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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 26, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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then time to spend. you can exchange those like me captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday december 26 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a christmas delivery debacle. two of the biggest names in shipping dropped the ball. when will thousands of packages arrive? a cold dark holiday for thousands. the power outage that could stretch to next week. dozens frozen on ice near antarctica. and singer santana loves committing suicide. >> first we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> kids out here have no power trying to stay warm. >> hundreds of thousands struggle in the dark.
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>> i just want my power back. >> repair crews work around the clock from maine to michigan a an ice storm rolled through last weekend. >> christmas comes today for fedex and ups packages didn't come in time. >> we ordered these things december 1st. >> kidnapped in 2011 by militants pleading with the u.s. in a video message. >> reunite me with my family. >> a los angeles driver is recovering after being rescued from a burning car. a lapd bomb squad officer pulled the man to safety. >> i don't consider myself a hero. >> at least another day before the rescue team arrives to help the crew.
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>> never before seen footage of the baby heir. >> you know they're going to lob it to james. oh my goodness. >> afterwards chris paul and logan. >> all that matters. >> president barack obama thanking american troops for their service. he and first lady michelle obama paid a visit to a marine corps >> base in hawaii. >> a sing per made a-- singer made a cancer patient's dream come true. welcome welcome to "cbs this e morning" everyone. charlie rose, norah and gayle t you
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are off a. good morning. >> did you get what you wanted? >> i did. >> christmas lasting one more they day for ups and fedex.n they're trying to clear up gifts that didn't arrive on time. deli >> one says it's the worst christmas ever on deliveries. mark is in atlanta, home to >> yeah, u.p.s. they they're hearing a lot of complaining this morning. and >> you bet they are. the plane, trucks drivers are back resuming delivery this is late morning. save too late to save christmas for thousands of families. u.p.s. and fedex are blaming bad weather and overloaded systems >> for delays. >> across the country, thousands of families were missing gifts time under their christmas tree h >> gifts that were guaranteed for christmas. ived >> sure enough not going to get here in time.
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>> many took to social media to say the grinch that stole mas wore christmas wore brown of u.p.s. ups the website was flooded with complaints. many oth many others on twitter expressed w anger with the #upsfail. >> many went to centers in never person to look for baggages. e, the >> people are upset their niece, nephew grandchildren, d, boyfriend, girlfriend didn't get what they want d.t wh they were guaranteed it was going to happen. >> we went behind the scenes in how h louisville and fedex to show how they were prepared for the chao holiday. >> controlled chaos. orchestr very synchronized and well any illustrated but a lot of moving christmas.
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parts. ps >> neither company would say howerstand many packages didn't make it for christmas. on the website, it said we exceeded understand the importance of your holiday shipments." apologi amazon was also left apologizing to customers that didn't receive packages in time. the company offered $20 gift >> ups cards and refunded shipping many fees. se >> many of the frustrated customers say they paid a premium f premium for what was supposed to be a be guaranteed delivery. they're now demanding refunds.anding on this day after christmas millions of americans are heading out looking for new retailers a bargains. this keeps customers in the spending spirit. >> they're looking to make up revenue for giftsales they didn't
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get before christmas. >> what are stores doing today opening earlier?morning. >> absolutely. hou there are people lining up as we speak all over the place. there are deep discounts, we're up hearing up to 70% for severalings. ap things. apparel deeply discounted. it's very important to get through the calendar year, turn imp it over and look for a better ough t holiday season next year. >> it's hard not to notice the e-mails we're receiving, everything forcing or asking us to go online.that affect s did that affect retail sales in stores? in it may have. it may it appears holiday sales are down 3.1% from last year. that's surprising to many people. we're looking at economy underlying gaining strepthd. i don't buy it's all about online. online sales are 12 to 15% of all holiday most happen in brick and br mortgager. it's confounding for analyst
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that's say we don't get it. things seemed to be loolking king better and yet the holiday waiting season not so great. af >> are a lot of people waiting t untille after christmas when thebe. sales start?to b >> evidently we're becoming ays smarter. i the biggest days in post season shopping for the holiday. i we are shopping better and ee smarter. app, technology, all of those things but does not account for traffic being down. the traffic is down in the big oward the weekend before the holiday itself. actual traffic down about 21%. somet there's something going on that's that's different. again, it does not quite jive with better than expected news we've seen in the last few weeks. >> today is the gift card day. everyone goes to redeem those. i'm curious. is what's happening now head indication of the strength of the economy as we head to the hink new year? s >> i don't think so. knew the
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we're seeing really good strength. the economy grew in the third know tha quarter. s personal spending was up pretty y robustly in november, half a e's some good percent.long we know there's longer term items meant to last three years or more bought. quarte the expectation for fourth quarter growth is increased by oliday analysts by 2.5%. we're coming into the end of the year on strength. bet 2014 should be a better year e economically with job creation resuming tha increasing and economy gaining ebt speed presuming there's no debt ght. ceiling controversyraziness next year. many are hoping for more than a bargain, their
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electricity electricity still out for many. terrell brown has more on that. that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. today will be another frigid dayd across the northern plains and ay to new new england where tens of ds thousands are waking up again n withou without power. >> tammy campbell spent christmas day with her daughter and nephew along with other michigan residents who's homes are still in the dark. >> we normally have hot chocolate in pjes watching movies around the christmas to have tree. that didn't work last night. >> crews are hoping to have the power back on by the end of the the week. >> we feel their frustration.tand the >> reporter: at least 17 deaths nationwide are blamed on last weekend's mass i storm that cut power to half a million people across the great lakes and
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northeast. with temperatures in the teens and more than 20 miles per hour and winds expected in the affected -mile-an-h areas, officials are concerned tree branches will continue to fall damaging more power lines. >> not just ice on the trees. added weight gusts of wind. we repair these things. next next thing you know limb comes down. we've got to start over from all scratch. >> after days of battling the of bone chilling cold many want cold just one thing in their holiday stocking. >> bring back our power please. e >> many deaths have been from publ carbon my carbon carbon poisoning from generators. people are rushing to beat the deadline that keeps
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changing. co >> the deadline has been extended in several states and extended on the federal website if you were placed on the wait list. this the question is can insurance scenes start the coverage by policy next wednesday. in austin texas, applicants for obamacare say they delayed signing up at first because the website was unreliable.e the then came the deadline. >> it's last minute on everything, but of course it's necessary. >> the last week has brought a surge of enrollments into s obamacare. 5,000 in kentucky more than 7,000 in connecticut, 20,000 in washington state, and 100,000 in california. peter lee is the executive director of the state tate marketplace covering california.
