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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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christmas meal. >> we're very sorry about the complications which led to the death of jahi. >> the family of an oakland team declared brain-dead after a tonsillectomy is considering moving her to a care center where she can remain on a ventilator. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, december 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly in for frank mallicoat. time is 6:00. let's get a look at traffic and weather. here's roberta. >> it certainly is a very cold start inland. let's look at the numbers. good morning, everybody. currently, in the north bay, we do have official sun-up at 7:24 and with it, boy, we have temperatures that have been going down, in fact, san jose right now at 40 degrees. but it's in the upper 30s in
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cupertino and in santa clara. east and north bay, 34 degrees apiece antioch and concord but santa rosa now at 30 degrees. and in the central portion of the bay, in the 40s. later today, we are talking about numbers near or record warmth for the fifth consecutive day. but it comes with a price. it is illegal to burn today. it's the 19th "spare the air" day of the season. number-wise in the 60s at the beaches, upper 60s bayside to nearly 70 inland. the extended forecast calls for the unseasonably mild weather pattern to continue for at least the next seven days. elizabeth? >> thanks, roberta. you may be hitting the roads in search of some post holiday deals. everything looks good out of marin county if you are traveling southbound 101. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's very quiet all the way into san francisco towards doyle drive. different story in the northbound direction. northbound 101, approaching todd road, there is an accident there. it's an overturn accident and a semi is behind it blocking one
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lane. maybe some slight delays northbound. so it is still there blocking not on the shoulder. bart is running a regular schedule the day after christmas. golden gate ferries still on that holiday schedule but caltrain and ace also reporting no delay and just normal service. and a quick check along the peninsula where 101 and 280 are still moving at the speed limit this morning. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. we have had black friday, cyber monday and last-minute sales. today we have post-christmas shopping. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at serramonte center in daly city. >> reporter: what a good gig. i get to hang out and shop with people today. well, what i can tell you is that today is the day that the stores will show off the deep discounts up to 70% off on things that really didn't sell and for consumers it's returning things that really just didn't sell you. but what's important to note about these post holiday sales this year is that it started
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the day before christmas. posted deals on its website before santa can even make it down the chimney this year and old navy ran tv ads saying that the after-christmas sales start early. this head start is most likely as a result of poor shopper turnout this year. according to shopper track last week, sales at u.s. stores dropped 3.1% compared to the same week last year and the number of shoppers dropped 21.2%. so now what economists are expecting, they are expecting retailers to up the discounts in order to save the holiday season. reporting live in serramonte mall, michelle, back to you. >> thank you, cate. what about the number one item you can get a good discount on? >> reporter: i think we'll both like this. what economists say is that the day after christmas, clothes are going to be the one that you get the best deal on. that's because retailers are trying to get rid of that winter stock before the end of january so come down on your break, michelle, come join me for some shopping. >> i'm liking it.
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it's a good break. cate caugiran live in daly city, thank you. a lot of gifts didn't make it under the tree in time for christmas because u.p.s. was overwhelmed and unable to get all packages to their destinations as scheduled. the company says there was a very high volume of packages in those final days many ordered from online retailers. >> santa was way more organized this year than, you know, u.p.s. >> u.p.s. doesn't deliver on christmas day. but more employees were called to work overnight so more packages can be delivered come today. fedex also missed some delivery deadlines. meanwhile, online retailer giant amazon is offering gift cards and refunds to customers whose orders did not arrive as promised. well, now that christmas day is over, you can expect crowds of passengers to grow again at the bay area's three major airports. meanwhile, airlines are considering a new airfare system based on individual
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passenger travel history. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us from the san francisco airport with more on this pricing plan known in the industry as resolution 787. >> reporter: hi, mark. good morning. yeah, some are creeped out by this quirky plan and it is controversial. the plan it customizes how much you pay based on several factors including past flying history, how often you fly and even if you're married. those could be factors. there's a chance your browser history could play a role in this. some don't like that airlines could use data to profile you to figure out how much you would pay. we talk to travelers here who think this would lead to higher fares and some who are already unsettled about the amount of their information that's on the internet. >> still not comfortable with the amount of information all these corporations are getting from me. >> reporter: some travelers are worried this would lead to higher fares. cbs news reports anecdotally that that is supported by --
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the evidence supports that speculation. there is little doubt that it will be more difficult to tell whether or not you're getting a deal. >> less privacy out there, ryan. what else could change for airfares now in the future? >> reporter: yeah. well, it could depend on other factors like your age and gender. not just about which class you're in or priority seating but also whether you can sit in the middle in between, you don't get the window or the aisle. that could be a preference that could lead to a difference in the fare. >> all right. thank you, ryan. >> it was a nightmare christmas for a couple of families in newark. someone broke into two homes early christmas morning and took everything at the hernandez home. thieves jimmied the front door to get in. they took the playstation, computer, credit cards, and all the presents for the children. >> she comes in here and there's no bicycle. everything else i don't mind.
