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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  December 22, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PST

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i'm phil matier. i'm brian webb in for mark. , politics... good morning it is 7:30 a.m. sunday december 22. > candlestick park, the last scheduled game is tomorrow which puts the spotlight on sports arenas in the bay area. we're going to talk about the risk to taxpayers and what the city gets out of these deals. >> we have the alameda county board of supervisors coming in. >> there have been some violent incidents targeting tech workers in the bay area.
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we will take a closer look at the google buses and the tech backlash with a political consultant who says it's not just tack and not the first time. we will talk about jerry brown and is he going to give the white house another run. we were talking earlier, do the democrats need a plan b other than hillary? >> while hear from our political insiders. let's look at our weather this morning. it will be another nice day in the bay area if you're traveling or shopping. here's a live look at the bay bridge patchy fog, temperatures chilly, 39 in redwood city, 34 in napa, and 37 in the livermore valley. we can expect a mostly clear á with a patchy fog burning off. we'll see sunshine today and
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mild temperatures, and dry weather through christmas day. more fallout from the card hacking that hit target, j.p. morgan chase is limiting use of debit cards for customers. chase atm debit withdraws for potential victims of the breach are temporarily limited to $100 a day, purchases are limited to $300 per day. and customers whose cards are at risks won't be able to access cards if they are traveling internationally. affected cards are being reissued. religious leaders for the east bay are getting nationwide attention. they will hold a news conference regarding the condition of 13-year-old johanna math following complications from a tonsillectomy. the hospital declared her brain- dead on december 12. the family once an evaluation
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from an independent neurologist . dominic the hospital recorded saying that as a medical professionals it is our responsibility to ensure that we did not create hope where there is none when one's brain ceases to function it never restarts. today's news conference takes place at the hospital at 3:00 p.m. extra security will be on hand at candlestick for the swansong tomorrow night. the last time fans will file into the fiftysomething-year-old stadium to cheer on the 49ers and they will take on the atlanta falcons. the police chief says expect 50% more officers patrolling candlestick park tomorrow. anyone feeling overly nostalgic and wanting to steal a piece of the stadium will be promptly arrested. those are your top stories back to an nfl.
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bart commuters get a little bit of a break. union members and the director has cut a deal in that contract negotiation. >> we don't have to worry about a strike, at least for the next few years. the family medical leave issue in the ongoing dispute has been resolved. you may remember bart and its two largest unions have a tentative deal in october, after months of negotiations and two strikes. >> bark management said that a provision granting six weeks of paid leave should not have been in the document and it was a mistake. bart gordon refused to approve which reignited the negotiation. >> let's take a look at the new agreement the changes that bereavement leave. workers we'll get paid time off to grieve the death of a grandparent or grandchild. also upgrades employees break
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rooms and allows employees new flexibility in how they pay for family medical leave. >> we have a tentative agreement we will take to our members for a vote on the issues discussed. >> you think that will be okay. >> we never mention the word strike, that came from the district. it's an option we have we've always tried to get a resolution. >> speaking of strikes, that was another big picture item coming out of the bart. >> the new bart board president proposed a resolution, a referendum in the three county bay area is to say, what about the idea of banning strikes on bart? interesting timing because it also came on the heels of a field poll that shows 47% of californians still support the right to strike, the bay area
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majority says no. >> that's because we were all affected by the strikes. the proposition that people might be voting on whether or not bart can strike can strike i think it united the negotiation process and possibly end up landing the deal . we now have eight more clear picture as to when the nsa started tapping internet and phone records. documents declassified by the white house show the program started shortly after the september 11 attack. at the time president bush authorized visit was to track down terrorists. this week a federal judge said it's likely unconstitutional. >> it's the first ruling since edwards noted weak details of the controversial program. >> the government doesn't need to listen to your phone conversation to violate your privacy. the eff has made the argument
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for years, and now a federal judge agrees. >> if it's collecting all other information around the phone call, who calls you, who calls you, when you call them, for how long, and from where the government can paint a detailed picture about your life that even your closest friends and family don't know. >> the judge says the nsa must stop collecting the phone records of the two men that challenge the enforcement program. the reporter who broke the edward snowden story says the court decision vindicates the whistleblower. >> i think it's the right and duty of an american situation american. and inform their fellow citizens about what it is the government is doing. >> eff and aclu lawyers are also challenging the nsa program and studying the judges 16 page ruling. >> it is a great harbinger for things to come. >> the obama administration defends the surveillance program as a critical tool on
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the war on terror. the judge notes of the government never gave evidence that that. ex- spokesperson said the nsa program is constitutional, as previous judges have found. >> the fight is likely to go on. dianne feinstein said she had questions about the ruling as well but also had questions as well as other lawmakers about the current administration's transparency about what they're up to. that's continuing to be a debate. it's also interesting to note that there are a lot of questions about tech and the law, old laws passed in the 70s do they apply. storms across the country picking up steam ahead of the holiday. we will take a look across the country. the tweet everyone is talking about the cost of big- time pr exec her job.
