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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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money has helped build a multimillion-dollar aquatic center at one high school, and as shows us, a shortage of funds in oakland is forcing one school to close. >> students walked home with donated gifts and a big smile this afternoon, but the start of winter break is the end of this school for many students. the 100 black men of the bay area charter school will close next month. >> our problem is purely financial. >> the elementary school opened 18 months ago in the east oakland hills with lesson plans geared toward african american boys. the school went from 120 students in september to now 75. the chairman of the board of directors for the school says they couldn't get enough private donations to keep the doors open. >> many of our students have high needs, and in order to address those needs, we needed significantly more resources than we had. >> parents are saddened by the closure.
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>> it's just a bad thing right now just because, you know, this is his first year, and he's in transition of kindergarten and he was doing so well. >> the oakland unified school district says the challenge now is transferring the students in the middle of a school year. school officials say once they have enough private money, they'll reopen the school. they're not sure when that's going to happen. in oakland, i'm da lyn, kpix 5. >>itis very different story for a high school in walnut creek. ryan with how north gate high is bucking the trend of bublg et cuts and building a multi-million-dollar pool. >> when northgate high was built in the 70s, the planned pool and stadium didn't make the cut. the school ran out of money. four decades later, this hillside will finally become pool side. the cost of 7-and-a-half million bucks. >> i'm standing probably close to the shallow end of the pool. i probably am coming down the steps right now. >> it can't come soon enough for
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water polo players and swimmers. >> the practice schedule is very bad. >> it's hectic. it's really really inconvenient. >> they now travel to use pools at other schools. that means a lot of late-night practices. >> every day from 7:30 to 9:30. >> part of the grand plan includes expanding north gate's sports medicine program. >> this would be considered a storage room for the p. e. department. >> now, 180 student trainers work out of a 10 by 10 storage locker. and a snack shack when state and district dollars dried up, parents chose to step up. >> because there's just no money left in the state for facility improvements. >> the north gate community pride foundation. the group is basically parentings getting other parents to pitch in for upgrades. the foundation raised $2 million for the little theater and almost 3 mil for a new football field. today they broke ground on the outdoor pool and sports medicine
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center. the foundation has raised half a million. the other big chunk, almost 7 million, comes from a voter-approved ballot measure for the mount diablo school district. >> it would be great if other schools could follow the same. it's kind of a private/public partnership we formed with the school district. >> other area schools and school districts are coming here to try to learn and copy the fund raising platforms that they have here. in walnut creek, kpix 5. >> the north gate xhubty pride foundation is still raising money so the pool can have lights. the pool is expected to open next year candle stick holds plenty of history, but the stadium is about to become history. monday night it will host its last regular season football game, a game you can see right here on kpix 5. bryan webb is at where fans are feeling a little nostalgic and paying a real price for one last memory. bryan. >> and, liz, full confession. this is actually my first trip out to the stick. made it here just in time, but
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for a lot of people, coming back out here especially to see the final game it's a little like going back to see your old grade school or visiting your childhood home for the very last time. 49ers gear is flying off the shelves and the memories are soon to follow. >> my parents actually went on their first date in 1971 at candle stick park. >> michael first won't to candle stick with his father when he was four. they're going back on monday one last time. >> just for nostalgia and just for all the memories that we have together as a family and everything. >> the sentiment seems to be the same on stubhub. demand is through the roof. we found a few tickets selling for over $3,000. >> saying good-bye to the niners. its's saying good-bye to a lot of the giants games there, saying good-bye to the park itself. people have had a lot of memories. >> the memories and memorabilia, the fans made up of fathers, sons, daughters and brothers born into the tradition. >> we're super excited to be at the game, and honor to be there for the last game.
