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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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are relying too much on technology. >> this is ridiculous! listen, if you are for more deficit reduction, you are for this agreement. >> the house plans to vote on a bipartisan budget deal today. conservative groups are against it. but despite the opposition, the budget is expected to pass. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. thursday december 12, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. some developing news out of virginia. police say an amtrak train has collided with a vehicle and there are some injuries. the train was traveling from virginia to boston with 46 people on board. a medflight is headed to the scene. and right now it appears none of the passengers on the train
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were hurt. i'm anne makovec live at san francisco international airport where officials are going over some of the many pieces of information that came out of a marathon congressional hearing yesterday. things that went wrong before and after the crash of asiana flight 214. >> i'm cate caugiran live at walnut creek. bart and its two evens will be back at the -- two unions will be back at the bargaining table today facing off over a contract provision that allows employees six weeks paid family leave. the union says both sides signed on it in july and management says it was a mistake. 6:01. let's check your morning commute with liz. >> mobile 2 just drove down the eastshore freeway westbound 80 and they saw the scene of that earlier accident approaching gilman. still some activity there on the right-hand shoulder. they say it's getting crowded but traffic still moving at the speed limit. drive time is still only about 20 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. unfortunately, we are seeing big backups now. this is probably the worst travel time.
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24 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. and you can see from the red sensors where the real bottleneck is. coming off the 205 out of tracy and continuing all the way past north flynn. and here's a live look at the bay bridge. hey, it looks like they just turned on the metering lights. they must have just a couple of minutes ago. last time i checked they were still off. now we are starting to see the delays in the cash and the fastrak lanes. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way today. it will be hazy though. a lot of pollutants building up in the atmosphere. today is a "spare the air" day. still, out the door it is cold in spots but not as cold as it's been. so 26 degrees, that's chilly enough into fairfield, 27 in santa rosa and 33 degrees in the napa valley. freeze warnings in the north bay valleys probably the last day of freeze warnings. milder weather working onshore. in fact, a cold front headed toward the bay area later on tonight likely to see a few clouds. but today mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the 50s. a couple of low 60s. much warmer weather expected for the weekend.
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we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. bart workers have filed an official complaint against a board member now. they claim robert raburn misused public funds for his re- election campaign. the workers say raburn used bart police as a private security in a recent event. some workers picketed at the event. negotiations resume in a couple of hours. cate caugiran is at the walnut creek bart station. two sides still fighting over paid family leave for bart workers. >> reporter: just when bart riders thought they had reached their limit, this happens. there will be a federal mediator overseeing the negotiations over the next couple of days. the hot topic this provision that allows employees to take up to six weeks of paid family leave. bart claims that should not have been in the tentative agreement. union workers say it was no mistake and the two sides actually signed on it back in july.
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last month bart directors approved the tentative agreement but without the provision and they are now asking union leaders to do the same. now, a lot of questions --the >> they should be thankful they have a job and don't go on strike. ever. hopefully they resolve this issue that we have. >> reporter: was month, bart directors voted on the agreement but without the paid family leave provision. management claims this will cost bart tens of millions of dollars. as for a potential strike the unions say they are not planning on it at this point. but they have not ruled out that option. reporting live at walnut creek, bart, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> so no matter how negotiations turn out, bart riders will be paying more to ride the trains starting new
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year's day. fares will go up an average of 19 cents. the money will be used to buy new train cars and other improvements. new this morning a south african official admits he made a mistake when he hired the man accused of faking sign interpretation at nelson mandela's memorial. deaf organizations say the man was signing gibberish during the event. he told a local paper once he got on stage he lost his concentration, started hearing voices and seeing angels. he says he was signing correctly. >> i have interpreted in many conferences including the presidential conference and then there was no one at all that said i interpreted wrong. >> he claims he suffers from schizophrenia. he was paid $85 for the event. meanwhile thousands are lining up to see mr. mandela one last time. live pictures from pretoria, south africa where nelson mandela's body continues to lie
