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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit man accused of twin bombings targeting corporate offices- and now, he finds himself oe f-b- i's most wanted terrort list. to your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald a berkeley man accused bombings on the most wanted list. the feds explained why they
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stepped up the search. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a man wanted for bombings in in the bay area is added to the most wanted fbi terrorist list. anne makovec joins us live from the federal building where a press conference wrapped up and has the latest. >> reporter: the fbi just released a lot of new information about him. they say they are offering a $250,000 reward out right now leading to an arrest and prosecution of this man. on august 28, 2003, two bombs exploded on the campus of a biotechnology corporation in emeryville. the fbi believes the second bomb was aim at first responders. then one month later a bomb strapped with nails exploded at a nutritional products corporation in pleasanton. the fbi believes it was animal rights extremism. they have been looking for daniel andreas san diego ever since. he was last seen in san francisco's mission district. >> parked his car, got out of
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his vehicle and started walking down the street and if i'm not mistaken he went into a bart station and that was the last time we have seen him. >> reporter: he is now on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. >> his bomb-making knowledge makes him a serious threat to any community. >> reporter: over the years, the fbi has gotten tips placing solved in novato, san rafael, santa cruz and massachusetts. at the time of the bombings, he was described as white, 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, brown hair and eyes. he has several tatoos including a round image of burning hillsides on his chest with the words, it only takes a spark. burning buildings on the sides of his abdomen and a leafless tree on his lower back. fbi isn't sure what he looks like now. >> he has skills in computer networking, cooks vegan and vegetarian foods and has an interest in sailing. we also believe he may be overseas using his english language abilities to be teaching. >> reporter: if you have any
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information, you might be up for this $250,000 reward. find out more information on that from our website,, click on "links and numbers." live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> san diego has overseas ties to germany, spain, france, italy, costa rica and bolivia. breaking news out of oakland where a wild high-speed chase has just ended after the suspect's car overturned ended up on someone's property. some live pictures from the scene right here. just minutes ago, police confirmed to us the chase started with a carjacking around 10:30 this morning. police pursuit ended after the car flipped a couple of times at 29th and adeline. we are hearing unconfirmed reports the driver was only 13 years old. we'll have more details coming up. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the heartbreaking shooting in newtown, connecticut. all across the country, people are remembering the tragic loss of young lives. kpix 5's cate caugiran life at city hall with more and how the bay area is now honoring the
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victims from the sandy hook elementary school. cate. >> reporter: frank, in about an hour the mayor, state leaders and activists will be here to speak out against gun violence. there are already a few people he who have shown up early and you can see they are standing in fronted of city hall with the signs. this event will be a vigil honoring those lost in the shooting. over in newtown, connecticut, it's a different story. tomorrow will be just like any other day in newtown, connecticut. you won't see a public memorial. there will be no ceremonial bagpipes played or formal reading of the names of the 20 first graders and 6 adults killed in last year's tragic shooting. the town doesn't want any reminders of that day, and they are asking the media to stay away. >> we really feel that we are serving the community in the best possible way if we can respond to the media's needs at the same time, preserve that essence of quiet and personal time that our community needs
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over this coming weekend. >> reporter: the people of newtown say these images are burned in their memories. and nearly a year later, sandy hook elementary doesn't exist. they just want to move on quietly. >> december 14, 2012, forever and unalterableably changed our lives. since then we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness, love, prayers, generosity, received from the entire world. >> reporter: last year's shootings sparked debates over gun control across the country. >> we will continue to take action where we can, without congress, to reduce gun violence in america. >> reporter: that's evident here in the signs. you can see that sign there, we are all newtown. i want to let you know that stricter gun laws have become a top priority especially in california and san francisco. this year a historic number of
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bills was introduced in our state legislature and about 11 passed into law. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> in addition to the new gun laws, parents of the victims of the shootings have established a number of memorial foundations in their children's names. after a teen was run over in the aftermath of the asiana airlines crash at sfo, an ntsb hearing shed more light on the san francisco fire department's handling of the situation. now the department is responding, as well. investigators say two fire trucks accidentally ran over a teenaged girl who initially survived the crash. she was lying on the runway covered with flame retardant foam. at one point the firefighters concluded she had died without checking. chief joanne hayes-white says firefighters acted within protocol for that situation. >> our members had difficult decisions. one was visualizing someone who appeared to be dead or expectant versus going on the burning plane with reports of
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people that still needed to be rescued. >> more hearings are planned before the ntsb issues its final report and recommendations. happening today, bart and its unions are back at the bargaining table again, this time the unions are not threatening to strike but things are still contentious between the two sides. bart says the family leave provision should have never been in the final contract. unions argue bart signed off on the deal and should be ratified and there's nothing to talk about. a hearing just wrapped up in san jose federal courtroom regarding the city's lawsuit against major league baseball. the suit is over mlb's refusal to decide whether the a's should have a ballpark in san jose. last week court papers indicated baseball existing never bud selig had sent the a's a letter back in june saying he is not satisfied with relocation proposal. it was sent to the ninth circuit court so we won't have a resolution for some time. there is growing concern over the safety of bicyclists in one bay area city.
