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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 22, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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100% more possible. join us at and thrive. workers at a bay area recyc center find a shocking surp mixed in with the bottles a cans: >> they're hand sorting the trash and out comes this little gem here. >> workers at a bay area recycling center find a shocking surprise mixed in with the bottles and cans. a badly injured poodle pup.
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>> kpix 5's don knapp is live where the puppy was saved just in time. >> reporter: just in time forchristmas, the story of an adorable little dog in the trash and rescued by the quick thinking of some ecology workers. about 24 hours earlier, this 10- month-old pup was on a conveyer belt passing through ecology centers trash separator. much like a scene from toy story 3, she was headed for the end of her short life. >> the employees seen her on the conveyer belt, seen her moving around. they stopped the belt, called us and we came out and impounded her and brought her to the shelter. >> reporter: a truck like this out on its route apparently picked up a recycling can with a little pup inside and dumped it into the bag. >> once it was in their truck, they drove back and to many other collections that they collected. they traveled back to their site, dumped it into a chute.
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the chute goes down for processing and they're hand sorting the trash and out comes this little gem here. >> reporter: gem as they call her proved to be a tough little survivor. but she still has to recover from animal bites and injuries to her back legs, probably from the truckload of trash on top of her. >> just to see this puppy on a conveyer belt with a bunch of trash. this is not trash here. >> reporter: if the owner does not come forward, animal control will put her up for adoption, probably within a few weeks. already there are people on a waiting list. >> how could you not want this dog? look at her. gem is on the mend and headed for a happy ending. >> given the way recycling works, is it possible it could have happened by accident or do they think somebody did it on purpose? >> there are too many steps. she had to get into a can, then hauled in a truck and then on a
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recycling dump. they're still trying to figure it out. >> at least it had a happy ending. thanks very much, don. religions leaders from around the bay area are urging children's hospital oakland to keep 13-year-old on life support. >> now she is being declared brain dead. and suggests move it to taking her off life support is wrong, it's insensitive. >> today, her family and supporters gathered together to pray for her. she was declared brain dead after a to know si leak tomorrow went terribly -- tonsilectomy went terribly wrong. >> i come here to pray for her. we never met, never seen. it makes me feel better because i know they believe as well as i do that god has a final say- so on my daughter. >> according to court documents, three doctors determined she is brain dead, but at the family's request, an
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independent neurologist will examine the girl tomorrow before a final decision is made about removing the ventilator. a u.c. berkeley professor is dead following a freak accident. he was biking along the green way when he swerved to avoid a skateboarder and crashed into a fence. then his heart stopped and paramedics were unable to revive him. he was an assistant manager for the university's office of environment health and safety. all right, don't believe everything you read on your caller i.d. a vallejo woman lost $2,000 to a phone scammer who replaced his call back number with the police department. he claimed to have a warrant for her arrest and threatened to take her kids if she didn't pay. when the woman phoned the number on her caller i.d., she got the police automated phone system. thinking the call was legit, she sent the money. >> and on the subject of money, the nation's biggest bank made an unusual move today in the wake of that massive security breach of target.
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why chase opened up bramplets all over the country -- branches all over the country on a sunday. >> reporter: it's not every day you see a bank open for business on a sunday, but chase bank opened one-third of its branches nationwide to deal with the target data hacking troubles and help customer like her. the move comes one day after j. p. morgan chase told two million customers it would limit their spending during christmas week. $100 in cash withdrawals per day, $300 in total purchases per day for anyone who use add chase debit card at target during the recent security breach. >> luckily, i don't have a lot of christmas presents to buy, so it's all about me. i have other cards, too. >> reporter: target announced this week up to 40 million cards were compromised from thanksgiving to december 15th, the second largest data breach of its kind, exposing customer names, card numbers and security codes. >> they're watching out for
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their customers. so i'm glad that i have a bank that looks out for me. >> so while banks keep a closer eye on accounts, customers likerochelle should do the same. she said for her account, so far so good. >> i have not had any withdrawals that weren't mine. >> have you checked? >> i checked, yes. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix 5. >> target says it thinks no pin numbers were stolen. they're offering 10% discounts through tonight and an apology. a father and son will make their own special memory at candlestick park at tomorrow's farewell game. they won tickets. 49ers submitted a short story and including these drawings from the 6-year-old's son's playbook. tomorrow's game will be a first for daniel and his son and will likely be the last for candlestick park. fans can expect a massive police presence as the 49ers
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take on the falcons. extra officers will be everywhere keeping an eye out for anyone trying to steal a piece of the stadium as a souvenir. thieves will be arrested on the spot. we are counting down to the final kickoff. we have live coverage that starts tomorrow at 4:30 here on kpix 5. and stay tuned for the fifth quarter and bye-bye baby, it is our special look back at the stick. still ahead, got health insurance? if you've been holding off on signing off, now's the time. the big deadline coming up tomorrow. >> ripped open all the packages and helped themselves to what they wanted which was everything. >> the grinch ruins a soldier's homecoming, then something amazing happened. in the forecast, we look high and dry. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california -- you better hu anne makovec on the major deadline looming tomorrow. if you need to sign up through health insurance, you better hurry. on the major deadline looming tomorrow. >> for the tens of thousands of californians waiting for health coverage, the holy grail is a little more than a week away but you have to sign up for the end of tomorrow in order for it to kick in january 1st.
