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tv   CBS News Sunday Morning  CBS  December 22, 2013 6:00am-7:31am PST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning" three days to christmas. along with all the other gifts of the season we'll value the gift of music. for millions of americans the most treasured musical gifts are the heavenly sounds of a choir. they will sing for us this morning, lee cowan who visits their home in salt lake city.
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♪ >> comes to filling christmas with song, there is nothing quite like the mormon tabernacle choir. 360 voices as one. >> we try do what we do as well as we possibly can. and we work very hard at doing that. >> christmas at the mormon tabernacle choir, later on "sunday morning." >> osgood: there is always the turkey and figgy pudding for dinner and wines from a collection, now the joy this gives some wine levers to tempered by the knowledge that they have been the victim of a vintage crime. martha teichner will look in to that. >> for 421 bottle, is that will say i've spent $4.5 million.
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>> you couldn't make this up. >> fake label,. >> the bill none area has been bilked. >> another one. >> wines that may or may not have belonged to thomas jefferson. the just convicted of fraud whose rare french wine were faked in his california kitchen. the weird world of wine counterfeiting ahead this "sunday morning." >> osgood: jonah hill is a versatile actor whose performance reaches new heights. we will be talking about that and more with michelle miller. >> his film roles have taken him from funny sidekick to serious star. >> your goal should be to win. >> but it was working for the
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director of his latest film with jonah hill knew he hit the jackpot. >> so, martin scorsese is giving me direction, i'm acting for him. this is -- you show me a pay stub i'll quit my job right now. >> jonah hill. ahead on "sunday morning." >> osgood: 'tis the season for last minute christmas shopping time for tips from techno-claus. >> was the night before christmas and all through the town the people were knocking their christmas lists down. >> what most people want is latest in tech, but so many alternatives you'll be a wreck. salvations forth comet, hold the applause you'll soon get a visit from me, techno--claus. i'm coming up later on this very show.
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>> osgood: those stories and more here are the headlines of this "sunday morning" the 22nd of september, 2013. in parts of the country this morning the weather outside is frightful. record warm temperatures in the east, very cold air in the midwest created treacherous conditions. the storm system in the nation's mid section bringing heavy snow, icy rain, flooding and thunderstorms. and making holiday travel a mess. claire davis the 17-year-old colorado girl critically injured by classmate during a shooting rampage just over a week ago has died of her injuries. she was shot in arapahoe high school. some of the 270 people who parished in the bombing of pan am flight 10, gathered in lockerbie yesterday. another memorial service was held at arlington national cemetery. the bombing of the flight
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carrying number of college students heading home for the holidays named the deadliest terror attack in british history. lacerates fire in a garment factory that killed 1112 workers, police now charged the owners and managers of that sweat shop with homicide. convicted they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. first of at least two space walks by astronauts aboard the international space station went off without a hitch. they removed a bad valve. next space walk is delayed until tuesday. four men have been arrested charged with murder in connection with last weekend's carjacking death of a man outside a shopping mall in new jersey. dustin freedland was shot in the head then drove off in his range rover. target is taking 10% off purchases this weekend.
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discounting follows the company's acknowledgment that as many as 40 million customers might have had their credit cards compromised by identity thieves. back to the weather, it will be warm in the east this first full day of winter, stormy in the southwest. snowy in the midwest. this week, cool air returns, the sun we found in the southwest. ahead -- >> plugs in your tv and, boom, whole world of new programs to see. >> hi-tech noel. but first -- we went out and asked people a simple question:
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how old is the oldest person you've known?
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we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years.
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>> it's unlikely that you or i will encounter this problem before our holiday toast. distinguishing a truly fine wine from a fake can writer csi-like skills. the devious masters of a vintage crime. cover story reported by martha teichner. >> that's matis, this is a picasso. she's a nightclub singer. >> just barely describes the art. billionaire energy executive bob
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koch's home. you may have heard of his brothers, charles and david who bankrolled political causes. then you have these remingtons. >> bill is a man willing to spend a great deal of money on the best of everything. including wine. he is also a man who doesn't like getting cheated. what have we here? >> well, we have a selection of wine, 421 bottle, is that will say i've spent $4.5 million. it's a pretty big swindle. >> what we're talking about here is a world where a bilked billionaire. >> fake label. >> says he spent nearly twice as much on fake wine as the average college graduate will make in a lifetime. >> there's a nice little bottle. 1737, but look at the other side. 1737 chateau roth child.
