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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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around the world, the stories that matter on cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. what a game that was. the good morning everyone. it's tuesday, it's christmas eve of course. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm anne makovec. michelle has the morning off. a quick look at traffic and weather here's roberta with our weather forecast, pretty calm out there. >> good morning anne. good morning frank and good morning to all of you. yes, very calm. all is calm on this christmas eve. let's head on out the door right now where we do have crystal clear skies. temperature-wise into the 30s in our inland areas. 40s around the bay to the low 50s in san francisco. it's currently 42-degrees in mountain view backing all the way into wills altos. later on today near or record warmth for the second consecutive day. a record high 65-degrees in san rafael. record is 63-degrees. everybody just under 70 except santa cruz in the low 70s. i want to highlight tonight's
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overnight lows for santa's arrival. into the 30s and 40s but check this out. the extended forecast calls for each and every day nothing but a dry stagnant weather pattern until we cloud up on saturday. no rain chances through the weekend. a look at this morning's traffic getting you out the door. let's bring in elizabeth. okay thank you roberta. and we're going to talk mass transit. some mass transit is already on a holiday schedule on christmas eve. ace trains for example is only running ace train one and three this morning. ace train five is canceled. golden gate ferries also running on a holiday schedule. b.a.r.t. is running on a normal weekday schedule today. tomorrow for christmas day it's a different story. they are running on a sunday schedule. and caltrain also operating normal service today. again not the case on the actual holiday tomorrow morning. here's a live look outside. bay bridge teleplay plaza. everything looked good if you're hitting the road this morning. so far no delays on any of the approaches around san
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francisco. and around the east bacon traffic costa county southbound 680 looks good as well as near the 24 interchange all the way out to the -- to walnut creek. that's your latest kcbs traffic. developing news this morning about the oakland girl on life support after a tonsillectomy that support is extended until at least next week. kpix 5's care care reports a judge will get results of -- cate caugurian reports another judge will get results this morning. >> reporter: anne the judge gave 13-year-old mcmath's family an early christmas gift and that's the gift of time while doctors perform more tests to see if jahi has a chance of recovering. in court her family sat in the front row as the judge appointed stanford doctor paul fibber to evaluate her. -- fisher to i vail watt her: this morning, fisher is expected to present his findings in a closed door hearing. jahi has been on life support for 11 days declared brain dead after a tonsil surgery went wrong. her family says no matter what
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the results are today, they will continue to fight. >> i said i feel like my daughter is on death row. because i never know when he's going to pull the plug. >> i believe my sister will want to keep fighting. >> reporter: yesterday her family requested a third evaluation of the girl. a doctor paul burn from the university of toledo. in the meantime the family is looking for another facility to care for her but the family's attorney says it's difficult now with the holiday season. anne? >> you know officials from the hospital did speak yesterday afternoon. what did they say? i know they weren't really able to say much. >> reporter: anne the chief of pediatrics maintained the hospital's position that the ventilator won't be able to bring the girl back to life. he did say quote her surgery was very complex and not just a tonight electmy. he refused to elaborate. >> cate caugurian, thanks. just in dozens of fans just couldn't control themselves
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last night at san francisco's candlestick park. hosted its last regular season nfl game. what a game. but there were some problems and police say 81 people were ejected from last night's game with the niners and falcons. 30 people arrested and seven were cited. the bad behavior it ranged from property destruction and drunkenness and at least one person was injured but not seriously. but for most fans it was a night of love and memories. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live once again from the old stadium with a lot more. double duty there yesterday and now the day after ryan. good morning. >> reporter: i know. if it was a -- if this is good- bye, then it was a great way to end it. the gates are now closed. the lights are mostly off right here. fans were beaming when they left last night. there were ceremonies commemorating candle stick before during and after the game. willie mccovey and mays were here to spotlight the stick's baseball past. rice and dwight clark for
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honored -- were honored for a career of catches and that famous one. then it was that game. it was an epic one with the falcons knocking on the door and the game tied. the 49ers' linebacker bowman took a pick 6 to the house. the niners clinched the playoff spot and opened the door for more memories here at the stick. >> okay man. high emotions. last game in candle stick's history and it's unbearable you know. it's unbearable. it's unbelievable. >> thank you you knowment for the experience: for the games. for -- you know, making people feel the way we did. >> reporter: now there are plenty of players and fans who are glad that the 49ers will move on next year over to levi stadium over in santa clara. there's still a way that the 49ers though could host a playoff game or even two here. the simpler version is that the 49ers win against arizona this weekend and seattle loses. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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>> okay thanks. we're going to have a lot of highlights in your morning sports report that's coming up in just a couple of minutes. when the season ends, the 49ers will leave san francisco for the greener pastures of santa clara where the team headquarters and training facilities have been for years. construction on the 68,000 seat state-of-the-art stadium -- that's a tongue twister at this hour. near great america began in july of 2012. it is on schedule and expected to be completed sometime in early 2014. levi stadium has been named to host the super bowl in 2014. witnesses say it took just a few seconds or robber at the east ridge mall in san jose walked into the jewelry store there a little before 6:00 last night and smashed one of the display cases and scooped up a handful of jewelry and then took off. a lot of customers ran too. they mistook the sound of the breaking glass for gunshots. nobody fortunately was injured. and some newly released video from the san jose police department showing a driver crashing the car into a wal-