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we're excited. >> it eets time to say good-bye to the stick in style with a combination of smiles and sadness. >> just to see it one more time in that staid jum, it will be really cool. >> i did find semireasonably-priced tickets on stubhub. they're out there for the picking if you want them. i mentioned this is my first trip out here, the reputation of it being windy and cold sure is on the money. >> yeah. talk to anybody around the country who's been to the stadium and windy or cold would be likely one of the two adjectives they would use. a little breezy out here tonight. they say willie mays left 200 home runs on the field because the wind always blew in and new yorked down many -- knocked down many of the hits that likely would have been home runs in other stadiums. wind is not going to be an issue on monday. candle stick park is going out with a wimper. here is your forecast. 57 degrees. really comfortable. really calm. of course, you can watch that
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game on kpix 5. the weather does look gorgeous for that finale coming up at candle stick park. one interesting note, if you are a fan of nfl minutia, there's a tiny chance this may not be the last game at candle stick park. right now lukes like the 49ers could be the five seed. well, if the sixth seed wins their twro games, we would host the nfc championship game right here against either carolina or az. there's a chance we may have one more game to go, but the last regular-sven game right here on kpix 5 coming up on monday night. full forecast coming up in about ten minutes. back to you, liz. >> all right, paul, could be the perfect night to possibly say good-bye for the last time. we are counting down to 49ers last regular-shn game at candle stick. watch it right here on kpix 5 monday night. our coverage starts at 4:30. after the game it's the fifth yarter and bye bye baby, our special look back at the stick. today marks the busiest day
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of the travel season. our kate spoke with travelers at sfo who seemed well prepared for their getaway. >> it 's the friday before christmas and there were travelers about at san francisco's international airport ready to fly out. >> kids had school this morning so they did their first early morning at school. we're headed to the east coast so we wanted to get back east a little early. >> i'm not looking forward to it. it's really a long and busy day, but so for, the early part is good. >> for the long lines and delays that come with holiday flying, aaa says christmas 2013 will be the busiest on record. >> got up extra early and make sure if there were any dlas that we had every opportunity to find another flight or not miss our flight. >> actually only have, paper so i don't know how i'm going to get through it but hopefully it'll go. >> and hopefully the ride will be smooth. getting a look at the
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accuweather map, the northwest and east coast are getting the worst of the weather, and the starms in the midwest will make travel difficult for passer throughs. the largest storm will hit this weekend affecting as many as 30 states and impacting a hundred million people, but this little family of reindeers is hopeful. >> are you looking forward to seeing rudolph today? >> we are. >> it's the same advice every holiday season. make sure you get here early. check in with your airline and make sure you have mreventy of time to reroute your flight if, in fact, you do get set back by weather delays. reporting at sfo, kpix 5. >> now, sfo expects 132,000 travelers today. well, this evening we learned there will be no ac transit strike, at least not for now. ac transit and union leaders reached a tentative labor contract, and this went down to the wire. the 60-day cooling-off period expires on sunday. we have yet to see whether union will approve this latest deal.
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they shot down the first two tentative agreements. unemployment rates in the bay area continue to drop. according to the new state numbers, the rate in marin county fell to 4.6% last month. that is the lowest figure in the state. it's down to 5% in san mateo county, 5.2% in san francisco. the highest unemployment rate in the bay area is in slau know county, 7.6%, but even that still well below the state average of 8.5%. the woman accused of mowing down several people as she drove down twin peaks last year was sentenced today. 24-year-old gina will spend four years behind bars for striking four people including a 56-year-old chinese citizen who died from her injuries. the group was looking at the night skyline a year ago today when slammed into them. police say her blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. checking bay area headlines, an elderly man hit and killed by a garbage truck in san
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francisco's henderloin district this morning. accident happened about 7:45 ong jones and antonio street. police say that garbage truck was backing up when it hit the man. a nearby restaurant has surveillance video, and police are reviewing that. a big rig hit and killed an 88-year-old man in an electric wheelchair on main street in napa this morning. witnesses say it appeared the truck driver didn't see the man. the driver is cooperating with police, and it doesn't look like alcohol or drugs was a fok tore. police have released the victim's name. fire crews shut down an onramp to west dound 580 oakland this afternoon. little vegetation fire burning along the highway near the oakland san leandro border. this was about 12:45. they quickly got that out. no word on what caused the fire. now, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of saven lean. there are reports of a shooting at the bay fair center. we've seen a lot of police in the area, and we just noticed from chopper 5 that police have actually expand it had crime
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expanded the crime scene. we don't know if anyone has been shot. we have a reporter on the way. soonz as we learn more, we will bring it to you. he was just a kid, not a criminal. >> coming up, why these protesters are on the move tonight. the bay area company recalling some of its sausage products. devastating for the whole community of san francisco. >> how the development boom spell the end for this bay area institution. ,, [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays.
