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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  December 15, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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announcer: when you see this symbol you know you're watching a show that's educational and informational. the cbs dream team& it's epic. laila: today, on all in, for 15 years, this man has had a dream to stand where no one has stood before, at the fiery edge of an active volcano. it's a journey of seemingly impossible odds loaded with incredible challenges, and it might push this pioneer past his breaking point, and you'll witness an unbelievable life-sized human-powered game of mousetrap; and once it starts, there's no way to stop it and no way to know what will happen. then this daredevil takes snowboarding to a whole new place, 300 feet in the sky. it's the ride of a lifetime. ♪ music laila: welcome to all
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in. i'm laila ali. pursuing a lifelong dream can be frustrating and full of obstacles. it takes limitless passion to fight through fear and failure. geoff mackley is one of those people who refuses to fail. for 15 years, he stayed focused on one thing, to stand where no human has stood before& &a pool of molten rock bubbling at temperatures of up to 2,200 degrees fahrenheit. it's known as a lava lake. 1,800 miles north of new zealand on remote ambrym island lies the marum crater, one of only four
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permanent lava lakes on earth. most people know to stay far away from such an unpredictable force of nature; however, one man's obsession has driven him to the brink of this volcanic abyss. geoff mackley is an independent filmmaker from new zealand with a fascination for the natural world and all of its violent moods. for 15 years, geoff's dream has been to capture footage from the edge of the marum lava lake. he has tried many times, but has never succeeded. geoff: over the years, it's just been one trip after another. every time we've had a failure, we learn from it. we come back again. everyone just keeps trying and just get ever closer to the goal. laila: despite many failed attempts, geoff is determined to try one last time before laying
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his dream to rest. preparations for the treacherous quarter mile descent into the heart of the volcano begin with equipment testing. geoff: it's pretty much about the size of a chainsaw, and it attaches to the rope, and you pretty much drive yourself up the rope. man: i feel like spiderman. man 2: yeah, well, i see a spiderman. man: the 1960's. man 2: i know, that sort of thing. man: been there. have that thing ready for him, yeah. laila: with their gear now tried and tested, the team is ready to make the long journey to vanuatu. vanuatu is a group of volcanic islands 1,800 miles northwest of new zealand. geoff and his team touch down in port vila, capitol city of the island chain. here, they'll buy supplies and make final arrangements for their expedition, but getting this accomplished in a town with its own relaxed island pace is proving to be quite a challenge.
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the following day, the weather is clear, finally giving the team an opportunity to fly. geoff: it's a very stressful business planning exactly which is going to be the perfect day for weather to fly up there. there is no weather forecast for the middle of nowhere. the weather in port vila can be dramatically different from the weather up the mountain. different from the weather up the mountain. laila: the plane from port vila can only take the team to the edge of ambrym island. from there, a helicopter will transport them and their equipment to the top of the volcano.
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geoff: every time we go up there, the weather is always appalling. you're flying in the helicopter. you dump all your gear wherever you can up the top of the mountain, and the helicopter gets out of it before the weather gets so bad that it gets stranded up there. laila: 4,000 feet above sea level, geoff and his team are now at the mercy of the volcanic island's unpredictable weather. after putting up their tents, they set up an antenna, their only way of communicating with the outside world, should anything go wrong. the team is making preparations for the next stage of their expedition, the treacherous quarter mile descent to the lava lake. after a few hundred feet, geoff disappears into a fog of sulfur dioxide rising from the magma. the gas is extremely toxic on its own; and when it reacts with water vapor in the air, it produces a corrosive acid rain.
