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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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on kpi x news this morning. good morning, i thought it was you. it is monday, december 16th. >> i'm michelle griego. it is 6:00. time for follow breaking news at san jose airport where a terminal was evacuated because of flooding. how is this impacting passengers? >> reporter: huge mess. we'll get to that in just a second. but right now, i want to show you the sky bridge that connects baggage claim with terminal a. if you look closely, you might see workers inside with vacuum cleaners. they say there is a bunch of water up there that is dripping down from the second level down into the first level here. we do have some video of that. it is a huge mess. water dripping down literally
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through the ceiling, it ruptured and soaked some of the ceramic tiling that has fallen down. and that is directly above the shot you see there, that is where the security screening area is. that is what is causing the big traffic headache and mess out here. so what happens is, if you have a flight leaving from terminal a, from either virgin or american jetblue delta or hawaiian, you come in, check in, if you have bags, you get on a shuttle, go to terminal b, have your bags screened, and come back over here. if you do not have bags, go over to the international terminal and that is where you check through and the cart from your flight is from terminal a. we have an interview with a spokesperson for the airport here. >> i'm not sure at this point. certainly we will look at that. but our primary focus is getting customers to the flight on time as well as cleaning up the standing water to get the affected areas opened up as
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quickly as possible. >> reporter: so the shot you are looking at now, this is the bus you get on at terminal a, that will take to you terminal b. this is a huge headache for a lot of the travelers here. they are recommending standard arrival time is 90 minutes before your flight. at least two hours get here before your flight. so no word yet on the cause of the rupture of the line they are still investigating, we are live here at san jose international airport, kpi x 5. on the subject of signals, let's get a check on the morning commute. >> reporter: there is a snarl now unfortunately over at the bay bridge. they turned on the metering light. now they have delays your usual stuff for this time of the morning. backed up over toward the first crossing .10 minutes to get you onto the bridge. it is pretty slow. so other bridges, the san mateo
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bridge is moving fine right now. right before westbound 84 before the pay gates, not seeing any delay because of it. it may be cleared to the shoulder off to the main lines for the freeway. and the northbound 880 so far looking good even though there was an accident approaching high street. we are looking at mostly sunny skies after a few clouds roll on through this morning. temperatures going to heat up. out the door we go, chilly in spots. if you are cruising outside 30s in the valleys, 40s inside the bay and 50s along the coastline. breezy there too. the offshore winds will crank up and temperatures getting near record levels by this afternoon. 72 or so, some of the valleys 60s to 70s inside the bay and mid-60s coast side. over the next couple of days, enjoying changes but boy these next couple will be beautiful. 71 degrees in san jose. 67 degrees in san francisco and
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no rain in sight. family members of 13-year- old joy mcmath are trying to figure out what happened. the girl's nothing is holding out hope for a miracle recovery. >> reporter: her mother told me just moments ago as long as her daughter has a heartbeat, she is not leaving this hospital. it has been a week since she last heard her daughter's voice. now her daughter is hooked up to a ventilator, where doctors have told her mother she is brain dead. >> i'm all cried out. i have no more tears left. the only thing i can do is stay here. i'm not leaving unless she leaves with me. because i will not let them pull the plug on my child. >> reporter: last week 13-year- old joy mcmath went in to get her tonsils removed at oakland's children's hospital. after her surgery, her
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grandmother noticed she was bleeding heavily from her nose and mouth and then she went into cardiac arrest. her family says they are fighting to keep her on that ventilator. >> i'm going to pray for her. i want everybody to continue to pray for her. keep her alive. that is the only thing i will say. i will not let my daughter die. i refuse to bury my daughter. >> reporter: now the family tells us they have another meeting with doctors today. but they want to go above them and meet with a director because they aren't getting the answers we need. we did get a statement from oakland children's hospital they said quote we are sad about her condition and our hearts go out to her family and we are currently reviewing the case. >> the family claims the hospital representatives have been pushing them to take her off life support and that she was now a quote coroner's case. for the ninth day in a row
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a. the -- a save the air day has been declared. it is caused by high pressure holding pollution close to the ground. if you are caught violating the woodburning ban you can take a smoke awareness class or pay a $100 ticket. new details provide another look at the gunman at a high school in colorado. a friend of 18-year-old carl pearson said he heard him talking about wanting to shoot about kill people. >> carl had threatened to kill mr. murphy half jokingly. and mr. murphy brought that to the administration and carl got suspended for that. >> carl couldn't find him so he shot fellow student clair davis a 17-year-old girl's apparently didn't know and then killed himself. meanwhile arapahoe high school will remain closed, at least through the week. residents in vallejo are
