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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> all smoke is hazardous. it doesn't matter whether it's fire in the fireplace. >> today marks the 11th conserving "spare the air" alert in the bay area. air quality is still making it hard to be outside. >> kind of feel like she is trapped in her body and wants to scream out to me. >> a lawyer is now consulting with the family of a teenager who has been left brain-dead after a tonsil surgery. jahi mcmath is still on life support this morning. family and friends are call for an international day of prayer today. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >> good morning, how are you? it's a week before christmas. wednesday, december 18. i'm brian hackney. >> i'll michelle griego. time now 6:00. an oakland teen is on life support this morning after being declared brain-dead. her family is praying for a miracle even though another test yesterday confirmed no brain activity. >> reporter: a little bit of giddiness and envy here in san
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jose as the winning lottery ticket for the mega millions jackpot was sold right here in east san jose. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. >> thanks, kiet. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec with breaking news this morning. san francisco police are looking for two men right now after they ripped out an atm machine and made off with it. anne, what's the latest. reporter: yeah, these guys are still on the loose, brian. check out this scene here behind me. it's a real mess. this is on fillmore and jackson in san francisco. the mayflower market. there was an atm on that post. it was bolted in. two thieves got away with it after pulling it off of the post with the help of the van they were driving. this happened at about 3:30 a.m. a neighbor watched it all go down. >> backed up, drove off the curve, did a u-turn and came around and front ended the machine a couple of times. knocked it over on its side. and the van pulled up then on the curb and they threw it in
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the back and drove off. >> reporter: that van took off through city streets beating it across the bay bridge at one point. police tried to stop the van. a chase ensued. finally, you can see where it ended up at 17th and missouri. they abandoned the van and ran away. the van was stolen from the south bay and police say again these guys are still on the loose. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. right now, a lot of people in the south bay are wondering if they have these numbers on their mega millions tickets. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and the mega number 7. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose where a winning ticket was sold for one of the biggest lottery jackpots ever. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning, brian. you know, when i heard that the winning ticket was sold in san jose, i asked my wife, please, did you buy it in east san jose? she said no so that's why i'm here at work this morning.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: the owner of a jenny's gift in east san jose his name it thuy nguyen. he got the call from lottery officials. he had sold the winning ticket. he will get about a million dollars. now, the store is located in lion plaza one of the oldest strip malls of vietnamese businesses in san jose. it happens a loyal group of lottery players and they are all trying to figure out amongst themselves who won part of that huge $648 million jackpot. now, the other ticket was sold in atlanta's buckhead neighborhood at the gateway newsstand in the alliance center building. if either winner goes with the cash payout option they will get $170 million each. if they go for the $30 million -- i'm sorry, the 30-year payout option, it's $318 million. one payment, once a year for the next three decades but as you know, almost everybody goes for the lump sum payment. so again, the lottery numbers 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, mega ball 7. the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. lottery officials lower the odds of winning so you have
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more numbers to choose from. that means these jackpots grow a lot faster over time so expect these huge mega jackpots to happen more often in the future. >> so kiet, the guy who owns the shop where the ticket was sold, has he owned that shop for years and years or years or is it a recent acquisition? >> reporter: yeah, so, he just got it four months ago. we just missed him in the parking lot last night. he had his hands up in the air, he was hooting and hollering, like, you know, like acting like somebody who just won the lottery himself. although he is a millionaire now, he was on his way out to celebrate and enjoy with friends. he says he is going to be back here at 8:30 a.m. we'll see. >> thank you, kiet do in san jose. >> even if i won $1,000 i would be hooting and hollering. >> why not? >> right. pretty cool though, right, liz? >> it is. you always wonder how someone would react if they won a jackpot even a million dollars. good for him. let's show you big problems
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right now up and down the nimitz freeway. northbound 880 approaching that fifth embarcadero exit. there's a mile long backup due to the multicar crash that's also involving a big rig. two lanes are blocked right now and you can see all the delays behind it on our sensors. so definitely you want to use 580 as an alternate until they are able to clear it. an injury crash with this as well so it may take a little while out there to get it out of lanes. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it's really just those left lanes beginning to stack up. no metering lights yet. just checked a couple of minutes ago. we'll let you know as soon as they turn them on so fast track ones still look okay but in the other lanes it's backing up towards the end of the parking lot. that's your latest "kcbs traffic report." here's lawrence. >> all right. the sea breeze kicking in is going to change everything outside as looks like the air quality should improve today. a whole lot by tomorrow. hi-def doppler radar has been tracking a change in the weather, too. couple of raindrops in the sierra nevada. did have reports of a couple of light sprinkles into the watsonville area but not much
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around the bay area, unfortunately. so if you are headed out the door this afternoon, you're seeing some sunshine and a mix of a few clouds. temperatures will be cooler breezy toward the coastline, 50s out at the beaches, 60s inside the bay, and the valleys looks like those 70s are gone for now. highs this afternoon about 64 degrees in san jose. 64 in oakland. 61 degrees in san francisco. much windier weather expected tonight. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now, back to you guys. some developing news. light rain in the forecast today may help firefighters battling that wildfire in big sur. the fire has torched more than 760 acres and it's only 20% contained. so far, about 22 buildings have burned, about 14 of those were homes. one of the homes destroyed was that of the big sur fire chief. >> whether it's me or anyone else, it just devastating. i have seen people lose their homes on the news and until it happens to you, as you stand there and watch your home burn, it's not what you want to do.