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mart store in the city's east side. and here it comes. the incident happened back in march at the store but the sjpd now releasing the video hoping to identify more potential victims and hopefully some witnesses as well. police say after the crash, ha mid zaid got out of the cutlass and assaulted customers with a blunt object. bystanders eventually managed to subdue him until police finally arrived. be alert it is a message from petaluma police following a series of package thefts and car break-ins. someone swiped packages from the porches of three homes on the lane in princeville court as well as are near avenue and over the weekend electronics were stolen from unlocked parked cars. investigators are asking people to report any suspicious activity. small businesses are on edge in pleasanton. police need help tracking down a robber who has hit several businesses. the latest holdup was at the
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u.p.s. store on pimlico drive. that was robbed yesterday morning. the man handed the clerk a note demanding cash police say. a similar robbery was reported at a nearby beauty supply store last week. some car dealerships in the east bay are taking steps to keep thieves from driving cars off the lots. today the police hope to check surveillance video from fremont toyota. early sunday morning a number of people arrived at the service area and one car and stole six that were there to be serviced. the keys were probably inside those cars. >> i think it's a crime of opportunity that they know the practice of the dealership. and they were able to go on -- on site fairly easily. they showed up with enough people. >> a bmw dealer was also hit during business hours and two cars with the keys in them were stolen while they were in line to be washed. the dealership has now keeping all the keys inside. today is the last day to finish last-minute gift shopping. i still have some more to do myself. organizations in san francisco
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no are reminding you also to do some last-minute donating and several toy drives are happening across the city today. here are the locations on your screen -- is at the handlery union sq hotel...also on geary stree time is 5: coming up: set gain? why san that is right next to lefty's also on gary street. 5:09. coming upset to sail again perhaps? why san francisco's looking to host the next america's cup race. >> plus, the rumor mill is churning this morning. when app 8 could release -- apple could release its next iphone. >> a christmas eve spacewalk you're looking live at outer space right now. the repair two astronauts are attempting on the international space station on this christmas eve morning. we'll be right back. >> from the stationwalk to a -- spacewalk to a cakewalk, your temperatures across the bayer today with the -- area today with the dry sunshine only in the 60s. we'll have your pinpoint forecast. >> your commute so far looks pretty good. all is extra quiet this
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christmas eve morning. heading out through the mcarthur maze in oakland. we'll talk more about that and first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute? you can ask the question or share a grip by e-mailing -- or tweet me @ewengerkpix and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll all be right back. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday. female announcer: sleep train thanks
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system repairs on the 35:13 and right now nasa astronauts are busy working on christmas eve. they are hoping to wrap up some urgent cooling system repairs on the international space station. this is live footage as it happens and hundreds of miles above the earth. it could take them up to six hours to finish this fix. today's work was supposed to happen on monday. susan mcginnis explains the snag that delayed the mission. >> reporter: nasa astronauts have started their second spacewalk in four days. to repair a refrigerator sized ammonia pump on the international space station. the christmas eve walk is expected to last six hours. >> during the first spacewalk, they got the pump out. during this second spacewalk they're going to put a new one in and that should do the trick. >> reporter: one of two cooling systems on the u.s. side of the space station broke down
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december 11th because of a fallsy valve. >> they expect failures over the life of a program that's gone on for this long. the trick is to be prepared for it when it happens and for the crew to be able go-go and make the repair themselves. >> reporter: it was originally scheduled for yesterday but it was delayed after a small amount of water got into mastracchio's suit during saturday's mission. he'll wear a different suit today while the other one dries out. >> they put that new suit together and they tested it. everybody's quite pleased with how that went and they don't think they'll have any problems when they go outside for this spacewalk. >> reporter: last july an italian astronaut nearly drowned when a water leak flooded his helmet. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> this is only the second christmas eve spacewalk in history. the first one was 14 years ago and here's some good news. mission control says it does not expect the space station's flight path to interfere with santa claus' mission tonight. saying quote -- the skies are all clear. >> they're good that way. they usually figure that out. a present from nasa.
