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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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presents from under the tree, so community rallied together to make sure they still got a christmas surprise. from across the bay -- >> we can change downtown berkeley for the better -- >> to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> we're going to disneyworld! >> i want to [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's friday, december 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly. frank has the morning off. let's get a look at weather with roberta. are we going to see another "spare the air" day? >> we certainly are, mark. good morning, everybody. it is the fifth consecutive day that we need to "spare the air" here in the bay area. the 20th of the winter season. take a look at the beautiful 17,000 lights all lit up at the embarcadero center. we'll be able to see it for the next seven days. until then, we will be dry. temperatures right now out the door 34 degrees in livermore. it's 30 now in santa rosa. 51 san francisco. another day where it is illegal
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to burn for at least 24 hours. today's highs very similar to yesterday if not just a couple of degrees cooler. high 60s inland. outside number 70 degrees. unseasonably mild weather will continue through the new year. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> so far things are looking good just your overnight roadwork and now that we're past the 5:00 hump a lot of this should be clearing out of the roadway. yesterday at this time we had no incidents. we are hoping for a friday repeat. if you are riding bart they are back to a regular schedule this morning and in fact all trains are so far on time. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we know that's where a lot of people are heading this morning into san francisco. they never turned on the metering lights yesterday. they probably won't later this morning either. we'll watch it. outside we go and here's a live look at milpitas commute westbound 237 no problems leaving milpitas all the way
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towards sunnyvale on those westbound lanes of 237. and it looks like they are doing some lane changes about now across the golden gate bridge. flashing lights everything quiet though in the commute direction southbound 101 from novato through sausalito and across the golden gate bridge. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. breaking news from afghanistan. three soldiers and six civilians were killed after a suicide car bomber attacked a military convoy in kabul today. the attack happened about half a mile from a nato base. the identities or nationalities of those killed are not being released at this time. taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. and a powerful car bomb also went off in the lebanese capital of beirut while you were sleeping. you're looking at the fiery aftermath and the sheer chaos that followed. a prominent pro-western lebanese politician was killed. at least five others also are dead. more than a dozen people in the busy citycenter where the bomb went off were injured. developing in fresno a
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pilot and his 9-year-old nephew were killed after their small plane crashed into the front yard of a home. it happened overnight. no one on the ground was hurt. ntsb investigators say the single engine cessna hit a tree right before the crash. the family of jahi mcmath wants to move her out of children's hospital. cate caugiran is in the newsroom with the fight to keep her alive. >> reporter: the family says they got a miracle they asked for which is more time but the hospital could be standing in the way. jahi mcmath is brain-dead. something went wrong during tonsil surgery. yesterday her family said it found another facility in the bay area and was ready to move out of children's hospital oakland. in order for that to happen the girl needs tubes inserted but the hospital says no. >> children's hospital does not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a
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deceased person is an appropriate medical practice. >> help us get her out of your hospital so we can take her somewhere elsewhere someone wants to help us keep her "alive." and they're like no. >> the family attorney is promising legal action if the hospital doesn't do the necessary procedures. a judge has given children's hospital permission to remove jahi from life support next monday. a spokesman for children's hospital oakland says the judge did not authorize any surgical procedures or transfer to another facility so again, jahi hangs in a legal battle. reporting live in the newsroom, back to you. >> do we know where the family is planning to move her? and who will pay for it? >> reporter: the family isn't saying where at this time. the attorney says the facility is in the greater bay area and the family says they plan to pay for it with insurance. >> cate caugiran in the newsroom, thank you. happening today, ac transit workers begin voting on a new contract agreement and this time there seems to be more optimism that it will get approved in the end. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live from berkeley with more on