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but the christmas gifts for kids, that's what's upsetting. >> he says his two children burst into tears christmas morning. the other house in the neighborhood that was targeted belonged to hernandez's brother. newark police say a third house was also robbed and detectives are trying to see if the break- ins were connected. throughout the bay area, volunteers spent part of christmas day making sure the less fortunate have something for the holidays. among them, firefighters who drove through low income neighborhoods in san francisco handing out hundreds of toys. the gift-giving was unannounced catching the recipients off guard. many of those gifts came from a well-known toy drive in town, the lefty o'doul's bar collecting more than 11,000 toys. it's the 13th year for that toy drive. a warning from the health department for anyone who has eaten at the comstock saloon in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. one of the workers there has tested positive for hepatitis "a." the exposures would have been between december 12th and 15th, or on december 19th.
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so far, there are no reported cases. homeless youth in san francisco have lost one of their few options for help. kpix 5's linda yee was there last night reporting the closure is a sign of the changing landscape of san francisco. reporter: they're homeless young, some strung out, many more escaping an abusive home life. their oasis, this drop-in center known as the homeless youth alliance in the haight. but after tonight, the doors close forever. staff are preparing the last free meal on this christmas day. >> i don't know what we're going to do to stay clean. i don't know how we're going to get by on food. you know, it's, uhm, kind of a blow. >> reporter: for 12 years, this has been a safe place for the street kids. but they have lost their lease. the executive director says they have tried everything to stay. >> we offered to pay a much higher price, we offered to pay market rate. and they don't want us here. so -- >> reporter: the property
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owners include the founder of the haight-ashbury medical clinic. dr. david smith said he supports the center. but the city has ordered them to make seismic upgrades, fix code violations, and return the building to residential use. staff counselor jennifer cowles remembers when she ran away from home at 14, the center helped her. >> because it was the one place where i felt safe and not judged, and it's like i walked in and it was okay to just be there. it becomes family is where you can find it and family is where you can make it and for a lot of kids here, this is their family. >> reporter: the staff lost their building but say they won't abandon the homeless kids who need them. >> they will still live in the park and we'll still be working with them in the park. the psychiatrist, therapist, medical team, everybody is committed to working on a street level. >> i was hungry, they had food. if i needed clothes, they had warm clothes. >> reporter: tim says the center has been his lifeline. >> sad, sad. it's a good place, man, i'd hate to see it close. >> reporter: despite reality, staff still cling to some hope.