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they released dazzling new photos of saturns and its moons. take a look right here. earlier in the year capturing saturn's largest moon called titan. it was launched back in '97 and has been studying the planet and its many moons pretty neat. spacewalk and saturn trending right now on on twitter on this christmas eve. also trending iphone 6 believe it or not. the latest gadget could come out as soon as may 2014. santa more than eight million letters to the man in the big red suit are expected by postal services all around the world and of course it's christmas eve. you can follow us at twitter. two to cbssfn. early present on the roadways. not a lot of traffic today. elizabeth? >> a lot of folks may be heading to the mall more than work today and that's what we're checking mass transit. if you are planning on doing any traveling and got the holiday shopping to do out in downtown san francisco, perhaps, right now b.a.r.t. system wide on time. they are running on a regular schedule by the way. goaden gate ferries however on
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the holiday schedule andal train normal service and ace train just one and three that will be operating this morning. this is what it looks like right now at the bay bridge. of course no metering lights and i have a feeling they may not be turned on this morning. they weren't on at all yesterday during the morning commute and people started to take time off around the holidays. a live at the maze and all the approaches to the bay bridge still moving at the speed limit as well. that's westbound 480 right before 24 but still good out towards oakland. and here's a live look through the altamonte pass. no delay not even one yellow sensor yet between the pass and the dublin interchange. and down along the peninsula. palo alto looks good into san jose. san jose also looks good coming up 280 through the downtown san jose exits and one more live look outside. here's the live look at the nimitz. northbound 880 and taillights are moving northbound northbound and right now the dry time is 15 minutes between 238 and the maze.
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that's your latest kcbs traffic. everyone wants to know what the weather is going to be like? elizabeth you know what i'm really curious about still? frank was just relating a story to me that last year he received a traffic citation on christmas eve. >> how much was that? expensive too. >> going to be so quiet from now on. roberta -- >> screwed out there giving you a traffic citation on christmas eve. i guess we have to do our job. i have to get the mine. let's take a look at what you can anticipate today. good morning everyone. high and dry weather. in fact for this tuesday christmas eve numbers well above average for this time of the year by anywhere from six to 12 degrees. wow. in fact i'm forecasting near or record warmth right now out the door into 30s and 40s. low 50s. if you're in the inland area heading on out you do require that jacket. you'll be shedding it later today. again near or record warmth anticipated and oh by the way, it is the 17th spare the air day of this winter season. it's going to be interesting to see if we have a spare the air
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day on christmas day. the weather will be conducive for that with little change through january. the reason is we've got high pressure it's right about right there. blocking ridge of high pressure not going anywhere very quickly. diverting the storm track to the north of the bay area. we will see dry weather each and every day all the way through saturday. if you're traveling today, no airport delays anticipated at sfo with clear skies. and in fact mineta and oakland running on time as well. no problems in houston or denver. but chicago o'hare and mid-way airports take a look at that. we have snow in the forecast and the high only in the teens. new york city a few squalls in that area in the upper 30s. today your forecast high temps highlighting san rafael. 65 degrees. the record for this date is 63. established back in 1961. numbers from the 60s to the coast and mid 60s bayside and high 60s in the inland areas and flat wind northeast at 5. we do call for low 70s today in santa cruz and each and every
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day through saturday we will cloud up over the weekend. but clearing out by sunday. and any chances of rain remains well to the north of the bay area and in fact -- my extended forecast calls for dry weather each and every day all the way through january 6th. which is not very good news for the folks in tahoe. >> no it's not. a lot of people up there. >> cold enough but that's about it. >> start the fire and snuggle up. >> up in tahoe. not here in the bay area. all right, now for a look at news around the bay area on this christmas eve, san francisco wants to host america's cup again in 2017. mayor ed lee sent a letter to race organizers saying pier 27 through 29 could again serve as the main venue. oracle team usa of course staging one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the sport by winning eight straight races against team new zealand to take the cup. that was something. folks are expected to be held early in the new year on the tentative contract agreement between b.a.r.t. and the unions that represent