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kpix 5's kiet do went to find out if san jose is doing enough to prevent the number of fatal accidents involving their cyclists. >> reporter: behind every bent frame, crushed wheel and lost life, there's a family that asks, why? >> can't bring him back. i cannot bring him back. >> reporter: the garcias allow cameras into the memorial service for their son anthony, who died last week. he collided with an suv while riding his bike on branham lane an vista park drive. they hope their pain is a wake- up call for other families. >> maybe something there in the future that can help me with this situation to make it better for san jose and for everybody else and parents and families. >> reporter: 20 pedestrians and five bicyclists have been killed in 2013. that's more than any other year in the past decade. >> we can do better. >> reporter: councilmember sam liccardo has been working to beef up traffic safety but the record number of deaths comes even as san jose has installed green bike commuter lanes and
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crosswalks throughout the city. >> we are growing as a city. people continue to drive, often negligently or at a high rate of speed, and the only way to address that is really with more comprehensive enforcement and with a much larger program of safety measures than this city can afford at this time. >> reporter: one more note: of the five cyclists killed this year, two involved a special type of bike known as a fixie, including this crash near silver creek high school back in may. these new green bike lanes are nice, but the city says given its current budget situation, there's not much more that they can do in terms of traffic safety. as far as those two accidents involving the fixies, san jose police say they are both still under investigation. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and police want to remind all cyclists to put down their cell phones, wear bright reflective clothing especially at night. at least one of the deadly crashes this year happened during the evening hours. an american who vanished in
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iran is outed as a member of the cia. the reason that news could actually help him get closer to home. >> and the fcc moves one step closer to allowing cell phones' use during flights. why any changes may be short- lived. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. the sunshine is breaking out. it is going to make for a spectacular weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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working for the c-i-a at the time of his disappearance. the a-p reports robert levi the "associated press" says it has proof that an american kidnapped in republican in 2007 was working for the cia at the time. the ap reports robert levinson was an unauthorized mission in iran when taken from the persian gulf resort where he was staying at the time.
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the white house has always main tainted levinson was a privacy son. it could pressure the u.s. to step up efforts to bring him home. the body of former president nelson mandela lay in stay for the third and final day today. all week, tens of thousands of people from south africa and around the world lined up to bid farewell to the anti- apartheid icon. so many mourners showed up at the member site in pretoria today that the government actually had to turn away 50,000 people. mandela's casket will be flown to his hometown village tomorrow for burial on sunday. there's a loud debate over whether to allow cell phone use on planes. the fcc says new technology doesn't interfere with ground cell towers. the fcc is weighing in on the concern that phone conversations will likely annoy some passengers. >> i'm the last person in the world who wants to listen to somebody talking to me while i fly across the country.
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but we are the technical agency and we will make the technical rules that reflect the you what way the new technology works. >> delta won't allow voice calls and other airlines will study the issue before deciding. mixed stocks on friday, investors trying to determine what the federal reserve will do with the stimulus program when it meets next week. right now up 34. it is friday. it's friday the 13th and it could be a lucky day for someone in a big way! the jackpot for the mega millions drawing now up to $425 million due to a surge in ticket sales. the cash option $228 million. not bad. lottery officials say about one- third of the potential combinations have been sold. mega millions is played all over the country and here in california, as well. lawrence and i we have our
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tickets. >> so there's a third of a chance somebody will win. >> 33% of the numbers taken. >> so if you don't see us here on monday, you know who won! >> we may come in just to say good-bye. [ laughter ] >> you know? >> that would be great. >> nice to be the lead story for a change, right? >> we have some great weather coming our way. the numbers are heading in the right direction. got a lot of sunshine and high pressure now building in outside, it is going to bring with it a gorgeous weekend with temperatures running well above the average. this morning, we started out with some fog at sfo. they had some delays but not now. in fact, these temperatures are now warming up nicely. 50 in san francisco. 54 livermore. cool in oakland at 49. 54 degrees in concord. throughout the afternoon, expecting mostly sunny skies. and well, those clear skies again tonight but a "spare the air" day has been issued by the bay area air quality management so it looks like we have some much warmer weather ahead for the weekend as high pressure builds in, starting to get that offshore flow going. we are just beginning to see that building in now. skies beginning to clear out and i think that fog will scoot