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plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest-free for 3 event ends sunday! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the family of jahi mcmath st is afternoon and an oakland teenager will be kept on life support at least for now. the family sought an injunction this afternoon, and a judge granted it. the 13-year-old girl was declared brain dead last week after she went in for surgery and something went wrong. the family is also seeking a second opinion. according to a hospital
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attorney, that could come quickly after today's hearing. >> we're gratified that in the courtroom today, the judge recognized that all of the medical and scientific evidence that the judge heard established that unfortunately that there's brain death, and we're happy to cooperate with the judge's suggestion that an independent expert be provided to confirm yet again that brain death is the outcome. >> the hospital is supposed to supply the name of an expert on monday morning. it is possible the judge could then rule on tuesday whether she should be kept on life support. two months later and family and supporters are still demanding answers surrounding the shooting death of a santa rosa teen. don knapp is at the sheriff's office where a community march has been oshged to pay tribute to andy lopez. don. >> liz, these marchers and demonstrators have just arrived here from santa rosa city hal where they demonstrated earlier in the night. this is the latest in a series of protests in the shooting
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death of andy lopez killed on october 22nd. looking back that's when two sonoma county deputies came upon andy when he was walking and carrying a rifle that looked like an ak-47. it wasn't. it was a replica. when he didn't drop the rifle as ordered and apparently we don't know all the details at some point deply it have eric gelhaus 28-year-old veteran shot seven times and killed him. some of the young people carried an open letter to the sheriff, a part of which is read to us by kelsey gomez. >> the whole community has been hurt by the andy lopez incident. we are shocked what eric gel haus did because - not right for him to kill andy. he was just a kid, not a criminal. >> several investigations are underway including civil rights investigation by the fbi. these protests are being designed in order to try and maintain a high profile on the case until they get what they call justice for andy. reporting live in santa rosa, don knapp kpix 5.
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>> deputy gelhaus has been cleared to return to duty but assigned administrative work until the investigation is complete. a san jose food company is rauling sausage products. the usda says lee brothers is recalling 16-ounce packages of pork sausage. those with produced on february 11th with the identifying code 042p. there's also a recall on pork and chicken sausages packaged february 12th with the code 043pc. some people call it a san francisco institution, but this christmas will be surplus store's last one. it's been in the mid market neighborhood for decades and as our linda ye shows us, it's not the merchandise customers will miss the most. >> 28.24, please. >> i'm shocked, very shocked. >> 75 years, man. >> it's devastating for the whole community of san francisco. >> after 75 years, one of the oldest family-run businesses in san francisco is saying
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good-bye. >> so i have a lot of nice customers here. kaplan's. >> kaplan's surplus and sporting goods carries everything. the regulars are lifelong customers. >> school clothes, school shoes, parkas, long johns, everything. >> even worker christian muller says he got his first shoes here as a baby. in the spirit of full disclosure, i have to admit as a teenager, i came to kaplan's to buy my first navy bell bottom blue jeans. i wonder if they still have some. >> haven't had those in probably seven years, camouflage regular jeans, skinny jeans. >> skinny jeans? >> yeah. >> then kaplan's grandfather started the business. they've been through a fire, good times and bad, but one thing customers could always count on, the family's compassion. army veteran evan graham
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remembers 13 years ago when he was living on the streets. >> gave me cold-weather gear. >> just gave it to you? >> gave it to me. >> kaplan says it's his rule, pay it forward. >> sometimes people just need a little help, and we have, you know, enough customers. we make do. >> in fact, did you recollect this interview, a man came in with gift certificates, but he was desperate. >> he can't use them. he needs groceries. >> kaplan did not hesitate. he traded them for cash. >> that's because of my dad. i've learned -- i've learned from the best. >> it's not about the hats and coats. it's about the family that runs it and the pride that they take in it. >> at 87 years young, kaplan is reluctantly retiring, but it's what his family wants. >> i'll miss the people. >> not as much as your customers will miss you, mr. kaplan. in san francisco, linda ye, kpix 5. >> kaplan's will stay open until the end of february. the new owners of the building
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plan to put a hotel in its place. we are getting ready to retire candlestick, and meteorologist paul is out there. we've got a clear night, no fog, but probably pretty cool. >> you know what, here's the deal. it is 53 degrees outside, and as you know if you spent any time at this stadium, it does not feel like 53 degrees outside because of the wind. there's a huge ridge of high pressure right over top of the bay area. there's not much wind anywhere in the bay area, but candlestick point and candlestick park is one of those places where the wind gets amplified. it's more here than anywhere else. nice, clear calm night, we've seen a peak wind gust of 15.2 miles per hour currently gusting anywhere from 5 to 7 miles per hour. doesn't sound like much, but it does cut into that 53-degree reading out here. what memories we have made here as a community for the niners and also for the giants, but what nasty weather this place provides on a pretty regular basis. monday night is looking excellent with clear skies and