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the latest effort to avoid a strike. ryan. >> reporter: hi, mark. good morning. this is a big vote. this is the third vote that union members have had in the last several months. the rank-and-file rejected two previous proposals and almost went on strike in october before the governor ordered a cooling-off period. here's an update on the latest proposal. it calls for a 9.5% raise spread over 3 years but healthcare costs would increase from 0 employee contribution to 120 bucks a month and some drivers have concerned that that would cut their raises. now, a labor negotiations expert told me the past proposal rejection shows the rank-and-file are carrying some grudges from the last contract that they had a couple years ago when the economy wasn't good and when drivers did not take a pay raise. the atu 192 president said she hopes the members approve this deal. >> there's always going to be
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some who, you know, are not happy for one reason or another. and, you know, with spent to them, we still think -- with respect to them, we still think this is a good agreement. >> reporter: ac transit has 180,000 daily riders in the east bay mainly. this would really put them in a bind because many of those riders do not have alternates to get around. the vote started at 4 a.m. it continues until 7:00. and we expect to have some returns tonight. mark? >> so ryan, we have been following these negotiations for months. how is this deal different than the ones previously rejected? >> reporter: well, the pay raise is 9.5%, the same. the healthcare costs went from $280 a month to $120 a month so that's the real difference. members don't like it but it will be phased in over the next couple of years. >> thank you, ryan. another local transit agency will start charging people more when the new year arrives next week. bart passengers will have to
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start paying about 5% extra. an average fare increase of 19 cents. the extra revenue has been earmarked for new railcars and new train control system and improvements to a maintenance yard in hayward. there were more problems for people trying to get health insurance through "covered california" yesterday. the state's website went down for hours for maintenance. that happened as people tried to beat the latest deadline for getting coverage that will start january 1. that deadline is today for people who started the process by the previous deadline of last monday. the website was jammed that day. >> you tell them december 23rd is the deadline, when is the day you're going to have your biggest traffic? and i'm not an expert. i'm just an insurance agent. but i know that's going to be the biggest day that this is going to happen. >> more than 100,000 people signed up over four days. for more information on the deadline, just go to and click on the health tab at the top of the page. on wall street a lot of people will be watching u.p.s.
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this morning. shares of the delivery giant were down yesterday after a backlog prevented a lot of christmas gifts from being delivered in time for the holiday season. u.p.s. workers were busy yesterday playing catch-up. the same goes for employees of fedex, which also experienced backlogs. the companies say they were caught off guard by the last- minute rush. a lot of people waited until the final days to buy christmas gifts online. >> i think i'm going to rely more heavily on the stores and not so much online ordering. but if i do it, i'll do it well in advance so there can't be claims of weather delays. >> amazon one of u.p.s.'s biggest customers, says it's refunding shipping charges to affected customers and giving them a $20 credit towards future purchases. another court hearing is set for monday in the battle over the only community college in san francisco. a state board has threatened to strip city college of san francisco of its accreditation unless the school comes up with a plan to fix financial and
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managerial problems. a judge heard some key arguments during a hearing yesterday. at least three lawsuits have been filed over the situation. if the school loses accreditation this summer, it could be forced to close. about 80,000 students are enrolled there. in the bay area and across the state, school districts are updating campuses to comply with a new law aimed at protecting transgendered students. the state law set to begin in the new year has several requirements for public schools. they include special restroom facilities for them and allowing them to participate in gender-specific activities of their choice. >> we understand that adolescents and teens have a lot of issues and stress. they are trying to figure out what they want to do. and as they are going through puberty and through their own adolescent growth they neat to have outlets especially for a transgender student. >> opponents have gathered signatures for a november ballot measure to repeal the law. counties have until january 8 to verify the signatures.
