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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 15, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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some riders say many aren't expecting. good evening... i'm ann notarangelo. is off tonight. calling them new and improved bus routes. the changes to some lines that
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are effecting people. after years of cutbacks, they bring out new routes. this is days before the cooling off period is lifted. >> reporter: the signs are posted. line 49 will not stop at this berkeley intersection anymore starting on sunday. it looks like some drivers have not gotten the memo. some stopped and let apparentlies on and off and others zoom on by. across the street at the car wash, worker brown got used to seeing the 49 roll by. >> have you heard anyone complaining about the changes? >> not yet. >> ac transit sees the many changes as a good thing. including a reroute of line 76 to 72 and 72m getting more service on saturday. as far as that line of 49-a and berkeley, ac transit does not call it a cut it is getting
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simplified inside. erica says they did a poor job publicizing the route changes and it is not the first time. >> they did a schedule change last year that effected my bus and did not make it clear, also. >> glitches are expected. so, everybody has some time to get used to what is going on and can make the adjustment. >> reporter: earlier this week a judge struck down an attempt by the local to stop the route changes. the union claimed the changes go against the terms of the cooling off period. the judge sided with management, allowing the revamp to move forward. >> we reached out to local 192 for comment but did not hear back. the president's voicemail did say workers are expected to report to duty until december
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22nd, 11:59 p.m. that is when the cooling off period comes to an end. back to you. >> the ac transit holiday bus is back. this year there is an add feature. each holiday season they transform one of the buses with colorful decorations. it runs on a different route every day. but unlike previous times, this year all rides on the holiday bus are free. the offer runs from tomorrow until the 3rd of january. the police want to know how one of the people involved in a domestic dispute and car crash ended up in the bay? the ask happened friday afternoon in the hayward direction. the chp says the couple was arguing inside of the suv before it crashed. they got out and the argument kept going and at some point one of them ended up in the water. the police are looking for witnesses if you saw anything, give the police a call. as many as 30 people are staying somewhere else tonight after a fire at an apartment
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complex if san francisco's north beach neighborhood. the fire started a little after 9:30 this morning. firefighters had it under control in half an hour. but, smoke and water damage forced people out of a dozen apartments. the cause is under investigation. today, day 8. tomorrow, number 9. as a spare the air day has been declared. no burning wood. ann shows us how the dirty air is effecting the bay area. >> the filthy air is visible throughout the bay area. >> this yellowish, hazy, you know, smog. >> tomorrow's alert is the 13th since the winter spare the air season began on november 1st. record-breaking consecutive 9 day run is caused by ongoing path. >> kind of like smoking in a stuffy room. >> reporter: high pressure is holding pollution close to the ground. >> we set this record with 6 days. we may hikely double that
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before we finally get a change in the weather pattern. >> the air is harmful to children. the elderly and those with respiratory conditions. >> i did the same route every day. i recently had to start using my inhaler. >> reporter: it means wood burning is banned in doors and outdoors with exceptions for homes where wood burning is the soul heat source. >> reporter: if you are caught violating the wood burning ban with two options you can take an awareness class or pay a $100 fine. future fines go up after that. kpix-5. >> and, why the dirty air is staying so low to the ground, roberta? >> the high pressure that is causing our cold snap to come to an end, that is the culprit. it is firmly in place. we have no breeze, no onshore flow. so, the air stays put. now you have an area of
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pressure at the bay area. that will cause a wind shift and accept the air mass. until then, we have the 9th consecutive spare the air day. we will see unhealthy levels of matter and carbon monoxide to the surface. minus the central bay. now, the big question is, the area of low pressure that promisees to move,on wednesday and the rain chances. we will talk about that coming up later on in this broadcast. >> well, the catch, the earthquake game, the last beatles concert, candlestick park holds a lot of history. fans can hold a peace of it. >> stadium seats are on sale. ticket holders get the first grab. it will cost the general public $100 more. other parts will be sold. most of the money goes to san francisco parks. the team gets the rest. and, we are counting down to the 9ers last game at
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candlestick on december 23rd. and we have a special evening planned. after the game, stay tuned for the 5th quarter followed by "bye-bye baby" a look back at special moments at candlestick. >> december 23rd, beginning with kick off at 5:25. uber needs more drivers. the sweet deal they are giving to lure new emmyees. >> the tones going through, uc berkeley how the university landed this grand instrument. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you.
