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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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biggest lottery jackpots ever. it's not you, is it, kiet? >> reporter: uhm -- no, he is not here but the shop owner got the call yesterday. he came down in the evening, saw all the commotion and that's when it hit him. for selling the winning ticket the owner will get about a million dollars. the store is located in lion plaza one of the oldest strip malls of vietnamese businesses of san jose. it has a loyal group of lottery players and they are all trying to figure out who won part of that huge about $648 million jackpot now. the other ticket was sold in atlanta's buckhead neighborhood at the gateway newsstand in the alliance center building. if either winner goes with the cash payout option they will get about $170 million each. if they go for the 30-year payout, it's $318 million, one payment per year for the next 30 years. but as you know, almost everybody goes for the lump sum payment. here are the numbers again. sad but probably none of us got
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it except for two people in the united states: 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, mega ball 7. second largest jackpot in history. lottery officials lower the odds of winning so that means you can expect more big jackpots to happen in the future. brian? >> so kiet, the owner of that store, you're saying it's jenny's that store behind you? >> reporter: yes. his name is twee nguyen. he says he will be back at 8:30 this morning to open up shop at 9:00. he was seen leaving the parking lot hooting and hollering, giddy, jumping around. he said he was going to celebrate. we'll see if he is actually in any shape to come back this morning to open up the store. >> i can hardly wait for you to talk to him. thank you, kiet. it will be another unhealthy air quality day in parts of the bay area today. the air quality was bad, that's an understatement. long-standing high pressure putting a cap on pollution led to lots of smog. check out the view from oakland hidden in all that haze, is san francisco. and believe it or not, the bay
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area's air quality was actually rated worse than beijing's by quite a bit. current weather pattern is also affecting the air quality. for more on how things look today let's check in with lawrence. >> starting out hazy in our skies. we are going to see winds and a big change in the weather coming our way. hi-def doppler radar out. high pressure is breaking down. clouds streaming across our skies and a little moisture, too. most of that heading up to the sierra nevada although we did have a sprinkle in towards watsonville. still, we have some bigger changes ahead as it looks like high pressure finally giving way now and we're going to see some breezy conditions kicking up near the coastline this afternoon. numbers are going to be a little cooler too. and with the winds kicking up, that's going to clear out the air, the sea breeze kicking in. and temperatures going to be dropping off. plan on about 64 degrees in san jose, 64 oakland, 66 livermore. could get very windy in spots tonight. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. firefighters battling a wildfire in big sur may get some help from mother nature
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today. going to get a little light rain down there to help rinse out the atmosphere and quell the fire which has torched more than 760 acres and it's only 20% contained. so far about 22 buildings have burned, 14 of those were homes. among the homes destroyed was that of the big sur fire chief. >> whether it's me or anyone else, it's just devastating. i have seen people lose their homes on the news and until it happens to you, to stand there and watch your home burn, it's just not what you want to do. >> what a terrible thing. and she was fighting a fire at the same time, too. the chief had lived in that house for 23 years. firefighters say they expect the fire to be contained, though, by the end of the week. sims metal management in redwood city could face another fine after yesterday's smoky fire. this is the second fire in as many months at the plant. white smoke and the stench of burning plastic could be seen and smelled for miles. the redwood city fire district
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told us there's been discussion about fining sims to recoup some of the costs of fighting those recent fires. >> it's very unusual to have this many fires in a few weeks. and again, sims is very concerned about it. this is not our normal mode of operation and we're going to be doing everything we can to make sure that this doesn't happen again. >> last week, the air quality district issued a public nuisance citation to sims for the fire back in november. all right. now it's a few minutes after 5:00. it's time to get a bent metal update see what the road ahead looks like. >> reporter: if you are doing some shopping -- it's a little early, but if you are on the roads westbound 92 it looks great out of hayward towards the other side. eastbound 92, we have some overnight roadwork still out there closing some connectors ramps until about 6:00.
