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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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mike, he is off. first we have the weather with him. >> yes, temperatures near record levels this afternoon, out the door now chilly in spots, 30ings in the value but you know what? 60s and breezy conditions, more on your forecast coming up. >> out the door we go, here is a live look, if you leave you should have no problems out there, overnight road work but no major accidents, a full look atr morning commute coming up. >> all right, sounds good, elizabeth, thank you. overnight john kerry says they are still looking for evidence that the man who disappeared there is still alive but he says they should look elsewhere. tara mergener has the story. >> where is he? >> i have no idea. >> iran's foreign minister tells cbs news his country has
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nothing to do with robert levinson, the american who vanished on an island in then. >> i know he is not incarcerated by iran. >> how do you know that? >> if he is it would be without them and i think we are in pretty good control of the country. >> he says the was working for the cia. he says they bring it up in every conversation they have and he denies the family's suggestion that they have not done enough to find him. >> so suggest that we have abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is not correct. we are working on several processes i am not free to talk about. >> john mccain says they need to be more forthcoming. >> the cia did not tell the
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truth to congress but him. >> he says he is convinced they know where he is. >> he does agree they are doing all they can to help find him. >> yesterday nelson mandela was buried, thousanded attended it, the family marched it to the burial site and then watched it lowered to the ground. some 500 guests attended the ceremony. >> we lost a lot. >> nelson mandela did a lot for our country. >> the funeral began with a 21 gun salute and then laid on cow skins, they had that, one for each year of his life, oprah
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winfrey and others attended. >> let's get a check on your weather. >> yeah, not bad, out the door a few high clouds and temperatures all over the place, that is what you see in the valley, 30s and 40s and 50s and low 60s toward the coastline with breezy conditions, this afternoon sunny skies, high clouds, the temperatures 60s and low 70s, maybe mid-70s toward the monterrey bay. numbers like this, 71 in san jose, 69 oakland, 70 in santa rosa, and 70 in redwood city. here is traffic with laura. >> thank you, we will go back out there and show you that traffic nimitz freeway and 880, the commute in both directions looking pretty good this hour, we are checking drive times in san jose, 101 about 30 minutes,
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ronald reagan parkway and 280 looks pretty good as you leave the 180 interchange, here is a look at the interchange there, it is not bad, in fact this is the time to leave there, we are not seeing delays there yet, and that is heading toward the livermore valley and bart trains they should have more than 20 right now all the running on time. back to you. >> thank you. people there gathered to light canals in memory of people killed by gunfire in the last few days, they were more than two dozen homicides in the city this year, we were there and he says the community has had enough. >> reporter: vallejo homicide victims were remembered with still another vigil. five dead in the past week, that is 26 people killed here this year, up 10 from 2009. >> and i pray that 2013 would
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be a year of peace and i just pray that your presence would overshadow this place as your people pray for comfort and peace. >> prayer for comfort but also a call for action as the community takes action. >> i see a chance for the community to get off the street. it is hard. >> organizer akyla joins says vallejo budget cuts have shut down community centers a place young people need. >> a place where they are not afraid to express their feelings of pain and anger and have someone that will turn them in the right direction and they will actually consider the advice they get. >> one wonders if they will counter the violence by simply coming together and they have to take a stand. >> i think you have to take a risk and stand up and i think
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when people bond together we will see a change. >> it may seem like another homicide like so many we have seen around the bay area in the past several years but the folks what came here tonight said they want to make a commitment and a change and end the violence, in vallejo don nap, kpix 5. >> they want to push it there, join the conversation on facebook there. >> a family says their daughter went into the hospital for a routine procedure but in a matter of days had been declared brain dead. 13-year-old joa mcmath went in to get her tonsils removed and was supposed to get out the next day but someone noticed blood coming from her nose and mouth and was declared brain dead and the hospital wants to declare her dead but the family wants to keep her alive is a
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long as possible. >> as long as she is still stable and they are still giving her those and we believe in miracles and we believe a miracle will happen. >> the hospital sent a statement saying we are sad about her condition and our hearts go out to the family. we are currently reviewing the case. they had a problem there and it was the latest there, two students said they were going to the park to watch the meteor shower when the two victims were approached from behind. the victims were held up at gunpoint. >> it is the wild west now and people approach with no fear and give me your phone or else. >> the were both in their 20s and, of course if you have information they want to hear from you. >> as many as 20 people were displaced after a fire started
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in their apartment building. it started a little after 3:30 in the morning, they had it under control soon but smoke and water damage left them up liveable for now. police want to now how one of the people involved in a domestic dispute and a car crash ended up in the bay. they had a crash and got out and started arguing. at some point one of them ended up in the water, if you saw something or know anything give police a call. >> remember that, the cry being split wood not adams, those days are long gone, today is the 9th straight day that it is banned in the bay area. we have this report and she shows us the effects of the air. >> the air is yellow. >> this air is yellow, hazy
