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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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utiful. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday december 27th 2013. welcome to cbs this morning. overnight a car bombing in beirut kills a former a ambassador to the u.s. major progress in the effort to rescue dozens trapped in a ship near antarctica. >> u.p.s. calms angers after the christmas delivery mess. and the dallas cowboys quarterback throwing his money away and why his hometown couldn't be happier. >> a look at today's eyeopener. your world in 90 seconds. >> a strong explosion shook a lebanese capitol sending smack
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smoke into the city center. >> a suspected car bomb. >> among those killed former ambassador to the u.s. >> a ship stuck in ice since christmas eve will get help from a chinese ice breaker today. >> we are not guaranteeing it but u.p.s. and fedex said the christmas gifts should be there by today at the latest. >> from michigan to maine, tens of thens for people wait if are power to come back on. >> snow conditions blamed for a massive pile up in california. a small plane crashed in the front of a home killing two people going down near fresno's chandler executive airport. >> the dow climbed 122 points closing at the record high this year. >>or track for the best year since the mid 90s. >> new video was released at sky harbor airport in phoenix. a man ran on to the tarmac.
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>> dozens were injured when a school of fish related to piranhas attacked them in a river. >> all that. >> and the duke and prince enjoyed a little sibling rivalry. harry going in for wild tackles. >> john kerry, the newest member of the doghouse pounding fists with snoop dogg. >> all that matters. >> the former quarterback john kitna said he will donate his check to lincoln high where he served as a coach and teacher. >>. >> i want to give them the resources they need. >> a boxing baby going viral. >> this morning's eyeopener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to cbs this morning.
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good morning to you. >> we begin with alarming violence in the mideast. a car bombing this morning in lebanon killed a leading politician and former ambassador to the u.s. >> the attack is raising fear that is the civil war my spread to other parts of the region. good morning, mark. >> good morning. it has been another day of ballistic politics in lebanon. big cars and five dead and 70 injured. the main thing was the finance minster and ambassador to the u.s. an opponent of the group hezbollah. politics has again become loud and deadly. a car bomb shattered beirut's central business district. there had been a spade of them as the fight turned bloody between various factions many of them aligned to the civil war in syria next door.
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the target was the former lebanese cabinet minster and ambassador to the u.s. known for opposing syrian president and for opposing hezbollah, his ally and demands for more power. his last tweet an hour before he was killed was hezbollah is pressing hard to be granted similar powers and security and foreign policy matters that syria exercised in lebanon for 15 years. this appears to have been hezbollah's tweet. the car bomb is the weapon of choice. his driver and three unlucky bystanders were killed in the explosion that rock would the city at about 9:30 local time. security forces blocked off roads and much of the city went into lockdown following the blast. it's a routine beirut is sadly used to. the explosion was not an isolated effect. several recent bombings targeted
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hezbollah leaders. the attack is boom for bang again. it's not a new experience for beirut and the revival is that will be feared. >> mark phillips thank you. the fallout is growing from the christmas delivery failure by u.p.s. and fedex. some are still waiting for packages. >> u.p.s. and many are promising refunds. at least one senator is weighing in. the corporate home of u.p.s. good morning to you. >> good morning. neither fedex or u.p.s. said how many packages are delayed. they brought in extra people and rented trucks to deliver a late christmas to a lot of angry customers. u.p.s. now promises to refund shipping costs to many customer who is did not get their packages on time. they are not the only ones trying to get back in good graces with unhappy shoppers. wal-mart, amazon and kohl's are
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offering refunds to gift cards for future purchases. this is not enough for jeff. he had an iphone case for a gift for his grandmother and she left town before it was delivered. >> i don't know what to say about how frustrating it is. it's not the gift but that awe moment. you can't recapture that. the wow factor is gone. >> u.p.s. and major retailers blame it on being caught off guard by a mix of bad weather, last minute shopping and a 10% increase in online orders. some lawmakers in washington argue those companies should have been prepared. in a radio interview, connecticut senator richard refunds to anyone affected. >> the reasons or excuses given by u.p.s. or fedex or any of the
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deliver sourcy is inadequate. >> despite the backlash many are taking to social media to lend support to u.p.s. one post reads i for one appreciate all you do all year long to ensure we get our deliveries in a timely manner. if a late present is the worst thing that happens to them they should consider themselves lucky. being with loved ones far exceeds getting a present from anyone. >> a u.p.s. spokesman said only air and international customers are eligible for refunds. they have idea to say what the refund policy would be. >> thank you. performs and crew aboard a ship trapped in antarctica can see rescuers. they have been locked in ice about 1500 miles south of tasmania. their freedom is on the horizon. >> snow dragon was the first to
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come to the rescue. >> that's the ice breaker coming to rescue us. >> passengers and crew of the academics could not have budged without its help. the weather turned bad, pushing the vessel into water where is it became trapped in a hard frozen sea. >> the sea ice is about 20 kilometers back. they are locked in the sea ice. >> we spoke by skype. it's just not the case at all. >> trapped since christmas eve, the researchers endured wins approaching 50 miles per hour. >> it was doing remarkably well. >> 74 scientists journalists and crew left new zealand for a month long expedition to study the waters.