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use el camino to hillsdale as an alternate. altamont pass slowdowns out of tracy 205 to north flynn, that's the heaviest delay. and then traffic once again moves at the speed limit. antioch commute looks good westbound 4. a few taps of the brake lights closer towards that "a" street exit but otherwise looks great out towards pittsburg-bay point and concord, also all bart trains in the area running on time. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> all right elizabeth, thank you. an oven door weighing 300 pounds flew across a kitchen at the santa rita jail in dublin. 10 inmates and a deputy were hurt in the explosion. one of the inmates suffered critical injuries. the oven blew up while inmates were baking cornbread a little before noon yesterday. >> trying to figure out exactly what happened and again, you're talking equipment that's now close to 25 years old. >> these ovens operate much like an oven at a house, typical gas oven in a house. it's just much larger. >> the entire jail was put on lockdown for several hours
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while the injured were tended to and investigators moved in. the feds say that chevron violated dozens of environmental laws before last year's fire at the richmond refinery. that fire sent up a huge plume of toxic smoke sending thousands to the hospital. the epa says chevron violated 62 laws. it's accused of not maintaining equipment properly and not responding to chemical releases. chevron could be fined more than $37,000 a day for each violation until it comes up with a compliance plan. an oakland family is hoping prayer can do what doctors say they cannot: save a teenager's life. family members are calling for an international day of prayer today for jahi mcmath. children's hospital officials wanted to take the 13-year-old off life support after declaring her brain-dead. but her family's lawyer wrote a cease and desist letter so she remains on a breathing tube more than a week after tonsil surgery that had disastrous
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complications. the test yesterday found no brain activity. >> their medicine didn't work so it's time to let god work. >> the family wants people to pray for the girl. there's going to be a ceremony at 6:00 tonight at paradise baptist church in oakland. a woman in her 50s was killed while riding her bike in west oakland. police say she was hit by a big rig making a turn at fifth and market streets. they say she got caught in the big rig's wheels as it turned and she was dragged a few feet. it happened at 6:15 last night. police are still investigating. bart will offer passengers safety escorts at some of its stations. the idea is to protect christmas shoppers. the escorts will walk people from the station to their cars at west oakland, fruitvale and bay fair stations. that will happen on friday between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. just look for officers in uniform. the man accused of killing two cats by throwing them into san francisco bay pleaded not guilty yesterday. eric patterson allegedly snatched a woman's cat carrier
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last month and threw it into the water near pier 25. patterson is charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty. he is scheduled to be in court on january 13. vallejo police will see smaller paychecks. the city council approved a contract to impose 5% salary cuts starting january 1. active and retired police will also have to pay more for their healthcare. the cuts are expected to save the city more than $2.5 million. time now is 5:08. are you going to like this? what facebook is adding to your video to feed that will add to their bottom line. >> plus, a man walks into a store with an alligator. how he was hoping it would score him some free beer. plus -- [ rap ] >> a family rapping in their jammies, too cute. you have to see this modern spin on the traditional christmas card. >> looks like we're in for a change in the weather. i think it's good news. going to help to clear out your
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air, big news coming up. >> and if your commute takes you on highway 37, our sensors are picking up green. everything is great heading into marin county. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix. and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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plans to start playing autoc u facebook users will see something new on their newsfeeds. the social networking mammoth plans to start playing automatic video ads whether you like it or not. users will have the option to keep the videos muted. they can turn the sound on if you want by clicking on the ad. you could send out a traditional christmas card or do this. [ rap ] >> ♪ check it out we just bought a prius b and matching it perfectly wearing christmas jammies ♪ >> a family from north carolina made this video set to will smith's song "miami." it's already gotten nearly 7 million views on youtube. i want to watch the entire thing. christmas jammies is trending on twitter this morning. also trending, mega millions.