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then the secretary of state's office will determine if there are enough valid signatures for the ballot measure to qualify. time is 5:09. a potential preview of the next presidential election? the new poll that shows a tight race. >> the supreme court could decide if same-sex marriage will end in utah. coming up, the state's effort to stop a rush. >> plus -- >> oh, my gosh! yes! [ screaming ] >> that is one happy kid. what santa left under the christmas tree that sparked this enthusiastic response. >> i thought he was so happy bass it was not going to be a "spare the air" but that is not the case. don't even think about it, no burning allowed. details with the pinpoint forecast. >> all is quiet again through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. you definitely know we're in between holidays when you see traffic like this nice and light. a full "kcbs traffic" after this break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yesterday, he signed the bipartisan budget deal... pd last week by congress. the measure will ease the autom, president obama's christmas vacation in hawaii isn't all pray and no work. yesterday he -- isn't all play and no work. yesterday he signed a budget bill. it would ease sequestration. he also signed a defense bill that cracks down on sexual assaults in the military. the bill also includes
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protections to pay and bonuses for the military members. a new poll suggests a 2016 presidential race could be a close one. the cnn survey assumes democrat hillary clinton will face republican chris christie in the november general election. it shows christie the new jersey governor leading the former secretary of state 48 to 46%. both admit they are thinking of running but neither has confirmed anything. both are considered front- runners in their party's primaries. 2016 poll is trending this morning. also trending now, knockout, a houston area man facing hate crime charges after a recent attack. al qaeda, an america abducted by them pleading to come home. netflix is trending. customers of the service suffered a brief outage last night. and a door you, miley cyrus's new music video arrived a day early because of an online leak. follow us on twitter at #cbssf. quiet this morning.
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let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> overnight roadwork still out there. most of it cleared 15 minutes ago. but still blocking some lanes northbound 101 between san bruno and the airport. a lot of folks are deciding to stay home today because even our usual problem spots this time of the more are heavier traffic spots we are just seeing light traffic conditions all the way across. so we are at the bay bridge no delay at all. westbound 237 through milpitas also at the speed limit. another bridge a live look at the golden gate bridge, you can see just a few cars right now heading southbound. so this is how you know we're in between holidays, that westbound 580 drive so far no delay out of tracy along 205 through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. only about a 14 or 15-minute drive time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. we just check in with bart. they are running on a regular schedule today and they have more than 40 trains systemwide no delay. ferries also back to normal this morning. caltrain and ace train 1 so far
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reporting no delay. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta, our air needs a lot of sparing lately. >> it does. we need some rain or a good wind. not going to see either one in the next seven days. good morning, everyone. for the fifth consecutive day, it is yet another "spare the air" day here in the san francisco bay area. the 20th of this winter season. right now below freezing in santa rosa. below freezing in fairfield. it's 34 degrees apiece in concord, clayton, walnut creek and in throughout the tri- valley, upper 30s common from san jose through fremont. 40s and 50s around the central bay. okay, here's what you need to know out the door. poor air quality, some very hazy conditions dangerous surf along our local beaches continues anywhere from sonoma county to it the monterey bay. sunny and dry the rest of the year. let's go back to the beaches. 73 degrees today in santa cruz. that's out of the 80s experienced yesterday water
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temperature 53 degrees. high pressure right here. not going anywhere very quickly. firmly in place. however, my long-range computer models suggest even though we have unseasonably mild conditions with the hazy sunshine, rain chances, january 10th, you may take note of that, all right, no tule fog this morning throughout the central valley. 67 degrees in monterey. 67 also in redding. 48 degrees in the high sierra. oh, if you are traveling today, clear skies heading out of sfo, oakland and mineta international airport. no delays. check out denver, downright balmy at 65. and an improving weather situation in chicago and in new york at 40. our highs today unseasonably mild by a good 12 degrees in many locations. 60s beaches through the bay into our inland areas. outside number today will be 70 degrees. wow! we're talking about a "spare the air" day possibly noted again over the weekend and each and everyone day through new year's day. but let's regress a little bit