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they are retracing the steps of douglas moss in who made this trek in 1911 and he was stranded for two years and he endured winds like this. he said it's good they are coming to the rescue. they need two ships at least. we are having a bad term. two meters or so of sea ice. >> he has new respect for those who did this more than 100 years ago. >> the force of nature and how quickly it can change. >> bill whitaker los angeles. >> stocks are up opening up higher than ever. the industrial average gained to end at 16,480. today's open was the fifth high open of the year. >> wall street is heading for
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the best performance since 1996. the senior columnist for yahoo finance. >> happy new year. up 25% for the year. what is going on? >> an outbreak of decent news for the economy. the markets are a little bit ahead of the actual economy in terms of building in this improvement. a lot of these fears and the aftershocks of the crisis did not come true this year. they couldn't stand in the way of the economy and you can't overlook the fact that money is cheap and interest rates are low. it really seemed to take hold as the year went on. >> you look at the numbers and they go up up up. can that continue in 2014? >> it can continue if we are on that from the late 90s. i think you can plug that in and assume that. what we have to keep in mind is the stock market tries to value corporate profits. they seem like they can go up
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and you can continue with the problem. it's a steep run this last stretch too. even though people on wall street are very enthusiastic about the direction of the economy, it's not necessarily the case that they meet our expectations. can this economy and stock market absorb higher interest rates? >> some of these companies are hoarding so much cash right now. what are you watching for in 2014? what are your concerns? >> corporate behavior is one of those things. you are investing for longer term growth and not buy back their own stock. the interest rates, we don't know. the federal reserve said they will slightly pull back on how they are trying to stimulate the economy. we don't know if interest rates go up further than they can handle say the housing market or may stall out. those are the concerns and overseas, we have high hopes that they contribute to growth. >> correction in 2014? >> you would think so.
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it doesn't have to be anything devastating. it seems like everybody is all in and we can only go down. >> thank you so much. in less than a week the first americans will have health insurance under the affordable care act. many of the early problems are now fixed but some areas need work. wyatt andrews is in washington with the latest. >> good morning. by all accounts a federal website for obamacare handled the last minute crush of well over two million visitors but there sign up backlogs in several states. three states have websites that are not fully functional and that is forcing tens of thousands to enroll on paper. three of the states that built their own health care exchanges, massachusetts, maryland and oregon still have website problems that have slowed or stopped online enrollments for obamacare. the most surprising state is massachusetts which invented the
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online health exchange six years ago and had to process tens of thousands of applications on paper because its new website cannot determine federal subsidy subsidies subsidies. in oregon they let customers compare online but not able to let customers buy. the 12,000 resident who is did buy insurance had to file paper applications. in maryland the website works, but slowly and unreliabley. here's how martin o'malley described it last monday. >> it's not perfect. people still get caught. >> massachusetts is now one of two states blaming the website's failure on the main contractor cgi. it's the same firm connected to the failed roll out of the federal website, massachusetts announced they are withholding all future payments to cgi. they could not be reached for comment, but previously said
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they are working to repair the problems. duvall patrick. >> there is no denying the performance of the it vendor. the main event is making sure they do everything they can and make sure that happens. >> those three states with troubled websites have an estimated million people that might qualify for coverage. officials in oregon tell us they hope to announce a working shop and purchase website in the first two weeks of january. >> thank you very much. a safety net for jobless americans is about to vanish. the federal government's five-year program of extended benefits will run out tomorrow. congress could not keep it going. a major is in washington where he will host face the nation. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how many americans affect this exchange? >> this will hit about 1.3 million americans. those hardest hit by the great
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recession and those we call chronically unemployed. jobless for more than six months. they provided benefits for more than 90 weeks. that has been cut back to 73 weeks in some states and starting tomorrow anyone jobless longer than 26 weeks will receive no benefits at all that that is just over $300 a week. >> why wasn't it part of the budget deal? are. >> it wasn't a part of the deal because republicans, particularly the house did not want to include the benefits without finding a way to pay for it. it costs about $25 billion to keep the benefits going and the white house did not put up much of a fight. there is a senate bill to extend for three months. president obama said he will sign the legislation to get to the desk. this will be the first item up for debate after the new year. if it passes the future in the house is still uncertain. the democrats have been pounding the issue this week and promise to keep up the pressure next
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year. speaking of congress they are under pressure to produce. a poll found 73% believes congress has done nothing to address the nation's problems. 2 time 2/3 say it's the worst congress in their time. >> this sunday face the nation looks at the big stories of the year. the surveillance program. they will interview general michael hayden. you can see face the nation this sunday morning on cbs. >> people in louisiana are dead following a series of shootings. authors say 38-year-old ben freeman attacked his in-laws and current wife and the head of a hospital where he used to work. he killed three of them before turning the gun on himself. it happened in two towns about 45 miles southwest of new orleans. >> the ntsb is investigating a plane crash in fresno,
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california. it went down 800 feet of a small runway. the two people aboard were killed. it may have clipped a tree before slamming into the front yard and catching fire. the victims were reportedly the pilot's nephew. no one on the ground was hurt. >> a cold and dark morning in michigan and maine. they are making slow progress after the ice storm, but at least 79,000 homes and businesses are still blocked out. some may not get electricity until new year's day. >> this morning lucky delta airlines customers are looking forward to trips that cost nearly nothing. they locked in ultra low fares for about two hours. a glitch displayed the deals like $25 round trip tickets from new york to los angeles. delta will honor any fares performed at the incorrect price. they don't know how many customers got a rock bottom deal. >> time to show you this morning's headlines. politico looks at the budget
7:18 am
bill signed by president obama on thursday. it restores $63 billion in scheduled spending cuts and other domestic agencies over the next two years. the president also signe oo
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good morning. roberta gonzales in the kpix 5 weather center. stop what you're doing take a look at that. sun-up in the bay area. it's cold. 30 degrees in santa rosa. mid-30s in throughout the tri-
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valley. it's in the upper 30s in san jose. yes, the fifth consecutive "spare the air" day of the season today's highs up to about 70 degrees in the 60s mild through new year's. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. one of the airports used by 911 high jaerks falls victim to another security breach. how intruders snuck onto the
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have found your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good mornin. jahi mcmath's family says they have found a long-term care facility for the 13-year-old girl who was declared brain- dead. but children's hospital oakland says it will not perform the necessary medical procedures to transfer her. ac transit workers will start voting today on the latest contract agreement reached between union and management negotiators. two previous deals were rejected. there were more problems for people trying to get health insurance through "covered california" yesterday. the state's website went down for a few hours for maintenance. stay with us. traffic and weather traffic and weather.
