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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald if her heart is still beating, then why are you trying to take her off life support? >> an oakland girl is declared brain-dead after complications from tonsil surgery but today her family is not giving up the fight. good afternoon, i'm brian hackney. michelle and frank are off today. we'll get to the top stories in a moment. but first, we are following breaking news out of oakland at this hour where bart service has been shut down because of a
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person walking on the train tracks. the person was reported on the tracks about an hour ago between the 12th street and west oakland stations. trains have been stopped in both directions from san francisco and the east bay. another breaking story from the south bay. a gas line break has triggered a "shelter in place" for some homes in san jose. the trouble is near the alameda and morris avenue area. no word on what caused the break. fire crews are on the scene. we'll keep an eye on both story,. the family of jahi mcmath is holding out hope. relatives of the 13-year-old don't want to pull the plug. kiet do is live at children's hospital in oakland where lawyers are involved. >> reporter: brian, they have escalated the situation with a cease and desist order from a lawyer. the hospital says they have received that letter. they are taking it under consideration but can't say anything more. jahi underwent a last-minute brain scan early this morning. we are still waiting for the
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test results. for the family of jahi mcmath, 8 days of tears and sorrow have turned to defiance. >> i just feel like maybe she is trapped inside her own body and wants to scream out and tell me something. that's why every time i go in there, i let her know, i will not let them take you to the coroner's office, jahi, i won't. >> reporter: her stepfather said she had another brain scan this morning looking for signs of activity. relatives begged and pleaded with doctors for today's tests after they were told yesterday she was brain-dead and would remove her off life support. >> that's our thoughts and prayers. pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray. say, say, say, say, say. that's what it's going to continue to be. >> reporter: last monday, the 13-year-old went in for a tonsillectomy. she coughed up blood, went into cardiac arrest and became unconscious. >> thank you, children's hospital, for just ruining my child's life and my life. and i just want them -- i feel
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like they owe her another chance. >> reporter: her aunt said if doctors try to remove her off life support, family members will be ready to protest on the street. >> if her heart is still beating, then why are you trying to take her off life support? obviously, there's still a chance that she can survive. >> reporter: the family has hired a lawyer and delivered a letter to hospital staff. >> this is a cease and desist order from our attorneys to stop them from moving without our consent. this says they cannot do anything without our consent. >> reporter: we want to make it very clear, there is no indication that the hospital did anything wrong. in fact, the hospital says they would love to share their side of the story, provide some context and background but they can't do so because as public as the family is being out here in the street, they have not allowed the hospital to share any details about jahi's case. live in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you. now at 3 minutes after noon on this tuesday, breaking news out of dublin, where alameda county fire confirms an explosion at the santa rita
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county jail. officials say the blast happened in the oven in the prison kitchen. and that there are several injuries. we'll bring you more information as we get it. and a house undergoing some remodeling in san francisco lost a battle with gravity overnight. the supports holding up the house gave way. our cate caugiran is in the neighborhood where it happened. cate. >> reporter: brian, now that it's daylight you can get a better look at the damage. you can look for yourself. look at all of that debris that's spilled on to this hill here. we know that construction crews and engineers have been out here through the morning and even now into the afternoon assessing the scene making sure it is safe for other neighbors. >> it sounded like a dump truck emptying its load. >> reporter: others said it sounded like thunder or a crash. >> i was in my house and heard this crashing and came outside and didn't hear anything or see anything after i got outside. >> reporter: it was late, about 10:30 last night, when support beams holding up this twin peaks home gave way and the home came down with it stopping
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at this resistance wall just above other homes on the street. >> we're doing everything possible to make sure if something happens, it does not affect the surrounding properties and the public areas. >> reporter: building inspectors didn't red tag any homes here. they say the wall is safe enough to keep the house from moving down the hill and they are closely monitoring the situation. >> it's a very serious situation. and, of course, sometimes things like this happen. and our role is to do the best we can to minimize any further damage. >> reporter: the fallen home belongs to mel murphy. he originally planned to demolish this home but the planning department rejected that saying the home was structurally sound. instead he applied to remodel it and dramatically expand the size of the home, and that was approved. the house was under construction at the time and now it's under investigation to figure out what went wrong. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a warning by the way to
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people driving in the area: roads in the 100 block of graystone are still blocked. well, today 15 tech leaders got a chance to tell president obama about their concerns surrounding government snooping. google's chairman was at the white house along with facebook's coo cheryl sandberg and apple's ceo tim cook. originally they were supposed to talk about problems with but they also discussed the data mining practices by the nsa. tech companies have expressed misgivings about having to comply with nsa requests for information. now on to developing news in redwood city. a fire that burned for most of the morning at a recycling facility is now under control. it broke out about 1 a.m. at sims metal management on seaport boulevard. the fire generated thick clouds of smoke as you can see. folks living nearby were advised to stay inside. >> if you smell smoke, that's the important message, that if
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they smell smoke, please just shut your windows and your doors. >> the fire burned for more than 8 hours and was under control by 9:45 a.m. still don't know what caused the fire. nobody was injured. firefighters are beginning to get a handle on a 500-acre blaze in big sur. it's burning in los padres national forest. it's about 5% contained. cbs reporter marlie hall has more on the fire that's destroyed at least 15 homes. >> reporter: wind is driving a wildfire burning in the big sur area of california. it's already destroyed more than a dozen homes and forced about 100 people to evacuate. >> i don't want to lose the house. i been there all my life. >> reporter: he and his family are homeless this morning after the wildfire scorched about 500 acres of the los padres national forest. >> we started fighting the blais but it was too late. >> reporter: more than 600 firefighters are working to