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>> the chief lived in that house for 23 years. firefighters say they expect the fire to be contained by friday night. an oakland family hopes prayer will save a teen's life. they are calling for an international day of prayer for jahi mcmath. children's hospital officials wanted to take the 13-year-old off life support after declaring her brain-dead but a lawyer wrote a cease and desist letter so she is still on a breathing tube after a tonsillectomy with disastrous complications. the second test, yesterday, found no brain activity. >> remember that medicine didn't work so it's time to let -- their medicine didn't work, so it's time to let god work. >> there will be a ceremony tonight at a church in oakland. an oven door weighing 300 pounds flew across a kitchen at the santa rita jail in dublin. ten inmates and a deputy were
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hurt in the explosion. one of the inmates suffered critical injuries.the oven blew up while inmates were baking cornbread a little before noon yesterday. >> trying to figure out exactly what happened and again, you're talking equipment that's now close to 25 years old. >> these ovens operate much like an oven at a house, typical gas oven in a house. it's just much larger. >> the entire jail was put on lockdown for several hours while the injured were tended to and investigators moved in. the bay area is one of the leaders of healthcare enrollment through the "covered california" website. since enrollment began october 1, more than 22,000 people signed up, 20% of the state's total enrollment. second just to los angeles county, which leads the state with about 25,000 enrollees. the white house has tapped a former microsoft executive to manage its troubled website. he will overhaul the health insurance website as an unpaid senior advisor. recently he retired from microsoft as head of its office
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software unit. he will work on the site's performance to make sure that it functions throughout the open enrollment period which ends in march. congress could send president obama a budget to sign into law today. it cleared a test vote yesterday. it cuts the deficit $23 billion over the next 10 years and replaces some sequester cuts with targeted cuts. one of those targets generating anger today is a reduction in some retirement benefits for military veterans. >> please don't use our military retirement that's been promised to us. find it somewhere else. my husband went to war on the fact that he was promised that money in return when he got back. >> president obama says he will sign the bill into law if it passes. time now is 6:09. we're just over one month away from the 2014 winter olympics in sochi. coming up, why the u.s. delegation for the opening ceremony may be a source of
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controversy. >> and if you are still searching for the perfect holiday gift for that special someone, maybe the special someone is one of these guys a four-legged holiday gift really not a bad idea. we'll discuss that coming up. >> the waves changing direction, our air quality will improve. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it is certainly a mess right now on the nimitz freeway. three lanes are blocked northbound 880 an injury crash involving a big rig. we'll have the latest on the delays and alternates. first, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. please ask us a question or just share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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tunes stores in several countries -- but only briefly. the move is the beatles trending this morning, 59 rare previously unreleased songs were sold on itunes stores in several country briefly. the move is a bid to extend the copyrights of those unreleased recordings. also trending now, mega millions. one of the winning tickets was bought in san jose. the other in georgia. oscar pistorius google's most searched athlete of the year. a shopping mall in bangkok is the most instagram spot for 2013 and christmas is trending, a week away. follow us on twitter at #cbssf. and you will be following a whole lot of people over the holidays because lower gas prices means the drivers will have more company on the roads this season. aaa estimates that 94.5 million will drive at least 50 miles sometime before the end of the
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year. that's up compared to last year. aaa says air travel is expected to drop slightly. giving a pet as a christmas gift might not be a bad idea. animal activists have often warned that pets are frequently returned or rejected when given as gives but a new study from the spca says 86% of people who received a pet as a gift do end up keeping it. some other animal rights groups say it's not a good idea. who needs reindeer and elves when you have these little guys? a group of penguins! in south korea, they stepped out in santa suits and other costumes. they waddled and paraded through the zoo to help spread some christmas cheer and entertain kids. they are set to welcome park visitors every day until christmas. >> i can't get enough of that video. they're so cute. >> actually, you know, sometimes when you put animals -- believe me, i have a dog, i know -- when you dress them up, the dog looks at you, like, okay, i feel stupid.