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57 degrees. not so bad for that final game. let's take a look at the current conditions outside. lots of 50s to report. current temperatures including 57 degrees in san francisco, 55 in san jose, and currently 54 in oakland. it will be a chilly night tonight. san rafael wake up to 42 on your weekend. san francisco 46. napa and fremont 38 degrees. it's all about a big ridge of high pressure, a strong ridge of high pressure. it is a stubborn ridge of high pressure. it's not going to move. it's a blocking ridge taking the storm track sending it lots of other places but not here. our weather will stay sunny and dry with pretty chilly evenings and cold nights but the afternoons will be mild for this time of year. highs tomorrow for your saturday, 67 for santa rosa after a chilly start, nice mild finish for you. oakland, emeryville 64. san francisco and daly city in the low 60s for highs. here is your 7-day forecast all about consistency. we are sunny across the board. mornings chilly, afternoons all
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the way through christmas and beyond, low 60s near the bay. upper 50s at the coast and low-to-mid 60s inland. your last graphic to show you, our christmas forecast. the weather for christmas, both christmas eve and christmas day, sunny and mild with upper 50s to mid 60s being the rule. back out here live candlestick park, really interesting fact. we've got that hill right on the far side of the stadium. if they only built the stadium about a hundred feet away from that hill, the wind that comes over the hill and dumps into the stadium creating all the swirls would have hit the parking lot instead, but for esthetic reasons, they wanted it to be right next to the hill, and that's why the wind goes up. it comes down, and when it comes down it's right on the playing surface making those winds swirly. i think a lot of kickers wish that stadium wasn't exactly where it is. that's the weather live. we'll be back with food for bay area families right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to recognize businesses whoe back in a big way to famili every year kpix 5 teams up with local food banks and whole foods to recognize businesses who give back in a big way to help families who need it this holiday season. allison spinner has partnered with wilson good rich with an incredible donation of $80,000, and we are accepting this check on behalf of sefkd harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo counties. allison, your law firm has such a rich history of giving back during the holidays. >> this is the tenth year that we've worked with your station on this program, and we're honored to donate this check to second harvest. >> wonderful. this is collected through the people that work at your law firm? >> exactly. it's our employees and foundation supported by our company. >> wonderful. $80,000 is going to do a lot of good. >> absolutely. one in four families in the bay area is in need of support so weir nontored to contribute this donation. >> thank you so much. well, if you would like to give food for bay area families this
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holiday season, you can donate at your local whole foods market or online at >> coming up in our next half hour, the deadline on the recovered california and last-minute obama care exemption for those who cancelled their health plans. why a float in the rose parade is causing such a slash. also why smart people can now get discounts on their car insurance. ng news out of san leandro ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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where there are reports of a yfair center. weir continuing to follow breaking news out of san leandro right now where there are reports of a shooting at the bayfare center. we're seen a lot of police and crime scene is quite large. we spoke to a restaurant owner a few moments ago who told us he didn't hear anything, and things are returning to normal at the mall. it's still not clear whether anyone was injured. we have a reporter on the way, and we'll bring you an update when we learn more. the federal obama care web site was down again for several hours this morning, but covered california appears to be handling the surge in signups
6:29 pm
quite well. in the past three days, 53,000 people have signed up with covered california, a record number of enrollments. the president said the boxed healthcare roll out is a thing of the past pointing to california as a success story. >> more than half a million americans have enrolled through in the first three weeks of december alone. in california, for example, the state operating its own marketplace, more than 15,000 americans are enrolling every single day. >> now, you need to start the application process by monday if you want coverage beginning january 1st. the president has also announced a last-minute policy change to his healthcare plan. on the consumer watch, julie explains more people will now be allowed to have those catastrophic or so-called bare bone policies. >> this has gone back and forth so many times you need a score card to keep track. until now, only people who met certain income rierms or were under the age of 30 were allowed to continue to have catastrophic policies. this change as new group of people who had their policies cancelled because they didn't meet the reerments of the affordable care act.