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>> we want the christmas miracle still. it could happen. >> reporter: when the doors close, the parting gift from staff to the homeless youth, sleeping bags since they will no longer have a warm place to drop into. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> the shelter says it served 5,000 youth every year. a church in san francisco had an odd celebration on christmas day. check out this roller disco at the church of eight wheels. formerly sacred heart church. everyone that showed up got to play with a broken toy. organizers called the event the island of miss fit toys, roller disco. >> this is the party for the miss fit toys. everybody that didn't have no place to be for christmas is here having a funky good time. >> the organizers hold a roller disco at the same church every wednesday even when there is no holiday. time is 5:10. a search for a christmas tree turns into a fight for
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survival. how a holiday tradition nearly turned deadly. >> who would choose santa claus with a bb gun? apparently one person in d.c. it. coming up. boy, is it a chilly start to your day after christmas. currently, into the 30s. but we'll talk about the warm temperatures with the pinpoint forecast. >> and christmas keeps on giving this morning on the roads. so far once again no delays getting into san francisco. this is a live look over at the bay bridge. we'll have all your travel times plus get a check of mass transit coming up. but first, we still want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. please ask a question or just go ahead and share a gripe by e- mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix, and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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the pop super- star tweeted beloved beliebers i'm officy ." the meaning o justin bieber sent fans into a frenzy on christmas eve. the pop superstar tweeted, my beloved believers, i'm officially retiring. the meaning of the tweet seems obvious. then he tweeted later merry christmas, i'm here forever. a radio station said his next
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album could be his last. he had 45 million-plus tweeter followers. i don't know. i don't know if i'm going to be sad or not. justin bieber is trending this morning. also trending the warriors. they beat the clippers last night. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> whoo! >> good one. after-christmas sales is also trending. let's get a round of applause for that, why not? the deals have already we gun. stores open early this morning. happy holidays is trending and kwanzaa starts today until january 1. remember, you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. all right. 5:15 right now. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> most people are looking for holiday deals instead of working. if you're going to a mall, everything is looking good free and clear on the roads except for one accident just there. we just checked with chp. blocking the number 3 lane. todd road semi behind an overturn accident not much of a delay on the sensors. traffic just overall so light. but if you are planning on using mass transit this
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morning, bart is running their regular service. yesterday they were on that holiday schedule not the case today. golden gate ferries still on a holiday schedule but caltrain and ace everything is normal no delay. here's a live look outside at our sensors. you may be dropping off the family over at sfo. right now no delay on 101 or 280. everything is quiet all the way along the peninsula heading down towards the south bay. for silicon valley commuters, this is what it looks like now at 880/237. traffic coming around the bend looks great past zanker road towards 101 and sunnyvale. even the altamont pass usually by this time of the morning we see something, something going on in the sensors. yellowing not at all, green all the way across towards the dublin interchange. 14 minutes so a very quick trip out of tracy, all the way out towards pleasanton. and one more live look here's a live look at 880. taillights northbound commute direction very quiet towards downtown oakland. if you have any questions about your morning drive once you hit the road, you can tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> it is so cold outside, how cold is it? let's go ahead and take a live. our live camera looking towards the bay bridge where we have clear skies and not a breeze to speak of and the air temperature is below freezing in santa rosa at 31 degrees. otherwise, notice all the numbers in the 30s except san francisco, sticking out like a sore thumb at 53 degrees. now, today is the 19th "spare the air" day of the winter season. lots of people asking why we have a lot of particulate matter very close to the surface that's being trapped there due to the lack of a good breeze to kick it out. a lot of carbon monoxide as well so while the poor air quality will continue, so will the rough surf at the area beaches. anywhere from sonoma county backing all the way to monterey bay. it's going to pan out to be sunny and dry all the way through the remaining portion of the year. blame it on that guy right there. huge dome of high pressure is parked over the pacific ocean not going anywhere very
5:18 am
