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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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partnership to bring free internet to the mid-market area of san francisco, but he also had a message. >> we have more to do. >> reporter: in deed across town the mayor's close relationship with the tech influx was triggering howls of protest. >> whose city? >> our city! >> reporter: protesters were upset with the meeting with the tech titans to talk about the future of the city. >> the message to the mayor, why don't you talk to the rest of san francisco about the future of this city? >> reporter: the rising cost of living coupled with skyrocketing rent fueled in parts by the influx of the estimated 1,900 well paying tech companies recently have protesters targeting tech workers by blocking buses that take them to their jobs in silicon valley. the issue is more than just rent. >> they live in their own tech bubble. they talk to each opener and there's a certain arrogance that's -- other and there's a certain arrogance that's been demonstrated. >> it's really always tempting to point out this group or that group and say they're to blame
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for our housing woes and the fact is we've made our bed in san francisco in not producing enough housing. >> reporter: a housing problem that the supervisor says runs much deeper than this latest boom. >> our population has grown by about 75,000 in the last decade and over that same time period we produced something like 5,000 units of housing. >> san francisco has always been a boom and bust economy. they go up. we go down. when we're down, we want to attract businesses. when we're up, we fear the consequences of these businesses. >> reporter: so every gift has a dark lining sometimes in san francisco and this is no exception. i also found out it's not just tech that is driving this. it's the globalization of the economy. there are a lot of foreign investors who want to be in san francisco right now and they're willing to pay top dollar whether it be for a tech company or for a house. elizabeth? >> i'm wondering what does the city gain from the tech boom specifically? >> reporter: it's interesting.
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in 2010 we were in the tough times in recession. since then san francisco has gotten about 21,000 tech jobs. that has helped fuel 30,000 more jobs in the area. so we've gotten an increase of about 50,000 jobs. at the same time it's cut the unemployment rate from 10% down to 5.3%, which is something a lot of cities in america would really like to see. >> good things have come out of this as well. thank you. san francisco's soaring cost of living is causing still another problem, a wave of complaints from renters who say their land lord is trying to bully them out of their apartment. >> he actually saw the saw coming up trying to saw through. >> it was the story that set a new benchmark for bad landlords. >> they soak the victim's bed and clothing and electronics with ammonia. >> for four years a husband and wife terrorized their san francisco talents hoping to drive them out so they could renovate and sell this building.
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>> they sent threatening letters to the victims that they will have them deported. >> kip and nicole macy are serving four years in prison, but the fallout from that case continues. >> the sad thing is that case is not that uncommon. >> told at city hall supervisors heard a string of horror stories, many from immigrant families who say their landlord tried to scare or even bribe them out of their homes. translator: my wife cried. my children became really scared because we didn't know where we were going to go. >> currently their only option is going to corporate, a costly prospect for talents, landlords and the justice system itself. supervisor david campos would rather see these cases heard before the city's rent board. >> look at the facts, hear from both sides and depending on what they find they may or may not refer the matter to law enforcement to the d.a. in this case. >> campos says that kind of hearing would protect land lords from bogus lawsuits and
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tenant advocates say it would frequent renters from property owners looking to illegally cash in on a hot market. >> harassment is an incredibly effective and cheap way to get your talents out because it doesn't cost a landlord anything to bully someone out of their home. their landlord. however - part of the measu >> 2008 san francisco voters approved measure m which allowed a tenant's rent to be lowered if they were harassed by their landlord. however, that part of the measure has since been thrown out by the california court of appeals. we have developing news out of monterey county tonight where a wildfire is prompting mandatory evacuations. right now no containment is in sight. so far it has charred 550 acres and damaged at least two structures including the home of big sur's fire chief. from the air you can see several homes shrouded in very thick plumes of smoke. this all started before midnight in the big sur area. it's burning mostly inside the
