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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  December 15, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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,, today on "face the nation" there is news on many fronts this morning. nelson mandela has been laid to rest in his birth place of kunu, south africa. we'll talk to colorado governor john hickenlooper about the school shooting in his state. as the arms control talks with iran reach a crucial point, we'll go to tehran for exclusive interview with the iranian foreign minister. we'll go to kiev where senator john mccain has been meeting with protesters who want closer relations with the west. we'll also senator dick durbin if the budget passed by the house can pass the senate. and we'll get analysis from a panel headed by tom freedman of the "new york times." it's all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs
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from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again, well after ten days of mourning and ceremony nelson mandela was laid to rest today in his hometown of kunu, south africa. we'll have a full report later in the broadcast and the latest on the school shooting in colorado. but we begin this morning with breaking news from iran. earlier this morning our elizabeth palmer interviewed the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif in tehran, she joins us now from tehran and, liz, he did make some news. tell us about it. >> he did indeed. on friday the u.s. announced that it was freezing the assets and transactions to dozens of companies for evading the sanctions against iran. and just at that time there were iranian diplomats putting the final details to the geneva agreement on iran's nuclear
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program. when they heard that announcement out of washington they put off the talks and went home. people wondered whether that meant the deal was dead. the minister told me this morning it's not dead. but he personally felt blindsided by that u.s. announcement. >> did the u.s. that you know what they were going to do on friday or was it a complete surprise? >> probably few minutes before the announcement our people in vienna -- but i don't think that is -- that was useful because by the time they conveyed it to us, the announcement had already been made. >> who told you? >> our people in vienna. >> what was your reaction? >> that this is a very wrong thing. angry is not a part of diplomacy. angry is human, i'm a human being and i getting angry, i get distressed, i get saddened to
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see people not understanding. i'm saddened by that. but i was -- we took the decision to give a pass to the discussions, technical discussions, these are not political discussions, to have a re-assessment to seek clarification. what is intention, because the statements that are come from the treasury or at least came from the treasury or from segments of the treasury during the past few days were not -- >> you may not -- we are committed -- we are committed to the policeman i men takes of the plan of action that we adopted in geneva but we believe that it takes two to tango. >> are you saying you will be back to vienna, this process has not been derailed by friday's announcement. >> it has been derailed not -- we are trying to put it back. and to collect the past and
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continue the negotiations because i believe there is a lot at stake for everybody. >> the interview then turned to the case of robert levenson investigator and cia contract or who disappeared in 2007 after meeting a contact here in iran. >> let me move ton another story that surfaced at the end of last week in the united states that is the case of mr. levinson. where is he? >> i have no idea. >> your security services, very professional and very good have done an extensive investigation according to your government, what do you know about that last day? what were you able to discover about -- he walked out of the jail got in to a taxi and -- >> and then they don't know. that's all -- >> nothing? >> what they have told us that is what people have been told outside. if that's -- it's a mystery. we know that he is not incarcerated in iran.
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>> how do you know that? >> if he is he is not incarcerated by the government i believe the government runs good control of the country. >> if he did surface here, could you give him back to america now that we know his cia connections? >> i cannot talk about hypothetical situations but if we find -- if we can trace him and find him we will certainly discuss this. >> it is possible. >> anything is possible. but i'm saying that we have no trace of him in iran. >> schieffer: elizabeth palmer with the iranian foreign minister. now going to kiev a city that has been besieged with proceed tessers for four weeks now. they have been demonstrating in very cold weather against the president for refusing to sign a trade pack with europe, a move that would have signaled to put distance between ukraine and
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moscow. senator john mccain is in kiev and joins us now. senator, you actually went out and talked to the protesters this morning, and urnalled them to keep pushing for closer ties with the west. why do you think this is important enough to u.s. interest to go to kiev, this morning? >> i think, bob, there's no doubt about the strategic and geographic and every other aspect of ukraine, it's a large country, it's a cultured country, it's the he beginning of russia which a lot of people don't know. and what's happening here is not only desire to be part of the european union, which makes them look to the west and not be coerced in to the customs union that the russians and putin are trying to push them in to bought they're tired of corruption, tired of a bad economy because of that. they really want change. that change epitomized by a turning to europe and
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relationship with europe that they think would benefit them and their lives. >> schieffer: are you concern thad this could make tensions between putin and the united states worse. >> well, i think it may. but i also know that we have a long tradition of standing up for people that are peacefully demonstrating. they have been peaceful. they were attacked for a wheel by the police -- for awhile by the police but didn't succeed. the other aspect is that this is a country that is in really bad economic shape. and they need an imf loan they need assistance and if they turn back to russia, i think that the consequences that they believe would happen would be rather serious. by the way, there are several hundred thousand people, i've heard estimates between 200,000 and half a million that you can hear in the background here. i'm telling you, it's cold here.