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at least two winning tickets were sold one in san jose and one in georgia. arapaho high, we are learning the colorado school shooter planned a larger attack. shia labeouf admitting he failed to credit the inspiration for his short film. duane johnson is also tweeting or trending this morning. the man known as the rock is the top grossing actor of 2013. remember, you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. instead, if you are following a lot of taillights or plan to in the next hour or two let's get the latest on traffic. >> we have your taillight coverage covered. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. these are headlights traveling westbound now into san francisco. and you can see everything looks good. there's some flashing lights in the picture but everything is off to the parking lot. so everything is i. >> et right now coming into the city from the east bay. -- so everything is quiet right now coming into the city from the east bay. coming out of the caldecott tunnel cruising along. all the approaches to the bay
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bridge are still moving at the speed limit. i mentioned 37, everything is good heading towards 101. and a lot of the roadwork now that we're past 5:00 has been picked up including southbound 680 between alcosta and 580 heading into pleasanton. mass transit looks great. bart systemwide on time. no delay. they should have more than 30 right now all good to go. ferries, caltrain and ace train 1 left stockton with no problems. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> things changing in the weather. actually had a chance to get out the hi-def doppler radar today tracking a little moisture around the bay area, not much. we have a trace amount showing up in the watsonville area but nonetheless, a couple of clouds scooting across our skies leaving behind a little rain heading to the sierra nevada. throughout the day those clouds going to start to clear out. it will be breezy in the afternoon near the coastline. temperatures will start to cool down and then we could see gusty winds over the north and east bay hills, wind advisories going up later on, as well. out of sfo we have some partly cloudy skies. temperatures around the bay
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area now 40 degrees in santa rosa, 47 in san jose and 48 degrees in san francisco. high pressure now breaking down and sliding eastward and this next system right here is going to be diving into the bay area. that's going to move in and bringing stronger wind. it will mix out the air and that means the air quality going to improve toward tomorrow, as well. so some good news. unfortunately not expecting any rain from that system. 60s and 70s into the central valley. 58 degrees some smoke into the monterey bay from the big sur fire. then it looks like those winds will be picking up starting out fairly calm this morning but in the afternoon, that breeze will kick up. that sea breeze will kick in instead of that offshore wind and stronger winds develop tonight and tomorrow morning. around the bay today, expecting those temperatures a little cooler but still pleasant. 64 degrees in san jose, 63 san mateo, 59 pacifica, 60s into much of the east bay, as well. and inside the bay, 64 in oakland and 61 degrees in san francisco. but that sea breeze changes
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everything. it will be like a breath of fresh air as winds kicks the pollution out of the skies. unfortunately that means it heads toward the central valley so that will come your way. but then looks like warmer weather and dry conditions. >> but that is one of the reasons that we have such good air quality in the bay area because we have a sea breeze. >> we have a sea breeze here. >> that's why, gosh, the central valley doesn't have good air quality because our pollution goes out there. >> the offshore wind has bringing that stuff back to our area. >> thank you. the head of the uc system janet napolitano will lead the delegation to the opening ceremony of the 2014 winter olympics in sochi, russia. also named to the delegation is tennis great billie jean king, a lesbian. it's a move on the part of president obama to show his opposition to russia's anti-gay
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laws. the obamas won't go to the olympics. there are t-shirts that say gusa on the outside and on the inside made in china. the says the official mittens for the athletes were made in the u.s. and a the public can buy them for $98 but they wanted to make a cheaper version for fundraising and that meant china. before the 2012 games it was discovered parts of the team usa uniforms were also not made in the usa. damage control after the weekend. business owner robert chambers took his employees to dinner at morton's steakhouse. chambers is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and at dinner he got a little chilly and covered his head with a beanie. that's when a waitress demanded to see a doctor's note to prove he is sick. the restaurant apologized. you have to be smart to get into harvard. one student did something really dumb to get out of taking a final exam. a 20-year-old sophomore was
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arrested yesterday for calling in a fake bomb threat. officers, fbi agents bomb- sniffing dogs swarmed the cambridge campus on monday. four buildings were evacuated and then kim confessed to sending out the bogus messages to avoid a test. if convicted, he faces five years in jail. a florida man in a swampy situation after he was caught trying to trade a live alligator for -- [ laughter ] >> -- for a six-pack of beer. the video was captured by a convenience store surveillance camera in miami. the store clerk refused the offer. but the man reportedly tried his luck with customers. the customers didn't want the alligator, either. police cited the man for illegally capturing the four- foot reptile. coming up, big bucks lost. why levi stadium is missing out on hosting college football's title game in 2017. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the sharks struggle to get back on track and they are not the only ones. can the warriors win a basketball game now that andre iguodala is back in the line-
