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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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those victims were among mo than 2-dozen homicides reported in the tonight, people lit candles in memory of a handful of people killed by gunfire in the last seven-days. those victims were among many this year. >> remembered with another vigil. five dead in the past week.
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36 people killed here this week from 10 in 2009. >> i pray the year 2014 will be the year of peace. i pray your people call out to you god for comfort, for joy and for peace. >> reporter: prayers, of course, but also a commitment to take skpabgz make a -- take action. >> i see a community where teenagers have a chance to get off of the streets. it is hard. >> reporter: this organizers says the bundleet cuts shutdown community centers, a place young people need. >> a place they are not afraid of express their feelings of pain and anger and having someone steer him in the correct direction and actually consider the advice they are giving to them. >> reporter: one may wonder if a group of well meaning people can counter the violence of simply coming together. it is a first step in making a stand. >> i think sometimes you have to take risk and speak up.
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i think sometimes that gives people courage to stand up with you. and i think we bond together things will change. >> it may seem like just another vigil after a homicide, but the folks that came here tonight say they want to make a commitment and a change and end the violence. don knapp, kpix5. >> they are pushing the cause on social media. join it on facebook under stop the violence in vallejo vigil. a family says a daughter went in the hospital for a routine procedure but in matter of hours she has been declared brain dead. she went in to get her tonsils removed. a family member, a nurse, noticed bleeding from her nose and mouth. the family says on thursday she was declared brain dead. >> the family wants to keep her
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on as long as possible, as long as her heart is still regular and she feels stable and they are still giving her medicine for her blood pressure, still giving her fluid, we believe in miracles. >> children's hospital sent us this statement saying we are very sad about her condition and our hearts go out to her family. we are currently reviewing the case. san francisco police are looking for leads in a deadly shooting of a 16-year-old boy. a second person was wounded in the shooting and is in serious condition. the motive is unclear. and a teen age girl, shot in the head in a colorado high school is in a comb a. 17-year- old claire davis was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when a classmate stormed the school library on friday. 18-year-old carl pearson was
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looking to settle a grudge will a teacher. he killed himself as security closed in. >> the school also initiated a lockdown of the facility. the quick response by our resource officer caused the children and the staff at this facility to be safe. >> students will be allowed back into the school tomorrow but only to get their belongings. classes are canceled through the end of the week. and people near the berkeley campus are on alert after a rash of burglaries. there were five last week. and the latest was early yesterday morning on durby street. two student says they are going to the park to watch a meteor shower when 2 men approached from behind. the victims were held up at gunpoint. >> it is like wild west now. it is just -- people walk up to you and just no fear. and, they are willing to give me your phone or else. >> the suspects were a couple of men in their comments.
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both 5 '7. if you have information of the hold up, the police want to hear from you. as many as 30 people are spending the night some place else after a fire damaged their northeast apartment building. the fire started after 9:30 this morning and firefighters did have it under control quickly. but, smoke, water damage left at least a dozen apartments unlivable for now. the cause is under investigation. >> foster city police want to know how one of the people involved in a domestic dispute and a car crash on the bridge ended up in the bay. the couple was arguinged in of their suv before it crashed. they got out and the argument kept going. at some point one of them ended up in the water. the police are looking for witnesses. if you saw anything foster city give them a call. >> and, tomorrow, it will be the 9th straight day that burning wood band in the area. ann shows us the effects of the dirty air.