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fog. >> this is the 13th since it began on november first, this record breaking consecutive 9 day run is caused by an ongoing weather pattern. >> it is kind of like a -- you know smoking in a stuffy room. >> high pressure is holding pollution close to the ground. >> we sat this record with six days and we may likely double that before with finally get a change in the weather pattern. >> the air is especially harmful to children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions. >> i do the same bike routes every day and just recently i have started to use my inhaler. >> winter spare the air means wood burning is banned both indoors and outdoors with exceptions where it is the soul heat source. >> wood smoke creates about 40% of the fine part late particulate pollution in the
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winter time. >> if you are caught you can pay a fine and then they go up after that. >> if you want to you can attend the final home game but right now you can get a piece of history, some of the seats were sold and some other things will be sold as well, most of the money goes to the charity and the team gets the rest. we will have that game here, remember you can watch it here and after the game stay tuned for the 5th quarter followed bye bye by baby, a special look back at historic looks and memories at candlestick. >> too many now is 4:40, as they gather to pray for the student shot, we learn more about the stunning attack. >> we are having more of that, how it is expected to affect drivers and their customers, the price of gas there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for 17-year-old claire davi the high school student is coma... days after she was shot by a classmate. this morning colorado's governor is asking the nation to pray for 17-year-old claire davis. >> the high school student is
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in a coma days after she was shot by a classmate. our reporter howard nathan was in the denver suburb when hundreds of students gathered to pray last night. >> reporter: prayers for claire. on a fence outside a wrap ho high school. and on a field behind the school. employees kept us at a distance but we learned some 400 gathered, the recovery from friday's violence inside their school has just begun. >> people of faith were able to come closer to god. those without faith were able to through all these people heal in their own way. >> their thoughts are with 17- year-old claire davis, critically shot, the sheriff says but another student, 18- year-old carl pearson, who took his own life as a deputy approached. >> a lot of them are still in shock and they don't know how they feel and everybody handles grieving and healing differently. >> the sheriff's office is close to wrapping up its investigation here but says trying to understand the shooter's motives to hunt down
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his debate coach, identified by the school as tracy murphy, may take much longer. >> we are trying not to talk about the shooter much, trying not to make him a celebrity or anything and just focus on praying for claire. >> this at a rival high school, the cherry creek bruins lending a hand. >> when is the school getting back to normal? >> i don't know if it ever will by. >> but the school is moving on. >> just giving each other hugs and crying and we will get through it together. >> having that sense of togetherness will allow us to regain that sense of normalcy. >> the school is having a plan for allowing them to retrieve their belongings but for now it is closed until further notice. >> it is 16 minutes before the
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hour of 5:00 in the morning. >> yes, if you love sunshine we will get it, if you like wet weather not going to have it and some of these probably near record levels this afternoon. out the door here we warm up there why see it stretching across the bay area at this time but at the same time strong winds blowing that will crank up the temperatures and lots of sunshine and cooler weather ahead, especially later in the week, 40s there and with those offshore breezes we have seen 50s and 60s on the coastline, here is that low i am talking about, we will see more of that from time to time, but it is going to bring warmer temperatures not only here but around the state, 64 sacramento, 62 yosemite, how about this, 74 in monterrey
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bay, that is pretty nice weather. skies cloud up then tomorrow things clear up a little but but the temperatures drop off a few degrees so with that in mind enjoy the day today. what a day it is going to be, those are your temperatures in those areas, most of those 60s, near 70 in livermore, about 69 in oakland and 67 in san francisco. the next couple of days we will start to cool down the temperatures a whole lot as we head into wednesday and thursday with some partly cloudy skies then slowly warming up but staying dry into the weekend. all right let's check out your traffic with elizabeth. >> looks like christmas, all right, thank you, thank you lawrence, outside we go, not seeing a lot of overnight work now, cal trans did not have as much of it. we did have one spot on the freeway, northbound 101, they have got the left lanes blocked but again that is supposed to wrap up in the next 15 minutes,
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so no big delays. the other direction into san francisco, this is the bay bridge toll plaza, this looks good, no road work at all and not seeing that near yerba buena island. >> and that is a similar story, both sides look good though between hayward and foster city and back out there, once again that road work we often see this time of the morning not there today, so all lanes are open, that is why the drive time looks really good, in fact all of your drive times in the east bay nice and quiet including the east shore, 19 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze and if you are using mass transit today bart system-wide on time. that is your latest traffic, back to you guys. >> okay, thanks, liz, today could be the busiest day for the post office with less than two weeks and how until christmas the rush is on to get gifts out, if you are sending
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something outside the u.s., today is the deadline for global express to get it there by the 25th, first class by the 20th and priority mail the 21st is your cut off and if you procrastinate you need to go with express and mail it on the 23rd. did you follow that? >> i have not. well, they have brought out a car that will sell in the 30,000 dollar and come out in 2013, compare that to the care which costs 20 thousand dollars and will debut next year. the company uba gets you where you are going by summoning drives through the smart phone, now they are getting bigger and they are partnering with two very traditional car brands.