quickly. so as the high pressure remains in place, the unseasonably warm air mass stays put and so does the stagnation as far as the air quality is concerned. all right. traveling today on this post- christmas holiday, looks like mid-60s throughout the central valley. no need to worry about any kind of tule fog whatsoever. 48 degrees in the high sierra, 61 yosemite, low 70s in monterey bay through pebble beach. meanwhile, pick city today, check this out. santa cruz 73 degrees. that's down from yesterday at 76. the national weather service has issued a beach hazard statement for the possibility of sneaker waves and they cause some dangerous rip currents. water temperature by the way 53 degrees and again the winds are flat. today perhaps the easterly about 5 to 15 in the higher elevations above 1,000 feet. otherwise 60s across the board. up to about the low 70s in santa cruz, low 70s in
5:19 am
brentwood and tracy and in oakley in oakley. mild every day through the period. i got to tell you, we have had four consecutive days of record warmth right here in the bay area. today could be a fifth. and as far as air quality is concerned, perhaps a little bit of improvement with a wind shift over the weekend but that's about it. >> dry all week. >> dry all the way through new year's day. >> amazing. >> oh, wow, all right, roberta, thanks. it was a joyful reunion for a new mexico husband and wife who thought they might never see each other again. thomas and kelly wagner took their 7-month-old son out in the wilderness to see the snow and get a christmas tree. but they got stuck in a foot of snow with no cell service and 20 miles from any help. so thomas started walking. it was after midnight when a park manager spotted him. >> he was in bad shape. he had a light jacket, pretty cold, hands weren't working real well, stumbling around, frost all over his beard. >> it was pretty urgent at that
5:20 am
point when there's a 7-month- old child involved. >> volunteer firefighters went to work and found the mom and baby in their car a couple of hours later as the temperature dropped to near 0. a search continues for the person who shot santa with a bb gun in washington, d.c. >> i got shot somewhere back here. it's kind of right in there somewhere. it's right there. right here i felt the burning sensation. i think they were targeting santa directly. >> xavier hawkins was delivering presents to kids when he was shot twice in the back. he was okay but had to be taken hospital to get the pellets out. after he was taken away, people in the neighborhood finished handing out the presents to the kids. no one he is was injured. 5:20. another big honor for tennis star serena williams. a new title she will have to add to her long list of accomplishments. >> a whole lot of nba basketball set aside for christmas day. lebron was flying through the
5:21 am
air in l.a. against the lakers and the other l.a. team was at oracle last night to take on the warriors. things got heated in the new found rivalry with the clippers. next in sports. >> what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to we may come and feature your school on the show.
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on this chilly thursday morning, don't even think about it! it is illegal to burn today with the 19th "spare the air" day of the season. the details with your pinpoint forecast coming up. >> and we are hotspot-free this morning. here's a live look at some of your drive times around the east bay. even westbound 580 looks great. traffic moving at the speed limit through the live livermore. more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. time now for some morning sports. it's official. the clippers and warriors do not like each other. when these two teams get together it's almost always a physical one. same story last night. here we go. a little christmas dance for the warriors. they are out there jumping around getting pumped up for the game. and things got a little crazy here. green with the vicious elbow to griffin at the end of the third. griffin got a technical for retaliating and green is in the
5:25 am
hallway ejected. now to the fourth. bogut and griffin get tangled up. two more fouls which means griffin is thrown out. this down to the wire. curry through the lane, the great bucket off the glass. he gets that to go but watch this coming back the our way for a chance, and no good. that was chris paul and the warriors hang on to win 105- 103. how about russell westbrook of the thunder mopping up the knicks at the garden? alley-oop to durant. westbrook with a triple-double t oklahoma city beats the knicks the biggest blowout win for a road team in christmas day history. lebron james, why does this guy just not do this every game all the time? he has to get back in the dunk contest. one of many highlights for the heat. as they beat the lakers 101-95. love to watch those dunks. that's your sports. tennis star serena williams has been named female athlete
5:26 am
of the year by the "associated press" for the third time in her career. she won 78 matches with only 4 losses in 2013. that run included a 34-match winning streak and 11 titles. her french open and u.s. open championships raised her grand slam total to 17 single victories. 5:26. two men are critly injured when a huge fire rips through a house in san francisco. this morning, witnesses describe the frightening scene. >> and a family of a 13-year- old oakland girl may be able to keep her on life support after all. the new developments coming up. >> reporter: and it's another big day for shoppers. it's the day after christmas and economists predict there's going to be bigger deals compared to last year. we'll have more on that and why some stores got a jump-start on the discounts. ,,