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>> do it online. go to a local insurance agent. go to a county office certified enrollment officer. that's the best way to do it. >> you can also call the phone center but there can be more than half an hour wait and it's likely to get longer as the deadline nears. that's the trend they've seen all along. enrollment doubled from october to november. last week up to 23,000 people were enrolling per day. unfortunately, older californians are enrolling at a faster rate than younger. but current california officials say they expected more older people to sign up right off the bat. those with preexisting conditions who have been waiting for insurance they could afford. >> we are absolutely committed. every californian that does the right thing, that makes a good faith effort to get in by the 23rd, we're going to get them in across the finish line. >> tomorrow's deadline is for coverage starting on january 1st. you can still enroll through
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march 31st without a penalty for coverage next year. in the newsroom, kpix 5. >> california offers a wide variety of plans from nearly a dozen different insurers. to learn more about your options go to and searchcovered california. looking for fresh local produce but don't have time to hit local farmer's markets? there's an app for that. good eggs is connecting foodies and local farmers all over the bay area. takes a literal farm to table approach by delivering fresh local produce on demand. the startup is already preparing expansions to new york and los angeles. still to come, how all that wild weather on the other side of the country could affect your holiday travel. plus a small california community really pitches in after a grinch tries to steal christmas from a local soldier and his family. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless. planning for them after all. thanks to the kindness of strangers. rporal chris petro a california's soldier's family will have the big christmas he was planning for them after all, all thanks to the kindness of strangers. chris just got back from afghanistan and while he was there he saved up enough money to buy up everything on his wife's and daughter's christmas list. he had it all mailed and planned to follow a few days later as a surprise but a thief beat him home and took everything he had bought. local police put out a call for donations and they've been pouring in ever since. >> it's a great town. i've lived here a long time. complete strangers have come together. adopt a child gave us a whole bag of toys for her and she went to meet santa today. >> police and firefighters made big donations, the family has
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been able to replace 75% of what was stolen. remember to back a chill pill if you're trying to get away from the holidays. ice storms are blasting the midwest and northeast closing roadways and delaying flights at major airports across the country. winter weather advisories in effect from michigan all the way to the northeast. >> it's salt for my sidewalks so i don't kill myself when i walk out my front door tonight. >> in parts of the midwest, severe flooding made for dangerous driving conditions. four people in kentucky have died from heavy rains. and no matter where you're traveling this week, the weather could slow you down. bay area airports have been busy all day and there have been some delays. if you're flying out, picking up or dropping off, be sure to check with your airline before you head out. we've got the travel forecast in just a moment. in the meantime, numbers in the bay area. it was a balmy day. temperatures up in the north bay were up in the upper 60s. in san jose 58 degrees. same for the city.
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we've got clear skies reported bay wide. looks like it's going to stay that way for a while. 8:00 tonight, the numbers tumble down to the low 50s around the coast in the bay, and the upper 40s inland. if you're heading out 60 minutes from now, be a little bit chilly for you. that no surprise for december. the surprise is that it's not going to change any time soon. plenty of sunshine around. the numbers will be in the mid- 60s around the bay and the mid- 60s inland as well. that's contrasted with temperatures will be 5 below in parts of north dakota, minneapolis tomorrow and the twin cities just 5 degrees. omaha just 7 degrees. but in the corners and on the edges, it looks okay. miami tomorrow is 83 degrees, that big ice storm that we've been hearing about moves up into northern new england. that will be about it. by contrast california, back in the bay area, will be in the mid-60s for the most part on christmas day. so the headlines show that things are not going to be changing much. monday we've got the game with the 49ers taking on the all- important falcons, right, dennis? >> that's right. >> when to clench.
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>> they do, because the 49ers game was not decided today by other's teams. dennis will tell you all that. hey, i was doing sports for a minute. 57 degrees, the game time temperature tomorrow. we're looking for things to stay pretty mild this week. this big high stays in place and as long as it does the high in the eastern pacific, we're looking for things to be dry maybe through new year's. there's a little wrinkle coming into the atmosphere around saturday. it will bring clouds but probably no rain. above average temperatures will continue for the bay area. sunshine all this coming week and not a drop of rain in sight. we'll stay dry the next five days, probably the next seven. pinpoint forecast heading out of the bay area. 49 at yosemite. san francisco tomorrow, sunny and mild at the airport. here you won't get slowed down but it depends on where you're headed to. overnight low mid-40s. denver, sunshine and 45. snow in chicago and rain in new york.
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58 degrees there. pinpoint forecast 37 degrees tonight in santa rosa. 38 at livermore. 42 in oakland. for tomorrow, we're above average temperatures, san francisco, 5 degrees above average and out at livermore, 9 degrees above average for livermore. the reading tomorrow expected to be in the mid-60s for much of the bay area. down in san jose 64. san mateo 66 degrees. numbers in the mid-60s in the east bay. cooler in brentwood, 63 there. 62 degrees in fairfield. dublin and pleasantton, mid- 60s. 60 degrees at bottega bay. ukiah 68 degrees. santa rosa tomorrow, 63. worry going to be looking at temperatures just staying the same this week. there's no real change coming in.
