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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and i'm anne mak and good morning everyone. it's monday. a big holiday week. >> michelle has the morning off. it's another mild morning around the bay area. we're certainly feeling lucky. let's take a look across the country. >> i'd like to see rain around here. but we're not getting any where. more sunshine coming your way. out the door we go. mostly clear skies. under high pressure. the big ridge is dominating weather right now. fog in the santa rosa area. but toward the afternoon, hazy sunshine again. temperatures running five to ten degrees above the average. mid 60s in the bay. 63 degrees in fremont. 65 in san jose. and 62 degrees in san francisco. all right let's check out your csbs traffic with elizabeth. >> we're continuing out towarded livermore. this big rig crash. it was a solo accident. it hit the guardrail. you'll likely see slight
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delays. altamont pass road near the landfill. a live look at the bay bridge. we're at 5:01 this morning. it looks like things are cruising right along. and they did take out that over night road work. westbound 580, similar story. no delay on the main lines of the freeway in the commute direction or counter commute heading out of the dublin interchange. more than 30 trains are all on time. back to you guys. >> we have breaking news about a shooting in san francisco. it happened this morning. a man shot in the stomach on howard street. that happened a few minutes before 2:00 this morning. police say the victim is in critical condition. and he is not cooperating with the investigators. no information about a possible suspect. oakland police meanwhile are also investigating a shooting. 24-year-old man found shot to death in a wal-mart parking lot on edgewater drive. it happened after noon yesterday. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released his
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name. there's a lot happening in the case of jahi mcmath who is on life support after she was declared brain dead more than a week ago. en covering this developing story from oakland where the family is meeting with doctors in court this morning, kate. >> reporter: and also supporter of the family will be out here marching for jahi mcmath this morning as the family goes back to court to make another announcement. >> we say to this hospital, and we say to this community, when you have done wrong as doctors, you need to pause. you need not to exert your right. this is not about money. this is about human beings. >> last friday the family was able to get a superior court judge to order children's hospital in oakland from removing jahi from a ventilator. she's on life support after tonsillectomy went wrong. her mother has been by her side
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ever sense. >> there's people that come here to pray for her all the time. it makes me feel better. because i know they believe just as well as i do that god has the final say so on my daughter. >> according to court documents. three doctors determined jahi is brain dead. but they believed to have an independent neurologist examine the girl. in a court memorandum the hospital claims they have no due toy keep jahi on life support. they say her condition is irreversible. that's something the family will continue to fight. reporting live in oakland, anne, back to you. a court hearing this morning, what can we expect? >> well, at the same time the court hearing is going on, there will be a march around 9:30 this morning. in the court hearing we know that the family is expected to announce the name of the independent doctor they chose to give that second opinion. the only way to describe the nation's weather heading into the big holiday is
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bizarre. reports on a crazy weather mix that included freakishly warm temperatures in the northeast. a winter storm in the midwest. and deadly flooding down south. >> at least five people were killed by flooding in kentucky. where high winds also took a toll. there was also flooding in neighboring indiana and as far east as vermont. in the midwest, winter's first official storm brought heavy snow. snow and ice knocked down power lines in oklahoma. which caused numerous house fires. >> do what you can to protect yourself. we've had one incident of a house without a smoke detector. >> reporter: the storm knocked out power to nearly half a million homes and businesses from michigan to new england. >> when they get one line repaired, another branch is coming down. they're not catching up. they're not gaining ground. when you have one fixed if, another branch goes down. >> reporter: the weather caused travel delays on the roads and
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in the air. by last night, 700 flights were canceled. and more than 7,000 delayed. in the midatlantic and northeast, folks were walking around in their shorts. in new york city central park. the mercury reached 71 degrees. a new record. record highs were also set in roamington delaware and philadelphia. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. shoppers at a oklahoma city outlet mall were stunned to see this device falling in unison off the roof. seats after sheets of ice were landing on a walk way. nobody was hurt. new this morning, a kitten stolen out of a bay area store was found. two--month-old arizona was getting ready to be adopted when a visitor snatched the kitten. a hotel manager found the kitten yesterday. staff think these two women shown in surveillance video may have something to do with it. they were seen leaving the
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shelter abruptly around the time the kitten disappeared. a ten week old puppy is doing well this morning. don knapp shows us the pup ended up on a trash sorting conveyer belt at a san francisco recycling plant. >> reporter: about 24 hours earlier, this pup was passing through san francisco's trash separator. much like a scene from toy story 3, she was heading for the end of her short life. >> the employees saw her on the conveyer belt. they stopped the belt and called us. and we came out and brought her to the shelter. >> reporter: a truck like this picked up a recycle can with a pup inside. >> many of the other collections they collected, they traveled back to the site. and dumped it into the chute.