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good morning. heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, you should have no problem getting into the city. everything is good across the span. highway 4 a little bit of slowing approaching hillcrest but no big issues this morning
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heading westbound all the way towards concord and westbound 580 this drive time is still green, 16 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. a full "kcbs traffic report" is just minutes away. good morning, everyone. the warriors have struggled since losing andre iguodala to a hamstring injury a months ago. last night he returned. so did the warriors. golden state went 5-7 without ig you go in the line-up and immediate impact against the pelicans. steph curry with the layup, game high 28. iguodala played only 17 minutes. this was his only bucket but it was pretty alley-oop from curry and the warriors win 104-94. the blues have more banners than wins against the sharks this year. san jose trying to snap a five- game losing streak on the road. pavelski with the game's first girl. three minutes later irwin gets a bounce for a 2-0 lead and sharks win 4-2. great news for
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both local teams. no more balfour rage in the coliseum bleachers. yesterday baltimore signed oakland closer grant balfour for two years and 15 million. remember, the a's have os closer jim johnson now. remember the seahawks flag flown above candlestick? apparently a group raised over $8,000 to put up this billboard in seattle. the surplus will go for 8,000 and all go to charity. see, it's all good with the seattle seahawks. just wait. the 9ers and seahawks may go one more time up in the pacific northwest if they go that deep in the play-offs. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. also related to the sports issues, levi stadium will not be hosting college football's title game in 2017. the santa clara stadium came up short in its bid because of a lack of hotels nearby. levi's was among six bidders for the championship game on january 9, 2017. the game was awarded instead to raymond james stadium home of
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the tampa bay buccaneers. now at 23 minutes after 5:00, the shopping rush is on. the deal online retailers are offering today so that you can get your gifts on time. >> plus, check your mega millions tickets because lottery luck just struck the bay area in a very big way. and an atm ripped off a post, a high-speed chase. the suspect is still on the loose. tell you what happened overnight coming up. ,,
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weather ad libs traffic ad libs i'm anne makovec at a crime scene in san francisco. somebody ripped off an atm, went on a high-speed chase with police and abandon their van. more details coming up. >> reporter: someone's life in
5:28 am
san jose has been changed forever. one of the winning lottery tickets was sold right here. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. small change in the wind direction, a big change in our weather. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and the drive to work looks really good right now in the east bay. here's a live look at our traffic sensors up and down 880. moving at the speed limit. we'll have your traffic report coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank has the morning off. anne makovec is following breaking news in san francisco this morning. anne, we understand that somebody actually stole an entire atm machine? >> reporter: that's right. and they got away with it but not for long. here's where it all started in san francisco. this is at fillmore and jackson. the post is where the atm was. at 3:30 a.m., a van drove up with a couple of guys inside. they tried to -- well, they did
5:29 am
rip the atm right out of the post. you can see the scene here. we have receipts and a chain. they were able to get the atm into their van. they took off through the streets of san francisco. at some point, driving at very high rates of speed across the bay bridge and ended upcoming back, being pursued by police. and they abandoned that van then and you have some video of where that happened. it was abandoned at 17th and missouri also in san francisco. with the atm still inside. we don't know if they got anything out of the atm or whether or not anybody has been arrested at this point. at last word nobody had been arrested. so we also talked to a neighbor who saw this all go down. we'll hear his account of this coming up in the next half hour. right now live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. all right. now, someone in the south bay might be learning what it feels like to suddenly be rich. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose
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where a winning mega millions ticket was sold. kiet. >> reporter: hi there. live in san jose, the store owner got a million dollars just for selling the winning lottery ticket. thuy nguyen got the call yesterday, saw the commotion came down to the store and it hit him that he won all this money. he was giddy and in shock in the parking lot and couldn't believe his luck because he just took over the store four months ago. the store is located in lion plaza one of the oldest strip malls of vietnamese businesses in san jose. it has a loyal group of lottery players and they are all trying to figure out who won part of that huge $648 million jackpot. the other ticket was sold in atlanta's buckhead neighborhood at the gateway newsstand in the alliance center building. if either winner goes with the cash payout they will get $170 million each. if they go for the 30-year payout option, that's $318 million once a year for the next three decades but as you know almost everybody goes for
