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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the death of a woman struck by a vta light rail train about 1:30 this morning near the curtner station there. trains on the blue line between santa teresa and alum rock are temporarily shut down during that investigation. new this morning, 10 people are homeless after an early- morning fire in san francisco. the fire began just after midnight at a multi-unit house on potrero avenue near 23rd street. crews controlled it in less than an hour. no reports of any injuries. investigators are looking into what caused that fire. 6:00 now. time for a little weather on this christmas morning. and it's beautiful, roberta. what can we say, huh? >> it is a gorgeous christmas morning. good morning, everybody. that is if you like dry clear conditions. if you like snow, not going to see it. right now, we have temperatures below freezing in santa rosa, penngrove. it is freezing at the delta including fairfield. it's 40 degrees in mountain view.
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50 now in san francisco. today is the 18th day of "spare the air" day in the bay area, illegal to burn indoors or outdoors for 24 hours. meanwhile today's highs will be unseasonably mild and near or record warmth. mid-60s at the beaches, upper 60s bayside to the low 70s inland. in fact, we are even forecasting 72 degrees in santa cruz. here's a look at your seven-day forecast all the way through the beginning of next year, no rain. let's check traffic. in the silicon valley 880/237 interchange looking problem- free on this christmas morning. in fact, shhh! don't want to wake anybody up there. as you head up the 880 no delays. the nimitz is all in the green. and now let's head due north over that mighty golden gate bridge span and it's absolutely problem-free. you know, my cyclist friends, this is the morning for you. this is my gift to you on this
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christmas. hop on your bike, go to the golden gate bridge. look at that. it's absolutely clear. if you want more of your traffic information, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. frank? >> thank you. right now the air in the bay area is at an unhealthy level because of stag national conditions with too much pollution close to the ground. and what it means is you're not allowed to burn wood even on christmas day today in your fireplace. that includes manufactured logs. the ban on holiday wood fires brought angry emails to the air quality management district but no fires today. thousands of the less fortunate are invited to have free meals at a number of locations around the bay area. cate caugiran is the at one of those spots. that's glide in san francisco. cate, i'm loving your headwear today. [ pause ]
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>> all right. we are having technical difficulties today. we'll try to get her back in a few minutes. also talking about san francisco police and firefighters today delivering thousands of toys to needy children. the toys were donated to the 13th annual christmas toy drive at lefty o'doul's in union square. more than 10,000 toys were donated yesterday. firefighters have already distributed thousands of them to kids in san francisco. we give them to the fire department -- the firefighters toy program to distribute and we also have partnerships with the san francisco police department and the p.a.l. and other organizations that whereby we can get these toys out to all the kids. >> the toy drive went on for 21 hours yesterday. look at that. also went on early this morning. a 13-year-old oakland girl
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declared brain-dead after tonsil surgery could be removed from a ventilator on monday. joe vazquez has details of the court ruling and reaction from the family of jahi mcmatt. >> she meets all the criteria for brain death. >> reporter: the two pediatric neurologists testified they did extensive tests. what did you see in reviewing the eeg for jahi mcmatt? there was no brain activity. >> reporter: and both concluded 13-year-old jahi mcmatt did not have any clinical signs of life according to established scientific ruling. so the judge ruled against the family. he didn't say the hospital should pull the plug but he said he would give until december 30 for the family to decide what to do. then barring an appeal, the hospital could remove the child from life support. >> our hope is that the family
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between now and december 30 finds peace and comes to grips with the judge's decision and reaches the conclusion that jahi mcmath is deceased and that the family and children's are able to cooperatively take steps before then. >> with the decision, it's heartbreaking to hear that of course. but our faith is strong. still time for a miracle. we haven't given up. it's just a judge ruling. >> reporter: will they appeal the judge's ruling? jahi's family says they need time to think about it and they have a message for other families. >> for everybody, love your children with all your heart. if you haven't told them today that you love them, go home right now. call them. call them on the phone. tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. >> and major sure you hold them a little bit tighter this christmas. >> reporter: jahi's family says they will spend their christmas by her side praying as they try to decide what to do next. in the newsroom, joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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>> it's