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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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day. and liz is off. roberta is in. and she is double dipping on this christmas morning. good morning. >> this could be interesting. >> we're looking forward to it. it will be a memorable christmas to say the least. good morning, everybody. it's memorable because today, temperatures are going to again be unseasonably mild and a direct result of the stagnant air mass is this is the 18th "spare the air" day of the winter season. hazy as highs are in the 60s and low 70s. right now, into the 30s and 40s and for some azy crreason you need to get out the door and jump in the car, a live look at the bay bridge on this christmas morning. 'tis the morning of christmas and all is quiet. there are a few cars out there. caltrans is off. there is absolutely no pothole roadwork today and if you need any kind of legitimate traffic information, i invite you to
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tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. >> i counted 15 cars on the way in today. >> i was one of them. 4:31 now. the gnomes are home. stolen treasures returned to a concord home. kpix 5's christin ayers reports, they spent the night safely indoors. >> reporter: christmas eve and people are coming from all over to see the concord home that the man known as mr. christmas lights up every year. >> it's crisp and very bright. >> it's beautiful. and it's very pretty. >> i never seen any kind of lights like this in my life. >> reporter: while all eyes are focused here, a christmas miracle is unfolding at the house across the street the one with no lights. >> i call it a miracle. >> reporter: the miracle frank is talking about, the only decorations on his lawn.
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a couple of ceramic gnomes that mean the world to him and his wife. his daughter carolyn made them when she was 4. carolyn died in a motorcycle accident two years ago and the family put the gnomes on their lawn as a tribute but right after halloween a grinch stole them. >> i didn't think they would come back. >> reporter: still he put up this sign asking the thief to return them. christmas even morning right on the front lawn. >> there set the gnomes. i just couldn't believe it. i know miracles happen. but it was happening to me. >> i would just like to say thank you to whoever brought them back. they mean so much to us. >> reporter: the family brought the gnomes indoors tonight and gave them a new home, safe on the fireplace. outside, they replaced the sign with this one. thank you. our faith in humanity is
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restored. >> that was christin ayers reporting. great story. the family said they would have no hard feelings if they were returned and now they say they stand by it a couple of months later. they are just happy they are back where they belong. people are coming together to save christmas for a union city family burned out of their home. chopper 5 captured the aftermath of the fire on monday but what you can't see there is the damage inside. the fire destroyed everything including all the christmas gifts. the alameda county fire department decided it needed to come to the rescue. >> especially when we have a traumatic event like a house fire kids don't understand sometimes what happens so we are just trying to put some smiles on their faces for christmas. >> 16 people were displaced by the fire. no one was hurt. a 13-year-old oakland girl declared brain-dead after undergoing tonsil surgery could be removed from a ventilator as soon as monday. kpix 5's joe vazquez has details on the court ruling and
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reaction from the family of jahi mcmath. >> she meets all the criteria for brain death. >> reporter: the two pediatric neurologists testified that they did extensive tests. >> and what did you see in reviewing the eeg for jahi mcmath on december 11, 2013. >> there was no brain activity. >> reporter: and both concluded 13-year-old jahi mcmath did not have any clinical signs of life according to established scientific criteria. >> i'm going to have to, therefore, deny the petition. >> reporter: so the judge ruled against jahi's family. while he did not say the hospital should pull the plug, he did say he would give until december 30 at 5 p.m. for the family to decide what to do. after that, barring an appeal, the hospital would be allowed to remove jahi from life support. >> our sincere hope is that the family between now and december 30 there find peace and comes to grips with the
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judge's decision and reaches the conclusion that jahi mcmath is deceased and that the family and children are able to cooperatively take steps before then. >> i mean, with the decision, it's heartbreaking. to hear that but our faith is still strong. it's christmas eve there's still time for a miracle. we haven't given up. it's just a judge ruling. >> reporter: will they appeal the judge's ruling? jahi's family says they need time to think about it and they have a message for other families. >> for everybody, love your children with all your heart. if you haven't told them today that you love them, go home right now. call them. call them on the phone. tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. >> make sure you hold them a little bit tight they are christmas. >> reporter: jahi's family says they will spend their christmas by her side praying as they try to decide what to do next. in the newsroom, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> it's not clear what happened
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during the surgery on jahi. crews are going to be back at and itle stick tomorrow to clean after -- at candlestick park tomorrow to clean up the mess left behind by the tailgaters and fans after the 49ers victory. the litter was quite the feast for seagulls. there was also a fair amount of damage inside from people trying to get a piece of history. about 100 seats were broken and dozens of signs damaged. 30 people were arrested. as for the future of candlestick, it could end up hosting one or two play-off games depending what happens this sunday. there's also talk of a paul mccartney concert. it's 4:36. roberta joins us now. with traffic and weather, it was cold this morning. >> it was cold in many inland locations. we are still kind of in the 30s in many places away from the bay this morning, otherwise in the 40s and 50s. today will be another unseasonably mild day for this time of the year. good morning.