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the chute goes down for processing. and they're hand sorting the trash. and outcomes this little gem here. >> gem proved to be a tough little survivor. but she has to recover from animal bites on her neck. and injuries to her back legs. probably from the truck load of trash on top of her. >> just to see this little three-month-old puppy on conveyer belt with a bunch of trash, it's like this is not trash here. >> animal care and control will put her up for adoption probably in a few weeks. all ready there are people on a waiting list. >> how could you not want this dog. look at her. >> reporter: we're told gem is on the mend and heading for a happy ending. animal welfare is trying to figure out which truck little gem was oncoming into the facility. that might help narrow down which city she came from. 49ers going to the field at candle stick park for what could be the last game ever played there. security will be tight to stop
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fans from stealing a piece of the stick. we'll go live to ryan. i believe he's got the latest. fans will file in tonight for the big falcon 49ers game. >> there's going to be some big pregame festivities here. you remember the stick was first -- well it was only supposed to have baseball. but of course we have some fun football memories here as well. we'll show you the catch to get your morning started right. montana to dwight clark. deep in the end zone. and of course that memorable call. and of course they're going to play out the memories here. not the amenities. and that's one of the things, of course the catch that's going to be celebrated in the pregame ceremony. the new digs at levi stadium
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will boast modern amenities. but we wanted to know from those who know candle stick best, what the stick has that levi stadium will not. >> what a great question. i would imagine it's not that it won't have it. it's just going to take time. and that would be character. >> i come in here in the morning. and open up. i'm the first person here. and like i said, it's part of my life that's going to be missing. >> reporter: that worker has been here for 34 years. he's working in the locker room. so of course this is going to be bittersweet for him. kick off starts tonight after 5:30. you can watch the game on kpix 5. >> how about tickets, are they still available? if so, what are they going for? >> we checked online. one of my producers went and checked. he was looking for the most expensive pair. he found a pair of box seats,
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12 grand. so you're definitely going to be paying. so like i said, for free right here on kpix 5. >> assuming they get to the playoffs, and they will. maybe they'll have another game here. we'll see how it goes. >> ryan live for us at the stick. and we're counting down to the kick off. our live coverage will start today at 4:30 on kxix 5 and stay tuned for the fifth quarter and bye bye baby. a hero's welcome at sfo for a marine arriving home for the holidays. warriors watch riders is a national veterans organization that greets service members when they come back. the group thanks them for their service and offers support and an escort home. this marine sergeant had no idea the group would be there. >> it feels great. i'm excited to be here. i get to bring my girlfriend to the united states for the first time. so we're hoping to have some good holiday times. and relax a little bit.
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>> the warriors watch riders organization has members and chapters in 38 states in several other countries around the world. 5:11 on monday. as wedding bells ring in utah, opponents to gay marriage head whack to court. if i didn't have my glasses on i wouldn't be here. >> how this teenage girl's eye ware saved her life. the must have holiday gift that brings out the worst in young shoppers. plenty of sunshine. the warm weather continues. will that be so as we head toward christmas day. chp is running a traffic break in san jose. it's to clear an accident coming in northbound 101. we'll have the latest on the delays there. but fist, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask us a question or just go ahead and share it with us by emailing watch right here to see if your
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question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there were long lines at th . >> any time air jordan shoes go on sale, mayhem seems to follow. there were long lines at this milwaukee shoe store where just eight pairs of these air jordan shoes were on sale.
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one man cut in line. two different people then opened fire. two men in their 20s were hurt. and both the shooters were arrested. broke out -- apparently over th s . and this is from a store in stockton where another fight broke out. apparently over the same shoes. in this case, the brawlers were gone by the time police got there. air jordans, they're trending on twitter. and justine created a fire storm for an offensive tweet about aids in south africa. she lost her job. cracker barrel pulls an about face on duck dynasty merchandise. fast and furious 7. the film scheduled for a july 14th release. follow us on twitter. go to cbssf this morning. traffic pretty light this morning. let's check in with liz. >> traffic is light. but we have not seen zero accidents.