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geoff notices the change in atmosphere and quickly climbs out of the crater. as the rain begins to fall heavily, the team rushes back to camp with their valuable equipment. and now all they can do is wait for mother nature to determine their next step. coming up, will the skies clear in time for geoff mackley to reach the core of this active volcano? then this free-runner is about to launch the most ambitious human-powered set of dominoes in history; and flying a kite has never been so glorious, a bird's eye view from the ride of a lifetime. from the big screen to small screens near and far
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he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! laila: welcome back. when we left, geoff mackley's lifelong dream was falling apart. for 15 years, he's tried to make it to a spot where no human has been, and now another trip was looking like another failed attempt. the weather hasn't broken, and geoff
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mackley's team is discouraged, but their leader's unbreakable spirit perseveres. geoff: the weather here, the consequences might be bad, but you just overlook that and keep going. so, it's been a 15-year obsession, and now it's so close to lava lake that we're going to go there regardless. man: sun's out. laila: this desolate, unforgiving island finally offers the team the break they desperately need, but geoff must still be prepared for bad weather or toxic gas to strike back at a moment's notice. geoff: i just kept putting bolts in the cliff, going down a bit further. i'd throw the rope down, and it would, it would reach the bottom to the next ledge that you could stand on. i thought, okay, i've gone down this far. and it wasn't my intention to go to the bottom that day. it was just to get ropes down so that we could,
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and i thought i'm so close now, i'm going for it. laila: in 15 years of expeditions, this is the closest geoff has ever come to the lava lake. geoff: i don't think i've ever been this happy in my life. five meters. two meters. oh, my! it's like putting your head in a blast furnace. it's the culmination of 15 years of blood, sweat, tears, and money. this here is kind of indescribably amazing. that's rock all the way from the center of the
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earth. i think it's time to get the heat suit on. geoff: it's kind of a unique thing to be able to stand in a given spot and say, "i'm the only human being to have ever stood here;" because, you know, nearly a dozen people have stood on the moon. thousands have stood on top of mt. everest. no one has ever been to the bottom of this pit
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and stood in that spot. geoff: even with the heat suit on, it's like being in an oven. one or two minutes, even with the breathing apparatus, all this stuff on, and the lava is probably 30 meters away, and it's just the most incredible heat. there's nothing, there's nothing to describe it, nothing on earth. i thought i'd do a sir edmund hillary and raise the new zealand flag on the edge of the lava lake just to show that we were the first. lake just to show that we were the first. geoff: you only truly can relax when you've finally done everything.
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you've finally got back out. you pull all the ropes up. there's no more need to go down the cliff. the major danger of death is over. we pulled it off. it was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life, and i've climbed some of the highest mountains in the world, and even doing that didn't come close to how difficult it was to get down to the bottom of the lava lake. i wanted to be the first person to ever do it. i am probably a person who doesn't take failure easily. if something doesn't work out, i'm very relentless. i just keep coming back. your footprints are the first ever. there's not many places on earth you can go in this day and age and say that. laila: coming up, a creative mind turns this warehouse into the ultimate playground. the life-sized domino effect you don't want to miss.
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then snowboarding takes flight off a cliff on a kite.