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>> we've had huge momentum in four days. had that's about as many enrolled in the first two months october r: and november. >> california is one of several allowing state allowing residents to sign up through friday, january 1st. the the federal epeatedly website has repeatedly extended el the deadline. 13 thousand the website says for some people stuck in waiting line we can still help you get covered. the last minute sign ups put pressure on insurance companies to press us the new customers re and confirm they have coverage. compan karen of virginia says she thought she signed up for blue cross in early december but worried she hasn't heard from the company.mber but s >> i need verification that the family exists in the system and we do indeed have health coverage. >> did you expect it to be this nt verificat difficult? >> no.
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no. not at all. i don't think anybody did. >> if you are one of the people who signed up at the last minute, the state, federal government, and insurance companies all a to call your insurance company directly to confirm your coverage and pay your first month's premium. mos in most state, the deadline is 10 january 10th. in other states it's earlier, erify january 6th. a video appears to show 72-year-old warren kidnapped two years ago in" the washington post has a copy. he speaks directly to president barack obama in the video. >> it seems i've been totely abandoned and forgotten. you are now in your second term as president of the united states and that means you can take hard decisions without
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worrying about re-election. so i again appeal to you to instruct appropriate officials to negotiate my release. s >> it is not yet clear when that was made. in the past the white house says it would not negotiate for his release. the prime minister arrived in juba to talk of fighting.alling despite calls of a christmas cease fire hundreds of americans were pulled from the country in recent days holly has in the latest. good >> good morning. >> goo the united nations has vinit discovered two mass graves in south sudan and will investigate possible crimes against ves. humanity. hund hundreds have been killed as thnic rival ethnic groups fight for control of the country. government forces retook the town putting a stop to bloodshed there at least for now. least f
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gunfire could still be heard on the streets, and the town is littered with dead bodies. be some fear south sudan could be some descending into civil war. many in bor led to safety in the united nations refugee camps.o the town's mayor came to tell them they could go home. he also said the killings amounted to ethnic cleansing. >> the difference was life and town death for people in the town. >> violence began 10 days ago, each side backed by a different ethnic group. more than 500 are left dead and dy forced tens of thousands the to leave their homes and seek protection in overcrowded camps.the u.s. the u.s. and other foreign s governments evacuated non essential embassy staff last week a mid concerns the fighting will only get worse.
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the u.n. shared that fear and is sending 6,000 extra police and ing t soldier, doubling the number of ign peac foreign peace keepers already in the les >> this violence comes three outh years after south sudan split from from sudan and became a nation wn in its own right. th the u.n. is urging the two sides to stop fight and start negotiating. >> thank you. tensions in asia. shinzo abe paid a visit to the war sign.a war the visit is drawing angry responses from both it comes a mid a dispute over islands.. the u.s. is expressing eaker disappointment. edward snowden is making his case for importance of privacy. he released a message christmas day. he says surveillance goes far beyond what was envisioned this
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the novel of 1884. >> together we can find a betterher balance, end masseur have a lens and remind the government if it really wants to know how we feel feel, asking is always cheaper than spying. for everyone out there listening, thank you and merry recorde christmas. >> the video was recorded at a secret location in russia where coas he lives. he says his mission has already se gover been accomplished. president barack obama took time from his hawaii holiday to spend time with military members. he and michelle obama thanked nearly 600 troops for their service at a base. >> we would not enjoy if it weren't for the incredible dedication and work you do. the least we can do is let you all know we're praying for
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peace. pp >> this is part of his yearly get away. time to show you headlines is from around the globe. gop house leaders want to put se discipline on tea party factions. meanwhile major donors tend s to groom more moderate 's candidates for next year's perfor races. u.s. a. says stocks are on track for best since 1997. the dow climbing more than 24% s in 2013. the new york times says the >> common knee surgery may be common unnecessary for patients. a study looked at people that may b went through surgery the for a patients. torn meniscus. they were compared to a group who had simulated surgery for the same problem. k a year later, both said their mees felt better. the military led government
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led the terror organization. the ousted president morsi is a member of the muslim brother hood. three cabinet ministers resigned after a corruption probe. one called for the prime minister to step down. the investigation refers money transfers to iran and bribes an projects. the warm weather in southern california an santa ana winds make for ideal beach conditions around christmas time. high of in long beach broke the ch christmas day record. d >> i want the holiday to be ealo cold. >> take me the from the kpix 5 weather center, roberta gonzales here. good morning, everybody! out the door, we have clear skies and it is cold. check out santa rosa. 28 degrees. it is in the 30s in throughout
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the tri-valley, oakland and in san jose, 40 mountain view. and san francisco at 48 degrees. today, near or record warmth for a fourth consecutive day up to the low 70s inland. no rain in sight through new year's. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kohl's. kohl's. expect great things. rescuers are rushing to reach dozens of people trapped
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this morning near antarctica. what passengers say with their ship surrounded by ice. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local reports. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookside chocolate. discover brookside. of remarkable tastes comes together. rich, dark chocolate meets sweetened soft centers flavored with exotic fruit juices, like pomegranate goji with raspberry, and acai with blueberry. it's chocolate like you've never experienced it before. and it comes from a place called brookside. discover brookside.