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good morning. better news through the macarthur maze. that earlier accident eastbound 580 before the 980 interchange, there were a number of emergency vehicles on scene. and it sounds like a bad accident but they were able to clear it very quickly. we never saw any huge delays. obviously traffic is so light. and that is counter-commute. no metering lights on the bay bridge. mass transit is on time. golden gate bridge ferries on and expanded holiday schedule today. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> good morning, everyone. count them, 5 straight days now that we must "spare the air" here in the bay area. and if you are keeping track, it is the 20th "spare the air" day of the winter season. with the hazy sunshine today, currently 30 degrees in santa rosa, boy, it's cold! mid-30s tri-valley and 39 in san jose. later today, 60s across the board from the coast to the bay into our inland areas. outside number will be 70 degrees. dry weather pattern continues through new year's.
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>> solid musical selection. take a look at this unlikely duo. secretary of state john kerry and rapper snoop dogg. snoop something huddled in washington at the kennedy center honors. they talked about herbie hancock and fish bones. they tweeted about the run in. we sold 30 million records between us. it was snoop dogg. >> i think he always just goes by dog. if you don't want to be too formal. >> coming up twitter could save lives in the deadliest part of the world for shark attacks, but there is technology behind the safety alert system.
7:31 am
we will take to you australia. >> a must win game for the dallas cowboys. the quarterback is the ultimate team player. the sacrifice he makes as he takes the field. that story is ahead. >> new scrutiny about the skart of america's airports. at sky harbor airport in phoenix and the other in new jersey. both spent big money to keep anything like this or something worse from happening. terrell brown is with us. good morning. >> the suspects managed to steal a portion of perimeter fencing and surrounds each airport and actually make their way on to the tarmac. it is raising questions about how something like this can happen and what it means for safety at airports around the country. >> 49-year-old robert edward seen on surveillance running on to the tarmac moments after a southwest airlines plane landed. he climbed over a-foot barbed
7:32 am
wire fence. after banging on the engine of the plane, he sprawled out his arms and wandered past the aircraft as police officers fulled up and surrounded him. >> he was immediately ap handed and taken into custody. officers determined immediately he appeared to be under the influence thea at least alcohol and possibly drugs. >> he was apprehended by police four minutes after he was spotted. officials don't know what motivated him, but at a press conference on thursday the focus was on how he was able to successfully reach a plane. after a similar incident in 2005 the airport spent $10 million to upgrade perimeter security. this is the second breech since then. on the same day at newark airport, a man managed to make his way across two runways and reach the terminal. what they call an unacceptably long time to track the suspect down. newark airport underwent a
7:33 am
multimillion-dollar security revamp. >> we can spend $100 billion to make every airport 100% secure and it won't quite be 100%. >> since september 11th, there had been 125 security breeches across the country. a former director of the national transportation safety board argues technology is just factor in keeping airports secure. >> you cannot prevent these kinds of intrusions. it's simply impossible. you have a layer and measured response. >> officials at phoenix sky harbor international believe they are more properly they are proud how the situation was handled and he was the only person at risk. >> thank you very much. through a new tool to protect from shark attacks in australia. they are on twitter, like it or not.
7:34 am
why some humans are concerned about the new warning system. >> patrols by air and sea are the traditional ways of spotting sharks off australia's coast. but now when sharks swim too close to beaches, they send a warning message themselves via twitter. scientists have attached transmitters to well over 300 shark like this four meter long great white. when the attack shark swims within a kilometer it triggers the alert picked up by security. that computer turns the shark's signal into a twitter message. a tagged tiger shark was recently spotted off this coast. by following the shark's tweets surfers and swimmers can make an
7:35 am
informed choice. the old fashioned warnings on the papers and the radio. >> they eventually get that information out to the following day on which they have been long gone and might not be relevant. they are saying it's seconds. >> person australia is now the world's deadliest attacks for shark attacks. they believe it was useful and it's not enough. it put out bait and hunting large sharks off popular beaches. a move that angered conservationists. >> this is a knee jerk reaction based on zero signs whatsoever and it will not have positive benefit for beachgoers and their safety and it's certainly going to have a decimating effect on great white sharks or other endangered sharks. >> the chances of being attacked by a shark are miniscule, but every attack brings fear and damages the local economy.
7:36 am
whether it's twitter or introducing a call they are struggling with how best to deal with the growing problem. for cbs this morning, sky news, perth. >> keep in mind you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning twice. >> everyone is fascinated by it. >> it gets a lot of attention and they are still trying to figure that out. >> the u.s. is on the way to being the top oil producer. american output will sore to 9.6 barrels a day by the year 2016. one of the top suppliers are being left in the dust. ben tracy shows us how alaska is working to get things flowing again. >> paul hughes owns a snowmobile shop and said there is day each year alaskans look forward to. >> i know i do. it's a big thing for everybody. >> it's the day they announce the oil dip.
