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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 23, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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that. and his nose flashes. >> about as cheesy as you can get. but that's why we love it. >> thanks for joining us. sles i thin . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday december 23 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new crisis for target. how customers nationwide are taking action after a massive debit and breach. if flying east, hundreds of thousands could spend christmas in the dark. can the obamacare website handle the load? >> we begin this morning with today's look at the eye-opener your world in 90 seconds. >> electric went off. a big loud noise like a train. >> deadly winter weather slams
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millions. >> ice storms tornados -- >> creating havoc for holiday travelers. >> new england and oklahoma. >> it's cold. >> snow and ice knocked out power to thousands. high temperature records were shatter along the east coast. >> lawsuits have been filed in the wake of the massive security breach at target. >> specifically because i heard about this. >> investigations underways after the british plane was coming into johannesburg when the wing -- >> today is the last day to sign up for health coverage under the affordable care act to begin january 1st. >> nsa is not spying on americans. >> has it been worth americans feeling their privacy has been invaded? >> it's been worth what we've done to protect the united states. >> the tour bus crash in baldwin
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park. >> there are numerous injuries. >> seattle police say a teen'ses glasses may have saved her life when someone sprayed her family's home with bullets. >> peyton manning, 51 touchdowns, new season mark. >> eagles 54 bears 11. >> all that matters. >>s this the best christmas gift four kids could ask for. >> their dad came home with a splash. >> daddy! >> on "cbs this morning." >> toys r us will keep doors open 87 hours straight. >> the internet will be open all the time always forever.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose norah o'donnell and gayle king are off. happy holiday week. we begin with new fallout from the massive security breach at target. one of the banks putting limits on credit card data. >> a multistate investigation may be next. elaine is here. good morning. >> good morning. the target ceo says the issue at the center of the data sweep has been identified and eliminated. the lawsuits alleged the company could have done something sooner to prevent the incident from happening. less than one week after target revealed that 40 million debit and credit card accounts may have been impacted outraged customers across the country are filing multiple lawsuits againsts the retail giant. over the weekend, target offered
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10% discounts and free credit monitoring services who's customers who's bank cards may have been compromised. may be too little too late. a post on the security blog claim as many of those stolen cards have been flooding underground black markets in recent weeks selling in batches of 1 million cards and going from $20 to more than $100 per card. despite target efforts to strengthen confidence, holiday shoppers aren't taking any chances. >> i'm using cash because i heard about this and needed to bye something. >> banks are also cautious. jp morgan chase announced new spending limits on its customers who may have been affected by the breach including maximum cash withdrawals of $100 a day and purchases of no more than $300 a day. it's the most significant effort
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by the major bank to address the crime experts say is more and hr more hard to defend against. >> criminals are more sophisticated. it really calls for more sophisticated solutions to prevent breaches like this from happening in the future. >> in addition to lawsuit, target may have been hit with a financial setback. retail consultants estimate target suffered a 4% drop in transactions over the weekend compared to this time last year. >> elaine thank you very much. jill schlesinger. good morning. >> good morning. first of all you can withdraw $100 of cash a day if you're a chase customer affected by this. you have to be a debit card customer of chase affected by the data breach. you can pull out $100 a day and only charge $300 a day.
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imagine what that's like a few days before christmas. some of these people are really left holding the bag. does not apply to credit cards, just debit cards. >> some chase banks were open yesterday. are other banks going to follow suit at this point? >> right now we don't see other banks coming out. american express don't have bank accounts. the debit card issue is not on the table. others are going to monitor the situation. >> you've heard specialists say these are 20th century cards going up against 21st century hackers. why can't we beef up security so this doesn't happen? >> the cost is quite steep to bring up to a full century ahead of time. you've got a 11 and a quarter billion dollar credit and debit card fraud globally. that's a nickel of every $100 of
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transaction. they'd rather pay the price even if it's a bad pr hit rather than spend the the money to upgrade the system. there's question about who should be upgrading, banks or mergers. everybody has to get on board. >> cost money to go from cassette tapes to krorks s tos to cds. but got to start somewhere. these are magnetic strips right? >> absolutely. the impact target is seeing already, what is that? >> they did see transactions down 3 to 4% last weekend. really interesting, target stock didn't move last week. it was basically unchanged a smidge higher. investors know this is part of the game. >> this is fascinating because everybody is talk that is correct story. thanks so much. >> great to be here. hundreds of flights are
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cancelled and roadways are dangerous. in michigan ice # snapped trees and brought down power lines. people are among 200,000 without power. some families may be in the dark until christmas day or later. in oklahoma ice rained down on shoppers. lights are off for 10,000 families in that state. three traffic deaths were blamed on slick roads. the storm dumped almost seven inches of rain on parts of indiana. swollen rivers and stream flooded neighborhoods there. eric fisher of our boston station is keeping an eye on conditions. good morning. >> good morning to you. it was a wild weekend. today still issues but not as impactful. atlanta, raleigh, new york city all getting wet. talking up to one to two inches of rainfall. charlotte and new york city when you have rain that will be
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a slow down. we have an ice concern around boston interior parts of new england as they try to get the power back on. that's a an issue for today. the really chilly stuff as we head toward the holiday is back up around the great lakes. dipping down to the south and northeast as we head toward christmas morning itself. bigger high pressure over the great basin. winds keep things comfortable. if you want snow falling christmas, it will be around the great lake southeast and couple of showers for coastal parts of florida. most the country quiets down. for white christmas wishes this is the snow depth across the country. looking at a few percentage points lower than this time last year. >> eric fisher thank you. americans buying insurance under president barack obama 's health care law must enroll by midnight tonight to be covered by january 1st. more than 1 million have sign up
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so far. recent changes are making the law more complicated. wyatt is in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning. today marks the first major deadline to sign up for insurance under the new health care law. in many states that meant the website, call centers and employees were working overtime this past weekend. in washington d.c. employees from the district's online marketplace, d.c. health link were encouraging holiday shoppers to sign up. >> it's definitely picking up and we're getting more people signed up. >> similar efforts were held from florida to california. while the federal website was broken most of the first two months of enrollment the administrations changed several rules to make sign ups easier. if your policy from last year was cancelled you may be allowed to renew hit depending on rules
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in your state. those that can't afford a new one, may be eligible for catastrophic premium with limited benefits. those that sign up will be covered january 1st but won't owe the first premium until january 10 t. many republicans feel it should be delayed by one year. they include joe manchin of west virginia. >> this 2014 will be a transitional year to find the glitches and nuances are. we find out if this will keep us healthy. >> the president said no to a one year delay arguing signups in the functioning website have been strong. >> more than half a million americans have enrolled through in the first three weeks of december alone. despite all the problems despite the website problems despite the messaging problems despite all that.