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after a fire at their home in san francisco's alamo square neighborhood. it broke out ne last night good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. two men are in critical condition after a fire at their home in san francisco's alamo square neighborhood. it broke out a little before 9:00 last night on baker street. two newark families were burglarized only christmas eve. someone broke in and took nearly everything under the tree. police are still looking for the thieves. the future of city college of san francisco could be decided today. a judge will hear arguments for two injunctions aimed at keeping the school from losing its accreditation. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
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bay bridge toll plaza, me to metering lights, no delay into san francisco from the east bay. travel time down the eastshore freeway also very quiet. out of marin county here's a live look at the golden gate bridge southbound 101 moving at the speed limit all the way towards doyle drive. bart systemwide on time more than 50 trains all reporting no delay. they are back to a regular schedule. golden gate ferries on a holiday schedule. caltrans and ace on time. >> bet they have their brand- new christmas clothes on. it's cold! current numbers 28 in santa rosa. the 30s san jose and livermore. oakland and mountain view. san francisco now in the 40s. another "spare the air" day today and here's a look at the temperatures near or record warmth into the 60s inn and 70s and no rain through new year's.
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i just wanted to say hi to my family in afternoon, i love you, i miss you, and i want to see you soon. oh, yeah. by the way, go hawks. >> that is private first class hunter taylor. his video message from after gap stan played on the scoreboard during chicago blackhawks game. his if family thought they were honoring military families. as you can see from their faces when he walked out, they went nuts. he has ely seen his family since he enlisted in the army. >> you get goose bumps every time you see that. coming up this half hour a real-life angel showed up on both
7:31 am
made him the man he is today. we'll show you how hawaii and chicago are both competing for a building. that's ahead. a ship is entering its second day trapped in ice. three ice breakers are on the way. but the first one won't arrive up till tomorrow. elaine quijano is with us. elaine, good morning. >> good morning to you, jeff. the distressed ship is carrying more than 74 passengers and crew. part tour boat part research vessel. it was on a month-long voyage to explore one of the most frozen continents when it ran into trouble. less than three weeks passengers are experiencing a different kind of addventureadventure. >> we surviving id but we can't get through. >> reporter: on board the stuck ship they're from the british newspaper "the guardian." >> there we go. the beginning of the exciting
7:32 am
trek. >> reporter: the russian-made vessel is operated by a private tour company based in new zealand. they set sail on december 8th. headed toward commonwealth bay, on the art art cano torous for its sea ice. >> we just made it to antarctica. >> why haven't we crush through it. >> i don't know. >> reporter: they even visited the hut he used still preserved in the ice. >> this is actually where the main table was. >> the modern-day truckers had lest the hut and were trailing toward the magnetic south pole when their trail came to a halt. >> stuck in ice in a very remote location in the aunt arctic. it's going to take another nearly two days for the vessels
7:33 am
that we've tasked to respond. >> reporter: once they arrive they'll clear the channel and allow them to finish their voyage. at this time there's no plan to evacuate any passengers. it can withstand the pressure of the sea ice but isn't strong enough to break free on its own. for now the ship still has plenty of water and food for its passengers. some of them paid $19,000 on this particular skpegsexhibit. >> thank you. this morning the flu season is on the rise more so in the south. holly phillips is with us. good morning holly? >> good morning. >> it's early. >> it is. what we're seeing earlier is h1n1. it's also known as the swine flu. it causes a much more serious
7:34 am
illness in young people and pregnant people unlike the regular flu that attacks older people and people with underlying issues. it's a misconception but i can be very serious. >> is h1n1 covered in this year's vaccine? >> it is it is. now, the vaccine 17b89d perfect but this is covered by the vaccine. you know just two weeks ago the cdc said last year even though about half -- under half of americans got vaccinated it prevented about 6 million cases of the flu just by getting half of the population vaccinated. so if we can extend that wrks we ka make a bigger one. >> not at all. patients come in and say i blew it. i didn't get in on time.
7:35 am
flu season continues through february through may. >> what about those people who insist on not getting a flu shot? >> for people who are young and otherwise healthy, if you don't get your flu shot the best thing to do is recognize the flu symptoms and get there early. if you reach your doctor within 48 hours there are antibiotics to take to shorten it. >> as if we need more proof of gender differences the report out this week was very different. the flu vaccine works differently on men versus women. >> that's what it seems. >> it comes do test tot trone. it doesn't just have do with the flu shot. it also has to do with a measles vaccine or hepatitis vaccine. for the men out there, it's not an excuse not to get the vaccine. you still get plenty of
7:36 am
coverage. women do it better. >> holly, thank you very much. an off-duty los angeles police officer is being hailed as a hero. hiss quick action saved the life of a man inside a burning station wagon. ben tracy looks at a video. >> reporter: this is amateur video of a burning wreck along the 405 in los angeles. the accident happened 2 p.m. before christmas day when they say a 72-year-old man crashed into the central divider. drew and his girlfriend were driving by when an lapd officer leaped over the median and attempted a daring rescue. >> he jumped out, putting in the car, pulls the guy out. as soon as he pulled the guy out, the car totally burst into
7:37 am
flames. >> reporter: don thompson was on his way to work when he witnessed the crash. by the time he reached the car, he found the driver passed out in his seat. >> there was so much fire it just -- it gets into your head. you feel -- you see the smoke and the heat. it's unbelievable how much heat there is with thatfire and that was the time i said either you're going to get him out or get him out alive. >> almost overcome by smoke he got him out by cutting the seat belt with a utility knife. he and other good samaritans carried him away. the lapd caused the rescue a christmas day miracle but thompson sees it differently. >> i don't consider myself a hero. when i'm in those shoes, it just didn't feel that way. i just did what i had to do. >> l.a. officials are still investigating the cause of the crash.