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good morning. i'm ryan takeo live at sfo. the airline industry is working on a new plan that personalized how much you would pay for a seat. some think it's crazy. some people woke up on christmas without everything they expected under the tree. why so many gifts didn't reach their destinations. 19th, it is the 19th day of the "spare the air" day. when we'll see relief. the details of your pinpoint forecast. >> and all clear now on the roads. in fact, tow crews just cleared this accident. a full look at your "kcbs traffic" commute is coming up. good morning, it's thursday, december 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly. time 5:30. some developing news in san francisco. two men were critically injured when their house burned. it was a three-alarm fire in the alamo square neighborhood
5:31 am
on baker street between mcallister and fulton streets. the fire broke out a little before 9:00 last night. you couldn't see the flames from the street. but there was a plume of smoke rising from the back of the house in the 600 block of baker street. a neighbor said one man appeared to be on fire when firefighters dragged him out of the house. >> we were just taking our christmas recycling back and we heard crackling sounds and saw a huge flame burst out of the glass just glass shattering and huge flames came shooting out of the back of the house. >> neighbors tell us the injured men are the owners and had been remodeling the house. there was no word on what caused the fire. if you have cash for christmas, there are stores ready for you to go out and spend it early this morning. kpix 5's cate caugiran is in daly city live. now it's time for post-holiday shopping at serramonte. >> reporter: that's dedication if you are going to be coming out here. we see behind me that the lights at macy's have already turned on for those early birds
5:32 am
or returners whichever you are this day after christmas. we know that this is notorious for those deep discounts. but this year expect retailers to knock prices down more than last year, according to shopper track, the number of shoppers this -- the week before christmas dropped about 21%. sales dropped 3% compared to the same week last year. plus we are seeing that this year, big box retailers got a jump on those sales. started discounts up to 70% off on christmas eve. and old navy ran commercials saying that the after-holiday store sales start early. now, economists are predicting that these deals might draw in more shoppers and hopefully recoup what was lost last week. live in daly city, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. shoppers can expect the best deals to be on clothes as retailers work to clear out that winter inventory. well, u.p.s. and fedex are putting extra drivers to work today after a lot of packages didn't make it
5:33 am
in time for christmas day. u.p.s. admits it failed to deliver a lot of packages despite guarantees from online stores like amazon. the explosion in online shopping and last-minute orders just overwhelmed the system. amazon says it will offer gift cards and refunds for orders that did not arrive as promised. christmas day has come and gone so travelers will once again be packing the bay area's three major airports. meanwhile, airlines are considering a new airfare system based on individual passenger travel histories. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live at the san francisco airport this morning with more on this pricing plan known as resolution 787. and ryan, i imagine a lot of passengers won't be too keen on this idea. >> reporter: yeah. that's for sure, michelle. if you fly here out of terminal 2, then this could affect you. the worry here is that you would end up paying more for flights and not have a way to fairly compare fares.
5:34 am
the plan customizes how much you would pay on several factors. a travel editor notes that besides your age, gender and how much you fly, the airlines could have other quirky factors that could determine how much you pay. >> they want to know about your marital status. they want to know where you live. it's all about zip codes. it's really -- could be red zoning, too. >> reporter: the airlines say this is just a smarter way to sell tickets. they are still working on industry standards and then it's going to have in go through the red tape from regulators. >> what are bay area travelers saying about this? >> reporter: we talked to some folks last night and tonight and they are wary. they are worried this is going to mean higher fares, which anecdotally has proven to be true. we don't know the exact industry standards that are going to come out. others question how much information is already out there on the internet and how this is useful. things like the marital status, how that comes into play. >> yeah. it's very interesting. all right, ryan takeo at san
5:35 am