5:31 am
the lump sum payment. here are the numbers once again. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, mega ball 7. this was the second largest jackpot in u.s history. expect more big jackpots more often in the future. the shop owners say he will be back here at 8:30 a.m. to open up shop again at 9:00 this morning. back to you. >> all right, kiet, thank you. there was a megamistake after last night's drawing that produced the winners in san jose and atlanta. it was on the lottery website. the page showed there had not been a winner and the jackpot was rolling over to $950 million. they fixed that quickly. >> and mr. karnow is fixing our weather situation. a sea breeze will make a big difference in the weather today and the next couple of days we'll see cooler temperatures. the air quality improves and tomorrow better. out the door we go, we have our hi-def doppler up and running
5:32 am
tracking some showers most of that make its way up in the sierra nevada. looks like that will continue to scoot on by. unfortunate, notly not leaving up rain for us. breezy at the coastline in the 50s. there 60s inside the bay and the valleys. 64 degrees in san jose today. 64 in oakland, 61 and breezy this afternoon in san francisco and only about 59 degrees but much improved air quality later on as we see those winds whipping up toward the coastline. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. everything is quiet. if you are traveling on westbound 580 probably the busiest drive time now and the delays begin out of tracy and continue to vasco now but the drive time is still in the clear only 15 or 16 minutes in the westbound lanes to take you towards the dublin interchange. maybe you're heading out of town or traveling on 101. it looks like it's all the way
5:33 am
down towards sfo in san bruno and 280 looks goods through san mateo county. this roadwork has been picked up southbound 680 to alcosta towards the dublin interchange and we promised a mass transit update. so far no delay for bart systemwide on time. ferries, caltrain and ace train 1 and 3. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. san francisco building inspectors are trying to figure out what caused a home to collapse and slide down a hill. the home stopped at a newly built retaining wall after losing the battle with gravity monday night. it happened in the city's twin peaks neighborhood. the house is being renovated and crews were work on the foundation when it collapsed. neighbors say it sounded like a dump truck emptied its load as it slid down the hillside. the house is owned by developer mel murphy, once a building inspect commissioner. he is now a city port commissioner but mayor lee says he will get no special favors as the city investigates what happens. >> in this case i want dbi to
5:34 am
complete a thorough investigation and make sure he is held to the highest standard of safety and get the building done properly. >> murphy was in the property of replacing the 800-square- foot home with a 5100-square- foot home. many neighbors were not happy about the change. christmas is all about giving and glide memorial is doing just that. kpix 5's cate caugiran is there now where people are lining up to get free groceries. tell us about that, cate. >> reporter: brian, they have actually been here for a few hours now. i can show you this line, this is only the beginning of it. it wraps around the block over down on jones all the way down to eddy. this is something that they do every year here at glide, one of the many generous events they put on. we know also volunteers will be here in the half hour to start filling thousands of bags. about 5,000 in fact. organizers say the bags will be filled with turkey or chicken and all the fixings to made a good christmas meal to be shared with friends and family. glide has been helping the home also and low-income families for about 50 years now.
5:35 am
and we know or they know that the holidays can be a tough time so these bags are going to be going to those low-income families and individuals. some already lined up in front of the church as you just saw. tomorrow volunteers are also going to hand out an additional 700 bags tomorrow on top of the thousands going out today. volunteers will be here in the next half hour. they are going to start stuffing the bags. we know they will start giving them out about 7:30 today and they will be handing them out and going until 12:30 this afternoon or until they run out. live in san francisco, brian, back to you. >> cate, do you know if they do it on the honor system? how do they know if people are homeless? also, i'm curious what people can do to help out. >> reporter: you know, i'm actually into the quite sure about that but i'm happy to ask organizers how do they check for these low-income families and individuals. as far as helping out is concerned, you can go to their
5:36 am
website, they are pushing for donations, unwrapped toys, food and money. >> cate caugiran live in san francisco, thank you. happening today, berkeley city council is considering a raise in the city's minimum wage. the proposal would set the minimum at $10.74 an hour. and employers who don't provide health coverage would have to pay an extra 2.22 an hour for that. the proposal includes annual cost of living increases. also today, there will be a community meeting about the clean-up at the san francisco's hunters point naval shipyard. the epa plans to remove soil with higher concentrations of contaminants, then cover the entire parcel including the large landfill area with two feet of clean cover soil and vegetation. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at the ymca on lane street congress could send president obama a budget to sign into law today. the bipartisan budget bill cleared a critical test vote yesterday.