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>> i was going to say that. >> but those penguins look like they are enjoying it. >> i don't think so. >> i was thinking the same thing. they look dapper like they're meant to be in those costumes. not looking so good, this backup on the nimitz freeway continues to grow. now three lanes are blocked an injury accident, the location there on your screen northbound 880 by fifth, embarcadero. just as you come into downtown oakland, the accident involving a big rig and because an injury crash they have a number of emergency response crews, fire trucks. that's what's blocking the last lane. and it looks like the backups right now even extend beyond high street. so you will definitely want to avoid 880 right now even southbound 880 backed up as people are just looking over the other side and checking out the accident. use 580 right now. our sensors are picking up no delay at all through oakland. also, a quick note for ace train one. it's still behind schedule about 10 to 15 minutes. they were having some earlier issues. no word on train 3. it looks like that's still on time.
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also bart systemwide, muni and caltrain, everything else is on time. to the south bay now traveling the guadalupe parkway there was another crash approaching almaden expressway. northbound 87, one little lane is blocked and the delays begin right around curtner. that is your latest "kcbs traffic report." got another check of your forecast. here's lawrence. >> all right. air quality not very good the last 10 days or so but things should begin to improve. seeing some clouds making their way across our skies today, even a couple of raindrops popping up. we had a report getting as close as the watsonville area. looks like throughout the day today, we are going to see the clouds begin to part. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon and some breezy conditions kicking in especially along the coastline. some cooler temperatures and then some strong gusty winds developing tonight and into tomorrow. so high pressure kind of scooting out of the way. got this low off the coastline that's just beginning to develop. that's going to be moving in. it's going to fall apart as it gets here so we are not expecting any rain but what it will do is kick up the wind and
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clean out your air. cool around the state, 70 in fresno, hazy with the smoke from the big sur fire. 66 in sacramento, cloudy in lake tahoe. wind advisory tonight at midnight into early tomorrow morning. north-northwest winds around 40 miles per hour gusting to 60 miles per hour over the north and the east bay hills. if that happens, of course that could bring down some power lines. around the bay area for today, we are going to see those temperatures in the 60s in the south bay, 50s out along the coastline. a little cooler inland, as well. 65 in pleasanton. 64 in concord and 64 degrees also in the napa valley. looking at those temperatures in the low 60s into san francisco. and 50s into daly city breezy there in the afternoon. next couple of days, we'll watch those temperatures drop off. then it looks like warming things up toward the weekend and staying dry right toward the beginning of the next week. by the way, sunrise time today is at 7:20. sunset early at 4:53. >> i know. it's getting darker earlier and earlier. all right, lawrence, thank you.