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and talk about the weekend but michelle, are you ready for football? >> i am! >> 65, raiders play host to the broncos, game time 1:25 on kpix 5 and a dry sunny day. >> that is good for all the fans going out there, right? >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> for all those raider nation followers. >> thank you, roberta. speaking of drive, u.s. forest service held a community meeting with dozens of big sur residents affected by the local wildfire. they are urging homeowners not to clean up damage until properties are inspected by hazmat and insurance agents. 34 buildings were damaged by the flames. >> when the fire hit me, it hit from two directions. it was very, very hot. very fast. >> the fire burned a total of 900 acres. investigators still don't know how it started. there's a new estimate about how much damage was done
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by the "rim" fire near yosemite national park this year. a report for the san francisco public utilities commission says the fire may have cost the local economy $800 million. the report found major losses because trees that absorbed carbon dioxide and released oxygen were destroyed. there was also a big drop in the value of private property in the area. gay marriage in utah will most likely end up back at the supreme court. utah's attorney general is expected to file an emergency appeal today to stop same-sex marriage in the conservative state. last week, a judge declared utah's voter-approved ban on the unions is unconstitutional. since that ruling, hundreds of wedding licenses have been issued to same-sex couples. >> i have never thought utah would allow gay marriage. >> we deserve. we're the same as everybody else. >> if the appeal to stop the weddings is filed, it will go to supreme court justice sonya sotomayor. she can rule on the request or ask the entire court to weigh
5:20 am
in. a catholic priest found guilty of protecting other priests accused of sexual abuse is a free man this morning. there is monsignor william lynn walking out of a philadelphia appeals court there. he had been serving a three to six-year sentence. prosecutors accused the 62-year- old of reassigning predators to new parishes while he was the secretary at the archdiocese. the appeals court overturned his conviction yesterday. philadelphia's d.a. plans to appeal. it is 5:20. a smash-and-grab at a dmv office. what the thieves were after and how a security guard narrowly escaped injury. good morning, boys and girls. what have i got for you? football, football, and a little bit of basketball. come on back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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the front doors of a closed d-m-v office yesterday... narrowly missing check out these thieves caught on camera in atlanta. they drove a van through the front doors of a closed dmv office yesterday morning nearly missing the security guard there. but once inside, three people jumped out and grabbed two atms and then took off. all that only took three minutes. the van was later found torched with the atms inside. the suspects still on the run. hey, good morning, everybody. lebron james joins serena
5:24 am
williams as the "associated press" 2013 male and female athletes of the year. congratulations. but let's talk football for you. his career with the 49ers spanned only three games before he was cut. he was an awesome shutdown corner for eight seasons as a raider. tomorrow, or should i say later on today, he will announce his retirement after 11 seasons. married to kerry washington now, going to do it as a raider today at a 3:00 press conference in alameda. good news for the packers. quarterback aaron rodgers is back in time for the winner- take-all packers-chicago bears game on sunday. rodgers missed 7 games with a broken collarbone. winner sunday goes to the play- off and the loser goes home. little caesar's bowl last night. tyler waits for the punt and says excuse me, got to score. 54 yards through coverage. pitt beats bowling green 30-27.
5:25 am
finish of the night last night, jeff teague for -- oh, gets the friendly bounce! and atlanta hawks they are victorious, 127-125 over cleveland. very quickly as you see, the ball going -- leaving his hands. we'll tell you real quick in the poinsettia bowl in san diego, utah state 21-14 over northern illinois. i got a question. is it point-set-ta or poinsettia? how do you pronounce it? chew on that for a while. >> poinsettia. oh my god, yeah! [ screaming and running around ] >> what is it? >> he is happy, right? play of the day, not many gifts got this kind of reaction on christmas morning. 11-year-old rj white got tickets to college football's bcs national championship game. he took a victory lap around the house screaming the entire way. he was happy.
5:26 am
he is a huge fan of the auburn tigers who face the florida state seminoles in pasadena next week. good for him. poinsettia, right? the. >> whatever. it's 5:26. coming up a $100 million failure a cross-dressing man makes his way on a busy airport tarmac. >> the death toll is on the rise from a bitter blast of winter weather. how frigid temperatures and continued power outages are making for a bad combination. >> and an oakland family's fight to kept a 13-year-old girl on life support could be headed back to the courtroom. we'll have the latest in the battle to keep jahi mcmath breathing.
5:27 am
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from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. an oakland teenage girl on support what the family says it's ready to do and h the hospital is keeping them fr making the move.