7:38 am
for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> those incredible moments when someone is really tested. do you do something or just watch. >> absolutely. you have to think all those people are working on adrenaline at that point. >> extraordinary. >> president obama may be struggling in the poll bus two american cities think his [ simpson ] remember how simple life was when we were little? ♪ ♪ when our only job was having fun. well, it's feeling pretty simple again thanks to weight watchers new simple start. i started losing weight right away. and i'm having a lot of fun. new simple start. a 2-week jump-start to a whole
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surveillance camera captures an attempted robbery. a man walks in with a gun. the cashier decides to fight back. wrestles the robber. gets the weapon away from the map and you see the would-be
7:43 am
robber takes off. >> definitely not the recommended course of action when a holdup begins. good morning. welcome back. the first family continues its vacation this morning. chip reid looks at the competition of the legacy of a chief executive with three more years left in office. >> not far from the club where president obama played a holiday round of golf robert perk inson is trying to lure the president to a different kind of green. >> it's a fantastic site with panoramic views of the ocean and the mountains and the city. >> per kinson, a professor at the university of hawaii is leading the effort to convince president obama to build his library on this plot of land in honolulu. the president was born and spent most of his youth here and returns here every year for his family for vacation. >> the president has said he
7:44 am
hasn't made a decision, doesn't want to yet, too busy running the country to think about it. >> people in hawaii have been thinking about it a lot. organizers have quietly been planning since 2011 when mr. obama began his run for the white house. presidents don't usually select the location of their library until the end of their time in officend eight could take years before it is eventually built. but a presidential lie larry can mean prestige. >> i think the library should be in chicago. >> bill daly president obama's former chief of staff says chicago will be hard to beat. >> lot os people will take a bus here or drive here to celebrate his administration. >> reporter: chicago is where he also started his political career and met his wife
7:45 am
michelle. >> it really gets down to where the president thinks he'd be most comfortable. >> there's the expense. george bush's library in dallas cost $250 million to build. ramie man yell another former chief of staff, the fund raising potential in the windy city is enormous. but it's not all our nochlg hawaii is open to share. >> we open and welcome the possibility of co-labllaborateing a library with two headquarters. >> place for president obama to carry on in a new office and a view of an office that can be matched. i feel like we should continue our reporting on this. hawaii seems like an important plac from the kpix 5 weather center, roberta gonzales here. good morning, everybody!
7:46 am
out the door, we have clear skies and it is cold. check out santa rosa. 28 degrees. it is in the 30s in throughout the tri-valley, oakland and in san jose, 40 mountain view. and san francisco at 48 degrees. today, near or record warmth for a fourth consecutive day up to the low 70s inland. no rain in sight through new year's. this morning we continue our conversation with this year's kennedy center honorees. guitar legend carlos santana talks about turning music into risky business i love committing career suicide. >> you do. >> yes. once in a while it's mandatory for an artist to commit career suicide. >> he looks at four decades still going strong and career
7:47 am
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hundreds turned out for a hope of a glimpse of britain's family. duchess kate and prince william arrived without prince george. >> here at home my own family is a little larger this christmas. as so many of you will know the arrival of baby gives everyone a chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope. for the new parents, life will never be quite the same again. after the christening we gathered for the traditional photograph. it was a happy occasion bringing together four generations. in the year ahead, i hope you will have time to pause for
7:52 am
moments of quiet reflection. >> that behind-the-scenes video was recorded at prince george's christening. >> i want you to try to rest of the broadcast in that accent. >> i'll try. we'll show you the high tech way to learn your fitness age and get in shape. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] make
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kland girl, your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the family of a 13-year-old oakland girl declared brain- dead after undergoing tonsil surgery is thinking of moving her out of children's hospital oakland to a facility that would keep her on a ventilator. earlier this week, a judge ordered children's hospital oakland to keep jahi mcmath on the ventilator at least through monday. once again today you cannot burn wood. it's the fourth consecutive "spare the air" day for the bay area and the 19th so far this season. pollutants have built up due to the warm dry air. people caught having illegal fires can be fined by air quality officials. stay with us traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. checking the roadways right now, things quiet on 4 westbound no delay towards concord and westbound 580 through the livermore valley. traffic moving at the speed limit. metering lights not turned on this morning on the bay bridge so it's a quick trip into san francisco. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> it's live, it's our kpix 5 weather camera looking towards mount vaca where, boy, is it chilly this morning into the 20s, 30s and 40s. santa rosa just jumped up to 31 after experiencing 28 degrees. into the 60s and low 70s again today near or record warmth expected on this "spare the air" day. and notice, all the way through new year's, no rain.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." u.p.s. and fedex said he never expected to get so many orders for christmas. chicago and vienna have something in common. find out why they made a list of top travel picks. and a chef from denmark has ants and stale bread on the menu. he shows mo rocca what it took. first a look at today's "eye opener@8." >> both u.p.s. and fedex are blaming bad weather and overloaded systems for the delay. >> they say they were overwhelmed. >> one u.p.s. driver calls it
8:01 am