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levi stadium will soon be the new home to the 49ers but not everyone is buying into the hype. why college football isn't willing to commit to using the newfield. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the sharks struggle to get back on track and they are not the only ones. can the warriors win a basketball game now that andre iguodala is back in the line- up? it's coming up in just a few minutes. what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. our play of the day is a ,,,,,,
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turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. checking out our hi-def doppler radar, we have some
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showers unfortunately most of that up in the sierra nevada. but we have a big change in the weather coming up. >> and updated information on a bad wreck in oakland. they have got a few more lanes open northbound 880 by fifth just one lane remains blocked. but big rigs are allowed to use 580 because the backups extend just north of the oakland coliseum. we'll have a full "kcbs traffic report" coming up. good morning, everyone. the warriors have struggled since losing andre iguodala to a hamstring injury a months -- a month ago. last night he returned. so did the warriors. golden state went 5-7 without iggy in the line-up and immediate impact against the pelicans. steph curry with the layup, game high 28. iguodala played only 17 minutes. this was his only bucket but it was pretty alley-oop from curry and the warriors win 104-94. the blues have more banners than wins against the sharks this year. san jose trying to snap a five- game losing streak on the road. pavelski with the game's first
6:24 am
goal. three minutes later irwin gets a bounce for a 2-0 lead and sharks win 4-2. great news for both local teams. no more balfour rage in the coliseum bleachers. yesterday baltimore signed oakland closer grant balfour for two years and 15 million. remember, the a's have os closer jim johnson now. remember the seahawks flag flown above candlestick? apparently a group raised over $8,000 to put up this billboard in seattle. the surplus will go for 8,000 and all go to charity. see, it's all good with the seattle seahawks. just wait. the 9ers and seahawks may go one more time up in the pacific northwest if they go that deep in the play-offs. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. our play of the day is a meltdown on the ice in new york. the islanders gave up two goals in tampa bay in the last three
6:25 am
minutes of regulation and went to a shootout. the lightning swooped in on the goalie and knocked the game winner right into the net! or whatever that thing is. and that's our play of the day. the head of the uc system janet napolitano will lead the u.s. delegation to the opening ceremony of the 2014 winter olympics in sochi, russia also named to the delegation is tennis great billie jean gray, who is openly lesbian. some say it's a strategic move by the president to show the nation's opposition to russia's anti-gay law. the president and the first lady will not attend the olympics. levi stadium will not be hosting college football's title game in 2017. the santa clara stadium came up short in its bid because of a lack of hotels nearby. levi's was among six bidders for the championship game on january 9, 2017. the game was awarded instead to raymond james stadium home of the tampa bay buccaneers. we're counting down to the 49ers' last regular season game
6:26 am
at candlestick. you can watch it right here on kpix 5 monday night followed by the "5th quarter" and "bye-bye baby," our special look back at the stick. 6:26. a mistake by the lottery on its website could have really changed one san jose winner's lottery fate. coming up, the momentary jack potter or. -- pot error. >> reporter: and do you quit your job or not? that's one of the many questions facing one of the mega millions jackpot winners in san jose. a live report coming up. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole commu the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald glide memorial is getting
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ready to give out free groceries. we'll have a live report coming up. >> and bart is stepping up its safety efforts. how security is making sure that your christmas shopping goes smoothly. >> a change in the wind direction going to make big changes in our weather the next couple of days. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and chopper 5 is providing us our first live look at this terrible wreck in oakland. multicar crash also involving a big rig. we'll have the latest here plus take a look at the delays, it's all coming up. good morning. it is a week before christmas. wednesday, december 18. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we begin this half hour with breaking news out of san francisco. police are looking for two men who ripped out an atm from this post. you're looking at live pictures right now from fillmore and jackson streets at the mayflower market. this happened around 3:30 in the morning. now, a witness tells kpix 5 the suspect struck the machine with a van a few times and they took off with the atm. officers caught up with them
6:31 am
leading to a chase but the suspect abandoned the van and the atm at 17th and missouri streets. and they ran off. that van was also reported stolen out of the south bay. there are two winners in the mega millions lotto and one of those winners is in san jose! that person holds the ticket with these numbers: 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, and meganumber 7. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose at work this morning which proves, he didn't buy the winning ticket! kiet? [ laughter ] >> reporter: unfortunately, no. but i'm glad to be here regardless. now, the owner of jenny's gifts, he's lucky guy because he took over the store four months ago and now, he got the call yesterday that he sold one of the winning lottery tickets and he gets a million bucks. he was giddy, in shock, running around the parking lot arms in the air just could not believe his luck. all right. so we caught up with one of the local deli workers who works next door.
