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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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figure out what to do. >> did such a great job. they saved my home. >> a big wildfire out of control in big sur, also 15 homes have been destroyed and 500 acres scorched. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's tuesday, december 17. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. in redwood city, a fire at a metal recycling plant is now pouring smoke in the area. folks are worried about air quality. the fire department sent a tweet about 20 minutes ago suggesting neighbors stay inside. the fire started at 1 a.m. at the sims metal management on seaport boulevard. several people called 911 after hearing explosions. sims metal management was fined $20,000 for polluting the air during a fire last month.
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that fire sent smoke over the peninsula causing breathing problems for people in the area. i'm cate caugiran live in san francisco. a twin peaks home falls down a hill and now a retaining wall is all that stands between that fallen home and the homes below it. we'll tell you who might be the home's owner coming up. >> reporter: and a family has been taking to the streets chanting, don't pull the plug! don't pull the plug! on their teenaged daughter, who has been declared brain-dead. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. another "kcbs traffic" update. let's go towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet but we are seeing delays continuing to build in the cash lanes. the fastrak ones still look great but we'll let you know as soon as they turn on the metering lights. in the meantime, we do still have this hit-and-run blocking one left lane westbound 80 by san pablo avenue. the delays begin right around hilltop. and then once you get past that accident scene, everything looks good down into richmond and berkeley.
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traffic control redwood city police very busy this morning with that large recycling plant fire there. the metal plant recycling fire. two alarms now seaport boulevard remains closed. the ramp to seaport boulevard from northbound 101. the woodside ramp however is open. but it looks like it could be shut down for a couple of hours. in fact, they just issued a traffic alert for the area. and a quick look outside for silicon valley commuters, westbound 237, great leaving milpitas. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> high clouds streaming overhead today looks like another mild day ahead although probably not as warm as yesterday but still, it's going to be above average. out the door, high pressure overhead now. and those high clouds continue to move on by as we head throughout the day. a few clouds continuing to cruise on through, temperatures in the 60s possibly a low 70. but temperatures cooling down a bit. you see those clouds moving on through. but by the afternoon, the temperatures going to be very mild. 68 degrees in san jose. no records today but still very mild. 67 degrees in redwood city. and 65 in san francisco.
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enjoy it. big changes coming as early as tomorrow. more on that, guys, coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> okay, thanks, lawrence. there's developing news this morning. a house under construction collapsed and moved down a san francisco hill in the middle of the night. kpix 5's cate caugiran is in the twin peaks area gathering new information about who may have owned the home. cate. >> reporter: brian, we are now looking into claims from neighbors that this home may have belonged to mel murphy, a former building inspector commission president. meanwhile, police are still here on seen watching the area. we can show you the aftermath. some of the debris from the home has come down from the street above crown terrace. the home was in the process of being remodeled on supports so the foundation could be redone. last night around 10:30 the supports gave way and the house slid down the hill behind it. it stopped at a retaining wall and now that wall is all that stands in the way between the fallen house and the homes
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below. held by the retaining wall. >> the building is wedged in through the hillside, with the retaining wall standing a good 3 or 4 feet above the base of the building which is kind of what we want to keep the structure from going down any further. >> reporter: inspectors say that retaining wall is strong enough to support the home and no homes below it have been evacuated. at this time, no injuries were reported from this incident but the big question this morning is, how do contractors plan on moving that home from the hill? brian? >> cate, by the way, you don't happen to in if they had pulled permits for the remodel, do you? >> reporter: no, not at this point but there's a lot of information that's coming to us at this point so we are looking into the claims. we are looking into who owned the building. we know that the building inspectors will be back to figure out also what went wrong in this case. >> thank you. in oakland a 13-year-old girl will have one last test to see if there's a sign of brain
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activity. she had a routine tonsil removal and is now declared brain-dead. kiet do is live at children's hospital in oakland. the parents pleaded for doctors to do today's test. >> reporter: yeah. it's been an emotional back and forth for the family. in fact, they have taken their fight to the streets right out here in front of children's hospital of oakland. now, yesterday, they were told their daughter was brain-dead and that she would be taken off life support against the family's wishes. that's when this reached an emotional head. after a tearful plea, she is getting a second chance. a spokesman from the hospital says there are risks and unexpected outcomes with any surgical procedure. >> high country went in for a you -- jahi mcmath went in for a routine tonsillectomy last monday then bled and coughed up blood. she went brain-dead after cardiac arrest. >> i asked him, do you have children? he said yeah. well, then you should know how it feels. i won't give up on my daughter.
