son's getting my old one. sweet. am i getting the boat, too? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] right now during toyotathon, get 0% apr financing on the new redesigned 2014 tundra. for more great deals, visit toyotathon is on! ♪ toyota. let's go places. ♪ [ female announcer ] if you love natural creamers, you'll love coffee-mate natural bliss. made with only milk... cream... sugar... and a touch of flavor.
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8:21 am
nelson mandela remembered in song at this morning's memorial outside johannesburg. music was a secret weapon in his lifelong fight for freedom. among those who called him a friend, he sat down with our cultural correspondent for 48 hours and they remember mandela and the music that propelled a people's revolution. ♪ >> the story of nelson mandela for such a long time to lead a country. what was the perception of mandela when he was in jail? were you aware of him and what he had done? >> from when we were children. when he went to jail, he made one of the greatest speeches, ever, you know? >> for which i am compelled --
8:22 am
>> freedom and i am prepared to die for it, then he disappeared for 27 years. >> mandela went to prison. musicians were forced into exile. both outside and inside the country music powered the struggle and became the sound track of a nation. >> south africa is the only country where music was a major catalyst for its freedom. in 1985, he was still incourse rated and took the time to write you a letter on your birthday. >> here is a guy who had been in jail 20 years, but is writing to me, giving me encouragement.
8:23 am
i thought wow, then i went to the piano and i started singing. ♪ bring back nelson mandela ♪ to see him walking down the street of south africa ♪ ♪ tomorrow, bring back nelson mandela ♪ ♪ bring back hope. >> by the late 1980s, the entire world tuned into south africa's struggles. >> nelson mandela. ♪ free nelson mandela >> through music, the cry for justice was heard by millions.
8:24 am
>> when we played for more than 10 million people who never heard of south africa apartheid before. it grabbed the world. ♪ bring back nelson mandela ♪ bring back hope ♪ i want to see him walking hand-in-hand with win any mandela ♪ >> the day he walked out of jail, when he came out like this, the whole world screamed. >> it shows the power of music, does it not? >> yeah. >> many people grabbed on to that song. >> writing the message to thousands of people. >> getting a letter from prison.
8:25 am
coming e bay area. good morning, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. 8:25. time for some news headlines now on this tuesday. bitter cold continues to grip the bay area. six people now have died due to the frigid temperatures this past week. a number of shelters will have extended hours for the next few days and pg&e says the demand for gas is breaking records. firefighters spent the entire night watching a fire at a recycling center warehouse. it started around 8:30 p.m. at the facility off highway 101. that's right across from candlestick park. there are no reports of any injuries. and the sheriff's deputy who fatally shot a 13-year-old boy in sonoma county back at work now. everyic gelhaus is -- erick gelhaus is on desk duty.
8:26 am
he mistook the teen's toy gun for a rival. a march is plan -- rifle. a march is planned later this afternoon to protest the return to work. traffic and your cold weather forecast coming up right after the break. the envit, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
8:27 am
good morning, getting reports of more ice on the roadways, southbound 280 from hillsborough down into san mateo county. busy putting down sand but there have been a number of spinouts in the area. also b.a.r.t. five to ten minute delays in all directions at the
8:28 am
pittsburgh bay point line. everything else on schedule and also a traffic alert was issued heading out towards marin county. westbound 580 near the 101 connector. there's an overturned accident one lane is blocked. that's your latest kcbs traffic. here's lawrence. a lot of sunshine coming our way around the bay area. freezing in fact. into san jose we've got mostly clear skies. going to stay that way all day long. beginning to squeeze the air further to the east so improving weather over the next couple of days and not as cold starting today. still very cold this morning though. 23 degrees right now in santa rosa. 29 in livermore and 31 and still freezing in san jose. by the afternoon, though, we move up into the mid 50s in the san jose and also into mountain view and oakland. about 52 degrees in san francisco. 52 in livermore. next couple of days, it looks like maybe a cold start to the morning tomorrow but not as colds. freezing temperatures in some of the valleys and warmer weather as we head into the weekend.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
♪ that is perfect music for this next story we're going to talk to you about. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, in this half hour, move over, barbie. we're going to take a look at a toy company changing the rules for girls. it's online video got a lot of attention. the founder of goldieblox, i like that name, debbie sterling is in the toyota green room. plus this morning, the world is celebrating the life of nelson mandela. you'll see segments from soweto. that's ahead. "the washington post" said the curiosity rover found evidence of an ancient lake on mars.