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trying to do what they can to stop a surge in violence. five people were murdered there in the past week, that brings the total to 26 killed this year alone. last night people remembered the latest victims at a candlelight vigil. they also talked about solutions to the problem. >> a place where they are not afraid to express their feelings of pain and anger and have one who is going to steer them in the correct direction. they will actually consider the advice they are giving to them. >> reporter: budget cuts have forced them to close a lot of the community centers. they are pushing their cause on social media. there is a conversation on facebook under the title stop the violence in vallejo vigil. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is looking for evidence an american who disappeared in iran is still
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alive. iran tells cbs news that america should look elsewhere. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister tells cbs news his country has nothing to do with the disappearance of robert levinson. the american who vanished on an island in 2007. >> we know he is not incarcerated in iraq. >> reporter: the white house has always maintained levinson was a private citizen on a business trip at the time of his disappearance. but an associated press report reveals he was actually working for the cia. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. brings up levinson's fate in every discussion it has with iranian representatives. kerry denies the family suggestion the u.s. government isn't doing enough to find levinson. >> to suggest we have abandoned
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him is simply incorrect. we are working on several processes that i'm not free to talk about. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain says the obama administration needs to be more forthcoming. >> the cia did not tell the truth to the american congress. >> reporter: mccain says he is convinced iran knows where the missing american is. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. >> mccain does agree the u.s. is doing all it can to learn what has happened to levinson. san francisco police are looking for leads in the deadly shooting of a 16-year-old boy. a second person was wounded in the shooting and is in serious condition. the motive is unclear. a newspaper produced by inmates of san quentin tin has now expanded to 20 pages. it comes out monthly and goes to convictims, prison staff and 15 other state prisons.
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articles include reports on prison sporting events. 15 inmates do the writing for the only paper of its kind in california. a new free shuttle will launch next month bringing daily city neighborhoods closer together. giving them assets to medical and nutrition services. the san mateo county transportation authority and the mtc, are helping fund the shuttle. an icon is laid to rest in south africa over the weekend. the elaborate funeral service for nelson mandela, and the new details about the interpreter accused of being a fake at the memorial service. and miley cyrus is trending this morning. why she posted a scandalous picture of herself. >> sand husband? miley cyrus? come on. hey folks headed out the door today, high clouds, near record breaking temperatures this afternoon. we'll talk about that, coming up. we are starting to see our
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usual gridlock now. we'll have your travel times, coming up. of course we still want your feedback. what drives you crazy during your commute? just share a gripe or asking us questions by e-mailing us. or tweet me. and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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o'toole died saturday in lon after a leng veteran actor peter oh tool has died at the age of 81. o'toole died saturday after a helping any illness. he is trending this morning. also trending, miley cyrus, she posted a topless pick on
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twitter -- picture on twitter. survivor, tyson was named the winner of survivor blood versus water. heisman is also trending, florida state university james winston was awarded the 7th heisman trophy, the youngest player ever. and pray for clair, the high school student critically wounded in colorado in the high school shooting. out the door we go toward the east bay. there was a motorcycle accident. it was southbound 242 right before concord. we are seeing those red, they just cleared it over to the right shoulder. now things are improving coming off highway 4, but it is still a little unusually slow. here's a live look at the bay
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bridge, unfortunately, typical stuff, metering lights were turned on at 5:52 this morning. at least 15 minutes to get you onto the bridge. you see a slow crawl all the way out toward the island, and then things improve a little bit into san francisco if you are cross ising the -- crossing the upper deck. coming into sunnyvale northbound 101 there was an accident there at the lawrence expressway. already clear to the right hand shoulder. westbound 580 beginning to show our slow sensors. the heaviest back-up to livermore avenue remains heavy out toward the dublin interchange. ace train 1 and 3 and bart trains on schedule. here's more in the warmer forecast.
