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tv   KPIX 5 News and Pregame Show  CBS  December 23, 2013 4:30pm-5:31pm PST

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happened yesterday. >> we are going to take a look at airline video of candle stick park. this a very familiar site. we've seen celebritied here's. i've never seen it like this and my first game here was in 1980. it was a good time to come in. >> a lot of people can beat you on that. jerry is here. steve young. eddy, dave york. larry this was the home of the san francisco giants. so it is conceivable that the 49ers co-host the play off game if they end up winning thenfc west or the wild card so it looks more than likely that this is the last game. >> first things first they got to win tonight. you are going to be joining us
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tonight. >> at 5 we are going to look ahead to this game tonight. we'll talk more coming up at 5 and take you up to kick off. >> thanks. appreciate it. as we walked in here we couldn't get here without walking through the crowd. a lot of tail gating and special parties. joe versus questions is out there. you've got quite a crowd. >> i'll tell you what. a lot of excitement here. mixed feelings. this is the last day as we walk you over. you can see fans make their way in. candle stick is about to bite the dusk. >> are you sad to see them go. >> i am sad. it'll never be the same.
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tail gating, friends family. >> here in candle stick the 49ers being here for their last game at home is just as big. >> you are saying good bye today. is it sentimental. >> i don't know if it is but we are going to a better place in santa peculiara. it's bittersweet. >> maybe the stadium will be better but there's a lot of memories here. a lot of big moments that'll never happen again. >> you remember the catch. montana to clark. he jumped sky high. that is not the catch. let's try that again. [yelling] >> good bye 49ers. we love you. we'll always be with you. >> you are not going to go down
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to santa peculiara. >> i can't afford it. it's way out of my price range. >> and we are back live. if you don't remember the catch this is what it looked like on the hottest ticket in town right now and as you can see behind me the u.s. marines have already popped open the crystal. a lot of excitement here. we are going to toss it back to you. >> we've got u.s. and the 49ers chant. >> right behind me jerry rice taking a few passes. unbelievable leg test here. an unbelievable reunion. jerry rice and steve young. people are loving this. they are eating this up. i've got to tell you security
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is unbelievable. san francisco police say there are more officers here at this game than they've had for any other game at candle stick making surely fans behave themselves and anybody who might be try taking take home a piece of the stadium. people have been able to buy the seats but not everybody can afford that. chopper five checking out. traffic is expected to be very heavy eye. they are being impacted too. if you are coming to the stick you better have taken puny or capital train. the game is going to start in a little more than an hour but candle stick is in a neighborhood that is appreciated and been a little resentful i am might say about the stick. a lot of people are sorry to see it go and have made money on the stick. i paid $25 to park in their
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driveways. >> yeah, allen. you are right. this is a very sad day for a lot of people out here in the candle stick be neighborhood because they were making money. you can see some cars were up on the sidewalk but they are allowing people for a price to park in their driveway. love it or hate it it's been the fabric of this neighborhood but for the businesses they are going to miss the people that converge on any neighborhood game day. ♪ [ music ]
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of course this isn't the first losing season. >> 82 games. that was a bigger hit. >> now the football team flys south. >> i went down toll a better venture. san francisco didn't want them obviously. >> but a good one. >> this place you actually have to drive down and make the trip to come here. closing them won't be making the trip down here anymore. >> it's not just businesses.
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>> i live the in the bay view district. >> a san francisco neighborhood known more for struggles than love affairs. >> we could stake claim over every other part of the city. sometimes it's fun to be in the atmosphere of everybody loves the home team. >> and so tonight is good bye. >> i'm going to pay my respect. i'll probably sit there and cry like everybody else. >> the neighbors considered it a piece of san francisco this farewell is not exactly a fond one. >> i'm glad they are not changing their name that's for sure. >> usually it's money so good luck down in silicon valley where all the money is. it's all about money, brother.
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>> and that traffic is still going in anticipating the game. i remember being out here for news back in 19289 covering the world sears when the 1989 hit and i saw the stadium lights swaying back an forth. itself was pretty scary. >> everybody has some great memory april remember that and it was a tragedy but it is linked with the park. the falcons are taking a few practice punts. so are the 49ers. kick off is less than an hour away. we are going to be talking about more of the history how it got started and some of the most memorable moments but for now as eddy money plays in the back ground let's go back to the studio for news.