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we have a few incidents. not causing huge delays. first in northbound 101. they need a heavy duty tow truck for this one. you may find slight delays. this is northbound 101. we know folks maybe headed out of town. maybe you're going towards the airport. bart is on time. no delay. or towards any of your downtown san francisco stops. santa rosa, there's fog out there on 101. we know visibility maybe a problem right now. but a mile and a half visibility on 101 to santa rosa. penninsula looks great. a live look at 101 through lagoon. everything is moving fine through palo alto. same thing for the silicon
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valley route. the closer we get to christmas it continually develops. problem free toward sunnyvale. it looks great right now off the antioch bridge passed a street where it's 65 miles per hour. that's your latest. no white christmas for us. no white christmas. no rain drops right now. we have a lot of sunshine out there. that will continue to with the case as we head outside right now. we have patchy dense fog in the north bay valley. watch out for that. visibility down to about nothing in toward santa rosa. as we head throughout the day, that will mix out. we'll see a lot of sunshine. it will be hazy outside. another spare the air day. sunny and dry weather ahead through christmas day and probably into the end of the week. that ridge continues to hold on here. we do have a cold front. but most of the energy again tracking well north of the bay area with the jet stream. bringing you rainfall to the pacific north. we stay dry. temperatures in the central
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valley, 65 and hazy into sacramento. 52 degrees in lake tahoe. right now we're looking for clouds. we can't find many. maybe a few high clouds moving in later tonight and in tomorrow. that's about all. otherwise we'll keep skies clear. temperatures expected to be above the average. 64 degrees in santa clara. 66 in morgan hill. 63 in fremont. 60s toward the coastline as well. numbers in the east bay in the 60s. hazy sunshine in the bay. 65 in oakland. 64 in alameda. 62 in san francisco. over the next couple days right in through christmas day, we stay dry. maybe a couple passing high clouds tomorrow. but i think as we head in toward the next weekend, maybe cooler, partly cloudy into saturday. but it doesn't look like much in the way of rain. by the way, your official christmas day forecast. we're going to keep things sunny and bright. santa may want to hang out here for a while. temperatures will be running into the 60s. i guess if it can't rain, it
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may as well be nice guys. >> it's going to be good for everybody traveling. >> here any way. happening today, utah, same-sex marriage ban will be back in court. gay couples were getting married since friday after a federal judge over turned a 2004 voter passed law banning gay marriage. the state wants the ruling put on a hold. former patriot aaron hernandez will be in court charged with murder to. day's hearing will look into allegation the prosecution violated a gag order. he's pled not guilty to the june shooting death of odin lloyd. the victim was dating the sister of hernandez's girlfriend. last week lloyd's family filed a wrongful death suit against hernandez. if she had taken off her glasses when she dozed off. a seattle girl may not be alive today. she had fallen asleep on her couch when her home was sprayed by several bullets.
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shots nearly hit her in the head but it was deflected by glasses she was wearing when she fell asleep. >> if i didn't have my glasses on i wouldn't be here. >> police say someonelying at the home maybe involved in a gang. but they say she was not the intended target. it's 5:20, and the smack talk continues. 49ers fans upping the ante following a seattle seahawks prank. the game tonight suddenly means a great deal. and peyton manning made history again yesterday. he's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. good morning everybody. big football game tonight. but first the raiders with nothing to play for, oakland had a chance to knock san diego out of the playoff picture. looking over the play book from the bench again. the chargers out scored oakland. the raiders lose again. 26-13. hosting the cardinals. carson palmer threw four interceptions. but here's the game winner. they beat seattle. the cardinals 17-10. and it weighs heavily on the game tonight. and possibly next week for the
5:24 am
49ers. denver blew out houston 37-13 to clench the afc west and a first round box. the bears have not won a road game this year. doug mcdermott had a game high 20 points. they fall to 8 and 4. how about some women hoops. top ranked uconn hosting cal at madison square garden. not quite ready for the big stage. huskies blow out the bears, 80- 57. and the st. marys men lose last night in hawaii for the first time this year. bottom line tonight, the 49ers have to beat atlanta to clench a wild card spot. if they lose this game, they will go to arizona next sunday with a win or be eliminated football game. so big one, we'll see you tonight beginning at 4:30 from candle stick park.
