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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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coming here especially for the final game is like going back to your grade school or visiting your childhood home for the last time. 49ers gear is flying off the shelves and the memories are soon to follow. >> my parents actually went on their first date in 1971 at candlestick park. >> reporter: michael first went to candlestick with his father when he was 4. they are going back on monday you for one last time. >> just for nostalgia and the memories we have as a family. >> reporter: the sentiment seeps to be the same on stubhub. demand is through the roof. we found a few tickets selling for over $3,000. >> saying good-bye to the 9ers and a lot of giants games there saying good-bye to the park itself. people have had a lot of memories. >> reporter: the memories and memorabilia, the fans made up of father, sons, daughters and brothers, born into the tradition. >> it's going to be an honor to be at the last game at candlestick. >> reporter: it's time to say good-bye in style with a
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combination of smiles and sadness. >> just to see us play one more time in the stadium will be cool. >> reporter: there are still a few semi reasonably priced tickets. the lowest on stubhub was $216. >> almost free. >> there's a slight chance tiny tiny chance there may be one more game here, the 9ers get in as a five seed if the five seed and six seed make it in, we may have the nfc championship here. let's hope we are forecasting another super bowl. we have that last game coming up monday night. we have a forecast in 15 minutes. >> enjoy it. see you then. stay with us as we count down to the 49ers last regular season game at candlestick. and you can watch that game right here on kpix 5. our coverage starts monday at 4:30 then after the game, dennis o'donnell hosts "5th quarter" and then you can watch "bye-bye
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baby." our special look back at the stick. today's ruling will keep jahi mcmath on life support temporarily at this point. she was declared brain-dead after a routine tonsillectomy. the family got a second opinion. it's a battle of wills with the hospital. after today's ruling the girl's family left without speaking to the media. here's what the attorney for children's hospital had to say. >> we're happy to cooperate with the judge's suggestion that an independent expert be provided to confirm yet again that brain death is it the outcome that has occurred here. we'll follow the judge's direction. >> reporter: now what both
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sides have agreed to is to allow an independent neurologist to evaluate jahi and her brain function at this point. but it won't be very long until the doctor sees her. both sides will be back in court on monday. jahi will be on life support at least through this weekend. life at the alameda county courthouse, bob bork kpix 5. a protest in march just wrapped up in santa rosa. this is because of the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. our don knapp has the latest. >> the march has not wrapped up. they are going to city hall for the sheriff's office one of a series of continuing protests that have been going on since andy was killed two months ago. eye sheriff was carrying a fake gun -- the teen was carrying a fake gun. the sheriff deputy told him to
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drop it. he didn't and erick gelhaus shot and killed the boy. so that's what the protest is about. one of the young people here tonight read from a young people's letter to the sheriff. let's hear that. >> we are hurt and shocked. it was not right for him to kill andy he was a kid not a criminal. >> reporter: they protest until they get justice for andy. live in santa rosa, don knapp, kpix 5. >> moments ago we learned there will be no ac transit strike. ac transit and union leaders did reach another tentative labor contract. it went down to the wire too. they shot down the first two tentative agreements but for now no strike. other bay area headlines, a big rig hit and killed an 88-
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year-old man in an electric wheelchair on main street in napa this morning. witnesses say it appears the truck driver didn't see the man. the driver is cooperating with police and it doesn't look like alcohol or drugs was a factor. in san francisco's tenderloin a man is it dead after a trash truck backed up and ran him over. he walked behind the recollings truck at jones and antonio streets around 8:00. a restaurant has surveillance video of the accident. police are reviewing it. the antitech backlash turned violent today with protests on both sides of the bay. a photo posted on twitter shows a shattered window on a google bus. that was picking up employees near the west oakland bart station. people threw rocks but no one was cited. it was more peaceful here in san francisco. this video from the bay
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guardian shows a few dozen protestors blocking a shuttle bus carrying apple employees. but they broke up quickly when police moved in. if we need another sign that san francisco is changing, we'll let linda yee explain that. somebody to do with back in the day when she bought bell bottom jeans, is that what i'm hearing? [ laughter ] >> reporter: can you believe it? i'm standing at kaplan's the surplus store here on market street. some people call it an institution here in san francisco. guess what. the family is saying good-bye. >> i'm shocked. very shocked. >> devastating for the whole community of san francisco. >> reporter: after 75 years, one of the oldest family-run businesses in san francisco is saying good-bye. [ inaudible ]