5:30 am
a new twist in the fight to keep an oakland teenager on life support. what the family is ready to do and how the hospital is keeping them from making the move. >> the trees are still down like the power lines are still down. nobody has been to our street to fix anything. >> left in the dark. tempers flare as more winter weather is forecasted for areas hit hard by massive power outages. >> meanwhile here in the bay area four straight days of record high temperatures. i'll tell you if today will be a fifth with the pinpoint forecast. >> and everything looks really good now heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. exceptionally light right now coming in san francisco. full look at your morning commute, it's all coming up. good morning, it's friday, december 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly. frank has the morning off. developing news in the case of oakland teenager jahi mcmath. her family is trying to get her moved out of children's hospital oakland. cate caugiran is in the kpix 5 newsroom with what's happening in the family's fight to keep the girl alive. >> reporter: the family says they found another facility
5:31 am
willing to take jahi in and now they are asking children's hospital in oakland to help them make the move. jahi high's family says this may be the miracle they have been praying for. >> we have a facility willing to treat her. >> reporter: for that to happen she would need tubes inserted in order to move her. children's hospital oakland says it won't do it. >> children's hospital does not believe performing surgical yours on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice. >> help us get her out of your hospital so we can take her somewhere elsewhere someone wants to help us keep her alive and they're, like, no. >> reporter: jahi was declared brain-dead and is on life support after a tonsil surgery she had a couple of weeks ago. the hospital says the surgery was complex. a judge has given children's hospital permission to remove jahi from life support next monday. the hospital says a judge didn't authorize any surgical procedures or a transfer and
5:32 am
the family's attorney is promising legal action if the hospital doesn't do the necessary procedures. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. the family hasn't revealed the name of the new location only that it's in the greater bay area and it will be paid by insurance. ac transit workers will start voting today on the latest contract agreement reached between union and management negotiators. two previous deals were rejected. one of the main issues of dispute is how much employees pay for healthcare coverage. one union leader says this deal is better than predecessors because it brings on the increases more gradually. the voting ends at 7 p.m. another local transit agency will start charging people more when the new year arrives next week. bart passengers will have to start paying about 5% extra an average fare increase of 19 cents. the extra revenue has been earmarked for new railcars and new train control system and improvements to a maintenance yard in hayward. firefighters rescued an
5:33 am
injured worker from his garbage truck in san jose. the s jfd provided this picture. it happened near city college. the man is being treated for a broken ankle. there is no word on how the accident happened. thousands of utility workers are still putting in double shifts trying to restore power to homes and businesses stretching from michigan to maine and eastern canada. shelby lynn has the latest on efforts to get the electricity back. >> reporter: utility crews have been working around the clock from maine to michigan and north into canada this week. yet more than 230,000 homes and businesses remain in the dark this morning. in michigan, about 100,000 people are still without power down from 470,000 earlier in the week thanks to utility workers like tony. >> anytime you have a storm like this especially an ice storm, it's tough. conditions have been rotten. but that's part of th job.
5:34 am
it is what it is. just trying to keep safe, warm and do the job. >> reporter: dan malone with michigan utility consumers energy says a warmup this weekend could help workers repair the remaining outages. >> these crews left their families prior to christmas, haven't been home for christmas yet. but they are here to help bring power back to michigan. >> reporter: maine is hard hit. in white field, this man contemplated his options for con batting the bitter cold. >> it was tough. i mean, it was dark, candles will only do so much. the fire, you got to kept that going. that's our only option. >> reporter: the ice storm blasted toronto. city officials called it up with of the worst to ever hit the city. -- one of the worst to ever hit the city. more than 50,000 people are still without power. this resident says the delays are unacceptable. >> the trees and lines are still down. nobody has been to our street to fix anything. >> reporter: adding insult to injury, forecasters are calling for more snow in places like maine and michigan, two states that need it the least.