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from all the temperatures we had, out the door we go, chilly some spots. a few high clouds drifting from overhead. other than that we are looking good for this day. in fact there will be the warmest day of the week with near record heat by the afternoon. then cooler weather ahead, especially as we get into wednesday and thursday. out the door we have a mix of high clouds and looks like mostly clear skies in spots, 35 degrees in santa rosa, 38 in san jose. 45 degrees in san francisco. the ridge of high pressure going to crank up the offshore wind. low off the coast that will continue to spread a few high clouds in our direction. the high is 74 degrees in the monterey bay. 74 degrees in sacramento. 66 in fresno. high clouds will continue on and off throughout the day today, maybe into tomorrow
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morning as well. a beautiful sunset, looking good as we head in toward the next couple of days. temperaturewise, numbers running up to 70 degrees in san jose, 67 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures well into the 60s in most spots. 69 in oakland and 67 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we'll begin to cool off with temperatures especially into wednesday and thursday. by friday and saturday we'll warm things up ever so slowly. sunrise today at 7:19. sunset tonight 4:52. i love your tie today. >> did you notice? i started a christmas tie. >> i noticed have i have to start them out now because i have a million of them. >> i know the feeling. new this morning the fake sign language interpreter at last week's memorial service for nelson mandela is being linked to two murders a decade ago. a cousin and three friends say he was involved in a group of people who attacked two men found with a stolen television,
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and burned them to death. but the fake interpreter did not face trial because authorities determined he was not mentally fit. and after a week of observance the body of nelson mandela is now in its final resting place. thousands attended a state funeral yesterday in his childhood village. high ranking officials marched the coffin to a family gravesite. 4500 guests attended. >> we will miss the smile. the laughter, the love. >> nelson mandela gave a lot for our country, south africa. >> the funeral began with a 21- gun salute, then the flag- draped casket was placed on cow skins. 95 candles lined the stage, one for every year of his life. prince charles and oprah winfrey were among the mourners who attended.
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today president jacob zuma unveiled a statue of mandela at the same place he took office as president in 1994 following the country's first ever multi- racial elections. sometimes reality hits you in the face. but in there case a football. coming up on our play of the day, the face mask foul during the dolphins game. did the 49ers fall into the so-called trap game? and something alex never did in a 4er uniform, coming up. what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nominations to us at kpi, we may feature your school right here on our show. ,,
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good morning, everybody. after emotional wins in sports a lot of teams are prone to let down games in the next contest. would that happen to the 4ers in tampa yesterday. a deep ball on the other end was vernon davis who runs this one down for a touchdown catch before having a collision with the wall. the 49ers do, indeed avoid a trap and beat the bucks. raiders hosting. five touchdown passes four to jamaal charles and for his efforts he gets doused by beer. oakland turned the ball over seven times. this is the pick six. 56-31 as kansas city clinchs a playoff spot. amazing comeback by the packers. matt flynn executes the game
6:25 am
winning drive. pack shocked the cowboys. and the warriors were in the desert where eric bledsoe and the suns beat the warriors 106-102. phoenix actually has a better record at 14-9 than the warriors at 13-12. one note on that 49er game yesterday. bruce miller the 49er fullback was injured. shoulder injury. we are going to find out how serious tonight on the 6:00 news. have a great day, everybody. if you like to see people embarrassed and in pain. it comes from miami where a field goal attempt didn't go as planned. watch what happens. the patriots recovered the fumble. miami did get the last laugh winning 24 love 20. we are counting down to the 49ers last game at candlestick park. next monday, december 23rd,
6:26 am
after the game stay tuned for the fifth quarter bye bye baby historic memories from candlestick over the years. armed robbers running wild, terrorizing bay area college kids. coming up the latest in a rash of robberies at uc berkeley. if you are flying out of terminal ahere in san jose, you might want to leave early. a water line has shut down an entire terminal. we have a live report, coming up. [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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the wire.. coming up, the rush to get gifts mailed ou time.. i'm mark kelley live in berkeley. if you take the bus anywhere in