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away and it's going to be gone for the entire weekend. here comes the ridge behind the cold front that swept through overnight starting to build in overhead so a mild afternoon today. getting on the warm side for this time of year. and near record heat i think as we head in toward monday. temperatures around the state 50s into the central valley, 56 degrees, sunshine and clouds into the monterey bay and 43 in lake tahoe. computer models showing you the clouds are going to clear out for the most part although maybe a few high clouds drifting overhead, otherwise saturday starting out very nice. with that, we are going to see some nice temperatures this afternoon. plan on highs in the 50s and low 60s in the south bay, you will see plenty of those temperatures also as high as 60 in livermore, 58 in concord, 59 in napa valley. inside the bay 50s and 60s. hazy outside overnight lows not as cold still chilly in spots. don't forget tonight the geminids meteor showers, mostly clear skies. the weekend is going to be fabulous! lots of sunshine coming our way. probably watching those
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temperatures getting near 70 degrees by monday. could see some records fall. it's going to be close and then we'll cool down toward the middle of the week. >> i have a question for you. >> yes, sir. >> are you glad it's friday? >> i am so happy. can you tell? can you hear it in my voice? [ laughter ] >> yes, i can. it's all good. thank you, lawrence. a miraculous ending to a horrible case of animal abuse. how a dedicated team of volunteers nursed this puppy back from death coming up. and kpix 5, by the way, is looking for a veterinarian to appear on television with us. to nominate a vet, email we are going to narrow it down to five and let you folks vote on our next pet expert. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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our "food for bay area fami" campaign. lawrence is here with today's special guests. today we are joined by chris we have another generous donation in the "food for bay area families" campaign. lawrence has today's special guest. >> this gets more and more exciting every day. today we are joined by chris howe director of community and government affairs and chris wilburn senior manage of business services both from valero. thank you both for visiting us today. what inspired you to take part in this event and really help out? >> our valero corporate culture really drives us to be an active participant in the community whether it be mentoring students in high schools in math and science or making a financial contribution to a worthy cause. in this particular case, last year -- this year we focused our attention in supporting the food bank and came up with a different fundraising event from golf. >> what was the events? >> we had a sporting clay shoot
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on october 4. >> all right. >> we all like golf and that's typical fundraiser but we decided to use something a little different so we went to bert's landing, had good food, shot some targets and raised money partnering with our vendors and other business partners in the community. >> fantastic? >> you guys got to feel good that you're able to put together this kind of money. >> it's awesome. >> it will make a difference. >> i mean, $56,000! that is no messing around. congratulations to you. and larry, what does that mean for you guys at the food bank? >> this is for our farm-to-kids program so 9,000 kids get fresh produce every week because of the money. >> that's great, 9,000 kids. >> yes. >> thank you, happy holidays to you. if you would like to help out go to our website at you can go there and make a donation yourself. that's the latest from here, frank, back to you. >> thank you. we are continuing now to follow that breaking news out of the city of oakland where a
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wild high-speed chase has just ended after the suspect's car overturned ended up on someone's property. this is a live shot of the scene. it started with a carjacking around 10:30 this morning. it ended oned line. the driver was only 13. it ended on adeline. terrible case of animal cruelty left a bay area puppy with his mouth sealed shut. this is finney. i came into the contra costa humane shelter as a stray in september couldn't open his jaw having multiple fractures but with the help of finney's first kiss campaign, the society raised enough money to get his jaw fixed and now after months of surgery, finney is ready for a new home. find out more about him, how to adopt him, howdonate and help out at our website, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up at after this meal, you're definitely going to be full. here's stephanie and tony tantillo with the perfect meal for a friday. >> hope you're hungry because this is a hearty dish. >> and healthy. we have a lot of this really nice vegetables in here and grilled chicken but you need to be hungry because we have a lot of food. we grilled the chicken and then put it in with raw vegetables
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and chicken stock. it reduced. this pot was huge when we put it in. >> it all came down nicely. we have zucchini, mushrooms and peppers in here. when you put the lid on the steam creates this nice atmosphere in there to cook everything. >> i'm going to spice it up a little bit. and a little bit of pepper. a little shot of oregano. now we plate it. >> oregano is one of those herbs that i prefer dried. >> you got it. look at this. it's good you got the big plate. >> got the big plate, put this off to the side. >> looks fantastic. >> loaded with flavor. this is a chicken skillet. i hope everybody is hungry. this is family style. thank you, bella, beautiful. >> family style is reit. >> bring it on. coming up at 5:00, $525 million all on the line but your odds are winning are worse than ever. why new rule changes make it harder to win lotto jackpots. that and more at 5. finally, it's being called one of the best light shows in
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the world. check out this dazzling spectacle. the main tower of osaka castle in western japan has been turned into the canvas for a 3d light show. during the ten-minute show projections of tigers and flowers and other images go on the building's facade. the event opened today and it's attracting people from all over the world. >> impressive. >> we have a meteor shower too. >> we have the geminids tonight and maybe a nice display all by itself. >> i saw some coming in today. have a great weekend. see you on monday.
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>> hope: mm. okay. i have to -- i have to go. wish me -- wish me luck. >> liam: you're leaving already? >> hope: "already"? >> liam: yea


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