7:37 am
>> this year it's $900. every man, woman, and child gets a check. some people spend the monosnowmobiles. he used a kid's check to buy a new stove. >> which kid's check pays for the oven? >> this is malia's gift. >> the oil checks are getting smaller because alaska is producing less oil. it peaked at 2 million barrels in 1988, but dropped to a less than a half million now. some say it may freeze and shut down. it's not that they are running out of oil here. the oil industry said there is billions of barrels in the oil slope alone. the problem they say is taxes. >> i think we are at a turning point here. >> karen represents alaska's oil industry. she faults a 2007 oil tax
7:38 am
impossessed on producers that climbed as high as 75% depending on the price of oil. it slowed production in alaska and invested in the boil boom in the lower 48. alaska has now fallen behind texas, north dakota and california in oil production. >> if we don't change things, we could be surpassed by oklahoma. >> alaska's governor pushed through a lower 35% flat tax on oil and hoping to lure companies back to alaska's north slope. >> we have to stop. >> joe runs alaska's department of natural resources. >> when california eclipsed us, that was embarrassing. they were the most overtaxed place. >> alaska is dependent on oil. no income tax and property tax or sales tax. more than 90% of the state
7:39 am
budget is paid for with oil taxes. hughes knows what oil and the checks mean to his business even if they are getting smaller. >> does it worry you that that amount goes in the wrong direction? >> that won't happen unless production on the north slope stops heading south. for cbs this morning, alaska. >> he is a back up quarterback and what he is doing is putting him front and center. great story on john kitna. great story on cbs this morning. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable,
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if you're ready to test out the new gadgets, he may have beat you to the punch. he strutted his stuff with a
7:44 am
camera strapped to his head. i wonder how he got those images. >> it was built just for him. it's my assumption the sharks aren't anywhere near there. >> no. safe assumption. manuel bojorquez is showing how he's using a big game to help his hometown high school. >> reporter: at 41 jon kitna will suit up for the first time in two years as a backup quarterback for his former team the dallas cowboys after their starter tony romo went down last week. >> obviously you want a guy who's been playing all year lock but the options available to us i feel like kitna will give us the best chance. >> reporter: he retired in 2011 and started his second career teaching math at his alma mater, lynn come high school in taco na, washington as well as
7:45 am
coaching the football team. i've always felt like there's much more greatness in these halls and in this building than people realize. >> reporter: to help foster that greatness kitna will donate his entire $53,000 paycheck for playing this week to the players and program for making a difference in his life. >> i feel what i was called to do that's the lord's mission for my wife and i, training these young men to be real men and use the avenue of fable to enter their lives. >> reporter: kitna played 15 seasons for four different teams including seattle seahawks detroit lions, cincinnati bengals, and dallas cowboys who will make the playoffs if they win against the eagles sunday. eventually he'll queetsly go back to teaching and mentoring young minds. >> i try to be as awe then tick and real with them as i can day
7:46 am
in and day out. i try to take a genuine interest in as many of them as i can. i try personally to the best at what i do. whatever it is. >> a real life lesson that legacies can be built on the field and inside. >> you're from dallas. tony romo is out this game. can you imagine if kitna gets in there, plays well did what he did. >> my dad's concerned about this potential good morning. roberta gonzales in the kpix 5 weather center. stop what you're doing take a look at that. sun-up in the bay area. it's cold. 30 degrees in santa rosa. mid-30s in throughout the tri- valley. it's in the upper 30s in san jose. yes, the fifth consecutive "spare the air" day of the season today's highs up to about 70 degrees in the 60s mild through new year's.
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christmas colors lit up the sky in a swedish national park. what a beautiful site. charged particles from large solar flares collided with gases in the atmosphere and that gives us the aurora borealis. >> whenever i see that it looks alter and fake it looks so gorgeous. >> it does look face. >> you'll meet a farmer who says these boogs are good for birds and for business. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning. oakland teen jahi mcmath was declared brain-dead after she had tonsil surgery a couple of weeks ago. her family said it found another facility in the bay area and was ready to move her out of children's hospital oakland. in order for that to happen, jahi would need tubes inserted but the hospital says it won't do that. ac transit workers are voting on a new contract agreement this morning. the rank-and-file rejected the same pay raise a couple of months ago. if the contract doesn't pass, they may strike. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
along the peninsula northbound 101 at shoreline there's a two-car crash. it is blocking one lane. fortunately traffic is still light around the bay area. it's still not causing any delay at all. in fact, it's quiet on 101 starting in morgan hill. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, they never had to be turned on this morning and it's quiet across the span. and the golden gate bridge looking lovely this morning as lovely as the traffic which is moving at the speed limit. southbound 101 into san francisco. that is your "kcbs traffic." for your forecast, here's roberta. >> elizabeth, count them, five. five straight days that we are under another "spare the air" alert right here in the bay area. good morning. if you are counting, it is the 20th "spare the air" day of the winter season. and it comes a little bit at a price. right now we have haze and 31 degrees in santa rosa. mid-30s livermore. and the upper 30s in san jose. later today, 60s from the coast to the bay into the inland
7:59 am
areas. outside number 70 degrees. not a raindrop in sight through the new year.