6:32 am
he bought his tickets also at jenny's gift shop. he was shocked to hear that the ticket was sold there, as well. we asked him to check his numbers and unfortunately, he did not win either. the store is located in a strip mall of vietnamese businesses in san jose with a loyal group of lottery players and they are trying to figure out who won part of the huge $648 million jackpot. the other ticket was sold in atlanta's buckhead neighborhood at the alliance center building. now, if either winner decides to go with a cash payout option, they will get $170 million each. if they go for the 30-year payout option that's $318 million. once a year payments for the next three decades, but as you know, almost everybody goes for the lump sum payment. folks here are a bit deflated after checking their numbers. [ indiscernible ] [ non-english language ] >> reporter: all right. i asked him if he was sad that he
6:33 am
didn't win. he said no. life goes on. this is the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. lottery officials actually lowered the odds of winning. they added more numbers that you have to choose from. so you'll see more huge jackpots run up more often over time. a little bit of dreaming. >> see you tomorrow morning, kiet. there is a mistake last night that produced winners in san jose and atlanta. it was on the lottery website. the page showed there had not been a winner. the jackpot was rolling over to $950 million. that was wrong. the jackpot for friday is a piddling $15 million now. here's an unusual lottery story from canada. a winner who waited 7 months before claiming his $40 million prize is giving it away. tom cris. it will donate it to charity. he gave more than a million
6:34 am
dollars to a cancer center. his wife just died from cancer. an earlier winner canada did the same thing. >> we're country hicks and we're not going to -- we're not travelers. so why keep the money and give it to the government? >> i'm not surprised by what he is doing with the money. he's volunteered for years and years and he will continue to volunteer for years and years. so good on him. he's a great guy. >> no kidding. canada lotto officials say they survey their winners every year and they learn that charities often reap the rewards of big wins. >> that's great to hear, isn't it? very generous. >> at this time of year. >> nice that they can do wah they want to do, right? >> they can go on a trip around the world or they can give it all away. the choice is there. i like that. hey, guys, we have some changes coming our way. not a big choice in that. but it looks like it's going to be good as we'll see more of the sea breeze kicking up. that means your air quality is going to improve the next couple of days. still a lot of haze outside right now. haven't seen winds just yet. our hi-def doppler radar is scanning the skies looking for
6:35 am
rain. we have seen a couple of raindrops in toward the watsonville area. you can see the activity in the north bay right now. don't believe much of that is touching the ground. but you get the idea things are beginning to change. by the afternoon, though, skies again going to become mostly sunny. temperatures will be cooler breezy at the coastline, 50s there. 60s elsewhere. about 64 degrees in oakland. 61 in san francisco. only about 59 with the winds kicking up in pacifica. but much windier weather is on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check your roads with elizabeth. >> and unfortunately, it is just a sea of brake lights this morning on northbound 880 heading towards downtown oakland. this view from overhead from chopper 5, you can see the backup. looks like tow crews are out there, just out there within the last 10 minutes or so but the tow and the emergency crews are blocking the left lane so traffic is squeezing by in the far right lanes so that's causing the backup that extends all the way to the oakland coliseum. the accident was involving a
6:36 am
big rig and a couple of other cars. you can see the delays on our sensors. and even though no lanes are blocked southbound, people are just looking over the center divide at the crash and that's causing at least a mile, mile and a half backup in the other direction. best bet, use interstate 580. it looks clear right now all the way through oakland. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. the feds say chevron violated dozens of environmental laws before last year's fire at the richmond refinery. the fire sent up a huge cloud of smoke sending thousands to the hospital. the epa says chevron violated 62 laws. it's accused of not maintaining equipment probably and not responding to chemical releases. chevron could be fined more than $37,000 a day for each violation until it comes up with a compliance plan. san francisco building inspectors are trying to figure out what caused a home to collapse and slide down a hill. the home stopped at a newly built retaining wall after losing the battle with gravity monday night.
6:37 am
it happened in the city's twin peaks neighborhood. the house is being renovated and crews were working on the foundation when it collapsed. neighbors say it sounded like a dump truck emptied its load as it slid down the hillside. the house is owned by developer mel murphy, once a building inspect commissioner. he is now a city port commissioner but mayor lee says he will get no special favors as the city investigates what happens. >> right now we are issuing emergency shoring to hold up this particular structure before it go further to, you know, move out. >> murphy was in the process of replacing the 800-square- foot home with a 5100-square- foot home. many neighbors were not happy about the change. a woman in her 50s was killed while riding her bike in oakland last night. police say she was hit by a big rig making a turn at fifth and market streets. they say that she was dragged a few feet by the big rig.