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berkeley, you are going to want to hear this story. transit is changing some of its routes. the time to get gifts mailed out on time. today will be the warmest day of the week and maybe record breaking heat too. unfortunately, traffic is down to a very slow crawl right on you on the bay bridge into san francisco, after an earlier stall, it is now cleared. we'll have the latest on the delays, coming up. good morning, it is monday, december 16th. frank's off. and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we have been following breaking news all morning at the san hoe say airport where a terminal was evacuated because of major flooding on a day where we might get record heat. kit? >> reporter: the impact on passengers is, huge headache. a lot of them complaining, worried they are going to make their flights, and here is the reason why. the sky bridge has a hot water
6:31 am
line that runs through it. it ruptured this morning around 2:00 this morning. crews are up there now, trying to clean up the mess as we speak. inside terminal a, water is dripping straight through the light fixtures. a huge mess. soaked some of the tiling and it came down ask collapsed. above this ceiling, that is the security screening area for terminal a. so they are telling you, if you have a flight that departs here from terminal a, on virgin or american jetblue delta ohioan come here, check in here. if you have checked bags, get on a shuttle, go to terminal b, get the bags checked and come back and depart here at the gate at terminal a. if you do not have bags, go to international, that is where you get screened and again depart from your flight here at
6:32 am
terminal a. the airport is apologizing for this huge mess and huge headache. >> we have crews on scene right now that are cleaning the affected areas. and they are working for how many hours it will take to clean the areas and make them available for our passengers again. it will be a number of hours before we are able to open those areas again. >> reporter: so we do have a live look here at the buses. this is where passengers are told to get on the bus, and go to terminal b. they are coming every few seconds. still a lot of people worried. they are saying at least get here two hours before your flight. no word yet on what caused this water line rupture here at terminal a, at the airport in san jose. 6:32 right now. last week we are freezing, now
6:33 am
we are going to be burning. well, sort of burning. >> maybe record heat. that is impressive. looks like that is what we are doing today. of course with all the nice weather, some folks might be flocking to the beach. but be careful, larger waves are expected along the coastline. 6 to 12. if you are not watching what you are doing those could sweep you off the rocks and out into the water. 30s in the valleys, 40s inside the bay. 50s maybe even 60s toward the coastline and breezy conditions. this afternoon 71 degrees in san jose. 79 in morgan hill. east bay temperatures well into the 60s. almost 70 degrees in pleasanton. another save the air day. 67 degrees in san francisco. let's go to traffic. thank you lawrence, toward the bay bridge they cleared
6:34 am
that stall westbound 80. all the way across the new span, heading out into san francisco. give yourself some extra time. bart all on time. highway 4 even a little bit better past a street toward summersville. unfortunately, remains slow. backed up toward concord. southbound 242 commute is also slow an earlier crash. that is your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. it could be the busiest day of the year for the postal service. the rush is on to get those gifts mailed out. if you are sending something outside the united states, today is the deadline for global express to get it there by the 25th. first class mail needs to go out by the 20th. if you are going with priority mail the 21st is your cut off. if you procrastinate, like myself. you need to go with express and
6:35 am
send it on the 23rd. ac transit is rolling out changes in the face of opposition from its own drivers. this comes day before the cooling off period. mark kelley is in berkeley this morning with more on what riders can expect immediately. mark? >> reporter: michelle, it officially started yesterday. the true test is going to be today. it is monday the start of the work week. these changes they have been in the works for some time for ac transit. they come at a time when management and labor are really duke it go out. the signs are posted. line 49 will not stop at this berkeley intersection any more, starting sunday. but looks like some drivers haven't gotten the memo. some stop and let passengers on and off while passengers zoom on by. worker james brown got used to seeing the 4 roll by.