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it's working. >> the president's sign up numbers represent 25,000 new customers on the federal website everyday. california has the leading state exchange with 15,000 new sign ups every day. we should point out today is the deadline for coverage that starts in january. the final deadline for signups for next year is march 31st three months away. >> thank you very much. president barack obama is on vacation this morning but the white house says he is watching the growing fighting in south sudan. u.s. troops rescued more american citizens sunday. 380 u.s. officials and citizens are out of the country 3678900 people from other nations are safe as well. some arrived in the capital of juba yesterday coming in from the city of bor. saturday three u.s. aircraft came under fire during the evacuation attempt leaving four american troops wounded. from hawaii, president barack obama told congress he
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may take further action if necessary. chip reid is in honolulu. good morning. >> good morning jeff and vinita. as always this is a working vacation for the president. he's getting a number of briefings from susan rice on the situation in south sudan. last night the president sent a letter to congress house speaker john boehner and pat that he wanted to inform he may take further action to protect americans in south sudan. in washington the debate rages over the financial pattern that make recommendations on reigning in the nsa domestic surveillance program. during the press conference friday the president said what he's going to be studying that over the vacation is going to be evaluating the recommendations and would be able to make a definitive statement on them in january. despite all the work the president is getting in some play time. he played 18 holes of golf saturday and yesterday he and
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the entire family went to a college basketball game. it was a defeat for oregon state university which is coached by michelle obama's brother. the president looked relaxed as he kbrabed pop conscientious from a fan. today we're expecting more perfect hawaii weather. we're guessing he's going to play golf go to the beach with his family or maybe both. >> thank you very much chip. officials in israel react with anger to the newest information leaked by snowden. the # document said uk spied on the israeli leaders office three years. >> our reporter asked if it's time to make a deal with the nsa leaker. >> snowden is believed to have a million and a half more documents that have never been released. given that would you or the president consider granting him amnesty in exchange for him
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never releasing anymore documents? >>lessly, we don't think he deserves amnesty. we believe he should be sent back and have his day in court. >> if what he's released so far has been so damaging and he has a million and a half more document, how important is it that he not release those? what would we offer him? >> you know i'm not going to get into a negotiation with you on camera about something that -- >> you seem to suggest no. >> the position of the united states is he ought to come back and face justice. >> has he directly indirectly in anyway proposed such an arrangement? >> not that i'm aware of. >> this past week the federal judge ruled the nsa bulk collection of american phone records revealed in snowden's leaks almost certainly violates the constitution. a panel of intelligence and legal experts urge the president to impose new restrictions on
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the nsa. >> according to an article in the new yorker every time there's been a question about putting restraints on the nsa up to now the president sided with the intelligence community. >> what the nsa and the intelligence community does as a whole is designed to protect americans and allies. they do a heck of a good job. >> officials in the intelligence community have been untruthful both to the american public in hearings and congress and to the five court. >> there have been cases where they have inadvertently made false recommendations, they themselves have discovered and corrected it. >> when you have so many phone records being held e-mails, heads of states phone conversations listened in to. has it been worth our allies being upset? has it been worth the tech
7:17 am
companies being upset? has it been worth americans feeling that their privacy has been invaded? >> it's been worth what it took to protect the united states. the fact we have not a had a successful attack on our homeland since 9/11. that does not mean everything in the present ought to be done the same way in the future. >> the nuclear agreement with iran does not mean the white house trusts iran's government. it will keep track of iran's nuclear program and punish iran if it breaks the agreement in six months trying to build the nuclear program. after being released from prison the members of "pussy riot" were serving time for protesting in a church against putin. the two were freed last week. their amnesty is seen as putin's attempt to soften criticism ahead of the winter olympics.
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morning officials in south africa say the plane was on the wrong taxi way. four people inside the office was injured when the building was clipped by the plane's wing. a tour bus crashed sending people to the hospital. rescuers freed the driver and 38 passengers. one passenger says the bus was coming from a casino. . time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the the al qaeda leader disobeyed orders this month. it happened on the in the assault on the defense ministry that killed 52 people. a colorado community is mourning a victim of this month's high school shooting. claire davis died saturday. she was shot in the head by a classmate at arapahoe centennial
7:19 am
more than a week ago. a hundred marriage licenses for same sex couples was issued after the ban was lifted friday. authorities said they would suffer harm if later a nulled in utah. apple struck a deal with china moble, the world's largest cell phone carrier. it's expected to boost iphone sales in china and worth billions of for apple. 750 million subscribers are in china, twice the u.s. population. tiffany and company ordered to pay swiss watch maker swatch almost $450 time for your first check of your local weather. >> plenty of sunshine around the bay area. we're starting out with patches of thick fall in the valley, but high pressure over high and the jet stream
7:20 am
staying to the north and we're going to keep things dry today. temperatures by the afternoon going to be running above the average. let's plan 60s outside and mid 60s in san jose and 65 in livermoore and 62 in san francisco and 64 degrees in red wood. and staying drive-thru drew through christmas. -- and staying drive-thru christmas.