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in state. tomorrow will be the final viewing day. he will be buried sunday. happening today, authorities expect to confirm whether they have caught the cotton ball bandit. marin county deputies shot and wounded a suspected bank robber after a bank of the west was hit in novato yesterday. they say he may be the cotton ball bandit who has been tied to at least 9 robberies in the past year. a funeral is set for this morning for a san jose teenager killed while riding his bike. last night, family and friends gathered to remember anthony garcia. the 17-year-old bicyclist was struck by a car and killed last week on the city's south side. the funeral will take place in sunnyvale. right now, house republicans appear to be rallying behind a new budget deal to dodge another goverment shutdown. lawmakers are expected to vote on the deal today to increase the deficit $41 billion over the next two years and stop repeated goverment shutdowns. despite that, house speaker
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john boehner is urging republicans to vote no. >> they are using our members and they are using the american people for their own goals. >> house officials say if the budget passes both houses the president will sign it. ntsb has wrapped up its first hearing on july's deadly plane crash at sfo. yesterday's hearing unveiled new details about the crash. the asiana airlines pilot said he was concerned about landing at san francisco. that's because the airport's glide slope which helps planes land was temporarily out of service. also, investigators say a teenaged girl who initially survived the crash was run over twice by san francisco fire trucks on the foam-covered runway. and the ntsb also focused on the pilots' dependence on automation. hearing revealed a lot of confusion in the cockpit during the seconds leading up to the crash. anne makovec is at sfo where the deadly crash happened. it sounds like the decision to
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abort came a few seconds too late. >> reporter: there was a trainer and tray ee at the controlled each waiting for the other to make the final call about aborting the landing. it was too late when they made the call. in addition to that, as you mentioned, the emergency guidance landing system here at sfo was out because of construction. some of the many factors that led up to the asiana crash. >> all three of them let this airplane basically fall out of the sky. >> reporter: the capitol hill hearing covered what happened before and after the boeing 777 landed too low and too slowly at sfo in july hitting a seawall, slipping down the runway and bursting into flames. it appeared to be a combination of automation dependence and pilot inexperience and once emergency responders arrived on scene, they mistook one survivor as deceased. a 16-year-old girl was run over twice by san francisco fire rigs. >> one of the personnel that recognized the deceased then immediately based on their training and our protocols
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defaulted to the higher priority of effecting rescue of trapped victims in a burning aircraft. >> reporter: and the san francisco fire department revealed that there are no state or federal guidelines right now to avoid secondary strike accidents on the tarmac like we saw here at sfo, one of many things that might change as a result of this investigation. these things don't happen that often. but they might be changed after yesterday's hearing. live at sfo, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> this was the first fatal accident of a commercial airliner since a crash near buffalo, new york that killed 50 people back in 2009. it makes me really sad that there are kids who can't experience christmas like we do. >> kids at a pleasant hill school are helping others one gift at a time. where this big christmas donation is headed coming up. >> plus, hashtag multitasking. this picture of supermodel
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giselle has put breast-feeding back in the spotlight. >> cold snap quickly coming to an end. we have some much warmer weather on the way. just how warm? we'll tell you coming up. >> and we are watching a crash right now in the sunol grade southbound 680 approaching andrade. it blocking the middle lane and unfortunately we are starting to see delays. and we still want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. we know there is a lot of stuff out there. you can ask a question or just share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix. and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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million dollars. also trending.. spotify.. the music streami company announced this weekt 's expanded i trending now mega millions. the next drawing tomorrow with
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an estimated jackpot worth 4$00 million. we need to get in on that. also trending, spotify. the music streaming company announced this week that it's expanded its free streaming option to mobile devices. steph curry with a last-minute basket. giselle shared a photo of herself nursing her 1-year-old daughter while simultaneously getting her hairstyled, nails manicured and face made up. the snapshot once again put breast-feeding in the spotlight. >> "typical" mo. >> golden globe nominees announced this morning. remember you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> liz says she has seen every movie this year. >> i have seen nothing! isn't that awful? i know. i need to get to work this weekend. all right. let's go out live towards the sunol grade. this accident is still there. we can take a live look at our sensors coming through southbound six six. the backups are really beginning to build.