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save homes around this popular tourist destination. >> they busted their butts trying to save my only and others. >> reporter: martha carsons is the fire chief of the big sur volunteer fire brigade. she is still working even though she lost everything. >> i just haven't absorbed it all yet. i went out the door a fire and there was ashes and sparks at my front door. >> reporter: firefighters say cooler weather and calmer winds today should help them contain this fire. marlie hall for cbs news. >> it is unusual to have a wildfire in california in december. it's also unusual to have the driest calendar year on record and that's partly to blame. the oakland preacher to gained worldwide attention with his doomsday predictions has died. harold camping died at the age of 92 on sunday at his home. his family radio network started in san francisco in the
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'50s and spread nationwide. he made headlines with his failed predictions of the end of the world in 1994 and 2001. today a man accused of killing two cats by throwing them into san francisco bay was arraigned. eric patterson allegedly grabbed a woman's belongings at pier 25 including a cat carrier which ended up in the water. he is charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty. the nra filed a lawsuit against sunnyvale in response to its new gun control ordinance. the nra says the new measure tramples on the second amendment. the city requires gun owners to quickly report firearm theft and to lock their guns at home. it also bans possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. in other bay area news, the new eastern span of the bay bridge and caltrans are going to need better lighting. caltrans says it wants more of
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a spotlight on the billion- dollar tower. 2300 new lights were tested last night, 800 at the base, 1500 at the deck level. and things are back to normal at terminal a at the san jose airport. a hot water line broke yesterday causing major flooding. passenger operations and security checkpoints were restored just in time for early- morning flights today. crews spent hours using fans and hoses to clean up the ankle deep water. have you ever had identical quadruplets? well, your odds are about 15 times better for doing that than winning the mega millions jackpot. [ laughter ] >> the estimated jackpot was up to $636 million. it's the second biggest jackpot ever. and if nobody wins it all tonight, the jackpot could hit $1 billion by christmas. about 70% of possible combinations will be sold for tonight's drawing. but that's no guarantee that
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somebody will win the megabucks. i heard screaming ran outside and found out that the house across from us blew up. >> a deadly explosion rattles an alabama apartment building. what investigators think set off the blast. >> and george zimmerman back in the spotlight. why he is about to receive a six-figure payday. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. still some hazy sunshine and above-normal temperatures but that is all about to change. we'll talk about it coming up. ,, ,,
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at least eight people were injured, one critically. ambulances are on scene as is a life-flight helicopter. we'll continue to follow that and bring you the latest. also an explosion before daunted shattered a two-story -- before dawn today shattered a two-story building in alabama. >> i heard a bloom and glass came out, air-conditioning hit me in the back and i'm crawling across the floor, we really thought it was terrorists. it was loud. >> a woman on the first floor was killed and her fiance is in critical condition. they were trapped under a concrete slab but firefighters got the man out using hydraulic jacks. officials think a natural gas leak caused that blast. and bids for a painting by george zimmerman are now approaching $100,000. the art work is for sale on ebay until next saturday. the painting features the words as you can see, god one nation with liberty and justice for all. the starting price is 99 cents.
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but bids quickly climbed to more than $99,000. zimmerman was aquestioned this year in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin in florida. six u.s. soldiers were killed after their helicopter crashed in southern afghanistan today. there was no fighting reported at the time and there was no insurgent activity in the area. the crash is under investigation. and there has been no other information released. congress is ready to pass a budget bill easing some of the effects of the across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester. the senate agreed to advance the measure to a vote earlier today. the bill should pass easily and could head to president obama for his signature by the end of the week. the stock market is relatively quiet today as investors away the results of a two-day policy meeting by the federal reserve. the dow is up a token amount. about 8 bucks and change. we are enjoying some warmer weather the past few days but it's a very different story across parts of the country. the northeast dealing with yet another snowstorm. this is new jersey. they are expecting to get up to
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4" of snow and that storm will then head to new england where folks are expecting to see nine inches of snow. the only thing that's falling here is hope for any rain. lawrence is up with the forecast. doesn't look like -- >> not seeing anything for five to seven days. >> and that would make it the driest calendar year on record and we have the oldest weather record on the west coast. >> 1849. can't find any rain. but it could all of a sudden open up. right now very dry and, of course, we have seen record- breaking temperatures yesterday. today probably not records but still warm enough these numbers running well above average for this time of year and very hazy. thick enough you could cut it with a knife with all the pollution building under the high pressure. temperatures right now 50s in most spots, 54 san francisco. 58 livermore. 64 santa rosa. we are looking at some comfortable temperatures this afternoon, very mild weather continuing outside. but very hazy too. and tonight of course mostly
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clear skies, a "spare the air" issue once again by the bay area air quality management and then much cooler weather on the way for tomorrow. but the good news is the air quality will improving with a sea breeze kicking in clearing out the pollution. high pressure building in overhead sticking around for at least one last day. then it's going to begin to move eastward. temperatures around the state in the 60s in the central valley . clouds today but making no rain in the forecast. just a few high clouds moving through for sunset to make it look prettier. otherwise the temperatures are going to stay mild. 65 union city and pacifica. east bay numbers up into the 60s in many spots. a lot of 60s inside the bay too. very mild day tonight. 30s and 40s in most spots for overnight lows. temperatures going to drop about 10-plus degrees in spots.