5:20 am
the transit workers. the deal was reached early saturday morning and a b.a.r.t. spokesperson says the transit agency board won't vote on it until january the 2nd at the earliest. new agreement does not include paid family medical leave. that was the big problem but it expands paid time off for bereavement leave. 5:20. coming up, never let anyone tell you what your limits are. the teen who is defying the odds on the field. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up the last night was the final game at candlestick park, what a way to go out. the had thers provide -- 49ers provide more incredible excitement for one last time and it's coming up. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:24 on this christmas eve. good morning everybody. lots of excitement santa claus now spotted heading towards ellis springs, australia. and less than 25 seconds from right now. so far 700 million packages already delivered. and in australia, there's a thunderstorm down under. good morning everybody. monday night was more than just the final regular season game at candlestick park. it was also jim harbaugh's 50th birthday. >> it's the best birthday
5:24 am
present i've ever gotten. second only to being born. that was -- that was awesome. >> wow. the falcons marching in for the go ahead score. but jermaine block knocked it loose and the ball -- johnny on the spot. 89 yards for the first career touchdown. the 49ers win 34-24 and clinch a playoff berth. they can still win the nfc west with a win next week at arizona and a seattle loss to the rams. dennis allen announced the raiders will go back to terrelle pryor against denver. oakland lost five of six with matt mcgloin as the starter, sunday's game will be on channel 5. former pitcher shaw and his first season as the nuggets' head coach. and andre iguodala hits the big three late to put the warriors up by five and they win 89-81. and joe pavelski scored the game tying goal with 19 seconds left. the sharks would go on and beat the avalanche in a shootout.
5:25 am
with all the drama of the 49er game last night i'm not shower how many people at least -- sure how many people at least on television saw the sharks. what a merry christmas it will be for the bay area sports fans. have a great christmas everybody, i'm dennis o'donnell. >> thank you dennis. it was a big night. well there's an inspirational player and a championship football team out of the state of rhode island. >> he's only 14 years old. isaac lufkin. he was born without arms but that does not stop him from being the kicker for his high school football team. >> lufkin and his teammates were undefeated this year and they won the division ii state title. he would like to play defense but he isn't very good at tackling. it is 5:25. the tart security bleach. you may be surprised to learn who's buying up all the stolen data. >> plus dreaming of a white christmas? which parts of the county could be hit by snow. >> an oakland teen on life support hangs in the balance
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starting at $99. results to see if she can recover. the teen has been life the family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath waiting on results to see if she can recover. the teen has been on life support for 11 days. what the family plans to do no matter what the outcome. and targeting target. who's now trying to buy up stolen customer data. unseasonably mild weather here in the bay area for the christmas eve. good morning. i'll pinpoint the record warmth today. anywhere near walnut creek. we have a live look. this is southbound traffic and a check of mass transit on this
5:30 am
christmas eve all coming up. good morning everyone, tuesday, december 24th. happy christmas eve. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm anne makovec. we have developing news concerning jahi mcmath in oakland. the judge has ordered that the girl will remain on life support until at least next week. kpix 5's cate caugurian reports the judge is expecting results of another examination this morning. >> reporter: anne, the court appointed doctor is expected to present his results in a closed door hearing in a few hours and until then, 13 gerald jahi mcmath is in the balance between life and death. the judge granted mcmath's family the gift of time. she'll stay on a ventilator at least until december 30th. while an independent physician, this man, stanford doctor paul fisher conducts more tests. >> i feel like my daughter is on death row. because i never know when he's going to pull the plug. >> reporter: she has been on life support for 11 days, she was declared brain dead after a tonsil surgery went wrong.