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it looks like it's jammed solid from the 84 merge. again, the accident is blocking a middle lane approaching andrade. so that's one of the our slow spots out there. obviously the bay bridge is another. the metering lights are turned on around 6:01 this morning. usual delays backing up towards the overcrossings but at least the eastshore freeway is improving. westbound 80 looks better from berkeley towards emeryville but once you get on the span things look better coming towards san francisco. problem-free out of hayward. similar story for the silicon valley commute. westbound 237 right now we are not seeing any big delays heading towards zanker road and westbound 580 through the altamont pass and the livermore valley we are seeing bigger- than-usual bums. there was one earlier stalled big rig approaching north flynn and traffic never fully recovered. so let's see, the drive time up to 26 minutes right now. once he get past vasco better
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toward the dublin interchange. remember kcbs when you hit the road, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's a check of traffic. lawrence, it's still cold outside. >> no getting around that. still some very cold temperatures especially in some of the valleys. things beginning to change and you see a lot of clouds off the coastline helping with our air quality in the next couple of days. cold front slowly working its way toward the bay area but not before we squeeze in plenty of sunshine. but it's going to be hazy a lot of the pollutants starting to build up in the atmosphere. temperature-wise, liz mentioned, still cold outside. 24 degrees in santa rosa. freeze warnings up in the north bay valleys. 29 in concord. 45 in san francisco. this afternoon, hazy sunshine, it is a "spare the air" day. and then much warmer weather for the weekend. the air quality going to really improve as that cold front looks like it's going to be moving into town by tomorrow. most of the energy from this system staying to the north so we are going to keep things dry just passing clouds later on tonight. and it looks like into tomorrow. traveling out of sfo or coming in, no delays expected there. nice and sunny and bright.
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57 degrees. headed around the country, a bit cold to the eastern seaboard about 27 degrees in new york with mostly sunny skies. 22 in chicago. 50 in denver. 58 degrees partly cloudy into houston. nice sunny day today but then here comes that cold front diving into the bay area some clouds moving in late tonight and then a few more clouds overnight tonight into tomorrow. but most of that rain is going to stay to the north. so we keep things dry here. the air quality should improve after today. temperatures for today with the hazy sunshine in the 50s and the low 60s. you will see numbers in the 50s in the east bay. almost 60 degrees into livermore. and then as we head inside the bay you will find sunshine and some fairly mild temperatures as we get closer to normal. next couple of days looks like we'll heat up a little bit. as a matter of fact, over the weekend, above-normal temperatures. some of those numbers near 70 degrees as we head in toward monday and by the way, your sunrise time, 7:16 this morning. >> all right, lawrence. thank you. >> you're welcome. a group of bay area students is learning a lesson in giving. >> and giving has become a big
6:18 am
tradition at this pleasant hill school. would you believe more than 1,000 gifts and all that goodness will end up in the arms of some very needy kids. it's christ the king, this week's "cool school." reporter: at pleasant hill 's christ the king it's the one year where the kids leave the backpacks at home and instead they carry something a lot more special to school. >> i feel really good when i give the gifts because i know it's going to be helping a child in need. >> reporter: gifts and a lot of them. each of their 322 students bring in 2 to 3 presents on st. boniface day. over 1,000 gifts will end up in st. boniface church in the tenderloin and will go to needy children in san francisco. it's a holiday tradition in its 26th year bringing smiles on both sides of the bay. >> every year, it's magic. i always worry a little bit whether is everybody going to bring a present? and every year it's just overwhelming. it brings tears to your eyes to see kids --some of them need help to carry everything. >> reporter: it's a lesson you don't learn from a book. and the christ the king kids have embraced the day delivering dolls, board games
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and clothes to youngsters that could have very well gone giftless over the holidays. >> it makes me really sad that there are kids who can't experience christmas like we do. and it's like giving them gifts makes --it's just really --it makes me feel good inside and stuff. >> it's exciting because we can get, you know, these big presents like ipads or stuff like that and we can just give something so simple, you know, like sports equipment or an action figure. it really brightens up their day. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is in charge of pickup and they come in sirens ablazing. >> if you lived in pleasant hill and you didn't know this was happening and we have been doing it for many years now, you would be shocked. what's going on at christ the king school? >> merry christmas, everybody! >> there you go. all the kids get into it. it happens on tuesday. all the kids bring the gifts out and the san francisco comes in and they fill up the paddy wagon to the bridge and bring it to the parish here in the
6:20 am
