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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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on kpix 5 news.
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are making off like bandits. this is kpix 5 news. gone in a flash. st slick new way car thiefs are making off like bandits. new at 11:00, betty tells us that the crooks are hitting dealerships, but they're not after the cars that you might think. betty. >> that's right. they're actually after the cars behind the building. you see these two cars parked behind me right now? they're typically not here at this time of night. this is just one example of how this toyota in fremont hopes to deter crime, one that police say was well thought out. >> it wasn't the shiny new cars that a couple of crooks were after, but those around the back that had been brought in for service at the toyota dealership. >> i think it's a crime of opportunity. they know the practice of the dealership. they were able to go on site fairly easily. they showed up with enough
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people. >> over the weekend, the fremont police department says six cars, including a prius and two kmrys were stolen from the lot where at least one gate was left open and the keys were likely left in those cars. >> we got hit. we got hit, and we lost some cars. >> we took the measurement. we lock everything, make sure everything is locked. >> investigators are looking for a group of people who pulled up to the lot around 5:00 a.m. yesterday and pulled off the heist. >> for the people who lost their cars, christmas time. >> down the street, the bmw dealership says two cars brought if for service were stolen off its lot during business hours last week. the keys were inside those cars weight to be washd. >> if you're a customer and dropping your vehicle off to be serviced, you might want to ask the manager or staff on site, you know, what their practice is for securing your vehicle, especially if you're going to be leaving it overnight.
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>> and investigators hope to review surveillance video from this dealership tomorrow. it apparently kauptures part of this crime. it shows four or five people getting out of a car after it pulls up to the service area early yesterday morning. live in fremont, betty, kpix 5. >> bmw is also changing its policy in response to the theft. it's now keeping all keys inside the dealership. the san francisco 49ers defense gets the last word in the last regular-sven game at candlestick park. >> in the end it was a pick six that closed the stick. joe vasquez with the memorable night for 49er faithfuls, joe. >> allen, the lights are still on, but people are heading home. i mean, the fans are going home exhilarated yet exhausted after a very exciting fan finish. >> what was that like? >> oh my god, crazy!
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it was crazy! >> it was a great game, man. high emotions, you know, last game in candlestick's history. it's unbearable. it's unbelievable. >> unbelievable game, but it's also game over for candlestick park. the last regular-shn home game is finished, and with it goes more than 50 years of history. skwl i've seen willie mays throw the baseball. i've seen -- i -- i was here at the catch in 1982. >> jerome ought is a lifelong fan and was even a bartender here way back when. >> thank you, you know, for the experience, for the games, for, you know, making people feel the way we did. >> maybe we'll be back. maybe seattle loses. if seattle loses next week and the niners beat arizona then we're going to be back here for playoffs. >> saying good-bye again. >> yeah. and i'll be here. hopefully you guy ts are here, too. >> so there you have it.
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it's the end of an era. we're going to santa clara unless we're coming back. >> that's it. when i was out there before the game started, i couldn't believe how many people were certain that this was not going to be the last game, and may not be. >> it's still possibly the case. seattle has to lose. the niners have to win again, and then it could be that we'll be back for two post-shn games back in candle stick park. one stadium many people have said is the worst stadium in all of sports, you know it's our stadium. we love it, and people are ready to say good-bye, as well. >> i thought my family said long good boois, but the stick says longer good-byes. well, if this was a final good-bye, you couldn't have written a better story for tonight's game. >> we did the pregame out there. it captured the emotion of historical moment. most importantly, it had the victory. now, one of jim harbaugh's best quotes this week was that he
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didn't want to be part of a team that screwed up the final game at candlestick park, and they almost did. 70,000 there to say good-bye, and the 49ers clefrmging to three-point lead late and then falcons to on side kick and it got passed. the falcons recovered the football. they looked like they were going to win this game, but made a hit on this play, and the ball bowman snatches it out of midair and goes 89 yards for a pick six that put the game on ice. that is the play that will be remembered as the one that closed out what could be the final game at the stick. 49ers go onto win 34-24 and clench a playoff spot. >> it's the best birth day present i've ever gotten, second only to being born. that was -- that was awesome. >> that play right there will go down in history, and we old and gray. we better look back on that. i'm running with him. we better say that's when we were fast.