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they didn't own lafette in 1737. >> there's still wine in it. >> yeah. >> do you have any idea what is actually in it? it doesn't take a teen just to figure out that it's the money that attracts counterfeiters to these wines. usually from france, burgundy or bordeaux. the older the better. the label is pretty good. >> it's a phony label. >> unless you have a good magnifying glass and know what you're seeing, it's easy to be fooled. >> this bottle purports to be a bottle of 1961 shalt toe roths crest child? >> cost $3,000. >> maureen downy is a san francisco wine consultant. and windy techtive. the problem with this bottle we look hat this cork where it says
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1-9, the 6 has been squished. it's all squished up. because it's been reinserted. the one used to be a four. this is not a 1961. somebody took a 1964 which would only be worth $00. >> what's so special about this particular fake? >> not bad at all. >> but it's not 61. >> it came from rudy, who has been described as the bernie madoff of the wine world. an indonesian citizen he came out of no where in the early 2000s, now infamous pair of auctions in 2006 he sold $35 million worth of the rare wines he supposedly had collected. the fbi arrested him march 2012. investigators found a regular fake factory in his home near
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los angeles. bottles, labels, capsules, glue, a recorking device. a star witness for the prosecution identified the source fake, is that he bought. wednesday, he was convicted of fraud and faces up to 40 years in prison. outlandish is all of this may be, the rudy case is only the latest controversy over the authenticity of wine. it so happens koch was involved in another one equally sensational. >> i used to bring people down here and drag, say see thomas jefferson's wine? when i found out it was fake now say come on down see my fake thomas jefferson bottles. >> can i see them? >> please.
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1787muton. >> thomas jefferson or not. >> here is hoot one, sweet little bottle which says 1787. >> koch owns four of them. they were part of couple of dozen or so sourced originally to a german, now reputed to be a master counterfeiter. he calls himself hardy rodenstock, not his real name. his collection seemed to be so impressive he made the cover of "wine spectator" magazine. >> even before the auction the amber bottle became become the most famous bottle of wine in the world. >> the sale of the first so-called thomas jefferson bottle in 1985 in london was such a big deal that it made the cbs evening news. >> was it really part of a 1790 order he split with his pal, george washington? >> at the time christie's said, there is an immense amount of
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circumstantial evidence supporting the ordering of this wine. and it's identification, but of course no proof. the bottle sold for more than $157,000. a record. p to christopher forbes acting on behalf of his well-known father, malcolm forbes of "forbes" magazine. >> this is 1784. >> in 1988 bill koch bought his own bottles although not from christie's. which never even seen these. >> i have four. >> you spent how much in total? >> somewhere a little less than $400,000. >> and there was no question in your mind that this was authentic. >> at that time. >> soon he began to have doubts. eventually he hired investigators, including an ex fbi agent, who informed him his
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thj bottles were counterfeit. those initials they told him made been an electric engraving tool. nonexistent in the 18th century. >> were you furious? >> absolutely very furious. i said, i'm going after, if it takes me to the end of the world i'm going after. >> how do you go about doing that? >> well, spending a lot of money. unfortunately. >> kokh said he spent $25 million on the eight wine related lawsuits he's filed against hardy rodenstock and others. >> i want to shine a bright light on this whole fraud to show how bad it is. >> we repeatedly attempted to contact rodenstock but received no reply. the prices paid at auction for
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collectible wine can seem staggering. >> sold, $13,000. >> but actually sales dropped 19% by nearly $100 million last year. industry observers say because counterfeiting, the rudy case particularly made buyers gun shy. >> this is our first year, holds about 1,000 barrels. >> making fine wine is rampant and growing. especially in china. one target, california's opus one, a wine that aspires to the status and price of the most counterfeited french wines. >> we have embedded in the top of the capsule very special ink. >> the c.e.o., david pearson, is fighting counterfeiters. >> you can see one color then another. >> with a tamper proof capsule that changes color and this.