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just a little bit of brain activity, keep her on. so pray for my daughter. >> reporter: you convinced him? >> i did. i had to. [ crying ] >> reporter: now, the family wants everyone to know about this. they are inviting in fact the public anybody who wants to come down and support them to do so. try to keep jahi alive. >> what is the hospital saying about what happened? >> reporter: tonsillectomy deaths are not uncommon. thousands of the surgeries happen every year and the death rates are relatively common. they happen just like in jahi's case where there is bleeding and then cardiac arrest. the hospital isn't saying much, only that they are looking at the case closely. >> thank you, kiet do live in oakland. happening today, several leaders from the tech industry are heading to the white house later this morning. ceos from google, twitter, apple, yahoo, facebook and others will meet with the president to talk about nsa
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spying and one day after a federal judge ruled the national security agency should stop bulk collection of americans' phone numbers saying it is unconstitutional. >> our sources say that that commission is going to recommend largely the same thing, which is that the nsa stop keeping that massive database, that it either lives somewhere else maybe at the phone companies, and that they get an individual court order for each case. >> the judge put his decision on hold pending a government appeal. edward snowden released a statement said he felt the judge's ruling justified his decision to leak secret documents. and snowden is offering his services to brazil. one of the country's biggest newspapers is publishing an open letter from snowden that says he would be willing to help brazil's government investigate u.s. spying on its soil as long as he is granted political asylum. a wildfire is burning out of control in big sur. since it started yesterday, the
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fire scorched about 500 acres of the los padres national forest. 100 people have been evacuated and 15 homes have been destroyed including one that belonged to the chief of the big sur volunteer fire brigade. she is still working even though she lost everything. >> i haven't absorbed it yet. >> i walked out the door to go to a fire somewhere else and there was ashes and sparks going right by my front door. >> firefighters hope cooler weather and calmer winds today will help them begin to contain the fire. it's unusual to have a wildfire in december in california but not entirely unexpected civilians this is the driest calendar year on record. also happening today, the former gardener accused of running over a woman and killing her has a court appearance later this morning. thomas bernoskie faces charges of felony vehicular manslaughter as well as hit-and- run stemming from the incident at holly park in september. today's court proceeding will set a date for the preliminary hearing. an arraignment this morning
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for a man accused of throwing two cats into san francisco bay killing them. harry patterson allegedly grabbed the belongings of a woman last month as she walked near pier 25. those belongings included a feline carrier which ended up in the water. patterson is charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty. a couple of parking lots scammers are out to get east bay shoppers. a pair of women targeted several drivers of this el cerrito safeway parking lot. here's how it works. a driver pulls into the lot, one of the women pounds on the back of the car pretending she was hit. both suspects then demand cash from the driver for medical bills. a witness says one of the victims came up to him looking for an atm. >> what do you need a teller for? he said, well, this old lady out here said her daughter said i run over her mother. and i needs $200. >> el cerrito police say two women seemed to be targeting older men. in one case, they followed a
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victim to his home demanding $1,200. but when police arrived, the women left empty-handed. the suspects may be driving a blue 2003 honda crv. the senate is scheduled to vote today to begin debate on a bipartisan budget bill. democrats need help from republicans in order to gain the 60 votes needed to move forward. if that happens, it's almost certain the budget will pass and be signed into law. the bill eases the effects of the across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester. it also saves $23 billion over the next 10 years. time now is 6:10. the young woman shot at point- blank range during last week's rampage at a colorado high school remains in a coma. how the community is coming together as she fights for her life. >> and san francisco goes high- tech with a flip of a switch. where you can get free internet in the city and why some people aren't happy about it. >> a few high clouds making their way across our skies making for a neat full moon shot outside right now. we'll talk about that and mild