5:31 am
her family fighting to keep her alive even though hospital officials say there is no hope. >> we're very sorry about the complications which led to the death of jahi. >> reporter: chief of pediatrics says her surgery was quote -- more complex than a tonsillectomy. when asked to elaborate duran couldn't because of healthcare privacy laws and meanwhile a community is rallying behind the young girl. in a family refusing to give up the fight. >> i believe my sister will want to keep fighting. >> reporter: today the judge will also determine whether a doctor whom the family has chosen can examine her. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugurian, eyewitness news. >> her family says if all else fails they are looking to place her in a research facility possibly out of state. severe weather hit a wide section of the united states parts of neighboring canada up north too over the last couple of days. holiday shoppers dodging falling sheets of ice. this is at a mall in oklahoma. the extreme weather blamed in
5:32 am
at least ten deaths in kentucky, missouri kansas and arkansas: the wild weather is nasty. out in the midwest and the south it's christmas eve and folks have to get out and travel. you can expect airports to be especially busy. got a lifelong right now at sfo and it looks like people are showing up and getting ready to shove off and head home. we caught up with some passengers and asked why travel on christmas eve. >> it just ended up being this day. i'm -- identify been traveling around in the states for a while. from canada. and so today was the cheapest day to play. >> we definitely travel on christmas eve and it's actually a fairly good day to travel. we either go really early in the morning or we go late in the evening. >> christmas day is good too. actually get up nice and early. most folks were at the airports at least a couple of hours before their flights. it's better to be early and safe than on time and what sorry. >> 5:32 now. that's the good call. doesn't look like we should have any flight delays weather-
5:33 am
wise at least. >> not locally. i was at the airport yesterday and it was jamming. >> you were at the airport last night. >> i was there last night. >> what time this morning? >> i rolled into bed about 10:30 last night and 11:00. up at 1:30 this morning and here by 3:00. >> how fresh do you look. >> nothing like a hawaiian tan to -- to remove the sleep. >> hey the weather was delightful in hawaii and here we're looking at near or record -- or record warm temperatures. in fact a look at the average high expected there are this time of the year. today we're forecasting highs in the 60s which is anywhere between 6 and 12 degrees above normal for this time of the year. looking at a record high today in san staff yell it's 65 -- san rafael it's 65 degrees. right now crystal clear skies in the 30s ands. looking at 49 at san francisco and later today, 67 degrees there. again 65 for that record in san staff yell. by the way -- san rafael. by the way the old record is 63 established back in 1961. nearly 70 degrees today in throughout the delta and the
5:34 am
trivalley. i am forecasting 71 degrees in santa cruz. otherwise, the extended forecast calls for the stagnant ridge of high pressure to continue us and the spare the air mode. in fact today is the 17th spare the air day of the winter season. clouds return to the bray area on saturday but no shot of rain showers over the weekend. okay well -- santa has all clear skies then for his trip. and he has also clear on the road as well if you have to be going that way. everything pretty quiet and mass transit. b.a.r.t. system wide on time. no delay. and they are operating on a normal weekday schedule. but yeah this is what it looks like on the roads right now. all across the east bay. that 62 miles per hour that is a live drive time sensor. so everything moving well all the way down the east shore freeway. all across the bay bridge. this is not going to be a typical commute. so yeah this christmas eve everything looks great for silicon valley drivers. on westbound 237. everything is pretty much empty all the way out towards anchor road. same thing on highway 4. it's
5:35 am
clear all the way past the antioch bridge. continuing out to 242 and concord some south bay drive times. 283 downtown still 11 minutes between 101 and cupertino and northbound looks great from he 85. here's a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's probably won't turn on the metering lights at all this morning. they didn't have to yesterday during the morning commute. and we'll continue to watch it and right now the chp reports though are very clear. that is your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. oh. the fireworks were red and gold just part of the ceremony marking the last regular season football game played at candlestick park in san francisco. unfortunately, dozens of 49er fans just couldn't control themselves. police say 81 people were ejected from last night's game between the 49ers and atlanta falcons. they won by the way. 49ers i'm talking about. the bad behavior ranged from
5:36 am