5:37 am
the two-year agreement cuts the deficit $23 billion over the next decade and replaces some of the across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester with targeted cuts. and one of those targets generating anger today is a reduction in some retirement benefits for military veterans. >> please don't use our retirement military retirement that's been promised to us. find it somewhere else. my husband went to war on the fact that he was promised that money in return when he got back. >> some lawmakers say that even if the budget passes, they will fight to restore the retirement benefits. some of the biggest names in tech sat down with the president at the white house yesterday. they met in washington to discuss concerns about the government's snooping. the group included leaders from google, facebook, apple, twitter, yahoo and netflix. at one point the president joked there's some intel that's even off limits to him.
5:38 am
>> i wish that things were that ruthlessly efficient. it's true. like kevin spacey, this guy's getting a lot of stuff done. [ laughter ] >> the president there referring to kevin spacey's power hungry character in the hit series "house of cards." the white house has tapped a former microsoft executive to manage its troubled website. it will overhaul the website as an unpaid senior advisor. he recently retired from microsoft as head of its office software unit. he will work on the site's performance to make sure that it functions throughout the open enrollment period which ends in march. the bay area is one of the leaders in healthcare enrollments through the "covered california" website. since enrollment began in october, more than 22,000 people from the bay area have signed up for an insurance plan, 20% of the state's total
5:39 am
enrollment, second to los angeles county which leads the state with nearly 25,000 enrollees. it could be time for the feds to cut back on the stimulus plan. wendy gillette of joins us to explain the impact of the decision. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all eyes are on the federal reserve. the fed is wrapping up a two- day meeting and will announce this afternoon if it's scaling back its economic stimulus program. many believe the fed will maintain its monthly bond buying program until next year despite improving economic data. chairman ben bernanke will also give his final quarterly news conference before stepping down at the end of january. investors are waiting to see what happens with the fed on wall street yesterday, the dow down 9, nasdaq down 5. there is a new button on facebook. a donate now tab that appears on a post by a nonprofit organization and on the group's main page. if you give, however, facebook will then have your credit card information which the social media company will keep for
5:40 am
future purchases. and a major investment bank is helping to fund a program for teens in jail. it's part of an effort to get private investors to fund public social programs. goldman sachs invested almost $10 million and will profit if the program meets certain goals. 1500 teens are receiving behavioral therapy as part of the program that's designed to keep them from going back to jail once released. >> we might want to consider doing some online shopping today, right? >> reporter: yes. today is the sixth annual free shipping day. about 900 stores are taking part and waiving the usual restriction for minimum orders. purchases are guaranteed to arrive by christmas eve. last year and in 2011, online sales soared over $1 billion on free shipping day. i wanted to tell you about something special going on here at the stock exchange. there are a lot of ipos, several every week. today they are doing one for amc the movie theater chain and they are giving out free popcorn and they rolled out --
5:41 am
matt, can you pan out the camera a little bit? they have rolled out the red carpet here. something that they are doing that's rather unique, they are actually offering the stock to regular people because it's rare that anyone but the big investors here on wall street can get access to buy shares when there's an ipo. this time the movie theater company offered shares to its frequent customers. so not too much, only up to about $2500. but it's still cool. you get to own a piece of it right from the beginning. you know, you can see the red car. there, we got our popcorn. good day to be here. >> very cool! i know. that's a great assignment, wendy. not too bad. all right. well, enjoy that popcorn and the red carpet. thanks so much. >> reporter: i shall. >> thank you. coming up, helping you stay heart healthy. the fruit that could cut your risk of a stroke. >> plus, a tricky repair job in space. the emergency mission to fix a glitch on the international space station. >> and a blind man falls on to
5:42 am
subway tracks. the incredibly brave move by his dog that saved his life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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international space station. nasa ordered the walks after half the station's cooling a series of urgent spacewalks will happen soon at the international space station.