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temperatures coming up. >> and this accident near san pablo avenue is now cleared to the right-hand shoulder but there's still a bunch of debris over the freeway and the backups are continuing, as well. we'll have a travel time for that stretch of roadway. but first, we know there's a lot of stuff out there that drives you crazy during your commute. continue to ask a question or share a gripe with us by e- mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix. and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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subway. eat fresh. explosion tore through an apartment building. authori say four childre blakesing news in alabama where two -- breaking news in alabama where two people are missing after an explosion tore through an apartment building. authorities say four children and four adults were taken to
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the hospital after the blast this morning in birmingham. none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. firefighters are now searching the rubble for two people. a colorado community is banding together to support the teenager who was shot in the head at her house last friday. claire davis is in the hospital. her family says she is stable in a coma. a toronto outside the school is growing -- a tribute outside the school is growing for the girl's friends. family describe her as a great athlete and student. >> claire was a person you could always go to for help. she had a bright smile on her face and was always there for anyone. >> a campaign started on twitter by the way to get davis' favored band one direction to visit her in the hospital. a pray for claire is trending also trending, multivitamins. at last a new report that finds they don't do much. mega millions, the jackpot now at $586 million.
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and free shipping. "anchorman 2" the movie comes out tomorrow. following us on twitter at #cbssf. >> i think we are all going to go see it. >> i'll go this weekend. >> brian doesn't sound enthused by anchorman. >> i have to work this weekend, sorry. >> oh. [ laughter ] bay bridge finally turned on the metering lights late this morning 6:09 so it is backing up towards at least the first overcrossing there in the distance. the drive time at the bottom of your screen is in the slow category likely due to this a hit-and-run crash. everything is cleared. no lanes are blocked. there may be debris out there. it's slow very heavy traffic coming from hilltop looks like past san pablo avenue. once you hit berkeley, though, everything is good. this traffic control remains in effect. there is a pretty large fire burning at a recycling plant in redwood city so they have shut down eastbound seaport boulevard from 101 northbound
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and southbound. they in fact issued a traffic alert for this and they are telling folks to use woodside road instead. that fire is up to two alarms and our news crews are work hard gathering the latest information there. westbound 580 still stacked up through the livermore valley. then delays from tracy as usual. past vasco the sensors improve somewhat out towards the dublin interchange. but it looks slow all the way around as you head towards 680. westbound 37 looks great towards milpitas and sunnyvale. bart has 49 trains reporting no delay. that's your latest traffic. here's lawrence. >> it's not impressive. clouds moving on through. fairly mild to start along the coastline. chilly in the valleys down to the 30s there. offshore winds continuing should make for a mild afternoon with plenty of
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sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures, and much cooler tomorrow and thursday. out the door, some of the numbers outside 38 degrees in concord, 39 livermore, 48 san francisco. 41 degrees in san jose. high pressure sliding eastward just a little bit but enough to bring us an offshore wind still for today. then that all begins to change as we get into tomorrow. we'll see low pressure dive into the bay area and that will bring us some much cooler air and a sea breeze with air quality improving tomorrow and thursday. 60s and some 70s still, a "spare the air" around the bay area. and the air quality is going to improve around the state. high clouds across the skies today. on and off a mix of sun and clouds so a nice day mild temperatures not as warm as yesterday but still well into the 60s almost 70 degrees in morgan hill. 67 in sunnyvale. about 65 in union city.