city. >> and they are giving so early. so it's really super nice. >> in addition, they collect food for the homeless and for needy families. >> they are doing good things going on at christ the king. what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to we would love to hear from you. we may come out and feature your school on the show. last weekend, seattle seahawks fans flew a go hawks banner over candlestick before the game. coming up, the stunt 49ers fans are planning to pay them back with. hey, ahead, man, the warriors, last night , whoo! what they did with the dallas mavericks you will not believe this finish. trust me. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hey, good morning, everybody. what is with the warriors and these comebacks? they are losing a game by 27. they come back and win. last night, they are trailing by 18, come back and beat the mavericks with ellis coming back, he was unbeaten since he was traded, 4-0 going into the game and had his teammate throwing daggers. dirk nowitski. time running down, gray for the lead. and in seconds left, tied at 93, steph curry, open look, winner! warriors beat the mavericks 95- 93 in a thriller. another day another move for the a's yesterday. they traded jerry blevins. the reliever made a career 67 appearances last season. 7 years in oakland, traded him to the nationals for speedy outfielder billy burns. and next time you see
6:25 am
bartolo colon in the bay area it will be pitching for the new york mets at at&t park when they visit. the 40-year-old signed a 2- year, $20 million deal with the metropolitans. last season for the a's he went 18-6 with a 2.65 earned run average. good luck. we'll miss you. it was fun while you were here. that will do it. everyone have a great day. see you later. >> thank you. play of the day now, we have some college hoops to show you and it's quick. arizona's hollis jefferson an impressive slam on new mexico's dixon, get out of there. wildcats beat the aggies 74-48, your play of the day. payback after a recent seate seahawks prank. they hope some 49ers fans are planning a pay back after a 's championship recent seattle seahawks prank. they hope to put up a billboard showcasing the 9ers championship legacy outside the seahawks stadium in seattle. the seahawks have never won a super bowl. so that's rubbing it in. money for the idea was raised
6:26 am
through the website go fund me in response to the go hawks banner that flew over candlestick on sunday before the game. the 9ers won that game 19-17. way to rub it in, though, huh? >> absolutely! payback. >> take it to 'em. 6:26. homes in the bay area are in high demand but even this one? why a burnt-out house is attracting so much attention. >> reporter: and san jose is set to crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries. but they are vowing to fight back. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,
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next to world leaders.. all while san jose is cracking down on pot clubs once again. i'm kiet do with a live report on why this feels like the movie "groundhog day" > he went through the motions even stood next to world leaders all while apparently using fake sign language. how this interpreter is defending himself this morning. >> some temperatures back into the 20s this morning but much warmer weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the backups are getting worse now through the sunol grade. we have an accident we're closing watching near andrade. we'll have the latest travel times coming up. >> good morning. thursday is here! it's december 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. the city of san jose is not waiting until the new year to crackdown on medical marijuana shops in neighborhoods. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from city hall. the city plans to shut down many dispensaries in a month or two, kiet. >> reporter: yeah, michelle.
6:31 am
if it seems like we've all been here before, it's because we have. we're talking about how city hall is passing tough new laws to restrict these dispensaries and then of course these dispensaries fight back. this is the latest drama. earlier this week city hall passed a measure to severely limit and shut down most of the city's 82 pot clubs only allowing them to open up shop in the northern tip of san jose. it's meant to keep them away from homes and schools and drug rehab centers. the city has been getting numerous complaints about kids easily getting their hands on marijuana from these pot clubs that are sprinkled throughout the city. warning letters are set to go out and the city expects that many of these dispensaries to be shut down in a month or two. but not so fast! if you recall, two years ago, back in october 2011, the council voted to shut down nearly all the dispensaries and allow only 10 to stay open. the medical marijuana community responded big time by turning in nearly 50,000 signatures that would have forced an expensive ballot measure to keep the dispensaries open and
6:32 am
guess what, it worked. with that many signatures gathered in a short amount of time, the city council got the message loud and clear. and get this. they repealed their own law. so this time around, medical marijuana activists are vowing to fight once again. it has been two years. they are just as savvy and experienced and well organized as they ever have been. and we should have really no doubt as to whether or not they can pull this off again. michelle? >> clearly the main reason for this is to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors. how common is pot use among teenagers in santa clara county? >> reporter: yeah. so one of the strongest bits of evidence and testimony they got here at city hall was during that meeting, the santa clara county public defender's office said that the number of drug suspensions went up by 243%. that got the attention of these elected officials. they really had no choice but to do something about that. >> all right. kiet do live in san jose, thank you. it is 6:32. now joining us mr. lawrence karnow, the weekend is approaching. hopefully some good news, huh? >> yes. got some great news, guys!