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>> reporter: the filthy air is visible throughout the bay area. >> yellowish, you know, smog. >> reporter: tomorrow's alert is the 13th since the winter spare the air season began on november 1st. this record breaking consecutive 9-day run is caused by a ongoing weather pattern. >> it is like, you know, smoking in a stuffy room. >> high pressure is holding pollution close to the ground. >> we set this record with 6 days. we may likely double that before we get a change in the weather pattern. >> the air is especially harmful to children and the elderly with respiratorys. >> just recently hi to start using my inhaler. >> winter spare the air, banned in doors and outdoors, with exceptions for homes where wood burning is the sole heat source. >> reporter: if you are caught violating the wood-burning ban
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you have two options,. take a wood smoke awareness class or pay a $100 fine. future fines go up after that. in the news room, kpix5. >> airports in the northeast are slowly getting back to normal after a weekend snowstorm that forced the cancellations of hundreds of flights. drivers did not have much luck either. they struggled to gain traction on the ice-covered roadways. the storm spanned 1,000 miles and dump good where from 5-15 feet. nelson mandela was laid to rest after a colorful reflection of his life. final farewell to a man who forever changed the face of a country. >> reporter: carrying his casket down a winding road in his childhood village [band playing ] >> reporter: high ranking officers marched the coffin to the family grave site.
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then paused for prayer before lowering it into the ground. >> this morning we are compelled to give god honor and thank him for the life of madeba. >> reporter: jets flew over head, followed by 3 helicopters towing south africa flags. his memorial started with a 21- gun solute. 95 candles lined the stage. one for each year of his life. 4,000 guests joined his wife, michelle and his former wife, winnie. prince charles and oprah winfrey were among them. >> reporter: president jackob zumba will unveil this statue on monday here at the place mandela became president. >> nelson mandela did a lot for
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our country. >> reporter: the statue will stand as a symbol of reconciliation and unity. danielle knotting ham, cbs news. and veteran actor peter o 'toole has died at the age of 81. his death followed a long illness. we look back at his career. >> peter o'toole became an international star for portraying a soldier in "lawrence of arabia." his career began on the british stage. from this, he embraced hollywood in all of his glamour and was known as a hard- drinking hell-raiser. >> i would of gone to war. they teamed with hepburn. >> there is no one. >> and he played a british schoolteacher in good-bye mr.
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chip. in 2011, the actor signed his name in cement at the chinese theater. >> it is many years that i had an eupbt mat relationship with cement. >> he never took home an oscar until 2003 when the academy gave him an award for his body of work. >> yes. here. very good films, i think. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the celebrated son of great britain, his death prompted this tweet from the british prime minister. quote, my thoughts are with peter o 'toole's family and friends. the legendary actor was 81. cbs news, new york. >> and peter leaves behind two daughters and a son. and a grand new sound.
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the latest edition to one university's music program. skies are clear. we are able to see the full moon tonight. but clouds, moving back into the bay area, we will pinpoint that today as the news continues right here on kpix-5 ,,,, ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack
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100% more possible. join us at and thrive. years of cutbacks. line 76 in san pablo is bei re- routed... to better serve h middle school. lines 72 and ac transit is revamping the streets after years of cutbacks. line 76 is being rerouted to better serve a middle school. lines 72 and 72m are adding more service on saturday, and service is streamlined along 49a, meaning newer stops. >> they did a schedule change last winter that did effect my bus and they did not make it clear, also. >> i did not know where the changes were going to be. >> the driver's union and tried and failed to stop the route
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changes. they are still in the middle of a contract dispute and the cooling off period ends in a week. now, this is one bus you will want to catch if you can. the ac transit holiday bus is back. this year it is free. it is all decked out in holiday decorations, it runs a different route each day. the rides are free. now, getting you where you are going summoning taxi drivers through your cell phone. it is growing so fast, they need more people. they are partnering with two traditional car brands. >> after juggling a career in film and driving a taxi he needed to switch gears. >> i needed a job that was really flexible. being an uber driver is different. it allows him to set his own schedule and make his own money while they take a 20% cut.