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los padres national forest near highway 1 and also on private land. a teenager told cbs reporter michelle polito how he desperately tried to save his family's home. >> looked like a volcano just erupted, hotspots everywhere, everything just went on fire. >> reporter: 16-year-old fablian perez and his -- fabian perez and his family say they thank god they're still alive after the fire that sparked overnight destroyed their home. his mother maria had just gotten home when she noticed the fire. fabian thinks it started very close to his home. >> i got up, got the car, ran back. me and my dad ran out and got fire hoses and started fighting the blaze, but it was too late. >> reporter: their efforts were in vain. did you ever at one point fear for your life? >> no. i kept my mind on the fire, fight the blaze and help as much as i could. i just wanted to save the house. i didn't want to rules the house. i've been there all my life --
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lose the house. i've been there all my life. i didn't want to leave. i wanted to be with my dad of. >> reporter: after 30 minutes fabian and his dad knew they had to leave before things took a turn for the worse. >> it got on the trees and it just jumped. >> reporter: for now the entire family is staying at a motel until they can get everything in order. >> how are we going to recover? who knows? start baby steps probably. we lost everything. : >> cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight, no injuries reported. new at 6:00 a judge ordered paint companies to take $1.1 billion for lead removal from millions of california homes. a santa clara county judge found nl industries, conagra grocery products and the sherwin-williams company marketed paint they knew was harmful to children. lead based paints were badged in the u.s. in 1978, but millions of homes painted before then still pose a health risk. 10 california cities and counties sued to recover the
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cost of removing the paint. the paint companies say they will appeal. the woman accused of causing that horrific crash that killed a teenager is now charged with manslaughter. 58-year-old jennie zhu is also charged with two counts of reckless driving causing injury. police say zhu was driving 80 miles an hour when she slammed into a minivan at pine and goff streets in san francisco. this was back in september. 16-year-old kevin son who was killed in that van, his mother and sister also seriously injured. >> this has been a very thorough investigation in this case. we wanted to make sure that we charge the case appropriately based on the evidence that we could gather and that investigation took some time. >> zhu will be in court friday. if convicted, she faces seven years in prison. proposed pay cuts for vallejo police will be discussed at a special hearing set to start in less than an hour. the new proposed police contract calls for a 5% pay
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reduction. it also calls for active and retired officers to pay a portion of their healthcare costs. the city currently pays 100% of their health benefits. city officials say the proposed contracts will save $2.7 million. the police union and city have been negotiating since may last year. that massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond that sent 15,000 people seeking treatment could have been prevented. that's the finding of a new report from a federal safety board. it urges california to take a proactive approach in repping lating refineries by requiring them -- regulating refineries by requiring them to prove their practices reduce risks of a hazard. right now the state has a largely reactive system that sets penalties for accidents. the explosion and fire in august last year was caused by a leak in a corroded oil pipe. bay area headlines, students o.uc berkeley campus are on alert after five -- on
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uc berkeley campus are on alert after five robberies there in three days. so far police haven't found the suspect. in san jose the uc board plans to cut funding to the research program at the lick observatory and essentially turn it into a museum. the board says the site which has been operating atop mount hamilton since 1888 is low on the priority list when it comes to saving money. the plan is to cut costs gradually beginning in 2016 and stop completely after 2018. a few days after the state health department sent out a warning advising consumers not to eat recreationally harvested shellfish from monterey and tomales bays of china is now banning shellfish harvested from the entire west coast because of high levels of toxins. linda yee explain s s what it -- explain s what it will mean.