5:35 am
shelby lynn, reporting. too bad for those people. >> mm-hm. >> all that cold and snow and ice and then snow electricity on top of that. >> for 7 days so far. a little bit of relief coming over the weekend but boy, the damage certainly has been done. we are expecting the same weather pattern with another "spare the air" day. good morning, everyone. again unhealthy levels of pollution close to the surface and that's why it's illegal to burn today. lots of haze. what we need is a breeze or rain and we are not going to see either-or. right now clear skies and cold. 30 santa rosa, upper 30s santa clara valley 51 san francisco. today poor air quality continues. dangerous surf at the local beaches continues through midafternoon. sunny dry weather continues through new year's day. today pippen, 60s beaches and bayside into the mid- and high
5:36 am
60s away from the bay inland. winds flat out of the north west to 5 miles per hour. outside number 70 status quo through new year's day. coming up shortly i'll talk about when we may see some rain back in the forecast but right now when we may see traffic. >> it's true. traffic is light today on this friday in between holidays. traffic slows this time of the morning especially past "a" street and not the case at all. everything is good. a lot of folks are staying home from work. heading toward oakland airport everything cruising along on northbound and southbound 880. bart is back to a regular schedule. all trains are on time. caltrans had suspended overnight roadwork for a while. they are back in business and until clock various lanes
5:37 am
blocked -- until 6:00 various lanes blocked from san bruno to the airport. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. happening today, the connecticut state police will release its report on the sandy hook americans shooting. it's expected to be thousands of pages long. last month, prosecutors issued a summary of the investigation into last year's shooting that killed 20 students and six staff members. that summary didn't reveal gunman adam lanza's motive. the man prosecutors say was behind last month's deadly shooting spree at l.a.x. says he is not guilty. 23-year-old paul ciancia was in court briefly yesterday. he is facing 11 federal charges including murder and attempted murder. police say he opened fire killing a tsa agent and injuring two others. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. millions of dollars in security upgrades could not stop an intrude from wandering on the runway at newark liberty airport in new jersey.
5:38 am
the man described as inebriated and dressed as a woman scaled a fence wednesday. he ran across two runways before he was stopped. police say he was never a threat to any planes but it brings into question an advanced security system that was also recently breached at new york's jfk airport. >> it's very disturbing because you have a system installed and tested over the last several years. there continue to be different breaches at the different airports in the port authority jurisdiction. >> investigators are looking at how long it took for employees to respond to the latest breach. on the same day, a man managed to jump a fence at sky harbor airport in phoenix. he made it on to a runway and walked up to a southwest airlines plane. didn't take long for police to close in on him. it's the second time someone's breached security at sky harbor since security upgrades were made. but the airport does not have an electronic detection system along the fencing. we didn't have to go very far to cover this next story.
5:39 am
in fact, it happened right out newsroom doors. some of our coworkers witnessed police chase down and tackle this bank robbery suspects. the man almost got away. he got tripped up in front of our building on battery street in san francisco. the security cameras around the building caught the whole thing. take another look. as the suspected bank robber with the gray shirt and backpack takes off running you may have seen the surprise phase of a couple of our camera guys standing next to the news van. no one was injured in the chase. the latest public debate in berkeley is over a proposed high-rise in the downtown area. if approved, a 16-story hotel would be built on the corner of shattuck and center street just a few blocks from the cal campus. the hotel would be built where a bank of america branch is now located. the planned developers submitted last week includes a bank, a restaurant, and shops on the first floor then three stories of office space with about 300 hotel rooms on the upper floors. >> we're at a moment in time
5:40 am
when we can change downtown berkeley for the better maintaining the good qualities of it and bring new things. they will make it a better place. >> berkeley is full of beautiful spots and high-rises are not beautiful. >> at 16 story, the hotel would be about the same height as the wells fargo an chase buildings a-- and chase buildings across the street. i'm like oh, my god it was awesome. >> turning their bad holiday luck around how one bay area family's christmas was not ruined. >> punching through the ice. what could delay the rescue of a tourist ship trapped in antarctica today's. >> and stunning images of san francisco. how a filmmaker got this unique perspective. ,,,, [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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74 scientists, tourists andw new video just into our newsroom of that ship stranded in ice in antarctica. you can see all 74 scientists there tourists and crewmembers are doing fine. the research ship has been trapped there since christmas eve. people on board confirmed late last night they can see a chinese ice breaker ship headed their way. their stranded ship left new zealand last month tracing the 1911 journey of an australian explorer. well, 50 times this year the dow has closed at a new