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>> so i have a lot of nice customers here. >> kaplan's. >> reporter: kaplan's surplus and sporting goods carries everything. the regulars are life long customers. >> school clothes, school shoes, parkas, longjohns. everything. >> 42, man. >> reporter: even worker christian moeller says he got his first shoes here as a baby. in the spirit of full disclosure i have to admit as a teenager i came to kaplan's to buy my first navy bell bottom bluejeans! wonder if they still have some! >> haven't had those in probably like 7 years? camouflage, regular jeans, skinny jeans. >> reporter: skinny jonahs. >> yeah, weird. >> reporter: kaplan's grandfather started the business. they have been through a fire, good times and bad. but one things customers could always count on, the family's compassion. this army veteran remembers 13 years ago when i was living on the streets. >> gave me some cold weather gear. >> reporter: just gave it to
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you? >> gave it to me. >> reporter: kaplan says it's his rule, pay it forward. >> some poor people just need a little help. and we have, you know, enough customers. we make do. >> reporter: during this interview a man came in with gift certificates, but he was desperate. >> he can't use them. he needs groceries. >> reporter: kaplan traded them for cash. >> that's because of my dad. i have learned from the best. >> it's not about the hats and coats. it's about the family that runs it and the pride that they take in. >> reporter: kaplan's will be open until end of february and then they will close. there's a pair of longjohns here for you, allen. >> you ask like skinny jeans are something you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. [ laughter ] >> reporter: no, just skinny jeans here? this is not the place to buy that. >> but you might still have the bellbottoms in your closet.
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>> reporter: i don't think i fit them anymore even if i did. >> you and me both! thank you. [ laughter ] well, it's target's way of saying sorry after a massive security breach. the deal you can take advantage of this weekend whether or not you were affected. >> a driver thrown from the wheel, how two fast thinking teachers stop a school bus packed with kids from crashing into a ditch. >> big ticket presents for small budgets. the gift ideas that will wow your family and friends and they only look expensive. ,, ,,,,
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weekend... on anything in t this just in from targeted stores. everyone gets an extra 10% off at target this weekend on anything in the store. >> julie watts is on the consumerwatch and julie, this sounds pretty good but its also doing a little damage control. , i'm sure. >> reporter: absolutely. yeah, this is targets's way of saying, sorry to the 40 million target customers whose credit card information was
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compromised. but even if you're not one of them, this offer extends to you. target's ceo announced the 10% offer today. he is basically giving the 10% employee discount to everyone this weekend. it's good for anything in the store on saturday and sunday. you can but as much as you like, clothes, electronics, food. and the discount will apply to your entire purchase. but target says you can only use the discount code once. this of course is because of that security breach. targeted announced today they don't -- target announced today they don't believe debit card numbers were compromised nor the 4 digit secure codes on credit cards and they are offering to pay for credit monitoring. you will find more information on our website at how you can get a discount on car insurance just by being smart. >> a call for help and a fiery plane crash. the brave action a police officer took that saved the pilot's life. ,,,,,,
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heading for hawaii.. where nd christmas. befo the president and first family are on air force one headed to hawaii where they will spend christmas but before leaving, mr. obama said he might make some changes in the way the nsa collects intelligence. that's based on a white house panel's recommendations. >> over the next several weeks,
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i'm going to assess based on conversations not just with the intelligence community but others in government and outside of government how we might apply and incorporate their recommendations. >> in his end of the year news conference, the president spent quite a bit of time on the defensive. he addressed the failure to pass new gun control measures, the goverment shutdown and, of course, the botched healthcare rollout. the federal website was down again this morning. but the president seemed optimistic that all the problems are in the past. he even gave a nod to california's success. >> more than half a million americans have enrolled through in the first three weeks of december alone. in california, for example, the state operating its own marketplace more than 15,000 americans are enrolling every, single day. >> as for his record low approval ratings, the president says the polls have gone up and down a lot over the course of his career. monday is the deadline to sign up if you want healthcare