francisco airport, thank you. volunteers throughout the bay area spent part of christmas day helping the less fortunate. among them, members of the nonprofit group wednesday's gift which gave clothing, food and toiletries to homeless people in san francisco. >> it's basically kind of a black friday on christmas morning. people -- it's like we're in a changing room sort of. people are shopping for what fits them. >> frederickson created wednesday's gift after he almost lost his home. the group is asking for more weather-related donations like gloves, hats, blankets and sleeping bags. a new development in the case of jahi mcmath. the 13-year-old oakland girl was declared brain-dead after undergoing tonsil surgery. the family is thinking of moving her out of children's hospital oakland to a facility that would keep her on a ventilator. the family's attorney told the "san francisco chronicle" they have received offers but no specific facilities were named. earlier this week, a judge ordered children's hospital
5:36 am
oakland to keep jahi mcmath on the ventilator at least through 5:00 monday afternoon. and once again today you cannot burn wood in your fireplace. it is the fourth consecutive winter "spare the air" day for the bay area. and the 19th so far this year. pollutants have built up due to the warm dry air. and people caught having illegal fires can be fined by air quality officials. let's check traffic and weather. >> this is a really good reason why you should become friends with your neighbor because i was talking with the fine folks in the bay area air quality district and say most of the time it's your neighbors who see the smoke coming from your fireplace and rat you out for a good reason. >> not a good neighbor. >> well, the air is pretty naughty out there right now. very nasty. we have a lot of particulate matter and carbon monoxide very close to the surface. good morning, everybody. let's go ahead and take a look at the current conditions. people want a fire. it's cold outside. it's in the 30s and 50s across the santa clara valley. east and north bay look at these numbers backing up in the
5:37 am
30s. in fact, right now, santa rosa at 31 degrees. it's also in the low 30s in napa. central bay a little more mild into the 40s again as mark and michelle were alluding to, it is a fourth consecutive day of "spare the air" right here in the bay area. today we need a good breeze to shake out those pollutants, not going to see it easterlies pretty flat 5 to 10 miles per hour. numbers pretty uniform in the 60s across the board. even a few low 70s. going with 73 in santa cruz. otherwise, 71 degrees towards brentwood. and you will notice no rain for the next 7 days. any traffic problems in sight? here's elizabeth. >> not too many. no. there's probably a few more cars on the road today than yesterday. there are no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like that all across the deck this morning coming into san francisco. so i know some of the stores are open early this morning if you are in search of a holiday deal or post-holiday deal. this is 101 from marin county,
5:38 am
it's a quick trip out of sausalito all the way across the golden gate bridge into san francisco towards doyle drive. this was our one accident much earlier this morning. it was first reported around 4:30. it took a while to clear. it's because there was an overturn accident. northbound 101 approaching todd, all lanes are open free and clear all the way towards santa rosa. mass transit bart on a regular schedule. more than 40 trains on time. golden gate ferries out of marin into san francisco, that is still in a holiday schedule today but caltrain and ace also looks great no delays. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." the man accused of killing a tsa agent at l.a.x. will be in court. 23-year-old paul ciancia will enter a plea today. investigators say he opened
5:39 am
fire last month at terminal three. one agent was killed, three others injured. if convicted he faces the death penalty. today a court hearing on the future of city college of san francisco. a superior court judge will hear arguments for two separate injunctions aimed at keeping the school from losing its accreditation. if the arguments fail, the accreditation will be terminated next july 31 impacting tens of thousands of students and faculty. imagine going to uc- berkeley and being able to take a class offered at uc-irvine. they are allowing cross-campus enrollment. a select number of classes will be offered online so a student who can't get into a spanish class on one campus might be able to take it online through another school in the uc system. besides convenience, it gives students a better chance to graduate on time. you may think the financial industry the center of it is located in the new york metropolitan area.
5:40 am
but most of 2013 was dominated by events in washington, d.c. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to look at the financial year in review. good mornin jill. what happened in the beginning of 2013? >> reporter: you know, we started with that cliffhanger congressional vote. it occurred just 90 minutes after the january 1 "fiscal cliff" deadline. then we had an agreement. and that raised revenue by increasing our contributions to social security and also by hiking taxes for wealthy americans. as if that were not enough, just 50 days later the government started to cut $110 billion from its budget to comply with sequestration. who could forget our october 16-day goverment shutdown and the showdown over the debt ceiling. you know, despite lawmakers' best efforts, the economy actually withstood all these events. looks like we'll have growth of about 2.25% this year and that's a lot better than we thought it would be when we started the year out.