5:44 am
record high. >> it happened again yesterday. marlie hall of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mark and michelle. it's already being called a record year for the stock market. but as the new year approaches, traders are wondering what 2014 will bring. yesterday was a light but strong trading day. the dow climbed 122 points and the nasdaq was up nearly 12. looks like online shopping is more popular than ever. the research firm com score says there was a 10% increase in online sales. overall sales online and in person picked up 3.5% this year with most of the spending coming in the final days before christmas. but there's still time for more shopping. a crush of consumers headed back to the stores yesterday to return unwanted items or to do more shopping. according to the website, retailmenot, nearly 80% of
5:45 am
people planned to take advantage of post-christmas discounts. and the christmas season's new movies drew crowds of people to theaters on wednesday to make it the second highest grossing christmas day on record in the u.s. according to estimates from box office tracking site rent track the box office haul was estimated at between $76 million and $78 million. topping last year's $75 million p the hobbit was the top christmas day draw pulling in more than $9 million. mark, michelle? >> thank you, marlie hall. . let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. there's not much traffic out there on this friday between holidays. we'll get a mass transit check. i want to make a note. golden gate ferry service is actually running on a holiday schedule. larkspur on and expanded holiday schedule. check their website for the latest information but everything else is back to normal bart systemwide on time on the regular schedule with
5:46 am
more than 40 trains no delays. ace train 1 looks great from the central valley. southbound 101 at the speed limit from san rafael to the golden gate bridge toll plaza and westbound 580. this is how you know it is friday and "holiday light." no big delays at all coming through the livermore valley. and it continues to move at the speed limit out towards pleasanton and over at the bay bridge, we haven't seen the metering lights turned on during the morning commute for the past few days. and hopefully that will be the case again today. so far it appears that way all the way past the pay gates towards yerba buena island. so far traffic is at the limit no problems there. and similar story on the east bay. live look at the nimitz. taillights that is northbound traffic in the commute direction. even around 8:00 when we usually see that bottleneck begin to form toward downtown oakland we have really not seen that. everything is quiet toward oakland airport, as well. here's a live look at the south bay now. and those alive traffic sensors
5:47 am
showing current conditions on the guadalupe parkway, 280 and 101 from morgan hill. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your warm christmas holiday forecast, here's roberta. >> it is the last friday of 2013. good morning, everyone. check out morgan hill, 33. we're also into the low 30s east and north of the bay. it is below freezing right now in santa rosa 30 degrees. central bay a little bit mild as you step out the door due to the body of water in the 40s and 50 degrees. high pressure it is right here. it's been parked here for days. it's not going anywhere for days. so that's why we have a stagnant weather pattern and also the stagnant air quality. next rain chances, january 10
5:48 am
according to my long-range computer models. no tule fog to be noted at a throughout the central valley. nearly 70 in fresno, stocked and merced. nearly 70 in monterey bay through pebble beach. nearly 70 in stockton. 54 degrees on the south shore. that leaves us with 22% of normal as far as snowpack is concern. that's 80% lower than this time last year when we had a couple of blizzards that rolled in around christmastime. all right, if you are heading to the high sierra, even though 54 on the south shore today, 50 tomorrow and the good news in all of this is. we have a beach hazard statement in effect until mid afternoon hours from sonoma county to monterey county due to some very strong rip currents. pinpoint forecast, 60s beaches,
5:49 am
60s bayside, into the 60s inland. flat winds northwest 5 miles per hour. not looking at much of a breeze this weekend so i would not be too surprised if both saturday and sunday are also "spare the air" days. in fact not seeing a good breeze all the way through the new year. sunset at 4:56. we could see the fifth day the record warmth in the bay area. >> thank you. it's a big morning for birdwatchers in san francisco. they are taking part in the annual bird count. the audubon society organizes the event. birdwatchers will go to 17 areas to do a census on more than 100 bird species. a newark family had disappointment and encouragement for christmas. two children got up christmas
5:50 am
morning and checked under the tree but the pile of gifts they expected was not there. burglars had broken into the house overnight and had stolen them. first the newark police sent flowers and invited the family to the police station. then the fire department got involved. >> when we heard on the news this morning, sitting here at the station having burglarized, oh, my goodness there's something we can do for this family. >> firefighters collected more toys for the kids who appreciated the outpouring of love. police are still looking for the burglars. you probably didn't notice something flying in the sky late christmas eve. it wasn't santa. but a local photographer's drone. beto lopez captured these beautiful night shots of san francisco while you were sleeping. check out the stunning aerial views there. he did it with a small chopper there and a camera stabilizer. but it was not just a technical feat.