6:36 am
ac transit sees the many changes as a good thing. they include everything from a reroute of line 76 in san pablo to better serve helms middle school to 72 and 72 m, getting more service on saturday. as far as that line 49 ain berkeley, ac transit doesn't call it a cut. it is getting simplified instead. ac transit did a poor job publicizing the route changes and it is not the first time. >> they did a schedule change last went their did affect my bus and they didn't make it clear. >> i have heard they are going to be changing the some routes -- some routes. >> that is typically why we roll these changes out on sunday. so everybody has some time to kind of get used to what is going on and make the adjustments. >> reporter: earlier this week a judge struck down an attempt by at u local 192 to stop the
6:37 am
route changes. the union claimed the changes go against the terms of the cooling off period. the judge sided with management allowing the route revamp to move forward. >> reporter: we could not get a comment from the union president but she did have a voice mail saying workers are expected to report for duty on december 22nd. that is when this whole freezeout ends. live in berkeley, mark kelley. as many as 30 people had to spend the night somewhere else after fire damaged their north beach apartment building. the fire started a little after 9:30 yesterday morning. firefighters had it under control quickly. but smoke and water damage left at least a dozen apartments uninhabitable for now. people near the uc berkeley campus are on alert after a rash of robberies. the latest was early saturday morning on derby street. two students say they were just
6:38 am
going to the park to watch a meteor shower when two men approached from behind. the victims were held up at gunpoint. >> it is like the wild west now. people walk up to you. no fear. they are willing to give me your phone or else. >> reporter: the suspects were a couple of men in their 20s. if you have any information about the hold up, police would like to hear from you. a chilling story out of ohio where the body of a missing nine-year-old girl was found in a dumpster. hours after her parents reported her missing yesterday. police have arrested 24-year- old neighbor jared metzger for the murder. sources say he lived down the street about was a friend of the family. >> reporter: my best friend she was indestructible. hard to believe that something like this could happen to her. >> reporter: metzger is the
6:39 am
only person arrested in connection with the girl's death and is set to be arraigned on charges of murder this morning. the oakland a's may be one step closer moving outside of oakland. coming up,. the wheels of commerce are spinning this morning. a quick check on the early numbers. they are up, up, up. the sky's the limit. coming up an update from reporter jason brooks, after a break.
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and investors are watching in business news a bump in worker productivity points to improved economic growth. investors are watching to see what comes out of a big two day meeting at the fed. here's jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning michelle, good morning brian. stock market atuned to what is going to be happening at the central bank. the last meeting of the year.
6:43 am
the last one shared by ben bernancke as well. a lot of speculation as to whether or not the fed will start pulling back on its monthly bond purchases, which total about $85 billion. we have seen an improved economy over the past few months with back to back monthly job gains of around 200,000. chances are it is probably 50- 50 the fed could make a move this week or simply wait a little bit longer. the sell off last week was in anticipation of some sort of move coming this week. further good news on the economy, the labor department reporting worker productivity in the third quarter rose 3%, strongest gain in nearly 4 years and compared to a 1.8% gain in the second quarter. labor costs were down by 1.5%. market is in rally mode in the early going this morning. hopefully it will hang on throughout the day. so far so good as we look at the big board. the dow is up by 162.