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>> it will hurt the shellfish farmers in washington state, but this warning is important for everyone. only eat clams, mussels or scallops that come from commercial businesses. the dangerous levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning were found along the west coast locally in parts of tamales and monterey bay. state health officials are warning people not to eat clams, oysters or scallops they harvest on their own. the particulars in can cause paralysis or -- the toxin can cause paralysis or even kill. >> it can affect your breathing, your respiratory system and in young children and individuals with respiratory compromised breathing systems, for example. >> reporter: the only safe mussels now come from commercial farms, stores and restaurants closely monitored by state health inspectors. morgue island farms in tamales bay tests its shellfish three
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times a week. >> right now it seems to be just the south end of the bay, so we're able to harvest in our north bay leases. we've done a lot of harvesting from that area just in case. we're trying to get ahead of it. >> reporter: toxins come from the algae where the shell fish live, but the high poison levels are unusual this time of year. sciences say it could be because of the extreme cold weather that affects the ocean water temperatures. >> you're going to have water layers mixing and as that mixing occurs you're stirring up nutrients. as those nutrients come up, you literally are fertilizing the upper layers that sunlight is penetrating, the microscopic algae like that and the population levels go up. it's great for the algae. it's fine for the shell fish. it's not so good for us. >> reporter: again it is not safe to harvest your own clams or shellfish at this time. it is safe to eat them if they are from commercial farms because they have been checked and tested before they can be
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sold to restaurants and stores. linda yee, kpix5. >> the state health department says the red tide warning is still in effect. giving coming up how scam artists at bay area parking lots are tricking grocery shoppers into giving them their cash. r tease))) >> and during our record streak of woodburn bans how some businesses are on fire. >> temperatures are pretty high today. check you out in san carlos, 73 today, campbell 71, san francisco nearly 70, half moon bay 73 and none of those hold a candle to the one spot of that hit 80 today. that's a full moon outside. i'll let you know which spot was toastiest coming up.
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i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit predators. their m-o is the same. tonight shoppers in the east bay are being told to watch out for a couple of parking lot predators. their m.o. is the same. brian webb explains women are literally running into cars to trick the drivers into coughing up their cash.
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>> reporter: there have been three reports of this scam in el cerrito so far, two of them at this safeway and in one case the scammers almost got away with it. a christmas season scam showed up at this el cerrito safeway. some shoppers got wind of it from a police text alert. >> call police if you are approached by someone saying you hit their car. >> reporter: jasper holt doesn't need an alert. he saw the scam in action as he was collecting donations for homeless vet rans out front. he says one of the victims asked him where he could find an atm. >> what do you need a tell are for? he said his old lady out here said her daughter said i run over her mother and i need $200. >> reporter: here's how the scam works. when a car drives by, one of the women pounds on it making a loud noise. the other woman approaches the driver saying you hit her with your car and now we need money for medical bills. >> i said no, i wouldn't do that. i would call the police.
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i wouldn't give them no money. >> reporter: el cerrito police say two women seem to be targeting older men. in one case they followed the victim to his home demanding $1,200. >> you know, there's people out there that are willing to do anything. >> reporter: when police arrived, the women drove away empty handed but free to strike again, but they shunt come back to this safeway -- shouldn't come back to this safeway, at least only jasper's watch. >> i feel good because he was an older guy. he was scared. he was going to go get the money. >> reporter: one of the women is said to be 35 to 40 years old, the other one 75 to 80 years old. el cerrito police warn shoppers to be on the lookout for scams like this, especially this time of year. brian webb, kpix5. >> el cerrito police tell brian they think the suspects may be driving a blue 2003 honda crv. today is the ninth straight spare the air day. that means you're banned from
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burning firewood. we'll meet one east bay family who is making the switch to a new type of fireplace. >> that was cold. >> and it's been very cold. >> reporter: for nine straight days the sides have had to keep warm without the fireplace going. >> the after begans and sweat shirts have been -- the afghans and sweat shirts have been out. >> reporter: the couple has had a wood burning fireplace 27 years but this year have not used it once. >> we've had nine spare the air days in a row. >> reporter: burning has been banned 13 days since november 1st. the agency says the ongoing cold weather pattern traps pollution close to the ground. the sides have grown tired of having a fireplace they cannot -- the sidles have grown tired of having a fireplace they cannot use. mike wells sells gas fireplaces at walnut creek's buck stove. the cheapest option is this gas
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log set. >> we're talking about a $300 to $600 range. >> reporter: but he says the logs won't heat a room like these gas fireplaces, but if you'll want more heat, you'll pay a premium. >> to get one of these fireplaces installed costs between $3,000 to $6,000. >> maybe they can't afford that right now of. >> reporter: wells tells customers these gas fireplaces can save money down the road. they act as a space heater which wells says can save you up to $1 an hour off your heating bill. so the sidles are opting for a new gas place insert. the demand has been keeping this crew busy ever since the cold spell hit. getting an appointment won't be easy. the couple lucked out. >> we're just looking forward to having an evening with the fire going. >> well, another spare the air day is scheduled tomorrow making it the 10th in a row. it's cool out at night, although today we kind of bucked the trend and no rain
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yet. >> nothing. >> we need it. >> yeah, we need it. we're not to that critical point yet, but we are certainly heading it. we're walking down that critical road. today it just got kind of uncanny with some of these high temperatures. let's take a live look outside. if you go out in the evening and work all day, you missed the 60s and 70s and one spot hit 80. great shot from oakland. the nights are long and clear skies outside or mainly clear, beautiful shot there. the full moon at the top of your screen is the smallest full moon. the moon farthest in distance of any full moon we'll have this year, but check out these highs morgan hill, 71 degrees, redwood city 69, upper 60s in napa, san francisco, san rafael 62, one place hitting 80 degrees today. let us take you there. that would be the beach, santa cruz. why santa cruz? you're thinking it's near the water. it won't warm up. it's a north to northeast wind.