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no rain through the weekend. sunset tonight 4:53, sunrise 7:19. >> can't buy a raindrop. lawrence, believe me when i say, couldn't have done it better myself. >> thank you, sir, appreciate. google continues to buy up some of the world's most advanced robotics companies. what the tech giant might be planning. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're getting our first live pictures from chopper five the santa rita jail. an prison kitchen continuing to follow the breaking news out of dublin,
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we're getting our first live pictures of chopper 5 of the santa rita jail. a explosion in a prison kitchen injured eight people one critically. an oven set it off. ambulances are on scene. switching gears, the donations keep coming for our "food for bay area families" campaign and lawrence has today's special guests. >> that's right. today we are joined by students from park day school in oakland. and the alameda county food bank. ruby a 7th grader from the school is the official spokesman. thank you for joining us. you guys look very sharp and i bet you're very glad to be down here not being at school. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> ruby, you guys have done an impressive pickup of a lot of money. tell us what you guys have done to raise all the money. >> we have at school every year, we have a day of sharing. we raise money and chee chip in and give the amount of money we
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would normally spend on lunch to organizations and this year we chose the alameda food bank. >> is that right? and you guys put together -- i mean, this is not just a small little check. you guys did a great job. and really you got a lot of money. >> we did. and we used the empty bowls project to have lunch in so that was our replacement. >> tell us how much you raised. >> we raised $1,600! >> $1,600! that is fantastic! and, of course, that is going to help a lot of folks around the bay area and a lot of families you guys should be all very, very proud of yourselves and thank you very much for coming down. and if you would like to help make a donation, go to and you can make a donation just like these wonderful students did here today. that's the latest from here, brian. back to you. >> well done, kids, great. google has a secret plan and has something to did with collecting robots. these realistic beast-like machines were made by a military robot maker called boston dynamics.
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it's the 8th robotic company that google has bought in the last six months alone. google told the "new york times" the company is looking at commercial purposes. that means you might see google robot competing with something like amazon's drones to deliver your packages in a few years. a brave new world. back in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to show us how to pick the t one. 'tis the season for florida oranges and here's stephanie tantillo to show us how to pick the right one. >> hello, everybody.
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today we're going to talk about florida juice oranges. the crop is just coming out. they are absolutely incredible to buy them right now. but selection and storage is important. when you see them, nice colors. a little bit of discoloration is okay but little to no shriveling. when you bring them home, store them on the counter. to put them in the fridge you moore the start to lose some of the nutritional value. they are called florida juice oranges because you can't believe the amount of juice that comes out. i love to use them as salad dressing absolutely fantastic. i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. breaking news out of dublin, we are getting our first live pictures from chopper 5 of the santa rita jail. an explosion in a prison kitchen injured eight people one critically. an oven explosion set it o ambulances are on scene. we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the day. finally, it's the beatles versus the bootleggers as 59 previously unreleased beatles song hit the itunes store. the main point is not to sell
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more record, rather, it's aimed at protecting the beatles' ownership of the rights for another 20 years. the beatles back catalog is about 50 years old and under current european law you have to use it or lose it. sony is using it by releasing mostly outtakes of beatles classics. now it's time to say hello, good-bye. allen and liz will be here at 5:00. see you tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado
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>> eric: so, uh, you have come back to l.a. to get back together with brooke. >> ridge: yes. other stuff. i mean, i miss the family. i miss the business. i miss the city. i-i even miss the traffic. >> eric: you'll get over that soon enough. >> ridge: but more than anything else, i miss much. i-i just don't know how i let her slip away. >> eric: uh, has there been any communication at all? >> rick: um, no. just...about r.j. i don't -- i... i really don't know what she's been up to. the good news is i have time. you can fill me in. what's been going on in brooke's life? >> brooke: hi, katie. it's brooke. i just wanted you to know how


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