unknown what went wrong during or after jahi's surgery. we are going to try again. a number of needy people are getting a warm meal on this christmas morning. and glide is where we find our cate caugiran this morning. [ pause ] >> reporter: merry christmas, frank and anne. take a look here. we see that they are getting ready for the big feast. we know that organizers me say they have been at this for decades and we know today glide will feed about 5,000 homeless and needy people this christmas day. yesterday, volunteers spent a few hours prepping this feast. there's going to be some 500 volunteers spending their holiday here helping others and glide says it's like this every holiday. they are never in short supply for those wanting to help. it's every other day that they could really use your help. >> today we'll have people
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everywhere and tomorrow no one- here. it's difficult to find regular consistent volunteers throughout the year. we serve 364 days a year. we need at least 10 or 15 volunteers for every shift. >> today we'll start with the usual breakfast. it's going to be ham, eggs and grits and at 9:00 christmas lunch will be served and it's promised to be a royal spread of ham, turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing. later this morning we'll have another treat, as well. we know that football players from the washington huskies will be here lending their helping hand. they are here as part of the fight the hunger bowl which is december 27. live in san francisco, hope you like my hat, frank and anne, back to you. >> love it. merry christmas. thanks. 6:07. governor jerry brown has issued 127 christmas eve pardons most of them to people convicted of drug offenses. a woman was also pardoned who stole some food to feed her children. no one is being let out of children. all those granted pardons had completed their sentences and had not committed a crime for more than a decade.
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a man and woman from watson veryville are in custody accused of stealing christmas gifts from several homes in san jose's rose garden area. the watsonville thieves broke into six houses on lauralei avenue on the same night. they got in through windows, garages and through an unlocked front door in one case. thefts happened at night while the victims slept. >> i was lucky. i'm sure if i had woken up i would have been scared to death. >> the break-ins prompted several people in the neighborhood to invest in home security systems. procrastinators scrambled to get last-minute gifts but it won't be enough to salvage this holiday shopping season for some retailers. early numbers show sales fell in stores while soaring on the in evidence. in store sales down 3.7% from a year ago but online up 37%. who were those last-minute shoppers out there on christmas eve? in downtown walnut creek we found mostly men believe it or not but they were out of luck
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since most stores closed at 6:00 so it was off to plan b. >> money. >> gift cards. >> we're not empty-handed. >> cell phone stores are still open, too. >> that's right. >> husbands don't know we haven't bought them a thing yes. a coupon gif card. >> safeway, quick. >> grocery stores are packed with people picking up last- minute items for the christmas feast. this berkeley whole foods was dealing with double its usually business. the hottest item, dungeness crab and if you forgot a gift you can also give an iou today. head to the stores tomorrow for for those post-christmas sales. time 6:09. call it a christmas controversy. the tv marathon today that has some people grabbing the remote. >> red, green and twinkling lights. how these christmas symbols became the holiday tradition. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning,
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everybody. merry christmas to you. bundle up if you are heading out now. we are below freezing in santa rosa. i'll pinpoint the areas that will warm up with your pinpoint forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an 11-hour duck dynasty sup- marathon. it's the latest development in the a little christmas controversy brewing. a&e airing an 11-hour "duck dynasty" super marathon the latest development in the ongoing war surrounding that manhattan, the family patriarch, phil robertson whose comments to gq magazine got him suspended. the future of the series is unclear. "duck dynasty" trending. also kanye west the singer being sued by a former child
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star over a 1970s tune sampled on kanye's new song alleging it was used without permission. merry christmas trending. santa trending. afamily. you can follow us at twitter on this christmas morning at #cbssf. the season just would not be the same without poinsettias. karin caifa now explains how the plant became a symbol of the holiday. >> reporter: for a winter holiday christmas has a fair share of lush greens and bright flowers. >> a lot of evergreens too that we associate with this winter season and, of course, mistletoe. >> reporter: and another plant that's nearly ubiquitous among christmas celebrations. >> the poinsettia and its association with the holiday season relates to the bright red brachs that it offers. they are modified leaves that have the red color. and that's what started the association with christmas. >> reporter: poinsettias are plentiful at the u.s. botanic gardent this time of year marking an association that dates back to the 19th century.