6:33 am
got a lot of sunshine coming our way. >> nice of you to join us, by the way. >> glad to be here with you guys today. the sun is going to be shining brightly toward the afternoon but it's going to be hazy in spots out there and that's all the pollutants developing in the atmosphere. still, we are going to see some great weather ahead as high pressure continues to build overhead. cold start to the day, 26 degrees and patchy fog into santa rosa. 29 concord and 31 in livermore. looks like the freeze warnings are up until 9:00 this morning in the north bay valleys. s ? probability the last day of the freeze warnings and cold.5 after this things will be mild. this afternoon mild temperatures in many areas 59 mountain view and snow and some low 60s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. it's not good through the sunol grade. this accident continues to block a lane involving a couple
6:34 am
of cars approaching andrade road but the backups begin near bernal. it's sluggish past the accident scene. on the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights have been on for about a half hour so it looks okay in the far left lanes. that's probably your best approach. but obviously the fastrak lanes are stacking up now and the cash lanes once they turn the metering lights on, it usually happens. so here's a live look at the san mateo bridge right side of your screen is the commute direction out of hayward. no issue. and right around now this is when we start to see the delays for silicon valley commuters westbound 237, a little sluggish leaving milpitas heading towards zanker road. and this has been a really rough ride. even bigger delays than we usually see coming through the altamont pass and the livermore valley, slowdowns until you get to vasco road. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, firefighters doused a big rig in pinole after a fiery chain reaction crash on eastbound i80. it happened overnight when two
6:35 am
cars crashed then collided with the semi truck. one of the cars flipped on its top. when firefighters arrived the truck was engulfed in lanes. several lanes were closed for an hour. a chp officer says no one was hurt. california has until april of next year to reduce its prison population. the final extension order came down from a panel of federal judges yesterday. the state must reduce inmate population to 110000. state leaders want a three-year delay to give rehab programs time to work or they will have to go to state or county jails. the "covered california" will unveil enrollment numbers for november. new federal figures show more people are now getting health insurance coverage in states that expanded medicaid eligibility and are running their own health insurance exchanges. about 50% of the people who applied for coverage have either picked an insurance plan or now are being routed to medicaid. a repair bill to fix the
6:36 am website keeps going higher. it's up $47 million in addition to the $319 million that was already spent. the projected total cost now at $677 million for cal/osha has fined a new jersey elevator company $54,000 for the death of a worker at the new 49ers stadium. 63-year-old donald white was on a ladder at the bottom of an elevator shaft when he was struck and killed by a counterweight in june. schindler elevator was issued three citations. the company has the option to appeal. this burned and boarded up home in san jose is on the market for $400,000 and there can be a bidding war for it. it the house sat on south 7th street since the fire a few years ago. some say it can n renovated to house students other buyers with different plans.
6:37 am
>> make it a beautiful stunning period-specific renovation into a single family residence. >> the home was built in 1895 and has more than,000 square -- more than 2,000 square feet. you have until 6:00 tonight to bid. mourning in south africa today. thousands in strong lines with security checks to pay respects to former president nelson mandela. these are live pictures out of the pretoria where he has been lying in state for a few days. the man accused of faking sign interpretations at nelson mandela's ceremony. the interpreter says he was hearing voices and saw angels. he claims he was signing correctly and says he has done this job for a long time. he claims to be schizophrenic. >> i have interpreted in many conferences including the presidential conference. and then there's -- there was no one at all that said that i
6:38 am
interpreted wrong. >> he claims he suffers from schizophrenia and was paid $85 to be there. a government official says he made a mistake when he hired that interpreter. a 16-year-old drunk driver who killed four people won't serve a day behind bars. instead, a texas judge agreed that the teen is a victim of after "affluenza." todd unger reports. reporter: if you can take anything away from what happened on that june evening, it is that life bottoms down to decisions, choices that can devastate. >> he will be feeling the hand of god, definitely. he may think he's gotten away with something, but he hasn't gotten away with anything. >> reporter: 16-year-old ethan couch who was driving three times the legal limit for an adult when he killed four strangers found out that he will likely receive treatment at a high-end rehab facility in california instead of punishment behind bars here in texas. >> to me, it's not right.