6:44 am
nasdaq is beginning 31. s and pmoving higher by 15 points. michelle and brian, back to you. grace son brooks and kcbs news. 6:44 on your monday morning. a check on traffic. >> reporter: santa clara police tweeted a couple of minutes ago about a fatal crash in central san jose, right here, near that intersection of winchester and stevens creek boulevard. investigators are on scene now. but again they just tweeted out that information, so likely delays in the area. all right if you look on the far right side of your screen, you'll notice maybe flashing lights. there is an accident on the on- ramp right there to northbound 880 near the oakland coliseum. it is on the right hand shoulder and the main lines of the freeway are not blocked. fortunately, there is no delay. all the way out toward the bay bridge toll plaza, this has been one of our problem spots this morning. because of an earlier stall it was westbound 80 near the
6:45 am
center anchorage. the 580 is probably your worst approach right now, but east of the maze, it is a slow crawl. bart may be a good option. so far more than 50 trains all on time. that is your latest kcbs traffic. here's loren. this is likely going to be the warmest day of the we can. enjoying sunshine this afternoon. if you are headed outside the temperatures are a little chilly in spots. still by the afternoon i think some of the temperatures near record levels by the afternoon. moving into the 70s. cooler weather ahead so enjoy today. i think much cooler as we head in toward the beginning or the middle of this week. how about this for a nice, live shot this morning, clouds streaming overhead. temperatures in the valley, down in the 30s. 40s elsewhere about 50s toward
6:46 am
the coastline. breezy with the offshore wind. low pressure off the coast. at the same time high pressure building in overhead. we have the offshore flow. going to see nice weather into the afternoon today and probably into tomorrow. high clouds and sunshine, we have seen delays in san jose due to some flooding conditions there. looks like around the u.s., snow into chicago and 21 degrees. partly cloudy and 29 in york. 67 degrees in houston and denver checking in at 59 degrees. around the bay today highs running to 71 degrees in san jose. 70 in santa rosa and 67 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days they begin to cool things down slightly tomorrow. a few clouds coming our way and slowly warming up but staying dry for the next 5-7 days. checking out your school cast for today bran ham high
6:47 am
school, lunch recess 65. low 70s by the time you get out. if you would like to nominate your school, go to kpi slash school cast. the oakland a's have been itching to move to san jose for about five years now, but major league baseball has denied the request. >> the city filed an antitrust lawsuit against major league baseball. political analyst melissa griffin cain joins us to explain what this all means. >> reporter: good morning guys. on friday a federal court judge indicated he is going to rule that the city of san jose can move forward to the ninth circuit in its lawsuit against major league baseball. now, if any other sport had denied the kind of move major league baseball did, in this case by preventing the a's from moving to san jose, they would probably be in trouble. basketball, golf, boxing even, are subject to federal antimonth knowledgely rules
6:48 am
that would prevent this kind of thing. but baseball occupies a very special legal exception that no other sport in the nation has. it all goes back to a 1922 lawsuit for something called the federal league. it was forced to shut down because the american league and the national league were working in cahoots to poach the teams from the federal league. one team that was left over was the baltimore terrapins and they brought a lawsuit saying what the aland nl, are doing is a monopoly, and this is a violation of federal law. remember this is 1922, and the justices said while people move from state to state to attend baseball games and to play in baseball games, the games themselves happen entirely within a particular state. so, without any interstate commerce elements, major league baseball isn't actually subject to the federal law. they said again move from state
6:49 am
to state, that is fine. the games happen within this entire state about that is why they are not subject to federal law. again this goes back to 1922. baseball has enjoyed that exception to monopoly laws ever since. >> why hasn't somebody challenged it. >> reporter: they have. they run into two problems. by the time other sports were challenging this kind of antitrust law, it was the 1950s. these leagues were a little more sophisticated. in addition in both 1953 and in 1972, when the u.s. supreme court revisited this baseball exception, both times they realized you know what? back in 1922 we gave this loophole, and congress hasn't changed it and we are going to assume that is a good thing and
6:50 am
that is what congress wants us to do. in addition one of the most fascinating cases in supreme court history is flood versus. they take up the exemption again. they say you got it. we know baseball impacts commerce. we are not going to kit ourselves. so because we know it just impacts interstate commerce, you know what? we love baseball. justice black man -- blackmon actually listed 85 of his favorite players in the case. >> you are kidding. >> reporter: flood versus kuhn. read this love letter to the industry written by justice
6:51 am
blackmon. >> we are running out of time. we could go on forever about this. >> reporter: really. >> it is great. it is interesting. and i'm sure you have more online anyway. remember you can find more on melissa's segments on our website. melissa, thank you. time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us from new york. good morning. >> good morning michelle and brian. our own gayle king has a front row seat to history. she attended the final farewell to nelson mandela. this morning she will join us from south africa. plus they are the first images from the surface of the moon in nearly four decades. how china is getting in the space race. and today is one of the busiest shipping days of the year. we'll have a behind the scenes look at how two shipping giants make sure all those packages get there in time. the news is back in the
6:52 am
morning. we'll see you at 7:00. all right charlie, we will see you then. classes will not be in session today at the toll or colorado high school -- at the colorado high school where a student opened fire. coming up the plea for prayers where the girl wounded in the attack fights for her life. a water line rupture has shut down a good chunk of the airport in san jose. a live report, coming up. ,, good. good answer.
