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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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robust evidence that having those offenders free played a significant role in the crime increase. san jose's new permanent police chief who was sworn in today at city hall takes over a department where many of those same property crimes went uninvestigated due to a lack of personnel and resources. he says they're important crimes to residents that he intents to focus on with a new program called contact to completion. >> officers at a paol level that can investigate those burglaries, those low end quality of life crimes to fruition to the very end as far as they can take them and eventually apprehend and arrest someone that is responsible. >> reporter: will there be any big policy changes? the mayor of san jose says he doesn't think so that realignment is here to stay. what they're hoping for is that since the state is saving money on realignment, they will kick some of the funds down to the counties to help with re-entry
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programs to help reduce the rate of recidivism. back to you. >> for the full report on crime head to . new video out of santa rosa, protesters stormed the council chambers carrying white crosses. they're demonstrating in support of andy lopez who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. they're upset that the deputy accused of shooting and killing the boy is returning to work. the deputy has been on paid administrative leave since the incident in october. >> i think it's going to take a good investigation to start with and we can't ever the police investigating the police and the sheriff investigating the sheriff. we need an outside professional investigation team to get to the root of the matter and see if we can resolve it properly. >> the demonstration is not over. protesters plan to rally at the
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sheriff's office in a half- hour. a sheriff's deputy opened fire on a map described as being suicidal this afternoon. it happened in saratoga. it sent the deputy and the suspect to the hospital. deputies blocked off saratoga avenue near mcfarland just afternoon today. authorities received a 911 call from nearby office building about someone who was suicidal. when the deputies got there, there was some sort of a confrontation and deputy was hit by some unknown object. >> after the deputy was struck by that object they fired at least one round striking the subject. the subject is in critical condition at a local hospital. >> two deputies were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. you can imagine the panic from people in the oakland hills when they saw these flames shooting through the pavement this morning. pg&e crews rushed to cap the underground gas leak responsible for the fire. it happened at golf links road
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and fontaine street near 580. one neighbor immediately feared the worst when he saw flames erupting from the ground. >> everyone knows about san bruno. i can't help think that. so i'm freaking out. >> he says he got a knock on on his door this morning. had his neighbors told him his front lawn was on fire. he called 911 and oakland firefighters determined the fire was from a natural gas leak. peg p peg arrived and started to dig on both sides of the flames looking for the leak. when he saw the fire he grabbed had his hose to put it out but something did not look right. >> bizarre looking fire, something you don't see every day. straight lines, kind of tick tack toe cross pattern thing, just weird looking fire. >> oakland fire said they evacuated six homes in the area and told others to shelter in place. pg&e were the leak was from a
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four-inch steel pipe 6 feet underground. firefighters say that water does not put out a natural gas fire so firefighters were here on stand by. firefighters say it was important to let the fire burn until pg&e could stop the leak so the gas wouldn't build up causing a potentially bigger fire. back to you. new details on the suspicious container that temporarily shut down an area of lafayette this morning. the contra costa county sheriff's office confirmed the container was stolen from a walnut creek business last night. based on its labels it was believed to have contained radioactive material. crews evacuated the area where the box was found. >> i could not fix about twelve cars. i have four employees standing here. we were evacuated. i have to call the wife. >> after about two hours, officials determined the container which is used to measure soil was not dangerous.
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divers and an underground robot are scouring lake sonoma for possible human remains. man said he was diving near the lake bridge friday when he spotted what he thought to be human bones almost 100 feet underwater. today's discovery comes two days after a man reported seeing a human skull and a tennis shoe at shiloh ranch regional park in windsor. bay area temperatures climbed a bit today. some areas will still be under a freeze warning tonight. in santa rosa people were in their jackets and scarves today. temperatures climbed to 57 degrees mid-day. problems with a machine used to de-ice the plans at san jose airport caused some planes to be delayed.
