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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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[ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of unsurpassed craftsmanship at the lexus december to remember sales event. some of the best offers of the year. is the pursuit of perfection. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald residents are saying: not i backyard! good evening, i'm brian webn for brian hackney big oil wants to increase operations in the east bay but residents say not in my backyard. good evening. a group of pittsburg residents
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angry about oil companies in town expanding facilities hits the streets today to educate the public. mark kelly reports the so- called toxic tour is the first step toward illustrating what organizers call the harm looming over pittsburg. >> highly explosive materials. >> reporter: this is no scenic leisurely tour of pittsburg. it's called the toxic tour and it has people fired. >> what are we doing to make sure we're being conscious and mindful of the environment? >> it only takes one mistake to blow up or one spill into the drinking table and it's bad. >> reporter: they fear the oil companies are expanding in their backyards and will refine dirtier crude oil harming the public's health and the environment. >> people were here first not the street. >> reporter: a mix of people drove to several locations on saturday they say pollution can destroy. >> a lot of environmental groups have come forward to say
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enough is enough. this stuff is toxic. it's poisonous, next to homes. >> reporter: there are several large-scale projects on the horizon for pittsburg. they include installing rail at the valero refinery in benicia, upgrading the wes-pac oil terminal in pittsburg, and modernizing the chevron refinery in richmond. the companies say demands for oil and upgrading facilities were the incentives for project. the companies have tried to put the public fears to rest. chevron says the project will replace older equipment, reduce air emissions overall, and create 100 local construction jobs. more jobs has labor unions lining up behind the project. but for folks on board the toxic tour, there are plenty of unanswered questions. >> how are we going to reduce pollution levels by revitalizing a plant out of commission? >> mark kelly, kpix 5.
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>> chevron said it must make some of these changes because of the state's strict environmental regulations. federal investigators are expected to release a final report monday on last year's fire at chevron's richmond refinery. it will wrap up the investigation and include recommendations to prevent future problems. the fire sent a plume of smoke into the air causing thousands to seek medical treatment resulting in chevron closing for months. richmond filed a lawsuit over the fire. four people dead following a police chase and crash in compton. take a look at what's left of the car. sheriff's deputies believed it was involved in a drive-by shooting and tried to stop it. the driver sped through a red light and slammed into another car which flipped, hit a wall and burst into flames killing the three men inside. a woman who was driving the other car was also killed. another deadly end to a police chase in los angeles. officers shot and killed a
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suspected drunk driver. they tried to pull him over for reckless driving. he sped off in his corvette. it ended after an hour. he was shot after stumbling out of a car after a crash. no reason is given for why police shot him to death. a plan will be considered next week for pedestrians safety and other improvements at the marin county civic center. it comes after a fatal accident this week. a 79-year-old man was killed crossing a street near the farmer's market on tuesday. by coincidence, that same day the board of supervisors was set to study a plan for improvement in the center. the plan includes a roundabout near the spot where the accident that happened that might prevent such accidents. there has been a record number of electric cars sold in the u.s. this year. 15million. experts say it's a sign of the improving economy that car and truck sales are up overall but while sales of electric vehicles are up, they are growing slowly as drivers get used to the new technology. the 17 models on the market,
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the top selling electric cars are the nissan leaf, the tesla s, and hybrid chevy volt. el cerrito police are warning shoppers about a scam where women target elderly men. there have been three reports of the city shop center so far and in each case a woman approached a man and claimed that he had hit her with his car. the woman and an accomplice demand money for medical treatment and when the man refuses the suspects run away. anyone with information should call police. a string of robberies near the uc-berkeley campus has police and students on alert. there have been five thefts in the area recently. the thieves were armed and three of them. police say they have increased foot patrols in the area and are working with berkeley police on a joint robbery suppression team. uc officials say robberies on campus are actually down from last year. health experts are considering an unlicensed vaccine to prevent the spread of meningitis at uc-santa barbara. four students were diagnosed
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with bacterial meningitis last month. three recovered. the fourth had both feet amputated. government and school officials are trying to determine if the vaccine bexsero would be effective against the illness. princeton university got permission to use it after eight students there got sick. nelson mandela's funeral gets under way in just a few hours. how south africans are now looking to the future. >> and much of the midwest and northeast covered in snow and ice. nearly 1,000 flights canceled but not everyone was stopped in his tracks. >> stay with me in course not here sunshine record high in santa rosa today but this high pressure is a problem. eight straight days once we count tomorrow with a "spare the air" day unhealthy air quality in the east bay and the south bay. coming up, we'll talk about any prospects for rainfall. here's a live look outside. your forecast next. sofa... desk...
