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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald tens of millions of americans have their personal and financial information stolen after a massive security breach at one of the country's largest retailers. now federal authorities are looking for those responsible. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank's off today. information from as many as 40 million credit and debit cards may have been stolen from
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target. that includes target store brand cards and major card brands like visa, mastercard. the company is urging those who shopped between november 27 and december 15 to be vigilant. anne makovec joins us from san bruno with what vigilance means in this case. anne. >> reporter: check your credit card statements. that is the bottom line. you're also possibly going to want to check in with some of the credit reporting agencies. they will toll you how to get more -- they'll tell you how to get more information on our website coming up. but if you shopped at any target store in the country recently your information may have been compromised. the secret service is investigating what may be one of the largest breaches in history. as many as 40 million target customers may be affected by this massive security breach revealing credit and debit card information from shoppers nationwide.
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>> ridiculous, right, that they can't keep safe 40 million people's information. they have to fix it. >> reporter: target says the breach started the day before thanksgiving and ended this sunday and that it is working closely with law enforcement and financial institutions and has identified and resolved the issue. has a statement and warning about the breach on its website but we spoke with a shopper disappointed in target's pr, judging from the reaction of a store worker. >> i'm not sure if it's amnesia or she didn't see the news but she is not aware. >> reporter: experts say target customers need to monitor their credit. >> make sure if you are going to use a company with credit monitoring, they have the resolution service. so if you get alerted to a data breach, they can help you recover from that incident. >> reporter: american express says the company is aware of the incident and is putting fraud controls in place. representatives for visa and mastercard declined to comment. shoppers we spoke with are now planning to take a pro-active stance but are taking it all in stride. >> i don't have that much money
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in there for them to send anyways. so -- >> reporter: and one other silver lining. this doesn't affect online customers only people who have used their cards in store. brian? >> okay, anne, thanks very much. by the way, if you want more information on the breach and what you should do if you see unexplained activity on your credit card statement, log on to our website, then click on this story. wonder girl came to the rescue and saved vallejo. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live at city hall where the little superhero was just awarded the key to the city. cate. >> reporter: now our wonder girl is taking a break. she is having lunch at pennycook elementary school where she is a fifth grader. she is joined with her friends. it was unrevealed she was the true hero of vallejo. [ applause ] >> it's like batkid but its awesome because it's our hometown and it's fun. >> reporter: it was a surprise to the little superhero whose biggest battle so far has been
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fighting cancer. her mother alejandra romo said earlier this year monika was diagnosed with leukemia and went into remission in june. she will continue chemotherapy over the next couple of years but today wasn't about that. it was about finding the superhero in all of us and showing support for one of vallejo's strongest. >> i couldn't believe it! i think it's really nice that people would do something like this. >> i hope it makes her grow and be a better person and makes her see that when people get together, good things happen. >> this is just a little taste of how beautiful vallejo is. everyone is supportive. >> it's going to be anybody in vallejo has to be monika because she is the best. [ sirens ] >> reporter: so monika romo saved vallejo today and has new awards and the key to the city to prove it. unlike her predecessor batkid, she didn't take villains off
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the street. instead she brought hope to a community. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: in vallejo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. monika didn't know this was actually going to happen. she thought she won an essay contest on how to save the city of vallejo. so big surprise for this wonderful little girl. live in vallejo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> it is great. all right, cate, thank you. the event was put on by vallejo together. and the solano county organizations, supporting our cancer kids, as well. the bart board has more contract disputes one involving contract language with one of the smaller unions. it's about a cost-saving provision. a tentative agreement has a different starting date for the smaller union than for the two larger ones. the board's also dealing with a disputed part of the contract for the bigger unions too. that woman charged in a deadly high-speed crash in san francisco is due back in court in just over an hour. 58-year-old jennie zhu was charged early whyer this week with manslaughter in addition to reckless driving.
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16-year-old kevin san was killed at the corner of pine and geoff when her car slammed into a minivan he was in, in september. a suspected drunk driver who led police on a chase started a fire when he crashed into a gas pump. officers went after the driver when he took off from a dui chick point around 2 a.m. about a half mile later the car crashed at the 76 station and then burst into flames. police pulled the driver out of the burning vehicle and arrested him. the wildfire burning in big sur is 79% contained. more than 800 acres have burned in the los padres national forest. 22 buildings have been destroyed including 13 houses. the public utilities commission is voting right now on how to punish pg&e for a pipeline problem on the peninsula. the puc could fine the electric company as much as $17 million. the issue involves pg&e records on two pipelines at san carlos and millbrae. pg&e had reported the lines to be seamless but a gas leak revealed they have welds.