6:30 pm
now, tens of thousands of people in california got those cancellation notices, and many will now be able to buy a catastrophic high deductible low premium policy. the head of covered california told us today that they will have to make some fixes that comply with the change, but it will go into effect. meanwhile, americans have just a few more days to buy policies, catastrophic or otherwise, in order to have coverage beginning january 1st. >> california that does the right thing that makes a good-nait effort to get in by the 23rd, we're going to get them across the finish line. >> covered california represent tiffs will be staffing call centers this weekend. today there were 30-minute hold times. in other insurance news, state regulators today okayed a ruling to let allstate insurance give special breaks to highly-educated and highly-paid drivers. now, the state has allowed other insurers to offer this deal to so-called. the advocates denounced the decision saying it violates
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proposition 103, the insurance reform law, which bars insurers from discriminating against those without high-income jobs or advanced degrees. and with only five more days until christmas, let the 24-hour shopping begin. kohl's opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning and will stay open for more than 100 straight hours until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. macy's and k-mart are doing the same at some of their stores. toys r us will stay open for 87 hours from now until christmas eve. and keep in mind this super sunday there will be good deals but an lists say the best deals this weekend will likely be on toys and last year's gaming systems. you'll find better deals after christmas on things like electronics and clothes. >> want to separate you from your money. >> they' doing their best. >> aren't they? >> and with a shortened holiday shopping season, they're not pulling any punches. >> thank you, you lee. still ahead, why a float in the rose parade is causing such a splash. the fact that all three of us have done it, that tells me
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that more fooem people can do it. >> how the road to incredible success all began with a risky escape. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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were affected by target's massive security hack or not...the company is now offering a discount as an apology. whether you were affected by target's massive security hack or not, the company is now offering a discount as an apology so this weekend, target shoppers will get 10% off all purchases. that includes the clothes, the electronics, even the food. the discount offer was made after hackers stole debit and credit card information from as many as 40 million shoppers this holiday season. one affected customer from the bay area has already filed a lawsuit against the company. a major faux pas in a tribute to the late nelson mandela. take a look at this billboard in
6:35 pm
india. that's morgan freeman, not nelson mandela. someone got the two mixed up. freeman is shown alongside mother theresa, ghandi and martin luther king. >> i believe we should restore. >> now, the mix up stemmed from the movie invictus where nor began freeman played nelson mandela. three foster children rising above the abuse. >> if we got caught then that would be it for all of us. >> she was only 11 when she rescued her brothers and hearst. wait till you see what she has accomplished now. night's parking lot outside of candlestick park will only be filled with fans one more time for regular-season games. we've got your forecast for the niners and right through christmas week coming up live next. ahead in sports, they can take away the stadium. >> that haunted me for a lot of
6:36 pm
years. >> one of the best players has a big owie and look back and first family of a local high school basketball program. >> times pass. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a foster child.. who was on1 wh ion .. h going to join us in just a couple minutes with tonight's student rising above. >> a foster child who was only 11 when she had to make a decision, how to rescue her little brothers. but first, sea world is making a splash with the float it has planned for the rose parade. jeff lintels u about the controversy it is creating with the whales featured on its entry. >> as pasadena geers up for the tournament of roses parade, the sea world float seen in this rendering is expected to draw controversy on new year's day. day. >> during this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade, a 12-year-old girl protests sea world's entry. people for the ethical treatment of animals has been holding demonstrations in pasadena against sea world being in the rose parade. >> we don't think that a family
6:40 pm
event like the rose parade should be promoting an animal-abusing corporation lieshg sea world. >> musicians like willie nelson and trisha jeer yearwood have cancelled shows at sea world. now, actress who was a 2009 grand marshall at the rose parade is adding her voice. she recently wrote to the tournament of roses saying, "i was disappointed to learn that sea world will have a float this year. perhaps the tournament of roses association has not seen blackfish." blackfish is a cnn documentary that focussed on the death of a trainer by a killer whale at the treatment of or kas at the theme park. today, sea world took out a full page ad in the l. a. times saying, "we haven't collected a killer whale from the wild in 35 years." >> that is a blatant lie on the part of sea world. >> today the parade's organizers sent us a statement, "this year's float is designed to illustrate the wondrous sea life in a manner that can inspeier millions to learn more about our ocean, which is consistent with