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the u.s. minister of mexico first brought the plants to the u.s. from a trip. fellow americans admired the deep red developed in the deep, darkness of the rain forest. their common name comes from the diplomat. the different shades of red, pink and white and sizes and shapes come from decades of mixing and matching. >> some have been chosen to be very small and some of the original species are very tall and gangly so it really depends what the breeder wants to select for and what the ultimate plant looks like. >> reporter: despite a starring role during winter they thrive in well lit areas. good to know for those who want to keep them past december, a delicate red to match the season's hardy evergreen. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> we have just the person for both weather and traffic. >> the only bummer today is a "spare the air" day. no christmas day fires, roberta. >> no. you know what? i found something that works
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for me last night. >> candles? >> i do candles. i do that very nice, frank. but also if you go on to your television set you can get one of those yule logs that burns? just get toasty or just do that with us right now on kpix 5 just warm up your hands on your tv set. it's the 18th "spare the air" day of the winter season. a lot of pollution stuck close to the surface. you see the haze in the atmosphere and we need a good wind to blow out the pollutant and we are not going to see it. today's east winds 5 to 10. we have ament of stratus in the form of fog. it's below freezing. 30 degrees freezing in the delta. 38 degrees in san jose. high today of 68 degrees. it's unseasonably mild for this time of the year.
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our numbers are averaging anywhere between 7 and 13 degrees above normal for this 25th day of the month of december. now, here's what we can all expect on this christmas day. if you are heading to santa cruz where today's high will top off at 72 degrees, never have your back at an angry ocean. we have sneaker waves. be mindful of that. the poor air quality will continue through the is it of the year and so will the string of sunny and dry days ahead. travel throughout the central valley no problems with any kind of commute problems due to tule fog. we are talking about sunshine in the 60s into stockton. 67 mon tray bay. 50s in eureka. tahoe forecast basically you go, really, into the 50s? good news there. it is cold enough to make snow overnight. 60s and low 70s. a string of sunshiny days ahead through the foreseeable future.
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let's transition over to traffic now. we have sad news a fatality on the light rail tracks at vta in san jose, light rail service affected already on a holiday schedule. currently no trains are running between santa teresa and also and various other stations. but we have a bus bridge in place. all other transit on a sunday holiday schedule. bart is not running until 8 a.m. let's transition over to the approach to the bay bridge. no wait at the toll plaza. wave us as you approach the toll plaza. we can see you! altamont pass into the livermore valley looking good. speaking of looking good, anne makovec. >> thank you, roberta. developing news today out of baghdad iraq where at least 37 people were killed in two separate bomb attacks. in one a car bomb went off near
6:19 am
a catholic church during christmas mass. then another one ripped through a market in heavily catholic section of the city. 60 people were injured. iraq's catholics have been targeted by muslims. in south sudan, tens of thousands of people have left their homes to find safe shelter at united nations camps. meanwhile, the violence is getting worse between government troops loyal to the country's president and rebels who support a former vice president. the united nations security council voted unanimously yesterday to beef up their forces in the region. >> our military resources are now without the -- with the exception of the patrols in juba are fully engulfed and occupied with the protection of our bases and even that is not adequate everywhere. >> secretary of state john kerry talked with leaders of both sides yesterday. the rebel leaders indicated he is ready for peace talks with south sudan's president. from bay area teen to
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designer, overnight, a special shirt design for nba superstar lebron james. >> reporter: forget soap operas. the raiders season is turning into a reality show. and how happy did monday night's 49ers win make jim harbaugh? the answer is next in sports. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. comes from the hawai'i bowl. boise state's troy ware fumd good. good answer.