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>> so real that it's coming to an end and just so many great memories and wow! it was nice for the niners to win this football game tonight. >> jerry rice was there. steve young was there. willie mays was honored. willie was honored. just a perfect night. >> you know what i like, bowman went one minute being the guy with terrible hands and intener interception. >> after the game he reflected on that knowing the cig sniff kans of the moment and how much weight would have been on his shoulders had he not made that play. so it is out with the old, now in with the new. the 49ers going to move to their new home in santa clara next season. construction on the 68,000-seat levi stadium started back in july, 2012, and it is expected to be complete some time early next year. the stadium already slated to host the super bowl in 2016. in other news tonight, police are searching for a smash
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and grab robber who created a chaotic scene inside san jose's east ridge mall. the suspect stashed one of the cases at a jewelry store, grabbed some of the jewelry and ran off. the whole thing lasted just a few seconds, but the sound of breaking glass led some shoppers to think they were hearing gun shots. that sent many of them running for the exits. no one was hurt. the fallout from the massive security breach at target stores is taking a rather interesting turn. there are web sites already selg credit/debit card numbers stolen from target customers. security expert says some of the banks are buying up as many as they can to minimize the potential damage. >> they sell them to not the highest bidder but any bitter, like ran some. >> some of the banks are imposing spending limits on cars that would affected. they could also sue target other the breach. >> a closed-dhoor hearing
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tomorrow will decide the fate of jahi. doctors at children's hospital say the 13-year-old oakland girl is brain dead after complications from surgery. chrisin ayers says her family is vowing to keep up their fight. >> on the second floor of children's hospital, 13-year-old is undergoing a series of neurological tests ordered by a judge to determine if she is, in fact, brain dead. >> i feel like my daughter is on death row because i never know when gonna pull the plug. >> today, that judge granted the girl's family the gift of time. she will stha on a ventilator until at least december 30th while an independent physician, this man, dr. paul fisher, evaluates her. the >> the family is very relieved that their child will not be killed on christmas eve. >> she has been on life support for ten days now, declared brain doed after a tonsil surgery went awry. her family is fighting to keep her alive even as the head of
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pediatrics describes her condition this way. >> we're very sorry about the complications which led to the death. >> the community rallied behind the girl's family staging small marches at children's hospital. they want a doctor of their own chooting to evaluate the girl. speaking outside the hospital a short time ago, her uncle said no matter what dr. fisher says, the family will not give up. >> i believe my sister will want to keep fighting. >> the results of the test that are still ongoing tonight will be revealed in court tomorrow morning. if all else fails, they are looking at placing her with a research facility, possibly out of state. in oakland christin ayers kpix 5. >> that hearing starts tomorrow morning at 9:30. the judge will also determine whether a doctor who the family has chosen can examine her. if your new year's resolution might include bieg health insurance, andrea borba
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ton last-minute rush to cover california. >> you'd never know it from the nearly empty covered california call center in concord, but with the deadline looming to have healthcare coverage right after the ball drops on new year's eve, online enrollment has sored. >> we need to know you tried. >> there have been online backups and dial tone hang ups that covered california officials saying they will make case by case exceptions to get people signed up even after tonight's deadline. >> if someone calls and said i was in the home cue and got bumped off, weir going to try to help those individuals. >> enrolling at a clip of 30,000 a day. many procrastinated leaving to christmas backups not unlike the line for santa at the mall. >> our line is the sand is to help every consumer who made a good faith effort to have their coverage start january 1. >> the midnight is tonight. you can also sign up tomorrow.
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that coverage will be for february, but the web site will be closed on christmas day. live in the news room kpix 5. >> now, if you don't enreal by tonight's deadline, the earliest you could get coverage would be february 1st. both sides are claiming victory in a land marc pension case out of san jose. a judge ruled today the city can't force employees to pay more toward their pension, but the city can reduce their pay to get the budget savings it needs. voterings overwhelmingly pass measure b last year, which would reform san jose pension system. today's ruling is expected to be apeeled. well, coming up, the one big holiday tradition you may not be allowed to keep this year, plus. >> i can see like the puppy's head is sticking out the back, and i can see it eets trying to move. >> hear from the heroes behind an amazing and bizarre rescue.