5:45 am
nasa ordered the walks after half of the station's cooling system failed last week. the six-man crew is okay. but nasa needs to send two american astronauts out to replace a bad pump in case of another failure. the job will require at least two spacewalks. the first set for saturday. this morning, we're hearing firsthand about the terror- filled moments when a gunman opened fire at a reno hospital. he killed one person yesterday and wounded two others before shooting himself. police say one of the injured victims is a doctor. about 100 people were in the building when the shooting was reported. one nurse said when she heard the warning over the intercom, her thoughts turned to her patients. >> it was definitely scary. it was -- i mean, we all kept -- we all were trying to focus on our patients because we had patients at the time trying to make sure that they were comfortable and that they knew what was going on but they weren't scared. >> the motive is still unclear but the incident doesn't appear to be random. terrifying moments for a
5:46 am
blind man and his seeing eye dog. the pair was hit by a train. >> it happened at a brooklyn subway station. witnesses say the 61-year-old man and his seeing eye dog fell backwards on to the tracks but not before the dog tried to save them both. >> he was all the way at the edge. >> backwards. >> backwards. >> and the dog was trying to pull him in. and i tried to scream at him to come in because he was, you know, near the tracks. >> reporter: and then he fell down to the tracks? >> then he fell down to the tracks and the dog he pulled in with him. >> reporter: and the train was approaching? >> the train was approaching. >> transit workers yelled at the man to keep low as the train approached. the conductor eventually stopped and crews were able to pull both to safety. time now 5:46. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. and we are getting reports, these are first reports of what sounds like a bad wreck. it's in oakland northbound 880. chp is telling us that all lanes are temporarily blocked
5:47 am
northbound 880 by oak street. again, this is just coming within the last couple of minutes. a big rig and other cars are involved. one person may be trapped in one of their vehicles. we'll continue to update you there. our sensors are not picking up slowing yet but obviously there's some activity in lanes. all right. here's a live look outside towards the bay bridge toll plaza. everything looks good. traffic is even lighter than normal for this time of the morning. just some slight delays in the far left cash lanes. but the fastrak ones and the far right lanes still look good and no metering lights. that certainly helps. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge commute direction coming up over the flat section high-rise still only about 13 minutes and heading towards the east bay also free and clear this morning from the peninsula. if your commute takes you from marin county, the sensors coming down from novato into san rafael and heading towards sausalito, we have a live look approaching spencer and if you are looking towards the golden gate bridge no problems towards doyle drive. from the north bay to the south bay here's a live look at some
5:48 am
drive times for the south bay 280 through downtown out towards cupertino looking good. same thing with the guadalupe parkway so you can a big wash of green. those green ones mean the sensors are above 40 miles per hour. not the case so much with the westbound 580 ride probably our slowest drive time at this point coming through tracy and the altamont pass up to 22 minutes so the longest delays look like 205 out to isabel. and then things look great all the way past the dublin interchange towards 238 and the castro valley y. and mass transit no issues to report for bart, muni, caltrain or ace. that's your latest "kcbs traffic report." we have had gorgeous wet last couple of days. for the latest forecast here's lawrence. >> high pressure is breaking down a lot of clouds in the skies early on. our kpix 5 high-def doppler radar tracking raindrops unfortunately, not much left mere in the bay area as we continue this very dry run of weather. doesn't look like it's going to stop ear even though we have
5:49 am
changes in our forecast. looks like the sea breeze is kicking up helping to clear out the pollution. this afternoon high passing clouds and cooler temperatures. tonight low pressure system diving in strong gusty winds over the north and east bay hills, some of the gusts near 60 miles per hour. see that low off the coastline, this will be the main factor diving into the bay area kind of falling apart so not going to bring us any rain. but it will help to kick up the winds. that's going to improve air quality although it could also bring down some trees and power lines. sfo no delays expected just clouds. if you are heading across the country i don't think we are going to see any major delays. about 72 degrees and dry in houston. 67 mostly cloudy into denver. 34 degrees partly cloudy in chicago. and 35 degrees and chilly in new york. around the bay today, with temperatures cooling down a bit but still mild. 66 in livermore. 64 in san jose. 61 degrees in san francisco. the breeze kicking up along the
5:50 am
coastline. 59 in pacifica. next couple of days, watching those temperatures really cool down a little windy around the bay area for tomorrow then high pressure starts to build in. the temperatures warming up for the weekend and staying dry through the first part of next week. time for your schoolcast today. this is for saint mary's school in san francisco. morning bell, you're looking at partly cloudy skies, about 48 degrees. by lunch recess a little cool, becoming motionly sunny though and -- mostly sunny though and temperatures in the 50s and breezy in the afternoon at 61. if you would like to nominate your school for a schoolcast go to your sunrise time today 7:20. and sunset tonight 4:53. but i think the big weather story for today, some improving air quality the next couple of days, tomorrow probably the first none "spare the air" day in quite -- first non"spare the air" day for quite some time. >> it never will rain again? >> that's what it feels like, doesn't it? >> not anytime soon. >> it will come. the tie, you can't see it but we have to show it. right?