6:38 am
police are still investigating that. new this morning, a messy scene on new york highways after more than 30 cars were involved in a pile-up. icy roads are blamed for the accident last night in the bay ridge section of brooklyn. so far, five minor injuries have been reported because of that. bart will offer passengers safety escorts at some of its stations on friday. the idea is to protect christmas shoppers. the escorts will walk people from the station to their cars at the west oakland, fruitvale and bay fair stations friday between 5 and 8 p.m. just look for the officers in uniform. some bay area headlines. the man accused of killing two cats by throwing them into san francisco bay pleads not guilty yesterday. eric patterson allegedly snatched a woman's cat carrier last month and threw it in the water near pier 25. patterson is carjacked with two felony counts of animal cruelty. he is scheduled back in court on january 13th. vallejo police will see
6:39 am
smaller paychecks. the city council approved a contract to impose 5% salary cuts starting january 1. active and retired police will will versus to pay more for their healthcare. the cuts are expected to save the city more than $2.5 million. the colorado high school student who opened fire on classmates last friday planned a much larger attack. sheriff's officials say karl piersen had written plans to attack at least five areas of the school on his arm. authorities say piersen showed up at arapaho high school friday with guns and weapons. they say he shot and seriously wounded 17-year-old classmate claire davis and fired randomly into the school before killing himself self. india is furious over the strip-search and arrest of an indian diplomat in new york. they are even removing the concrete security barriers outside the u.s. embassy in new delhi. the diplomat faces serious charges in the u.s. for allegedly paying her maid way below the minimum wage and
6:40 am
lying about it on a visa. u.s. marshals say they followed proper arrest procedures. secretary of state john kerry is getting an up-close look at recovery efforts in the philippines after typhoon haiyan slammed into the country last month. he is in hard hit tacloban. kerry announced that the u.s. is pledging nearly $25 million in humanitarian aid on top of the $62 million already provided. the typhoon left devastation far and wide in the philippines. the holidays are about giving and glide memorial is doing just that. christmas is all about giving and glide memorial is doing just that. kpix 5's cate caugiran is there now where people are lining up to get free groceries. tell us about that, cate. >> reporter: thing here for quite a long time. about -- hundreds of people in fact. i can show you this line, this is only the beginning of it. it started around this corner on jones and wrapped around to eddy. inside glide volunteers are getting ready to fill these
6:41 am
bags prepping this room to start the process. today agreed will hand out 5,000 grocery bags to low- income families and individuals. the bags will be filled with some kind of poultry, turkey or chicken, and all the fixings to make a holiday meal. there will be additional foodit get them through the next few weeks. >> so being able to provide a holiday meal on christmas or christmas eve is important to people we serve. >> reporter: glide says it's all done by an honor system so anyone who stands in this line can get a bag. volunteers will start handing them out at 7:30 this morning and will continue until 12:30 this afternoon or when the bags run out. >> on top of the 5,000 bags they are handing out today, tomorrow volunteers will distribute 700 more bags to the community. time now 19 minutes before 7:00. coming down to the wire for christmas shopping. coming up, the gift-giving procrastination. >> and the market just opened
6:42 am
up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers. so far, looking pretty good this morning. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,, sacagawea
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council is considering raisg the city's minimum wage. the proposal would set the minim at ten dollars, 74 cents an hour. and employers who don't prov becker city council is proposing to set the minimum wage at $10.74 an hour. employers who don't provide health coverage would have to pay an extra 2.22 an hour for that. the proposal includes annual cost of living increases. a community meeting about the clean-up at san francisco's hunters point naval shipyard. the epa plans to remove soil with higher concentrations of contaminants. then they will cover the entire parcel including the large landfill area with two feet of clean cover soils and vegetation. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at the ymca on lane street. >> christmas just 7 days away now but americans still have a
6:46 am
lot of shopping to do. according to a consumer reports poll, only 11% are completely finished buying gifts. 31% haven't even started yet. and about 1/3rd say the most difficult person to shop for is the husband or wife. >> i'm easy. i like anything shiny! time now 6:46. it's been years since american home building has been this busy. >> here is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. are you done, jason? just starting? >> reporter: i'm actually all done! that's the beauty of online shopping. makes it a lot easier for people like me who just really hate going to the stores and wrestling with other people. but good news for the housing industry again today. with the commerce department reporting that housing starts rose nearly 23% in november to more than 1 million homes on an annualized basis, that would be the most since february of
