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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 27, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit voting on a contract. it's a decision tha your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. it's down to the to wear for ac transit and its unions. all day they are voting on a contract. it's a decision that could end well or with a strike. >> good afternoon, i'm mark kelly in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo has been talking with ac transit
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workers today and ryan, what are they saying? >> hi, michelle and mark. union leadership is strongly urging the members of the union to support this contract but the leadership has done that two other times and members have shot them down twice. today we'll find out if the rank-and-file will reject the contract for a third time. >> time for drivers to get what they want not what they want to give us. >> reporter: kelvin has been an ac transit bus driver for 22 years. he says he is voting no today. >> take a stand this time. >> reporter: he and other drivers are bitter because the last contract when drivers didn't get a pay raise. during his route this morning he suggested other veteran drivers will reject this contract like they have twice before. the newest agreement calls for a 9.5% raise spread over three years. but healthcare costs would increase from zero employee contribution to $120 a month. that's the biggest hurdle for zachary. the atu 192 president said she
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hopes the members approve the deal. >> there's always going to be some who, you know, are not happy for one reason or another and, you know, with respect to them, we still think this is a good agreement. >> reporter: it was almost a strike in october but the governor stepped in and ordered a cooling-off period. ac transit has 180,000 daily riders, most in the east bay. many, like kim thomas, don't have another way to get around. >> and if they strike, you know, what am i going to do? i can't walk to work. >> reporter: what level would you say, hey, that's enough? [ pause ] >> reporter: you haven't got there yet. >> no. this time, no. >> reporter: the voting ends tonight at 6:00. we should have ruts before midnight. live in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> another local transit agency will start charging people more when the new year arrives next week. bart passengers will have to
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pay 5% extra, an average fare increase of 19 cents. the extra revenue has been earmark for new railcars, a new train control system, and improvements to a maintenance yard in hayward. the scope of the target hack has gotten worse. today the company confirmed that p.i.n. numbers from debit cards were stolen in the security breach. the news comes just one day after target said p.i.n. numbers were not compromised. according to a target spokesman, the p.i.n.s are strongly encrypted and can only be decrypted with a key held by an independent payment processor. target says the key was not stolen. today is the final day to finish signing up for health insurance for those who were unable to do so by monday. the "covered california" website went down for a few hours for maintenance on monday. that happened as hundreds of thousands of people logged on to try and beat the deadline. people in the process of signing up were given until today to finish the process.
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more than a million out of work americans will not get an unemployment check next week. the federal government's five- year program for those benefits ends tomorrow. the new budget signed by the program does not extend that plan. the senate is working on a bill to restore the benefits for three months. but that bill won't be up for a vote until lawmakers return to work next year. bay area airports are bracing for the return rush of passengers heading home after the christmas holiday. it will be corroded at times creative but our cate caugiran has details on a new program aimed at making travel more enjoyable. >> the wag buy grade out here. an animal therapy dog. >> reporter: holiday traveling is coming to a close and the task of getting home can be stressful. to help, sfo's let the dogs out. >> mwa! >> thank you. >> stressful times, a lot of traffic, so having the dogs walk around the and a and interact with the kids in particular has been special. it relieves a little bit of stress and makes i think the
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whole process a little more enjoyable. >> reporter: meet the two dogs, not the reindeer, they certainly do bring holiday cheer. >> the dogs and the teams are generally mobbed by passengers. >> it's interacting with travelers, it's great, seeing the smiles on their faces, it's so heartwarming. >> reporter: these dogs are part of the unique program introduced by the spca that's been in place over the past few weeks to keep spirits high. these dogs trot around the airport with a sign that says, pet me. >> she's so cute! >> oh, i love dogs. >> hi, sweetheart! >> we miss our dog so much. >> reporter: sfo has more than 2 million people travel through these terminals during the holiday season. no matter where you're from, puppy love is a universal language among flyers. >> that's what i say, big smile. the kids especially really appreciate having the dogs around and the parents and people are stressed. they generally just have a big smile on their face so it's been a good response. >> reporter: right now they are only two of six teams of dogs
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here at sfo. airport officials plan to expand to 20 teams and good news, they are going to be here for good. at sfo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> sfo isn't the only airport with these therapy dogs. san jose has jumped on board, as well. the family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain-dead is racing against time to move her to another facility. a judge ruled children's hospital oakland can remove her from life support on monday: jahi mcmath's family says they found another facility that will keep her on a ventilator. doctors declared her brain-dead after something went wrong during the surgery a couple of weeks ago for tons tells. to move her, tubes would have to be inserted and the hospital won't do it. >> children's hospital doesn't believe procedures on a dead person is appropriate medical practice. >> help us get her out of your