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67 dublin. hazy sunshine inside the bay. temperatures cooling down wednesday and thursday. slowly warming up on the weekend. sunrise today 7:19. sunset 4:53. >> thank you. in headlines around the bay, the fbi is hoping this fake beard will help nab the guy tied to five bank robberies in northern california. he is known as the bad beard bandied. his most recent robberies were earlier this month in dublin and sunnyvale. the suspect didn't use a weapon during any of his heists but investigators consider him armed and dangerous. demonstrators in san francisco are upset at mayor lee about his closeness to the tech industry. the mayor flipped the switch yesterday on the tech partnership to bring free internet to the midmarket area. protestors across town were angry about the rising cost of living in the city. and they say it's fueled in part by an influx of an estimated 1900 well paying tech
6:20 am
companies and the issue is more than just rent. >> the message to the mayor is hey, why don't you talk to the rest of san francisco? >> it's always tempting to point at a group to say they are to blame. and the fact is we have made our bed in san francisco. we are not producing enough housing. >> supervisor scott weiner says the housing problem in san francisco runs much deeper. for a decade, new unit construction hasn't kept up with the population growth. he is considered one of the most successful composers and recording artists of all time but there's one thing sir paul mccartney doesn't have. the t-shirt he couldn't get. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49ers lose a key piece on offense and a 61-yard field goal in a thriller on monday night football with huge play-off implications coming up. what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us, and we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,
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at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. good morning, everybody. the defending super bowl champion ravens desperately needed a win last night in detroit to have a chances at defending their title. the lions needed a win to stay atop the division. something had to give and it did. john harbaugh happy to be under a dome after last week's snow globe game. stafford in the lions down five found joseph in the back of the end zone with just over 2 minutes left. he missed his two points conversion. they had a one-point lead and justin tucker for the ravens from 61 yards out, it is good!
6:25 am
he kicks 6 field goals in the game. and baltimore won 18-16. fullback bruce miller of the 49ers will likely miss the rest of the season after injuring his shoulder blade on a reception in the 4th quarter. miller is a darn good blocker but was also thursday on the team with 25 catches. channel 5's got you covered, the finale at candlestick park beginning monday night at 4:30 with live coverage from the stick. then the falcons and 9ers will have you on the "5th quarter" afterwards. tara vandaveer and her sixth raged stanford carding in a hosting new mexico was overerred. one player scored 13 points in the first half, game high 32, seven rebounds. stanford wins 75-41. so a little bit of loss for the 49ers yesterday with the news on bruce miller. so it looks like anthony dixon may fill in there at fullback for the time being. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. guess who our play of the
6:26 am
day stars in former beatle paul mccartney. he was trying to get a giveaway t-shirt at the 76ers-nets game. >> give the man a t-shirt. >> he didn't get it. >> he came up a little bit short and paul walked away empty-handed. >> he kept saying that's mine but he wasn't even close. [ laughter ] more and more americans are ditching four wheels for two. why less people are driving to work in oakland and san francisco. >> reporter: and a teenaged girl is declared in brain-dead by doctors. but family fighting to keep her alive for one more day. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald we're learning more information about a home that fell down a hill in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood. it turns out there's more to the story. >> and a fire burns at a metal recycling plant in redwood city. there's cause for concern as people head outside this morning. >> record-breaking temperatures yesterday. will today be as warm? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we got gridlock already this morning on the east shore freeway from hercules into richmond. we'll tell you why coming up. good morning, it is tuesday, december 17. a week before christmas eve. i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. this morning, a 13-year-old girl will undergo one last test that could save her life. the teen was declared brain- dead after what was supposed to be a routine tonsil removal. kiet do is live at children's hospital oakland where doctors are ready to take the girl off life support. kiet. >> reporter: michelle, the
6:31 am
fight for the life of this little girl has been very public. in fact, the family took the fight to the streets out here in front of children's hospital of oakland. they made the announcement last night that they were able to convince the doctors to give them one more test. she was supposed -- >> these are people in the waiting rooms with us. these are all friends and family. this is not even all of them. got the same belief that we all have, that she could still wake up. >> don't pull the plug! >> if you guys are out there, you guys at home, you want to come down here and help support us, you're more than welcome to. please come down and help us save jahi. keep her alive. reporter: she was supposed to walk out of the hospital after a routine tonsillectomy but a week ago, jahi mcmath experienced severe bleeding and cardiac arrest. by the end of last week she was declared brain-dead. earlier today the family says hospital staffers informed them the hospital was going to take jahi off life support against the family's wishes! but late this evening, jahi's mother says she convinced the doctor to try one more eeg a test of her brain for activity.