6:41 pm
sea world's ongoing mission." >> pita says it plans to protest the rose parade but what that demonstration will look like is being kept confidential. in pasadena, kpix 5. we have our chief meteorologist, paul. wet your finger, hold it up, get the forecast there at candlestick. >> i'll do it. all right. nobody has ever said this about a weather guy. windy, cold. as it always is out here. you know what's interesting is that, you know, say what you want about candlestick. come people have said the esthetics aren't that nice, it wasn't built for football, it wasn't this, it wubt that, it is cold, it is windy, it is full of millions of memories. kids have grown up watching games there. families have gone there, and i've read it takes about one generation for a new stadium to really begin to take on that character because kids that go there when it first opens, they have to grow up and have kids and take their kids there so we're talk levi stadium, this beautiful new stadium is going to be about 25 or 30 years
6:42 pm
before it has any of the character that this guy behind me, candle stick park has. we're shutting it down after monday night. no more regular season games at the stick. i'll have your forecast for that game coming up in a second. right now, i want to talk about where we went today temperature wise. it gets chilly quickly in the evenings. 64 today in livermore. 63 for oakland. your high in san francisco officially hit 58 degrees downtown, and napa 60 degrees for high. overnight tonight, a chilly night but not a freeze. not that cold, but you'll feel it when you wake up. santa rosa down to 38. concord 40, and san jose, your low 40 degrees overnight tonight. sunrise 7:22. air quality slowly becoming an issue again. you may notice tomorrow afternoon not good air quality but moderate air quality, not a spare the air day, though. for north bay, the coast and santa clara valley, we may be looking at a return of spare the air days coming up for the top of next week. satellite review. big ridge of high pressure. very dry weather.
6:43 pm
that high has to move if weir going to get any type of storm in here. i'm here to tell you all the long-range computer models say the next time that moves will be 2014. we're going to be dry for the rest of the year likely because of that big blocking ridge of high pressure taking that storm track and sending it elsewhere. overnight tonight, clear, little bit milder but still chilly. it will be warmer this weekend by 2 or 3 degrees, warmer than what we had today. not really much changing between now and christmas. highs tomorrow, morgan hill 62. hayward 62. redwood city in the low 60s. couple degrees above average for you. livermore top out at 64 once again. walnut creek 63. one of the cooler spots but even you will hit 60 degrees. sonoma 63. oakland, berkeley 64. lake port 64 degrees. windsor 66. more of the same aum the way through the extended forecast. mid 60s with sunshine inland. low 60s near bay right through christmas upper 60s at the coast. final graphic is the niners
6:44 pm
forecast monday 5:30. we are looking at very nice conditions for that final regular season game at the stick. that is your forecast live from the very empty, very chilly parking lot. allen, back to you. >> all right. paul, thanks. an update on that breaking news we've been following since the beginning of this news cast. there have been reports of a shooting at bayfair center in san leandro. andria borba just got to the scene. what can you tell us, andria? >> we can tell you this call came into san leandro about 4:28 this afternoon. we are right next to the old navy and wells fargo atm. we're hearing reports of one person shot and injured at this point, and they are still looking for a shooter. if you could take a look right there on the ground, there are evidence markers all over this parking lot. a good chunk of parking lot has been taped off at this point while they try to figure out exactly what happened here, but at this point we can tell you the mall has not been evacuated. there is no shelter in place. in fact, the old navy right where the shooting took place is
6:45 pm
still open at this point so you can see hayesly-abandoned cars out there right on the sidewalk. san leandro police still investigating. they're trying to figure out exactly what happened here, who may have been behind the shooting here at the bayfair mall, but as 4:28 this afternoon. >> all right. thank you. stay on the scene. weal have the very latest tonight at 11:00. our student rising above tonight is a young woman we've been following for 11 years. now, she's accomplished something quite remarkable. here to update us on her story. >> right. well, you know, half of all foster kids do not finish high school, and if they do, they have an estimated 1 to 3% chance of graduating from college so how about law school? think about the odds as we catch up with this student rising above. >> there was a time in her life kimberly armstrong was just trying to stay alive. >> kimberly maari armstrong.