6:47 am
2008. single-family home construction up 21%. and apartment building up by 26%. permits for single-family home building also on the rise. it's all about the federal reserve today which wraps up its final meeting of 2013. lots of speculation as to whether or not the central bank will finally start tapering its monthly bond purchases but most analysts think that we won't see that move happen until sometime in the 1st quarter of 2014. and stocks are heading higher on those hopes. let's take a look at the big board. right now, the dow is up by 57 points. nasdaq is flat right now. s&p is moving lower by 3 points. michelle and brian, back to you. >> thank you. i have to say you're a bit of a showoff. i need to start my shopping today, today! >> didn't mean to show you up there at all. >> all right. >> are you serious? >> thanks, jason. >> yeah. >> for heaven's sakes. there's trouble on the road ahead. let's get the latest from liz. >> there is trouble in oakland. chopper 5 has been giving us a good look at some of these backups that you want to stay
6:48 am
away from this morning. you can see all those headlights all that traffic right there is trying to get northbound towards downtown oakland. the crash is actually northbound 880 by that fifth embarcadero exit. it happened much earlier this morning and several lanes have been blocked ever since. the delays extend right around the oakland coliseum. we start to see them right around the 66th exit on our live traffic sensors. in the meantime big rigs are allowed to use westbound 580 and you can see why. 580 is moving a whole lot better than northbound 880 and even southbound 880 is hectic. it's been really slow southbound just from people checking out the accident scene over the center divide. so again, alternate 580 until they completely clear this accident scene, which they never actually issued an official traffic alert for. i'm not sure why. but obviously, the gridlock is there. and they have not even turned on the metering lights over at the bay bridge. it's because of all the commuters stuck in the backup through oakland. so it's a breeze on the other approaches to the bay bridge
6:49 am
toll plaza right now including the eastshore freeway only 22 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze and 580 also looks good, a quick trip all the way across the span this morning. mass transit bart systemwide on time no delay. ace train number 1 has been 10 to 15 minutes late. they had some earlier delays out of fremont. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. finally getting some changes in the weather. the air quality has been suffering for the last 10 days. looks like it's going to start to improve. we are seeing more of a sea breeze kicking in today and our hi-def doppler radar tracking some changes, as well. yeah, some moisture actually showing up in the skies. haven't been able to say that for some time. not much. but you see a few light showers popping up especially as you make your way into the sierra nevada trying to pop up in the north bay i don't think that's reaching the ground. still, we have some changes today. this afternoon, sunny and breezy with high winds tonight and tomorrow. high pressure getting out of the way.
6:50 am
this system diving into the bay area but stretching apart and falling apart as it gets here. so no rain expected from the system but it's going to help to kick up the winds overnight into tomorrow morning. sfo no delays expected there. just a couple of clouds passing on through this morning. if you're traveling around the country, no major delays at the major hubs. denver 72 and sunny. denver 67. chicago cloudy and 34. 35 and sunny in new york. wind advisory at midnight tonight and looks like in the north and east bay hills, some of those gusts could be upwards of 60 miles per hour. so it's going to howl good overnight into tomorrow morning. temperatures around the bay area mainly in the 50s and the 60s. that sea breeze kicking in along the coastline this afternoon and that is going to help to start clearing out your air quality. looking nice as we head in toward the next couple of days just a little breezy. your schoolcast, saint mary's school in san francisco morning bell 48 degrees. lots of sunshine a little breezy in the afternoon. if you would like to nominate your school go, to
6:51 am
>> sounds good. thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, i have to say frank slept in this morning. >> reporter: i was just going to say, i don't hear frank's voice but i hear you, brian. where is frank today? >> he is on vacation. >> oh. lucky him. good to see you both. >> reporter: ahead, more on one of your big stories. i know you've heard. we'll take you to the two stores that sold winning tickets for the mega millions jackpot including one right there in the san jose area. who was that person?! plus, a high stakes mission to repair the international space station. we'll ask "cbs this morning" contributor what goes wrong and right as astronauts conduct risky spacewalks? and the library of congress picks new movies to be saved forever. we'll take you behind the high- tech preservation center. into us is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. michelle and brian, whoever won, i hope it's an office
6:52 am