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mid-60s will do it all week. lots of sunshine saturday forthe first time we're painting a few clouds in the picture. it's not going to lead to anything. if it does, it will be a drop or two. sun, more sun comes in. i'm afraid that the big d is going to be, meaning drought by the way. we'll see on that. things can turn around in a hurry. >> even at the coast it's going to be warm this time of year. on to sports now. big question for the raiders going into the game today. >> well, i guess the question is going to be offseason. who the running back is, who they keep the head coach and i guess that's what it's all about for the raiders right now. the 49er game tomorrow night suddenly means a great deal. we're going to show you why and peyton manning made history today again. he's next. >> let's it fly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with nothing to play for, t raiders had a chance to kno san deigo out of the playoff picture.. terrelle p well, with nothing to play for the raiders had a chance to knock san diego out of the playoff picture today. terrelle pryor looking over the playbook again from the bench. philip rivers wasn't ready for the snap. it hit the turf. miles falls on the ballthey take over with good field position. a pass play, it's mcfaddin. yes, touchdown. four carries, 8 yards for him. 7-3 raiders. later after a matt mcgloin interception, the handoff goes to ryan mathews. look at that hard run. 10-7 chargers. under two minutes to go in the
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half. keenan allen drops the football. sheldon johnson recovers somewhere in that dog pile. the raiders got a field goal out of it. tied at 10 at the break. the chargers outscored oakland 16-3 in the second half. keenan allen touchdown. raiders lose 26-13. they are now 4-11 and will finish the season next week at home against denver. >> manning out of the gun. manning, let's it fly. it's caught. there's a record for peyton manning. >> how about it. peyton manning throws four touchdowns to give him 51 for the season, breaking the previous mark held by tom brady. denver blows out houston 37-13 to clench the afc west and earn a first round buy. carson palmer needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. arizona defense didn't give up
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a touchdown until russell wilson hit miller in the end zone. seattle led by one point. carson palmer threw four interceptions but comes up big. he finds michael floyd 31-yard touchdown. are you ready for this? the cardinals win 17-10 in seattle. arizona is still alive. after two straight losses, the dallas media tried to cheer up head coach jason garrett with an early christmas present. but if the cowboys miss the playoffs, he may end up with more than coal in his stocking from owner jerry jones. >> that's fantastic. >> got to open it up. >> this is tiger balm right here. takes care of any ail that you might have. i'm going to put it right there. >> in washington, cowboys down 6, just over a minute to play. tony romo, he's got all day here to throw.
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eventually he find demarco murray. game-winning touchdown. cons beat the redskins -- cowboys beat the redskins. they will host the eagles next sunday with the title on the line. i can confirm the weather did change quite a bit in charlotte this afternoon. look at that, brian. saints and panthers playing for control of the afc south. drew brees to jimmy graham. final minute, last chance for carolina. cam newton steps up in the pocket. watch the strike to ted begins. the former 49er picks up 37 yards. that is 36 more than he had all last season with san francisco. and forget the game tying field goal. newton looking for dominic. this would be his game winning touchdown and he got it. panthers beat the saints 17-13. they can clench the south and a first round bye with a win. needed a win with the giants to keep playoff hopes alive. matthew stafford picked off,
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he's going to the house. tied the game at 20. take you to overtime. josh brown of the giants. 45 yards out. the kick is up and good. giants win 23-20. lions lose 5 of their last 6. they are eliminated from playoff contention. big ben and steelers taking on the pack without aaron rodgers. the packers had enough time to drive down the field. final seconds, matt flynn looking for jerod boykin and watch how this one finishes. off his fingertips, but somehow the steelers are still alive. the packers are still alive. steelers win 38-31 in a dramatic game there. the bottom line, the 49ers did not clench a playoff spot after sunday's action. that makes tomorrow's monday night game with the falcons, the 49ers have to win that game
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to clench a playoff spot. doug mcdermott with a pump fake nailed a jump shot. the bears never led. they lose 68-534 4á following the 8 -- 68-54. jon gruden, former raider head coach, he'll be in the booth tomorrow night for the raider game. >> we'll talk more about the post-game surprise tomorrow. you know. >> who is it going to be? >> at 11:00. >> not michael bolton, no. ,, ,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> stahl: the oval office is right there? as national security advisor, susan rice is the quarterback of american foreign policy. she's the one who wakes up the president when there's a 3:00 a.m. international crisis. >> my job is to bring the good news and the bad news, and often it's... you know, in this business, it can be more bad than good. >> stahl: and there's so much of it that's bad. her plate has been full from the day she got the job. "syria has been a fiasco. egypt is a fiasco. relations with our closest allies in the middle east are deteriorating." >> i couldn't disagree with that more, but you wouldn't be surprised to hear me say that. >> kroft: if you want to know what legalized marijuana might look like, the place to go is colorado, which has the most developed medical marijuana


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