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>> the 2008, we put behind the back label a flat chip. >> you scan it with your phone. >> the chip once it's scanned sends a message back to our computer server that the bottle was scanned. it also capable of geolocating the bottle anywhere in the world. >> that's right, like gps tracking. >> i think counterfeiters are very clever, technology will shift once we put something out they will adapt to that, we'll need to change our strategy and continue onward. >> it goes back to the old saying that the buyer beware. >> for bill koch with more than 40,000 bottles in the cellars of his various homes he stopped buying. >> i'm tired of the aggravation of being violated by these con artists and crooks. >> has it been worth it to go after these people?
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>> psychologically, maybe yes. attacking windmills, of sorts. but brings me great satisfaction. >> osgood: next, let there be lights. the energy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel compared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. [ male announcer ] even well-planned holidays can wind up at the corner of "stockings are stuffed" and "quick -- duck!" luckily, walgreens is always nearby,
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[ cheering and applause ] >> osgood: now a page from our sunday morning. december 22, 1882. 131 years ago today, a day when it did look a lot like christmas. thomas edison colleague named edward johnson turned on the world's first electric christmas tree lights captured in a photograph taken three days later. until then people had to lighting trees with real candles. practice hazard as well as -- safety was a selling pointed for the new lights from the beginning. for years they were relatively high cost. in 1923, president calvin coolidge when he lit the first national christmas tree decorated with 2500 electric lights. over the years, christmas lights
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have become ever cheaper and more abundant and not limited to single tree inside the home, as you drive down many streets you'll see. setting up elaborate christmas lights is easy tasks, the challenges in the 1989 spoofed in "christmas vacation" starring chevy chase. nowadays versatile l.e.d. lights are out shining the old bulbs of thomas ed sop's time and computer software is giving home owners power to stage ever more elaborate over the top light shows. >> fanatic a few years ago. >> he made no apologies when bill geist dropped by his house seven christmases ago. boasted more than 10,000 feet of extension cords. had people waiting in traffic jams up to 45 minutes getting a look at his work. >> hopefully creating memories
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about this. talk about it. >> christmas gift from edward johnson that keeps on giving. >> osgood: just ahead. >> you might wonder -- a visit from feck know-claus. glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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and irresistible aroma of nescafe clasico stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] that was bold. real bold. ♪ >> osgood: the season for techno-claus, jolly dispenser of electronic gift ideas who some people think bears a faint resemblance of our friend david pogue. >> flying a sleigh seems like fun, ho, ho, ho, 10,000 feet up, 20 below. never mind that, it is i, techno-claus, to get the tech
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light weight and flexible don't you agree? it uses less juice than its rivals, nice touch, it hooks to a laptop to show you how much. it's late, so that's probably enough. merry christmas to you and to all of your stuff. >> more coming in a week, i'll give you a call you come pick it up. >> osgood: coming up, michelle miller talks to actor jonah hill. later -- ♪ in defense of the tuba. ,,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> osgood: tuba player playing our song.
6:33 am
in fact proud tubists are tooting their own horns. here now with aerobiologies. >> ah the sweet sound of christmas. ♪ interrupted these days by herds of belching tubas. >> this may look like the work of a plumbing contract or, some say it sounds like a distressed whale. but tuba christmas concerts have rapidly spread to 278 cities and towns throughout the country and around the world. philip black, assistant professor of tuba at wichita state university, organizes that
6:34 am
city's tuba christmas. >> how much does that weigh? the chance for the often belittled tuba joined by a smaller tuba cousin touching. >> we have fought the stereotype of -- >> entering an open call, tubists arrive to the wichita tuba christmas concert. >> what do your friends say. >> they were shocked because i'm so petite. >> all i get to oompah. >> impressively the performance was held in a 4,000 seat theater, as part of the big wichita symphony family concert.
6:35 am
although the 39 tubas didn't exactly play in the concert itself. off to the side as folks arrived. somewhat smaller audience of friends and family showed their appreciation. the late harvey phillips impassed tub sixts found a tuba christmas in new york in 1974. to show the world that tubas are ready for center stage. >> who needs a button. >> harvey's heart would have been grad ened at the sight of 376 tubas, arriving for tuba christmas a few days ago at the kennedy center in washington. >> they needed somebody to play it, and i guess they figured i was the biggest person.