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new trouble with old spacesuits hold up a new trouble with old space suits hold up the space walk. what is called bubble gum and taste fix. news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local report. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to toyotathon. how can i help? i'm here to get a camry. oh, camry is reliable and really fun to drive. sounds like i hit the jackpot again. again? [ man ] hey honey. i got you this mochaccino and on the way i rescued this puppy. mm. [ male announcer ] right now during toyotathon, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2014 camry. for more great deals visit toyotathon is on! ♪ ♪ toyota. let's go places. jingle bells might be getting rattled but your nerves aren't. you know walmart's still got the xbox one.
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after a shooting in san francisco's yerba buena neig good monday morning. 7:26 and i'm frank to get you updated around headlines in the -- a man is in critical condition. the shooting happened a few minutes before 2:00 this morning. wild weather could impact your travel plans no matter where you're flying too. bay area airports have been busy and there have been delays. be sure to check ahead. the kid stolen at a bay area shelter have been found. two month old arizona was getting ready to be adopted when a visitor to the san francisco animal shelter took the kitten, but they found little arizona. traffic and your weather coming
7:27 am
up right after the break.
7:28 am
>> we're getting reports of police activity in san francisco and there are some street closures around market. our new crews are work woulding to gather new information right now. here's a live look. they never turn on the lights this morning. traffic has been light coming into the city, so that's a great early holiday gift for you from the east bay and there is no 7:30 service to the next fairy ride is at 7:50. another sunny day around the bay area with mild temperatures. the sun coming up. some of those building up. and it's going to be hazy toward the afternoon and temperatures are going to run over the advantage in the 60s in most spots and we're going to see changes as we head through the next couple of days. lacks like we see clouds coming our
7:29 am
way, but it looks like we're staying drive right through christmas day.
7:30 am
firefighters and police turned into a dog's best friend in massachusetts on sunday. they saved a golden retriever who fell through a frozen river 50 yards off shore. officers received a 911 call from the dog's frightened owner. they tracked him down using gps. he's back safe and sound. >> look that giant good stuff. welcome back to "cbs this morning." hollywood taking action off a real life cliffhanger. you'll see why some of the biggest motion pictures are leaving town to become run away hits. >> plus a final wish for a woman who knew she would never see it happen. a letter allowing a husband and father to move forward. that's ahead. two american astronauts will
7:31 am
have to wait until tomorrow morning to make urgent repairs aboard the international space staigs. they were set to replace a faulty pump this morning. as terrell brown reports, saturday's spacewalk brought new progress and a new problem. >> sunny day. >> beautiful day. >> reporter: by most measures saturday's spacewalk to fix the space station was a suction says. astronauts were able to disconnect and remove and reinstall a pump for a cooling station sooner than expected. nasa hoped to get even further ahead of schedule ahead of time but ran into some issues. during the walk mastracchio raised concerns about the temperature inside his spacesuit. >> the only issue i'm having is very, very good. i've got very very good air flow in my boot us but my toes
7:32 am
are quite clear. >> reporter: the crew pressed on but they cut their mission short by about an hour. i'd like to restore this old module, clean up and call it day. >> okay, guys. we're going to wrap up and do some cleanup now. >> reporter: it wasn't until they returned to the space station that mastracchio's spacesuit was filling with water. the issue this time around was difference and likely caused by a minor mishap inside the station. the second planned walk is prepared for tuesday. if all goes well on christmas eve, no additional spacewalk will be needed giving the astronauts one more reason to celebrate. for "cbs this morning," terrell brown, new york. cbs contributor professor michio kaku is with us this morning. good morning.
7:33 am
>> we heard about the snorkel and pads fixed. now you're calling it a bubble gum and space fix. what's going on with these suits in. >> in the same way hollywood fears wardrobe malfunction, nasa spears spacesuit malfunction. these suits are more than 35 years old, older than some of the astronauts himself. as mentioned one astronaut almost drowned in july when his spacesuit filled up with water. nasa is not taking chances. they're using pads behind the head to act like a diaper. imagine snorkeling with diapers in outer space. >> so the spacewalk was successful and then they encountered this prom. how serious is the new issue and will water continue to accumulate? >> this time there appears to be yet another problem. a spacewalk had to be cut short because one of the astronauts complained it was freezing cold
7:34 am
inside the spacesuit. that's not supposed to happen. they believe there's a second malfunctioning issue. when you're in outer space, death is only seconds away. that's why they have to make sure they're right on schedule. >> now we're hearing as opposed to three spacewalks there could be two. is that the silver lining? >> the good news is the last mission was a success. they came in early. meaning they may not need a third spacewalk on christmas day if they can simply put in the new unit in time. we have to realize there's nothing as routine as a spacewalk yochl u have to expect the unexpect. that's rule 1. >> if water enters the spacesuit again, they'll have to call it off immediately and fix it. >> that's right. they had to cut short the last spacewalk because it got cold in there and if there's any
7:35 am
malfunction whatsoever they're going have to call it off and that could lead to another problem down the line. >> professor, thank yos very much. it's an important week for the studios. eight major films are coming out but hollywood is involving another kind of drama. james cameron is shooting his sequels as far away from tinseltown as he can get. ben tracy looks at how they can stop the movies from moving. >> reporter: james cameron says he'll spend $412 million making his next three avatar films. >> it's quite a thrill to be official i willy saying the we'll bring our films to new zealand. >> reporter: it's a boon to new zealand and another blow to los
7:36 am
angeles. it's a place where they make their decisions but not their movies. tom is the former president. he says he feels like peter finch in "network." >> most of the movie industry television industry should be pointed to los angeles, not louisiana. we're like rocky, we're getting beat up in the early rounds and we can't stop it unless we do something. >> in 1997 there were more than 447 production days. in 2013 that dropped. almost every blockbuster movie this year was filmed outside of california. tv shows from "homeland" to "american horror story" are based in north carolina and new orleans. so l.a.'s new mayor eric
7:37 am
garcetti is focused on keeping hollywood in hollywood. the entertainment industry generated over 500,000 jobs. >> how do you fix this problem? >> tax policies and jewish guilt. it's like we're laying down. light detroit said go ahead carren companies. don't let that happen. l.a. can't let that happen. >> garcetti appointed sherek the new film star to cut through the red tape but what they really want are tax credited. new zealand raised its credit from 15% to 25%. new york state spends $428 million each year to lure
7:38 am
predukzs. california just $1 md. hoping to be able to make hollywood an offer it can't refuse. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> a wife and mother who battled cancer left something behin the service was very moving, wasn't it? yes, it was. i'm so glad we could be here for larry. i was surprised to hear there was no life insurance. funerals are so expensive. i hope larry can afford it. i know. that's why i'm glad i got a policy through the colonial penn program. do you think they have coverage for me... something that'll fit into my budget? yes.