6:39 am
>> reporter: alexander has a brother that was paralyzed in the same accident. >> all the people go out and drink and drive and kill some more people, okay, now we're going to put new prison. >> reporter: he questions how the teen only received 10 years of probation for an act so reckless. we spoke with a couple of local attorneys who have handled these types of cases in the past. they all say that if couch was just one year older this would have no doubt played out far differently in adult court. still, given the severity of this crime, they are surprised there is no jail time. couch's attorney says it makes the most sense. >> taking him away from his family and teaching him to be a responsible citizen, that's a consequence. >> reporter: if the teen has even one mishap, he will likely be carted off to prison. but all of it has left some of those still looking for justice. >> i can't change anything in this. only god can do that. >> reporter: somewhere far, far from here.
6:40 am
prosecutors are asked for 20 years behind wars. holidays are time for giving and taking. how one police department is keeping shoppers and their stuff safe. >> and hot sauce shipments halted. you may want to stock up on sriracha now. >> and how about the market? opened up about 10 minutes ago. take a look at the early numbers on this thursday. the dow is down, the nasdaq is up. s&p 500 down. we'll crunch the numbers much more with jason brooks after the break.
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. but there is one thing signg growing confidence in the economy. eak it down for us more people are applying for jobless benefits but there's one thing signalling growing confidence in the economy. >> let's chat. here to break it all down, kcbs
6:44 am
radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. we'll get the bad news out of the way first. the labor department reported that first time weekly unemployment claims rose by 68,000 to 368,000. that's the largest one-week gain in over a year. it puts unemployment claims at a two-month high now big factor behind that, that a lot of claims are probably delayed because of the thanksgiving holiday. there is better news for retailers as the commerce department reports that retail sales rose .7% in november. that was the strongest gain in five months. auto dealers once again doing well sales up 1.8%. furniture sales rising by more than 1%. stock market has been selling off the past couple of days. a bit of profit-taking after all-time highs have been reached by the dow and s&p and you have the fed meeting next week. the dow down 22. nasdaq up 8. s&p moving higher by a fraction. michelle and frank, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from
6:45 am
kcbs news, thank you. happening today, the federal communications commission will consider lifting a decades old ban on cell phone calls while you're on airplanes. but a new "associated press" poll finds most travelers just want quiet in the skies. the poll finds that 48% of americans oppose cell phone use in flight and one flight attendant's union believes allowing the use of cell phones could lead to fights between the passengers. police in several bay area cities are spending more time in shopping center parking lots. as christin ayers reports, police are not just targeting the thieves but potential victims, as well. >> reporter: cell phones left on dashboards, purses and shopping bags in plain view, san leandro police saying shopping centers like this one are a thief's paradise during the holidays. >> i have seriously seen about five or six break-ins, no exaggeration. >> reporter: last week a couple of teenagers snatched an older woman's purse from a nearby parking lot kicked her in the head and took off with her car. now san leandro police have launched one of their most
6:46 am
intense holiday crime campaigns yet. >> there's been a lot of burglaries in this area. >> reporter: so many that police here have started doing what the criminals do, casing cars for valuables that shoppers leave behind. and leaving would-be victims these notes. >> reminding people not to leave things out in the open. >> first i thought i got a ticket. >> reporter: it was just a warning. >> my bag is on the seat and my phone the charger cord is hanging out. i just need to be more aware. >> reporter: we also found distracted shoppers talking on cell phones while walking to their cars. >> bay area wide, cell phone robberies are up. >> reporter: others left shopping bags in their cars and went right back to shopping. >> there's a good chance they are going to target you when you go back in the store. >> reporter: just to make certain they don't, there are extra patrols out here through the holidays and undercover officers are also perusing these parks lots. >> i'm a big fan of an ounce of prevention. >> reporter: in san leandro, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> san leandro police are bracing for the biggest spike in crime over the next couple
6:47 am
of weeks as that christmas shopping deadline approaches. our neighbors to the north are getting rid of door-to-door mail delivery. canada's postal service has announced it's phasing out home delivery in cities over the next five years. the plan to eliminate door-to- door delivery and install community mailboxes is expected to save millions of dollars. stricter guidelines on the maker of sriracha could cause a shortage of the popular hot sauce. state health officials told a southern california-based producer it can't ship any more product until next month. that's because the health department is enforcing stricter guidelines that require a 30-day hold on every bottle. >> we already have [ indiscernible ] customer say we are their only supplier for this. how they going to survive? >> last month production was