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might not be a bad thing if the 49ers have to play in the play-offs on the road. how else could they possibly top the finish at candlestick? bowman may have whipped on the on sidekick but held on to the
6:24 am
biggest interception of the season to clinch a play-off berth and provide jim harbaugh with a birthday gift he will never forget. >> i will remember that until the day i die. i couldn't have had a better birthday present. right at the halfway point i'm shooting for 100 so i do the it right at the halfway point. [ laughter ] >> happier than a pig in slop. >> the mood isn't as festive in oakland thanks to a five-game losing streak. dennis allen responded to terrelle pryor's agent who said allen is setting pryor up to fail by reinserting him as the starting quarterback for sunday's finale. >> i'd say that's the stupidest thing i have ever freaking heard. you know? no coach in his right mind -- this isn't the real housewives of beverly hills. all right? this isn't made for tv drama. okay? this is football. >> you can see that finale right here on kpix 5 at 1:25 p.m. against the broncos. that's a look at sports. back to you.
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>> thank you, kim. this morning's play of the day is coming from the hawaii bowl where it's warm. boise state's troy ware fumbles the ball. reynolds picks it up and there he goes. some 70 yards for the touchdown. the beavers beat the broncos 38- 23. boise state played without their suspended quarterback and their coach out to washington. he could be in the bay area because he is going to coach washington which has a game i think over at at&t in a couple of days. >> hunger bowl. san jose ofth grader has san jose 6th of grader has received a rare honor a nod from nba superstar lebron james. >> my name is raoul and i'm 11. [ rap ] >> there he is. san jose boy picked to design the two-time champion's newest nike t-shirt. this is video from on who the design --or how the design came to be, rather. james picked raoul's design from hundreds of submissions.
6:26 am
congratulations. it is 6:25. all they wanted for christmas was the return of some precious statues. coming up, a grieving family's wish comes true. >> and it's about spreading holiday cheer to those in need. we're live at glide memorial on this christmas day where hundreds of volunteers will feed thousands. ,,,,,,,,
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a fire destroys a union city family's home.. and christmas. how a community came together, toe their christmas spirit. paying it forward and always doing the right thing. >> a fire destroys a union city
6:30 am
family's home and christmas. a community saved the christmas spirit. >> folks are waking up this morning without presents under the tree. how many people were displaced by a fire overnight. >> temperatures in the 30s and 40s with near record warmth today. i'll talk about those warmest locations with your pinpoint forecast. good morning. it's wednesday, december 25. merry christmas. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. merry christmas. time now 6:30. it is a tragic christmas day for a family in san lorenzo. alameda county sheriff's office officers are confirming they are investigating a murder- suicide this morning. kcbs radio's bob butler joins us live. bob, you spoke to some family members that have been there all morning. what are you hearing from them? >> reporter: good morning, anne and frank. a very tragic morning christmas morning for this family. about 2:00, selves deputies got a call about gunshots being fired here on via amigos. they arrived to find a woman and her husband dead of gunshot wounds. now, veronica rodriguez, who is in hollister, got a call and
6:31 am
learned that her sister and the sister's husband were dead. >> my niece told me, she say that my sister was dead. so i asked her what happened. she said that they don't know. her and my brother-in-law are both dead. >> reporter: they were standing around here huddled in blankets not sure what had really happened but they are trying to get some information. the sheriff's spokesman just showed up at the scene. a tragic morning here in san lorenzo. a woman and husband reportedly dead of a murder-suicide. live in san lorenzo, bob butler, kpix 5. >> thank you. also breaking, investigators looking into the death of a woman who was struck this morning by a vta light rail train in san jose. it happened around 1:30 this morning near the curtner station. the train was out of service at the time heading northbound northbound to the railyard.