6:36 am
>> you should have the biggest instrument. >> yes. >> do you think the tubas gets enough respect? >> probably not. >> why not? >> well, i don't know, stereotypical tuba player is like the not smart kid in the band. >> why is that? >> it's generally because if you look like tuba part versus clarinet part, the clarinet part is a million times harder. >> always hear when the elephants are walking along in the circus. >> but all of them say there is something loveable about their unwieldy brass beast. how do you feel about your tuba? >> my tuba, i love my tuba, yes. it was washington's biggest and liveliest tuba turn out ever. ♪ [ cheering and applause ]
6:37 am
>> professor philip's tubas have come up in the world. >> are they group he's? >> there are people who say they come just to love hearing the tubas. >> one of the students, freshman taylor tracy at wichita state on a tuba scholarship represents the bright future of tubaism or tuba-ology, whatever. >> music for tuba has become more featured and prominent. i play the opener like i'll take a nap or grab coffee come back finish up the piece when they're done. >> now taylor shows sips that all of his hard work is starting to pay off.
6:38 am
[ applause ] >> osgood: next -- there you go. >> osgood: adding it all up. no. emergen-c has more vitamin c than 10 oranges plus other antioxidants and electrolytes to help you come down with a serious case of healthy. emergen-c. making healthy contagious. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line.
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it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. >> osgood: and now a look at christmas by the numbers. 92% of us plan to celebrate christmas this year according to new pew survey. with 86% saying attending a gathering of family or friends. 86 is also the percentage planning to buy gifts. while 79% will be putting up a christmas tree. national retail federation expects holiday sales to increase 3.9% this year over last for total of $602.1
6:41 am
billion. and christmas tree growers hope to beat the 24.5 million real trees purchased last year more than double to 10.9 artificial trees sold. and anyone who wants to give their true love the gifts from 12 days of christmas can expect to pay more than $27,000. that's only if you give each day's gifts just once. repeat the gifts cumulatively as the song seems to demand, total rises to well over $114,000. coming up an ago for with character. >> show me a pay tub of $72,000 i'll quit my ends sunday!
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>> i wanted to you see these player evaluations. >> i asked you to do three.
6:44 am
>> yeah. evaluate three players. >> yeah. >> how many did you do? >> 47. >> osgood: baseball "money ball" with brad pitt featured jonah hill playing a different sort of role than those in his earlier film. no small pleasure in exceeding the insider's expectations. michelle miller sat down for a few questions and answers. >> are you wearing underwear and a t-shirt? >> no. you know why, i told you about,000 times. >> as sidekick and star jonah hill has earned laughs for his comedic timing. >> saying like, so -- we can be that mistake. >> his serious chops. >> your goal should be to buy wins, you need to buy runs.
6:45 am
couple more coming in like a week. i'll give you a call you come pick it up. >> in his latest film "the wolf of wall street" a sidekick of a different sort. >> sweetheart, you have my money. technically you do work for me. >> a partner in crime in a story about a real life long island brokerage name defrauded stockholders of millions. >> it's a rise and fall film. you see repercussions for excess and treating people badly. >> hill is donny, the first employee of stock swindler jordan bellford played by l.e.d. leonardo dicaprio. >> you show me a pay stub for $72,000 i'll quit my job right now i work for you. >> he invasively goes up and demands that he's going to work with him. i think a lot of the movies
6:46 am
about that kind of persuasiveness, that kind of refusing to take no for an answer is really what these guys did they used that for evil instead of good. >> the wealthiest 1% of america. i love my country. i love jesus christ and making people rich. >> it's a character for the film's pledge endear director, martin scorsese. one of hill's idols. >> he's giving me direction, i would step outside of myself like, whoa, okay, martin scorsese is giving me direction right now, i'm acting for him, this is insane. >> for hill, it's the latest lucky turn in a life that began 30 years ago in california. growing up his father was an accountant for the roxanne -- rock band guns and roses. but he didn't take his work home for him. >> i wasn't going to guns and roses concerts when i was 4 and axel roses, i'm going to party
6:47 am
with my accountant tonight. he was a great, wonderful guy. my mom is more eccentric, more artsy that was really cool balance to have. >> what kind of kid were you? were you funny? >> yeah, i think i was funny. i think i was funny. you'd have to ask everyone out there. i tried to be. it's been interesting thing that's gotten me in to trouble and out of trouble. one time my friends and i were getting mugged in high school, there were these gang banger guys they were mugging us. i just started making jokes how uncomfortable being mugged in. he was like, you see it on tv but it's more uncomfortable more bizarre than you'd imagine it to be. the guys started laughing, they stepped back just left. >> the teen who charmed his mother had no qualms about moving to new york city to write and attend college.