6:32 am
>> they are telling me straight up the coroner is coming to get her. come say your last good-byes and i cried to this man and said just check her brain one more time. i asked him, do you have children? he said yeah. well then you should know how it feels. i won't give up on my daughter. just a little brain activity, keep her on. so pray for my daughter. >> reporter: you convinced him? >> i did. i had to. [ crying ] >> reporter: the hospital isn't saying much only that there are risks with any surgery and their hearts go out to the family. michelle. >> kiet do, thank you. >> a hospital spokesman says that they won't discuss the case with the media at the family's request. we're following breaking news in redwood city. lots of smoke from a metal recycling plant could be affecting air quality. chopper 5 is live over sims metal management on seaport
6:33 am
boulevard right now. you can see all of that smoke in the air. it's contained but still burning met tal scrap. people in the area should stay inside but an official "shelter in place" has not been issued yet. >> the incident commander right now and other command staff are working with bay area quality management district and will make a determination if any kind of "shelter in place" will be issued. >> as shelter in place was issued last month at the same facility after a cloud of smoke on the peninsula caused breathing problem in the area. sims metal paid a $20,000 fine for that incident. nato says 6 servicemembers died when their helicopter crashed in southern afghanistan. there's no other details being released except that nato says the aircraft crashed in an area where there was no fighting.
6:34 am
it's 6:33. let's get another check on the weather. >> nice weather. we have been talking about the air quality and fires this morning. another "spare the air" day again. looks like the air quality will improve toward tomorrow. going to see more of a sea breeze kicking in but today, that offshore flow continues. we have mild weather on the way again, not as warm as yesterday. the ridge axis slipping east but still it will be very mild. out the door this morning, we have some cool temperatures but by the afternoon, 60s, maybe even a couple of low 70s and looking good around much of the bay area. how about 68 degrees in cupertino? 68 in san jose. and 67 degrees in sunnyvale. a lot of 60s into the east bay with that hazy sunshine and then inside the bay, about 67 degrees in oakland. and 65 degrees in san francisco. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. outside we go back out to the eastshore freeway. in the commute direction, there was an accident. it is now out of lanes. unfortunately, we are seeing
6:35 am
really big backups out of hercules down towards san pablo avenue the scene of the earlier crash. closer to carlson, you can see actually traffic has begun to slow here, as well. it looked good a couple of minutes ago so it is a slow crawl now on the eastshore freeway. that's why the drive time is slow. it's 27 minutes now westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. right now traffic is at the speed limit for the most part through berkeley. they are still some traffic control in redwood city. you may have mentioned, michelle or brian, talk about this, this large recycling plant fire up to two alarms, seaport boulevard eastbound remains shut down traffic alert in effect. you can use woodside instead. highway 84. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. developing news from a san francisco neighborhood this morning where daybreak will give us a better look at a house that collapsed and slid down a hill overnight. kpix 5's cate caugiran is on the scene gathering new information about the problem on twin peaks and cate, you
6:36 am
confirmed the homeowner works for the building permits department of the city? >> reporter: that's right. we were able to confirm that the home belongs to mel murphy a former building inspector commission president. the debris from the home fell down the hill and the home is wedged against a retaining wall. one neighbor said it sounded like a dump truck dumping its load but it was this house that was being remodeled collapsing. the home was put on supports so that contractors could redo the foundation but last night at about 10:30 the supports buckled and the home slid down the hill where it stopped at the retaining wall. >> and it fell just the way we wanted it to because it's all in the corners of the building which is much stronger. and it should somewhat contain the situation. >> reporter: now, inspectors decided not to red tag the house that's down the hill from
6:37 am