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william talk to the guy who saved this injured poodle from certain death at a recycling center. >> i feel like my daughter is on death row. >> we've heard a lot about the family with the girl left brain dead. we are hearing from the hospital. >> in a moment we are going to hear about the weather. game time forecast as well as a beautiful look out towards the bay bridge. forecast for a dry week ahead after the break. and why some banks are paying off the crooks behind the massive target breech.
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a judge an pointed an outside medical expert today to evaluate the 13-year-old girl after her surgery went horrible wrong. at oak land's children's hospital right now. >> those tests started over an
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hour ago. we have no word yet. late today the family attorney got a restraining order keeping her on the vent later keeping her family's hope alive. >> keep her alive. >> a small rally erupts outside the hospital all trying to keep a little girl alive at least a little longer. >> i am a mom and i have six sisters and 20 nieces and nephews and this could have been any one of them. >> a judge ordered more medical tests. the 13-year-old is on day ten of life support after appetence critical went wrong. her brain blood flow. >> include to look at blood
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flow to the brain. >> the family got what they want independent med cam testing but not who they want. the family is asking for dr. palm burn from the university who they consider truly independ. >> it's very unusual to have a hospital seeking to tell a family that they have to remove someone from life support and we don't understand what's the hurry. >> as doctors, lawyers and judges a teen age girl legal eaglingers somewhere between the two. >> anyway and you let her go. >> when there's nothing else left that you can do. >> there will be another meeting tomorrow to determine if the second doctor will be a part of the process. they are looking for people who might be willing to help pay
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for it. live in oakland. went into the hospital on december 9 and was put on life support three days later. up next the workers who found this injured poodle recall how they rescued the puppy from a conveyer belt. some am banks are paying the crooks for the stolen accounts.
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a man working at a recycling center couldn't believe what he saw. a puppy coming down a am conveyer belt alive but the hurt. we spoke to the guy today. this 17 incredible. >> absolutely. we will never know how this tiny pup managed to survive this journey and ended up here seconds from certain death but she did. she is improving and eating. her wounds are allege and she was trying to forgot herl close call. she was put into a garbage bag and tossed into a box and dumped here at the center. >> you can see wood, metal,
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sheet rock. really heavy stuff. it's difficult to imagine how the dog survived the movement of this material. >> she also survived a bulldozer that loaded her onto a conveyer belt. it's a machine that shakes everything and dumps onto the sorting belt. just 20 feet from where the belt dumps down the shoot he saw the pump and pulled the switch toll stop the line. >> my co-worker climbed on top and i could see the puppy's head move and try taking climb out. >> she thought the dog was stuffed. >> i found a box and a folded blanket right next to it and i rubbed him off because he was all wet. >> he cleaned up the dog's
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wounds, called animal control and found some food for the dog to eat. after word got out the phones started ringing. >> we are getting a lot of people calling in wanting to adopt her and offer donations for her care. >> how many folks are calling? >> we've received over $1.00 telephone called this morning in three hours. >> they all want to adopt her. >> yes. >> he was feeling pretty good about his role in the rescue. >> it's a christmas miracle. that's what it is. >> investigators are still try taking learn who owned the dog and may have thrown it away and why. reporting live in. don snap. >> multiple lawsuits and a dip in sales. that's the bad news facing target. learned where some of the stolen accounts are showing up.