pool. they're great. >> they are. i know. it wasn't us. we had an office pool here but -- none of us won. we're still here. >> everybody showed up for work this morning. >> reporter: we're still here, too. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. bye-bye. it's 8 minutes now before 7:00. check your mega millions tickets. coming up just how lottery luck struck in the bay area in a big way. >> reporter: there was a brazen theft of an atm overnight. coming up, we'll tell you how the thieves got away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
aboard the international spe five things to know at the :55. nasa has scheduled at least two spacewalks for the crew aboard the international space station to fix a broken cooling system. one of the two systems failed last week prompting nasa to shut down nonessential equipment and science
6:56 am
experiments. the first spacewalk is scheduled for saturday and the second on monday. if the repair doesn't work, and the remaining system fails, the space station crew would have to shut down computers and return to earth. nasa says it's confident the fix will work. nato is investigating tuesday's crash of the u.s. army helicopter in southern afghanistan that killed six american servicemen. one person survived the accident involving a blackhawk uh-60 on a daytime mission. it's the single worst day loss for the u.s. in six months. it will be another unhealthy air quality day in parts of the bay area today. to say air quality is bad is an understatement. long-standing high pressure putting a cap on pollution led to lots of smog and check the view from oakland. hid then that haze, somewhere is san francisco. and the senate is expected to vote today on a bipartisan budget bill. the measure passed a roll call vote tuesday with 12 republicans joining 53 democrats in voting yes. the two-year budget measure would ease some of the across-
6:57 am
the-board spending cuts known as sequestration and avoid the political brinksmanship of the past few years that culminated in a portion goverment shutdown in october. there are two winning tickets in the big mega millions jackpot. one of them was purchased at jenny's gift shop in san jose. the winners will share the second largest lottery prize ever in the united states. the total prize is $636 million. it could reach $645 million because they sold more tickets than expected. we'll get the final numbers later today. kpix 5's anne makovec with breaking news this morning. san francisco police are looking for two men right now after they ripped out an atm machine and made off with it. what's the latest? >> reporter: this was quite the caper, brian. you can see this post behind me is where the atm was. it was bolted in. two thieves got away with it after pulling it off the post with the help of the van they were driving. this happened at about 3:30 this morning on fillmore and
6:58 am
jackson in san francisco. a neighbor watched it happen. >> backed up, drove off the curve, did a u-turn and came around and front-ended the machine a couple of times, knocked it over on its side, and the van pulled up then on the curb and they threw it in the back and drove off. >> reporter: now, these two guys in the van took off through city streets and crossed the bay bridge. police tried to stop them. they chased them for several blocks. they ended up abandoning their van at 17th and missouri. and the guys got away on foot. they are still at large. that van by the way was stolen from the south bay. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. we have some good news for east bay commuters. some good news. all lanes are back open heading towards downtown. northbound 880 by fifth embarcadero that's the scene of a multi-vehicle crash involving a big rig. you have may have seen there quickly from chopper 5 the sea of brake lights. the backups unfortunately still
6:59 am
are out there. they extend all the way to 98th now. so your best bet is probably still to use 580 for a while. and at last check, there were no metering lights over at the bay bridge. they didn't turn them on because of all the gridlock behind on 880 so the 580 approach and the eastshore are still looking good. but again, we are starting to see some minor delays in the fastrak lanes so i have a feeling they will turn those metering lights on here very shortly. lawrence, over to you. >> yes. and we have some change in the weather for today. we have the sea breeze kicking in. hi-def doppler has been tracking a couple of raindrops unfortunately not much of that making its way into the bay area. but we are going to see that sea breeze help to start to clear out your skies. temperatures going to be a little bit cooler today. 64 degrees in san jose. 59 a little breezy into the pacifica by the afternoon and 61 in san francisco. next couple of days, pretty windy overnight tonight into tomorrow, cooler weather on thursday. then back to sunshine over the weekend. >> quickly, i have to say thank you to jessica your daughter made me a bracelet for christmas. i already opened it. we have to check out your tie one more time. >> christmas tie. >>
7:00 am
captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, december 18, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." who in california won the mega millions jackpot? we're at the store one of the life changing tickets was sold. >> president barack obama uses the olympic games to jab russian president putin. >> the ultimate film bulk. where they're keeping 750,000 classics. >> we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> somebody here in san jose have joined a new tax bracket. >> here in atlanta going to be a


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