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coming up on face the nation, is the nsa surveillance program dead.? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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year-old claire davis this morning. the colorado teen was shot point-blank- range at arapae high school december 13. somber sunday in suburban denver, friends and family remembering 17 euroclear davis. the colorado teen was shot at point-blank range at arapahoe high school on december 13. she died yesterday afternoon. authorities say she was a random target shot by classmate karl pierson before he killed himself. the davis family says they remember claire's great laughter and life. be careful what you tweet. a pr executive apologized for racist tweet that got her fired. she was head of corporate communications for iac. she sent a twitter message in london before she left for africa. only about 500 people receive
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the original tweet, then it went viral around the world. in iac spokesperson said they have parted ways with sack out. she apologized this morning reading in part, i am and shamed. protesters continued to tech workers in the bay area. >> that was friday,demonstrators demonstrators surrounded in apple by scaring employees through the mission district. at another site protesters knocked out a window of a google buzz in west oakland. they're angry about the perceived arrogance of the tech industry and skyrocketing rent. is it reasonable or effective for people to target tech workers. what's the recent history between the tech industry and politicians. we're joined by political consultant eric j. you've been at the forefront of these boom busts as far as politics goes from, to this. what is it with the tech
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industry and politicians? >> its money, its power, its access. the tech industry has all of those things. the tech industry is now becoming a leading industry in san francisco and the region. politicians need to deal with the tech industry and they need their money. they also become a tech target. but said that chevron's of the 70s or the dot-coms that can later they are the symbols of the 1%. >> we should remember that every politician a most activists wanted to attract high wage tech employment. it's not like this wasn't something that was very popular when the economy was down. the economy is up so we are essentially having to deal with consequence of success and the consequence of hyper success. people are being displaced and rent is going up. so it's not like it's not a
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real problem. we should remember this is a problem we created. >> it was a problem we wanted when the recession hit. >> we wanted the benefit. >> usually in these cases when we have a target like this it is the engine in which a train of other issues get hitched on to. it is the locomotive that drives a political agenda. it's the most visible, from your time in the bay area what are some of the issues being hooked onto this by the activists. >> politicians are in the business of finding issues that voters respond to. you see politicians and former politicians and politicians looking for come back like our agnes who starting to talk about displacement from tec. these are folks who are looking for an issue and they found one or it found them. it is an issue. we saw the electoral consequences of this last november in san francisco when
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of condominium project that would've housed people and would've prevented some people from being displaced was voted down. >> because of the idea of luxury condos on the waterfront and the tech divide. do you think this could affect something like the waterfront arena. >> sure it could. i think it's very important for the project sponsors they are to understand the current that they are now operating in. it's not just tech by the way. remember in san francisco its growth, the consequence of growth. san francisco's like the city the way it is now and they don't necessarily want to change it that much or that fast. so any time it starts to change a little bit too fast you see a backlash. this is in the first time we've seen it. >> it's going to be very interesting because now it's rippling out to the entire bay area during thank you for joining us this morning eric, last time we have this discussion it was and
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what happened there. >> it went bust. >> back to you guys. they are picking up the pieces and parts of the southern u.s. this morning after a deadly winter tornado, several killed two people. one man died when his mobile home overturned in mississippi. fierce wind whipped grooves off of barnes, tens of thousands are still without electricity. in arkansas five were hurt by tornadoes there, two dozen homes were damaged. live look outside san francisco it is a nice mourning a little patchy fog but nothing that should impede your travel or shopping plans. temperatures are pretty cool, 30s and upper areas in 40s. we will get in the 60s all around the bay area so a mild day and we will see a lot of sunshine like we saw yesterday and it will be dij@ vu again for the next seven days.