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laila: welcome back to all in. living life to the extreme and staying focused on a single goal takes enormous dedication. for many, that desire to do whatever it takes to succeed is not a burden. it's a way of life. for free-runner jason paul, it's also flat out fun. ♪ singer: there's a madman ♪ ♪ with a mad plan, and♪ ♪ he's dancing at your ♪ ♪ do♪r. ♪ oh, what to do. ila: any contraption that performs a simple task in a very complex way is known as a rube goldberg machine, and 21-year-old free-running world champion jason paul is having a blast as the human-powered
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part of this giant version of one. jason: are we ready? man: all right, camera rolling. ready when you are. jason: let's do this. what do you know about rube goldberg? this is how we do it, free-running style. woo. laila: with some free-running trickery, jason starts a chain reaction through this hamburg warehouse that will take over three minutes to complete. jason: when free-running, i always try to connect everything that i do really well and to have a certain flow when moving through my environment and to never stop, and that was exactly the concept of this machine when it comes to the free-running part. it was about doing everything in one go. the machine never stops. there's no part where nothing happens. all that stuff is really fun. it's like you wouldn't need to do it, and that's why people are surprised that you actually do it, and that's what i enjoy. it's the quirky and funny stuff and loving the detail. laila: jason's got only one take to get it right. without the benefit of a full rehearsal, he needs
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to have complete trust in his skill. jason: the biggest, like, challenges and difficulties for me, personally, in the planning process was telling the production crew i can do this, and i can't do this. we had to plan everything as much as we could and take a lot of risks in saying this is possible, or this is not possible. i never did anything like that before, and it was a whole new dimension of thinking. it was crazy and overwhelming. laila: despite the high level of risk involved, jason does everything without any safety equipment. jason: like, for me, the highlight of the video was the container jumps. this looks sick; so, i was really happy to be the person to do that. jason: i hope that the people that watch the
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video just enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed building and executing the actual machine. it was a blast. we all loved it. we all were so happy when it was done. [cheering] laila: everywhere in the world, people are taking their passion to new heights, giving their all, and living life to the fullest. it's time to circle the globe in search of the spectacular in today's all in spin. spectacular in today's all in spin. laila: most photographers work under perfect lighting conditions, not dennis smith. the new zealander creates his balls of light when all is dark. by photographing himself swinging an led light around in a circle as he rotates, smith transforms places into mystical portals bursting with other-worldly colors and energy.
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laila: attach led's to an athlete, and their moves are instantly cooler, like free-skiing star elias ambuhl. by photographing tracers made by led's attached to his skis, elias beautifully illuminates his aerial skills as he soars through the night. his aerial skills as he soars through the night. laila: agata olek sure is turning heads all over the world. she shattered the old age imagery of knitting with a blast of colorful creations where no everyday object is safe. even moving objects attract her woolen
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weaves to bring olek's own living art to life, and she grabbed headlines all over the world with her highly colorful decoration of new york's iconic symbol of power, wall street's bull statue. when we return, a daredevil's dream, 300 feet above the earth off the snow and into the sky.
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laila: our next story is more proof that when a person finds that very thing they were meant to do in life, their passion will take them to the far ends of the world no matter what the risks may be. ruben lenten heads into the water when no one else will. he's known as the most fearless and renegade kiteboarder in the world. with his own tv show and kiteboarding company, it seems this boarding prodigy has done it all, but what if there's no water around, only a snow-covered hundred yard cliff? doesn't matter, the flying dutchman will give it a go. ruben: i was staying in the haugastol hotel. this cliff was right in front of the hotel, and it was about a hundred meters high, maybe a bit higher. jumping from a cliff, i've never done that before, actually, because i'm never around
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cliffs that much. everybody that i told, "yeah, i want to jump, i want to jump," was thinking, like, "well, maybe it's not that clever," you know, and i was like, "no, i'm sure. i just want to fly. i want to jump. i know i can do this." as soon as we hiked up, and we arrived to the top, i realized that i didn't have the lines that i was thinking i was going to take. you've got to be pretty confident, but i just realized that these are not the lines i wanted to use. they're thinner. i decided to go for it, because these lines are normally strong enough. this was the moment for me to go for it. i was actually a bit scared. i don't know, you just go for it and overcome your fears, right? man: ruben, can you hear me? take the speed from the slope, and don't move the kite. ruben: copy that. i will try. laila: just as ruben is about to launch off the cliff, something goes wrong, and he has to abort.
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ruben: yeah, so, i didn't get enough speed on the takeoff, and then i jumped too early and not enough into the wind. second attempt, let's do it. laila: this time, he does get enough speed. ruben soars over haugastol; and in those brimming moments, he knows once again he's taken kiteboarding somewhere it's never been before. ruben: it's hard to describe this feeling, you know, because you work up to it, and you kind of have an idea, and it's just that moment, you know, and it's like& i don't know, it's something magic, i think.
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