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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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come back when a judge told you otherwise and two doctors told you otherwise? >> the judge hasn't said she is not coming back. you're out of your mind. >> i have told you the honest truth. >> are you a doctor? >> you made up a story. >> no, i'm not arguing medical facts. i'm arguing legal facts. >> you're not arguing legal facts. it has nothing to do with reality. >> this girl is going to wake up? no. this family believes that she will and i will represent their interests. >> good luck, counselor. >> my decision on the medical issues is irreleva >> i wish you good luck, counselor. >> you better wish your client good luck, too. >> my client enjoys great stature in this hospital. >> reporter: as you saw, very ugly confrontation between lawyer and spokesman for the hospital. now, we are coming up on a deadline for jahi. there is a restraining order that runs out on december 30th. the family is trying to get that restraining order extended at this point. the attorney is planning to head to federal court to get
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that restraining order extended extended so she can't be removed from life support and be transferred. there's a lot of wrangling and jahi is still in the hospital in oakland. andria borba, kpix 5. >> before you go, one of the issues here is that the family wants to move the daughter's body, okay? and to do that, the hospital has to do some surgical procedures. and that's where the rub is. that the hospital is not willing to do that on what they consider a deceased person, correct? >> reporter: that is right. there are two tubes required to move her to any subacute care facility and the hospital says because they just considered jahi deceased at this point, they in fact will not do those procedures. now, her attorneys are trying to bring in their own doctors to do those procedures to get her moved but, of course, that is where the legal rub sets in, ken. >> all right. the story continues, andria borba in oakland with the latest, thank you. we have more bad news from target. the retailer now says debit
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card p.i.n.s were stolen in that massive security breach. julie watts on what people should do now. >> reporter: target says it believes that those p.i.n. numbers are still, quote, safe and secure because they're encrypted. that's not keeping crooks from draining bank accounts from banking coast to coast. as if the holidays weren't haw hard enough on the bank account now millions of target shoppers have something else to worry about. >> i was like shocked. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: emily discovered more than $4,000 missing from her account. but that's nothing compared to some of the stories popping up on target's facebook page. this woman says, my account was drained on christmas eve. can't imagine what would have happened if we were traveling. and this woman was traveling complaining she had to waste "three hours of my honeymoon making phone calls and writing emails to my bank." emily's bank quickly canceled her card and refunded her missing money. >> they said they would take care of it. >> reporter: whether or not
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crooks get your p.i.n. number there are no guarantees when your debit card is promised. >> it's a little like getting toothpaste back in the tube. if somebody drains money out of your bank account even if you have no liability for that, now you have to get the money back into the account. >> reporter: while most banks won't hold you liable for fraudulent charges, they are not legally required to reimburse you unlike credit card companies and there's no telling how long a bank will take to investigate. >> how do you pay other bills in the interim? >> reporter: crooks would need a p.i.n. number to withdraw cash from the atm all they need is the information on this strip to drain your bank account with purchases. so attention, target shoppers! changing your p.i.n. isn't enough to keep crooks from spending your money. now, most major banks say they won't hold you liable for fraudulent debit card transactions. and they urge customers to regularly check their statements for fraud. but if you think your debit card may have been compromised, your best bet is to get a new
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card right away. >> immediately. overheard some target employees the other day saying that a lot of those charges were from out of state. so that's a red flag also when you check your bill, they are seeing north carolina and from the east coast. have you heard that? >> reporter: i have. you want to check for small charges, five cents, 20 cents, one dollar. they are going to charge $1 to 10,000 cards. >> all right. thank you. a new year means new laws. one of them is aimed at the youngest of california drivers. our own brian webb joins us live from emeryville with why the chp is cracking down on teens. >> reporter: they realized last year they created a loophole in the law so this year, they are closing it. >> reporter: teenagers as a group are some of the most troublesome drivers on the roads today. and teens texting behind the wheel is a big part of the
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problem. >> teenagers, whoo. >> that's a great idea to crackdown on it. >> reporter: california is cracking down on teens texting while driving outlawing it even with hands-free voice-activated technology that adult drivers are allowed to use. >> when you're under 18, you need to learn how to drive first before you can introduce any distractions into your sort of sphere. >> reporter: the new law closes a loophole under the old law. it allows for voice-activated texting for all california drivers until someone realized that's probably not best for young inexperienced drivers. and even young inexperienced drivers seem to agree. >> texting is a big thing. they like to text. i mean, i don't know. i like to text. >> the goal is to keep distractions out of the driver's seat and for teens that's doubly true. this is one of several new laws for california drivers coming up this year including making more room for bikes on the
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roads and emergency exits put in all limos. the teen texting law hits the books on january 1. live in emeryville, brian webb, kpix 5. >> there are a few other changes coming. amber alerts are being expanded to cover any child abduction. limousines as you heard brian talk about there, modified or extended must have removable rear emergency windows by january 2016. that's another year. and that law is in response to the deadly fire on the san mateo bridge, of course. and clean air vehicles can still use the carpool lane even if there is only one person aboard. we put the full list of new laws on our website, and you will find it on the front page in the bay area news section. san jose police are introducing a new device into their dui enforcement routine. they recently purchased 170 preliminary alcohol screening devices which replace about 60 older models they were using before. the department just finished
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training its 400 or so officers on how to use the device and will start incorporating it after the new year. >> the new features on this machine is that it records all of the samples. so as an officer, if you get a sample on it, once you do the processing of the driver, you go back to write your report, you have all the information recorded on your device. makes it much easier for keeping track of it. >> now, they say the new device can also detect whether cholesterol is present just by waving it over a bottle, cup or mouth before the driver even blows into it. a snowboarder from the bay area was killed in an avalanche in wyoming. sheriff's office confirming a wall of snow more than 50 yards wide swept 29-year-old michael down a steep slope yesterday. the uc-berkeley grad was buried under 6 feet of snow. officials believe that he triggered the avalanche himself. he ventured away from some designated slopes. and we are checking other bay area headlines now.