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. flown to his hometown in soh africa. people cheered as the hearse carrying his bod made its way through the ets, for tonight nelson mandela's body flown to his hometown in south africa. people lined the streets cheering as the hearse carrying his body went through the streets for the funeral. danielle nottingham on how mandela's legacy touched so many lives. >> reporter: military officers carried nelson mandela's flag- draped coffin as the leader's
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two wives held each other for support. a police motorcade escorted the hearse on the 20-mile trip from the airport to the family compound. qunu residents welcomed the man they called tata back to his home village. >> he did many things for us as children of south africa. >> reporter: once inside, tribal leaders draped his coffin in lion skin, a cultural tradition. as south africans accept their country's hero is gone, villages like this one are finding ways to preserve his legacy. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: lily is teaching dancers who live in the
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community outside pretoria about where they come from. their eyes have been glued to this week's tv coverage. >> mandela brought us this [ indiscernible ] unified -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she hopes what kids see out of qunu on sunday will inspire them to live his lessons and pass them on. danielle nottingham, cbs news, pretoria, south africa. >> and we'll have live streaming coverage of the funeral on our website beginning at midnight -- tonight at 10:00. see it at a new poll shows senator dianne feinstein's approval rating at its lowest level in years. 43%, that's a sharp drop from a year ago when it was 53%. meanwhile senator barbara boxer's approval rating has improved to its highest level in more than three years. as for congress, california's don't like the job they are doing.
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their approval level is at 11%. i'm freezing. terrible. >> it's brutal. i don't like it. >> and some areas in the east can see up a foot of snow but it's not stopping everyone from having fun. >> bar hopping santas, a day frivolity. the annual santacon.
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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nearly half the country. more than 1200 flights canceled today because of a
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snow to remember blanketing nearly half the country. the storm is stretching 1,000 miles dumping snow and ice. this is crown point, indiana, up to 6" are expected in chicago. new york could see as much as 8" and up to a foot is expected along the coast of maine. winter still may be officially one week away but by the looks of what's coming down this weekend you might think otherwise. >> i was home and this started coming down so this has been constant all day, yeah. >> the back roads are snow and ice and just makes it hard to drive on and everything. >> reporter: in chicago, the conditions have been downright frigid, dipping to below freezing for days. now this 1,000-mile storm is on the move with tens of millions in the northeast about to get shellacked by large swaths of snow and ice. some places could see more than a foot of snow. >> i'm freezing. it's terrible. >> brutal! i don't like it. >> reporter: this wicked
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weather didn't deter everyone. in mount kisco, new york, the christmas parade went on as planned with santa braving the elements. still, utility companies and airports are on high alert as are emergency crews who overnight had a battle through bitter conditions and thick ice to fight this fire in new hampshire. winter storm warnings and watches are in effect for large portions of the northeast and everyone is bracing for what could be a miserable 24 hours. and utility companies are bracing for power outages and road crews are on high aer will. a ban on burning wood issued for an 8th straight day tomorrow. the air quality district declared another winter "spare the air" day. the weather pattern is trapping pollution close to the ground and that means wood-burning indoors and out is illegal except in cases where it is the only source of heat. paul deanno joining us now. any indication weather we might see "spare the air" days lift? we need the wind direction to change.
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it's offshore so rather than the pacific ocean breeze clearing us out we have the opposite even the central valley that pollution is over top of us, too. >> it's unprecedented. >> this has been once we hit 6 straight days there was a record and now we are looking at eight straight days and likely i'm looking at the pattern not changing until after 11 straight "spare the air" days but we have coming up tomorrow. outside two things jump out at you. one the high temperatures in the 60s but if you are a fan of traffic and not a fan of sitting in a car waiting to get into san francisco, you see what's in the background. an epic traffic jam. santa rosa record 64 degrees. morgan hill hit 63. san carlos 62 degrees today and danville 60. everybody was around 59, a lot of you in the 60s. more of you will be there tomorrow. kpix 5 hi-def doppler looking, scanning, searching, coming up dry. nothing on the radar and that drought picture is getting worse and worse. almost the entire state of california is now in a severe
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drought. but one level up from that is an extreme drought and it's encroaching on the bay area. it is just to our south. it is much of the sacramento and san joaquin river valleys and in another month or so if we don't change something soon we likely will be included in that extreme drought a place that frankly we don't want to go but we very well may. overnight tonight 30s and 40s. fremont 39. napa 35. so it will be chilly outside but i am not forecasting a freeze. slight chance of some fog along the coastline of san francisco. and also san mateo county. here's the culprit for dry and pollution. a big ridge of high pressure, a blocking ridge. there is no chance of any storm to get through it. it has to go up around and over it and that's not happening. it goes up around and over for idaho and montana, not for us. hazy because of the ridge. not rainy also because of the ridge. and it's not moving until the end of next week. when it does the low pressure system will stay offshore.