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two california leaders are cracking down on stolen and lost smartphones. state senator mark leno and san francisco d.a. george gascon proposed a bill requiring smartphones to have a kill switch that would disable the devices. they say that built-in anti- theft measures could lower smartphone theft but cell phone carriers don't like that. even though last year, more than half of san francisco's robberies targeted smartphones. in other news around the bay area, vallejo police are looking for a man that robbed a gas station owner at gunpoint. it was recorded by the store's camera. the robber grabbed the owner. the owner says the guys showed him the gun, demanded money and handcuffed the owner and made him lie on the floor. the robber got the cash. the owner wasn't hurt. the broken bolts are fixed on the span of the bay bridge. the bridge was safe before and remains safe in the event of a major earthquake. it cost about $25 million to
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fix the broken bolts. caltrans is still testing other bolts on the span to make sure there are no more problems. an unbelievable scene on board a bus in seattle. what happens after a passenger refuses to fall victim to an armed robber. >> and as the world waits for the bay area mega millions winner to come forward, a couple of past instant millionaires you're seeing them here have a few words of advice. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence la in cupertino lawrence karnow in cupertino. buy a can, drop it in the bin and that is it to make someone's christmas brighter. we'll talk about it coming up. . time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before.
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in the los angeles suburb of hawthorne. investigators think the fire started in a
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5 last a strip mall is in ruins after a fire in the los angeles suburb of hawthorne. investigators think the fire started in a liquor store about 8:45 last night. two roofs collapsed as the fire spread through the attic to other businesses. firefighters backed off when it was clear they couldn't save the mall. now they are trying to find out what started the fire. a group of passengers on a bus in seattle, washington fought off an armed robber. surveillance video shows a masked man pointing his gun at each passenger and demanding their cell phones. the last man refused to be a victim and grabbed the robber's weapon, wrestled him to the ground as others piled on top. the gunman was arrested on the scene. the white house is it dealing with a diplomatic uproar after a foreign diplomat was arrested and detained. the indian government is upset over the treatment of devyani khobragade who was arrested and strip-searched. today india called for the u.s. to immediately drop the charges. the complex case has put a strain on relations between the
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u.s. and india. >> she was handcuffed. she was strip-searched. she was put in the cell with other people and treated like an ordinary u.s. citizen charged with a crime. the fact, she isn't an ordinary u.s. citizen. she is a diplomat with immunity! and she should have never been treated this way! >> the state department says that she faces 15 years in prison on charges of visa fraud and making false statements. reacting to the reports, the indian government removed security barriers outside the u.s. embassy in new delhi in protest. one of the most popular characters on a program called duck dynasty is being removed from the show. in a recent interview, phil robertson compared homosexuality with bestiality. a&e says his beliefs don't reflect the views of the network. stocks held steady today after surging to a record high yesterday. taking a live look at the big board you can see the dow is up about 9 points.
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we are still waiting to find out who has the multi- million dollar lottery ticket sold at jenny's gift shop in san jose. the store owner is getting a million-dollar check. the winners might get information about how to handled the money from a couple who won big years ago. betty yu reports. >> reporter: before they upgraded their home and bought some things, the cascianos learned to manage their money as much as their behavior. >> we surrounded ourselves with our family. i think that was the most helpful piece of it. >> reporter: this retired south bay couple who hit the largest single state lottery prize collected a lump sum of $41 million after taxes. their advice to the mystery winner? first, protect your privacy. >> it's somewhat, you know, frightening because we went so public. so people knew what we looked like. so they are looking for us. they just come and knock on the door and ask for money.
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you know? the parish priest and strangers. >> reporter: al and carmen didn't claim their winnings for a week. first they told their three adult children spoke with financial experts and even hired a public relations firm. >> people who get a large win fall sometimes lose it after two or three years because they go through it quickly and spend it on foolish things without thinking about it. >> reporter: the cascianos didn't do that. within six months of winning, they started a family foundation which today has donated nearly $4 million to local organizations. >> so it was just a real natural reaction to knowing that there was more than we could ever spend. >> reporter: betty yu kpix 5. >> the other big winner has already come forward. ira curry bought her winning ticket at a small newsstand in atlanta. she went for the cash option which comes to about $120 million. she used family birthdays to pick her winning numbers. whole foods has been a big supporter of our "food for bay area families" campaign and
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they have been collecting donations all month. lawrence karnow is live at the whole foods in cupertino with an update on the campaign. how are you doing? >> reporter: hey, i'm doing very well. this the biggest whole foods in the bay area. and we have some great numbers to talk about today. we are not just talking weather. we're joined by netta. you guys have been very involved in putting the campaign together. what has whole foods done. it's not over yet. but whole foods market has raised for northern california local food banks $730,000. >> wow. >> ought of that $730,000 -- out of that $730,000, our shoppers in cupertino have donated $55,000. >> that's amazing! >> whoo! >> wow! [ applause ] >> $730,000. that is just phenomenal. >> it's a lot of really great meals and there are lots of ways that customers can donate. two of the ways they can come into the store and donate food here. or they can go through our
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register and donate to our feed for more program by buying a meal. >> lisa, this means a lot for the food bank, right? >> absolutely. it means a lot for the 600,000 people who will be receiving food from the bay area food bank. >> they are not done yet. whole foods is still going to have all these bins so if you would like to make a donation, come down here? >> yes, absolutely. we'll have these donation barrel in all our bay area stores. drop in and buy food items you can drop if the barrel or purchase the meals through the registers, as well. >> that is great. of course, you can make donations online too. just go to and yes, you can make donations there too. thank you very much, happy holidays to all of you. >> thank you. we have to talk some weather. it was breezy ee and windy in some parts of the bay area. we have some changes coming up. of course, that wind has cleared out your skies very nicely now. all those pollutants moving out of the way.