6:32 am
because of the investigation, no trains on the blue line between santa teresa and the toman station. a bus bridge is serving those stations and those in between. a fire in san francisco displaced 10 people. it happened around 12 a.m. this morning at a multi-unit house on potrero avenue near 23rd street. crews controlled it in less than an hour. no reports of injuries. good news there. investigators looking into what may have caused that fire. time is 6:32. and all is calm in the weather department this holiday. >> not bad at all. the only problematic thing happens to be again the "spare the air" day. a lot of people not happy about that. >> when you see that haze, you know what the bay area air quality district is talking about. >> current conditions in the area, first the south bay. we are in the 30s to 40 degrees in cupertino. it looks like milpitas is 40 at this time.
6:33 am
and right now, the winds are nonexistent. now, to the east and the north, 30s are common. 37 antioch, livermore in the upper 30s. meanwhile, the central bay into the 40s and into the 50s. today is a "spare the air" day. the particulate matter is trapped very close to the surface. how do we get out of this weather pattern? we need a good wind and we are not going to see it. the winds out of the east less than 10 today with the numbers 60s and 70s, yes, we're talking about another day with near or record warmth. and we're not seeing any kind of a change in our weather pattern. so let's talk about traffic now. let's head to the nimitz. your ride this morning from highway 238 to the maze, no delays. so let's go ahead and traverse over to the east bay. here's a look at your travel times. the altamont pass to 880 as you're driving to the livermore valley a 13-minute drive there. otherwise otherwise 880 from i238 to right around the maze
6:34 am
also equally as clear. boy, no problems everybody still asleep out there. the carquinez bridge to the maze with only an 18-minute drive. your golden gate bridge look at that, it's a breeze this morning. for more traffic information, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. take it away, frank. >> i'll take it. thank you, roberta. 6:34. volunteers got up mighty early this morning to help those in need have a better christmas. kpix 5's cate caugiran is at glide memorial in san francisco where they are getting ready to serve thousands of christmas meals. cate. >> reporter: frank, those volunteers are already hard at work. you can take a look at this right now there's a lot of turkeys being sliced at this moment. these volunteers are going to work this holiday to help feed about 5,000 people this christmas. and we know another set of volunteers also spent a few hours preparing this feast. they were chopping, dicing, mixing up all the fixings for the christmas meals. there's going to be some 500 volunteers spending their
6:35 am
holiday here helping others. they are never in short supply for volunteers on holidays. organizers say it's the day after christmas and every other day they could use your help. >> a lot of our folks come every year every holiday so you will see the same faces every morning at 6:30 in the morning and oh, we become family, i see them more than my own family on the holidays. >> the holidays aren't a problem for glide. they get an influx of volunteers every year. it's after the holidays they could use public help. go to to volunteer. to give you a roundup of what's going to happen, the day starts with the usual breakfast and then christmas lunch will start at about 9:00. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> we're loving the hat, thank you, cate. football players from the university of washington will be volunteering there. the huskies are in town for the fight for hunger bowl in a couple of days. the union city fire department has a christmas toy drive every year.
6:36 am
they correct runs for needy families but this week department scrambled for a few more presents at the last minute after a fire destroyed one family's home. kpix 5's brian webb shows us how the community really stepped up. >> a fire with only two days to go until christmas. >> i said call the fire department, i'll go next door and see if anybody is in the house. >> reporter: 16 people were staying in the home for the holidays many of them children and out of the ashes an idea a last-minute entry to the toy drive to include the family forced from their home by the fire. >> especially when we have a trammic event like a house fire, kids don't understand sometimes what happens.
6:37 am
>> reporter: so the alameda county fire department went to work buying up more gifts like these and spreading the word to a community already excited to help. people like kenneth's family who pulled gifts out of their own piles to give to a family they don't even know. >> just helping out. that's the biggest thing and paying it forward always trying to do the right thing and being there when people need you the most. >> reporter: everyone in the family survived the fire and will spend christmas together and now have presents to open too. firefighters couldn't save their home, but they did save christmas. brian webb, kpix 5. >> that family is staying with relatives for now. the gifts were delivered last night on christmas eve. firefighters still trying to determine what may have caused that fire. reporter: christmas eve and people are coming from all over to see the concord home that the man known as mr. christmas lights up every year. >> it's crisp and very bright. >> it's beautiful. and it's very pretty. >> i never seen any kind of lights like this in my life.