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and merry christmas! let's step out and take a look at some of the numbers in and around the area. it looks like official sun-up this morning at 7:24, by the time the sunsets at 4:56, we'll have seen temperatures very close to record highs if not even seeing a few records. yesterday we had 6 notable records around the vicinity. as frank said, 33 in concord, 50 in san francisco, it's yet another "spare the air" day the 18th one of the winter season. so here's what you can expect on this holiday. rough surf at our local beaches. so if you are heading there where today in santa cruz it's going to be 72. never have your back at a very angry ocean. the poor air quality will continue and sunny and dry for the remaining days of the year. around the bay area into the 60s. 70 in redwood city which we did
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experience 70 degrees yesterday. this is the extended forecast. it calls for each and every day temperatures to remain unseasonably mild with a string of dry sunny days through tuesday. how about a look at our traffic this morning? let's head out to the golden gate park area as well as the golden gate bridge where currently, shhh, don't wake anybody up, looks quiet. there's no stalls or accidents and that is certainly -- oh, there goes somebody. morning! merry christmas to you! okay. here's a look at your east bay travel. i have been told green is good especially on christmas. green is good, red is not so good. and right now it looks like everybody is doing a-okay. bay area travel times everybody is in the green with no problems to speak of. as far as transit is concerned, if you are going to be getting up and out and about and visiting people, everything is good. no roadwork. if you want more information on your traffic, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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three of the cars stolen from a toyota dealership in fremont have been recovered in oakland. they were not damaged. at least nine vehicles were stolen from three dealerships in fremont last week most of them waiting for service and had the keys in them. police hope to identify suspects through surveillance video. a man and woman from watsonville are in custody accused of stealing christmas gifts from homes in san jose's rose garden area. betty yu explains how the burglars broke into the homes. >> i was here asleep in this bed. >> reporter: scott prowse had no idea he was just a few feet away from some christmastime crooks when they ransacked his west san jose home and stole presents from others in the middle of the night last week. >> i was lucky. i'm sure if i had woken up i would have been scared to death. >> reporter: he says they stole a clock, two watches and cufflinks that police later recovered. officers arrested fernando ochoa and candy aguilar the night they broke into about six houses on the 2000 block of
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lauralee avenue. police say the victims were sound asleep. the thieves came in through the window, the garage or right through an unlocked front door. >> i just make sure i locked my front door. that evening i was taking cold medicine, so i was watching tv, had taken medicine, kind of passed out, woke up, it was time to go to bed. >> reporter: a neighbor saw people in the backyard and called 911. they didn't get far with the stolen items. police found their car nearby with most of the goods inside. >> one of my first points of confusion was the fact that they picked this neighborhood to do it because it's mostly a working class neighborhood not a bunch of jewelry, artwork, easy money to take. >> reporter: whatever the reason, a few neighbors have since installed alarm systems. others are mindful of what they put under the tree. betty yu, kpix 5. >> checking some other bay area headlines on this christmas morning. the puppy rescued from that recycling plant at san francisco sparked dozens of offers of adoption.