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mainly clear skies, sonny and tomorrow of course the last game at candlestick park kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. and should be a night for football but with 57 degrees. there's a slim chance there could be a playoff game but you know ... tomorrow is the day we say farewell, so long to candlestick park. >> on the day it opened you may remember richard nixon called it the finest ballpark in america. >> before the last 49ers regular-season game can invest either got one last look behind the scenes let's take a look. >> if you're trying to wrap your head around the 49ers without candlestick park, imagine if you worked here every day for the past 34
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years. >> i come in here and get things cleaned up it's part of my life that's going to be missed. >> bob colombo has been candlestick's locker room manager since joe montana was a rookie. back then training rooms were coupled padded tables and were handles were held together with the same tape used on the half leads. >> this was state-of-the-art when it was built. >> and avenue 52, candlestick is showing its age. wash those rusty seats and you get a small waterfall beneath them. but as the world saw in 1982 and nine this place was built like a fortress. >> this is all concrete, you couldn't build a place like this now. >> in case you've forgotten it was an bill for football. >> it was built for baseball, let's be honest.
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>> of course the 49ers new digs will boast modern amenities and luxuries, so what does candlestick have that the new stadium will not? >> i would imagine something that won't have it, it's quaint to take time and that would be character. >> a member of memories and has a certain character. >> memories and character that will live on, just like the catch. we are counting it down, you can watch it here on kpix tomorrow night followed by the fifth quarter and bye-bye baby that's our special look back at
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the stake. tardiff said no to selling her album now beyonci is giving back and making holiday memories in the process. we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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she's just a regular ole shopper getting her last -mart in . your first start beyonci show her christmas spirit in walmart, not target. she was getting her last-minute gifts in the walmart in
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massachusetts, until she announced all 750 shoppers in the store got a 50-dollar gift card. perhaps she decided to take her business to walmart after target and amazon boycotted her new album. the rumor mill is turning about a possible presidential run by governor brown. >> brown ran in 76 and tried to unseat carter in 80. >> the question is is he going to be running again against a. we wanted to know if it was a good or bad idea what's the possible impact on hillary clinton's run? >> when you deal with jerry brown you see him at a reception or cocktail party, watch out for what questions he ask you. we ask you the questions he's delivering a message of what he's reflecting on. some months ago when i first uttered words
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about jerry's possible running, he said to me, what do you think? and we joked about it, he wasn't joking. he was literally sending out an item. and i used as an item. >> i talk to someone the other day who was in the room with one of these conversations. he's having a series of these conversations around the state. as what did you say to him? and you said you know i couldn't tell if he was joking or not. >> it's a terrible idea. >> know it is not. >> first of all as a californian voters should be concerned about this. do you want your governor halfway through his term spinning around the country and going to iowa every other week. >> he is at the stage where all of the electronic communication systems will be mastered by jerry brown candidacy and you
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will have what will be a virtual candidate. i think it's unconventional to think that you ought to be campaigning like it's that 1934 little red schoolhouse. >> i think it's good because he's talking about it, i don't know if maybe he's the backup plan d but there are the people out there who would be much more viable, much more relevant candidates. we know jewelry grounds, most of the country doesn't. jerry brown is different. >> the public would like to see hillary challenge, because to get hillary challenged it will cause her to be efficient and effective enough to beat christie in the final. >> i get the spring training thing, she can get that from someone else. he would be her worst nightmare because jerry brown comes out you throwing knuckle balls. she wants fastballs to hit in spring training. where to seek him out her from
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from the right? is he gonna be libertarian, conservative, he's gonna do how to left, paddle right in that will be confusing to her. i think that will damage her. >> i disagree, i think hillary clinton needs to be constantly challenged so she cries when necessary. and jerry could create that opportunity and it will make her a much better candidate. >> he's in his 80s. >> now he's in his 70s. >> as brian and i were talking there are two things at play. one the fear among some democrats are for whatever reason hillary doesn't run, who do they have? and the second is the media were looking for a race. >> do they really back a guy like this who's lost just for plan b. >> i think there are other candidates out there. >> it will be interesting.