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>> schieffer: we have seen scenes all week, some of these look like a scenes from the movie "les miserables" out there in the streets of kiev. i know you think you're bulletproof but do you feel safe there, senator? >> i always feel safe, bob. i told you in the past, i know that i'm going to die but it's only going to be in bed. >> schieffer: senator, this morning, liz palmer, our liz palmer got an exclusive interview with mohammad javad zarif who is the foreign minister as you know of iran. he told us he felt blindsided when there was talk of putting sanctions, more sanctions on iran, but he told her that iran is going to stay and keep taking part in these arms control talks. in light of that, do you think the senate should put some sanctions, new sanctions on iran that would go in to affect if these talks fail, say six months
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from now? >> i think so, bob. i think -- is you mentioned the operative is six months. we were briefed it they would be able to finish in interim agreement to afrinol agreement. i think it's probably an appropriate thing many -- because many are very skeptical about the conditions under which this pause is being undertaken. centrifuges still spin, there is still work can be done at place -- there is most importantly to us implicit in this agreement is the iranian right to enrich. we don't think that should be the case. the country that has lied, cheated, has concealed from the iaea in every other organization, bragged about the fact how he deceived the negotiators when he was the negotiator.
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we just -- i believe they have forfeited their right, quote, right to enrich. there is the scenario if you were the iranians just keep dragging out these negotiations, dragging them out. meanwhile the centrifuges still spin and they progress towards this point where all it takes to a turn of a wrench and they laugh a nuclear weapon. >> schieffer: senator, speaking of negotiations and difficult things, the senate to going to vote this week on the two-year bipartisan budget plan. are you going to support it? >> i am, bob. i think it's important that we have this agreement, as you know i'm particularly sensitive about the military. i've talked to our military leaders they say they badly need this relief. i wish this provision was not in there, that concerns the military retirement issue. senator levin chairman of the armed services committee has assured me and others we will take up this issue in the next
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year's authorization bill. it doesn't kick in until a year later until 2015. i wish it wasn't there. but honestly the devastation to our national security asks any of our military leaders, i know you have, that is being inflicted by this sequestration as it is. it's so harmful, as we have found out as we just saw in north korea that the world is getting more and more dangerous. >> schieffer: senator, i want to thank you for joinings this morning. be safe and next thing should you do is go inside and get warm. we want to go to chicago now where we are joined by the number two democrat in the senate, richard durbin. senator durbin you heard seven tar mccain, how serious is this situation in kiev is this really something united states ought to be involved in at this point? >> i think john mccain really articulated it very clearly. ukraine has been in a struggle
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internally since the fall of the soviet union. ethnic, cultural and religious connections with russia and moscow. and then there are those in ukraine looking to the west for their future. at this point he has to decide what putin has offered him is an alliance with belarus which is ruled by the last dictator in europe. the alternative is an alliance with the european union, it's fairly clear to all of us in the west where the future lies. i certainly hope the people in the streets of kiev will get the message clearly through janokovich. >> schieffer: let me shift to subjects closer to home. do you now have the votes to pass the budget that passed in the house, with paul ryan and matte murray coming together and putting together this compromise. have you got the votes right now. >> first let me say that patty
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murray, sector from washington, and paul ryan of wisconsin did an extraordinarily good job in coming to a bipartisan agreement which was ratified by the house of representatives with over 300 votes from both sides of the aisle. the struggle is still on in the united states senate. we will need about eight republicans to come our way. i feel we'll have a good strong showing from democratic side. but we need bipartisan support to pass it. and the problems we have are twofold. a handful of members of the senate are vying for the presidency in years to come thinking about this vote and the context. others are frankly afraid of this new force, the tea party force, heritage foundation force that is threatening seven out of the 12 republican senators running for re-election. so it's very difficult. as john mccain said this is the right thing to do for our country. a bipartisan agreement to get first real budget in five years. and i hope that at least eight or maybe more republican senators will join us.
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>> schieffer: john mccain says he's going to vote for it. how many other republicans do you think you have at this point? >> we have a handful. but we need more. some are still thinking about it. over the weekend i've talked to one or two of them in the process and it's a tough vote for them because of this tea party threat. remember, boehner faced them down finally said, we got to do something here we can't let a handful of members dictate what happens in the house and what happens to hour future. i think you learned his lesson from that government showdown. i hope the republican senators heard the same message. >> schieffer: how significant do you think john boehner's action was? will that have an influence on the senate it obviously did on the house? >> it should. i know that there are members of the house republican leadership reaching out to some senators to persuade them. keep in mind, this is a relatively new development where seven out of the 12 senators, republican senators running are facing tea party primary opposition. and that is -- new phenomena in
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the senate. >> schieffer: senator, i would thank you for being with us this morning. and we wish you the best. >> thanks, bob. >> schieffer: whole idea of compromise is something new for all of us. we'll be back in one minute with colorado governor john hick enloop tore talk about that awful shooting once again happening in colorado. there's a saying around here, you stand behind what you say. around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own up, and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets in this country has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. but i know you'll still find it when you know where to look.
