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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 23, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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>> this is kpix 5 news. >> the family of a girl on my support after she was declared brain dead fighting to keep her alive. today the family may be getting his wish as we hear from doctors at the hospital for the very first time.
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afternoon. >> michelle is off this afternoon. >> more action on the streets and in the court today. the family met with doctors in court this morning. kate? >> reporter: the court has appointed an independent dr. from the children's hospital, a dr. paul fisher, head of pediatric neurology. i can tell you that the family sat in the front row as a judge ordered the test start this afternoon. hospital officials say they will include an eeg and the stand to look at blood flow to the brain and then it's back to court again tomorrow morning. christmas eve they will present the findings. meanwhile, a mother beside herself not knowing what will happen next. >> you never know when. i'm just praying on it. >> it is very unusual to have a hospital telling the family that they will remove someone from
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life support. we just don't understand what children's her he is. >> according to court documents, three doctors have determined she is brain-dead. >> we are very sorry about the complications. we feel a great deal of sympathy for the families as they work through this tragic time. >> the family has requested to bring in another physician to conduct these tests alongside the court appointed doctor. we want to let you know, we did press the hospital on what could have caused this. this is the -- this is what we got. dr. durand said he couldn't comment but he did say because of a complex surgery. even more complicated than tonsillectomy. we asked what he meant by that, and he wouldn't elaborate.
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>> live for us at children's hospital. thank you. family trying to find another hospital to better accommodate, but they say it could take time because of the holidays. >> the federal government has announced a one day grace period for americans shopping for health care. coverage california says it has no plans to extend the deadline. that means uninsured californians still have until midnight tonight to sign up for health insurance that would start on january 1st. >> reporter: for the tens of thousands of californians waiting for health coverage, the holy grail is a little more than a week away, but you have to sign up by the end of today for it to kick in by january 1st. >> do it online. go to our local insurance agent. that is the best way to do it. >> you can also call covered california's phone center, but there can be more than a half- hour wait, and it's likely to get longer as the deadline nears. that's the trend they have seen. enrollment doubled from october to november, and last week up to
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23,000 people were enrolling per day. unfortunately, older californians are enrolling at a higher rate than younger, according to figures four earlier this month. insurers need a higher percentage of younger and healthier enrollees to make the policies financially viable. but covered california officials say they expected more older people to sign up right off the bat. those with pre-existing conditions who have been waiting for insurance they could afford. >> every californian that does the right thing, makes a good-faith effort to get in, we get them across the finish line. >> as for today's deadline, there's no fine for missing penalties. penalties kick in on march 31st. to learn more about your options, go to and search covered california. >> weather across the country making it difficult for a lot of americans to reach their holiday destinations. in the midwest, the first official storm brought some heavy snow. hundreds of thousands from michigan up to the north east may remain
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without power after the storm dropped 2 inches of ice in some spots. at least five people killed by flooding. meanwhile, high winds also took the toll. there was also flooding in neighboring indiana and as far east as vermont. that weather could have an impact on your travel plans no matter where you are going. here's a live look. some other bay area airports. they've been busy this week, but they say they're in pretty great shape. no delays at the moment. >> after four decades and a lot of wind, it is farewell to what the 49ers used to call home. we are about five and half hours away from the last regular- season game at candlestick park. we are live where fans are already lining up. what kind of crowd do we have? >> reporter: good afternoon. we talked to fans who are streaming in here, some even got here when it was dark outside. they want to be part of
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history. >> reporter: it's one of those realtors tricks. you see cracks, they call it character. candlestick park has been a fixer-upper for years. the upgrade to levi stadium means you have no choice but to look back. on the field, the burgundy and gold standard is the catch. the niners have had enough super bowl wins to fill a sleeve. >> first one here. >> armando lopez showed up 10 and a half hours before kickoff. >> loyal to my soil. >> he dropped $200 to be part of today. how could you not, he asked. >> i probably will get to your eye. >> my very first football game was here. >> free tickets at $250 apiece. in her mind, there's not a better birthday present. >> to come to a game and be part of it was exciting.