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. at south africa the winter storm blanketing the east coast caused flight cancellations. the cold is going to stick around. >> it depends on your definition of cold. it's at least warming up a bit. temperatures are in the upper 50s. right now we're in the upper 40s. concord 46, livermore 44. we still have these cold weather alerts and freeze warnings mixed with frost advisories around the bay area. that's a step in the right direction. freeze warnings have been lift for the higher elevations. down at the surface it will still be near freezing tonight with lows in the mid-20s and in parts of the bay area. there is air ql alerts, illegal to burn tonight because of the poor air quality in the north bay and east bay and in the santa clara valley. the forecast does involve the good news of warming temperatures and the bad news
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of no rain. . 48 hours in subzero temperatures in the nevada mountains and a family of six has survived it. it this new video of them being taken to the hospital. search crews totaled 200. it was a cell phone signal traced to the family's over turned jeep that pin pointed their location. volunteers said they first spotted children's footprints in the snow, then followed a set of jeep tracks until they found the overturned vehicle. >> it was a huge relief. i was expecting the worst. when i came around the corner and counted all six of them standing there nice and warm. >> the family had been able to build a fire and crews are saying that they stayed with the car and that problem low save their lives. the family is said to be in good condition. a snow day in washington. the storm blanketing the northeast forced the federal government, schools and
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businesses to shut down. locals and tourists visited the national mall to see the snow covered monuments. nonessential government employees were given excused absences. the storm postponed until tomorrow a federal hearing of the asiana airlines plane crash at sfo. the ntsb is looking into whether pilot or mechanical error caused the crash in july. the plane clip add seawall at the end of the runway and broke up. three people were killed in the crash. it's known as the boys club. now a woman is taking the driver's seat at gm. >> that's exciting for another woman c.e.o. to be appointed. it's progress. >> her inspiration to bay area women making their own cracks in that glass ceiling. . >> i did something wrong. . >> this 6-year-old was
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suspended for kissing his classmate's hand. the punishment his mom is calling extreme. >> a new kind of house call, the app making it easy to fit in that doctor's checkup. how much the virtual visit will cost you. ,,
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today, general motors annou its first barra. she's . big news in the auto industry today. >> today general motors announced its first female c.e.o. mary barra is a stanford m.b.a. graduate and started at gm as an intern 33 years ago. she will take over the company next month. how this historic appointment is inspiring women in the work force. >> it's a true honor for me to be a part of this team and to have the opportunity to lead it. >> at 51, mary barra will do what no other woman has done, lead a global automaker. her rise to the top impacts women far from the assembly line. >> that's exciting for a woman, another woman c.e.o. to be appointed is progress.
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>> this woman is a bay area executive coach helping senior manages lead more effectively. not many women reach the top running on the ladder. the u.s. labor force is almost 47% women. women hold 52% of the management positions. only 4% are c.e.o.'s. some argue it's not just a glass ceiling because that ignores multiple barriers women face getting into the boardroom like being undervalued and responsibilities of family life. >> i've heard it described as the concrete ceiling or concrete wall. so meaning that it is not -- you cannot even see what's available to you. >> like barra, katherine wright is an executive in a male dominated field, managing director for an i.t. consulting company. she says it's a big deal especially because it comes in an industry not considered progressive. when she travels for business more than the landscape changes. >> you might get a wink from a man that you don't ever see
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from a woman. i think in general being underestimated as a woman as far as what i'm capable of driving and the work i'm capable of doing. >> like many women, she works around it and recognizes being a woman can also be an advantage. >> you're seen as likable and easier to talk to a lot of times as a woman. >> both women credit their husbands for their commitment and flexibility at home and work allowing their we'ves to do more. >> i'm in pursuit of finding that zen for me. >> is balance an illusion? >> i ask myself that every day. >> it's a juggling act where every day women try to keep the balls in the air. back to you. . he makes me want to be a better man. >> a rain soaked celebration filled with royals, presidents and celebrities. how nelson mandela brought political rivals together. >> forget the crowded waiting room. get your checkup on an iphone.
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the pros and cons of a doctor on demand. ,,,,,, wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio!
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at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit soccer stadium to celebrate . downpours and dancing as tens of thousands of dignitaries and south africans gathered in a soccer stadium to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. president obama and the first lady are heading back to
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washington following the memorial service. mr. obama received a standing ovation for his rousing speech eulogizing nelson mandela. it brought together world leaders who normally would never be in the same room all reflecting on the life of a political icon. >> when he was passing -- a time of mourning and a time to celebrate a heroic life. >> the stadium at times looked more like a world cup soccer match. the rain could not dampen the crowd's spirits. >> when it rains, when you are buried, it means that god is welcoming you and the gates of heaven are most probably open as well. >> president obama and former presidents carter, clinton and george w. bush led the american delegation. during his eulogy president obama called nelson mandela a giant of justice. >> he was a man of flesh and blood, a son, a husband, a
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father and a friend. and that's why we learned so much from him and that's why we can learn from him still. i will always fall short of his example. he makes me want to be a better man. >> president obama shook hands with cuban leader raul castro whose nation has been a u.s. enemy for decades. charlize theron and bono were among the celebrities in the crowd. those who couldn't make it to the stadium found other ways to take part in the memorial. many watching from large tvs. >> he was a once in a lifetime kind of man. we definitely will be hitting all the spots to celebrate his life. >> his body will lie in state for three days beginning wednesday. live wires that fell on a road in san jose are back up in place. pg&e crews and officers blocked off trade zone boulevard and ringwood avenue to clear up