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joe biden, john kerry, andrew cuomo. but jerry brown after turning california around is becoming another item that washington is looking for. >> we will be right ,, back
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♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. welcome back to k-p-i-x 5 ts morning. the time is _ _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati.
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i'm anne makovec. a lot to k about in chat about stori . welcome back to kpix this morning the time is 7:59 a.m. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour including bart. you may have heard they finally did strike a deal. there's also talk about a no strike clause in the future. so we don't have the threat of a strike threatening the local economy and the entire transportation system. this may be becoming before voters. >> it's a bone of contention is with the unions as well. we have the final day at candlestick, the 49ers are moving onto their new stadium in santa clara and other teams are talking about moving. will the raiders stay in oakland? what's the big business behind these deals. we will sit down with nate miley alameda county supervisor and member of the stadium authority to talk about what's
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going on behind the scenes. brian boitano came out as gay and kind of thumbing his nose at the russian government. he's been appointed to be in the russian olympic delegation we will look closer at that. j.p. morgan chase is limiting the use of debit cards for people who shopped at target during the security breach. chase customers who shopped at target between november 27 and december 15 now have debit card daily limits of $300 for purchases, $100 for cash withdrawal's. some shoppers decided to forgo the cards altogether and use cash. >> i used cash today specifically because i heard about this and i needed to buy something so i didn't want to risk using my card.
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>> target says computer hacking thieves stole payment card data from as many as 40 million target shoppers. the ceo says there's no indication pin numbers have been compromised but is urging shoppers to watch charges closely. tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for health care coverage by the new year. there are last-minute changes from the white house. president obama says some people whose policies were canceled can qualify for a hardship exemption. if you don't buy the coverage, they won't pay a fine, or they can get bare-bones catastrophic policy. people can also qualify for the exemption if coverage is too expensive for them. developing across the country, deadly storms are taking their toll across mississippi and arkansas. tornadoes killed two people yesterday. one man died when his mobile home are overturned in
8:03 am
mississippi. fierce winds whipped rooms off of barns. tens of thousands of people are without electricity this morning. in arkansas five people were hurt in tornadoes and two dozen homes we're damaged. a winter wonderland across much of the yeast coats it is treacherous for travel. a large storm is moving east, chicago is getting a thick coat of ice, snow, and freezing rain. governor andrew cuomo in new york declared an ice storm emergency. the city of san francisco in the back, alameda in the front. a little bit of fog out there but overall a mild morning. temperatures are in the 40s, upper 30s and we are going to be warming up throughout the day. it will turn out pretty similar to what we saw yesterday with mostly clear sky. continued mild temperatures through the next several days,
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drive-through christmas and beyond. a look at your seven day forecast coming up. those troublesome broken bolts on the eastern span of the new bay bridge have been fixed. caltrans said it wrapped up work wednesday and all the steel saddle is now in place, it had to take care of 32 bolts on the east end of the bridge. the projected cost of the fix is about $25 million. it still needs to finish some touchups and a static work like paint. caltrans is testing other bolts as well on the bridge to make sure there are no problems on the bridge. it isn't that our collective memory is so sure. driving across the bay bridge seems like old hat. it's easy to forget how far we've come in the last few months. >> i don't think we're gonna forget all that quick after all the bridge final cost was $6.4 billion making it in the
8:05 am
guinness book of world records as the most expensive span in the world. and some in sacramento have questions about those costs and the overruns and will be going into them in the coming months to find out what went wrong and how to prevent similar problems. >> it was that people were wondering a few months ago if we were safe to drive across with a broken bolts. >> we would've been would have been driving on until possibly new year's. the last bart strike there've been talked about creating a low law that would stop bart members from striking . >> in exchange for giving up the right to strike, they would be given the authority to go to a fact-finding and some sort of binding arbitration. >> you dropped that bomb on the same day as his nomination.