6:48 am
ordered halted after neighbors complained about health problems. some other bay area news san jose-based ebay is trying out a shopping concept at a mall. the giant has partnered with three traditional retailers to set up digital storefronts at the westfield san francisco center. shoppers can browse through hundreds of items order them. links are sent to customer mobile phones to pay. amazon is now bringing grocery delivery business to the bay area. amazon fresh launched in san francisco yesterday. shoppers can choose more than 500,000 items including fresh groceries and local products and get them all delivered at the same day. same time, same day. >> i like the hybrid shopping concept although i like to try things on. i like to see it. >> i can see having groceries delivered. but you have to be there to buy gifts. >> hybrid shopping concept? i missed that >> thank you. screen. >> that was the story before. >> i'm way behind, yeah. let's go out. we are talking traffic. we have been focused on this accident here a new one coming
6:49 am
in, this time in san jose. northbound 87 approaching 101. so this is by the airport. expect some delight delays. it is blocking the -- expect some slight delays. it's blocking the middle lane. past andrade we are starting to see slowdowns, as well. here's some drive times for you. westbound 580 between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. it still holds the title for worst drive time in the heavy category and we are starting to see the usual delays coming out of richmond through berkeley. that's why your eastshore freeway commute is beginning to back up. over at the bay bridge, metering lights have been on now for about 45 minutes. and we are seeing the delays stacking up towards the 880 overcrossing. 15 minutes right now to get you on to the bay bridge. but obviously those left lanes are your best choice right now as you head towards the pay gates. once you get on the bridge, things look good. westbound 237 this is the silicon valley commute leaving milpitas. you can see all those brake lights there and looks like that to zanker road and that's
6:50 am
why the drive time is slow. mass transit we have had no mass transit issues all morning. knock on wood. so everything so far looks good for bart, ferry, caltrain and ace. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." over to lawrence now to check the forecast. >> yes. and we have some changes coming up in the weather. your seeing the cold snap winding down chilly temperatures out the door but notice those clouds off the coastline. those are going to factor into the weather over the next 24 hours. so yeah, with that in mind, outside right now you have mostly clear skies. are those geese flying up above? look closely moving through, and looking at a nice start to the day. the temperatures cold though in spots, 29 degrees in concord. 26 in santa rosa. and 32 degrees now freezing in san jose. as we head through the day we'll see those cold temperatures really start to moderate. hazy sunshine this afternoon. and it is a "spare the air." much warmer weather expected especially the latter part of the weekend and into the beginning of the next week. hazy sunshine for today, here comes the cold front though. that ushers in clouds and more
6:51 am
of a sea breeze kicking in tonight and tomorrow to help clear out your skies from the pollution. sfo sunny skies no delays expected, 57 degrees. if you are headed around the country:the eastern half of the united states, expect cold weather, 27 degrees and mostly sunny in new york. 22 partly cloudy in chicago. 50 in denver and sunny and 50 degrees in houston. computer models picking up on the cold front. you will watch those kind of just falls apart as it approaches the bay area. no rain expected to come in our direction. just some leftover clouds rolling on through. it looks like tonight and into tomorrow. temperatures around the bay area today should be in the 50s maybe even a couple of low 60s so fairly mild toward the afternoon. and looks like tomorrow a passing clouds, otherwise lots of sunshine and saturday and sunday we are going to crank up the temperatures with an offshore wind getting near 70 degrees as we head in toward monday. all right. let's check your schoolcast for today. this for calistoga elementary school in calistoga. well, for your morning bell, freezing temperatures, grab a jacket out the door. about 48 degrees and sunny by
6:52 am
lunch and 50s as you head on home. if you would like to nominate your school go to guys, the big story really that cold snap finally ending after over a week of freezing temperatures. >> about time. >> so excited! >> no more goosebumps. thanks. coming up, now at 6572 a vote is expected today on -- at 6:52, a vote is expected today on capitol hill on a bipartisan budget bill. it has two top republicans speaking out against conservative groups. >> reporter: bart and unions will battle it out over a contract provision the unions say both sides agreed on. we'll tell you why management says nope. it was a mistake. ,, [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate...