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it will change the wind direction giving us better air quality and cooler weather next thursday. so more "spare the air" days are coming. we'll remain 8 to 15 degrees warmer than normal with no rain in sight. these are your sunday highs. san francisco 62. south bay widespread mid-60s including milpitas and 65. campbell 66. san ramon and pillsburg low to mid-60s. alameda 64. rohnert park 62. ukiah sunshine on a sunday for you, high of 64 degrees. it gets warmer monday and tuesday. we are going to be close to 70. i don't think we get there but close enough. that's significant. it's mid-december. we begin cooling off wednesday. more so on thursday with highs back down to the 50s. and then friday and saturday, right around 60 degrees. long-range computer forecast models go out 16 days almost to the end of 2013. a few of them say zero rainfall between now and the end of the year. >> that's trouble. >> this is beyond abnormal. it's borderline crazy how dry
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we have been recently and still. >> thanks, paul. some of san francisco's neediest citizens will sleep a little more warmly tonight. members of the bay area's sikh community handed out 650 new blankets at glide today. the group has been collecting blanket for the past few weeks just in time for the cold weather. the event is just one of several giveaways at glide including groceries and toys between now and christmas. if you walk the streets of san francisco at all today, you probably noticed an abundance of st. nick impersonators. [ screaming ] >> what better way to warm up for christmas. santacon as it's become known is an annual tradition now. people dressed up in a lot of different costumes mainly santa claus and they hit the local bars. how this gets pulled off remains a mystery since there is no official leader or tickets or signup sheets. word just apparently gets out
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at the last possible moment. >> and they are out by noon. >> they're out. if you are lucky or unlucky you might see a naked santa claus walking around like i did today. watch out for that. >> oh, boy. dave lewis in tonight. >> last year john man sell became the first freshman to win the heisman trophy. would another first year player take home the prize? the answer next in sports. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. college football player was honored. there were six finalists: 4 quarterbacks a
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running backs who had a chae to pick up the ultimate stog in new york the nation's top college football player was honored. four quarterbacks and two running backs had the chance to get the ultimate stocking stuffer. the envelope please. >> and the winner is jamessies winston florida state university. >> jamessies winston of 19 years 342 days the youngest heisman trophy winner ever folly johnnie manziel's win last year. alabama was a distant second and jordan lynch third. winston's candidacy and freedom were in jeopardy but was cleared of sexual assault accusations. >> i trusted in the process of the [ indiscernible ] and delivered a positive outcome because after all the things that i been through this past month, i remember what my daddy trusted in the process and he risked his job -- [ pause ] -- >> and was jobless three years
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ago. this heisman isn't just for jamessies winston. it's for florida state. left on the outside looking in, navy quarterback keenan reynolds who may have put himself on the map for next year's heisman trophy race. setting an ncaa record for touchdown runs for a quartek with 29. it was the largest margin of victory in the se in five rolls7 with the commander and chief winners improving to 8-4 . under rich ellerson ends the year at 3-9. " " coach harbaugh is probably staying put but mack brown is on hiy out...the legend [ inaudible ] >> trying to be funny? >> coach harbaugh probably
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staying but the legendary texas coach will resign. brown will coach against oregon in the alamobowl and then leave. brown is second all time wins in texas but the alum has been grumbling in recent years. >> john dunning stanford volleyball team looking for an upstate against penn state. cardinal's kelsey humphries a big block, 9-6 cardinal but from then on penn state outscored the cardinal 9-29 rest of the way. penn state with the kill. cardinal lose a heartbreaker in five, and eliminated from the tournament. mike montgomery hosting fresno state. the bears in control the entire way. creflo knocks down a three. great passing high low the flush. david kravish cal gets the win 57-56. 9er fans can keep it right here on kpix 5 after this
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newscast. jeremy newberry joins dennis o'donnell for "49ers preview. before "super bowl l" hits levi stadium the new home will host of super bowl sports entertainment. wrestle mania 31 is coming to the bay area in 2015. ♪[ music ] >> wwe is anything but conventional. >> wrestle mania is truly a spectacle. it's suspense of a 9th inning home run. it's the tension of a 4th quarter drive if the super bowl all rolled into every, single moment. >> also want to let vince mcmahon know that if he needs a bodyguard, he can call me. >> i remember being a little kid and dropping elbows on my brother. >> i think the funniest time was when he drove the beer truck into the arena. >> this is unbelievable! a beer van! you got to be kidding me! >> i thought that was awesome. i thought he was just the
6:57 pm
baddest dude. >> my wrestler was always hulk hogan, the rock. >> pretty good. >> all right. everybody get your look down. it's coming. >> i can't either. >> thank you, dave. that's it for us at 6:30. see you at 11:00. >> of course your latest news and weather are always on our website, have a good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the 49ers embraced the arrives and gave rivals and beat them. >> take that from us, we have to defend it, you know, and that's the team that you want to defend it against. >> number 21 made it happen and
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led san francisco to victory number 9 although the result shocked one individual in particular. >> no, we didn't expect to beat them this way. we expected to blow them out. >> they inch closer to the play- offs but a former friend is in the way. here comes "49ers preview," it's not as painful as the coach makes it sound. >> feels like you go to the dentist chair and 3 1/2 hours of getting root canal work done on you. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald the 12th man at the seahawks was the sign. the 49ers came from behind in the 4th quarter. frank gore his longest run of the season 51 yards to the seahawks 20-yard line. 49ers ran the clock down keeping the offense on the sidelined and with 30 seconds left in the game austin hits the field goal his fourth of the game as the 49ers beat the seahawks 19-17. their opponents this week have


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