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have a great day everybody. 49ers fans reminding people of the san francisco legacy. they put all the 49ers trophies on this billboard in seattle. they paid $7,000 for it. seahawks fans are not too happy about it. >> it fires me up. it makes me mad. but yeah, get out of here. >> unfortunately, the 49ers fans, the billboard is 27 miles from downtown seattle. it was funded by the donors on the website go fund me. >> the pay back, i love it. play of the day is a holiday homecoming surprise in west virginia. here it comes. . >> ladies and gentlemen. currently serving the united states air force. >> mo watson's parents thought they were at a high school basketball game to accept an award on their daughter's
5:26 am
behalf. and instead she was waiting in the wings for a surprise reunion. this stuff never gets old. it's 5:26. got health insurance? if you've been holding off on signing up. now is the time. what you need to know about today's big deadline. plus why chase banks all over the bay area were suddenly open on a sunday. >> and a bay area family seeking a second opinion. what we may learn today about the fate of 13-year-old jahi mcmath. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> this is kpix 5 news. we're live in oakland, a family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath is planning to make an announcement in court today. that teen is still on a ventilator after a routine
5:30 am
surgery went terribly wrong. and winter weather wreaks havoc over the holidays. what you can expect if you plan ob traveling for christmas. and sunny and dry here. but could that soon change for christmas? we'll talk about that coming up. and still working on reopening a ramp northbound 101. this is in san jose. we'll have the latest details there. plus the rest of your morning drive. it's all coming up. good morning everyone, monday, a big holiday week. i'm anne macovic. i can't believe it's the 23rd. a court appearance and a march planned this morning. for jahi mcmath. kpix 5 is covering the story from oakland where the family plans to have another doctor examine her. >> family's message is clear. they are not giving up. and last friday we know a superior court judge ordered the hospital to keep young jahi on a ventilator until the family can get the second
5:31 am
opinion. the battle to keep 13-year-old jahi mcmath alive continues. her family will be back in court this morning to name the independent doctor they chose for a second opinion. meanwhile, the family has the support of several religious leaders urging children's hospital in oakland to keep jahi and this family's hope alive. >> you need to do the right thing and give this family an opportunity to explore every possibility of remedy and if not that, then at least wait until you exalted your investigation. >> according to court documents. three doctors determined jahi is brain dead. the hospital's chief of pediatrics released a statement this weekend saying it's their responsibility they don't create hope where there is none. >> the doctors think they know everything. but if they new everything, then my daughter wouldn't be brain dead right now. >> she's been on life support after tonsillectomy went
5:32 am
terribly wrong. >> it's very important to me. my daughter is very important to me. she's important to a lot of people. even people who don't know her. >> reporter: later this morning her supporters will be back here at children's hospital in oakland to march as their family makes that announcement. in court, reporting live in oakland, kpix 5. vallejo police are looking for a person who shot a man to death in the parking lot of an apartment complex. it happened on redwood parkway at 8:00 last night. the victim is 34-year-old wayne jermaine of vallejo. no word on motive for the shooting. it's 5:32. the winter weather is making a mess in some parts of the country. but elsewhere, it feels a lot like spring. an ice storm blasting the midwest, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people there. all trying to travel and tieing up travel. but in new york, people are enjoying t-shirt weather and record high temperatures for this time of year. andrew spencer has more now on all the wild weather. >> the past few days have
5:33 am
brought a bizarre mix of weather extremes. they stood in awe watching sheets of ice slide off the roof. luckily nobody was injured. ahead of christmas day, temperatures are expected to be up to 25 degrees. colder than normal through parts of the central plains. in toronto, ice thick enough to skate on covers the driveway. ice and snow on trees knocked out power to more than 1/4 million homes and businesses. the national weather service confirmed a tornado destroyed three homes and ripped up the roof of a barn. killing one woman and injuring several others. flooding in kentucky killed five people over the weekend. including three people who drowned in the rolling fork river in new hope. two people were able to get out of the car. they were hospitalized with hypothermia. the lake effect enhanced snowfall in the upper midwest.