8:06 am
>> the same day talks were going on in the final stretch of the union contracts. a strike isn't the worst thing that unions could do to riders, but when it is on the table so we asked them if they think the unions have learned a lesson from the last two strikes. >> i don't know if they've learned a lesson. i think that there is still a lot of anger out there against unions and their benefits and against the inconvenience that that bart strike cost. you still hear people talking about it every time there's a bart delay the resentment goes. >> keep in mind you're dealing with an organization of union employees that have not changed from a technical standpoint for years and years, they have been successful in confronting thepublic and employer, and they've been successful. >> this strike ban they're talking about is going to be an
8:07 am
advisory measure, that won't go anywhere in sacramento. it will be buried. >> maybe, maybe not. you don't know what happens when things really become complicated. and you talk to unions privately they say will will take binding our tradition because we don't want to have, that something we can deal with. because that may be the moderate point. >> that's probably the way it ultimately should have been to begin with, because san francisco for example has binding arbitration in at least three categories and it works extremely well. it works well for the politicians invariably still or favorably disposed to do something on behalf of people who ring doorbells. >> because the cash coming in from the unions because there's a ton of money. >> don't attack politicians just on the basis that they receive cash benefit. >> there's milk and politics.
8:08 am
but they are providing resources as you would say and the resources to politician and. >> and a lot of personnel. >> bear the persons doing the doorknocking, they're the people campaigning for people providing support for the super majority of democrats in the legislature. >> and you understand that the public doesn't really participate on in an ongoing basis in the political process, only organized groups. whether they be union members or tea party. >> the public should not be fooled that a ban on strikes does not mean a ban on work stoppages. there can be work stoppages, as a matter of fact work stoppages are sometimes more devastating. >> believe me, the politicians take the criticism for disruptive service that doesn't have the union protecting them
8:09 am
by way of strike. >> it's interesting to note that a recent field poll statewide show 47% of californians still support a strike, but in the bay area a majority said no. it's an interesting change here in the bay area. how a bay area olympic skater is giving a bigger message on diversity. this is what happens when christmas shopping goes wrong ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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find your perfect match at and thrive. take a look at a fight at ae store in stockton... appare over the newest . 8:12 a.m. a mild morning around the bay area. we have a little bit of patchy fog that will be burning off and we will be filled with sunshine for the rest of the weekend. tomorrow is the final game, san francisco taking on the atlanta falcons at candlestick park, 57 degrees it will be a nice night for football. what people will do for a
8:13 am
pair of shoes. look at this fight at a shoe store in stockton over the newest version of air jordan. by the time police arrived the suspect and the victims were long gone. officers can't confirm the details of this video. the title of it is what people do for jordan, and those people getting into a huge fight. >> that's ridiculous. a thief ran out of a southern california jewelry store with an 85000-dollar bracelet. it happened at a mall in glendale on thursday. the thief asked for a closer look at the diamond rolex bracelet when the clerk opened the case and showed at the man grabbed it and ran off. customers are now required to show id before they view expensive items. all eyes are going to be on candlestick park tomorrow as the final 49ers game takes
8:14 am
place. join me as nate miley alameda county board of supervisors and on that coliseum authority in the east bay to talk about sports and the future of stadium locations. you are at ground zero for all of this but let's talk about the raiders going to santa clara with the 49ers have you heard anything new on that? >> we're still working to keep the raiders in oakland. >> when we hear the words were working with the raiders to keep them in oakland or the a's to keep them in oakland or the warriors it seems like were talking about a lot more than sports teams. these are multimillion dollar development deals, what's going on. >> these are development deals in no millions of dollars the stadium, the hotels, the rest restaurant we do this because the taxpayers are not interested in putting in public resources to finance these billion-dollar deals. >> in part because of the