property destruction to drunkenness and 30 people were arrested and seven were cited. and at least one person was injured but not seriously. for the most part, fans were there to have a good time and reminisce. >> game man. high emotion you know. last game at candle stick's history and it's unbearable. you know. it's unbelievable. >> thank you. you know, for the experience, for the games, for -- you know, making people feel the way we did. >> now, there is still a chance that candle stick will host the playoff game. it depends on the results of some key games next weekend. >> i think it's going to happen. 5 : 36,000. the fallout from that massive security breach at target stores has take an rather surprising turn. since banks could be on the hook for fraudulent charges some of them are actually going on the black market now to shop for the stolen accounts. websites already selling credit and defend cart numbers -- debit card numbers. a security expert says some of the banks are buying up as many as they can to minimize the
5:37 am
potential damage. >> they sell them to not the highest bidder but any bidder. it's almost like a kind of reasons. >> some of the banks are imposing spending limits on cards that were affected. they could also sue target over that breach. former executive with tiffany and company is heading to prison for stealing more than $2 million in jewelry from her employer. ingrid leader has sew kuhn was allowed to check out jewelry from tiffany's inventory. but the company discovered she had checked out 164 items that were never returned. is short trading day on wall street. but futures pointing toward modst gains this morning. alexis christoforous from cbs money watch reports it's been a disappointing holiday season for the nation's retailers. >> reporter: retailers hoping for a last-minute burst of buying to save the season. after a strong start to the holiday shopping season, sales at stores are down for the third straight week. overall, holiday sales are expected to be the weakest in
5:38 am
four years. those numbers don't include online sales. those disappointing sales have left stores with a pile of unsold inventory and that means even bigger than usual sales.'s afterchristmas sale is already rolling with 70% off on select items. old navy launched its afterholiday sale sunday with markdowns up to 75%. we'll see if the santa claus rally can continue on this christmas eve. the dow rose 73 points yesterday. to yet odd record. the -- another record. the nasdaq rose 44. it will reopen on thursday. one of the most popular gifts this holiday season is audio equipment. sales of sound bars those long thin speakers are up about 80%. sales of wireless speakers have nearly quadrupled. it makes up 13% of all consumer electronic sales. and that's your money watch. for the latest business news,
5:39 am
follow me on bitter @alexiscbsnews. at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. we have five business days before the end of the year. there may be some ways you can help with your retirement effort. >> let's find out. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to explain. good morning jill. >> good morning. >> is there any time to do anything with a week to go? >> well, it depends. there are some employers that will allow you to contribute up to 50% of your pay into retirement. so maybe your last paycheck or your bonus check will let you top off the 401k or 403 b plan. this year the limit is $17,500 per employee. you can match a catch up construction if you're over 50. you get to save for a future goal and reduce your current tax liability. >> all right not a bad idea. what about irs -- iras rather? >> here's something funny about it. you know the deal is that you have until tax filing to fund
5:40 am
them. but here's something you might consider. what about a conversion from a traditional ira into a roth? that has to happen by the end of the calendar year. now here's the thing. you have got to be able to pay the taxes due on those retirement assets now instead of in the future in order to make this conversion work. so you have to have some money outside of retirement to pay the tax due. if you do, here's some of the advantages that an ira roth conversion can actually give you. you may be able to pay the tax at a lower tax rate today than you may have in the future. you are like lick going to eliminate the tax on the future growth of the money that's in that account and you could limit the amount of taxable income for social security benefits in the future. and this is a big one. when you retire, you may be able to reduce your future retirement distributions and that can add a lot to a senior's income tax bill. >> that's where the irs comes into play. >> that's true. and -- there's -- i guess
5:41 am
there's a warning too about the required distributions. right? >> yes. remember, once you turn 70 and a half. generally you must begin withdrawing some amount of money from your retirement assets. now before you start groaning, remember the money you contributed into these accounts. it bypassed taxation. and uncle sam wants his due. the penalty for not taking your distribution is massive. it's 50% on the shortfall. so you got to take it. if you don't need the money from your distribution, there's a great way the sidestep -- to sidestep taxation. you can make a qualified charitable distribution, that allows you to gift up to $100,000 directly from the ira to a charity. that allows you to exclude the distribution from your taxable income. of course again you must not need the money right? that's a big deal and you want to be charitable. for more strategies, go to will on with some --
5:42 am