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this am weekend it'll be limiting withdrawals that may have been comprised at a target story. so some are going to extremes to try to mitigate the damage and in some cases they are paying off the crooks selling those card numbers. >> we are looking at now is a card shopper. >> security expert says this is just one of the many sites now selling the credit and debt card numbers stolen from target customers some right here in the bay area. most are a real steal. >> here we have a discover card selling for $39. >> who is buying them? anyone can but right now banks are trying to limit the damage. >> they sell them to any bidder. it's lining a woman so many. >> the numbers aren't the only
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things hackers have exposed. they've shown how vulnerable the credit card is to fraud. here in the u.s. all of information is stored on magnetic strips that could be comprised. in europe they use chip and pin. the card generates a new card number with every swipe. >> it's got ape tiny computer on board with security memoisms. why aren't we using it until the u.s.? it comes down to money. it would cost billions and new cards at 3 to $5 a pop. considering the costly filament many target customers say it would be a small price to pay. >> i'd love greater security. >> i don't think anything will ever. i wonder if i do this. >> now the security experts say the new system is coming but
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it'll take time and we remain vulnerable. another draw back is many americans find they can't use their credit cards because the more secured cards are required. >> they've got to find ape better way. >> they are going to. >> all right julie. thank you. when we talk about the weather usually it's rough to say the least. it's cold and windy. >> freezing comes to mind. >> of course there you go. >> the famous incident with the giants being blown off the mound something that really didn't happen but it was an icy little ballpark but we loved. >> it's lovely and. >> we are all local and calm for this am time of the year bill pretty calm weather for this time in the bay area. let's have a look. things are going to be like tonight at kick off time clear
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skies and a temperature of 59 degrees. clear skies and 60 degrees at concord. still 66 degrees. as you head out we are going to be looking for things to stay on the clear and chilly side. by 8 tonight we'll be in the low 50s. temperatures are 10 degrees above average for this time of the year inland. al cross the northern tear of the country that icy blast from canada all the way down to the tennessee valley 28 tomorrow. we are not going to get a rain. on christmas day sunny and mild low 60s and as long as this stays in place that's not going to change very much. there's a big dome of high pressure over there and right through 2014 so in the weather helped lines sunny warm
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tomorrow. sunshine all this am coming week and dry weather right through the beginning of the new year. we could get a sprinkle or two through the weekend. this is the driest calendar year in san francisco since the gold rush literally. pin point forecast 68 at sacramento. weather phones be a factor here but other in the country new york gets partly cloudy skies and 39 chicago tomorrow an 18 degrees. over the night lows 34 in? san francisco and 41 in san jose. we are going to be looking at 63 in the city and 66 nye san jose. nothing but sunshine all the way through friday and by the weekend we'll pick up a few clouds and those clouds may give us a chance to pick up a
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sprinkle or two. let's test the theory things are much calmer than the park is legendary for. i'll bet you it's calm out there, allen. >> it's hard not to get excited. some of these players--i'm not a small guy but i feel like a victim. little person around these guys. they got to win tonight. this building here watch born from a promise. the city of san francisco told major league baseball you give us the new york giants and we will build a stadium. in 1958 and it has given us a building that so many people love to hate. >> it was considered is a state of the art am project that has never been duplicated.
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>> was the first all concrete stadium ever made and the last. this is all concrete. it's too expensive. >> the complaints blew in. there were giant splinters in the original wooden seats. even though the wind shocked the public and the players and then there was the cold which prompted a lawsuit by attorney. >> the giants advertised it would be warm and it wasn't. he sued nor the price of the tickets. he showed with a parka and won his lawsuit for $1,500. an. >> an 8 year experiment with astro turf. >> i guess we got to go along with the times of phoney. >> the 49ers met challenges. mainly cramped quarters. >> it was built for baseball. >> i had a couple of lamps