the worst christmas ever for deliveries. tens of thousands of people are waking up yet again without power. >> the deadline for january coverage has been steppeded now in several states and extended on the federal website. if you were placed on the website's wait list. the question is whether insurance companies can react in time to make all this new coverage by next wednesday. it appears to show an american. al qaeda kidnapped him two years ago. >> the trapped vessel has a reinforced hull that can withstand the pressure of the sea ice but isn't strong enough to break through on its own. >> he jumped out and pulled the guy out. >> unbelievable how much heat. it's now or never. >> in southern california, ideal beach conditions. the high of 85 in long beach broke a christmas day record. >> i'm not jealous of that though. i want the holidays to be cold. >> take me there now! ♪
8:02 am
i'm jeff glor with vinita nair. charlie, norah and gayle are off today. too many packages not enough time. that's how u.p.s. and fedex are explaining a backlog that left a lot of christmas presents stuck in their warehouses. many said they paid extra to make sure the gifts arrived on schedule. >> u.p.s. apologized and said the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network immediately preceding christmas so some shipments were delayed. u.p.s. restarts deliveries this morning. some let customers pick up their packages yesterday. conditions will be even harder for hundreds of residents who still don't have electricity. crews have been working for days to get the lights back on but any snow today will have stress on trees and power lines already coated with ice and that could lead to more blackouts. at least 145,000 homes and about its spent christmas in the dark
8:03 am
after an ice storm earlier this week. >> in cairo, at least five people are injured this morning after the bombing of a public bus. the explosion shattered windows and sent glass flying. >> police arrested 16 people for supporting the muslim brotherhood. they're the first to be taken into custody after the government declared the brotherhood a terrorist organization wednesday. violence is on the rise since the july crackdown forcing president mohamed morsi from office. he is also a brotherhood member. the man responsible for overthrowing morsi is general abdul fa ta asisi. how some believe he's reaching iconic status. ♪ >> reporter: egypt is in the throes of a passionate love affair with the man considered by millions to be this country's savior. general ab dull fatah al-sisi. they're calling it sisi mania.
8:04 am
the airwaves are filled with songs of his victory against what they call the terrorists. it rhapsodized about his bronze/gold skin and herculean strength. there's even a tumblr feed that has the most gushing tribute. this one that hails him as the lion of the army. this couple runs a chocolate shop in an upscale cairo neighborhood. their sales have skyrocketed for chocolates this come in different shapes sizes and colors. can i try it? okay. try it. i just bit the defense minister's head off. she says they created the chocolate as a way of honoring
8:05 am
sisi. >> for us it's a kind of appreciation, that's all. >> reporter: she's showing her appreciation in a different way. she's an organizer with campaign called finish the job, which aims to have sisi instated as egypt's next president. every night its members go out to collect signatures for their cause. she claims to have 15 million already. and she says she won't stop until the general is president. >> he is very honest man and a very good man and really egyptian man. and a strong man. and loved by all egyptians. >> reporter: and do you love him? >> yes. >> reporter: but to many sisi mania is no laughing matter. military crackdown on muslim brotherhood demonstrators this summer left nearly a thousand dead. and in a region with a rich history of military strongmen, a presidential victory for the general may be a big loss for
8:06 am
democracy in egypt. for "cbs this morning" clarissa ward cairo. >> every year fodor's travel highlights visits the best of the world. the company is out with its 2013 go list. >> and the executive director. good morning to you. 25 places. let's talk about how you judge these cities? >> we look for a number of things. first off, we look for new air routes that are making a destination more accessible. a hotel boom to suggest that tourism is on the rise also tends to mean there's great value when they have a lot of rooms to deal with. looking for big events that are happening that will put a spotlight on a destination. then look at places that were the talk of the office over the last year or so because we're always talking about destinations on the rise. >> i love that you have categories like best family place to go best value, best emerging spot. i want to talk about chicago,
8:07 am
celebrating the 100th anniversary of wrigley field. great food and other things the the. >> because wrigley is going to be celebrating its hundredth next year, a lot of events to commemorate that which make it especially exciting. beyond that the lincoln park zoo, which is free. you have the museum with the amazing dinosaur collection. the kid-friendly programs at the art institute. and it's a great destination to visit and it costs a fraction of what you would pay in new york or los angeles. >> and you've got second city. >> that's right. second city. >> you also have detroit on the list. >> yeah. >> how come? >> we're really big on detroit for a few reasons. one, we want to show it some love. bring tourism dollars, always help an economy. two, we're obsessed with the fate of the detroit institute of art. as you've probably been following, too christies just valued its collection at half a billion dollars and that's a minimum. if they wind up having to sell off this collection to underwrite their debt we'll
8:08 am
never see those pieces of art again. go now see it. >> and recently read an article on them also. they're getting a lot of attention. >> that npr article talks about the tale of two cities. there's an economic renaissance. these cool gorilla farms now, the project turning der relekt houses into something to look at. weekend farmers markets. really interesting stuff going on at the same time. >> you have a national park. >> that's right. >> that's on the go list. yosemite. >> yosemite in california. you know again, after a year of government shutdowns, wildfires, there's actually never been a better time to go. it's open for business and tracking to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the land grant. there's never been a better time to go cross it off your bucket list. beautiful granite peaks, stunning waterfalls. and this is bun that's great year round. you will get a different view of all these beautiful landscapes