5:41 am
>> jill, and then there was the federal reserve. >> reporter: yes. the star of the year has to be fed chairman ben bernanke. during his may testimony on capitol hill, he said the central bank could -- could reduce its monthly bond buying program but only if the economy were to perk up a little bit. investors went crazy over this. they worried that the removal of stimulus would be damaging but over the course of a bunch of months, bernanke convinced them all would be okay, just listen to uncle ben. the announcement of that dreaded taper occurred at the december policy meeting and investors took the news in stride. this he bought stocks. but i should -- they bought stocks. but bonds have suffered. interest rates have jumped from 1.6% in early may to nearly 3% today. >> now, jill, which area saw the most improvement in this past year? >> reporter: i think 2013 represented a big turning point for housing. we have the combination of low interest rates for the first five months of the year and bargain basement prices. it brought big investors into
5:42 am
the fray early in the year. the result has been about a 12% increase in national home prices and a big uptick in activity. now, let's also note that these higher mortgage rates are probably going to slow things down next year. we are not going to get double- digit growth. but the housing recovery remains intact. we're expecting single-digit growth. of course, the big winner of 2013 has to be the stock market. the fed's low interest rate and bond buying program made stocks the go-to asset class. this year the s&p 500 has soared 28.5%. it's on track for its best annual performance since 1997. party like it's the '90s all over again. for more in the financial year in review, go to >> thank you, jill schlesinger. 5:42. icy cold is gripping parts of the country and that means another day in the dark for thousands. why the situation may get worse before it gets better. >> an injured skier credits his
5:43 am
dog with keeping him alive. the stroke of incredible luck that also played a huge part. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:44 am
5:45 am
car pileup on an ohio intere on christmas eve. 28-vehicles were involved... cars and s-u-vs literally sd underneath each othe winters weather caused a massive car pile-up on an ohio
5:46 am
interstate on christmas eve. 28 vehicles were involved, cars and suvs sliding under each other blocking the highway for miles. eight people were taken to the hospital but no serious injuries. it took six hours to clear the road. highway patrol says 16 separate accidents were reported on that interstate within an hour. all those accidents are blamed on the winter storm that blasted the upper midwest northeast and parts of canada. hundreds of thousands of people were left with no power and christmas day temperatures were far below freezing. people may be without heat until as late as sunday. so far authorities blame the storm for 25 deaths. 15 in the u.s. and 10 in canada. it's 5:46. let's check the roads and elizabeth, the day after the holiday, pretty light, right? >> i don't know why i'm here. and the dry weather. it's -- [ laughter ] >> there's nothing going on. very quiet. there's no big accidents, no hot spots. so we know some people may be
5:47 am
doing some early-morning post- holiday shopping. all the routes towards malls, everything is good now throughout downtown san jose, no delay on 280, 101 or the guadalupe parkway. here is a live look at your travel times right now. all green. out in the east bay things look good as well all the way towards your downtown oakland exits. northbound traffic those taillights moving at the speed limit this morning past oakland airport. and similar story at the bay bridge. no metering lightses, they likely won't turn them on this morning or have to turn them on for the morning commute. if you have to get to work on time, it's quiet all across the new eastern span of the bay bridge past treasure island. and in the south bay, that is looking good. here in the north bay southbound traffic looks great right now all across the golden gate bridge heading into san francisco towards doyle drive. that is a check of your "kcbs traffic." dry skies out there means good traffic and some pretty nice weather, right, roberta? >> you know, we know why you're here because people got a glimpse of me doing traffic
5:48 am
yesterday. that's why you're here. [ laughter ] >> you are the professional. i just try to play one on tv. let's take a look outside right now. we still have official sun-up coming up. it is dark, it is clear, and it is chilly. temperatures into the 30s except san francisco at 53 degrees. we have a lot going on today, the fourth consecutive "spare the air" day, the 19th of the winter season. we are going to see haze in the atmosphere. we also have some hazardous seas today. the national weather service has issued a beach hazardous statement from sonoma county all the by into monterey bay for some very large swells and also perhaps some sneaker waves causing some dangerous rip currents. santa cruz today 76 degrees yesterday. today 73 degrees. water temperature, however, at 53 degrees. if you want to go to the beach, why not? high pressure still firmly in place over the pacific ocean, not going anywhere very quickly. end result is, we will continue to see the unseasonably mild weather. in fact, we have had four straight days of record warmth
5:49 am