8:31 am
new research shows the freshwater lake was part of a longstanding wet environment. it could have promoted life forms more than 3 billion years ago. >> our los angeles station kcbs said a hollywood man is accused of pranking well-known coaches. kenneth tar called the coaches. he's charged with eavesdropping. among the big names he's charged with targeting, tony druseia, b torre. each have won 2,000 games. they'll be inducted in cooperstown, new york. and the founder of lululemon is reducing his role. dennis chip wilson is stepping down. he will remain on the board of directors. he's under fire of see-three
8:32 am
pants and suggesting that women's bodies aren't right for this clothing line. gold lieblox is building a name for itself. we'll talk to the company's ceo in a moment. first, a look at how goldieblox is trying to disrupt the pink aisle this holiday season. ♪ >> reporter: it's the girl power video that has collected more than 9 million hits on youtube. and calls on little girls to lose the dolls and start building. goldieblox is a new construction toy whose goal is to acquire a new future generation of female engineers. >> i didn't even know what engineering was until i was a senior in high school. to me, goldieblox really is the toy i wish i had growing up. ceo and founder, 30-year-old deb before he sterling a graduate engineer at stanford engineering school created the theory. and with the help of funding
8:33 am
site kick starter raise $280,000 and was able to launch goldieblox last year. >> a little girl, as much as he likes dressup and princess stuff, and don't get me wrong, i like that stuff, too, there's so much more to her than that. >> the challenge for any child is to understand what is the venture for them. exposing them to a balanced toy box. some technology, some traditional. some hands on, some group, some independent. all of that is important and as parents you follow your kids and start to see what they're most interested in. but they don't have an understanding that this product at an early age will lead them to science. goldieblox created a sensation all over the world when the company promoted a promo using the beastie boys song "girls." after a brief legal battle with the band over the song's rights, the company has changed the video. but the toy remains a hot seller
8:34 am
headed into the holidays. >> debbie sterling joins us this morning. good morning, debbie. >> good morning. >> you were one of the few women in your engineering class at stanford. you have an engineering degree from stanford. how did this help you come up with this toy? >> it's one of the fastest grows jobs in the u.s. we frankly need more girls and women. i found research that girls start interest as young as age 8. i wanted to go in there with a toy that would spark them at a young age. >> why do you think toys will have an influence? >> toys are influential in helping us to decide what we want to be when when he grgrow . when girls are inundated with toys and princesses and dolls, not that they don't have fun with that, but they'll have innovative, too. >> i was waiting for barbie
8:35 am
getting a date with ken. when you were a little girl, were you a little nerdy girl interested in engineering and science, did you like dolls or a different girl at your age? >> i was pink and dressup and princesses all the way. what's interesting a senior in high school, my math teacher told me i should try engineering. >> and you thought what? >> i didn't know what it was. i pictured a train driver. but it stuck in my head. it's not every day somebody tells you what you might be good at. i checked it out in college and followed it. i did a ton of research in what would appeal to girls and what is interesting in engineer bhiei found goldieblox, a series of books, starting goldie an engineer who is a role model and she solves problems by bidding
8:36 am
machines and girls get to build along with her. >> it's fascinating. i'm the mother of three kids, two girls, one boy early on. you see the divergence of toys that they play with. girls are very interested in creating things but there are a dearth of toys to meet that need. >> i grew up making things. i built forts and huge towers out of sugar packets. engineering can be a great route for them. >> let's bring this out and why it's important to have women as engineers. there's so few women in stem careers. >> science, technology, engineering and math. engineers build our entire world. everything is built by engineers. and these things are things that we use every day. and when half of the population
8:37 am