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a rescue ship is close to the spot where 74 people are trapped near antarctica. but it is taking longer than expected to break through the ice. we'll see how they're doing on board. u.p.s. and some of its biggest customers say they will make it up to people who didn't get their christmas packages on time. first, here's a look at today's eye opener@8. >> another day of ballistic politics in lebanon. >> a car bombing killed the former ambassador to the united states. >> u.p.s. says only air and international customers are eligible for refunds. fedex has yet to say what its refund policy will be. >> just over my right shoulder
8:01 am
is the chinese ice breaker snow dragon. >> passengers and crew aboard a trip trapped in antarctica can see their rescuers. >> people on wall street are very enthusiastic about the economy, but we don't know can the economy absorb the potentially higher interest rates that are on the way. >> this will hit 1.3 million americans, those hardest hit by the great recession, those we call chronically unemployed. >> the proportion of perimeter fencing that surrounds each airport and actually make their way on to the tarmac. >> it's not that they're rung out of oil here in alaska. the problem the oil companies say is taxes. >> yes! >> and the hawks win it. jeff king wins it at the buzzer for atlanta on an incredible bounce! ♪
8:02 am
i'm jeff glor with vin eatet vin eat na -- vinita nair. a rescue ship is approaching a ship trapped in ice in stillwell island. that's south of hobart tasmania. >> the rescue ship is a welcome sight for the research expedition. >> that's the ice breaker coming to rescue us. >> brilliant. >> i'm not sure if you can see, just over my right shoulder is a chinese ice breaker snow dragon. it is making steady progress around two knots, but a lot of relief among the teams. >> the ice breaker issing trouble cutting a path because the ice is more than six feet thick. two other rescue ships is are headed to the area. u.p.s. customers are still waiting for packages they ordered before the holiday.
8:03 am
the retail giant is offering some refunds. they relied on u.p.s. to ship their purchases on time. amazon is giving gift cards to disappointed shoppers. u.p.s. said holiday ordering was heavier than expected. many think the real estate market is ready to deliver a rebound. starting january 10th, mortgage lenders will have to follow new government regulations. peter coy is the economics editor of bloomberg. what are the regulations and who do they affect? >> the regulations tell lenders that it's their responsibility to make sure people can repay the loan they make. that's a new thing. that was a big problem because of the housing crisis that lenders, mortgage brokers, got people into loans they couldn't afford. and they're getting foreclosed on losing their family fortunes. so this puts the onus on the
8:04 am
lender to make sure that the loan is safe. it has provisions like you can't pay more than three points on your mortgage. >> and all mortgages? >> yep. i mean the people who will be affected most will be first-time buyers. they tend not to have a lot of money from a previous home that they're selling to move into a new one. and so the restriction on the income limitations hurt them the most. >> basically if you're about to buy a new home expect a lot more paperwork and scrutiny. >> some of which is very good of course. it will make sure that there's full disclosure. and overall, i think it's probably a positive. remember that if this had hit in 2006 or 7 it would be a lot more stringent. but the lenders have already done a lot of this on their own. they've made loans a lot harder to get. >> new home sales, november was the strongest month since 2 thousand 28.
8:05 am
new home sales up 16.6%. does that continue in the new year? >> it's not going to continue at that kind of pace. november was a very strong month. but the expectation is that starts, that is construction and prices both will rise in the midsingle digits in 2014. >> new homes haven't been being built here for a while now, at least at the pace they were built. >> right the pace fell off like crazy, but it's coming back. and the funny thing is about housing prices when you're shopping, you don't want them to go up as soon as you've bought then you want to see them go up. >> right. >> how does this affect the rest of the economy, these housing price, this sector, there is a trickle down. >> yes the housing is a big sector of the economy. the housing market has not led the recovery. so finally, here it is. 3 1/2, almost 4 years after the end of the recession, housing is finally providing the kind of boost you typically get from
8:06 am
that sector. >> it's about time. two russian cosmonauts are on a space walk this morning installing high resolution cameras outside the international space station. it is designed to capture images of the earth's surface. their mission follows a christmas eve space walk by nasa astronauts to fix a pump. as mark phillips reports the steamy content of her books is a hit on the farm. it's a story like all the others written by katherine elliott, blue coverall chicken farmer and romance novelist. her so-called chick lit stories are best sellers. but katherine's latest work has found a new audience. this is chick lit for chickens. >> they gaze at one another. his black eyes met hers and lit up with pleasure. >> falling for clooney, it's
8:07 am
called. clooney, the rooster. think of it as 50 shades of eggshell. >> she took a step towards him. he crows with delight. >> whoa. it's all ruffled a few feathers in the hen houses of the happy egg company, which commissioned the story to be read to its chickens. it says for scientific reasons. >> research based around that which said that birds which interact with humans, the sound of the human voice actually are much calmer and because of that produce much better. >> they can't point to numbers proving there are more or bigger or tastier eggs but they have proved that people will pay about 10% more for what they thing are happy eggs from happy chickens. this isn't all tongue in beak. happier hens and happier eggs the higher prices make happier chicken farmers. >> almost certainly, yes. >> the chickens can't get enough
8:08 am
of it and they're not alone. chick lit may have come home to roost, but the market's been greatly expanded. these girls may have trouble downloading the latest installment of "falling for clooney," but people are. >> it's good for humans and good for chickens. good for any sort of animal. i think they should read more. >> chickens should read more? and maybe move up to what who knows? >> shakespeare. >> we may now know why the chicken crossed the road to find out what happens next. for "cbs this morning" i'm mark phillips in lincolnshire england. >> amazing stand-up just amazing. >> mark phillips always delivers. on a personal note we're saying good-bye to a familiar and beloved face this morning. john miller has led our coverage of security and law enforcement stories. john is going back to the new york police department in the new year along with incoming commissioner william bratton. >> look at those older pictures
8:09 am
of john. nice. john previously worked under bratton in the nypd and lapd. he's been a top official at the fbi and national office of intelligence. we'll dearly miss his experience, his knowledge and his quick wit. >> have you seen something like this before? >> this is nearly unprecedented. >> are you saying that other government was do it if they had the means to do it? >> i'm saying other governments do do it charlie. the spy business isn't pretty on the inside. this is the kind of thing they're used to in colombia and now in mexico not in texas. i was actually briefed on that operation the day after by the director of the cia. i sat in on that briefing. and this wasn't simply just flying in unnoticed. >> you look very nice in your suit. >> i think there's going to be a casting call for the remake of "matlock" and i didn't want to miss it. >> john miller former fbi assistant director he was also a deputy police commissioner in new york and los angeles. >> right, so now they've established i can't hold a job, is there anything else you
8:10 am
wanted to talk about? >> if only he would leave his seersucker suits behind. truly one of a kind. john will be missed. >> he'll certainly be missed. that
8:11 am
one of americ one of america's greatest opera singers came from harlem and became famous overnight. nearly 50 years later martina arroyo is a kennedy center honoree. plus all that mattered op this day in 1932 women lining up to perform on a big stage. do you know where it is? the answer's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ if i don't get some shelter ♪ ♪ yeah i'm going to fade away ♪
8:12 am
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8:16 am
their doors. it became rockefeller center. radio city's legendary performers, too many to name, but they include frank sinatra, willie nelson, aretha franklin. you have the christmas spectacular featuring the. them. i good morning, dab. that's next on "cbs this morning" morning".