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what does that say? you can read it. >> it's santa claus? it's dad. >> it's your dad. >> awesome. first lieu ten nanlt nick aldridge of the minnesota
7:43 am
national guard dressed up as a snorkeling santa to surprise his kids kids. he was gone in afghanistan for a year. he didn't see his youngest child. she was born while he was overseas. now he got to see them. this morning a note is getting worldwide attention. it proves the power of ever lasting love. don dahler is here with us this morning. this is a real tear jerker. >> get the tissues ready. good morning, vinita good morning, jeff. the radio station has an annual tradition. listeners send in wish letters and they have handful they grant. they've been fulfilling christmas dreams for more than 20 years but they had never receive add letter quite like this. >> since i found out about this i thought a lot about what i would do if i were in your position. >> last week the host of des moines radio station star 102.5 invited listener david smitz to their annual christmas show but
7:44 am
they didn't reveal to david who sent in the wish for the family. >> he said it was too personal to get on the phone. >> they red this letter to dierchd the air. >> hello. my name is brenda smitz. when you are in receipt of this letter i will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer. >> reporter: the letter was dated october 23 2011. she had already passed way but she had given a note to a friend with instructions when to mail it. >> i told her once my loving husband david had moveded on and met someone to share his life with again to mail this letter to all of you at the station. >> reporter: david recently met and fell in love with jane abraham. he proposed to her this september. brenda had three wishes for the family she left behind their four sons as well as the new family david was starting. >> reporter: i was hoping one smalling at you auld could do for me could change and help
7:45 am
their lives forever and they know i am with them always. >> first, a weekend of pampering for david's new partner. >> make her smile and know her efforts are truly appreciated from me. perseverance will prevail. thank you. i love you, whoever you are. >> her second wish to david and their children. >> for the family a magical trip, somewhere where they all can enjoy their company and companionship as a family and create those memories that will be with them forever. >> reporter: lastly brenda wanted to give a night of food and fun to the hospital staff that cared for her during her final days. it was a letter david wasn't expecting to receive, but one that didn't surprise him either. >> those are the things she did. she had great foresight. but after -- you know afterward, quite touching. >> as a part of her final wish brenda left a separate letter addressed to david's new wife.
7:46 am
>> the biggest thing is she said i love you, and that was the hardest most gracious thing that i received. >> may god bless and keep all of you safe there. thanks for this. when you wish upon a star brenda. >> a number of local businesses chipped in to make brenda's wish come true. they sent donations and got them a trip to disney world. >> i don't know how that best friend got through that letter without sobbing. >> she looked past herself and what would help heal her family. it's astounding. >> that's a remarkbling story. th plenty of sunshine around the bay area. we're starting out with a couple of patchy thick fog. otherwise, high pressure over head and the jet streams staying to the north. we're going to keep things dry
7:47 am
today and for the for ceasable temperature. these averages are going to run -- these temperatures are going to run above the average. 62 in san francisco and 62 in red wood city and staying dry through christmas and saturday and sunday. ♪ >> love it. >> this morning he'll tell charlie why he has. written a song like that for 20 years. that's ahead of "cbs this morning."
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>> take it paul. >> thank you very much. me and john would be out there. >> i thought you were stuck in traffic. i was, but then i took a city bike. >> oh very good. >> am i too late to sing a song? >> no of course not.
7:52 am
♪ have yourself a very merry christmas now ♪ >> everyone wants the fat one to come to their house for christmas and we don't mean santa claus. we'll tell you about el gordo, the world's biggest lottery. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." obvi. he's amazeballs. he's, like, the hottest hottie that ever hottied. he's, like a hottie times infinity, plus another infinity. and his smile is totes adorbs. totes mcgotes. it's cray-cray adorbs. totes mcgotes. trouble understanding others on the phone [ male announcer ] in honor of the important things you do due to a hearing loss? save up to $100 on any new phone visit or call 877-805-5845. when you switch to sprint.
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7:56 am
oakland police are investigating man in a good morning. 7:56 i'm frank on this monday to get you updated. oakland police investigating the shooting death of a man in a walmart parking lot. the 24 year old man was found around 12:45 yesterday afternoon on edge water drive and he had been shot once and pronounced dead at the scene. police haven't released his name and there's no information on any suspects. today an understand -- she's on life support. according to court documents, three doctors determined that she's brain dead. we've got your traffic and monday weather holiday weather.
7:57 am
it's all coming up right after the break.
7:58 am
good morning police are telling folks in an area in san francisco near sewer and maine there's police activity. so market and sewer that interception remains block. here's a live look out side. free and clear. they nevered on the lights this morning. looks good. that is your latest traffic. >> a lot of sunshine around the bay area. we have seen patches but we're going to see hazy sunshine all day long. over in the financial district, it's a spare of the date. numbers by the afternoon into the 60s. we stay high and dry through christmas and probably until the
7:59 am
end of the year.