6:38 am
>> reporter: while all eyes are focused here, a christmas miracle is unfolding at the house across the street the one with no lights. >> i call it a miracle. >> reporter: the miracle frank rossini is talking about on his lawn is talking about, the only decorations on his lawn. a couple of ceramic gnomes that mean the world to him and his wife. his daughter carolyn made them when she was 4. carolyn died in a motorcycle accident two years ago and the family put the gnomes on their lawn as a tribute but right after halloween a grinch stole them. >> i didn't think they would come back. >> reporter: still he put up this sign asking the thief to return them. and christmas eve morning right on the front lawn -- >> there set the gnomes. i just couldn't believe it. i know miracles happen. but it was happening to me. >> i would just like to say thank you to whoever brought them back. they mean so much to us.
6:39 am
>> reporter: the family brought the gnomes indoors tonight and gave them a new home, safe on the fireplace. outside, they replaced the sign with this one. thank you. our faith in humanity is restored. in concord, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and weather they spoke to us about the stolen gnomes weeks ago, they said they have no hard feelings if they were returned and now they say they stand by it a couple of months later. they are just happy they are back where they belong. 26-year marriage is ending for former new york governor eliot spitzer and his wife. they put out a statement yesterday saying they regret their marital relationship has ended and they have agreed not to say anything publicly about it. his wife stood beside him when he resigned as governor because
6:40 am
of a prostitution scandal. they were called back in 2008. they have three daughters. pope francis is celebrating christmas mass. at the vatican he said he hoped for better world for the peace for the land of jesus christ's birth. he singled out syria and other african countries as places ravaged by conflict. one woman traveled to boston with her daughter to attend today's festivities. >> what he believes in and the barriers he is breaking, it's just something i want to believe in again. >> the pope said he was joining in the song of christmas angels with all of those hoping for a better world. well, it's 6:40 on this christmas morning. you can't have christmas without that guy santa claus. coming up, how much the jolly guy in the red suit is worth when it comes to dollars and cents. >> and santa claus is not the only big business that comes with christmas. how history is helping one town cash in. we'll be right back.
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starting at $99. its employees: "don't eat fast food." osted on here's something you wouldn't expect mcdonald's to tell its employees: don't eat fast food. but that's actually the advice posted on the employee website. it says most fast food is high in fat and sodium and leads to obesity. last month the mc resource site suggested tips like hiring dog walkers and au pairs. the price of a stamp is going up to 49 cents up three senses including a one-cent increase to keep pace with inflation. the additional 2 cents are supposedly temporary to cover losses the postal service covered during the recession. the price change takes effect
6:45 am
january 26. christmas is big business in bethlehem. the birthplace of jesus has the largest number of tourists for years. the hotel owner says rooms are full thanks to the decrease of violence. 2million people visit bethlehem and tourism accounts for 14% of the palestinian economy. experts say santa claus if he were a brand would be the most valuable in the world. the company brand finance crunched the numbers and says santa's worth a whopping $1.6 trillion. they came up with that adding up the amount of gives, travel and accommodations paid for during the christmas season. >> heavy hitter. roberta gonzales has both our weather and traffic this morning. >> i know you got up very early this morning but were you able to look at your stockings to see if you had something besides coal? >> i didn't look.