6:53 am
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for prayers for a 17-year-o girl who was shot at her hi school last friday. claire davis is in crit five things to know at the 55. colorado's governor is asking for prayers for a 17-year-old who was shot at the high school friday. police say the shooter had gone
6:56 am
to arapahoe high school to settle a grudge with a teacher. he killed himself as a security officer closed in on him. iran claims it is not holding the american robert levinson. the american vanished back in march of 2007. an ap investigation revealed he was actually working for the cia on an unauthorized mission. the senate held a rare sunday session ahead of a vote tomorrow on a budge deal. the deal overwhelmingly passed in the house last week. however at least eight republicans need to vote yes with all of the democrats. some senate republicans say the deficit cuts are too small. budget bill cuts $23 billion from the deficit over the next 23 years. the next mega millions prize could surpass the next record. nobody won the $425 million
6:57 am
prize on friday, so officials raise the amount to $550 million for the drawing tomorrow. it is the fourth largest in u.s. history. ticket sales were up by as much as 20%. for the ninth day in a row, a staff the air day has been declared for the bay area, that means woodburning has been banned. this record breaking run has been caused by high pressure. if you are caught violating the woodburning ban you can take a smoke awareness class or pay a $100 ticket. we are live here at the airport where terminal ais shut down at san jose international. i want to show you baggage claim. you see a lot of hoses and blowers and vehicles used to clean up a big, wet mess because a hot water line ruptured at 2:00 this morning. dripped water from the second level down into the first level. we have footage of that to show
6:58 am
you water seeping through the ceiling. the shot you see right there just above that, that is a tsa screening area. that means all the passengers that are depart frog terminal a, will have to go, check in here and then go to terminal b, to check their bags and then come back here. if you do not have bags and you are departing from terminal a, then you go to the international area ask your flight will still leave from your gate. a lot of passengers do not know they have to catch the shuttle bus and they are worried if they will not make their flight. >> they told me to bypass terminal b, and maybe get on a bus. i'm heading to a checkpoint. >> it is a pain. we have two kids. we had to walk back. hope we make the flight. >> reporter: all right so the shuttle buses actually are very efficient, they are coming once every couple of seconds maybe,
6:59 am
one a minute or so. people are getting on, shooting right on over, the airport is doing the best that they can, no word yet on what caused the water line to rupture. we are live at the airport. and a final traffic check. we have word of a company of new problems out there westbound 580 it was slow out of the all themont pass. now a crash at 680 by treat boulevard. you can see the delays on 680 and 242. bay bridge also backed up because of an earlier stall. neat looking high clouds outside this morning. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way and the sun is going to crank up the temperatures near record levels this afternoon. 70s inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. next couple of days, we are going to see changes, so enjoy these warm temperatures. i think we really cool things down wednesday into thursday. i'm ready for the warmth.
7:00 am
all right that is going to do it. have a great day, everyone. sit monday. welcome to "cbs this morning." the keys to the kingdom. the nsa opens up like never before on the threat from edward snowden. new details on the 60 minutes report. plus a budget deal but not a done deal. the risk of unusual last minute road blocks. >> cbs news investigates how speeding tickets may give lawyers a way to chase you. >> and the burial of nelson mandela. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. there's no


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