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." target faces lawsuits after thieves steal data from 40 million accounts. one bank is limiting customers' use of debit cards. snow and ice slow down holiday travelers across the country. we'll check on the big storm that is dumping heavy rain on the east coast. and one photographer's camera captures some of the biggest rock stars in the world. she looks back at a lifetime of work. first here's a look at today "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the company could have done something sooner to prevent something from happening. >> why can't we beef up security on the cards so it doesn't happen? >> it would be so easy except for one thing -- the cost. >> pretty much everything but
8:01 am
the kitchen sink. today, still an ice concern around boston, interior parts of new england. >> today marks the first major deadline to sign up for insurance under the new health care law. >> as always this is a working vacation for the president. he's getting a number of briefings on the situation in south sudan. >> these stations are over 35 years old, older than some of the astronauts themselves. >> we're bringing the "avatar" film to new zealand. >> the motion picture industry television industry. >> manning lets it fly. it's caught by thomas! >> it wouldn't surprise me if julius whipped it, tried to get her phone number in exchange for the ball. >> i'm jeff glor with vinita nair. charlie, gayle, and norah are off today. target is starting to feel the heat from customers this morning
8:02 am
after a security breach exposed 40 million card accounts. at least five lawsuits including class action cases are now filed around the country. they say millions of dollars in damages for shoppers. jpmorgan chase is limiting withdrawals from customers whose debit card information may have been stolen. they can only take $100 a day out of air atm purchases and debit purchases are limited to $300 a day. millions of americans are getting an icy christmas. an ice storm on sunday nonged out part of hundreds of thousands of homes from oklahoma to new england. many of those houses could still be in the dark on christmas day. bad weather is blamed for nine deaths over the weekend. airlines are getting back to normal now after canceling hundreds of flights yesterday. other parts of the eastern u.s. are seeing heavy rain and record high temperatures. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz is watching the weather. good morning once again. >> jeff vinita good morning. certainly interesting and at times a damaging weekend in
8:03 am
terms of weather. today, still tracking rain on the east coast. that may slow things down a bit in the 95 corridor. see that band of rain from raleigh to florida? also interior parts of new england, still some ice, boston, up into new hampshire and maine. rain totals 1 to 2 inches. those are some of the places that will be most affected. otherwise it's the cold throughout the upper midwest today. as you head towards christmas eve, it moves to the southeast. for christmas itself most of the country on the chilly side except fer southern california and florida. a little more comfortable christmas day. lots of sunshine in the west big area of high pressure over the great basin. no big travel issues. santa ana, keeping things warm in so cal. a weak clipper, not a major storm. cold for the northeast and the southeast and a few showers across -- or rain showers on the east coast of florida. no snowflakes flying there. if you are looking for snow on the ground when you wake up in christmas, snow cover just shy of 50%, almost exactly the same
8:04 am
snow coverage we saw this time last year. back to you. >> eric, thank you. today is the deadline to sign up for obamacare for american who is want health insurance on january 1st. the obama administration changed the rules last week allowing more people to buy low-cost catastrophic coverage. the white house says more than 1 million people have now signed up using or individual state websites. the goal enrolling 7 million customers by march. this morning, gold is opening near a three-year low. on thursday, gold prices fell to $1195 an ounce. it's the latest xhapter this a steady decline after hitting a peak $1,921 in september 2011. matthew hart is the author of "gold: the race for the world's most seductive schedule." it's published by simon & schuster, a division of cbs. good morning. >> good morning. >> it really shot up and the decline has been precipitous here. what's happening? >> well you know, that's the price you pay for buying
8:05 am
something that the analysts call the emotive metal, the sentiment indicator. when the emotion is right, it goes up. when the emotion sort of subsides, it settles a little. it's emotion that dlooefrove that spectacular rise. lehman lehman brothers collapsed in 2008. that kicked up the prices on gold. money already nervous about asset price, the gold price was already going up, that kicked on the afterburners and in less than three years it shot from $800 an ounce to almost $1,900. scroll ahead to today, people are not quite so worried. the data the economic indicators are better, people a little more relaxed so, they're starting to get out of gold which is after all, a delgado asset. >> production is interesting in the sense china has taken over. when i think of china, they don't have a large single mind. how are they going about
8:06 am
outproducing places like south africa? >> you're right. they don't have one big gold mine. they have tens of thousands of small gold mines. and illegal gold mines. what happened was in 1908 the chinese government relaxed restrictions on who could mine and half the population poured out into the countryside and basically settled anywhere there was a flake of gold a gold mine. there are small mines all over china and many many illegal mines, some of which i saw, and when you put it all together it makes a very very efficient operation for extracting gold 370 tons a year and they buy more from other countries. >> you're right about all the corruption and the violence that can be associated with this trade. is there a way for people who are looking to buy gold to figure out what went in to securing in that? >> that's good question. it's a question that pops up this time of year when people are frequenting jewelry stores a ittle more. the plain truth is no there's
8:07 am
no way to tell whether the gold you're buying came from say, a war zone. i mean the biggest source of that kind of gold blood gold, if you will like blood diamonds is eastern africa in the democratic republic of eastern congo, where something like $500 million worth of gold a year is mined by brutal regimes that terrorize and inflate whole populations. and as things stand now, there isn't any way for the buyer to walk into a store and tell where it came from. if you want that to happen start walking into a store and saying, is there any way i can tell where this gold comes from? if they say no there isn't, walk out. and you bet they start to find a way to tell where it came from. >> a little disconcerting. vest interesting read. matthew hart thank you very much. the book is on sale now. a new york public relations person is out of a job apologizing for what is being called the tweet heard around
8:08 am