6:48 am
here at the black and white bar in the east village, hill read his own work. >> when i performed it was the first time that people were like, you should keep doing this. >> an actor was born. but it was a more established actor, dustin hoffman, the father of a high school friend who gave him a break. >> dustin ended up being the person who got me my first audition, encouraged me to take it seriously, try to do it. >> that small role in "i heart hugabee" and the hit comedy "the 40-year-old virgin." >> i'm trying to get the shoes back to my house. >> to a friendship and collaboration with the film's director and writer. >> judd aptow created this amazing thing, find young people, young voices had some talent but didn't have a lot of formal training or education in making film. so it was like film school
6:49 am
basically. >> hill has appeared in string of movies produced by apatow, comedies know for raunch and heart including a starring turn in the coming of age classic "super bad." >> i would do terrible, dysfunction things, unforgivable things. it felt new and different and like you hadn't seen anything that explicit and that honest about these two kids' stories. >> look at you. >> come on, you didn't blow it. >> what the -- pack your bags, pete. >> could the actor who aced high school role graduate. hill says when he was cast opposite brad pitt in the baseball drama "money ball" he knew he faced some doubters in
6:50 am
the stadium. >> how are you? >> you slit and go, okay, everyone saying, you're not going to be good in this movie. or you don't deserve to be in this movie. here is what i did, why don't you just look at instead of having all those expectations before you walk in. >> under promise, over delivered. >> that's true. >> of the 20,000 notable players for us to consider, i believe that there's a championship team of 25 people that we can afford. because everyone else in baseball undervalues them. >> the film earned him an oscar nomination. he took his mom to the ceremony and he wanted to have fun with people's expectations. why he signed on to a movie adaptation of the '80s tv series "21 jump street."
6:51 am
>> what's up? >> i said, you know what, people are going to think this movie is the worst movie ever. if it's a decent movie i'm going to look really smart. >> it was more than a decent movie. 21 jump street was a hit. >> my hand. >> we caught up with him in puerto rico working on a sequel "22 jump street" like the last one, hill has roles on both sides of the camera. also writing and producing. >> it's a kind of on me a lot of ways if it fails. so you have to elevate and do your best work. >> jonah hill turned 0 on friday. he says his next move is to hit the pause button. the man with a lot of options is taking his time to consider them. >> i think what's interesting
6:52 am
about right now, it's the first time i've decided i don't have a next job. the unknown is really exciting to me at this point. >> not a worry in the air? >> not a worry? i worry about everything, constantly. i just meant i don't have a job. >> that's okay. >> and that's okay. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪
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♪ that's my holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> osgood: when one young california woman used the phrase "all i want for christmas" all the love from devoted parents, as steve mart man now tells us better late than never. >> at william jessup university near sacramento there's a junior who seems to have it all. jackie turner has straight as. good friends, and a big heart. >> you can do it. >> she works part time as tutor and eventually wants career helping troubled kids. her future is definitely bright.