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3-month-old gem was inside a garbage bag heading down a conveyor belt on saturday when a worker stopped the machine. gem will be nursed back to health and assessed for temperament before placement. san francisco is following san jose's lead in establishing a little saigon district. san francisco's mayor ed lee was among those pushing for the campaign to install little saigon street banners in part of the tenderloin. it's all in an effort to support small businesses in the heavily vietnamese neighborhood. time is 4:41. it is the first christmas day for pope francis as the vicar of christ. how he is spending the day at the vatican. >> plus, how a 10-year-old boy down in southern california spreading christmas cheer to other children battling chronic illnesses coming our way. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. the denver zoo. police say the 21- year- old woman was extremel a woman is facing trespassing charges for climbing into the elephant's pen at the denver zoo. you may not be surprised to hear that the 21-year-old woman
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according to police was extremely intoxicated. the elephants had been taken in for the night so the pen was empty but the woman was shocked when she touched an electric fence. the zoo was having a special event where alcohol was served. there is no word on whether adult beverages were involved in this fight among shoppers in kentucky. it appears to be over a pink package. witnesses say it all went downright next to where families were waiting for a picture with santa and santa tried to protect children from the fight. a number of people are spending the holiday in a more peaceful manner including thousands of catholics to gathered in bethlehem for midnight mass. the turnout in bethlehem where jesus was born is the highest in years. there were also big crowds at the vatican. alfonso van marsh says catholics were eager to hear the prayers of the new pope. >> reporter: pope francis walked up the main aisle of st. peter's basilica and was greeted with a sea of
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smartphones. hundreds tried to capture an image of the new pontiff during his first christmas eve mass. the pontiff may be a celebrity but his emphasis remains on the place of the poor. during his sermon he noted jesus's humble beginnings. >> you are rich and you made yourself poor. >> reporter: this christmas eve provides another first for the church. having two popes living in the vatican at the same time on the holy day. earlier this week, pope francis visited with his predecessor benedict who abdicated in february. people gathered in st. peter's square. >> what he believes in and the barriers he is breaking, it's just something i want to believe in again. >> reporter: pope francis has built a reputation for doing things his own way such as riding in a simple car or being more accessible to the people than other popes.
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but this christmas eve, the catholic church's newest pontiff kept with traditions carried out by popes for thousands of years. at the vatican, alfonso van marsh kpix 5. >> the pope will deliver his christmas message from the balcony overlooking st. peter's square. 4:46 now on a christmas morning. >> it's clear weather-wise unless you're traveling to other parts of the country where we have -- we have that forecast coming up momentarily. hi, everybody. good morning. merry christmas! here's a look at your crispy temperatures out the door this morning. near freezing in concord, clayton and walnut creek. upper 30s throughout the tri- valley. 34 degrees at this early hour in santa rosa. 40s and 50s across the central bay. currently 41 degrees in mountain view. yes, it is yet another "spare the air" day. the 18th of the winter season. so that means you can't fire up that fireplace today or tonight. now, here's what you can
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anticipate today. if you are heading out to the local beaches where santa cruz has an expected high of 72 degrees, we do have those sneaker waves so therefore some very rough surf at the local beaches. the poor air quality will continue so a bit of a haze in the atmosphere and it's going to be sunny and dry the rest of the year due to this right here, an area of high pressure encompassing the western states. high pressure won't go anywhere quickly so settling in for a string of sunshiny days and unseasonably mild temperatures through new year's day. throughout the central valley mid-60s. no problem with tule fog. 52 eureka. 59 yosemite. mid-60s monterey bay. 48 degrees on the south shore.
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look at the temperatures today, unseasonably mild and the greater lake tahoe area with no snow in the forecast with the overnight lows in the teens so therefore, they are making snow overnight. 50 and 89 not impacted by weather for travel. if you are traveling today, sfo clear skies, 60 degrees. otherwise, heading on out, houston 60, as well. denver no problems there. chicago it's been snowing. but after a high of 17 degrees yesterday, today 28. and anne is heading out to minneapolis, boy, anne, 22 degrees today! [ laughter ] >> with an overnight low tonight of 2. [ laughter ] >> 2! >> i'm going to pack my long undies! >> that's a lovely thought, anne. today's high around the bay area, again anywhere between 6 to 12 miles per hour.