8:15 am
troubles we had with the raiders and the a's in the east bay where we are still paying for that one. >> we still have about a hundred million dollars on that. >> what are the sports owners interested in? it's that the stadiums or the development deals? >> i think they're interested in winning and making money. currently we have the warriors talking about moving over to san francisco for a waterfront arena and they want that by 2017. but it's a long process to get that done. are you in talks to get them in oakland. >> yes we're trying to keep the welcome mat out for the warriors because you don't know if things will play out. we will start meeting with them shortly because we don't anticipate they will be in that arena by 2017. i think it will be after 2020
8:16 am
so were working not with them on an extension. >> you still don't want them to go. >> we want to retain all of our sports teams. >> as someone in the east bay who seeing movement on two of your teams and a third one talking about leaving what are you going to be trying to block. >> i approach it differently than other officials. i'm trying to develop a relationship with the other owners. it's there to make and take them where they want. i've see where we've tried to block and stop and fight and have had no success. i would rather work with them then fight with them. >> those incentives sometimes backfire. the raiders would like a new stadium, but the owners don't have the money for, so what do we do with that situation. >> we're still looking to see how we can close a 300 million- dollar gap and not put in a lot of public resources. the county and county and city could look at land and infrastructure and maybe look at having the debt being taken
8:17 am
care of. we don't want to put in any hard cash. how do we come up with the additional money? >> i love that hard cash, that we have the economic projections show humming billions of dollars it's going to bring. i have to ask you about the a's, lew wolff and the fissures we're trying so hard to moving to san jose. that hasn't panned out in part because the giants don't want them there. then there was talking about putting them in a waterfront stadium and now i understand they're back talking about building a ballpark at the same site he is now. >> yes lou wolf one of the lease extension, working on a longer-term lease extension and he said he's interested in the current site in terms of a new stadium. >> that's amazing. this whole stadium thing is starting to look like the old three card monty shell game. >> yes it's definitely complex
8:18 am
for the public entities, the city, and the counties trying to deal with three professional sports teams at the same location and recognizing we have to protect the public resources and try to secure all three teams with three separate facilities they feel are state- of-the-art. >> let's not forget san francisco, santa clara never one else's in the mix as we'll nate miley alameda county board of supervisors, i have a feeling we will be talking to him a lot. let's take a look at whether right now. cool in the inland area and up to the north santa rosa 35, napa 37 and failed failed at 32. the peninsula and south it's warmer. if you liked yesterday they will be the same period will be above average temperatures all around the bay area. pacifica 60, redwood city 64
8:19 am
and oakland is 65. here's a look at the forecast it will be dry. >> it's pretty easy forecast. a famous bay area figure skater told everyone this week he is gay. it's a big deal because of where he's going. >> brian boitano going to the olympics in sochi, russia and is bringing the spotlight to anti-gay laws in russia. >> kids can't get enough that i of ice-skating embarked down low but the sport is taking on a bigger meeting in the discussion on discrimination. >> and don't necessarily see the olympics and so much as a form for social statements. >> janet apologized that will lead an openly gay delegation including tennis great billie jean king, ice hockey medalists kaitlin medalist caitlin k hal
8:20 am
and now gold medal figure skater brian boitano who lives in the bay area. it's seen as a way to denounce russia's anti-gay laws. >> one of the things i'm looking forward to is maybe some gay and lesbian athletes bringing home a gold, or silver bronze which i think would go a long way in rejecting the kind of attitudes that we see. >> boitano has always kept his private life private. he's in italy but sent out a statement that includes the announcement that he is gay. first and foremost i am an american athlete and am proud to live in a country that will encourages diversity, openness, and tolerance. as an athlete i hope we can remain focused on the olympic achievement that celebrates the achievements in sports. >> russian law has raised questions about what can happen to athletes who wear badges and wave flags supporting gayrights.