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>> much as an said. it's unpopular with players. it lacks amenities for the modern-day fan. >> as long as i'm watching the niners, it doesn't matter. >> while this home's location is a realtors dream, it turns out the character and the memories are worth much more. >> there are a couple outside chances that they could host a playoff game or even two, but they will need some help for that. kpix 5. >> will see. thank you. we are counting down to the final kick off. live coverage starts at today at 4:30. stay tuned for the fifth quarter and bye-bye baby, our special look back. and our website is loaded with memories from candlestick. you can also hear jim harbaugh talk about park and submit your own story. check out
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>> target customers file a class action lawsuit against the giant retailer over massive security breach. the lawsuit alleges the retailer should have taken better precautions to prevent thieves from stealing millions of customers data. as a response to the data breach, target offered a 10 percent discount to customers over the weekend, but the giant retailer suffered a 4 percent drop in sales compared to last year. >> i didn't want to use my debit card. scary to lose your information out there. >> other customers are playing it safe and staying away from using the plastic card altogether. >> people are lining up to adopt an injured little puppy that was found on a conveyor belt other bay area recycling plant. this time we called africa colored poodle, very cute, was thrown into a recycling bin on friday who was then picked up by him ecology truck. >> once it was in the truck, they drove back to the many other collections. they traveled back to the site, dumped it into a shoot.
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the shoe goes down for processing and they are hand sorting the trash and out comes this little gem. >> that's what they named her. it is not clear what city she was dumped in. she has a lot of bite marks around her neck, head, and years, and she also has injuries to her hind legs. she is expected to recover. workers at the san francisco animal care and control shelter says she most likely suffer those injuries before being thrown away. >> san francisco police say a shooting victim is not cooperating with investigators. the man was shot in the 500 block of howard street a little before 2:00 this morning. the victim was shot in the stomach. he is reported in critical condition. he's at san francisco general. a stunning crime in new york. a father throws his three-year- old
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before leaping to his own death. what police believe may have set him off. >> plus, a new proposal would divide california into six separate states. why the architect on the plan says splitting up make sense. >> well, it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. okay, maybe not, but will change before the end of the year? could we see some rain? we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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after it crashed on interste 10. the bus went off the shoulder in baldwin park. >> onto a bus headed back from a california casino was was leaving -- left-leaning up on its side after a crash. the bus went off the shorter -- the shoulder. passengers trapped briefly before rescuers freed them.
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13 people were treated for minor to moderate injuries. more american troops have deployed to south sudan. president obama ordered 46 troops to help evacuate americans. 15 americans were flown out of the compound as rebels moved in. an additional 45 troops deployed last week to provide extra security for the u.s. embassy. south sudan is on the verge of a full-blown war as ethnic tribes battle one another. >> police believe a custody dispute maybe the reason why a new york man through his three-year-old son off a high-rise and then jumped to his death. yesterday afternoon responders found the body of dmitry on the roof of a college in manhattan. police say this is the first time the man had been alone with his son since breaking up with his estranged wife. happening today, same-sex marriages will continue in utah. the judge that overturned a 2004 voter passed laws banning gay marriage on friday has denied the state's request to put the hold as it appealed.
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gay couples has been getting married in that state and hundreds more were lined up at the clerk's office this morning. stocks edged higher to begin what is expected to be a slow holiday week on wall street. right now the dow is up. that is good news on this monday. >> we will take it. hundreds of proposals over the years to split california to different states, but the latest take says it's a step further splitting california into 66 separate states. the reasoning behind the big splitting up. >> reporter: there have been hundreds of political proposals to split the state of california, but one silicon valley investor is now proposing a first, the creation of six new states. under the proposal, each state would work like any other state. two senators, governor, and its own laws and regulations. our state is so big and diverse that it cannot be effectively governed. the plan is for california
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voters to consider the six state proposal in november 2014. assuming the proposal makes it onto the ballot and wins, the u.s. congress would have to approve the new states. getting them to create and give us 10 new senate seat is an extremely tough to sell. still, california only has two senators and six times more people than the average state. there may be six new states, and it might not be the answer, but it can get the needed conversation started. >> it isn't your typical destination to celebrate a white christmas. members of the royal decided to celebrate early. a turkey dinner with a banquet table set up in the snow. they finished off the day with a friendly game of soccer. right now it is summer in antarctica. >> no jacket required. they are in shorts. >> of course, at the north pole they are a little busy.