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developments, we know the name of this young man who walked in to the high school with a shotgun. we hear reports that he had some sort of a grudge with his debate team coach. what is the latest news here? >> well, we haven't found or unaware of any connection, there was -- would suggest previous behavior indicating something like this would happen. he had a lot of friends, he was outspoken. there has been couple stories that he was bullied, that's recurring theme we see sometimes with these shootings. but again, there's no rhyme or arena. nothing that says, ah-ha now i understand. >> schieffer: is it true that he had some falling out with the teacher who was the debate team coach who had kicked him off the team, is that basically what you're finding out? >> yeah, that's what we
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understand. high school kids all over this city, all over the country have fallings out with teachers or coaches all the time. they didn't go out i would a gun and come back decide they're going to kill a lot of people. >> schieffer: he got the gun legally i understand? >> yeah, that's the information we have. he brought the -- bought the gun then large amount of ammunition, he came in to the school prepared to do damage to a lot of people. i think the one thing having had these episodes in the past we do have strategies and protocols in place where we had deputy sheriff in the building who immediately ran towards the trouble. towards the problem. he was there within minutes of the first shots. that's a remarkable response. i think everybody from the sheriff out here to the entire team gives a lot of credit for what could have been worse. >> schieffer: there was one young woman i understand it who was shot, how is she?
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>> she was shot point blank with a shotgun in the face, i visited her and her family she's obviously in a coma, critical condition. they are beside themselves we have to keep. her parents, again, i just -- i can't imagine what they're going through. unspeakable. >> schieffer: let me ask you this, this happened eight miles from column -- columbine where we had another of these awful shootings. 15 minutes from that movie theater where the "batman" movie killings took place. is there any connection here? i mean not that any of these people knew each other but is there something going on here
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that hasn't come to the surface yet? >> we don't think so. we look at -- look for connection some people have suggested perhaps there's a copycat element to this. i don't see it. each one is different, it's hard to figure out if there was a connection what it could possibly be. it defies rational thought. >> schieffer: governor, what has to be done here? i mean, you actually passed some pretty tough gun laws out there in colorado after those other incidents happened, yet they continue to happen. you had two state legislators who were recalled from office because they led the effort to tighten gun laws out there. where do you see this going? >> i think if you were going to say, one comment about
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coloradoians, two things that they deeply care about is the protection of their second amendment rights, care strongly about that second amountment right. but they also care deeply about making their community safer. so things like universal background checks, i think they are going to make us safer but -- in this specific case it couldn't make a difference at all. that's the challenge we've invested over $20 million last legislative session in mental illness we got 24-7 hot lines, we we've got mobile crisis centers, we've got 24-7 drop-in centers. really trying to intercept people with mental illness before they can cause damage to themselves or others and yet somehow this kid didn't exhibit any of those symptoms. >> schieffer: talk a little bit about the things that did happen after this happened. because i agree with you, i think the response, getting
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someone to where this was going on so quickly, that is certainly to be commended. what kind of procedures have you put in place there? >> not only was the sheriff he, there was security officer also in the school, they are now the modern protocols, they are trained to go right towards wherever the shooter is they go there immediately. but in addition to that we had police officers from other jurisdictions surrounding the area all coming in to the school and being paired in many cases with people from different jurisdictions to go in to different parts of the school in case there were multiple shooters, in case it was much worse. they had been so well trained that they could go and be deployed, again, with someone from a different district yet they all knew how to communicate, they all were on the same wave length in terms of what their task was. that kind of training is very, very powerful. >> schieffer: governor, thank you so much nor being with us this morning, obviously our hearts go out to everybody there
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since newtown 112 people have died in what the fbi calls mass shootings. incidents that took the lives of at least four people. some of those victims died at the navy yard in the shadow of the u.s. capital. for all the talk and good intentions deranged are still finding the powerful weapons they need to carry out their deadly plans. after the navy yard shooting the president said, once more our hearts are broken. once more we ask why. but in our heart of hearts don't we know why? it's not an easy question, because if we admit we do know then good conscience forces us to do something about it. back in a minute. over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people, and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity?
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our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪ >> schieffer: we'll be right back with a lot more "face the nation" including a report from cbs this morning cohost gale king and actor forest whitaker. we're just back from nelson mandela's funeral, stay with us. ,,,,
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