8:09 am
in all four seasons. plus the photographer ansel adams really captured all those beautiful settings in black and white. you can go to the gallery there that's been open since 19802. >> vienna austria. >> if you really want to stretch your travel dollar really go in the winter. yes, it's going to be cold but the best antidote is to go spend an afternoon in a viennese coffee house drinking those bowls of chocolate. really no better antidote. cultural season is in full swing. the opera there. one of the things you love about vienna it might surprise you that it's home to the oldest horse training acad emne the world. >> go to europe in the winter? >> if you want to maximize value, because in the summer it's packed. the flights are far more expensive. you'll get really great value by going in the winter. tends to be where i want to go as well because i want
8:10 am
8:11 am
the man who gave us black magic woman says there's nothing magical about rock 'n' roll stardom. this morning carlos santana recalls the high price of success and his supernatural comeback. all happened on this day in 1966. another colorful hit from that psychedelic era. can you name the song and its author? can you, jeff? the answer is next on "cbs this morning." ♪ got a black magic woman ♪ ♪ got a black magic woman ♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
47 years ago today, guitarist jimi hendrix and his hit "purple haze." he wrote the lyrics in the dressing room of a club in london. the song was the lead single on his american debut album "are you experience." he said the idea came to him in a dream. "rolling stone" puts "purple haze" at number 17 of the
8:16 am
greatest 500 songs of all time. >> it's a fun list to go through. >> it is. bob dylan number one. >> king spirit in the top ten as well. surprised me. good song. you can't turn back time but you might be able to dial back your fitness age. a leading sports doctor will show us the online tool that could change the way you xr size. that is next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by silk. get more flavors with silk almond milk. original vanilla, and dark chocolate.
8:17 am
using stilts to take down the lights? not good. going to the kmart winter sales event? good.
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8:20 am
♪ a 12-year-old's dying wish to sing and dance with beyonce. make a wish and the pop star made it happen. she was nervous but had the courage to sing and dance in front of a huge crowd in las vegas. great to see. >> certainly is. fewier already feeling the holiday heavies, an online tool can help you get in shape. dr. christopher visco can help
8:21 am
you out. what is it? >> the calculator is interesting. it gives you a measure of your aerobic fitness. there are a variety of ways to look at your fitness. one is aerobic exercise your ability to tolerate a cardiovascular load. >> you plug in these numbers and it gives you your personalized results. your resting heart rate height age, what can we learn from it? >> jeff the most important thing when you look at the website like this is the questions it asked you. so as you're going through the process of answering these questions, some of the three most important things that they look at are, you know how often do you exercise how vigorously do you exercise and tapping into those questions when you look at what am i actually doing in terms of my fitness is critical to defining what your aerobic fitness is.
8:22 am
>> that was one of the questions. how vigorous is it. what's better? 15 minutes of all out exercise or 60 minutes of very moderate exercise? >> you have to remember something. they're looking at healthy subjects in this study, and 60 minutes of a lower grade exercise is probably more tolerable for somebody that's relatively not quite as fit. if somebody's very hit. they can go all out. >> in the city when you're looking at it. one of the studies is oxygen uptake. what does that have to do with our outlook? >> when you look at oxygen oxygen itself, we know because it's used for fire right? so when fire burns oxygen is needed. the same thing is occurring at the muscle. the level of muscle. the muscle uses oxygen to convert energy and as one of the measures of the o.t. max is how
8:23 am
well the muscle does that. >> basically you're wanting to see how much oxygen wle take in at the height of exercise. >> that's exactly right. >> that's why we say our lungs are burning. the best way to increase your oxygen update is by doing what? >> the best authentic is regular aerobic exercise. when you look at fitness. exercise flexibility and waist circumference. regular will help you. >> regular meaning three times a week, five times a week, what is that? >> the current recommendation is to exercise 2.5 hours a week. most days of the week would be four to five day as week which would be best. the development of aerobic exercise is at least in ten minutes increments along with it. >> it's good information to know how old you actually are in
8:24 am
terms of your body. dr. christopher visco, thank you. >> thank you. >> you can try it yourself. go to "cbs this morning" >> carlos santana with the imfact changed everything. >> what did you think when you saw yourself? >> i was like dang i'm like really high. >> santana's conversation with anthony mason ahead of "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald it's 8:25. time for some news headlines. two men are in critical condition after a fire at their home in san francisco's alamo square neighborhood. it broke out a little before 9:00 last night on baker street. neighbors tell us the injured men had been remodeling the house. two newark families were burglarized on christmas eve. someone broke in and stole nearly everything under their trees, also taking electronics and credit cards. police are still looking for the thieves. the future of city college of san francisco could be decided today. a judge will hear arguments for two injunctions aimed at keeping the school from losing its accreditation. if the arguments fade, accreditation will be terminated next july 31 impacting tens of thousands of
8:26 am
students and faculty. stay with us. traffic and weather coming right up.
8:27 am
good morning. we do have one accident out there. it's not causing much of a delay but heading out of concord, southbound 242 by concord avenue, an accident there is blocking the slow lane. traffic is so light, it's really problem-free all around contra costa county and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, never had to turn them on this morning. quick ride into san francisco. bart is also on time and on a regular schedule with more than 50 trains all good to go.