the world. on friday justine sacco wrote, "going to africa. hope i don't get aids. just kidding. i'm white." >> her words sparked global outrage before her flight even landed. she was terminated as communications director on saturday. sunday she said words cannot express how sorry i am and how necessary it is for me to apologize to the people of south africa who i have offended due to a needless and careless tweet. cracker barrel customers can buy "duck dynasty" merchandise again. they reversed their decision two days after yanking items from the shelves. on friday the tennessee-based company removed the products from the store after an interview with phil robertson. a giant christmas lottery in spain is spreading cheer this morning. the drawing for the el gordo contest brought a massive
8:09 am
jackpot with thousands of winners. mark phillips has the latest from london. good morning. in spain where recession and government austerity lingers like a winter cold that won't go away there's a unique christmas ritual that offers a little relief for a while. the spanish santa doesn't care if you're naughty or nice, only if you ear lucky. they call it el gordo, the fat one. and the main prize in spain's christmas lottery at over half a million dollars is a good lump of money. the fervor over ticket buying has become a national institution. but for 200 years the spanish christmas lottery has had a special tradition. in addition to offering big prizes, it offers a lot of smaller ones with more than $3 billion in total up for grabs. people form syndicates to buy tickets in the hope of spreading the windfall even further and escaping the destitution that with an unemployment rate stuck
8:10 am
above 25% so many in spain endure. so no simple machine spitting out balls reveals the winning numbers here. instead, it's a choir of child angels. and as luck would have it -- many of this year's winners came from some of the hardest hit areas of the country, a town where the main appliance plant has gone bankrupt and laid off 2 million people. and a working class suffer in madrid, where there's no work. 53-year-old alfonso martinez was one of the big winners. he said the travel agents where he used to work closed up and the bosses disappeared. no severance pay. this woman, another winner says her family has been living on welfare. and this woman sald she'd buy a house and help out her children all of whom are unemployed. as economic fixes go winning the lottery only works for the lucky. most people in spain are still
8:11 am
unlucky. still, the annual event does offer a diversion and some hope. one cautionary note to end this with. part of this os ter ti program for the first time this year the spanish government is going to tax any winnings above $3,000. merry christmas. >> it still pales in comparison to our
8:12 am
tony bennett calls billy joel the poet performer, and philosopher. the man behind piano and and just the way you are talks with charlie rose about the music he really likes. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ad on "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
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8:16 am
new york known for its breath taking views is coming back from disaster. how a last-minute decision saved a classic. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by hershey's kisses chocolates.
8:17 am
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf and to your home. starting at $99.
8:20 am
sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf and to your home. starting at $99. times the best way to see manhattan is from the distance. brooklyn's river cafe offered fine dining and a spectacular view. last year's sandy flooded the cafe. after 14 months of work it's finally ready to reopen. just don't expect the owner to rethink his ways. >> i grew up in storms and
8:21 am
hurricanes. it was just another storm. >> just another storm. >> just another storm, although it was a helluva storm, a helluva storm. >> the night sandy ripped up the east coast buzzie o'keefe lost much of his life's work. the river cafe a new york city treasure that floats out under the bridge and floats out over the skyline, what was left behind was almost barely recognizing. it was almost wiped out even tirely if not for o'keefe's last call. >> i told the guys if it gets any worse and started to rock 'n' roll, open the doors and let the river flowing. >> and it did. >> it did. >> for well over a year o'keefe has been rebuilding and making sure the whole operation is hurricane proof. his new showcase kitchen, all the walls will be enclosed with
8:22 am
waterproof foam. the electrical wiring is overhead and he takes every city building code and tries to double it. if they want a 2-inch beam we give them a 4-inch beam. if they want a foot above the water, we give them two feet above the money. >> it's an expensive task but spending money has never been a problem. since it opened its door in 1977 it's had a die hard reputation. >> simple fresh. sweet. >> quality always comes first. >> everything in here is the best. if you want to have a great hard cheese, you have to get the best. if you want to get the best wines, you have to go to certain vineyards. some will be in california but many will be in france spain, italy, other cases.
8:23 am
would we make more money selling hot dogs and beer? probably probably. i don't sell hot dogs and beer. we don't sell inferior products. >> that stubborn philosophy is why o'keefe doesn't buy in many of the local industry local and foraged woods. >> they come up the young people wanting to discover something new. if it was a new frog they'd be all over the new frog. we try to find the people who produce the best eggs the best chicken, the best butter. >> you're seen as a traditionalist. >> yes. i think society is becoming rude you know. rude, very rude. so we have a jacket policy. i've had a gum policy for years. >> i'm glad i took it out before
8:24 am
i got here. why is that jacket so important for you? >> it's just a -- it's a sign of respect when you're going out. we're trying to hold the line to manners. it's a very -- manners is a very nice thing. >> that's why for o'keefe, the river cafe is more than a restaurant. it's a reminder that even when starting over from scratch, some things should never change. the cafe begins taking reservations tomorrow and plans to be up and running in 2014. spending a little bit of time with buzz, it's not just the food you learn about, it's the carvings on the back of the chair, the way he builds a floor, every single them for him. >> i like the old school approach. i just asked. did you get in? >> i didn't. i ate a little bit of food. it's delicious. billy joel says he can write pop songs but didn't want to
8:25 am
how he neurologist will examine 13-year ol good morning, everyone. 8:26 and i'm frank to get you updated on bay area headlines. an independent newerologist will examine 13-year-old mac math as her family fights to keep her alive. the teenager is on life support at children's support. the police are looking for a person who shot a man to death. the shooting happened on red wood parkway. that happened around 8:00 last night. we're counting down tonight's regular season kickoff at candle stick park. live coverage starts at 4:30 here on kpix. and stay tuned for the 5th quarter and bye bye baby.