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built to bring the trunks into the shower. >> despite all the complaints the park produced generations of warm memories. montana, rice ands golden age for the 49ers and one of the most remarkable open vents in the history of live television. >> there is like a foot difference. >> candle stick was famously rocked by the battles in their last paying concert. they only played for 30 minutes. the pope packed the house and the giants played their last gig here in 1999. the park suffered black eyes and a black out. the i chronic sign that st. louis using a very much analog
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stadium but tonight one last regular season football game. before the stick goes lights out for good. >> 53 years not bad for a ballpark. you got consider atlanta is replacing a baseball stadium that is 157 years old. we got a lot of am life out of the stick. there's a lot of life out here tonight. most of the 49ers are out there warming up. i also want to tell you for coach john glueden. he is back in the place where his coaching career began. tonight he's returning tonight park and going to join people live on the field as we am count down to kick off in the next half hour. ,,,,
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[ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. i'm allen martin live on the field at
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candlestick park. sports director dennis o'donnell is nd dennis.. we it's 5 and we are here on the field. this place is unbelievable. have you seen the cards they put on all the seats. there's a special deal tonight. >> something is going to happen that the 49ers asked the fans to stick around. nobody knows what the surprise is. resumers ranging from fireworks to paul mccartney. this was the last place the beatles performed the live concert. we'll have that for you following the football game. >> this took on much more importance because of what happened yesterday. >> the 49ers have to win tonight to clinch. if they lose they should beat they got to go to arizona next weekend in a must win game. so if the 49ers lose the final
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two games of the season they will not make the play offs. >> i was distracted because michael just slam dunked right behind you. >> take a look at the 49ers right now. >> this is absolutely. frank is right behind us. >> he's right here and gore is going to have a monster day no. 21 because atlanta cannot and i'm getting to know way too many. >> i don't want you to give it away. >> jeremy is with you. >> coming up. >> let's go out into the parking lot. people have been tail gating and been here for hours. it's wild. >> it is wild and the crowdies are still making their way inside. i want to show you as people go across the bridge them make their way in with a lot of memories and bittersweet thoughts today because whereas
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they are cheering on these niners and have a great chance of playing some more if they make it they are still just sad to say goodbye and we have everybody here from joe montana, collin capper nick. and i want to show you am one more thing. this is the t-shirt of the night. monday night football on channel 5 it should say that and we've only got about five left. so listen, dennis, there is a lot of excitement. a lot of mixed feelings about saying goodbye. >> okay, thanks, joe. tonight is mostly about remembering. you see the action going on but believe it or not this is a very critical football game for the san francisco 49ers. capped nationals carson palmer
5:02 pm
trying to beat the seahawks at home since 2011. your chances aren't very good when you are intercepted four times. to preserve a scoreless game and move it to the fourth quarter. for the go ahead touchdown and a defensive battle seattle dropped to 127-3 on the season. so the bottom line the 49ers must beat atlanta to clinch a spot. if they lose they travel to arizona next sunday in a win or be eliminated game. on the bright side seattle loses next sunday against st. louis the 49ers would win thenfc west. the 49ers are ready for the challenge. >> we are not the same football team that's evident and the belief in this locker room is strong. can't wait anymore next week and and i know what you got to
5:03 pm
way what you look for but the 49ers look forward to that challenge too. >> okay welcome back, everybody. a little bit of pandemonium out here. and here is to my right larry bear, president of the san francisco giants and of course the giants played here many years. what are you the feeling right now. >> we are in a baseball park right now. this was built for baseball. i'm feeling a lot of emotions because the deal is that we all have amazing memories. i know you do. the memory of coming here with my father, willy hayes. what wholly dependable i was 12 this was the greatest place on earth. it was an amazing baseball and football here. >> your best memory? >> the first day walking into the balm park mid 60s with my father to see willy chrome
5:04 pm