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a record breaking 70 degrees in new york city sunday. despite the winter warnings up state. i'm andrew spencer reporting. all that wild weather could have a big impact on your holiday travel plans. no matter where you're going around the country. bay area airports have been busy. and there have been some delays. one traveler told us she's just happy to be home. >> it feels good to be home with my family. to see my little nephews. it's been good. >> we just checked with sfo, there are no delays right now. but if you're flying out or giving someone a ride to the airport or picking someone up. you may want to check with your airline before you head out. always good advice. anyone who's driving to your holiday destination shouldn't have a bad time. >> it's easy going out there. a little fog in the santa rosa area. but that's the worst of it. high pressure dominating the weather. no threat of rain for us today. and probably to the end of the year. how about that? so if we take you out the door
5:35 am
right now, a couple high clouds to the north of us. but that's where they're staying right new. maybe we'll see a few more high clouds in toward tomorrow. but high pressure building in overhead. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. temperatures again well above the average into the mid 60s inside the bay and the valleys. as you head out the door, a little cool this morning in spots. temperatures down to 35 degrees in concord. 32 and freezing in santa rosa. and 42 in san jose. this afternoon's high is 62 in san francisco. and 65 degrees in san jose. all right. traffic with elizabeth. we're getting reports of a new problem blocking number one lane. it's in the commute direction. westbound 80 by university avenue. we're not seeing big delays on the sensors yet. that one 65 miles per hour. that's live traffic conditions. over all the volume of traffic is nice and light. we're not seeing huge delays yet out of richmond. traffic is beginning to fill in through the altamont pass. from 205 out to vasco.
5:36 am
and traffic moves at the speed limit toward the dublin interchange. this crash on northbound 101. it's approaching bay shore. the onramp remains blocked after the big rig crash. they need a super heavy duty tow truck for this one. so the main line to the freeways still look okay. and out to the bay bridge now. at 5:36 this morning. over all things look normal. holiday light this monday morning coming into san francisco. that's your latest kcbs traffic. uninsured californians have until midnight tonight to sign up for health care coverage that starts january 1st. thousands have been signing up daily. >> reporter: for the ten of thousands of californians waiting for health coverage the holy grail is a little more than a week away. but you have to sign up by the end of day the day for it to kick in by january 1st.
5:37 am
you can also call cover california's phone center. but there can be a half hour wait. and it's likely to get longer as the deadline nears. that's the trend they've seen all along. enrollment doubled from october to november. and last week, up to 23,000 people were enrolling per day. unfortunately, older californians are enrolling at a higher rate than younger according to figures for earlier this month. insurers need a higher percentage of younger and healthier enroll lees to make the policies financially viable. but cover california officials say they expected more older people to sign up right off the bat. those with preexisting conditions who have been waiting for insurance they could afford. >> we are absolutely committed. every californian that does the right thing to make the good faith effort to get in by the 23rd, we'll get them across the finish line. >> the deadline is if you want coverage to begin on january 1st. you can sign up through march 31st without a penalty for
5:38 am
coverage next year. to learn about your options, go to kpix and search cover california. a mother lost $2,000 to a scammer who replaced the call back number with the police department's number. he claimed to have warrant for her arrest and threatened to take her kids if she didn't pay up. thinking the call was legit, she sent in the money. but when she called back she got the police phone system and realized she was scammed. a lot of bank employees put in over time this weekend because of the credit and debit card problems at target stores. chase bank opened about 1/3 of branches yesterday to help customers caught in the target fraud fall out. chase told 2 million customers it will limit their spending during christmas week. if their cards were involved in the security breech. >> they're watching out for customers. i'm glad i have a bank that looks out for me. >> i have not had any withdraws
5:39 am
that weren't mine. >> did you check? >> i checked, yes. >> 40 million cards were compromised since thanksgiving. it doesn't appear any pin numbers were stolen. wall street is winding trading action for the year. >> cbs money alexis joins us with the latest in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and anne. it's christmas week. it's expected to be a quiet one here on wall street. stocks futures at a solidly higher open. on friday t dow up 42 points to a record close and the nasdaq climbed 47. some major retailers are in the middle of marathon shopping hours. many macy's kmart and kohls stores have been open non-stop since friday and plan to be open through christmas eve. toys r us has been open since saturday. remember there were six fewer shopping day this is year because of a late thanksgiving.