8:26 am
our special look back at the stick. that's traffic and your weather coming up right after the break. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ ♪ green giant ♪ [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for
8:27 am
taste. good morning, we're watching a four car crash and it's partially breaking on an on ramp. the mean freeway aren't impacted and it's a brief move commute towards oakland. traffic is much lighter than we see at this time of the morning
8:28 am
and those north bound lanes heading into downtown. over to the bay bridge, they didn't turn on the meet or lights. it looks good across the sand and bart is also on time with more than 50 trains. that's your latest traffic. here's lauren. >> we've got sunshine coming our way. high pressure building in over head, but less cars on the road. it should be improved. that high pressure is going to bring sunshine and keep the storm track north to the bay area and going to be the driest year on record. we've got hazy sunshine and temperatures about 65 in san jose and 65 in santa rosa and 63 in fremont. next couple of days including christmas day it's going to be sunny and bright and partly cloudy on saturday.
8:29 am
female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. - thank you for helping foster kids. - thank you for the school supplies. - thank you for the new shoes. - thank you, secret santa. - and thank you for donating money. female announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent anyone can help a foster child. - thank you. - thank you. - gracias por la ayuda. [baby chuckles] - thank you.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour it's still rock and roll to him. billy joel sits down with charlie rose to talk about his kennedy center honor and how the courage of his teenage girl inspired him when he needed it the most. plus photographer lynn goldsmith uses her camera to tell the story of some of music's biggest names. now she's taking fans behind the scenes. anthony mason is in our toyota green room to look at memories from everyone from michael jackson to a former boyfriend named bruce springsteen, that's ahead. this morning's headlines. "new york times" says air travelers are being packed like sardines. there's 10% less space between seats compared with 20 years ago.
8:31 am
did we need them to tell us that? i think we knew. the san francisco chronicle looks at the closing of candlestick park after more than half a century. the 49ers host the atlanta falcons tonight in what's likely to be the last game in the stadium. and hollywood reporter says "fast and furious 7" will be released in 2015. on facebook sunday co-star vin diesel posted a picture with walker. he calls it the last scene we filmed together telling fans there was a unique sense of completion of pride we share in the film we're now completing, the magic captured and just how far we've come. billy joel will be playing monthly concerts starting in january. he talked with charlie rose about his award, his career and what brought him back from darker times. ♪ >> if i had within the sound of
8:32 am
my voice a hundred thousand of most intense billy joel fans what would they most want to hear you play? >> probably want to hear "piano man." >> the songs all wrote while playing in a los angeles lounge. ♪ sing us the song ♪ >> had become a stadium size anthem. >> when artists whose songs are sung around the world but which are thoroughly wonderfully american, we honor billy joel. >> praised by the president and celebrated as a kennedy center honoree. >> just give me a sense, a boy from long island sitting there
8:33 am
with the president, first lady and some other artists who you have to admire. >> all of the people who were the honorees i was impressed with. >> exactly. >> sitting in the president's box in the nation's capitol and not doing anything but watching other people perform my stuff. ♪ she's got a way about her ♪ ♪ seen all of the movie stars and their fancy cars ♪ >> it was a little overwhelming. what's the yiddish word? >> raised in a working class neighborhood on new york's long island, joel took to the piano at an early age but preferred making up his own melodyies as opposed to playing the classics. >> i got tired of reading
8:34 am
motzart and chopin. and later on in life i started writing words to the music. >> the melody's first? >> melody and chords are first. >> and you hear it in your head? >> yes. just the way you are started out i was in a meeting with an attorney and accountant and this thing came in my head i had dreamt it and it reoccurred. i'm walking down the street to get to the piano and how do i remember this? don't go crazy, any dopey words to hold on to the melody. i knew that wasn't going to be the final lyric. ♪ don't go changing to try and please me ♪ >> just the way you are became billy joel's first top ten single, a milestone not achieved until his fifth solo album. >> i put out something like four albums on columbia records before i had a successful hit album. i don't think people can do that
8:35 am
anymore. i don't think a record company will stay with an artist that long. >> thankfully columbia stuck with him because the hits kept coming. joel's next 8 studio albums all reached the top ten, four making it to number one. we met up during rehearsals for his new year's eve's show in new york where he shared a lifetime of songs. >> when we were in the uk they wanted to hear uptown girl. that was a big hit there. it was princess diana's theme song. i don't normally do it in other places because it shreds. i'm trying to sing like frankie valley in the four seasons. >> just give me a little bit. ♪ ♪ uptown girl, she's been living
8:36 am
in her uptown world ♪ >> it's hard to believe he has not recorded a rock and roll record in 20 years. someone said billy, just try it again. just think about writing more popular songs. >> i've said i just am not there. you know i'm very comfortable writing -- >> but you could if you wanted to. >> i probably could. >> i don't think you lose that talent, do you? >> the thing is you have to want to. >> yeah. >> a lot of people think, you know, you're lazy if you're not writing songs or there's some horrible neurotic underlying reason for not writing songs. it's not that at all. i just don't want to. i never stopped writing. i just stopped writing songs. >> so composer might be first even before song writer? >> that's how i see it. >> because that's where you started with the music. >> yes. that's where it all starts even before there's a song there's
8:37 am
music. >> his first instrumental album was released in 2001 a year that brought the artist a new freedom but also great despair. >> after 9/11 i was in the dumps. and i felt just stunned by the inhumanity. and i went into a deep depression. and i was down for a long long time. >> what's a long time? >> ten years. yeah. >> from 9/11 to 20 -- >> 2010. i had the blues. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ >> through his music he helped heal a city wounded by the events of september 11th.