we're celebrating christmas by finding you the money. >> do you still get the writeoff if you give it to charity? >> no no, you're a double dipper from way back. i have to tell you something you really want it all don't you? >> don't we all. all right jill schlesinger in new york. thank you. >> somehow i knew the answer to that question. thank you jill. it is -- 5:42 now. foreigner national security agency analyst edward snowden says everything he had been trying to do has been validated now. in an interview with the "washington post," snowden said the moment came when journalists started telling the story of the u.s. government's secret collection of u.s. internet and phone records. snowden didn't want to change the society but wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself. 5:42. coming up can't remember a face? why you may be able to blame your genes. >> plus dreaming of a white christmas? which parts of the country could get hit by the white
5:43 am
stuff. >> but first, retriever rescue. it is all caught on camera. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:44 am
5:45 am
accidentally triggered the r snow slide three skiers partially buried in an avalanche while they were skiing in utah. a skier triggered the major
5:46 am
snow slide and three people were caught up in it. no injuries reported and ski lift temporarily closed during that incident. some lucky people. and a successful rescue. this is out in massachusetts. where a golden retriever named crosby fell through some thin ice into the charles river on sunday. a firefighter jumping in breaking the ice by hand. as fellow firefighters pulled the pair to safety there with that rope. they say crosby is going to be okay. it was nearly 70 in boston. so that ice -- a little scary out there. >> warm by fire a little golden. time is 5:46. let's get a check on traffic. easy going out there. >> i know it's easy for me. why am i here? i know. >> go home. >> yeah really. no -- some people have to work be we're included in that group. right now the roads are pretty clear and if you are doing any traveling maybe up to the sierra. you want to let you know there are no chain requirements right now on intertate 80 highway 50, or 88 right now. here's a live look a little closer to home at the sensors
5:47 am
and 65. 55 miles per hour this is san mateo dunbarton bridges and everything is so far moving at the speed limit. and we continue to check to see the chp reports, a few pieces of debris in the roadway but nothing worst mentioning. and live look at the sensors now coming through the altamonte pass. only 14 minutes right now between those wind turbines and 680. and we're really not seeing our usual backups even out of tracy coming off of 205. here's a live look at the nimitz. northbound 880 in oakland right there by the coliseum. and also oakland airport is in the area so fur traveling -- if you are traveling arnold 880 so far no delay getting to oakland airport. sfo also very quiet as well all the way counsel 101. in marin county. it's 55 miles per hour as you enter into san rafael. b.a.r.t. is on a regular schedule today. they are operating on a sunday schedule tomorrow for christmas day but right now 41 trains all
5:48 am
regularly scheduled on time. that's your latest kcbs traffic. for more on the forecast -- this is just wrong. wrong, wrong. near or record warmth anticipated right here in the bay area on this christmas eve. good morning everyone. right now ott the door, clear skies, sure it's chilly in the end land areas. otherwise 40s bayside to nearly 50 degrees at this hour in redwood city. now this is what we can all anticipate. first off today, clear skies as you're heading on out the door. it's the 17th spare the air day of this winter season. we are looking at near or record warm temperatures right here for the time of the year. and i look at very little change all the way through january 6th. reason? high pressure. it's firmly locked into position. it's not going anywhere very quickly. upper stream, the jet stream, is veering well to the north of the bay area. to wind to kick out the ridge of high pressure. we have a lot of stagnant air
5:49 am
quality and sunny skies and dry conditions all the way through 2014. now right now, we're looking at today's highs on this christmas eve. no problem traveling in throughout the central portion of the state of california into the mid 60s. 48-degrees on the south shore today sfo no airport delays there. otherwise houston 61. 50s in denver. snowy travel into chicago with a few snow squalls into new york city. today, record warmth in san rafael at 65. record is 63-degrees and established back in 1961. mid 60s in montane view and notice 70 degrees in the inland areas. in fact i am forecasting low 70s in santa cruz. i mean guys, beach weather low 70s in santa cruz. notice we'll cloud up on saturday but that's about it. that will not lead to the potential of any rain showers through the weekend. perhaps just clearing out the atmosphere what's going to be very interesting as i'm not noticing any kind of weather pattern change for christmas day. so will there be a spare the
5:50 am