8:21 am
russian president promises those folks will not seek charges. >> in 1980 was about russia's invasion of afghanistan that set off a boycott. this isn't a boycott it's more of a protest going into this. >> one person i interviewed said, i don't think we should have politics and social issues be part of sports. esb what i thought. a mashup is kind of sailed. >> exactly whether it's this, or south africa years ago it's an issue it's going to be out there. >> it's an opportunity to make things an issue and have the worldwide attention. >> when you get the worlds attention someone's going to make a statement, and without will be back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:22 am
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he couldn't have known thate idea would become the foundn of a life-changing program for young people -- 400 years l. back. when shakespeare wrote, all the world is a stage she couldn't have known the idea would become a foundation of a life-changing program for young
8:24 am
people 400 years later. >> it's called the all stars project. >> as kay carey reports the jefferson award goes to the woman who put into action. >> when doctor l louise joseph is attending to her patients at a community health clinic in richmond you would probably find her at the office of the all all-stars project of the san francisco bay area. >> people are shocked when they hear that the poverty weight. rate in san francisco's 22%. >> it's why after completing med school and a masters in public health she wanted to bring the new york-based all- stars project to the bay area. >> when i was growing up poor in louisiana we felt isolated. what the all-star does is support young people to take risk and try new things and to become more world worldly. >> they do it by performing.
8:25 am
three times a year all-stars put on at talent shows recruiting kids five -- 25 who come from different neighborhoods in san francisco. high school senior raven ciscoe is preparing for the december show. >> i think it's a good program especially for kids on the street who have nothing to do after school. >> people learn to perform onstage and off. they try new things, it builds their self-esteem and confidence. >> the talent show is the first step in the all-stars project. with the help of local businesses the older students can go on and perform in the workplace. tatiana martinez completed a summer internship at deloitte. >> they do consulting and audit things i did know about. >> after 14 weeks of professional workshop she was ready for part in the office.
8:26 am
>> when you're in a professional space there's a certain way to act and talk and approach people people. >> all of those helps people to perform in the world to become a part of the world and become mainstream. so for helping hundreds of bay area youth become stars in their own lives this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to doctor ella wheeze joseph ,,,,
8:27 am
th "face the nation . 8:27 a.m., we will get into the 60s as we move throughout the day it will be similar to weather yesterday. that pattern will continue throughout the rest of the week. i can't believe christmas is wednesday. are you guys -- shopping? thank you everyone for joining us. we will jump over to the cw channel 44 cable 12 coming up next here on kpix 5 ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> schieffer: today on "face the nation" has the national security agency electronic snooping gone beyond protecting to us invading our privacy? we'll talk to the former deputy director of the cia michael morell who was part of advisory flannel told the white house that time has come to do controls on the spy agency. then we'll continue a 65-year cbs news tradition,. >> we have brought in five cbs correspondents, men of great experience. >> the correspondent roundtable. >> i'm not doubting you experts. >> schieffer: today the correspondents are different, but conversation is about many of the same things. and on this last weekend before christmas we'll take a look at the year's best books and have a er


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