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police say the body that washed ashore near mccovey cove last night is the bodied of a missing 22-year-old brazilian man who went missing in october. before his disappearance he called his sister to tell her that someone had been following him. a medical examiner is trying to determine the cause of death. san francisco police identified the man officers chased down and caught right in front of our building yesterday. 39-year-old johnnie of san francisco. he is accused of robbing a bank on grant avenue yesterday afternoon. police say he had, quote, quite a bit of u.s. currency in his possession at the time of his arrest. critical contract vote for ac transit workers. why passengers are hoping the third time is the charge when it comes to a deal. >> we are heading into the home stretch of a great year for wall street. who is benefitting the most and how long this momentum can likely last. still ahead. >> and i'm meteorologist paul deanno live from at&t park
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where it's a great night weather-wise for -- football?! we'll talk about what's going on here, and why you might have seen a lot of purple around town. that and your seven-day forecast coming up next.
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ntract. unions membe thousands of ac transit riders are waiting to hear if drivers and mechanics will approve a new contract. union members are wrapping up an all-day vote on the latest offer. kpix 5's ryan takeo on the third proposal put before workers. >> it's time for drivers to get what we want and not necessarily always what they always want to give us. >> reporter: kelvin zachary has been a ac transit bus driver for 22 years and is voting no today. he and other drivers are bitter because of the last contract years ago when drivers didn't get a pay raise. during his route this morning, he suggested other veteran drivers will reject this contract like they have twice before. the newest agreement calls for a 9.5% raise spread over three years. but healthcare costs would
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increase from zero employee contribution to $120 a month. that's the biggest hurdle for zachary. the union president said she hopes the members approve the deal. >> there's always going to be some who, you know, are not happy for one reason or another and, you know, with respect to them, we still think this is a good agreement. >> reporter: it was almost a strike in october but the governor stepped in and ordered a cooling-off period. ac transit has 180,000 daily riders. most are in the east bay. many like kim thomas don't have another way to get around. >> if they strike, you know, what am i going to do? how am i going to get to work? i can't walk. >> reporter: and this delayed answer to this question probably won't settle their worries. what level would you say, hey, that's enough? [ pause ] >> reporter: you haven't got there yet? >> not yet. we'll stand and say no. >> reporter: we should have the results before midnight. in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> if you are one of those bart
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riders at your wit's end with the transit agency this year, starting january 1 bart fares are going up 5.2%. that amounts to an average fare increase of about 19 cents for riders. a bart spokesman says the extra revenue is needed for new railcars, new train control system, and improvements to a maintenance yard. it's been a great year for wall street. >> have you checked your 401k lately? what's contributed to the stock market surge? >> traveling during the holidays is stressful but here at sfo, they have a couple of furry tools that can help ease your way through the terminals. ,,,,,,,,
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vacation. early gains were gone by the afternoon... clg out the day with minimal lo, trading on wall street pretty quiet today with many investors on vacation. early gains were gone by the afternoon closing out the day with minimal losses ending a six-day streak of gains. well, despite today's flat market wall street has seen its best year in more than a decade. kpix 5's don knapp is here to tell us why this doesn't necessarily mean the economy is back to normal. don. >> you may wonder if the stock market is doing so well, why isn't everything else? everything else is still waiting for the trickle-down. >> reporter: the stock market is having a record year.
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is it a sign of an improving economy? this person thinks so. >> we own the subway across the street and clearly where we were a year ago and where we were a few years ago, we're better off than we were and you can see people are doing -- spending more, our numbers are up. >> reporter: but brian a senior vice president mechanics bank thinks the stock market is doing what the feds set out to do when they dropped interest rates to zero. >> bonds weren't working well. and as they dropped in yield, people had to go to other investments to get rate of return to get yield especially for folks who need income so they gravitated towards income- oriented equities in the stock market. >> reporter: the dow jones industrial average is up 26% for the year, standard & poor's nearing 30% and nasdaq nearly 40%. >> it's the top end of the economy. these are the wealth demographics that have benefited the most because they own the most stocks. >> reporter: average folks may still be waiting for the trickle down. >> i think that corporations are having a record year and putting all that profit right in their pocket.