air day tomorrow on christmas day when everybody wants to cozy? and light up the fires? as far as the weather conditions no change from today to tomorrow. >> maybe a break. >> you think? >> i don't know. 17 days already? >> they give us a break but you're still noticing the haze in the atmosphere. so -- >> true. yeah some people out there are having trouble breathing, thanks roberta. 5:50 now. both sides are claiming victory now that a judge has issued a tentative ruling on pension reform for city of san jose employees. according to the ruling the city cannot force police officers and other current workers to contribute much more toward their pensions but the ruling does allow the city to cut workers' salaries to offset rising pension costs. the elements are all part of measure b. you may recall that was promoted by the mayor chuck reid and approved by city voters back in june of last year. cities statewide are closely watching this lands mark case looking for ways to cut costs. some researchers are figuring out why flu shots don't help all men equally. marly hall has more detail this
5:51 am
is this morning's health watch. >> reporter: researchers at washington university in st. louis have discovered a way to directly target tumors in blood vessels. the new method allows them to stop tumor growth without damaging healthy tissue. unlike most therapies, the goal is not to destroy the cancer's blood supply. instead blood vessels are hijacked so that they no longer nurture tumor growth. the new therapy has the potential to be applied to other types of cancer. stanford university scientists have found a possible link between men with high testosterone levels and poor immune response. the study found those men benefit less from the flu vaccine than women or men with low testosterone. that may be because testosterone has antiinflammatory properties that are believed to dampen the body's immune response. a joan known to influence mother baby bonding may also play a role in your ability to remember faces. researchers found the oxytocin receptor gene influences facial
5:52 am
recognition. about a third of the population has only the genetic variant with a negative impact on that ability which may explain why some people have trouble remembering faces. the study could lead to new ways of treating people with psychiatric december orders, those are some of -- disorders, those are some of the day's top health stories, marly hall for cbs news. coming up, making christmas extra green. the tree that is sure to turn some heads down in south america. >> placetsing a bold new -- plus setting a bold new standard for the holiday. what one man managed to do with more than 70,000 lights. ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
it's made out of bamboo, and re than 50- thou might be the greenest christmas tree in the world.
5:55 am
literally. the tree's 27 feet high and it's made out of bamboo and more than 50,000 recycled plastic bottles. but -- when you turn the lights on, you can't tell. it's trash. it is set up in the town plaza in columbia, the idea is to promote a culture of repsychling and looks pretty goods. >> start the conversation at least. a home in newark meantime has captured the christmas spirit. check out this display. ♪ >> the homeowner is a music director and said he came up with this idea in the spring. and then he started building the piano in june. that took two months, it took another two months to build the guitar. his inspiration was a certain theme park. >> it looks like disneyland for adults. i -- my friends like to go to disneyland a lot and i figured i'd bring something like that here. >> tom says his neighbors do not mind in fact some of them stop by every night for their kids can dance to the display.
5:56 am
live at candlestick park, fans said good-bye to the stick last night but there could be more memories ahead. it's coming up. >> and today we are expected to hear the results of new tests on 13-year-old jahi mcmath to see if she can recover. the oakland teen still on life support after complications from surgery. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee,
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i have to be in the a game for -- at this game for sure. >> go niners. >> fans say fare well as the last regular home season game at candlestick park comes to an end. >> douglas he's fought for and it's in the hands of bowman. >> and the crowd goes wild. a pick 6 to close the stick. i feel like my daughter is on death row. because i never know when he's going to pull the plug. >> 13-year-old jahi mcmath remains on life support at children's hospital after complications from a tonsillectomy. this morning, we'll learn the
6:00 am
results of a series of neurological tests to determine if she's brain dead. i'm on my last-minute. six people left. >> better late than never. >> so is last-minute shopping and stores are pecked over as special deals have clearing the -- are clearing the shelves. from across the bay -- ♪ to around the world -- the stories that matter on cpix news this morning -- kxix news this morning. good morning everyone, it is christmas eve this morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm anne makovec. this is the last day to buy christmas gifts and storing are offering some special deems for last-minute shoppers. >> and i'm cate caugurian live in the kpix 5 newsroom. 13-year-old jahi mcmath still on life support after complications from a surgery. this morning we'll get the results from a court appointed test to see if she has to recover. we'll tell what you the family says they plan to do no what ther what the outcome -- matter what the scout come. good morning, it could


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