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when you get a northeast wind, it rushes down the santa cruz mountains and what you get is downsloping. that air really heats up and right when you hit capitola santa cruz and scott valley it, can really get toasty. tonight we'll drop down to the 30s. redwood city and freemont 37, livermore 38, napa 36, santa rosa 33 degrees overnight tonight. tomorrow day no. 10, the record was six. we've done it four more, bad air for the east bay, bad air for the south bay, but after tomorrow things will change. the wind direction will change aided by this area of low pressure offshore. we'll get a south wind which is a cooler flow of air for us. it will scour out the pollution, so not as warm, not as hazy, better air quality, not tomorrow but wednesday. high pressure stays off to our west. we will have a glancing blow from a different storm moving in wednesday night, slight chance of a shower. aside from that, that is it for rain chances for the next week. mid- to upper 60s, warm again tomorrow, concord 65, san jose
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68, 65 in san francisco, napa 66 degrees. here is your extended forecast. there's your cooler weather mid- to upper 50s wednesday, staying chilly thursday and friday, a shower or two defense night. that's it. look at the weekend before christmas, sunny, dry, low to mid-60s, all those last minute shoppers and their tank, at least you'll have nice weather. still ahead the agonizing mystery at a bay area hospital after a teenage patient is declared brain dead. >> plus the bay area project to preserve 38 years worth of taped television newscasts. >> we're counting down to the 49ers last regular season game at candlestick park. you can watch it right here. it's a week from tonight on kpix5 followed by the 5th quarter and then we'll have a special look back at the historic moments and memories at candlestick. ,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by mazda. middle school or sounds of the season at san francisco city hall today, compliments of the apg middle school orchestra, just beautiful. it was an incredible undertaking for an unusual project. a woman records 38 years worth of newscasts nonstop. >> she began in the late 1970s and recorded till the day she died. john ramos on why she did it. >> reporter: behind a gate in richmond inside these containers may be the single most astounding time capsule ever created and it's all thanks to a little librarian in philadelphia named marian stokes. >> her dream was that television news must be preserved for the future, that people have things to learn from it. >> reporter: so in 1977 when vcrs first became available,
6:25 pm
mrs. stokes began recording her local and national newscasts, every newscast every day and she continued for 35 years. >> once cable news started, once cnn launched, she hit the record button and never stopped. >> reporter: when she died last december at the age of 83, mrs. stokes had recorded 140,000 tapes containing roughly 800,000 hours of news. >> i mean the scale is just kind of stunning. >> reporter: the internet archive in san francisco now has the herculean task of digitizing the tapes for the public to be able to access online. many of the tapes were recorded on the old betamax format and each is dated with occasional notes. if you're wondering why go to the trouble, who is going to want to watch this, look what we found when they popped in a random tape from 1989. >> is in a cbs news special -- this is a cbs news special report. >> there has been what both the
6:26 pm
associated press and united press describe as a strong earthquake that rocked san francisco this evening. >> reporter: watching the images as they happen is like a trip back in time and the fact that closed captioning was preserved means that in the future researchers should be able to search for video using key worlds, but that future may be a way -- words, but that future may be a ways off because the archivists here say if they ran 400 tape machines 24 hours a day, it would take two years to digitize mrs. stokes' collection, but that's not stopping them. >> if the tapes are left in a box, they're gone. you know, this is our chance to move this collection forward and we should really take it. >> reporter: this won't be easy and it won't be cheap, especially for a nonprofit archiving company, but they say the effort to save this collection is nothing compared to the commitment it took to create it. in san francisco john ramos, kpix5. ike old beta max