right here in the bay area. today possibly a fifth day. no tule fog noted in throughout the central valley into the 60s. 71 at monterey bay in throughout pebble beach. 67 in redding and in the high sierra, really? we're talking 50s. and the need for sunblock. no snow in the forecast. however, it's dipping into the teens so they are making snow. no airport travel delays at sfo, mineta or at oakland. temps today there in the 60s. otherwise, an improving situation in chicago. a few snow squalls but 30 degrees up from the teens yesterday. 40 in new york up from 22 degrees experienced on christmas day. our numbers up to 13 degrees above average for this time of the year. we're talking 60s across the board except for the low 70s in some inland areas and also into santa cruz area. here's your extended forecast. we're talking precipitation- free conditions each and every day all the way through 2014, the very first day of the new
5:50 am
year. by the way, in case you're wondering you're trying to get out of bed after a post- celebrations yesterday, 7:24 is sun-up and by the time that sun goes down again, perhaps a fifth consecutive day of at least near or record warmth. >> all right. if you can, sleep in today, right? sleep in. >> don't go to work. >> yeah. >> right there. >> all right. go for it. wish we could have. [ laughter ] a colorado man says he is grateful to his siberian husky who likely saved his life. leonard somers was on a across country ski run last month when he fell down a ravine and severed two vertebrae. he couldn't move. but his dog juno wouldn't leave his side until they heard people nearby. >> i looked at her and i go, go get 'em. when she ran out, she actually ran off and there was -- they had a dog with them, and she somehow or another brought the
5:51 am
dog back to me. >> one of those skiers was a trauma surgeon. it took five hours to get the man off the summit and the dog stayed with him. somers is still unable to walk but is determined to walk again. time is 5:51. a los angeles police officer dives into a burning car to pull the driver to safety. this morning, he talks about that rescue. >> 5 new zealanders are spending another day stranded in antarctica. how they ended up in the icy predicament. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
good morning. on this thursday morning, it's a very chilly start but don't even think about it. don't burn today! it's another "spare the air" day. the details with your pinpoint forecast. and if you are hitting the
5:54 am
roads this morning, right now there is a stall reported and it may be completely blocking the off-ramp on the skyway before you get towards the bay bridge. eastbound 80 at 7th street, we'll have more on this plus a full look at your "kcbs traffic." it's all coming up. it will take another full day for help to reach a ship stuck on the ice in antarctica. 74 people are on board that vessel. the ship sent a distress signal out on tuesday but the weather is making it difficult to get to it. people on board are on an exploration trip marking the 100th anniversary of a famous expedition of an australian to antarctica. a southern california driver is alive and recovering from moderate injuries after three people pulled him from his burning car. cell phone video shows the moments after the fiery crash which happened yesterday afternoon on interstate 405 in sherman oaks. the driver was unconscious but two civilians and an off-duty bomb squad officer went to the
5:55 am
rescue. >> he jumped out, jumped in the car, pulled the guy out, and all of a sudden he fell on the ground because he like breathed in a bunch of that black smoke. >> that was so much fire, it just -- it gets into your head. you feel -- you see the smoke and the heat, it's just -- it's unbelievable how much heat there is with that fire. >> that los angeles police officer was also treated for minor injuries. nasa says a series of spacewalks to repair a problem on the international space station was successful. astronauts repaired a crippled cooling system during a rare christmas eve spacewalk. the equipment had to be turned off and experiments were halted when the system failed. the repairs took seven hours to complete. good morning, i'm take tack live at sfo. the airline industry is working on a new personalization plan that will determine how much you will pay for fares. we'll tell you about that plan
5:56 am
coming up. >> and we have made it through the season of giving, now we're on to the season of returning. we are talking about the day after christmas deals. we'll tell you why they might be bigger than last year. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee.
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i was really excited. i couldn't wait to see her face. and it didn't happen. so i was disappointed. >> there may have been some ious under the christmas tree. u.p.s. is backlogged meaning some christmas gifts didn't get delivered on time. >> it was the one place where i felt safe and not judged and it's like i walked in and it was okay to just be there. >> after trying everything it could to stay, a shelter for homeless youth in san francisco closes for good with a final christmas meal. >> we're very sorry about the complications which led to the death of jahi. >> the family of an oakland
6:00 am
teen declared brain-dead after a tonsillectomy is considering moving her to a care center where she can remain on a ventilator. from across the bay to around the world. >> not able to get back over the road. >> the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it is thursday, december 26. i'm mark kelly in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. a u.p.s. backlog meant thousands of presents didn't make it under the tree in time for christmas. the bad weather and an explosion online shopping and last-minute orders are being blamed. u.p.s. says the system was overwhelmed. i'm cate caugiran live at the serramonte mall in daly city, where it's expected to be another good day for shoppers. economists predict the day- after-christmas deals will be better than last year. we'll have more on the push to get shoppers to sp


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