6:55 am
but the clouds still roll in every december. >> this time of year is hard. everyone is talking about their cousins, their families, all the things that make up christmas. >> jackie says she doesn't have any of that. and never did. tell me some of your pleasant memories of childhood. >> okay. >> none? >> i remember being locked up. i remember beatings for stealing food. >> born to mother she never met and dad she wish she hadn't, jackie says she was abused, neglected and starved. she's been able to move on for 11 months out of the year. that 12th has always posed a problem. which is why this year she decided to take action. >> she said craigslist where
6:56 am
most people go to find a new apartment or used carjack auto went looking for a happier holiday. specifically her class said, i want to rent a mom and dad. >> maybe for a couple of hours just to be like the light of their life for that moment. >> you were going to pay? >> eight bucks. for college student. >> she got dozens of responses. about half were parents who wanted to help for free of course. about half from other young people who felt the same way she did. >> people are hurting and broken and like we need each other, we need to be loving people. that's what tonight is about. >> jackie held a meeting for all the people who contacted her. the purpose, to pair up the needy with the needed. to make sure no one in this room feels alone this holiday season. >> this matters. >> jackie made half a dozen matches that night including one
6:57 am
for herself. a woman from university student services named anita. jackie went in to this thinking she wanted to rent a family. now she's created them. december is looking brighter already. ♪ >> osgood: coming up -- music swells. [ male announcer ] let the rich robust flavor
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of nescafe clasico stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪
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♪ >> it's "sunday morning" on cbs, here again is charles osgood. >> osgood: a season for heavenly sound. few come as close to perfection of those of the mormon tabernacle choir.
7:00 am
lee cowan ushers us to a front row seat. >> every year they come by the tens of thousands. to the twinkling lights in salt lake city to hear the songs of angels or so the mormon tabernacle choir makes it seem. for 360 voices making that singular, unmistakable and recognizable sound. mormon tabernacle choir annual christmas concert in the church's 21,000 seat concert center seems more like a christmas extravaganza. this year when guest soprano debra boyd.
7:01 am
on stage backed up by 110-piece orchestra. ♪ off stage, make up, wardrobe, stage hand, all of it captured on 20tv cameras. >> ready two. >> remarkably almost none does this professionally. ♪ everyone involved with the mormon tabernacle choir is a volunteer. >> i feel very fulfilled in every way when i'm here. long rehearsals, sure, but it's great. every minute of it.
7:02 am
>> it's a big commitment. >> pretty big. not too big to not be worth it, it's very, very worth it. we get back so much more than we put in. >> baritone eric huntsman wasn't sure about the choir job at first. >> my mom likes laurence well can. i watched it at church, i thought it was for older people. it wasn't until i got in it, i watched the broadcast. >> long since found the universal appeal. >> this is not just about being the mormon taber knacker chill about being a choir that speaks to people, what they value, what they feel, love, loss, everything that it reaches. >> mormon tabernacle choir has been around for 166 years, and purchases regularly in original
7:03 am
home. where that grand old organ can still rattle the rafters. richard elliott is the principle organist for the choir. when you're sitting here in front of all these 00-some odd voices what street that like? >> it's really an overwhelming experience. you've got 375 people up there singing, it's a force to be reckoned with. >> but he holds his own. at this year's christmas concert his rendition of "god rest ye merry gentlemen" brought the crowd to its feet. [ cheering and applause ] ever since the mormon pioneers followed brigham young to utah in 1847 music has been a part of their tradition.
7:04 am
ronald is the choir president. >> it was either a stroke of luck or a divine providence that brigham young made sure that every wagon train that came west had musicians in that company. >> music and the spoken word program is televised every sunday. matt is the choir's 15th musical director. >> we prepare and perform about 350 to 400 pieces a year. >> that many? >> that many. >> how does the choir keep up? >> that is our biggest challenge. work with opera stars. pop stars like david hayward. ♪ our own sunday morning, promises
7:05 am
fulfilled. given the honor of reading the christmas story in 1996. >> the word has become fresh. choir even helped open the 2002 winter olympic games in salt lake city. members must be able to read music and pass intensive vocals and written tests. >> like singing in church where people say you put on a good program. >> and there's a mandatory retirement. 20 years with the choir or 60 years of age whichever comes first. this year is joanne's last christmas concert. >> it is difficult for some people to leave the choir because it is such an amazing experience. but it's been such a blessing in
7:06 am
my life that i am just grateful at this point. >> her smiling face has been a fan favorite, responsibility she said at times drew her to tears. >> i had someone write to me last week say that when she watches the choir and sees us sing she's able to get through the next week, whatever it brings. that's amazing. >> choir often performs to console and soothe. ♪ after september 11, previously planned concert changed to become a performance instead. ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home ♪ >> i'll never forget singing