the one that collapsed. they said worst-case scenario if the building did move a little bit it wouldn't have enough momentum to make it down the hill. brian, you did ask me earlier this questio about the permits on the home. according to an sf weekly article from last year, originally mel murphy planned to demolish this home but then the planning department rejected that because they said that the home was structurally sound. so instead he applied to remodel it and expand the size of the home and that was approved. reporting lookive in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5 -- reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> san francisco police say the 100 block of graystone terrace will be closed. the woman accused of causing a crash that killed a teenager in san francisco is now charged with manslaughter. 58-year-old jennie zhu is also charged with two counts of reckless driving causing serious injuries. >> police say that she was driving 80 miles an hour when she slammed into a minivan at
6:38 am
pine and gough streets in september. 16-year-old kevin san in the van was killed. his mother and sister were seriously injured in the accident. through an interpreter kevin's father says he still doesn't know what really happened. >> i want her to reflect and think deeply on herself why this happened and the cause of this devastating consequence to my family. >> she is free after posting 300 thousand dollars bail. but if convicted, she faces up to 7 years in prison. new this morning, mental health problems may have been factors that drove the mastermind of the boston marathon bombings toward violence. the "boston globe" cites doctors who know relatives of the tsarnaev brothers. one speculates that the brother now dead had schizophrenia and may have added to a sense that his life was spiraling out of control along with stress from family infighting after his parents' divorce. people in america are driving less and san francisco
6:39 am
and oakland are leading that trend. both bay area cities ranked third among urban areas where people bike to work. there's been an increase in bikers in the last decade and nearly 4% decrease in people who drive. since 2006, households with no cars increased 1% in the bay area. caltrans says light it up a little better. the new tower on the new eastern span of the bay bridge simply needs to be illuminated better. they tested 2300 new lights last night. 800 at the base and 1500 at deck level. the idea, to make the tower stand out. caltrans hopes that all the lights will be on by the end of the month. time now is 21 minutes before 7:00. people are lining up to buy tickets for the mega millions lottery jackpot and with so many people hoping to win, you would be surprised to find out that hundreds of millions of dollars go unclaimed every year. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers. a bit of a mixed bag this
6:40 am
morning. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,
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6:43 am
money than that is going unclaimed. as people swarm to buy tickets for the mega millions lottery you might be surprised to know even more money than that is going unclaimed. gaming officials say about $800 million in lottery prizes go unclaimed every year and people sometimes don't check their numbers because they hear the news there's no jackpot winner and assume they have lost and surprises are big. in tampa, florida, a $10 million winner expired in november. that's too bad. >> can you imagine? >> i know. lawrence cashed in. he won a dollar. >> thank you. [ laughter ]
6:44 am
>> attaboy, lawrence. you're on your way. just $9,999,000 to go. cheaper gas prices kept consumer price index lower. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: perhaps a little more money to buy those lottery tickets as gas prices have continued to fall. the labor department reports that its consumer price index its gauge of consumer side inflation was flat in november and up 2/10 of a percent when you factor gas and food. gas prices down 1.6% and overall for the past 12 months the core rate for consumer side inflation up 1.7%. that's below the fed's target of 2%. federal reserve kicks off a 2 day meeting today. yesterday the market went higher on investor sentiment that the fed may hold off on its potential bond tapering plans until 2014. facebook expected to announce today a new feature on its user feed one that a lot of users may not be all that fond of. advertisements that are running continuously. and the word is that facebook could make a lot of money off
6:45 am
those display ads much more than off ads on mobile devices. the key is whether or not there will be a backlash from users who typically do act up when there are big changes to the newsfeed. market off to a flat start this morning with a fed meeting getting under way. dow up 2, nasdaq down 10, s&p down 4. >> thank you. 6:45. time to get a bent metal update. here's elizabeth. >> we are going soaring over westbound 580 once again past the wind turbines and you can see all those red sensors now. so these are not the ones you like to see at this time of the morning but unfortunately they usually are coming off tracy off 205 and right now the biggest -- the thickest bottleneck approaches vasco but it looks slow towards the dublin interchange. that's why the drive time is now in the heavy category almost about a half hour between the altamont pass and the dublin-pleasanton ride. south bay northbound 101 coming