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we're back in 70 seconds. but before we're back, we're go k to have a let l look ahead. high pressure causing the problems or the air pollution is also causing it to maybe rain again in the bay area. it can't be that bad, can it? forecast is no, ma'am coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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down the con a man working at a bay area recycling scepter couldn't believe what he saw, a puppy coming down the conveyor belt. don knapp spoke to the rescuers who saefed that jered pup from certain death. yes, ma'am is improving. the poold puppy is eating. her wounds are healing, and she's probably trying to get unbelievably close call with death. >> you can see wood, metal,
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sheetrock really heavy rugged stuff. it's -- it's really difficult to imagine how the dogs survive the movement of this material. >> jim also survived a giant bulldozer that loaded her and the debris onto a conveyor belt. a machine that violently shakes everything and then dumps it all on to the sorting belt. just 20 feet from where the belt dumps debris down a shult, jegly foster saw pup and pulled the switch to stop the line. >> at that time i can see, lieshgs the pulmopi's head sthak sticking out the back. >> arturo p ena thought the dog was a stuffed ang mall. i found the box and perfectly-folded blanket right next to it. i dropped him off. >> pena cleaned up the dog's
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kounds with alcohol, called animal control then found spare ribs, fried rice and a cut of pizza for the dog to eat. >> we're getting a lot of people call in wanting to adopt or foster and offer donations for her care. >> how many folks are calling? >> we received over a hundred telephone calls this morning in a three-hour window span. >> arturo pena was feeling pretty good about his role for the rescue. >> it's a miracle. it's a christmas miracle. investigators are still trying to figure out who may have owned the pup and why. jim, will stha at animal control at san francisco until she's feeling better. another dog rescue, this one at massachusetts. take a look at this. a golden retriever fell to the
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ice and into the charles river yesterday. a firefighter kufrps in after wards breaking the hands as fellow firefighters pulled to safety. >> not the only one having a rough time with wild weather to the east. holiday shoppers dodge falling sheets of ice at a mall in oklahoma. downed power lines left hundreds of thousands without power, and heavy flooi flooding in indianapolis, closed roads. that weather is also still causing delays at in major airports. forget about the yule log and yoes roasting any -- there could be another call for christmas day. district reps say dry, stagnant air is keeping pollutants close to the ground creating that unhealthy haze. this is the 17th spare the air day this season. foj natalie the temperatures not all that cold so a lot of
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people won't need fire to keep warm. >> that's true, but it's what's causing the warm weather that's trapping the pollutants near the ground. high pressure lid that kind of put the lid on everything. so all the mru substantiates generate driving cars, it's stagnant air. it won't go anywhere. we'll talk about that in a minute. first, the numbers around the bay area in san francisco, still warm, well, for this time of year and time of night. 52 degree ls. santa rosa 41. concord 42. temperatures topping out in the mid 60s. we had a record set at oakland today for high temperatures and yesterday both around 67 degrees. 17 in chicago for tomorrow. 24 at omaha. it's only by the time you get to the deep southeast in miami, they recover to the 80s. something mild for us on christmas day with temperatures
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ranging from the low-to-mid 60s. it does look dry and it's because of this, persistent high that just won't die. oit could keep us strong till 2014. sometimes, when you have this persistence and atmosphere with this high sitting out there, we need the rain. let's just hope we don't get it all at once so when the storm door opens, and it will sooner or later, that it doesn't stay open for weeks and weeks and weeks. just as well as we can get a drought we can also get punishing floosd from 82 and 86 and the meantime, quite the hospital. sunny and warm tomorrow. plenty of sun through friday, and dry weather throw 2014, at least through the beginninging of the year because there's knock on the horizon. that's a record, a calendar year record rar rain fall. we've only picked up about five and a half inches of rain. saven fran the oldest weather records on the west coast.