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>> yeah. >> it is showtime. around the bay area, it's really not been feeling like winter at all. winter starting on saturday. again, here we go. hazy sunshine out the door. i-pronoui-pronou n think we could get in your records as had in toward the afternoon. right now it popped up to 59 in santa rosa. throughout the afternoon, expecting hazy sunshine. it's another spare the air day. to could be mostly clear. patchy fog developing. it now looks like a drive- through christmas and beyond. here we go. we do have a cold front trench work its way in our direction. unfortunately, the jetstream to drive to the north. it looks like maybe until the end
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of the year. with that in mind, check this out. on the average year, we usually have about 22 inches of rainfall. by this time of year, guess what, year 2013 could set an all-time record set back in 1849. only about 5 inches of rain so far. right now i don't see another drop in sight. around the state, looking at temperatures in the 60s. a good travel day if you are doing that. but 62 and sunny in the monterey bay. and around the bay, temperatures well above the average. a couple patchy fog beginning to make their way back in. the next couple days other than a few clouds passing through, 9:00 you want to hang out here. this is a nice place to be. temperatures very mild through wednesday, thursday, and friday. partly cloudy skies as we get into the weekend. we are expecting plenty of sunshine, a little bit on the hazy side, sunny and mild. your sunset tonight at 4:56. sunrise tomorrow, christmas eve, 7:23 a.m. good old santa claus. i've been very good this year. i'm expecting him to visit my
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house. >> i hope that doesn't continue. >> two days to clean up your chimney. >> thank you. >> well, it's a reminder of the true spirit. thousands of strangers coming together to help fulfill and eight-year-old's dying wish. that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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successful season for our " for bay area families" camp. lawrence is here now with o more generous donation.
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>> well, we are wrapping up another hugely successful season of our food for various families foundation. >> one more generous donation. >> today we are joined by paul ash, the executive director. paul, our young gentleman couldn't be here from wells fargo, but wells fargo has done a whole lot to help out. >> dave was delayed today, but it does nothing to do later what wells fargo has done. >> they have a lot of volunteers. it's just not the executive taking part. everybody is taking part. >> top to bottom within the organization, many days i will see seat of wells fargo shirts, so you know they are out there supporting. >> financially they've made a big donation. >> $75,000. >> that is great. good for wells fargo. would love to hear that. >> that combined with the volunteer efforts and the other
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assistance they give us is really invaluable. >> of course, if you'd like to make a donation, you can still do that. you can make a donation online. of course, happy holidays and merry christmas to you. >> thank you so much. >> back to you. >> very nice. thanks. thousands gathered over the weekend to help and eight-year- old pennsylvania girl battling leukemia for filling her dying christmas wish. >> and that wish was a street full of carolers. nearly 10,000 people gathered to help make her wish. she is also affectionately called laney. it came true. she was too weak to see her wish come true, but she said she heard it and she felt it. santa shows up at an aquarium in minnesota. and it was the man behind a beer that made it an unforgettable day for for young kids.
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we will explain coming up. >> and a reminder if you've got a consumer problem or a question, give our hotline a call. volunteer standing by right now. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stephanie tantillo shows us to pick the right bell pepp. we're count >> we are on the hunt for something speak this afternoon.
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stephanie shows us how to pick the right bell pepper. >> reporter: hey, we're going to talk about bell peppers. does this not make you want to have a bunch of them? here is a red bell pepper. you want to make sure this has a vibrant red. make sure the stem is still a very vibrant green and definitely still attached. you want firm and they should be heavy for their size. that means that it's very well hydrated. always throw them in the refrigerator so they keep that nice crisp. when it comes to getting them, i like them lightly sautied because i want them crispy. that's your tip of the day. >> we are counting down to the final hours of the kickoff at candlestick park. our live coverage starts today at 4:30, and then stay tuned for the fifth quarter and bye-bye baby. our special look back at the stick. most children this year ask santa to give them a toy. >> these four little kids got the best christmas present they could
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ask for. after almost a year of being deployed in afghanistan, a minnesota army national guard member came home with the help of the aquarian at the mall of america. he dressed up as santa claus and jumped into the aquarium tank and gave his kids the surprise, there it is, of a lifetime. how about that? >> they will take him anyway they can get him. thanks for joining us. remember, big game tonight. >> 4:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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or visit >> liam: [ sighs ] i've been up all night. i've been calling hope. i've been texting. she's not answering. she's not responding. >> brooke: can you blame her, liam? i mean, really. steffy? again? >> liam: whoa-oh! whoa, whoa! this is not -- all this is is a misunderstanding, brooke. is she upstairs? where is she? i got to talk -- >> brooke: no. >> liam: okay. at forrester? >> brooke: no. >> liam: where is she, brook >> brooke: i don't know. >> liam: you don't know, or you're not telling me? >> brooke: to tell you the truth, even if i knew, i probably wouldn't tell you. >> liam: okay. you know what? you're upset with me? fine! you want to yell at me? you want to lecture me? go ahead, just do it after -- >> brooke: hope didn't come home last night.


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