8:17 am
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8:20 am
do you know where we're going? do you know where we're going? >> no. >> we're going to disney world
8:21 am
right now. >> i want to -- >> hey, we're all going. >> a little girl who knows what she wants. most girls want to to disney world. when her mom broke the news about the surprise trip. she broke down. her dream destination is not disney world but mobile alabama, with her grandparents live. our partners at cnet have a few idea this morning. cnet's dan ackerman is here to look at the best high-tech devices of the year and what's hot for 2014. dan, good morning. >> good morning to you guys. >> what surprised you most about 2013?
8:22 am
>> we got a solid new collection of gants. great improvements but nothing that knocked your socks off. >> i also feel like a couple of companies are giving apple a run for their money. >> people are getting other types of phones. >> you switched to droid from an iphone this year. why? >> well, this year i mooimg moved to it. i got big screen envy. you can read a kindle book really well. >> the rumors are iphone 6 are going have bagger phone. iphone falls behind. >> apple is so tight lipping about everything. i get a glams that they'll be
8:23 am
getting ingting better stuff. >> for 2014 tim cook has said they're going to have cool stuff. maybe lot be the bigger screen iphone. >> what's the biggest thing they're going to be looking at? >> i think people are going to get more into the iphone smart watches. it's fascinating to see a couple of people walk around. >> the watch ads are all over the place. they still look a little -- little odd. >> get a really nice watch. in the future once we get past the dick tracy face they could do better. what was the best out there? >> great for one big screen phones.
8:24 am
the nexus google which is lis than a d'backs gal alksgy. the maek pro. this is the same thing. boiled down to a little black cylinder about this big. very intensive but very powerful. >> here you switched to samsung. it tempts me. thank you so much. on bra legend martina arroyo talks with wynton marsalis about kennedy center honorees. >> i can't imagine how good it can be. ieng to be flay.
8:25 am
>> that i ahead of your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 8:26. jahi mcmath's family says they found a long-term care facility for the 13-year-old brain-dead girl. children's hospital oakland says it won't perform a medical procedure to transfer her. ac transit workers will start voting today on the latest contract agreement reached between union and management negotiate negotiators. another local transit agency will charge people more when the new year arrives next week. bart passengers will have to start paying about 5% extra, an average fare increase of 19 cents. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. throughout the east bay traffic is quiet. traveling 24, traffic is moving at the speed limit. still out of the caldecott tunnel into the macarthur maze. that earlier crash on eastbound 580 is long since cleared as well as any delay that was behind it. also, all lanes are now back open. northbound 101 at shoreline boulevard there was a two-car crash there. out to the bay bridge, it look like this ever since we got here this morning so light coming into san francisco with
8:28 am
no metering lights. similar story across the golden gate bridge. no delay from novato into sausalito. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> elizabeth, it is a cold start to this friday morning. the last friday of 2013, good morning, everybody. out the door currently 31 degrees in santa row upper 30s in san jose through fremont. check out concord. back in through fairfield, it's in the mid-30s in livermore. today is the fifth consecutive "spare the air" day in a row. meanwhile, 20th of the season. and it looks like we will continue to see hazy sunshine today with our high temperatures well above average for this time of the year up by 11 degrees above normal. 60s beaches, mid-60s bayside. up to about 70 degrees in the outlying areas. and it appears that santa cruz would top off in the low 70s. the winds remain flat and until we pick up a good wind, we will continue to see hazy sunshine through new year's day. have a great day, everyone. captions by: caption colorado
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ jet ♪ ♪ jet ♪ >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." opera singer martina arroyo. her voice has been called the best in the world. how she went from a substitute to a star. plus it's made from pieces of a 747. you learn how one woman's sky high dream became a reality and why buying the jet was not the most expensive part. right now time for this morning's headline. "usa today" looks at 70 people injured in a piranha attack in argentina that happened on christmas day. the flesh-eating fish cost some children their fingers. but after it was cleared people
8:31 am
returned to the river to escape the heat. new york will now fall behind florida settling into fourth place when it comes to population. census figures are expected to show the states separated by just a few thousand people. mcdonald's shut down a website for its employees. critics say the mcresource page advised to stop eating fast food. they offered advice on how to tip personal trainers and au pairs. all this week we're celebrating this year's kennedy center honorees. opera singer martina aroyiarroyo got her start in harlem. wynton marsalis sat down with arroyo to discuss the moment that changed everything. ♪ >> reporter: it's been called one of the best voices in the world. ♪
8:32 am
>> reporter: a classic soprano. powerful, rich and impassioned like the woman behind the voice. >> even though you're singing in another language, you must know every word you're singing, you must know every word you hear you must understand feelings between others in the opera. >> reporter: although it's been almost 30 years since her last performance, martina arroyo's legacy in the opera world is indelible. from verdi -- to mozart her soaring voice transported listeners to other worlds. it took martina around the globe to all the great opera houses.