6:46 pm
[ applause ] >> this year, she graduated from law school, the university of saven fran. >> it makes it more meaningful. >> not supposed to be done if you're a foster child from east oakland. a foster child who basically raised her two brothers. >> i'm starting to realize more how big of a boundary it is that we're crossing to have come from, you know, poverty, from nothing, and to make it here. >> one, two, three. >> this was kimberly 11 years ago, klass president and honors student at oakland technical high where hardly anyone knew about her childhood. >> sometimes go days without eating or nights without eating so that's where school came, like, an advantage to us because they offered free lunch so we always go to school for free lufrmg. that was, like, our main meal of the day. >> poverty was not her biggest challenge. kimberly was only five and her brothers even younger when her stepfather shot and killed their mother right in front of them. they were placed in the custody
6:47 pm
of their grandmother, who was an alcoholic and abusive. >> she would come home drunk and then she would, you know, get all crazy. that's when she would end up hitting either one of my brothers complaining about we did something wrong and clean up the house and she really really beat up on my little brothers a lot actually. >> finally on one particularly bad night, kimberly made a decision. >> it's just progressively getting worse. that's when i told them, okay, pack whatever you need, and let's go. i was really scared to go just because i didn't want to get caught by her because i had this fear like if we got caught then that would have been it for all of us. >> they waited until their grandmother passed out from alcohol, and then kimberly let her two little brothers out into the dark to catch a bus and run
6:48 pm
away. she was 12 years old. >> they escaped to another relative's home, and that's where they were when kim finished high school. later when she was in college, that home became abuse -- abusive, as well, and the boys would have to run away again, but they got their first lesson in courage from kimberly. the next time we caught kimberly armstrong was at the latino graduation ceremonies from uc berkeley walking with her brother jose. >> this shows them that the role model that i've made it and they can make it, too. >> it's like a dream come true. >> worsd can't even describe how much this means to us, means to her to see her succeed in life after all that she's been through. >> both brothers became students rising above. three years ago, all three spoke at the nonprofit's gala. her brother put it in no uncertain terms. >> kimberly took it upon hearst to make sure that we survived. essentially she saved our lives.
6:49 pm
>> alfonso taylor got his degree at ohio wesleyan. jose taylor graduated from manhattanville university. they're both working professionals. but i remember when jose was in high school, he told me how they would comfort each other when they were beaten, by talking about their dreams. >> you're going to be a lawyer, you know, you have a big house, we'll come live with you and we'll go to college and stuff. >> did you always think that this day would come? that she would do this? >> no. just proud. you have a 1% chance of graduating college as -- as a, you know, ward of the state, and the fact that all three of us have done it, that just tells me that more people can do it. >> their mentor, jane put it this way. >> you can get beaten, but if your sister or your brother or your family member holds you and says it's going to be okay, you
6:50 pm
can survive, and i think that's why they survived. they had each other. they had each other. but it was kimberly who led the way. >> this holiday season, consider the gift of education, to help more kids like kimberly, jose and alfonso go to college. go to our web page it stands for students rise above. look for the headline how to get involved, and you can find out how to make tax-deductible donation. this year, sra is trying to help 100 kids here in the bay area go to college. >> wow sfwlchlt >> and they will need all the help they can get. >> these kids, now young adults, they continue to inspeier. never say it can't be done. they prove that it can. >> aren't they something? >> yeah. but we do need to help them. >> yeah, we do. >> it really makes a difference. >> and it pays off. >> yeah. best investment you can make. >> all right. wendy thanks. >> thank you. >> have a great holiday. >> hey, you too. >> thanks.