5:40 am
the iphone is finally coming to china's largest wireless carrier. china mobile has about 760 million customers. that's the twice the population of the u.s. the iphone 5c and 5v go on sale in china next month. it's a deal that could add billions of dollars in sales for apple. they've been using ground in china to cheaper smart phones. and 2013 is shaping up to be a record year at the box office. box office receipts totaled $10.22 million slightly ahead of last year at this point. but with american hustle, saving mr. banks, and others going on the same day and the slew of releases set for christmas day t total should only go up. back to you frank and anne. >> we all have to see anchor man two because it's a parody on what we do everyday. it's on my list.
5:41 am
>> alexis,, thank you. new video, two members of the russian punk band walked free from jail. they were convicted of hooliganism for criticizing the russian president, vladimir putin. they qualified for an amnesty bill proposed by putin because they are both mothers of small children. president obama deployed more soldiers to south sudan. they ordered troops to evacuate americans there. 15 americans flown from the u.n. compound in bore as rebels surrounded the town. south sudan is on the verge of a full-blown civil war as ethnic tribes battle one another. in israel police say a bomb explosion on a bus was an attempted terrorist attack. passengers noticed bag on the bus. the explosive went off while an expert was looking at the bag. he was shaken by not seriously
5:42 am
hurt. police spokesperson says passengers got off the bus just in time. 5:42. farm fresh to your door. the convenient new app launching in the bay area. plus how acupuncture may bring relief to women during treatment for breast cancer. first history comes crashing down in michigan. we'll be right back. ,, ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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this weekend the nineteen- story high genesee tower.. . >> there she goes. it was the college tower in flint michigan. it came tumbling down over the weekend. 19 story high tower took less than 15 seconds to come down. out of southern california, a look at live pictures of a tour bus crash in the los angeles area. you can see that they're dealing with victims of that crash. several people were hurt. this is off the ten freeway and baldwin park boulevard. the only exit was blocked. they have since been pulled out. seven passengers were taken to local hospital this is comes in the wake of last year's tour bus accident in the l.a. area that injured 30 people headed for a southern
5:46 am
california casino. a sunny southern california up here. it's holiday light. >> the volume in traffic, we're not seeing a usual commute. we're hoping you should have an easier time getting to work this morning if you have to head to work. here's a live look at the freeway. in the commute direction, looking good. tail lights looking northbound. 16 minutes between 238 and mays. similar at the bay bridge. no huge delays yet. the fast track lanes get by okay. no sign of meters lights and pretty good pace up the incline as you head toward urbabuena island in san francisco. very quiet toward the sky way. westbound highway 4 through antioch. a few brake lights. but once you get passed antioch, everything looks good. an accident is still blocking
5:47 am
one lane. westbound 80 by university avenue. this is a solo car crash. 62 miles per hour though. still only an 18 or 19 minute drive time. on the bridge to the mayes commute. and through the altamont pass, this is beginning to fill in out of tracy towards vasco. then we see things improve as you get closer towards pleasanton. this accident may block the onramp for a while in san jose. it's a recycling truck. and it's stuck out there. so they've got their heavy duty tow crews headed to the scene now. the main lines of the freeway look good however. all the way through san jose. coming up from morgan hill. we're not seeing delays. bart, also, all trains on time. that's your latest traffic with your latest warm forecast on this christmas. >> california christmas. staying dry. but unusually dry. we'll have more on that in a moment. out the door, we have a couple patches of fog showing up in
5:48 am
toward the north bay valleys. skies are mostly clear. under a big dome of high pressure. that's been a semipermanent feature all of fall and the first part of winter. sunshine expected this afternoon. sunny and dry weather for the weekend. including your christmas holiday. it looks like that ridge just kind of holding on. bumping the jet stream to the north. all the rain stays north of the bay area. moving up to the pacific north. it will stay high and dry. traveling out of sfo ,no delays. storms rolling through chicago. checking in with snow and 21 degrees. rain and stormy weather in new york at 61. 44 degrees and mostly cloudy in denver. around the bay today, most temperatures in the 60s inland. hazy toward the coastline as well. as we look out over the next few days. we'll see sunshine through christmas day. probably thursday and friday. partly cloudy on saturday and
5:49 am