6:27 pm
>> the internet archive is asking for donations to help pay for the projects. they also want used video equipment like old betamax machines that have been out of production for, as you know, many decades. >> amazing. coming up in our next half hour. >> i do not want to bury my 13- year-old daughter who came here to get a better quality of life. this is horrible. this is a mother's worst nightmare. >> why her child is on life support after routine surgery. >> plus a watery mess leads to a strange adjustment at one bay area airport. >> and why the feds say antibacterial soap could be hazardous to your health. ,,
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you're watching kpix5 news at 6:00. ieving for their >> i don't even have any tears no more because i'm all cried out. i'm angry. >> now at 6:30 parents grieving for their 13-year-old daughter who is brain dead after a normally routine tonsil surgery. she is on life support tonight and as kpix5 reports, the girl's parents are demanding oakland children's hospital conduct an investigation. >> reporter: nila winkfield says you bring your children to the hospital thinking they'll
6:31 pm
be safe. >> this is a mother's worst nightmare. >> reporter: now these parents are riding a roller coaster of anger and grief. >> before she came here she said mom, i don't want to have this surgery because i feel like something bad is going to happen to me and that's what i have to feel every day of. >> reporter: it's a guilt this mother has been carrying for seven days. last sunday she brought her daughter jahi mcmath to oakland children's hospital for a routine tonsillectomy. after the surgery jahi spoke to her mother, but later blood came out of her nose and mouth and she got worried. >> i started crying because i was panicking and she was so sweet because she still said mom, don't cry. >> reporter: jahi was taken to the icu and suffered a heart attack. days later doctors told winkfield her daughter was brain dead. in shock winkfield said she asked her daughter's surgeon what went wrong. >> he just put his head down and cried like a baby and he said i don't know what to say. he honestly says he doesn't know what happened. >> it's like oh, you guys need to let us know something
6:32 pm
because, you know, shell has to come off the ventilator -- she has to come off the ventilator. this is a coroner's case. there's nothing else we can do. >> i see everybody walk past the window and they walk right past me every day and i just wish that i could walk out with my daughter. >> reporter: the family says they are pushing to meet with the director of the hospital in order to get the answers they're looking for. >> a short time ago the family of the 13-year-old held a press conference and said doctors are going to take her off life support sometime tomorrow against their wishes. we were in shock. >> people exited the room out of anger and i just stood there and continued to ask questions and at this point it's legal. so there's nothing we can do. we feel so hopeless and helpless. >> i didn't think they could do that. i did not think they could do
6:33 pm
that. >> children's hospital released this statement. "we can see that as whenever we see a medical or surgical complication we are reviewing her case very closely. our heart goes out to her family. we want to support them during this extremely difficult time." how do you snarl san jose airport? just add water. as kpix5's kiet do shows us, when a pipe ruptured and flooded parts of the airport, some passengers found themselves ankle deep in water. >> reporter: by the time cameras were allowed into the flooded area, most of it had been cleaned up. a few security lanes had reopened. earlier this morning it was a mess. the ruptured hot water main was running an hour before they could get it turned off. >> because it was the hot water line, it's about 180 degrees. so there was a lot of steam coming out and then that triggered the sprinkler system. so that added to the water. >> reporter: in that time the terminal a sky bridge and tsa screening area were flooded with up to 4 inches of water.