8:33 am
what impressed you about the different opera houses around the world you go to? >> first of all, when you go to a place like vienna london copenhagen or buenos airy you realize that this is a tradition that's been going on for a very long time. it's a major part of their cultural activities. it isn't so much in the united states, but there's no opera house i prefer than the metropolitan opera. >> reporter: do you remember when you first came here? >> in this house? >> reporter: it was here in 1965 that martina got her big break. the met's main star had fallen ill and martina was called last minute to play the powerful role of aida. her substitution was met with skepticism until she started singing. at the end, there was a standing
8:34 am
ovation, and everything changed. from that day forward, she had devoted fans all over the world. were you aware of the impact you had on them as their lives continued. sometimes they talk to you and say i saw you. >> or my father saw you or my grandfather saw you. you want to smack the kid. what do you mean? >> reporter: what do you feel about having that type of impact in a community? >> i think that you're happy to have had it. it makes you proud. >> reporter: the renowned opera star was born in 1937 in harlem to a puerto rican father and black american mother who gave her a love of culture and a pioneering spirit. >> my parents used to listen to the metropolitan operas on saturday afternoon. and i couldn't see them. and i couldn't care less what they looked like. i just liked the sound. making music. >> reporter: in your neighborhood, who was interested in opera? of your friends?
8:35 am
>> none. absolutely none. as far as my father was concerned, he was not interested at all in opera because he thought that we were going to wear short dresses and kick up our legs. he'd never seen an opera. >> reporter: education was the central value in the arroyo home. as her parents wished martina received her teaching degree at age 19. >> my mother and father were afraid i wouldn't eat. but of course you can see i ate. teacher, doctor meant security whereas opera singer was like well, who cares? you know? i don't think they were aware of how popular opera is in the rest of the world. but my mother got the bug earlier and lived with me throughout my career. ♪ >> reporter: her proud parents were there to see most of their daughter's remarkable career including 199 performances at that very same metropolitan
8:36 am
opera. 199 times, that's a few times. >> yes. it tells your age, too, so let's get off of this. >> reporter: today what makes martina proud has less to do with high notes or arias and more to do with that old teaching degree. for the past decade she has dedicated herself to fostering the next generation of great opera singers with the martina arroyo foundation. you've had a fabulous career. >> i wasn't a great actress, please, i say that over and over again. >> reporter: but you had a tremendous impact on so many people and yet and still now at this stage you have even greater aspirations for the art form through younger people. >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because i think that it all led to this. it's knowing that it doesn't end with you. it's going to go on and you want it to go on even better than
8:37 am
when you were working in that profession. >> for a lot of folks it was martina arroyo who helped them see and hear and love the beauty and power of opera. >> reporter: martina's invaluable contributions to the world of opera both past and present are why she's being celebrated. her journey here is an affirmation of the value of education, grace and the will to sophistication. the kennedy center honor's the highest honor in the united states of america. >> yes. >> reporter: and you are receiving it richly deserved. >> thank you. >> reporter: what does receiving this honor mean to you? >> well it's saying that there are people who thought you were good at what you did and hopefully that you're still good at what you're doing and that what you'll do in the future will be even better. it's a feeling that so many people get up with speeches and say, oh this is the greatest honor i ever had, well this is the greatest honor i have had or
8:38 am
think i will have. i'm just sorry that the people who worked with me through these many years get there, like my mother and father and my husband, they're not here to enjoy it with me. it's very meaningful. i can't explain how much it means to me. i think i'm going to cry. >> reporter: thank you. >> such a great humble outlook on life and all the awards she's received as well. >> beautiful stuff. you can see all the winners on the 36th annual kennedy center honors sunday night at 9:00 8 central right here on cbs. peter greenberg takes us to a house that's really first class. see how a
8:39 am
good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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♪ ♪ an experiment in recycling turned into an unusual house in southern california. gives a new twist to the concept of the mobile home. and the owner hopes the idea takes flight with others. our travel editor peter greenberg, goes inside and onboard. >> reporter: now we're going from the guest wing to the main part. >> to the main wing. >> reporter: many homes in the hills above malibu have wings,
8:43 am
but only these wings used to fly. >> it was built for pan am. so they bought the first 50 autoof production from boeing. >> reporter: it was one of the original 747s? >> indeed. peter, i want to take you out on my wing. >> reporter: the roof of this 5,000 square foot house is made entirely from the wings and tail of one of the largest commercial airplanes that ever soared. whoa. this is wild. >> couple of the pilots that have come out have said the only time they've been on a wing was during training. >> reporter: yeah. >> otherwise you don't get to walk on a wing. >> reporter: the project was the brainchild of architect david hertz. >> i started with the idea of a curved ceiling, completed that curve and formed lips reminded me of an airplane wing section and then it just flashed on me why not use an airplane wing. >> i said let's go find a plane. it's a cool idea. let's go find a plane first. >> reporter: it was 2005 when that search brought them to an
8:44 am
airplane bone yard in the mojave desert 90 miles outside of los angeles. they settled on this pan am turned tower air jet for a price tag of $35,000. but that was just the beginning. >> then they fileted the plane, peter. cut it in half removed the top. >> reporter: cut the wings off. transported the wings in their entirety closing five freeways in california pardon the pun which through the but we were winging it through the whole job. narrow winding roads the 125-foot wings had to go for one last flight. >> who knew we'd have to cut the wings in half and fly them from the airport here to the site? the wings are here. >> i know. >> so what you basically saying is buying the plane was one thing and getting it here was another expense. >> correct. >> reporter: here's the plane $35,000, shipping not included. >> exactly.