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single click on your smartphone-- says demand is growing so quickly it needse drivers... and right now. uber is now in 60 cities all around the world. and mark y uber that finds you a driver, says demand is growing quickly it needs more drivers and right now. uber is in 60 cities around the world. and as they tell us, in order to get bigger the futuristic company is partnering with two traditional car brands. >> after a couple of years juggling a film career and driving a traditional taxi. jason needed to switch gears. >> i need a job that was like
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really nextible. >> uber was his solution. he says being an uber driver is different than driving a taxi. the app allows him to set his own schedule and make his own money while uber takes a 20% cut. >> a great way to be a small business owner. otherwise i would of never had the opportunity to have my own thing. >> reporter: to attract more drivers like bo they launched a partnership with two titans in the manufacturing world. toyota and gm. >> it is not hard to deal with toy kwroeta and gm. they were excited to align their brands with ours. >> the deal, -- toyota and gm. they were excited to align their brands with ours. the deal, to lower the cost of the car, aligning the payment with the drivers. >> so, putting more drivers and vehicles on the road it is critical for us to grow the
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business. >> i think it is something that sets uber apart. >> they follow them and heard their critics. like a taxi company, companies are stealing their passengers and are not classified by regulators as taxis. but, brand-new names bike toyota and gm will take them down a more mainstream road. >> it has to help them get more of some kind of -- like, drivers and regular everyday joes that did not think of driving before. >> reporter: even though he caught the bug, the company's new financing partnership with toyota and gm makes him more of a believer. >> i think it will bring on a lot more drivers. >> mark kelly, kpix-5. the financing partnership with toyota is rolling out in 6 cities including san francisco.
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they are not without its critics, cab companies say companies like that need to be regulated just like taxis. [singing] weather tease an unbelievable elvis impersonator and he is just 16 years old. how he sings the song. and look outdoors at the full moon. we are able to see it with a clear sky. but, clouds, when they roll in. and obscure that view as the news continues on kpix-5. ,,
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that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless. fulton street, near embarca road, is now in its 73rd ye. a live look at christmas
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tree lane as holiday tradition is now in the 73rd year. thousands of people come out every year to check out the row of trees, holiday lights and deck raeugs. you can see it through december 31st. the halls of berkeley may never be or sound the same. [music] >> the professor proudly plays this organ like one that boch would of played. it was built in 1982. it comes from a church in delaware who no longer wanted it. it replaces an electric organ. >> it provides an important recycled instrument with 35 stops and then 3,000 pipes, so, it is a big piece of equipment on the campus. then, of course, it gives the students access to different
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kinds of music to play on it. >> elvis is back. elvis is back. a 16-year-old french canadian. david may not look anything like him but his voice is incredibly similar. david has received awards for impersonating elvis. if the teenager's performance of "about blue christmas "on a radio station that is getting him attention and it has gone viral. >> check this kid out. almost six million people checked this kid out. they viewed the video and it has been posted on monday. okay. i can not escape it. it is on the radio, on tv on your computer, on your pad. >> it makes me giggle. so odd to hear that voice from
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that young soul. how talented is he. i wonder what he sounds like not singing elvis. >> yes. okay, wow, heading to the beach today. who would not want to go to the beach. check this out. ocean beach. the swells are building out of the west at 10 to 13 feet. wow, water temperature, 53. and perhaps you want to head to santa cruz tomorrow. near record warmth. 73 degrees, water temperature, 53. but w -- we do have a beach swell. be mindful. never turn your back to an angry ocean 57 degrees to cordegrees for the warm spot in throughout the try valley. warmer today than yesterday. right now, dipped to the upper 40s in oakland with clear starry skies. sanfrancisco with a pair of 5s.
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in the 50s. lows tonight, bottoming out in the middle 30s to the 40s, should not see freezing temperatures around right around penn grove. 42 in oakland. okay. here is what you need to know as you begin the brand-new workweek w. sre more spare the air days coming. we are going to average anywhere between 8 and 15 degrees. the next chance of rain showers, light chance, coming on wednesday. first up, tropical moisture to the south. looking up in a northerly direction. going up to high pressure. taking the chowds to the southland. we are stuck in the reupbl of high pressure. keeping the air mass in place. so, that is why we have more days of spare the air to come. next chance, area of low pressure. that will make a pattern change as far as the winds are concerned and that should mix up the air mass and we should have better air quality by at least thursday if not even wednesday. here is playing out your numbers.