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heading out sun fran tuesday looks sunny and mild. winds out of the northeast about 20 miles an hour, and if heading to denver, 50 greece and sunshine. new york got 39. overnight lows tonight not bad. forecast highs for tomorrow shows readings about 6 to 8 degrees above average for the time of year. 67 degrees at livermore. mountain view 65. 67 at morgan hill. look at mid 60s for most of the bay area tomorrow. 66 at antioch and 64 fairfield. up in the north fwa, we'll be in the mid 60s tomorrow. oakland 6 and up in the far north soont rose 66 greece and 67 in cloverdale. extended forecast nothing but sunny side up for the rest of the week. little disturbance comes in on saturday, but it's not going to put a minor scratch in anything. sunny stfrs eye can see. >> well -- >> let's enjoy it.
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>> hopefully the visitors in town envoy it, too. all right. still to come, where you can find this awesome bay area holiday house. one thing you have to do once you get there. ,,,,,,,,,,
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check out this dis there is a home in newark that has more than captured the -- >> check out this incredible display. going to be in your head all night. the homeowner sa music director and said he came up with the idea. he started building the incredible piano in june. that took about two months. it took another two months. there's a guitar. his inspiration? a certain theme park. >> almost like disney land for adults. i -- my -- my friends like to go to disney land langd a lot. i if figured i'd bring something like that here. tom says the neighbors toent mind and the kids love it. some of them stop by every night. all right. time for you to go. so they can dance while the display does its thing, but we
11:25 pm
don't know how long at night. >> hopefully -- i'm thinking 10:00 >> maybe 8:30. >> just getting started. >> 49ers are going to go buy that house. >> they are still dancing in the streets as we speak tonight. the 49ers did provide one incredible moment as candle stick park. we're going to tyke you inside an emotional locker room when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on one of the most memorable plays in franchise hist mays lost a few h if tonight's gaem was the last at candle stick park, it will will ended on one of the most memorable place in franchise history. willie mays lost a few home runs in the candle stick win to say good night like many others. urndz six minute to go frank gore skors ninth touchdown of the season. sang fran up ten. here come the falcons. matt ryan makes graets off balance throw to tony gonzales, which cuts the lead to three. bryan's pass for over 150 yardses in the fourth quarter, as well. it's perfect. the ball, can't handle it. the falcons have a chance to win theable game, but brie i can't
11:29 pm
think's pass broken up by block. look at bowman. 89 yards for his first career touchdown to seal a win and clench playoff. for more, let's go at the stick. >> well, dennis, it was an act afternoon in 1971 when the 49ers open ld up this baby with a loss to the cams. some 43 years later, we got dprau ma at the in. >> we're going to have to row do the top ten plays of the candlestick. >> one of the greatest plays i've ever seen. >> i was the guy who missed the ball. my coach just said, "let it go. move on to the next play." >> that play will go down in history. we owe it. we're back on that. you know, i'm running with him. we bert say that's when we were fags. >> is that the way most people spend their 50th birthday.
11:30 pm
>> it's the best present i ever got. >> last game here at candlestick possibly and to go out like that, no better way to go out. >> will there be more drama here? we got to wait a whole another weekend for that chapter to be written. at candlestick clark maybe for the last time, vern glennn kpix 5. >> full points for ig government's exhibit no.y. he hit the three in the second half as the warriors beat the nuggets 89-81. the sharks playing their final game before christmas. scored with 19 seconds left in regular wlags -- regulation to tie it. finally one allen martin is done anchoring the news. he's got a future in giving gambling advice. >> my production, 49ers by 10. >> 49ers by 10? >> that's what i'm -- >> i think it'll be a little bit
11:31 pm
more than that. >> okay. >> never had a doubt. well, maybe a little. >> do you -- can i have your lottery numberings? can you give me stock advice. >> sure. for a price. >> very impresive. way to go. >> i got lucky. >> no, he knew. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. newscast is tomorrow morni david letterman is next with jonah hill. >> our next news cast tomorrow morning 4:30. we'll be back tomorrow, too. have a good night.
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