6:46 am
into san jose the heaviest traffic now past the 280 interchange out towards julian mckee also that earlier crash approaching san pablo avenue continues to back up traffic on the eastshore freeway. hercules into richmond looks like berkeley a little slow but not quite as bad as the richmond hercules commute and once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza backing up to the foot of the maze. metering lights were turned on later than typical right around 6:09 this morning. so this drive time is one of our worst. and again, once you get on the bay bridge, things look good across the new span all the way towards the island. if you have any questions about your commute once you hit the road, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. we pool all of our information with our radio partners. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, a lot of high clouds out there this morning. it's going to make for a beautiful sunrise if you are going out. sunrise at 7:19 this morning. still those high clouds spinning up from that low off the coastline. we'll see more of that
6:47 am
throughout the day today. otherwise, offshore winds continuing. so temperatures are going to be very, very mild. maybe not the records like yesterday. slightly cooler outside but still mild temperatures by the afternoon and enjoy it. much cooler weather is on the way. high clouds over the bay. cool in the valleys, 39 in concord. 35 in santa rosa and 48 degrees in san francisco. high pressure sliding ease another nice day. then this system dives into the bay area, not bringing rain but much cooler temperatures. out of sfo a few high clouds and mix of sun and clouds, no delays expected there. headed across the country a different story. we have a cold storm and snowmaking its way into new york causing possible delays there and possible delays in chicago, sunny in denver, and 69 in houston. computer models showing clouds continuing to stream across our skies from time to time today. so we'll see that on and off and otherwise, you will see a
6:48 am
lot of sunshine in between. temperatures going to be running up into the 60s for highs and well into the 60s in the south bay. next couple of days, we are going to see some much cooler weather on the way with some breezy conditions through wednesday and thursday. then looks like warmer temperatures over the weekend. bristow middle school our schoolcast. 60s in the afternoon. to nominate your school go to that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. just in time for christmas dinner amazon fresh launched its grocery delivery service in san francisco. but is it worth amazon's annual fee? cnet editor sharon joins us to take a look. >> reporter: for the uninitiated, amazon fresh has launched in san francisco, the third city where it's launched. you have a 90-day free trial. after that it costs $300 a
6:49 am
year. orders over $35 have free delivery. and by the way that $300 annual fee does include amazon prime, two-day shipping and unlimited streaming video so it's hard to get over that $300 number. and so what i decided to do was take it for a test drive. i pitted it against safeway. i set up a shopping list and i bought those items at both locations. and what i looked for was price, selection and quality. and the shopping experience. and i was a little nervous about price but it turns out that amazon fresh is actually very competitive. so eggs that were 3.99 on amazon were actually 4.99 at safeway. and then a dollar cilantro on fresh, 50 cents at safeway. in the end, the totals pretty much were even. they are about 5 cents off. so pricing is good. the next thing i wanted to look at what quality and selection because if you are like me you like going to the grocery store, picking up those tomatoes, making sure they're
6:50 am
firm. by the way, oranges, the heaviest ones are the juiciest. you can't do any of that on amazon fresh. you kind of leave it up to the robots and the humans to pick those groceries for you. most of the produce that i received it was okay but i received an avocado that was just inedible. and then a few tomatoes were too squishy. and finally, for shopping experience, i really looked at timing. so on amazon fresh i was in and out in 20 minutes flat. and that includes picking the grossry, choosing your delivery time and checking out because the great thing about it is that you're actually shopping just like you would on amazon. you enter in the items that you want and boom, there it is. >> but what happens with that inedible avocado? can you send it back? >> right. >> reporter: so amazon will refund you for the avocado but then you have to wait until the next day for another delivery or you have to head to the store. >> wait a minute. i have to ask this. you're saying it's $300 a year.