6:34 pm
hundreds of gallons of it seeped down through the ceiling and into baggage claim and gave it a musty humid smell. crews used blowers and vacuum cleaners to suck out the water. as a result, terminal a was paralyzed. passengers with checked baggage had to check in here but then board a shuttle to go to terminal b. >> going to b and coming back to a sounds like a pain. >> it is and we have two kids and had to walk all the way back and walk back, so yeah. hope we make the flight. >> reporter: airlines took the unusual step of loading checked bags right on the curb. this was strange, the exit of the international arrival terminal actually became an alternate entrance and security checkpoint. they will continue to run the shuttle bus bridge in between terminal a and b until they get all the security lines at terminal a up to full capacity. until then get to the airport at least two hours early.
6:35 pm
they still do not know what caused that water main line to rupture. we're here at international airport, kiet do, kpix5. >> two of the six screening lanes at terminal a are open. a couple flights were canceled, others delayed. the cause of the water line break is still under investigation. deadline to signing up for coverage california is drawing near, coming up how bay area libraries are getting the word out. >> have you sent your christmas gifts yet? when hundreds of retailers will ship your stuff for free. ,,,,,,
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and thrive. covered california. the new obamacare health plan goes into effect in just over two weeks. that includes covered california. >> the race is on to get signed up. as of december 7th more than 156,000 people have enrolled. that's at an increased pace since november of about 7,100
6:38 pm
per day. ann notarangelo on the push to get the uninsured to sign up. >> reporter: one week left to sign up for covered california to get health insurance starting new year's day and some things never change. >> i think we're all procrastinators by nature. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people submitted applications and the number signed up is growing, but there are about 7 million uninsured people in our state. the state's three call centers like this one in concord are getting more calls and expect to get busier. >> our volume is going to continue to increase. we are noticing that consumers are more informed about what they're looking for. they have a better understanding of the plans. >> reporter: and the kinds of calls coming in have changed. >> there are not as many escalating calls, more or less people calling in just to enroll and meet the deadline. >> reporter: one of the reasons consumers may be better informed is because covered california has been working to get the toward out. county libraries have become one go to source for
6:39 pm
information. >> we get questions about covered california every day. >> reporter: there was so much buzz that concord library and many others have been holding covered california workshops and more libraries will do the same before the december 23rd deadline. >> we're always providing online assistance for people using the library's public computers. >> reporter: the last push is this weekend. it's also the last weekend before christmas which means they'll be competing for the attention of people who may be preoccupied with shopping, but instead of joining in the hustle and bustle of the holiday these call center employees will be answering phones. they're hoping to be busy. in concord ann notarangelo, kpix5. >> if you'd like to find out about covered california events in your area, there's a link on our website still ahead the feds want to know if antibacterial soap is any better than plain old soap and water. coming up in consumer watch how certain ingredients could actually pose health risks. >> much of this calendar year we've had an anti-rain
6:40 pm
forecast. we're at it once again this evening, monday evening nothing on the radar. not a drop of rain is within 300 miles of the bay area, but there is 1 chance of rain coming up. find out when that will happen next. >> i'm dennis o'donnell, not all the 49ers escaped tampa with a clean bill of health. >> it's houdinilike. >> forget just win, baby. one oakland raider has adopted a new motto. >> i wear a mouthpiece called a pacifier. shut and work. >> what's wrong with the warriors? >> been watching the same movie of night. >> keep your eye on the prize, sports coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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t now some major stu millions of americans take a multi-vitamin every day to boost their health. >> now some major studies are saying enough is enough. consumer watch reporter julie watts on the doctors who say just a big waste of money. you don't really need to take them. >> in fact, this is a group of studies published in the annals of internal medicine. it could be a bitter pill to swallow for americans hooked on those vitamins and supplements. the report found most multi vitamins are ineffective and
6:44 pm
that long term high doses of multi vitamins did not protect against health problems or cognitive decline. it says in some cases taking too much of a vitamin can be harmful. it may go without saying, but your best bet is to get nutrients from fresh food itself. in response to the study, the vitamin industry points to the proven benefits of some vitamins like d and prenatals and says multi vitamins are intended to fill nutritional gaps. vitamins are not regulated by the add in, but antibacterial soaps are and after 40 years of study federal regulators say they found no evidence that antibacterial soap prevent the spread of germs. the fda is giving manufacturers one year to prove their products actually work. some scientists are more concerned the chemicals in the products are a threat to public health. the cleaning products industry says the fda already has a "wealth of data" showing the
6:45 pm
benefits of antibacterial products. today is official lip the busiest day of the year for the -- officially the busiest day of the year for the u.s. post office, but if your packages aren't in the mail yet, no worries, liz. you still have wednesday free shipping day. that's the last minute shopping holiday a lot of shoppers take advantage of free shipping and still get packaged delivered by christmas eve. more than 800 retailers have signed on. the website encourages you to tweet store who haven't asking them to sign up, too. a chase brew print survey shows 35 -- blueprint survey shows 35% of americans plan to shop at the last minute. if you have a consumer probable or would like to help liz with her -- problem or would like to help liz with her christmas shopping, please call. >> you're not alone, my dear. you have free shipping wednesday. >> it just snuck up on me this year. my brother is a letter carrier in florida where it's 82 today.