8:28 am
that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> good to go out the door. you must have a jacket. especially if you are inland where currently it's below freezing in santa rosa. good morning, everyone. mid-40s vallejo. but upper 30s in fremont. check out fairfield and it's freezing in concord. now, today is yet the fourth consecutive "spare the air" day. meanwhile, unseasonably mild weather and for the fifth straight day, we should see near or record mild temperatures from the 60s at the coast to near 70 inland. in fact, outside number today will be 71 degrees. hey, there's a great idea for you, "spare the air"? you might want to use some candles for a little bit of warmth today. again, the dry weather pattern will continue all the way into the weekend. enjoy your day. captions by: caption colorado
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour carlos santana says there's no greater reward than working from your heart. the kennedy center honoree shares the most difficult point in his life and career. in our toyota green room, there he is good morning, he meets the chef with a taste of something different. that is ahead. right now, it is time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" looks at after christmas sales. sears is taking nearly 40% off appliances. target offers half priced toys. and macy's it is buy one get one free on men's shirts and suits. "wall street journal" looks at new york's police car of the future. it's packed with high-tech features. automatically records license plates and sends realtime information back to
8:31 am
headquarters. and the "new york daily news" looks at the duck dynasty drama. cracker barrel revised their decision to ban products. they boil it down to the acronym s.t.a.r.s. stands for sorry, thank you, action recover and share. nearly 45 years ago, carlos santana burst on the scene and redefined rock music. among this year's kennedy center honorees. anthony mason learned why he isn't losing a beat. >> forever going to be in the broad stream of the listener. >> reporter: those two hits came three decades apart and bridged an extraordinary career that being honored this year by the kennedy center. >> his super natural guitar and
8:32 am
super natural sounds electrifying us from woodstock to the white house. >> how do you feel about getting the kennedy center honors? >> well it makes me happy. no, i feel really, really grateful. there's -- i'm in such good company. >> reporter: one of rock's most acclaimed guitarists carlos santana pioneered a new sound. blending afro latin beats with the electric blues. the piercingly pure tone of his guitar, as rolling stone put it is among the most recognizable sounds in popular music. on stage, he can seem to ascend to some higher place. >> when the crowd is out there and you're up here and you go into that space -- >> yeah. >> that's where you're trying to go? >> yeah. my mom asked me what's up
8:33 am
there? when you look up there? and i said it's a place that is outside of time. ♪ >> it's different but you have to trust. you have to trust by going out there you're going to be kind to it. >> born in rural mexico santana's a fourth generation musician. his father was a violinist. >> whenever he played he was the center of attention. >> yeah. and you liked seeing that? >> i wanted to be like my dad. everybody adores my dad. my dad was pure charisma. >> his dad gave him violin lessons, but young carlos would choose the guitar. together they played on the streets of tijuana. where american blues had taken hold. when the family moved to san francisco in the 1960s, santana formed a band.
8:34 am
>> we were just playing in pizza places places. any place that would take us. >> reporter: until 1969 when his group landed a spot at a three-day music festival. their performance at woodstock first on stage and then in the film remains one of rock's most memorable. >> were you at all aware of the impact while you were there that your performance that day would have? >> not at all. >> what did you think when you saw yourself? >> i was like cool band. i'm really hot, you know. i'm thinking, god, please help me stay in time and tune. i'll never take any drugs or anything please just help me. because it was scary. >> the energy in that performance is amazing, though. >> thank god.
8:35 am
>> santana's breakthrough set at woodstock was arranged by the legendary promoter bill graham. >> it was bill graham that got you to record "evil ways." >> yeah. and he says you guys are weird. you play a long song with no name, you jammed. we play energy you know. but he was the first one to actually point to us. no, no no this is what's going to get you in the radio. >> it worked. in early 1970 "evil ways" from their debut album soared into the top ten. that same year santana's second album "abraxas" hit number one. >> did you enjoy the success? >> no. >> no? >> no. the more success, the lonelier and more miserable i felt. >> why? >> because as humans we're not supposed to be trapped by the trappings of world adulation.
8:36 am
>> reporter: and under the stress of success and drugs, the band was deteriorating. at the same time santana's music was getting jazzier, eroding its top 40 appeal. >> some of your fans got frustrated. your sales started to slide, and how did you feel about that? >> i loved committing career suicide. >> you do? >> yes. once in a while it's mandatory for any artist to commit career suicide. because you grow. otherwise you become like a rubber stamp guy. and then you hate yourself. >> but in 1999 santana would have an astounding commercial rebirth with the album "super natural." >> you never went away. did you think of it as a comeback? >> no. i think of it as another door,
8:37 am
another miracle in another door opening up for this mexican. >> "super natural" sold more than 15 million albums in the u.s. alone, produced two number one singles, and won santana a record eight grammys in a single night. now, at 66, he's still at it. playing 80 shows a year as resident headliner at the house of blues at the mandalay bay in las vegas. he also has a new album out early next year. >> you said once whenever you pick up a guitar you feel 17. >> well yeah. but i don't have my guitar -- i
8:38 am
have a lot of things to do besides play the guitar. >> right. >> which is deal service to other people in a different way. >> he does that through the charity he founded more than 20 years ago to fight poverty around the world. last month, he personally delivered a donation of the las vegas rescue mission. >> it's encouraging to see that each one of you made a living commitment to discard something that is not good for you. >> the rock legend has struggled with demons of his own. >> after supernatural came out, you made a point of revealing that you had been molested as a kid. >> reporter: confronting that past carlos santana says he had a conversation with his childhood self. >> and i said to him, i release you now and i send you back to the light. i will not condemn you or me to
8:39 am
hell. because if i send you to hell i'm going with you. if i don't play guitar i can be a minister. >> maybe later on when the mechanics start leaving me. >> do you worry about that? >> no. it's a natural thing. it's a natural thing like losing my hair. it's all natural, you know. i will always be creative. >> right. >> i used to say the best is still ahead. the best is now. >> tomorrow we conclude our series with the kennedy center honorees honorees, talking to martina arroyo. >> who was interested in opera of your friends? >> none. absolutely none. and i'm not sure -- >> you can watch the 36th annual kennedy center honors sunday night at 9:00/8:00 central here on cbs. this morning, the chef called the god of food gives some sage advice. >> i'm hungry right now.