7:07 am
"god bless america" one of the final pieces of the evening, it took on a new and significant meaning that evening. ♪ >> that's really -- our music for everyone. >> is that a conscious choice not to proselytize can we share beautiful music. ♪ the. >> the mormon tabernacle choir has strived for and found a singular purpose. to make a truly joyful noise indeed. ♪
7:08 am
[ cheering and applause ] >> osgood: ahead -- the more healthy items. >> osgood: how to feed an army. . but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. so jim's not tied to that monitoring routine. [ gps ] proceed to the designated route. not today. [ male announcer ] for patients currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information
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no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit >> osgood: some 40,000 americans in the military will be having christmas dinner in afghanistan this wednesday. but wherever our fighting forces may be, feeding an army can pose quite a challenge. here is david martin. >> one, two -- at fort braggg home of the 82nd airborne, could end with a night jump. in between soldiers back in the calories needed to fuel all that activity. words like choi and mess hall don't do justice to the way soldiers eat these days. >> it has changed tremendously. >> sergeant major samuel joined the army when it was a mess
7:11 am
hall. now it's a dining facility. today is soul food day. >> they take pride baking the macaroni, you can feel the love when you bite in to the food. >> but a lot of it is fried, the macaroni comes with extra cheese. sergeant major scott duggins shows us how it's color coded. >> easier for soldiers to figure out what are the healthiest choices. >> starts green with corn and collard greens, goes red with fried chicken and ribs. >> people are drawn to these foods here. >> absolutely. >> they taste better. >> they do taste good. which is why we have front loaded the line with the more healthy items, research shows us that whatever i'm offered first i'm going to take the most of. >> most soldiers went to the red. their plates piled high with everything a healthy eater should be avoiding. >> next time they do soul food
7:12 am
items. won't be these exact same items. >> the army called in the cia, that would be cia as in culinary institute of america. >> roasted cauliflower soup and toasted almonds. >> which julia child once called the harvard of cooking school. >> we specialize in bringing really top quality food and presentation in to a volume setting. >> master chef brad laurence come to fort bragg to renovate the menu. >> one of the things that i think is a real opportunity to do better in the military system is increase amount of fresh vegetables to increase the amount of grains, fruits, nuts that are offered. >> the there is covert side to this operation. because we're going to sneak something really good in here and nobody will ever know. >> he's making a chutney with
7:13 am
apples, pineapple juice, spices and one secret ingredient. >> we are going to put in quinoa. something he has never heard of. >> what is this stuff? >> quinoa. >> what is quinoa? >> that's it right there? pancakes? >> you've heard of a bull in a china shop. how about a pair trooper in a kitchen. >> that's buckwheat. >> what are you doing with it? >> buckwheat orange salad. >> wow. the cia chef in charge of overall, pancakes and sausages are still on the menu. >> going to use turkey sausage, season it with cumin and cayenne and hot peppers to give it a kick. >> are you going to tell them
7:14 am
that it's turkey sausage. >> if they ask. >> this is the army. just order them to eat spinach? >> wouldn't that be nice. >> how are you gentlemen doing? >> anderson knows if he shuts down the line his soldiers will simply head for one of the fast food joints on the base. >> soldier refuses to eat it, the goal to show them the benefits of eating healthier lifestyle what the benefits of doing that are. >> the army staying fit is part of the lifestyle and part of the job. there are only about 13,000 overweight soldiers, tiny percentage of the total 535,000 on active duty. >> it's not obesity problem per se, it's how food is a better compliment to your routine what the nutrients will do to provide you the capability to rucksack longer to, jump out of airplane hit the ground, not fall apart. >> it's all just talk until the
7:15 am
soldiers pass judgment on the menu. one thing you won't find at burger king is shared eggs over spinach and turkey sausage. >> i would give it a six. >> survey taken later that day found nearly two-thirds of the soldiers chose healthy items. we're not sure how to count private james jackson who topped his whole wheat french toast with chocolate. what about specialist ryan's custom made army mcmuffin, he says it's healthy. because those are egg whites on top of the pork sausage and hash browns. >> osgood: still to come -- at the midnight mass you better be in your pew by 11:00. >> after midnight. ♪
7:16 am
[ male announcer ] this christmas, give 'em a lowe's gift card, so they can get more of what they want. ♪ so you think santa will like these... red and green m&m's? i don't know! i never met the guy! whaaaaa! he does exist! they do exist! uhm... santa? and irresistible aroma of nescafe clasico stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] that was bold. real bold. ♪