6:46 pm
so don't feel bad. >> nice there, good day to be out walking enjoy being the sun. >> you can do that here, don't have to fly to florida. we hit 80 today in santa cruz. a lot of you hit 70s including half moon bay, a northeast wind even in december toasty. live look outside. we've got folks heading into the city. we hit the upper 60s today in san francisco. oakland set a record high 66. here's the deal looking back from our rooftop toward the bay bridge and bay lights and a full moon outside. even when we hit the 70s in december, those nights are long, skies are clear. we'll cool off quickly and we are right now, san francisco, san jose 58, oakland 59, livermore 54 and concord the cool spot 51 degrees. we won't have a freeze but another chilly morning, in live mo 38 for the tri-valley, freemont, milpitas upper 30s. napa 36 degrees. san jose, you're one of the
6:47 pm
spots that will shatter a dryest year ever in the area. 1929 was the dryest year in san jose until this year. you got 6.1 inches of rainfall back in '29, this year 3.8. we'll talk about why it's so dry. big ridge of high pressure sitting off to our west. what this does, because wind flows out from high pressure toward areas of lower pressure, this is like a deflector shield. nothing can get through this as long as it's sitting off to our west. the storms get kicked up to the north. by the time they make it back to our latitude, it's over colorado, kansas or texas, just not for us. we've been stuck with this for a while. under this big ridge of high pressure is a tiny ridge of low pressure changing our wind direction after tomorrow, great news if you've been dealing with asthma, perhaps coughing because of the bad air quality. the spare the air alerts end after tomorrow. by wednesday the wind direction changes. if we will not be as warm or
6:48 pm
smoke or hazy. then a glancing blow wednesday night from an area of low pressure. the big ridge makes us miss most of it, but a slight chance of a shower wednesday evening. that's the only chance of rain for the next week. so tomorrow another warm one, some of you up near 70 degrees, cooler weather coming back wednesday with highs in the 50s and there is that slight chance of a shower wednesday night. look at these highs, san jose 68 degrees. that's toasty, sunnyvale 67, san mateo union city 66, concord 65, 66 in appear immediate auto, petaluma 66 and a -- in alameda, pet -- petaluma 66 and saturday 65, sunday and monday staying mainly dry and sunny with highs running about 5 degrees above
6:49 pm
normal. it is time this evening for food for bay area families. jim wenning is here. $60,000, thank you first off. tell us about your company's commitment to making sure people have something as simple as food on the table this holiday season. >> we're committed to serving bay area communities in any way possible and whether that's through volunteerism or partnering with great organizations like the san francisco food bank, we feel privileged to do that. >> it's not just this year. you've done this as a company for a long time. >> i believe this is our 20th year. >> last year from the san francisco marin food bank tell us what this type of donation year after year after year translates to for folks getting food. >> jim and i were talking about what this kind of support means. giving at this level for 20 years probably means tens of millions of meals we've been able to provide people here in san francisco and marin county. >> how important is it that the companies that are in our area do things like this to
6:50 pm
contribute for the people even if they don't work for the company, the needy folks in that area. >> even working folks need this sort of help. we were talking earlier about the cost of living that drives working people with two or three part-time jobs at a wage that five years ago would have been okay, doesn't work anymore. >> gentlemen, thank you so much, $60,000 from chase. you would like to help out, it could be something like 5 or $10 you can do. go to our website we'll be right back.