8:38 am
and again in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> we can't be first responders but i have said we can be second responders. and it's a good thing to be able to do. >> joel says his own decade-long depression finally ended after hearing the story of the young pakistani girl named malala yousufzai. >> she was so brave. >> defied the taliban. because she wanted to go to school. >> yes. she wanted to go to school. a little girl and she was shot in the head. and she came right back and said i'm going to continue doing what i was doing. and i said that's an inspiration. that lifted me out of it. >> really? she did? ♪ friday night i crashed your party ♪ >> and when you're on stage is that the happiest moment? >> when we're on stage and it's cooking and the band is rocking and the audience is having a
8:39 am
great time that's fun. that's a lot of fun. it's a moment. you can't put it in a bottle. >> have you come to the point where hear you are 64? >> uh-huh. >> that you can say well done well done? >> i don't do that. >> you can't do it? >> i don't rest on my laurels. >> it's not resting on your laurels. but you know you've hit it out of the park a lot. >> yeah but there's always the next day. and what's next? >> we've all heard these songs a thousand times and still everyone just drops what they're doing and listen again. >> and he'll be the first singer new year's eve with dick clark. >> should be great to see. all this week we are spending time with each of this year's kennedy center honoree. tomorrow gayle king visits shirley mcclain. >> i wanted to see this in
8:40 am
person because it's from the movie. >> this "terms of endearment" table. >> shirley mcclain tomorrow on "cbs this morning." and you can watch the 36th annual kennedy center honors sunday night at 9:00 8:00 stray #central right here on cbs. i hear bruce. ahead, another musical great, how a photographer brings out a different side of some of the
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
they're known for their image as much as their songs. one of the photographers created one of their most unforgettable looks. >> now she's sharing some of her favorite pictures and stories. anthony mason is with us now. anthony, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. good morning, anita. in the '70s lynn goldsmith was one of the few female photographers snapping pictures of icons like bob dylan, mick jag eric and bruce springsteen. she didn't like the title rock 'n' roll photographer but she was one of the best. >> that's good. yeah. >> reporter: on a cold december morning, lynn goldsmith is trying to capture patty smith. >> she's my favorite to photography. >> since the 1970s she's taken
8:45 am
hundreds of pictures of the rock star and poet. >> oh this i love too. this is a very weird moment. unfortunately i was with her when she fell off the stage and we had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: goldsmith shares her backstage tales and remarkable port foal yeo "rock 'n' roll icons." u2's bono, deborah harry and michael jackson who got shy on her. >> i put on james brown and started dancing. i did my famous slidestep and of course he outdanced me. one of my favorite memories in life will be dancing with michael in the tunnel of love.
8:46 am
>> she's been taking pictures since she was a kid growing up in michigan and florida. >> it's almost like i have to do that to breathe. >> what made you pick up a camera? >> my father was a very serious amateur photographer and like any little girl who wants to connect with her dad, you want to do what he's doing and be part of it. >> reporter: the camera offered something else. >> freedom. >> freedom? >> yeah. freedom. the camera is a passport into people's lives, and i learned so much through other people. >> goldsmith has covered sports and worked for the national gee graph ic graphic, but she's always had a way with musicians. >> and so i would sit in the position that i wanted them to be in or stand or jump or do whatever and i would have them
8:47 am
make the picture. that did a number of things to our relationship. they understand my problems and i understand theirs. >> does it work? i mean when you do that -- >> i've gotten a house in aspen and house here. hello. >> she's helped shape the images of artists like brian adams. >> when he walked in in this green elf-like suit i was like i don't think so. obviously, you know we changed his clothing and we changed his hair and that was his first album cover. ♪ i just can't stand another lonely night ♪ >> sometimes the clothes she put artists in were her own like the studded jacket she put on frank zap pa and bruce springsteen. >> bruce didn't like it?
8:48 am
>> no, not at all. he wore it for less than one roll. i wanted to try it not like i didn't try it with daryl hall just to kind of shift the energy. >> this is bruce in -- >> this is bruce in 1978 in new jersey and this is an example of finding a location that suits what the artist and what they're writing about. >> you ended up having a relationship with bruce. >> yes. >> it started in the '70s but ended when bruce's shadow grew too big. >> listen. i was with bruce when they spelled his name wrong on the marquee, you know. when in israel they thought he was jewish. but as bruce became more well known, one becomes relegated to the identity of somebody's girlfriend and i wouldn't even have liked somebody's wife. >> reporter: lynn goldsmith wanted to make her own mark and
8:49 am
she has. i don't take pictures, she likes to say. i make them. >> i understand the language f certain musicians, and they will use me to put out there what they want other people to see. >> and lynn's life has been almost as fascinating am some of o the musicians she covered. she was a director komanaged grand funk. >> it cease interesting. it's her with her camera. i thought there would be a team. >> i think at times there are. but there you saw her with patti smith by herself. >> do you know what happened to that leather jacket? >> it ended up in the rock and roll hall of f
8:50 am
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>> that does it for us. i guess we're doing it
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makevoc, with your k-p-i-x five headlines... :00 good morning. it is 8:55 on your monday. i'm frank with your headlines. a man in critical condition after a shooting in san francisco. the shooting on howard street happened a few minutes before 2 a.m. today an independent newerologist will examine her. the teenager is on life support at children's hospital in oakland after a tonsil procedure went wrong. three doctors determined that the young girl is brain dead. we're counting down to tonight's final regular season kickoff at candle stick park. it's the niners and the falcons and the coverage starts here at
8:56 am
5:30. our special look back at candle stick park after that. how should you dress for the rain. here's lauren. >> it's going to be a great night for the game. skies should be nice and clear. it's clear outside right now. cool to begin with. down to the 30s and 40s this morning. we'll see plenty of hazy sunshine into the afternoon as high pressure sits over head. there's a cold front that dives into the northwest. that will brain rain. fortunately for us, we're going to keep it dry for now so by the afternoons highs will run above average. 65 in san jose and 63 degrees in fremont. next couple of days, more sunshine. in fact, yeah, it looks like nice weather through christmas day and partly cloudy through saturday. we're going to check out your kpix traffic coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> good morning. we're not seeing hot spots near the bay area. we'll take you outside. here's a live look at sillicon valley. traffic is much lighter than we see. the meter lights remain off. and even through the valley things are looking good heading out into.
8:59 am
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