center field and over times seeing barry bonds in the out field and haul of famers april would challenge anybody to have memories of a ballpark like the san francisco out of this mark. >> mine ball carrier 71 when i saw willy hit a home run. >> i remember that chris short stop and hit a home run but would be robertson to game 2. >> and larry and i worked for the giants in 9181 before you became aim big star. >> so much fun. how uncandle stick like is it with the weather. >> beautiful. >> you shove never left. you made a mistake. >> go bears! . >> here's jeremy new barry. we are going to talk football as the memories continue to evolve this evening and let's get to business at hand and that is stopping the family
5:05 pm
atlanta tay. >> they have to but at the end of the day you feel the energy and the way these guys are warming up you can feel the electricity over there. i'll be blown away if they don't pull it together. >> you saw what happened in seat emergents arizona so any given sunday and monday pat ryan remains one of the best in the nfl copy despite the -o- am season. >> they are playing behind a offensive line that isn't tough up front and playing one of the best front sevens in football. the 49ers gate after the running back no matter who they put in and that's going to be difference. >> we are going to take a commercial break. much more coming up but we are going talk a little built more
5:06 pm
and take you down memory lane when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're back after this . welcome back. live apt candle stick park. former raider head coach is calling the game tonight. he was in oakland from 1998 to 2011 but got started as an
5:09 pm
offensive assistant with the 49ers. i spoke with him earlier. >> friend or foe. >> it was a friend for awhile and when i became the coach of the raiders they were the foe and i still remember the catch to beat the 49ers bum as an assistant i was with a dye nasty 49er team. >> i'm sure jerry broke a record or two against you. >> i think he could come with his street clothes and get six or seven. >> enough special seifs or memories of the place. >> i remember in 1999 the big monday night game charles asked him to drive to the stadium personally. happy want teed get in the state of mind that continue took to play great. that was the most of inference i ever was. the game teams that we had. that was some kind of time in
5:10 pm
my life. >> indeed it was. and the last four games cap nick is playing attache different level than he was during the first ten. have you noticed the difference in him. >> first of all they rely olive salad their defense and special teams but they run three different systems here. the quarterback driven offense that he expels at like he did anymore college. and they also run a jim beau formation and jam is down your throat. during the day creative scrambling is what separates them. >> the pistol has happy person learned to be a better quarterback because defenses have adjusted to the pistol. >> i think the defense play the 49ers they check into certainly defense tease stop him. otherwise he'll individual them
5:11 pm
like he did but they have not the because of the problem snap looks they get but you better paper. >> years ago the cream rising to the top and that was probably before nfl faraday but a team that goes on to win the superbowl. right now if you look at the scope of the nfl who is the best team in position right now. >> that's for the studio host to talk about. the last three superbowl champions were wild card teams. green bay, the giants, the ravens. the 49ers are as good as their is. they are the defending champion. they have a great defense. their dicker hasn't missed aim kick since 1978. the 49ers are going to have to be dealt with whether they play in the stick or on the road. >> before a spoke with john good man i did ask him about
5:12 pm
the coaching rumors. i think i had him linked to form teams and the rumors are ridiculous. what do you think the chances are. >> slim to none. >> he's making a couple million dollars a year around working probably one 20s of what he has to do as a professional football coach. it's crazy the hours knees guys put in. necessarily time for your family. he's enjoying hag he's doing and he's darin ruf darn good at tuesday i don't see him going nowhere. >> every man has his price and head coach he'd make $8 million. >> we'll see. you played mere for nine years. you came out here all the fans for you. what was your greatest moment as a football player here. >> one was just walkout and hearing all these people just
5:13 pm
so patient screaming and yelling but my biggest memory is down a whole lot and that week coming off a couple game losing streak and the giants won five or six in a row and everybody was talking you guys are going to get killed so i decided too kick their but. we were down by a whole lot and everybody wanted to let me know about it because i came out and coming back and winning that game and being able to talk a lot of crap it was just the most rewarding football game and all the hard work was you may worth it. >> you are a lucky man because you played for the bears and the san francisco 49ers. you get drafted by this franchise at that time. >> i grew up right here 50 miles from this stadium and i've been a fan april couldn't have wrote the story better
5:14 pm
myself. >> well the chapter will conclude tonight most likely the last game at candle stick park. we'll be back with more after this.
5:15 pm
won five superbowls as the owner of the 49ers. he'll never have to buy a drink in this town again even if they were throwing them at him.