8:45 am
>> reporter: other parts of the plane found their way into the house too. oh, wow. look at this. this from the original plane too, right? >> yes. >> reporter: not many airplane wings and windows open. >> thank god. >> i designed it not with the idea that, oh let's just have a woman living in an airplane. i really designed it you know as an organic process of trying to find the most efficient use of materials to achieve, you know, the most dramatic effect. >> this is the first class cabin. >> reporter: it took six long years, approvals from 17 government agencies even questioning from homeland security agents wondering why they were buying a 747. but she now has a dream home that also sends a message. >> it is saying reuse, repurpose. and think about next time when you're flying what you might build out of a discard. >> reporter: chances are i flew on that plane. >> is that right? >> reporter: oh, yeah. i'm still waiting for my
8:46 am
mileage. there it is. >> here's your mileage. >> reporter: and she's getting even more mileage out of it in the near future when she turns the fuselage into an art studio. you are airborne here. you're airborne. >> exactly. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," peter greenberg, los angeles. >> she's like it's a cool idea let's do it. >> yeah. >> like we fileted the airplane. coming up we will look back at the most memorable moments of the week. that's next. and on "cbs this morning" saturday lee woodriff with a jolt for coffee lovers. >> be ware this robot icic kiosk claims to brew the perfect cup of coffee. is this the future of the coffee house? coming up tomorrow on "cbs this morning saturday."
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
are you going to start building your plane house this weekend? >> yeah. 747 week. >> it was a fun week. >> it was. good to be with you. >> good times. have a happy new year if i don't see you. let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. target is starting to feel the heat from customers after a security breach exposed 40 million card accounts. >> >> much like santa, the air coming down from the north pole feels like as low as 45 degrees below zero. >> they successfully installed a 780-pound physician yags cooling. >> merry christmas to everybody. it took a couple of weeks to git 'r done but we got it. >> jumped in the car, pulled the
8:51 am
guy out zmienlt very myself a hero. i just did what i had to do. >> the deadline for january coverage has been extended in several states and extended on the federal website. >> i definitely wanted to get the health care coverage. >> ups and fedex are paying for bad weather. >> extra shipping. >> as always this is a work vague indication for the president. despite all the work the president is getting in some play time. >> faithful around the world celebrate christmas. >> most of us come from rather colorful back groujds. >> what's your colorful background? >> none of your business. >> the most intense billy joel fan, what would they most want to hear you play? >> probably want to hear "piano man." ♪ you've got to change your evil ways ♪ >> i love committing career suicide because you grow. >> even though you're singing in
8:52 am
another language you must know what you're singing. ♪ good times and bum times ♪ >> we fall early and we fall hard for them. you know who said that? meryl streep. >> her by hancock. what is jazz? oochz. >> i'm really nervous. >> one thing i need. >> i'm thinking there's going to be a goodiner some place. >> i love it christmas in the air. >> do you want to hear a christmas joke? >> no. >> no? okay. >> my own family is a little larger this christmas. the arrival of a baby gives everyone a chance to contemplate the future.
8:53 am
sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf and to your home. starting at $99.
8:54 am
sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf and to your home. starting at $99.
8:55 am
your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 8:55. oakland teen jahi mcmath was declared brain-dead after she had tonsil surgery a couple of weeks ago. her family said it found another facility in the bay area and was ready to move her out of children's hospital oakland. in order for that to happen, jahi would need certain tubes inserted but the hospital won't do that. ac transit workers are voting on a new contract agreement this morning. the rank-and-file rejected the same 9 1/2% pay raise a couple of months ago. if the contract is not passed, there could be a strike. starting in the new year, bart passengers will have to pay about 19 cents more. the extra revenue has been earmarked for new railcars, a
8:56 am
new train control system, and improvements to a maintenance yard in hayward. here's roberta with the forecast. >> michelle, it is the last friday of 2013 and we are starting off this friday on a cold note, breezing in santa rosa, upper 30s in san jose. mid-30s tri-valley and mid-40s across the central bay. okay, here we go again. it is the fifth consecutive "spare the air" day in the bay area. the 20th of the winter season. with the hazy sunshine today, numbers into the 60s just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. but up to 70 degrees in the outlying areas. and notice over the weekend, in fact let's toss in a couple more days through new year's day, no weather pattern change with above-normal temperatures. we are going to take a look at the traffic with our friends from kcbs and elizabeth wenger after this.
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8:58 am
good morning. out to the oakland hills where we had a car fire. the fire was just put out and all lanes are open southbound highway 13 by the thornhill drive exit. perhaps it's slow in both directions because they had to shut down the southbound lanes for a while to get the car fire out. out towards the bay bridge, we have been showing you this all morning and traffic continues to look like this. extra light all the way into san francisco. looks great across the new eastern span heading into the tunnel and mass transit everything pretty much on time no delay bart systemwide on time. golden gate ferries remain on an extended holiday schedule. caltrain and ace have regular service.
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