8:40 am
can i get something? >> yeah, go for it. >> really? >> no. unless you want diarrhea. >> good to know. don't try this at home. >> usual recipes
8:41 am
good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i
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being voted the world's best restaurant three years in a row
8:44 am
is not easy. getting a reservation is not easy. mo rocca caught up with the chef on his recent visit to the u.s. good morning. >> good morning. he may be a celebrated chef but he's no celebrity chef. no television show or outpost in las vegas. he's got one known restaurant known for its food. now that you've about been named one of the gods of food, is it a lot of pressure? >> no. i have two kids. that's pressure. in the era of celebrity chef the name rene redzepi is an anomaly. you probably never heard of him. >> you're not interested in getting a reality show. >> no. we had some offers. >> and you politely said no. >> i politely said no. >> redzepi opened a restaurant
8:45 am
noma nordic. by 20for nordic food. >> imagine what's the best in flavor, what's the best color of the world? you can't -- how do you measure these things. >> when you walk around things do you see potential everywhere? >> yeah. >> reporter: he sound reese laxed about it now but when he was first voted, things completely changed. >> we went from zeros to heroes overnight. >> redzepi details the experience in two boys actually one which includes recipes, snapshots, and a journal written after noma was named number one. >> you talked in your journal how you need to be in a good mood. >> to cook oh yeah. >> and the love has to be there.
8:46 am
>> oh, yeah. one small thing can change dramatically was putting food in the kitchen. as simple as it sounds wow, it changed things. >> part of what makes noma disting stiv, redzepi uses only what's available. there's not much available in denmark in the winter. >> i genuinely, genuinely feared winter. >> because winter in denmark is cold. >> you can have months in a row where everything is a block of ice. you look to your landscape and it's ice. >> some of noma's winter disses are far more appetizing than they sound. stale bread and broekt winter scallops with millic kurds and kale chips over spicy grains. >> it was just so good. so good. it's one of our iconic dishes actually.
8:47 am
>> reporter: to say that redzepi is resourceful is an understatement. >> i was out of ingredients. we called the farm, send us everything. we need food stuff. >> he said i only have these carrots that are 2 years old. >> i said send them. we put it on the pan like you would a piece of meet meat and we added butter and spices and herbs and condiments and kept roasting twisting, turns, spooning over hot butter. an hour and a half later that carrot had transformed. it was amazing like the best carrot i had tasted. >> if vintage vegetables aren't to your taste, try the aunts. >> some customers say i waited a year for a reservation, please take this blueberry ant dish back to the table. >> no. it wasn't like that. now they say are aunts back on
8:48 am
the menu? >> a dish made with aunts which has a lemony flavor it's become his fill oz fi. discovering ever new and exciting flavors in what's around us. >> could we eat that? >> there's not much on that one. >> all right. you're safe. >> reporter: while challenging us to become better eaters. >> i used to always disregard that typical chef story, as a child i fell in the pot and and my grandmother used to -- i thought it was silly, i always rejected i it. i,000 thought it was silly. >> cliche. >> yeah, chi shay. but to me / redzepi ease restaurant
8:49 am
know ma was number one from 2010 to 2012. this year it dropped to two. i guess the tree bark and aunts were too much. >> tree bark is okay, but anltss -- >> he's a businessman but he's focused on the food. he's genuinely happy with one restaurant. >> and not marketing. >> yeah. one company offered him a market deal and was offered cash but he had a dream he was waterboarded by the company. >> love"
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans memories are made with ikea.
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good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 headlines. a court hearing on the future of city college of san francisco is happening today. a judge will hear arguments aimed at keeping the school from liesing its accreditation. the family of a 13-year-old oakland girl declared brain- dead after tonsil surgery is thinking of moving her out of children's hospital oakland to a facility that would keep her on a ventilator. earlier this week, a judge ordered the hospital to keep jahi mcmath on the ventilator at least through monday. once again today you cannot burn wood in your fireplace. it's the fourth consecutive winter "spare the air" day for the bay area. and the 19th so far this season. pollution built up due to the warm dry air and people with
8:56 am
illegal fires can be fined by air quality officials. and now here's roberta with the forecast. >> michelle, a lot of people are thinking about lighting a fire. i know you are out there, because the temperatures below freezing right now in santa rosa. it is 30 degrees in fairfield. it's cold in concord and upper 30s in san jose. again, as previously noted it is a 19th "spare the air" day of the winter season, tomorrow will be the 20th, perhaps a little improvement in air quality over the weekend with a little breeze. but today, flat winds, temperatures unseasonably mild in fact the fifth straight day with near or record warm temperatures. up to 71 degrees for the warmest locations. and then the sunshine and dry weather will continue each day, looks like now through new year's day. we'll have a look at traffic with our friend elizabeth after this.
8:57 am
8:58 am
we are getting first reports of an accident coming out of san francisco southbound 101. it is by the cesar chavez exit. it's actually a spinout and stall in the same location one lane block. light traffic on the roads today. everything is very quiet over at the bay bridge toll plaza. mass transit on time.
8:59 am
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