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>> after a couple of years with that career, he needed to such careers. >> i needed a job that was really flexible. >> being a uber driver was perfect, it allows him to set his own schedule while they take a cut. >> it is a great way to be an business owner, otherwise i would not have. >> to do that they launched a partner ship with toyota and gm, he is one behind the program. >> it is not a hard sell to do with them, in fact, they were pretty excited to align their brand with ours. >> the deal, toyota would help them finance their car, potentially lowering their payment by 100 dollars, uber hopes more affordable vehicles will get more people driving for them. >> last two months we have been
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growing for over 20% a month given our scale so the need for putting more drivers on the road is critical for us building our business. >> i think building them is a big part in that. >> she follows businesses like uber and has heard their critics like traditional taxi companies furious that companies like uber are stealing their passengers and are not classified as taxis, but tamm says brand new names like toyota and gm will take uber down a more mainstream road. >> that has got to get them some cache with drivers and regular every day joes who might have have thought about that before. >> they are rolling it out in six cities including san francisco. >> one of the holiday traditions is back, visitors
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have already stocked flocking to christmas tree lane, flocking trees in palo alto, the spectacle there attracts thousands every year. >> i think it is great they are willing to let all of the kids stomp all over their yards to see the sleigh and all that the night before christmas which is certainly what our kids did and they will go through this effort for strangers, it is great really. >> she is really cradling that microphone isn't she? >> yes. >> you can see that there. and before they held that they held a toy drive there, some came dressed as santa or one of his elves. the time now is 9 minutes before 6:00, what they are doing. >> but first hollywood is remembering the life of an international star this morning. more on the legacy of peter o'toole.
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all right, checking out your micro climate forecast we take you for a closer look now, looking pretty good into fremont, mild temperatures into the 60s, more tomorrow. >> we are just getting word there is a water main break there impacting flights out of terminal a, if you have to catch a there they are asking passengers to check in at terminal a and board a shuttle over to terminal b, we will have a live report shortly. >> vote ran actor peter o'toole has died at 81. >> it was sad news over the weekend, his agent said his death followed a long illness.
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we look back at his career. >> peter o'toole earned his first oscar nomination and that for portraying a british soldier in the film lawrence of arabia, his career began on the stage and from there embraced glamor and embraced that and was known as a hell-raiser in the 1960s, he portrayed him and acted with her and played a british schoolteacher in good by mr. chips, he signed his name in cement at the chinese theater. >> it is many years since i had an intimate relationship with cement. >> with many academy nominations he never took home an oscar until they give him an
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award for his body of work. >> yes, very good film i think. >> his death prompted morning around the globe, this from the prime minister, that was one of my finals, his performance in that was stunning. he was 81. >> by the way the name of that 1968 film was the lion in winter, not a lion in winter, pete o'toole leaves behind two daughters and a son. >> hollywood is also mourning the loss of joan fontaine she died yesterday at 86. she starred as rebecca and won an academy aword for best actress is suspicion. >> all right, the suspicion about him deepens, the efforts to find a man now believed to be a spy. >> and coming up a girl is on
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life support after what was supposed to be routine surgery, we will hear from her family after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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griego. a bay area girl is left brain dead after a routine surgery goes horribly wrong. >> that we have abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect. >> john kerry insists the u.s. is working to bring levinson home, when while the prime minister insists they don't have him. >> they did that and did make it better. >> they announce new bus routes after years of that they are rolling out new routes but not all drivers are using it. >> i use that every day and recently i started using my inhaler.
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>> yellow air and that, today is the 9th spare the air today there. from around the area stories that matter. >> good morning, it is monday, december the 16th. >> good morning, the time right now is 6:00. >> the water main break right now is causing problems for passengers there, passengers will checking at a and take a shuttle to b for security screening, they have not given an estimate for when operations return to normal. >> for this monday for the 9th day in a row spare the air has been declared, it is banning wood burning except where it is the soul source of heat, the 9th since then, it is a record breaking run caused by


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