6:51 am
does that include delivery? >> well, yeah, delivery is free on orders over $35. >> what if you order something every day 365 days a year, is it still free? >> wow, you eat a lot. >> yeah. would it be? >> i mean, no, delivery is not free then. so really what you have to evaluate is time mone for you. >> traffic and parking. >> thank you. cool. something different. remember, that you can get more tech watch segments on time now for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, john miller with new information on the hunt for robert levinson. he is the american missing in iran. cbs news spoke with this guy, actually one of the last people who saw levinson before he disappeared. plus, we'll talk about this panel of the nation's top physicians that now says vitamins are a waste of money. that's right. so we'll ask dr. david about
6:52 am
claims that some may even be harmful. and a never-before-seen look inside target's research facility where thousands of products are tested before they hit the shelves. the news is back in the morning. it's just 8 days to christmas. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. we'll be watching. >> and we'll be watching for the story that we're going to be showing you in a minute, vitamins hailed as miracle workers coming up a new evidence you want to hear before you swallow another pill. >> reporter: and a home collapses down a hill in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood. we'll tell you what stands between that home and the ones below it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
6:55 am
know at the 55- a federal judge has ruled against the n-s-a's phone surveillance program. the judge declared the bul
6:56 am
five things to know at the :55. a federal judge ruled against the nsa's phone surveillance program. the doubling said the bulk collection of phone records violates the constitution's ban on unreasonable searches but he stayed his decision to allow the government the chance to appeal. the phone surveillance program first came to light after edward snowden leaked details to the press. breaking news in redwood city. lots of snow cover were a metal recycling plant could affect air quality chopper 5 is over sims metal management on seaport boulevard right now. the fire started more than 5.5 hours ago. it's contained but still burning a pile of metal scrap. firefighters are suggesting people in the area should stay inside but an official "shelter in place" hasn't been issued. the mega millions jackpot is now worth an estimated 586 millions. it could grow higher before tonight's drawing. officials say if nobody winds tonight or friday the jackpot could surpass $1 billion for the christmas eve drawing.
6:57 am
>> a group of researchers now says most multivitamins are ineffective. that long term or high doses of multivitamins did nothing. the study just published in the annals of internal medicine say in cases too much is harmful. prenatal vitamins are still recommended > a wildfire in big sur is uncontained. the fire destroyed 15 homes overnight and forced 100 people to evacuate. firefighters say cooler weather, calmer winds today should help them contain it. right now there's about 600 firefighters working to put out the flames. i'm cate caugiran live in san francisco. a home in the twin peaks neighborhood collapsed down a hill. we learned it belonged to mel murphy a former building inspector commissioner -- or commission president. you can see the aftermath right here. we know that police have been here overnight. you can see some of that debris also has come down from the
6:58 am
street above. that's crown terrace. the house was being remodeled. the foundation was on supports so it could be redone. the house slid down the hill behind it and now that wall is all that stands in the way between the fallen house and the homes below. >> the building is very wedged in to the hillside with the retaining wall standing a good three or four feet above the base of the building which is what we wanted to keep the structure from going down any further. >> reporter: inspectors say the retaining wall is strong enough to sport home. no homes below -- to support the home. no homes below why damaged. no one was injured. an article last year showed murphy planned to demolish the home but that was rejected because the house was sound. a permit to remodel was approved. police continue to do traffic control around a recycling plant in redwood
6:59 am
city. seaport boulevard is closed. you cannot access it from 101. you can use woodside or highway 84. sounds like it could be closed down for the next couple of hours. so working hard to put out the flames. in the meantime, a live look outside here's the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to about the foot of the maze this morning. also that eastshore freeway commute extra slow because of an earlier crash in richmond. we are seeing big delays from hercules. [ laughter ] >> all right! out the door this morning, we have a few high clouds streaming overhead. temperatures this afternoon though are going to be very nice. not the records like we had yesterday. still 60s maybe a couple of low 70s outside. yeah, looking good out there about 68 degrees in san jose mild 67 in oakland and 65 in san francisco. next couple of days big changes cooler air coming our way. going to be breezy also on wednesday and thursday, warming up for the weekend. >> another "spare the air" day. >> yes today. but that will end. i think tomorrow the winds will clear out the skies. >> thank you.
7:00 am
thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great tuesday. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, december 17th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." almost orwellian. a judge's historic ruling against the nsa surveillance program. plus if you're flying east, expect more snow today. >> doctors say stop spending money on vitamins. and more than half a billion dollars on the line in tonight's mega millions drawing. how your odds of winning are changing. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you can't violate the constitution. you can't use national security abuses to violate the constitution. >> a major legal blow to the nsa. >> a federal judge says the nsa's collection of er


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