5:51 am
>> it's also art. i have a vision i always wanted to do. you have a dream i wish i could do that with my camera. now i can. >> all these images were shot in one night. if you would like to watch the full video, visit and search holiday lights. time now 5:51. coming up, it was like something out of a horror film. the vicious attack for some sunbathers in argentina. >> it wasn't the reaction they were expecting. what happened when this little girl found out she was going to disneyworld. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
are you ready for football? not right now. but on sunday it's the raiders
5:54 am
playing host to the broncos. sunny skies, mid-60s. kickoff right here on kpix 5 at 1:25. >> and before we can celebrate a win on sunday, we are still -- we have one more workday to go and so far things look great on the road if you do have to go to work at least you won't have too much company out there. 580, the nimitz, and the eastshore freeway, all still moving at the speed limit. full "kcbs traffic" coming up. more than 70 people are recovering after they were hurt boy a swarm of biting fish in argentina. the fish are related to the pirhana. they attacked swimmers at a popular beach near rosario. sharks are tweeting out warnings in australia, not exactly. scientists have attached transmitters to more than 320 sharks to monitor their movements along the coast there. when a tagged shark swims within a half mile of the beach it triggers an alert that sends out tweets to beach-goers. that's cool. the tweet gives the size and breed of the shark and its
5:55 am
approximate location. >> get out of the way. a mom and dad sprung a surprise trip to disneyworld on their little girl but check her reaction. it wasn't what the parents expected. >> we're going to disneyworld! >> right now. >> i want to go tmobile. >> she doesn't want to go to disneyworld. >> she wants to go to mobile, alabama. apparently her grandparents live in mobile. city officials there made marianne official ambassador and gave her a key to the city. good morning, i'm ryan takeo live in berkeley. ac transit bus drivers they are voting on a deal today. they have already rejected two of those deals. i just talk to a driver. i'll let you know how he is voting coming up. >> new developments. why the battle could be headed back to the courtroom. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
help us get her out of your hospital so we can take her somewhere elsewhere someone wants to help us keep her alive. and they're, like, no. >> jahi mcmath was declared brain-dead and now needs tubes inserted to be moved to another facility but children's hospital oakland says it won't do that. >> how many people have you been able to enroll? >> zero. >> zero? >> zero. >> healthcare website woes hitting home. the "covered california" page goes down in the midst of a crunch of last-minute sign-ups. >> i noticed that like all the presents were gone. >> from the worst christmas to the best. the community rallied together to make sure the family got a christmas surprise. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning"
6:00 am
>> we're going to disneyworld! >> i want to go to mobile. [ laughter ] good morning, it's friday, december 27. i'm mark kelly. >> i'm michelle griego. developing news now at 6:00. californians are up against the clock again. the latest roadblocks in the journey to sign up for the new healthcare system. >> i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. a new twist in the fight to keep an oakland teenaged girl on life support. what the family says it's ready to do and how the hospital is keeping them from making the move. >> reporter: i'm ryan takeo in berkeley following the ac transit labor deal and i just talked to a bus driver who says he and other veteran bus drivers are voting down that contract deal today. >> where o where have the drivers gone? everyone is on vacation today. traffic is light approaching the bay bridge toll plaza no sign of any metering lights being turned on anytime soon.


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