5:51 am
>> st. nick. >> santa on there. >> that's right. >> loving it. >> bring them all out this time of the year. [ laughter ] national institutes of health released a new report on teen drug use and attitudes. adriana diaz has a look at this morning's top medical stories. >> reporter: are these high times for high schoolers? 60% of 12th graders do not see regular marijuana use as harmful according to a new report released from the national institutes of health. nearly one in four senior says they smoked pot within a month of the survey and more than 36% said they smoked marijuana in the past year. an apple a day doesn't just keep the doctor away. according to a new report in the british medical journal, it can also prevent deadly heart problems. researchers say if adults 50 and older ate an apple a day, that would prevent or delay about 8500 deadly heart attacks and strokes every year in britain alone. and researchers at duke university released the results of a ten-year study asking 650,000 american adults how
5:52 am
much preventative dental care they receive. the study was the first to compare dental care among different races. it found that 77% of asians and 76% of caucasianses had a recent cleaning or check-up. hispanics, blacks and native americans were closer to 60%. those are some of the day's top health stories. adriana diaz, cbs news, new york. it's now 8 minutes before 6:00 on your wednesday morning. coming up, forget just married. the message one woman said she was proud to display on her car. >> and it's video that will make you say, awww! look at that. why these penguins with trading in tuxedos for another type of suit. awww, look at that. ,,
5:53 am
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guys? a group of penguins in south korea stepped out santa suits and other chris umes. they waddled who needs reindeer add elves? the of penguins spread some holiday here is in south korea and entertain the kids. they welcome park visitors every day until christmas. look at their little christmas trees. cute! a 74-year-old florida woman is celebrating the end of a marriage. >> celebrating. >> lois lewis is getting attention after a divorce became final. she said her recent year and a half long marriage was about a half a union so she has a just divorced message painted on her minivan. >> i'm getting thumbs up. i'm getting people rolling their windows down saying, go for it, girl.
5:56 am
get happy. we're glad for ya. oh, yes. >> she says all the support has been therapeutic. do you or do you not take the lump sum payment of $170 million? that is the question for one person who won the lottery here in san jose. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. an atm is ripped off a pose in front of a san francisco store. the robbers got away. tell you what happened coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
check your mega millions tickets. lottery luck just struck the bay area in a big way. >> we know that one ticket was purchased here from jenny's gift shop located in a strip mall just off tully road and just joined the super rich. let's show you those winning numbers first on your screen. they are 8, 20, 14, 17, 39 and that mega number is 7.
6:00 am
>> all smoke is hazardous. it doesn't matter whether it's fire in the fireplace. >> today marks the 11th conserving "spare the air" alert in the bay area. air quality is still making it hard to be outside. >> kind of feel like she is trapped in her body and wants to scream out to me. >> a lawyer is now consulting with the family of a teenager who has been left brain-dead after a tonsil surgery. jahi mcmath is still on life support this morning. family and friends are call for an international day of prayer today. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >> good morning, how are you? it's a week before christmas. wednesday, december 18. i'm brian hackney. >> i'll michelle griego. time now 6:00. an oakland teen is on life support this morning after being declared brain-dead. her family is praying for a miracle even though another test yesterday confirmed no brain activity. >> reporter: a little bit of giddiness and envy here in


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