6:46 am
>> this is your christmas morning. everybody altogether, ahhh. beautiful. >> isn't that gorgeous? >> seamless sky, clear conditions, we have current air temperature below freezing in the santa rosa area at 30 degrees. otherwise, it's in the upper 30s throughout the tri-valley, 40 in mountain view, 52 in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco where we have our 18th day of "spare the air" for this winter season which means a lot of the pollution and carbon monoxide is getting trapped close to the surface. that means we are going to see haze in the atmosphere again today. we need a breeze, not going to see t east winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures across the bay area today we are high and dry. mid- and high 60s. even a few low 70s which these numbers are averaging anywhere between 7 and 13 degrees above normal for this time of the year so heading to the beach, oh, santa cruz yes, 72 degrees. but be very mindful, we have a
6:47 am
beach hazard statement in effect by the national weather service for some of the sneaker waves and very strong rip currents, as well. water temperature at 53. so unless you're an experienced swimmer, don't go in the water and never have a back towards an angry ocean. all right. if you are head back into the central valley today, temperature-wise, into the 60s. no problems with tule fog at all. 67 degrees in redding as well as in monterey bay. upper 60s in ukiah. yosemite in the upper 50s and the greater lake tahoe area we're talking 40s and 50s. but if there's any good news in any of this dry weather pattern it's cold enough dropping into the teens in the overnight hours so they are making the snow. so no problems with travel on u.s. 50 or i-80. all right. your pinpoint forecast for this christmas day, mid-60s along the seashore. mid and highway 60s around the central bay to 70 degrees in redwood city which is what we experienced yesterday. we had record warmth yesterday ditto again today and take a
6:48 am
look at your extended forecast. a string of sunshiny dry weather days each and every day all the way into new year's eve. so certainly good news there if you like the sunshine and the dry conditions. light traffic. that's the case now. let's talk about the vta light rail system. we were having problems in san jose. it is back on track after a delay earlier today but keep in mind, no bart service until 8:00 this morning. and certainly no ferries. you're out of luck there. silicon valley in mill valley on the 880/237 interchange, oh, my gift to you guys this morning, problem-free there. and okay, east bay commuters i hear ya. all right. not a creature stirring at the bay bridge toll plaza as the
6:49 am
sun comes out. san francisco looks clear. it looks great. >> great day to commute. >> mm-hm. all right. well, we may be working but i got to tell you the folks here at channel 5 we are in the holiday spirit. you never know when our morning team will launch into song. so here's kpix 5's morning team wishing you a very merry christmas. >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪[ music ] >> jack frost nipping at your nose yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up like eskimos everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe helps to make the season bright tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ >> they know that santa's on his way ♪[ music ] >> he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ >> and every mother's child is going to spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪
6:50 am
♪ so i'm offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92 ♪ and although it's been said many times many ways --merry christmas to you ♪[ music ] >> my favorite is phil matier. >> phil, you got two seconds? >> yeah, go. >> i go, say this line. >> he goes, what are you doing? i said say this line. okay, i'm done, he went down the elevator. >> it was good, though. as with everything in television, it takes a couple of tries sometimes to get it right. we're not perfect. here are some outtakes. although it's been said many times many plays -- beep. >> although it's been said many
6:51 am
times many -- ways? beep. >> no. >> why? no one said no. >> all right. >> how does -- >> here we go. >> he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his way -- >> no, on his sleigh, dear. >> on hi sleigh. [ laughter ] >> what are the words? >> there you go. >> all good sports. >> we pulled it off in the end. 6:51. and we do have some breaking news that we have been following this morning in san lorenzo. a tragic christmas morning. a murder-suicide investigation is happening right now. >> it's a long-standing tradition here at glide memorial feeding the needy during the holidays. we'll take you live to the preparations for the big feast. ,,,,,,
6:52 am
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taking place around the wor from the vatic 5 things to know at the :55. christmas celebrations taking place around the world from the vatican to bethlehem and even in war-torn syria. at his first midnight mass pope francis praised the beginnings of jesus and in a shift, he carried the statue of the baby jesus instead of having an aide do it. and kissed the statue's knee. ten people displaced after an early-morning fire here in san francisco. the fire began just after midnight at a multi-unit home on potrero avenue near 23rd street. crews controlled it in less than an hour. no reports of any injuries. investigators still looking into what caused the fire. breaking news off the san lorenzo. alameda county sheriff's officers are investigating a murder-suicide right now. they have taped off an area at