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coverage by the new year. tonight there are some last- minute changes. president obama announced that some people who have had policies canceled can qualify for a hardship exemption. that means, if they don't buy coverage, they won't pay a fine or they can get a bare-bones catastrophic policy. you also can qualify for the exemption if coverage is too expensive. if healthcare would be more than 8% of their income they would get no penalty if they didn't buy insurance but people want insurance so it allows them to get a catastrophic plan otherwise available for people available under 30 years old. >> in the past three days, 53,000 people have signed up. two teachers in south carolina being called heroes after saving a busful of students from flipping over into a ditch this month. the drivers you saw there wasn't we are waring a
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seatbelt. he felt out of his seat after a fast turn. one got in and grabbed the steering wheel, the other braked. the bus driver was fired. two tampa police officers also being called heroes tonight. they were almost halfway through their 12-hour shift. they heard the panicked distress call of a pilot as his plane was going down. the officers were out on patrol in their helicopter and immediately headed to the crash site. they landed seconds after the cessna went down and burst into flames. >> the aircraft is on the ground. there is a fire. he is short of the runway. permission to land, i'm going to put my observer on the ground to try to rescue the pilot. >> the officer put out the flames and you can see him pulling the pilot away from the burning plane. the officer gave the pilot first aid until the medical crews got there. that pilot is expected to survive. it does pay to be smarter at least when it comes to insurance. state regulators are going to allow allstate insurance to give discounts to drivers who are highly educated and highly
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paid. but some consumer groups argue this violates california law because it would discriminate against people who don't have advanced degrees or well paying jobs. the state has allowed similar breaks to doctors and lawyers. speaking of driving, it's the friday night before christmas. lots of people are out on the freeways. this is 880 in oakland. for many tonight is getaway night. at airports, this is the busiest day of the christmas travel season. a couple of hours ago we talk with travelers at sfo. >> got up extra early just to make sure in case there were any delays that we had every opportunity to either find another flight or not miss our flight. >> i'm not looking forward to. it's really a long and busy day but so far, it's at least a beginning the early part is good. >> probably get a little hectic. snow and ice will certainly bring delays at big airline hubs in chicago, cleveland, philadelphia and new york. not the case here in the bay area, however. it was a great day for sacred heart community services to
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pass out toys. they are still 3,000 toys short. you can help by bringing cash or a toy. or go to their website for more information how you can help. in addition to the interpreter for the deaf, another major faux pas in a tribute to the late nelson mandela. take a look at a billboard in india. that as you know is morgan freeman, not nelson mandela. freeman is shown alongside ghandi and mother teresa. >> i believe we should restore the spring box. >> that's probably what happened. the mix-up stemmed from the movie when morgan freeman played nelson mandela. paul deanno live at candlestick for a look at what's going on weather-wise. it's usually pretty windy and chilly there now, paul. >> reporter: it's chilly. you know, the wind is absent not that i'm complaining standing out here for a couple of hours but if you were to ask anybody who spent time inside this stadium, give me one word to describe it, chances are most people would say, cold or
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windy. it is just that perfect spot where the wind comes in off the bay. it comes in off the ocean. it comes in off the bay here. it rolls over that hill right into the stadium and things were rocking and rolling for the giants and 49ers. but the 9ers and giants did a lot of winning in that city. there are millions of memories that will never go away even when the stadium does. we have of last weekend before christmas and the weather will be perfect for traveling. take a look at the weather maps. high temperatures for today, 64 degrees in livermore. napa 60. san francisco 58. oakland 63. it will be another chilly night tonight. widespread 30s away from the water including santa rosa at 38. san jose 40. 40 concord. and oakland tonight or tomorrow morning, 44 degrees sunrise at 7:22 tomorrow. tomorrow is the first day of winter. not going to feel like it. air quality tomorrow not as good as the past couple of days but not a "spare the air" day. moderate air quality at the
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north bay coast and santa clara valley. we be looking at "spare the air" days at the top of next week but not tomorrow. satellite review it is all about dry weather. it is all about a huge ridge of high pressure. and we call this type of ridge a blocking ridge because it's not moving. and it literally is blocking the storm track and the jet stream from getting close to us. in this particular pattern until that reg moves we'll stay dry and sunny with chilly mornings and mild afternoons. we don't see the ridge moving for a week. so we are dry through christmas and beyond. what to expect tonight? clear, milder, sunny, warmer this weekend, not much change through christmas. highs tomorrow for saturday out and about in morgan hill, high 62. hayward 62. redwood city 63. livermore 64. walnut creek 63. oakland, piedmont, rockridge 64. bodega bay 60. and if you are heading up to the lake, lakeport, lake county, 64 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. if you like today's weather,