sunday. but yeah, if you thought this had been a dry year, you're right. we've only seen just over five inches of rainfall since the beginning of the year. that would make it the driest calendar year on record dating back to 1849. our average usually is about 22 inches. so that's unbelievably dry. your sunrise time so day is at 7:23, sunset, 4:56. speaking of dry. i keep looking at extended range computer models. i don't see a drop of rain in sight through the 8th of january at least. >> is it time to get concerned? yes. >> i never get concerned. things can change. we can get a huge dose of rainfall. >> people were watering their lawns over the weekend because it's so dry. it's going to be an interesting spring. >> we talk about the spare the air situation. that's in effect today. is that insuring we'll see for the rest of the week. >> yeah. that could continue on. i think they should make an exemption for christmas day and christmas eve. a lot of folks love to have a fire. but they're going to roll that
5:50 am
through. there's a promising tool for predicting heart attacks. wendy looking at that and how acupuncture may bring relief for women during treatment for breast cancer. >> researchers in maryland examined the therapy as a way to reduce the side effects of a widely used cancer drug. acupuncture significantly reduced symptoms, especially hot flashes. even fake acupuncture was effective in which the needle doesn't penetrate the skin. researchers are recommending calcium scans to predict a heart attack or stroke. the screening's measure calcium deposits in arteries. the test shot in usually used in low risk patients. but calcium scans may turn up danger signs that other tests miss. and they can help determine the best medications. a new study looks at the deadly
5:51 am
effects of rheumatoid arthritis. the disease leads to inflammation of the joints and can spread to organs. researchers found the mortality rate is twice as high for women over the age of menopause when they suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. the disease effects nearly 1.5 million americans. most of them women. those are some of the day's top medical stories. wendy for cbs news new york. if you're looking for local fresh produce but don't have time to hit the farmers market, there's an app for that. good eggs is connecting foodies and local farmers over the area. it takes a farm to table approach by delivering local produce on demand. they're preparing expansions to new york and l.a. why your dog can appreciate all your silly selfies. >> but the big surprise for beyonce fans. her unexpected shopping visit and how she spreads some holiday cheer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
. >> this is the last football game at candle stick park. tonight, monday night football, we've got 49ers, we've got the falcons. weather should be good. clear skies, 57 degrees. >> first you have to get to work on time. this accident is now cleared. it's a little slow and go though through berkeley. there maybe some activity still on the right hand shoulder. we'll have a full traffic report just minutes away. you may want to odd another friend to your christmas card list. your dog maybe able to pick out your face in a photograph. researchers say dogs maybe able to recognize facial features in
5:55 am
pictures. they previously thought only humans and some primates did that. >> i can see that. why not? beyonce picked up the tab for hundreds of shoppers at a wal-mart. >> what a treat. she stopped by a massachusetts store to promote her new album. she did a little bargain shopping and announced her special offer to the shoppers. >> for everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. [ cheering and applause ] >> merry, merry christmas from beyonce. >> attention wal-mart shoppers how about that. she shelled out 37 grand to cover the shoppers at the store that day. she surprised fans by putting her album on itunes with no advance notice earlier. live at candle stick park. tonight could be the last game at the stick. we'll give you a preview of
5:56 am
what to expect coming up. family of a oakland teen on life support says they want a second opinion. the announcement they plan to make in court today, coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee.
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[ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and
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every californian that does the right thing and makes a good faith effort to get covered by the 23rd, we're going to help them get across the finish line. >> the deadline to sign up for health insurance undercover california is minutes away. the damage done and what the rest of the week looks like for those flying out. >> the crazy weather man concluded freakishly warm temperatures. >> this is not about money. this is about human beings. today an independent neurologist will examine jahi mcmath as her family fights to
6:00 am
keep her alive. a teenager in oakland after tonsillectomy went wrong. the stories that matter on kpix 5 new this is morning. ning off. . >> good morning. it's a big holiday week. monday december 23rd. good to have you with. >> i'm anne macovic. michelle has the morning off. the day haves brought a bizarre mix of weather extremes across the country. winter storms and deadly flooding could make holiday travel difficult. >> reporter: i'm live at children's hospital in oakland where the mother of jahi mcmath sits by her daughter's side. she's been on life support after a routine surgery went wrong. in court the family plans to name the doctor they chose for a second opinion. 's meteorologist . >> good morning, i'm ryan, live at candle stick park, this is the first stadium built to


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