6:56 am
via amigos and via lucas. investigators aren't releasing details but family on scene say a couple is dead. a press conference will be at 9:00. and hundreds of thousands from maine to michigan are spending christmas in the dark after last weekend's winter ice storm that knocked out power. the red cross local churches and schools have opened warming centers throughout the region. crews are expected to have power restored by the end of the week. and some lucky kids tracking santa's flight through the night got a special surprise. a phone conversation with michelle obama. the first lady helped out at the north american aerospace defense command center in hawaii where the obamas are vacationing. it's the fourth year michelle obama took part in the tradition. the same people will be offered christmas dinners later today. kpix 5's cate caugiran is with volunteers serving christmas meals at glide memorial. >> reporter: merry christmas, frank and anne. take a look. there's a lot of turkey slicing going on right now. volunteers are well under way
6:57 am
and organizers say they have been at this for decades. we have a volunteer here amy. how are you doing this christmas morning? >> doing great, thank you. how about you? >> why did you oh, i'm great, thank you very much. why did you decide to come out here this christmas day? >> my son and i are here and we wanted to share christmas with other folks. we are here and able to enjoy our families, but not everybody is able to enjoy families. and so we come out and wanted to help share food. >> reporter: thank you so much. we know volunteers were here early yesterday yesterday afternoon preparing the feast. there will be 500 volunteers at complied with. the organizers say it's like this every, single holiday. they are never in short supply of volunteers on holidays. it's every other day they need help. >> today we'll have people all over the place, but tomorrow no one will be here. so it's difficult for us to find regular volunteers throughout the year consistently. we serve 364 days a year.
6:58 am
we need at least 10 or 15 volunteers for every shift. >> reporter: now, today we'll start with our usual breakfast, ham, eggs and grits, 9:00. christmas lunch will be served and it's a royal spread of ham, turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing. we know there's going to be another treat for people here later. the washington huskies will be here. they are here as part of the feed hunger bowl and they will be volunteering, as well. reporting live in san francisco, santa's little helper, kpix 5. you know, that's just amazing. can you just imagine starting your christmas day like that helping other people? and we have all been out there before and have done that. >> wonderful organization. >> good ride this morning for all of you and a good morning if you are heading out to the nimitz, my gift to you, no traffic. look at that. it's absolutely beautiful on the freeway this morning if you can say a freeway is beautiful, would you? >> sure. >> bay bridge travel this morning, absolutely divine. it's fabulous. lots of clear skies and very few people on the approach heading towards the toll plaza to make your trip west over the
6:59 am
bay bridge into the city of san francisco. 101 golden gate bridge, merry christmas to all of you, too. another gift no traffic on one of the world's most famous bridges in the whole wide world. wow, looks gorgeous. doesn't it? makes you want to jump on your bike and head north towards sausalito. good morning, everybody. it is a great morning to get a little exercise before you have your big meal at home with family or friends. take a look at the sky. it's seamless. official sun-up at 7:24. we have temperatures into the 30s and 40s. cold in santa rosa, currently 30 degrees there. another day today for the third consecutive day of near or record warmth. 60s beaches, 60s bayside into the 70s around the peninsula inland. it's another "spare the air" day. in fact, i'm looking at a "spare the air" day each and every day as we head towards new year's eve next tuesday. we are stuck in a stagnant weather pattern. >> wow. >> thanks for joining us this morning. merry christmas. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning. it is christmas day, december 25th, 2013. welcome to ""cbs evening news" this morning." new york cardinal timothy dolan looks at the meaning of christmas and how the church is changing under pope francis. and on this special day for so many, we look back at some of our favorite stories and people, like wallace annenberg, the billionaire heiress who is changing lives with her generosity. plus, hold on tight, charlie in rome goes on roman holiday by way of the vespa. we begin this day with an eye on the opener. your world in 90 seconds.fa


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