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>> it is a great way to be a small business owner or i would never of had the opportunity to do this. >> to a track more people like he, they partnered with toyota and gm. >> it is not hard cell to deal with thel. in fact, they were pretty excited to align their brands with ours. >> reporter: it will help them finance their new car, lowering the driver's month he car payment by $100. they hope more affordable vehicles will get more people driving for them. >> the last two months we have been growing 20% month over month given our scale. the need for putting more drivers and vehicles on the road quickly to grow our stphaobs it sets them apart to bring in all of the big names. >> reporter: she follows
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businesses like hears and heard their critics like taxi companies upset at companies like this stealing their passengers and are not classified by regulators as taxis. but she says brand-new names like toyota and gm will help them. >> tell help them get with drivers and regular every day joes. >> the financialing partnership is rolling out in six cities including san francisco. tomorrow is supposed to be the busiest they of the year for the postal service. less than 2 weeks until christmas the rush is on. if you are sending something outside of the united states you are adviced to send it tomorrow so it arrives by the 25th. now, first class mail needs to go out on the 25th. priority, 21st, and if not express on the 23rd.
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well, the halls of uc berkeley may never sound the same again. this grand organ is the newest edition. it replaces an electric org onand brings a richer experience. >> it provides a really important recycling instrument with 35 stops and 3,000 pipes so it is a bit of a big piece of equipment on campus. it gives the students access to the different kinds of music. >> it was built in 1982 and referbishd. one effort longest holiday traditions is back. visitors are knocking to christmas tree lane. >> i think it is great they are willing to let the kids stomp
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all over their yards to sit on the slay and hear "twas the night before christmas". >> it is in the 73rd year. you can see it for yourself through december 31st. roberta is joining us now to tell fuss -- us if you would have great weather. >> it is great. high pressure, helping the cold snap coming to an end it is the cold front allowing the air mass stay here in the bay area. kicking up high surf. up to 10 feet. off of the ocean beach today. good evening everybody. in fact, currently, air temperature right now into the 40s across the board. it is now 53 degrees in the city of san francisco. looks like we will see the temperatures tonight not as
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cold as it has been in recent nights. we have the clear skies, temperature wise in the 30s and the 40s. overnight, coolest locations, delta. 43 degrees. middle 30s, common, from livermore to san ramon. now, sneaker waves and rip currents, otherwise, the main story happens to be more spare the air days. certainly in the temperatures soring 8-15 degrees before normal for this time of the year. we have a chance, all be it a small chance, of bringing rain back in the forecast on wednesday afternoon. the main reason is, first off, the tropical moisture to the south. going to they there. with the ridge of high pressure. the pressure over the western states. it allowed the air mass stay chose to the surface -- close to the surface. what we need is a good sea breeze. we will not see it as of yet.
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however, we have changes. area of low pressure, upstream, promises to nick the northern half of the state of california. as it does so. we will see mixing in the atmosphere. again, it will will come by wednesday afternoon or wednesday evening with the chance of rain and also that stronger sea breeze. until then, for your monday, near he 70 degrees in merced and stockton. upper 40s in the greater lake tahoe area. snow in there. however it is cold enough overnight. dipping below freezing to make the snow. okay. tomorrow, playing out the numbers like this. midand high 60s. averaging around this time of the year. and redwood city, low 60s, half- moon bay. in montero beaches. canyon through vallejo. upper 60s to napa, sonoma and 70 degrees. again, illegal to burn tonight
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and tomorrow as far as in doors and outdoors is concern concerned. spare the air day. there you have it. the warmest day of the workweek. warmest, monday, area of low pressure, dropping down significantly. dropping in the 50s on thursday, friday, dry weather pattern not optimistic at all itch the silver and the black get in the holiday spirit. how raider fans are helping those in need, next raiders could of used some of that help. coming up next on "gameday" smith thoughs five touchdowns against the raiders. >> alex's old team was hoping to avoid the trap game in tampa. >> everyone wants to call it a trap game. >> and curry goes for 30. was it enough for the warriors? ,,,,,,
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for tots" drive at the coli. some fans came dressed as s or one of his elves. candlestick park holds a lo raider fans, a gift for the toys for tots drive. some fans came dressed as santa. and candlestick park holds a lot of history. now, fans can hold a piece of it. 49ers cease oppass holders got the first try to buy it. most of the money goes to san francisco parks and then the team gets the rest. we are counting down the game. monday night december 23rd. watch the game right here. after the game, stay tuned for the 5th quarter followed by bye-
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