6:51 pm
will do. we'll be right back. ,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
regular season game " forev" at ...a place the nin all right. bears repeat tg 49ers regular season game forever at candle stick monday night, a place the 49er haves called home for 43 years. members of the glory super bowl years of the 80s are at the
6:54 pm
forefront but the 2013 team have a few different recollections, including colin kaepernick who grew up a packer fan. >> almost fall down. throws to the end zone. >> what was your reaction when seattle had the catch? >> that haunted me for a lot of years. >> got in post, and touch down! touch down! >> a lot of memories and stuff off the top of my head. certainly, you know, some of those playoff games there, you know, certainly the saints win is on my mind, but historic place in football. >> my first playoff win. you know, just how -- how we came out and, you know, how we finished. everybody thought, you know, the game was over. you know, brandon made big hit. played on stadium that a lot of
6:55 pm
great guys, a lot of hall of fame guys did things before it like jerry rices, joe montana, steve young. i'm happy i had the opportunity to play on the same field. sharks. collides with la captain on the strength of that hit. left the game last night in the first period, never returned. the 20-year-old check is going to be out a while and one report thinks he will miss a month in the injury. sharks host the stars tomorrow night. baseball's strange story with former ace closer. he agreed to two-year contract with the orioles and today baltimore the deal unstable reportedly citing concerns about physically. the 35-year-old says, hey, wait a minute. i'm a hundred percent healthy. stay tuned. it's the holiday season. it's a time for family. here's one from the hard court. let's take you to san. >> if you guys go in the backyard and play horse, who wins? >> me. >> we got to let the youngest
6:56 pm
win sometimes. >> it's an afternoon practice with a drake high school pirate. that means an afternoon with 6 foot 6 junior jesse hunt. assistant coach, dad, don hunt, is watching his every post move, so is brother liam. last season's league mvp currently playing collegiately. collectively, they are drake basketball royalty. >> when i first got here, it was -- i was pretty nervous about it, you know, going into my junior year and having to, you know, make that, you know, expecting a lot from me, but now it's more just pride than anything. >> here is don today. if you turn back the clock 31 years, he was a star player for drake. no. 55 on the mythical 34 and 0, 1982 state championship team. >> 30-year reunion and times pass. they look old.
6:57 pm
no, i'm tricking. they look great. >> st. john's basketball coach steve now at no. 21 on the team when everything went right. >> and the amount of people that come out to you off the street, i remember that 82 team. greatest thing that's ever happened. so it's a nice thing to have going for you. it is a treat. >> check this out. don went onto play collegiately then he went and played 17 years in australia, but then he had the two boys move back to marin county a couple of years ago so his boys could have the drake experience, and they've taken off and carried the torch. >> they're giving everybody a whole new experience. >> whenever they do something in the game, the crowd yells aussie! >> good deechlt >> good stuff. >> all right. thanks. >> see you at 11:00. >> good night. ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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tfrjts harbaugh uniform is catching on in florida. problem is footing in the nfc isn't as stable as his counter part. the 49ers are getting fat at the right time of year, and kaepernick's critics have long been blacked out. >> kaepernick really put on his cape. >> the falcons will try to tug on that cape next in candle stick's fair well. we say good-bye on 49er preview right now. >> now, from kpix 5, thts 49ers preview. the 49ers sail back from tampa with riches. colin kaepernick was in rare form against the buccaneers. a 52-yard touchdown, and vernon paid the price by plowing into the wall. san francisco beat tampa 3


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