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hospital. they are like no. >> a family attorney is promising legal action. checking other bay area headlines, another court hearing is set for monday in the battle over the only community college in san francisco. a state board has threatened to strip ccsf of its accreditation unless the school comes up with a plan to fix financial and management problems. if the school loses accreditation this summer, it could close. a proposed high-rise in the heart of berkeley is sparking a debate. if approved, a 16-story hotel would be built on the corner of shattuck and center. the plan developers submitted last week includes a bank, restaurant and shops on the first floor, plus three stories of office space, and about 300 hotel rooms on the upper floors. people in newark are not letting a grinch-like burglar steal christmas from one family. all the presents from a home on cherry street were stolen early christmas morning. newark police collected $200 and city residents and businesses stepped up with nearly 30 gifts that were
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delivered yesterday. that family with two little children now says this christmas went from the worst to the best ever. today's the day the audubon society counts birds in san francisco. birdwatchers will be at 17 locations in the city all day long. last year they saw more than usual. 55,000 individual birds and 175 different species. but there were fewer native coastal birds than before. still haven't gotten that package you ordered before christmas? you're not alone. >> u.p.s. and fedex scramble to play catch-up. see what other companies are offering incentives to affected customers. help is on the way for dozens of passengers on a ship stuck in frozen waters off antarctica. how they ended up stranded in the first place and how soon they could be rescued. >> five days of "spare the air" and five straight days of near or record warmth. now the day rain be back in the forecast as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stocks opened at record hig this m taking a live look at the dow right now, it's down about 6 points. stocks opened at record highs this morning as investors head into the home stretch of what's been a strong year for wall street. yesterday, the dow closed at a record high for the 50th time this year. shares of fedex and u.p.s. are up today after a backlog prevented christmas gifts from being delivered in time for the holiday. workers are still busy trying to get deliveries back on schedule. the companies say they were caught off guard this year because the heavy volume of last-minute orders exceeded expectations. it seems more than ever, people bought christmas gifts online in the final days.
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>> i think i'm going to rely more heavily on the stores and not do so much online ordering or if i do, do it well in advance so there can't be claims of weather delays. >> mastercard's spending pulse which tracks consumer patterns confirms a lot of american shoppers waited until the last minute. u.p.s. promises to refund shipping costs to some customers. amazon one of u.p.s.'s biggest customers, says it's refunding shipping charges to affected customers and giving them a $20 credit. 2014 will bring a laundry list of new state laws for motorists. starting january 1, the law enforcement will be required to issue amber alerts when a child has been abducted by anyone, including a parent or guardian. another new law prohibits drivers from passing cyclists if there is less than 3 feet between any part of the car and any part of the bicycle. it will also be illegal for drivers under 18 to use any electronic communication devices while driving even with
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hands-free equipment. a new federal judge has ruled that the nsa's massive phone tracking program is legal. the ruling goes on to say that the surveillance is a critical component of the country's effort to combat terrorism. the ruling contradicts that of another federal judge who held the program likely violates the constitution's ban on an unreasonable search. legal experts say the conflicting rulings make it more likely the case will go before the supreme court. today connecticut state police are set to release thousands of documents from their investigation of last year's sandy hook elementary school shooting. the report is expected to provide a detailed and disturbing look at shooter adam lanza's twisted fascination with mass murder. 20 students and six staff members were killed in the rampage. ntsb investigators are in fresno this afternoon looking into a plane crash that killed a pilot and his 9-year-old nephew. it happened overnight. investigators say the pilot was trying to land at a nearby airport when he hit a tree and
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crash-landed on the front yard of a home. the plane also caught fire upon impact. no one on the ground was hurt. we're learning just how damaging the "rim" fire near yosemite national park was on our ecosystem this year. according to the sfpuc, the fire may have cost the local economy up to $800 million. that's partly because valuable trees that absorbed carbon dioxide and release oxygen were destroyed. the fire started in august and charred more than 250,000 acres before it was fully contained in october. thousands of utility workers continue to work overtime to restore power to homes and businesses from michigan to new england and eastern canada. this is a look at crews contending with ice and snow in east lansing, michigan one of the cities hardest hit. the power outages are the aftermath of a major ice storm that pelted the region last week. about 140,000 homes and businesses are still in the
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dark. and at one point, that number was in the 700,000 range. roberta, are we even seeing snow in tahoe? >> no, except what they are making overnight. >> manmade no. >> it is cold enough to do that. they are firing up the snow guns every night overnight. but right now, any chance of snow i'm looking at and it's a long-range forecast so things certainly can change, january 10th. on that note, let's look at what's going on today. first off, count it it five. five straight days of "spare the air." it is illegal to burn for the rest of the day. for five straight days we are also looking at very unseason bly mild conditions. right now 57 degrees in san francisco. that's typically the high temperature experienced for this time of the year. santa rosa after a morning low of 30 now up to 53 degrees. it's also 53 in mountain view. okay. today's forecast high a sampling across our microclimates into the 60s easily. typically we're into the 50s.