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the final regular season ga ever played at candelstick park.. the victory honda sports report is next on kpix5. >> one week from tonight the 49ers will host the final regular season game ever played in candlestick park. it's only fitting san francisco will have a chance to clinch a playoff berth. now the bad news, fullback bruce miller will likely miss the rest of the season after injuring his shoulder blade on a reception in the 4th quarter yesterday. miller is valued most for his blocking but was also third on the team with 25 catches. ng the forty niners four game winning streak... thro seven touchdowns to just one intercetpion over colin kaepernick looked like a 2012 version during the four game win streak throwing seven touchdowns and just one interception over that stretch. k next
6:54 pm
>> some of your older readers in football fans may remember harry houdini. i don't think harry houdini was in tighter jams than what colin was yesterday in some of those situations. he was houdinilike. >> why does he get this? does he think about this at night? >> i don't know. >> what am i going to say to the media tomorrow? >> they're very creative. >> look at this guy. an hour long coverage from candlestick park beginning at 4:30 and even jim harbaugh admits there's a little more on the line in this game. >> the last game in candlestick and we don't want to be the guys that screw up the last game in candlestick. you know, these players will come back 20, 25 years from now and they want to have a good memory of winning at candlestick. dennis allen announced the raiders will stick with matt mcgloin as the starting quarterback next week.
6:55 pm
mcgloin committed five of oakland's seven turnovers. kansas city blew them out 56-31 to fall to 4-10. the raiders may not have their quarterback of the future, but they appear to have found the answer at running back. rashad jennings had two more touchdowns yesterday, rushed close to 90 yards per game since taking over for darren mcfadden as oakland's lead back. >> i love it here. i really do love it here. i love the area here, this atmosphere. i fool like i'm a raider, but -- feel like i'm a raider, but for me there's a lot of football left. i don't make those final decisions. i continue to fight, continue to work hard. i wear a mouthpiece. it's called a pacifier because i like to shut and work. the warriors had a week they'd like to forget. golden state lost three of four, woke up this morning in ninth place in the western conference. according to marc jackson, the solution has nothing to do with xs and os. this team needs to play harder. >> i'm finding it that the guys in the suit and tie want it
6:56 pm
more than the guys in uniform. >> what day is this? >> february 2nd, groundhog day. >> we're watching the same movie every single night and it gets old. if you remember busy this weekend discovering that a $3 bottle of wine can taste just as good as a 20 bottle, here's what you missed. ots >> rule no. 1, keep your eye on the ball. the patriots recover the fumble. steelers linebacker introduced himself to bengals punter. he suffered a broken jaw. nothing compared to joseph benvitez knocked out in the 1st round by demetrius johnson, not too many 7-footers do this. andrew bogut beats the buzzer at the back half. it counts. michael crabtree hits a defender in the back and gets
6:57 pm
flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. the patriots tight end and the one- hand catch, you know upped literally, but the eagles -- one upped literally, but the eagles got them in minnesota. so anyway, despite the raiders unfortunate situation andre holmes is it a bright side. >> it's a developmental year for them. come on, they go for a couple of quarterbacks. >> in the nfl parody you can see how quickly a team can turn it around. look at the bright side. >> exciting game next monday, notice, look forward to that. >> on channel 5 -- though, look forward to that. >> on channel 5. >> we haven't given up on the raiders. don't worry. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hello, how y'all doing? well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day, from nashville, tennessee, it's the stevenson family. [cheering] and, from oak forest, illinois, it's the hinsberger family. audience: [cheering] >> we came out. steve: that's embarrassing. everybody's here... [laughs] trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, stylish ford fusion, everybody. audience: [cheering] steve: come on, let's go! give me christine, give me stacey, let's ay


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