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you'll like tomorrow's weather. you'll like every day for the next week. this is consistency especially for december. sunny across the board including christmas eve and christmas day. highs will be in the low to mid- 60s inland, low 60s near the bay upper 50s at the coast. we have ourselves the san francisco 49ers forecast. 5:30 right here on kpix 5, 9ers, falcons, a rematch of last year's championship game. falcons aren't going to the play-offs this year. we likely will be with a having try, coming up on monday clear skies, 57 degrees. candlestick capped made famous for its swirling winds. the overall weather pattern not conducive for that and the wind currently is 0.8 miles per hour. beautiful holiday weekend coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >> doesn't get any better. thanks, paul. the five-month old gorilla at the san francisco zoo has a new name. it's kababi, which means little
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lady in swahili. there were three options in the vote. the others were [ non-english language ] which means heavenly messengers and [ non-english language ] which means joy. gifts which are surprisingly inexpensive coming up.
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christmas. but what if you just can't afford to give o this year? on the con it's always nice to get big fancy present at christmas but what if you just cannot afford to give one this year? on the consumerwatch, julie watts with some gifts that seem more expensive than they really are. >> reporter: who wouldn't want to wow their friends and family with extravagant gifts? >> i love jewelry. >> a new tv for the kitchen would be awesome. >> reporter: but for those who didn't win the mega millions there's still hope thanks to the folks at deal news. >> these are gifts that seem expensive but they are not because no one really knows how
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much it typically costs. >> reporter: mark locastro says think out of the box. imagine when they unwrap a cruise, best ever cruise deals for as low as $149 less than a ipad. but if ipads are on your list, consider a refurbished one. >> there are a couple of manufacturers out there that are best in the business at refurbishing their products like apple, cannon and nikon are a couple of examples. >> reporter: dyson also offers great deals but fellas, think twice before gifting a vacuum to your wife. if jewelry is what she wants in her stocking, deal news suggests looking at pearls. >> they seem classy. they seem like they are expensive and they're not. we see a couple of pearl necklaces as low as $20. >> reporter: when gifting things like wine or cheese, get creative with the packaging. >> put it in a $5 wooden box. it makes it look so much more expensive. >> reporter: but at the end of the day, it's the thought that counts. well, to a certain degree.
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while everyone does remember the extravagant gifts, no one forgets the worst gifts under the tree. >> a pair of really cheap headphones. >> underwear. >> now when you go to a nail salon and then they give you like the free like flip-flops? [ laughter ] >> yeah, i got a pair of those once. >> oh, that hurts. [ laughter ] >> reporter: if you are considering refurbished gifts there's always a chance the giftee will find out. so be up front about it. be careful for buying from third party sites. for the best warranties buy factory refurbished from the manufacturer. if you have a consumer problem like free flip-flops call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> don't just buy the tiffany box and put something from claire's in there. nothing wrong with compare's. i'm just saying. >> nothing wrong. but you know, it is about the box. you get a nice box and the gift looks better. >> all that much better. [ laughter ] >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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that couldn't be any more wh futures that couldn't be any more different. where one cs new at 6:00 two schools and two bay area cities with futures that couldn't be any more different. where one campus is getting an up great but the other has no choice but to shut down. >> the fact that all three of us have done it, it tells me more people can do it. >> how the road to incredible success all started with a risky escape. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. that is 30 minutes away. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. and remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, change is coming for government spying programs. >> there may be another way of skinning the cat. >> pelley: and for the health care law. >> since i'm in charge obviously we screwed it up. >> pelley: major garrett on the president's year-end news conference. dangerous weather heading into another big holiday travel weekend. meteorologist eric fisher has the christmas week forecast. high drama as american astronauts prepare for a risky mission. jeff glor is covering. and steve hartman "on the road." how jackie turner got the christmas gift she wanted most. >> found my mentor! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western


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