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so we're averaging six to eleven degrees above normal for this 27th day of the month of december. we will continue to see poor air quality and hazy sunshine. we will now begin to see the end of the dangerous surf with that beach hazardous statement coming to an end this afternoon. we will continue to see the sunny dry conditions due to this, high pressure parked off the coast diverting the jet stream to the north of us. you can see the precipitation banging up against the pacific northwest. but again, long-range computer models suggest snow this tahoe and a chance of rain returning right here january 10. until then, no threat of tule fog throughout the central valley. into the 60s. 70 fresno. 67 monterey bay. ukiah mid- to high 60s. south shore, we're talking 50s today and snowpack about 80% lower than this time last year. we had a couple of major blizzards roll through at christmastime last year. we are now looking at dry conditions through the weekend if you are heading to the high
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sierra. but again, temperature this morning was down to 14 degrees at henley valley so certainly conducive of making snow and that snow is not impacting travel on u.s. 50 or 80. here you have it, your pinpoint forecast. 60s across the board from the seashore into the bay. and into our inland areas. perhaps even an outside number of 70. but tonight we'll dip down to 31 in santa rosa, 35 tri-valley so some areas of patchy fog overnight or not fog but frost overnight into the early- morning hours. and notice this right here. we end 2013 the same way we began 2014 on a dry and seasonably warm note. so tonight by the time the sun sets at 4:57 we could see near to record high temperatures for the fifth consecutive day. anybody ready for football? sunday right here on kpix 5, kickoff 1:25. michelle, who are the raids hosting? >> the denver broncos. >> yes, they are. >> yes. >> that's not why you're
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wearing red today, is it? >> no. broncos are orange. this is red. >> got my raider colors on. >> she is wearing 49er red. all right. [ laughter ] >> yes. [ laughter ] >> have a good weekend. >> thank you so much. residents and business owners along san diego he is beautiful shores are suing the city over a stinky problem. the culprits, these guys. sea lions. the suit says the stench from sea lion waste is driving away customers, also poses a public risk. it blames the city for not doing anything about it. marine life experts say the smell is more pungent than usual because sea lions have been snacking on more anchovies. >> it is pretty bad. [ laughter ] >> got to be honest with you. i smelled a lot of things. not to be too personal. but it's bad, yeah. >> all right. it's bad. last year, businesses in the area complained about the smell from pelicans and seagulls. in that instance the city hired a company to spray bacterial solution to dissolve the waste.
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we are hearing from one of the crewmembers on a russian ship stuck in the ice for three days in antarctica. they are staying warm enough to be in a good mood. a chinese ice breaker is on the way to rescue them. it's now just about 12 miles away. >> not sure if you can see but just over my right shoulder, it's a chinese ice breaker snow dragon. but a lot of relief amongst the team and a lot of happy faces. >> the stranded ship has been on a research expedition to antarctica. it got stuck tuesday after a blizzard pushed the sea ice around the ship and froze it in place. the ship was never in danger of sinking and there are plenty of supplies for the 74 scientists, tourists and crew. i'm sure the family will be thrilled to have them home. >> hopefully that ice breaker gets there soon. beyonce is back on top of the charts. wait until you see what she did to one of the her youngest fans. >> cool. how the pop singer made a little girl's wish come true. that's next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our fresh grocer - t this happens to me all the time. you get produce in the store to find out it goes bad right after you buy it. our fresh grocer tony tantillo has some tips though on how to keep your veggies fresh. >> reporter: today's tip of the bay is baby carrots. i remember one time in the produce business i have been in for a long time not to age myself but when these first came in the market, they went on fire. people were buying them like
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crazy. and still, the number one way to buy carrots now, bagged baby carrots. easy to enjoy and loaded with nutritional value but you have to select them and store them right. when you buy them look at the bag carefully and make sure they are nice and orange free from any decay. if there's any moisture in the bag, that means they have been there for way too long. when you bring them home, if you open it up and just have a little bit of them and put the rest inside, you want to take them out of the bag, put them in a little bit of tupperware with water and then in the refrigerator. that way they will stay nice and fresh. and what i like to do, too, many times is i take a cup with some water in there, put it in the refrigerator so when you open the refrigerator especially with the kids, they see these baby carrots, they take them out and enjoy them because they're great for us. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> a little girl's dream comes true in the performance of a
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lifetime. coming up, the special meaning behind beyonce's tribute song "survivor." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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credit and debit card users what does that mean for you? that story and more at five. a terminally-ill girl.. stan the performance of a lifeti ideo that's now go target admits hackers stole p.i.n. numbers from debit and credit card users. more on that at 5:00. a terminally ill girl
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performs in a show of a lifetime in a viral video. ♪[ music ] >> the girl named at a lon was up on stage with singer beyonce during a concert in las vegas earlier this month. it was only in the past few days that the video made its rounds on the internet. taylon was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. her dream of dancing with beyonce came through with the help of the make-a-wish foundation. >> goosebumps. >> thank you. have a great weekend. captions by: caption colorado
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>> ridge: you and, uh, bill are in the middle of something? >> brooke: no. no, not really. >> ridge: so, i'm not interrupting anything. >> brooke: no, ridge. >> ridge: that's good. glad that's cleared up. so, why are you here? >> katie: keeping things fresher longer. that's exactly where we want to go. all right. great. thanks, you guys. i will talk to you next week. thank you. bye. okay. and what could possibly be fresher than you all dressed up, ready to see your daddy? here you go. mmm. yum, yum, yum. delicious!


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