5:16 pm
>> in my mind best is 1977. i walked up to the photographer who want teed take a picture up in the upper deck and one of the fans or maybe it was 78, hit me in the head with a full beer and almost knocked me out. that probably sticks in my mind more than anything. the least he could have done was drink it. >> great memories. william already heard from john who will be in the television broadcast tonight. aaron davis my former colleague will be on the radio side. glen with one on one with the pro bowl quarterback. >> you never know who you'll run into. we got with us. eric davis and as you stand here when come on maybe one
5:17 pm
more read or pick. >> you know what, maybe one more time to sit down next to dennis. that right there i'd vice president more fun getting hit. >> i bet you'd love that one. you've been day after day bullet what's the knee jerk memory. >> somebody jokes in the huddle in the middle of the field when you are out there and it's intense and tim mcdonald would say something and certain fans thad would be doing certain things and that's one of the things i remember. i could go so many things but it's little the things. it's the joke in the holdel. it's watching the fans than were here year after year, game after game and watching those kids grow and seeing the changes in the fans. those are the memories that i am take with me in some aspects
5:18 pm
than the plays on the the field. >> we'll get out of here with this one. do you think those guys have a sense of it's history of this place. >> you know when we used to come through that tunnel it's all damp and musky but there's that light and sometimes there's light in salvation and sometimes the train on the other side but when we came through that we knew someone was about to take a but kicking so they have a sense of what's out in front of them. it's not just the closure of this. it's the play offs and it's time forfma ape new era and for new memories to be made in ape new stadium and this is the group that's going to carry that through so them understand and i would be shocked if they don't get it done. >> true words spoken by aaron
5:19 pm
davis. did you hear that? back to you. >> i think eric davis hit it right on the head. the 49ers understand the moment. they understand the history. >> mike clark walking behind us and the crowd just heard it. >> this is right where he made the catch. that's why candle stick is so special. my prediction 49ers by ten. >> i think it's going to be a little bit more than that but it'll be a lot of fun. tim will be in the locker room. vern will be on the field for the special surprise and bye- bye baby tonight. great night of football. thanks a lot. >> thank you and we will see you after the game. ,,,,,,,,
5:20 pm
5:21 pm
joe vazquez is outside the stadium wh in. jo we are just a few minutes from kick off for the final
5:22 pm
regular season game at the stick. joe is outside the stadium. earlier this evening you could barely hear yourself think. inform everybody is scrambling to find their seats. >> kick off is approaching and you can see not just the kick off apreaching but the end of an era. thousands of fans have made their way inside. they are cheering the current team, paying tribute to the past ones and many people are just not sure what to think about the future stadium. there's a lot of time to think about it here as we are getting ready for the last game here. we'll bring you an update after the victory as we talk to more fans. >> excited tom watch. all right, joe. thank you. we'll be right back. ,,
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[ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99,
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enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. after the game, stay tuned r the fifth quarter. then 'bye bye baby we are just a few minutes away from kick off the game starts at 5:40. after the game bye-bye baby our special look back at the stick. thank you for watching.
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the very latest news and weather is always on our web site. enjoy the game. ,,
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falcons/niners on "monday night football."
5:28 pm
stand by, all cameras and roll tape. >> good evening and welcome to nfl "monday night football." >> it goes to homer jones. >> he'll go all the way. >> amazing event. makes rock concerts look like tea parties. >> what a show this man has put on tonight. >> ignition. we have liftoff. >> william perry fights the football. >> tear down this wall. >> and nobody catches beau. >> "monday night football" became a national phenomenal. >> are you ready for some football? >> he got it! he did it! lord, you can take me now, i've seen it all. >> how crazy is this? >> the saints, back in new orleans. back in the superdome. >> yes we can. >> megatron, into the record books. >> i love pro football. every year, you discover a new star. >> seahawks win the most bizarre finish you'll ever see.
5:29 pm
>> what a football game this turned out to be! >> mike: the monday night football launch, engineered by gmc sierra. the unmistakable vista on the edge of san francisco bay. candlestick park, for 54 years, it has hosted scores of great games and magical moments and tonight, some of the men who helped make the stick special are here to say farewell. last scheduled game at this ballpark. the 49ers against the atlanta falcons. hi, everyone. mike tirico, jon gruden, lisa salters will join us on this very special night. we'll get to all the candlestick stuff as we go on. the 49ers get to the playoffs with a win tonight. forget all the small stuff. jon, they may be playing as well as any team in the league right now. >> jon: defensively is where they're most dominant.
5:30 pm
they have a terrific front seven. they are hard to run against. they are hard to pass against. they're hard to score against. they have given up only 16 points a game. and offensively, they're balanced. they have a physical running game with frank gore. they are committed to it. and when they throw the football, colin kaepernick has a healthy corps of receivers with the return of michael crabtree. i think the 49ers are plenty good enough to get back to the super bowl and win it. >> mike: how did atlanta go to 4-10? offensive line woes, injuries. this was supposed to be tony gonzalez making one more run for the super bowl. that's not going to happen. the retiring future hall of famer, likely the last game we'll see him play tonight. >> i feel terrible for gonzalez. really one of the all-time great people and players that we've met in the last 17 years. you hate to see a player go out playing meaningless games. but i feel worse for quarterback matt ryan. because he's been hit a lot this year and he's been hit hard a lot this year. and i pct


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