is female, the majority of things we used designed by men, we're simply missing the female perspective. >> i love what you're doing. i love the name of the company. i love what you're trying to do. i'm curious with the reaction you're getting, from little girls. >> from little girls, the reaction is amazing. at the end of the day this is what this is all about. they're inspired. they're doing thing. i got a handwritten letter who is 8 and what she loves about it. and she said i want to be an engineer like you. >> what happen, debbie, and how did you resolve it? >> we put out this video, gentlemen just thought we wanted to make engineering cool for kids. and the machines are the epit e epitome. we thought if we made one outside of toys everyone would want to make one in their living oom, and they did. >> what's the reaction from men? >> really wanting to appeal to
8:38 am
girls and distract that pink aisle, but boys love it, too. >> pink is still a dominant conferring, you want that, but you got a little bit of pink on your packaging? >> it's got a little bit of pink. i didn't want to get rid of pink entirely. it spans the line, you're going to see new colors, new characters. we have a boy coming out. new engineering principles. the best is yet to come. >> incredible innovation, debbie sterling, thank you. bill keller and melanie eversley will join us. he covered nelson mandela as a ,
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
i've fought against white domination and i've fought against black domination. i've cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunity. it is an ideal which i hope to live for and achieve. but if need be, it is an ideal -- >> president obama quoting nelson mandela in this morning's memorial service in south africa. the president talked about at length the example mandela set.
8:43 am
with us now, the head of the column for the paper. came of age during mandela's remarkable rise, she's covered civil rights throughout her career. we're pleased to have both of you. so today in terms of the mandela that you know, what resinated most in terms of what president obama said? >> to me, i think the strongest part of the message is that i heard today is that mandela really taught people how to have hope in the face of adversity, in the face of not really hav g having -- seeing any signals of hope around you, continuing to believe you can craft social change. >> and to figure out a way to make your enemy your friend. there's power in that. what did you think of the president's speech? >> i thought it was an excellent speech. and there were a couple of points he said have gone underemphasized this week. one was that mandela wasn't a
8:44 am
saint, he was a politician. a brilliant politician. and south africa today is built on compromises that were not all that popular at the time. the other thing was he did a kind of shout out to -- or call out to a lot of the people who are wrapping themselves in the mantle of mandela that don't subscribe to his values or practice them. >> he took them to task. >> he did. and you can't help but think that robert mugabi is in the crowd who has clung to power in zimbabwe for power for 30 years and the opposite of reconciliation. and a lot of other people in the audience could use a little of -- >> and there was booing in that stadium as the current state of south africa while much better because of mandela, there is still extreme poverty. has one of the worst income-inequality rates in the world. >> 40% of south africans live on less than $2 a day. >> is the booing because of the
8:45 am
corruption associated with him? or more because of his tenure as president? >> it's more of his tenure as president. he came to power as the candidate of the communist party, the youth league, the more populist in south africa. he hasn't given them what they want. >> he was on trial for sexual assault. i've had many people say he's the total opposite of what we wanted in a president in comparison to nelson mandela. i'm curious what the legacy means to you personally. >> well, i'll just say. i grew up in new york in the '60s and '70s. my parents kind of sheltered me from what was going on in the world. i wasn't really -- i was aware of the civil rights movement but didn't feel a part of it. when i became a young adult, when i went to college, that's when i became aware of what's going on in south africa and what was going on over there. but he always seems like this
8:46 am
mythic kind of figure, almost like a symbol, not real. and i remember the day i was a young reporter working at the journal and he was released from prison and it seemed surreal. and it struck me. this has happened during my lifetime. all of these events in south africa took place in my lifetime. and gave me a more accurate picture of the world. >> is this the best example of where sanctions worked? >> well, sanctions made a difference, and they were morally the right thing to do, i believe. but even in south africa, sanctions didn't rescue south africa. south africa rescued south africa. and, you know, the ungovernability in the townships, i think, convinced the white government that the genie was out of the bottle and, actually, the collapse of communism. gotten a lot of support including from united states