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>> osgood: here is a look at the week ahead on sunday morning calendar. monday is the deadline in most states for picking affordable care act insurance plan with coverage beginning january 1. tuesday, north american aerospace demand begins tracking santa's flight from the north pole. norad tradition since 1955. wednesday of course is christmas. thursday is st. steven's day known as boxing day in britain and the commonwealth day for
7:18 am
handing out boxes of gifts to servants and the poor. friday 7th annual celebrity neighbor survey reveals which celebrities would or would not want living next door. miranda lambert and blake shelton were last year's most desirable neighbors. the folks on "here comes honey boo-boo" was released. according to that pew survey we mentioned awhile back, 54% of us plan to attend chris has church service. bill flanagan asks those church goers, do unto others as they would have others do unto them. >> christmas two times a year where you have to get to church early to get a seat. at the midnight mass in my hometown you better be in your pew by 11:00 or sent to the overflow eucharist in the
7:19 am
basement to welcome the messiah in a metal folding chair while the faithful upstairs enjoy a full choir and pipe organ. now i know the holy family spent the first christmas in a manger, they would have loved -- but i'm always impressed how folks who miss church all year adopt the devotional intensity of the third crusade when it comes to getting a prime spot at christmas. the spirit of the season goes right out the stained glass window. there's got to be a special room in persian gulf for refor the lady who spreads her fur coat across a whole bench and says, she's saving it for her husband who is outside parking the car. as time ticks by you wouldn't ask her, where is he parking that car, new hampshire? then, i'd have to go to confession again. last year my family was wedged between two true believers with short tempers and sharp elbows. about five minutes before midnight an old and infirm lady
7:20 am
hobbled up to our row and asked the fellow on the end if she could come in. and he said, there was no room at the inn. my daughter told the man that she would leave to make space. he made a face like a martyr as my daughter climbed out then inched over just enough to let the poor old woman squeeze sideways in to a tiny space beside him. my daughter then asked the family in the pew in front of us if they would mind letting her in to an open spot in the middle of their row. the father let her in but the mother would not budge. so my daughter ended up lodged between them while they both looked as resentful as if she had asked to spend the winter in already attic. jesus says if a man strikes you, offer him your other cheek. if he demands your coat give him your tunic, too. i wish he said something about sharing your pew. the church is there are for sinners, saint don't need it. but we must ask what does it take a man to get a good seat
7:21 am
and lose his soul. have a wonderful christmas. >> osgood: thoughts of bill flanagan. now bob schieffer in washington with look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning. >> schieffer: good morning, charles. well, mike morell life long c.e.o. official who was part of that five-person panel the president appointed to ask for recommendations on whether the national security agency should be reigned in will be our guest this morning. the fact that he said, yes, they should, really made some news. he'll talk about that with us on "face the nation." >> osgood: thank you, we'll be watching. next week here on "sunday morning." kward." remember, walgreens has
7:22 am
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swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. >> osgood: it's unseasonably warm here in new york city, more like easter than christmas. you hear a christmas song by mel torme was written on blistery hot summer day to stay cool by thinking cool. here is what they came up with. ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ yule tide carols being sung by a
7:24 am
choir ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos. ♪ everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe ♪ help to make the season bright ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow ♪ you'll find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ they know that santa's on his way ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ and every mother's child is going to spy ♪ to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase ♪ to kids from one to 92 ♪ although it's been said many
7:25 am
times, many ways ♪ merry christmas to you ♪ [ male announcer ] let the rich robust flavor of nescafe clasico stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪
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and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. not far from buffalo.
7:28 am
i'm charles osgood. we wish you and yours a merry christmas and hope you'll join us again next sunday morning. until then i'll see you on the radio. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations ,,,,
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i'm phil matier. i'm brian webb in for mark. , politics... good morning it is 7:30 a.m. sunday december 22. > candlestick park, the last scheduled game is tomorrow which puts the spotlight on sports arenas in the bay area. we're going to talk about the risk to taxpayers and what the city gets out of these deals. >> we have the alameda county board of supervisors coming in. >> there have been some violent incidents targeting tech workers in the


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