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just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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6:55 am
deal today. the agreement would raise the deficit 41 billion over the f
6:56 am
five things to to at the :55 now. the house plans to vote on a bipartisan budgeted deal today. it would raise the deficit $41 billion over the first two years and cut it in the long run saving americans $23 billion over 10 years. two conservative groups are against the deal but house speaker john boehner denounced them saying anybody who believes in deficit reduction should support it. the ntsb is looking into whether pilots are relying too much on technology to fly their planes. the ntsb held a hearing yesterday into the crash of asiana airlines flight 214. three young passengers died in july when that plane crashed at sfo. the pilot who was in training on the boeing 777 told investigators he was very concerned about landing the plane because the runway's straw landing system was not operating. and nasa is looking into a problem on board the international space station. part of the cooling system shut down after sensors detected that the temperature had dropped below normal.
6:57 am
nasa says there is no danger to the six crewmembers including two americans on board. flight controllers are trying to come up with a solution. the golden globe nominees were announced this morning. 12 years a slave and american hustle led the pack with 7 nominations each. on the tv side, the "big bang theory" is up for best tv comedy. and jim parsons was nominated for best actor in a comedy. >> and happening. happening today bart managements and unions back at the bargaining table again. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran live at the walnut creek bart station with more. >> reporter: frank, these talks will be the first negotiations since october when the two sides reached that tentative agreement ending a four-day strike. we know the dispute is over a contract provision that allows employees to take up to 6 weeks of paid family leave. the bart claims that should have not been in the tentative agreement and union workers say it was no mistake. and the two sides actually signed on it back in july.
6:58 am
last month, bart directors approved the tentative agreement but without the provision that allows for that six-week paid family leave. and now they are asking union leaders to do the same and riders are asking for this just to be over. they should be thankful that they have a job. they shouldn't be going on strike ever. hopefully they resolve this issue that we have. could this mean another strike is on the. >> reporter: the unions say they don't plan on it. but they haven't ruled that out if this issue isn't resolved. bart says these talks are scheduled to go on over the next couple of days with a federal mediator overseeing the negotiations. reporting live at walnut creek bart, cate caugiran, kpix 5. it's still a slow ride on southbound 680 through the sunol grade. that earlier accident
6:59 am
approaching andrade. a new accident with delays to pleasanton. westbound 92 slowing towards the san mateo bridge toll plaza. once you get past there, though, everything looks good. and a beautiful look at the bay bridge. i guess not so beautiful. [ laughter ] >> it's a traffic mess. sunrise is nice, right? >> still cold in spots around the bay area this morning. 24 degrees some fog actually in santa rosa, 45 in san francisco. this afternoon milder weather 50s and low 60s are possible. but you know what? a few high clouds passing for tomorrow but as we get into saturday and sunday, boy, these temperatures really warming up probably above average. there's even the possibility of record-breaking highs next week. one extreme to another. >> we'll take it. >> i'm liking the warm weather. >> we'll see. >> all right. that's it for this morning. your next local update is 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up with charlie and the gang and in the meantime, enjoy your thursday, everybody.
7:00 am
see you at noon. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 12, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the house votes today on a rare budget compromise. we'll ask coauthor p rn if fellow republicans will back him up. >> snow piling up, more on the way, millions impacted. nasa considers the emergency space walk after the malfunction on the international space station. the sign language interpreter accused of being a fake says now he was hallucinating at the mandela memorial. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener


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