8:47 am
government because they were anticommunism, fighting a war in angola against communists. when china went capitalist, suddenly there wasn't any of that support. >> there was something interesting the president said today. it took a man to free not just the prisoner but the jailer, as well. to show you must trust others so they must trust you. the legacy of mandela negotiating while in prison five years before his release, the leader of the apartheid government. seeing his enemy as his friend in order to change that country and the world. >> yep. not sure he saw him as a friend. a necessary partner to negotiate. >> in terms of what the relationship was after. but was there some resistance to getting the nobel prize, as well? >> yeah. i think there was. a lot of black south africans in particular thought that was, you know, that he should share the limelight with mandela was overvaluing his contribution. but they, you know, eng he
8:48 am
deserves a certain amount of credit for having lost in a decent way. >> you have the last word. thank you very much, melanie, for coming today. we'll have one more look at the moments from the memorial of nelson mandela coming up next on "cbs this morning." g."
8:49 am
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♪ this morning's memorial for nelson mandela is front-page news, of course. one headline quotes president obama who told south africans that the world thanks you for sharing nelson mandela. they really do. >> yeah. i like his legacy was south africa. that does it for us, we'll leave you with the sights and sounds
8:52 am
of today's service. >> thank you for coming. in our african tradition, when it rains, it means that the gates of heaven are open, as well. outpouring of strength across the world. >> it is hard to eulogize any man. how much harder to do so for a giant of history. he was not a bust made of marble, he was a man of flesh and blood, a son and a husband, a father and a friend. may god bless the memory of
8:53 am
nelson mandela. may god bless the memory of nelson mandela. may god bless the people,,,, is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to
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get your flu shot this season.
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headlines... stponed a two- good morning, it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your kpix 5 headlines on this tuesday. ntsb has postponed a two day hearing into july's deadly plane crash at san francisco's airport. bad weather today shut down much of the federal government in washington, d.c.. ntsb is looking into whether the pilots relied too much on a computer system when the asiana airline plane approached the runway at sfo. a memorial service for nelson mandela is planned in washington, d.c.. and the oakland's pacific boys' choir academy will be part of the ceremony. the event at the national cathedral set to go for thursday. choir kids travel to nelson mandela's home in south africa back in 2009. and bitter cold continues to grip the bay area. six people have now died due to the frigid temperatures over
8:56 am
the last week. many shelters will have extended hours for the next couple of days to keep them warm. so when will the frozen temps go away? let's check in with lawrence and find out. i think the next couple of days at least it won't be quite as colds. still some freeze warnings for the valleys overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning but the cold temperatures not as widespread. mostly clear skies outside right now. high pressure beginning to sneak in overhead. that is sending that arctic air a little further to the east each day. and it looks like today we'll start to notice warmer temperatures and maybe some mid 50s in the san jose and also mountain view. also 53 degrees in san francisco and 54 and sunny skies in oakland. next couple of days, we'll see some cold temperatures tomorrow morning but not as colds. and then some warmer weather ahead and in fact maybe some mid- to upper 60s by the end of the weekend. maybe some 70s next week. we're going to check out your kcbs traffic coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, we're just getting word soft only breaking news in -- of some breaking news in oakland. an underground fire. the area right here is on the map. in fontaine streets. it's involving some kind of gas leek and flames are actually coming up from underground. up onto the roadway, this is west of 580. oakland pd is doing some traffic control if the area. we'll have more on the updates and on our noon show.
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