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winds dialing back to 5 miles an hour so we have the "spare the air" day in effect. very little temperature change each and every day and if you are heading out, minneapolis no bart trains are running until 8:00 this morning. so please, plan accordingly. ace no service. ferries, no service. you are out of luck. all others are on holiday sunday service. meanwhile, how about a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning? certainly no problems there. let's count 'em. 1, 2 -- go to toll number 5. there's a really great guy working there this morning. okay? now, let's take a drive down to the nimitz. it's a beautiful ride there this morning as well and for all of your traffic needs, you can also tune to kcbs radio 740- am and 106.9-fm. >> traffic with a little bit of personality. easy for me to say. 4:49. a 10-year-old boy is
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battling a chronic illness but that's not stopping him from spreading christmas cheer in southern california to other children in similar situations. his story now from cbs news' jeff nguyen. >> i have a lot of pain. my stomach really hurts. >> reporter: 10-year-old casey abrams suffers from a rare progressive and degenerative disease of his intestines which causes him to be in pain often but he doesn't suffer from self pity. >> i just want to see all the happy faces and hopefully that will take some of the pain away. >> reporter: in recent weeks he has been able to gather a trailer full of toys for kids with chronic illnesses. he organized this toy dry every christmas since he was 6. how many gifts did you have the first year and how much has this grown? >> i think we had almost 300 toys. first year and this year we have over 600. >> reporter: today, casey delivered the presents and a
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$500 check to mattel children's hospital at ucla as a way to give back. through the years he has been in and out of here for holidays and birthdays. >> it's definitely depressing because you don't get to move around a lot. you don't get to do anything. >> reporter: casey's toys will be handed out during the holidays and on birthdays and after medical procedures to kids just like him. is it therapeutic for the kids to get a gift? >> it's psychologically so exciting for a child because therapy, yes, means medicines and technology but it's also the psychological well-being. >> reporter: several times a day casey has to lie down because he wasn't feeling his best but that has never stopped him. >> i like to think for other kids because when i'm in the hospital it makes me think of all the other kids that are sick in the hospital during the holidays and i just want to make them feel good. >> reporter: because sometimes,
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that may be the best medicine possible. jeff nguyen, kpix 5. coming up, the bay area fire department pitches in. we'll be right back. , ,,
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south dakota is celebratingn extra special donation. som drop f 99-point-99 the salvation army in sioux falls, south dakota, is celebrating a special donation. someone dropped an ounce of pure gold into a kettle. the gold bar came with a note that said bell ringers are special people. this is not the first gold bar donated to the charity. >> two were given in rapid city this morning. this is the second one we have gotten here. i have heard stories of --
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reports of them being received in other communities such as omaha, chicago. >> gold bar has the words the perth mint australia printed on the face valued around $1,500. so pretty nice. kpix 5's newsroom is filled with some very, very talented singers. >> yeah. who knew? and around christmas people are always singing. so here's kpix 5's morning team wishing you a very merry christmas. >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ >> jack frost nipping at your nose yuletide carols being sung by a choir ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe ♪ helps to make the season bright ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ >> they know that santa's on
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his way ♪ >> he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ >> and every mother's child is going to spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ >> so i'm offering this simple phrase to kids from one to 93 ♪ and although it's been said many times many ways -- merry christmas ♪ to you >> that's on itunes right now! it's a big seller. >> people are clamoring for it after that debut! >> merry christmas, everybody. [ laughter ] it is 4:56. a community saved christmas for the family that has been burned- out of their home. gifts and everything all charred but things have turned around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of evergreens too that we associate with this winter season and, of course, mistletoe. >> the presents are under the tree, the stockings are stuffed. it's christmas morning. >> i know miracle happen but it's happening to me. >> a concord family gets their garden gnomes back in the spirit of christmas. >> hold them a little bit tight they are christmas. >> a tough christmas eve for an oakland family as a 13-year-old girl could soon be removed from life support. >> it's important for everyone to be able to enjoy a healthy christmas. we want don't want anyone to spend their christmas holiday in the emergency room. >> the air in the bay area is unhealthy again meaning there's another "spare the air" alert today. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning. it is wednesday, december 25. merry christmas. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. merry christmas. time now is 5:00. and we start with breaking news this morning out of san lorenzo. police have taped off an area at the intersection of via amigos and via lucas. all we know is the alameda county coroner has crews on scene. sheriff's deputies are also there and they are telling us there will be a press conference at the clock this morning. we'll get more information. we'll follow the breaking news out of san lorenzo. new this morning, 10 people displaced after an early- morning fire in san jose -- rather, san francisco. the fire began just after midnight at a multi-unit house on potrero near 23rd street. investigators now looking into a cause as to why that fire star


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