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playing out your workweek. let me get out of the way here. 62 at half-moon bay. a pair of sixes in san francisco. average high, 58 degrees. typical for this time of the year. 70 in pleasanton. upper 60s in santa rose a. again, it is illegal to burn for the next 24 hours. check out the unhealthy areas of the matter and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. now, by tuesday, as we see an approaching area of low pressure, the ridge of high pressure begins to erode. slightly cooler air mass. wednesday,s slight chance of rain showers, no gully washers there. just a chance of rain and then back into the 50s on friday and 60s through the weekend. no big rain chances right now. no snow in tahoe. >> that is right. >> we are hurting right now. >> yes. we are. >> yes. thanksgiving as well, right? >> yes. a tough go for them. >> yes. yes. >> looking for a short window.
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they are still open. making snow. >> yes. all of this, more viewers, coming play off time. the bucks, san francisco, a let down in tampa bay today. a record day for alex smith at the colseeium, next , next -- coliseum, next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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over the seattle seahawks, thought the 49ers might sufa letdown against the tampa b bucaneers, winners of 4 of r last 5. after last week's emotional win with the seahawks. they thought they would get a let down. support of the last 5. reunion day for the safety. getting big money in the off
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season. 10-0, 49ers, the second quarter. the pocket. throwing it to davis. touchdown, 49ers. they near he got channel 2 photographer into the padded wall. a touchdown in 5 straight games. but, right before the half the rookie quarterback for tampa, mike, getting him on the board. jackson, touchdown, 17-7, 49ers at the break. 27 on the first play in the 4th quarter. going to a wide open. right behind him. 49ers, the secondary. caught there. they are down 6 points. maybe it is a trapped game. but the ensuing job was 10 minutes. a big play. 10 yard scramble. by kaepernick on 3rd down to keep the drive going. it led to a field goal, 23-14. on the kick off, look at this there. it did not work. who is there to fick up. touchdown, 49ers, they go 33- 14. they are 10-4 on cap nick, throwing for 203 yards and two
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touchdowns he rushed for 39 yards. >> kaepernick really put on his cape. a couple conversions, not a lot of people can not make those plays that he was making. making them with his arm, his head, i mean, who, who is able to do that? >> superman's cape, right? >> manning did not give the 49ers any help against the seahawks. he thaou five interceptions. wilson was much more efficient. baldwin, the touchdown. beating new york, 23-0 to approve to go to a league best. flinn led packers. the touchdown, to james jones, bringing the pass of 5 points. then, with a minute and 30 left. in the end zone for the go ahead score. green bay, all of the way back to shock the cowboys in texas
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no let's. 37-36. so, with that loss, the cowboys fall out of the driver's seat. theyor the outside looking in. 49ers can clinch a play off spot with a win against it next week. alex smith, career days, so did matt. alex smith, got to sheep in his bay area home last night. first play from scrimmage. the screen pass to charles. scoots to the sidelines. look at the room. look at it. 49 yards. to pay dirt just hike. that raiders behind the 8 ball, 7-0. now, kicking the field goal, now, going back. this time, on 3rd and 19. the raider defense. awol. 39 yard score. beginning of a historic day for that man. jumping the route. taking off matt. home free. the chiefs, thrive-17 lead into halftime. but the raiders storm back. down 11 in the 3rd. andre, bringing the ball down. one hand, all while looking
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back into the sunshine. wow. impressed. >> a few days later, he hauls in the 14 yard score. the raiders score 21 unanswered. they are within four points. but, smith went to who else? charles. on the route. smith used to do this all of the time with frank gore. the 5th touchdown of the day. clinton portous 10 years ago, the raiders could not take care of the football. four interceptions. [bad audio ] no last second magic today n seconds left... dolphins up that will do it for this edn of
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captioning funded by cbs and fo >> miller: how long have you been with the n.s.a.? >> for 25 years. >> miller: how many television interviews have you done? >> one, this one. >> miller: it's the most secretive spy agency in america, but the n.s.a. opened its doors to "60 minutes," and we talked to people who have never spoken publicly and brought our cameras into places that no one without a secret clearance has ever been. >> the pakistani government has asked the u.s. government to relook its drone policy. >> miller: it's been said n.s.a. stands for "never say anything," until now, at a time when there are a lot of serious questions about the agency's reach into the lives of the american public. >> the fact is, we're not collecting everybody's email, we're not collecting everybody's phone things, we're not listening to that. our job is foreign intelligence


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