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so the temperatures a little cool in spots, although we snuck into the low 60s into some parts of the north bay. still, we are looking at breezy and cool conditions outside all around the bay area, looks like the temperatures are going to stay down a bit today, just below the average. but it looks like we're going to keep things dry all the way until christmas. wind advisory is in effect over the north and east bay hills and coastal sections in the north bay. we could still see some very strongs gusts there. as you notice on our satellite picture we had a cold front that moved through the bay area overnight that brought with it some clouds and gusty winds but no rain. it looks like we are going to keep things dry for now. highs today going to be mainly in the 50s, maybe a couple of low 60s and that's about it. otherwise, it looks like now we are going to keep plenty of sunshine in the forecast, maybe a little chilly to start out tomorrow morning. but it looks like we are going to keep things nice and dry. santa definitely going to want to cruise toward the bay area at christmastime. sunset tonight looks like 4:54. looking like it is going to be
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a nice clear night. but again, folks if you want to help out, come over to whole foods. they will be here and so will the bins. how about this? a little pumpkin, that's good stuff. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> that is good. all right, lawrence, thank you. using performance to fight poverty. meet the bay area doctor using an innovative approach to help young people coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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world's a stage" -- he coult have k when shakespeare wrote, all the world's a stage, he could not have known that 400 years later the idea would be the foundation of a life changing program for youth. it's called the all stars project. as kate kelly reports, this week's jefferson award goes to the woman who put it into
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action for bay area kids. san francisco bay area"- 1) "it's a very >> reporter: when dr. elouise joseph isn't tending to her patients at a community health m d a masters clinic in richmond you would probably find her here at the office of the all stars project of the san francisco bay area. >> very innovative approach to fighting poverty. people are shocked when they hear that the poverty rate in san francisco is 22%. >> reporter: and it's why after completing med school and a master's in public health, dr. joseph wanted to bring the new york-based all stars project to the bay area. >> when i was growing up poor in louisiana, we felt isolated. and what the all stars does is supports young people to take risks and try new things, to become more worldly. >> reporter: and they do it by performing. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: three times a year, all stars puts on talent shows, recruiting kids five to 25 who come from disadvantaged neighborhoods in san francisco. high school senior raven
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cisco's preparing for the december show. >> i think it's a really great program, especially for a lot of kids on the street who have nothing to do after school and everybody. [ music ] >> people learn to perform on stage and off . they try new things. >> it builds their self-esteem, their confidence. >> reporter: the talent show is just the first step in the all stars project. with the help of local businesses, the older students can go on and perform in the workplace. [ music ] >> reporter: tatyano martinez completed a summer internship at deloitte. >> they do tax and consulting and audit and things i never knew about. >> reporter: after 14 weeks of professional workshops, she was ready for a part in the office. >> when you're in a professional space there's a certain way to act and talk and approach other people. >> all of this helps young people to perform in the world, to see themselves as being a part of the world, to become
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mainstream. [ music ] >> reporter: so for helping hundreds of bay area youth become stars in their own lives, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. elouise joseph. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> the all stars project calls volunteers the heart and soul of the project. if you would like to get involved, use the link that we have posted online at kpix 5/hero. this is one grinch you might be happy to come across. how a police officer in florida is using his costume and some onions to teach drivers a lesson. >> a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call out hotline, 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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commission has just decided to punish p-g-&e for a pipe oblem on the penin some breaking news now. the public utilities commission has just decided how to punish pg&e for a pipeline problem on the peninsula. the puc fined the electric company 14.$3 million. the issue involves faulty records on two pipelines in san carlos and millbrae. pg&e had reported the lines to be seamless but a gas leak revealed they have welds. a florida cop is doing something differently to reduce
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speeding in his neighborhood. instead of handing out speeding tickets, lou caputo is dressing up as the grinch and giving onions to naughty motorists. the speeders who get an old rotten onion as a warning aren't the worst offenders. those going more than 5 miles per hour above the speed limit get a ticket. >> okay. so they get a rotten onion if they are going 0 to 5 miles an hour over the speed limit? we'll dig into this. captions by: caption colorado
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>> hope: oh, mom! thank you so much! >> brooke: of course, sweetie. >> hope: this is... >> brooke: it's your special day. >> hope: this is beautiful. it's exactly what i imagined. it's peaceful and simple. just a few friends and family. i love it. >> brooke: oh, good. >> hope: thank you. >> brooke: i love you. >> hope: i love you, too. >> caroline: all right. there. looking pretty good. >> liam: yeah? >> caroline: yeah. >> liam: all right. >> bill: using my jet for your honeymoon? >> liam: you mean katie's jet? >> bill: [ laughing ] oh! katie's jet -- that's funny. almost as funny as trying to walk down the aisle with a busted kneecap. >> caroline: oh. >> liam: [ clears throat ] yeah, we're not going anywhere. >> both: what? >> bill: what do you mean? >> liam: well, we just -- i don't know -- want to stay at home, be a married couple. >> caroline: that'ki


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