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that hazard. nobody was hurt. a gas line break in san jose's alum rock neighbor has been fixed. it was in the 500 block of membering avenue about 9:00. a contractor working on the sewer line hit the gas line. an initiative to legalize pot could soon be on the the ballot near you. that's because for the first time in 44 years, a clear majority of california voters support it. 55 p% according to a new field poll. of those 8% believe anyone should be allowed to buy marijuana. 47% are in favor of legalizing it with certain restrictions such as age. no more waiting for weeks for a doctor's appointment or getting stuck for hours in the waiting room. >> a new app that gets you a doctor on demand. >> continue to monitor her sleep pattern, her eating. >> this doctor is offering medical advice. this is not a typical doctor's
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visit. he is one of 1,000 doctors nationwide treating patients via app through doctor on demand. >> it's a mobile application you can use in your iphone, ipad or android device to basically click to call and inly video chat with a real u.s. licensed doctor. >> the c.e.o. adam jackson says doctor on demand uses secure hippa compliant technology to treat patients with the click of a button. the app is pay. patients pay a $40 flat fee for each virtual visit. does this replace my doctor? >> you problem let won't find your doctor. it's not a replacement. it's an augmentation for your primary care physician. . >> doctors offer an alternative to after hour clinics and long waits to get in to see your own doctor. how do you treat patients without physically seeing them? >> the ability to see a patient using technology means i don't have to be in the exact same room as the patient. i can still do my clinical
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reasoning. i can listen to the patient's story. we have a photo manager built into our application. >> useful for diagnosing things like a rash and doctors treat everything from upset stomachs to eye problems. keep in mind while the technology is good, it can only go so far for now. >> your iphone cannot reseat broken bone unfortunately. >> obviously the app is intended for nonemergency issues that don't ire immediate lab work or x-rays. you can pay via credit card, flex spending account for health care spending account. . it's taking the urgent care, doc in the box, to the next level. you could not see the doctor and have him fix your arm or sew you up if you the need stitches. >> think about parents who can't get their kids to see the doctor for a sore throat or allergies during the day because they have to work. it's perfect for stay at home
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folks. >> thank you. we're pretty spoiled here in the bay area because we get pretty pleasant conditions. everywhere else it's cold. we're crying about 40 degrees. >> we do whine. it's december, though. we're going to dig out this terrible mess with temperatures right now only in the upper 30s and mid-40s. clear skies around much of the bay area. people are bundled up as they head to golden gate park. we had sunny and clear conditions. it was cold. nice day for a stroll. it would certainly take some of the pleasure out of this winter-like weather if it were overcast, no rain and cold. at least we have sunshine.
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right now we have numbers in the 40s in the bay area. 46 degrees at concord, livermore 44, san jose 49, santa rosa 47. for tomorrow the numbers will recover to the upper 50s. sunshine and chilly, though. we'll be back to 60 degrees. went went are out of the -- winds are out of the northeast. it's dry conditions for were of the bay area. chapped hands kind of weather. the winds are light at the surface. up top it's a little gustier. the computer shows high pressure will be in full command of the eastern pacific and the result is we get a little warming trend. we'll be back to the low 60-degree range within 48
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hours. not as cold tonight, a warming trend will continue. there is just no rain in sight for the bay area. that's bad news. in miami they're sweltering, 82 degrees. 26 degrees down to st. louis, dallas at 44 degrees. overnight lows tonight not as cold as last night, 29 santa rosa and napa, 32 vallejo. highs tomorrow about where we should be almost, 59 in 59 degrees, milpitas 59. liver more 57, san francisco tomorrow 57 degrees. the look ahead shows sunshine and it temperatures warming to the mid-60s boy the weekend. by monday and tuesday we'll be looking at a few clouds tuesday. no rain. >> thank you. . some might call it adorable. the school says it's sexual harassment. the kiss that put a 6-year-old in serious trouble. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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00-11 "it was during . what some are caughting a harmless kiss got a 6-year-old colorado boy suspended for sexual harassment. . >> i kissed her on the hand of the that's what happened. >> 6-year-old hunter was sent to the office suspended for two days for kissing her on the hand. now boy's mom is fighting the school to have incident removed are from his record. >> how can you do this? how can you say this about my child? remove sexual harassment, remove it from his record. i need to stand up and fight for him. >> both hunter and his mom admit the boy has been in trouble before for kissing the same little girl. the school district says were his actions fit the policy description of sexual harassment. body slams and smackdowns
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could bring millions to santa clara in a couple of years. the 49ers new stadium has been selected to host wrestle mania in 2015. there's big money in the spectacle. the most recent one drew 80,000 fans. . now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> hi. great to be with you in the bay area. we'll take you to south africa today where more than 90 world leaders and an audience of millions paid tribute to nelson mandela. a corporate giant today promoted a new c.e.o. to the highest ranking job ever held by an american woman. those stories tonight on the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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soaring rents.. reaching cr levels. the number of californians being stretche the limit to cover . at 6:00, soaring rents reaching crisis levels. the number of californians being stretched to the limit just to cover their living expenses. how ten bay area techies created what's being called the hottest new social media site. that's coming up at 6:00. see you then. thanks. >> thank you for watching. the cbs evening news is next.
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renters? new numbers show me of us are signing a lease. d >> pelley: tonight, in a downpour, hearts soar. more than 90 world leaders and an audience of millions pay tribute to mandela. >> it took a man like madiba to free not just the prisoner but the jailer as well. >> pelley: from the presidents to the people. bill whitaker and mark phillips on a day of history. she started at general motors at the age of 18. today, mary barra was promoted to c.e.o. anthony mason reports. police make big gains in a city plagued by murder. dean reynolds on how they did it. and a family of six has been rescued after being stranded two days in subzero weather. john blackstone has the breaking news.


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