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>> reporter: he says the 20% at the top drives 60% of the consumption. it may be that the fed thought if those at the top did well, the rest of us would too. >> that's why we see a lot of jobs in food and beverage and hospitality, et cetera, it's really that part of the economy that's doing great. what we're hoping is that it drags the rest of the economy along with it. >> reporter: or trickles down. >> exactly correct. that was the initial thought. but we're about five years into it and we haven't seen a lot of trickling. >> reporter: still, he says things are looking up. he says because the stock market always looks ahead and it has moved up, 2014 should be a good year. reporting live in walnut creek, don knapp, kpix 5. >> only a couple of things are doing well. brian says that these include the stock market and real estate. more than a million americans will lose their unemployment benefits tomorrow. and that's because the new budget congress just passed doesn't contain an extension. the senate is working on a bill to restore benefits for at
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least three months but it won't be up for a vote until lawmakers return after the new year. and the grace period ends today for people who were trying to enroll with "covered california" by monday's deadline. the website went down on monday and people who were in the process of signing up or given extra time to finish, the next step will be to get people to pay up. premiums are due on january 6. the latest numbers say 428,000 californians have enrolled. football games benefitting bay area organizations kicks off in an hour. paul deanno and the mobile weather lab join us from at&t park to tell us about the 2013 hunger bowl. paul. >> reporter: yes. it's the fight hunger bowl and football. usually at&t we are talking about the giants, kanye west proposing to kim kardashian. we are talking about football tonight, the university of washington, byu, a lot of people from seattle and salt
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lake city and people in the area. we have video from today where we had a lot of people out and about. you probably saw a lot of blue and a lot of purple and gold. all those fans in town for this big game tonight starts at 6:30. and the excitement around the stadium is building. we have the marching band for byu a couple of feet away from us getting everything ready to go for the fight hunger bowl tonight. maybe you caught the epic sunset 10 minutes ago of the partly cloudy skies for kickoff tonight. 52 degrees a beautiful evening but it was a cloudy day and that kept temperatures down. these are your highs from today. it's funny that down is the mid- 60s. that's where you were at half moon bay, 65. livermore 63. san francisco 61. san jose 60. napa your high today 66 degrees. tomorrow will be another "spare the air" day. that's six in a row. that's 21 so far for the winter season. the unhealthy air quality will be in the north bay but that's enough to limit wood-burning once again for your day tomorrow. i think the fireplace you're not going to be using it for a
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while. overnight lows tonight will not be as chilly as the past couple nights because of cloud cover. san francisco down to 46. san jose waking up to 42 degrees. fremont 40. santa rosa 36. there is a weak weather system to the north drawing up cloud cover from the south. that's why we were cloudy today. that's why we were not as warm but it's not wet. this is another frontal system moving through that's not giving us any rainfall. the high pressure ridge that we have been talking about for a while that builds back in for the weekend. so expect tonight a cool-to- chilly night. expect a sunny mild weekend again. and expect no rainfall until 2014 at the earliest. the final few days of this year will be once again very dry. high temperatures today topping out in the 60s for tomorrow and sunday. look at sunday's highs close to 70 away from the water. monday and tuesday, the final couple of days of 2013, we are still sunny and dry, cloudier on tuesday. and we say hello to 2014 on wednesday with more dry weather. back out here live outside of at&t park, right next to mccovey cove, it is a brisk night but nice night for
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football. we are playing football tonight at at&t park and the weather will cooperate. paul deanno, back to you. >> no rain until 2014 at the earliest possibly 2015. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it might be a few years, yeah. [ laughter ] >> all right, buddy. thanks. well, some east bay high school students are on their way to take part in london's new year's day parade. pittsburg high school marching band raised $80,000 to pay for their eight-day trip and we caught:with some students before their 11-hour flight -- we caught up with some students before their 11-hour flight. >> we're making history. we'll have lots of fun, meet new people and there are experiences that will last a lifetime. >> and to cover the cost, the band held benefit concerts an dinners, partnered with local businesses and even launched an online fundraising campaign. well, bay area airports are bracing for the return rush of passengers heading home after the christmas holiday. it's going to be crowded at
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times chaotic. but our cate caugiran has some details on a new program aimed at making travel just a bit more enjoyable. >> part of the wag brigade, animal therapy dog. >> go find some people. >> reporter: holiday traveling is coming to a close and the task of getting home can be stressful. to help, sfo's let the dogs out. >> mwa! thank you. >> stressful times a lot of traffic, so having the dogs walk around the airport and interact with the kids in particular has been really special just relieves a little bit of stress and makes i think the whole process a little more enjoyable. >> reporter: meet kona and donner, no, not the reindeer. they certainly do bring holiday cheer. >> the dogs and the teams are generally mobbed by passengers. >> it's interacting with travelers, great, seeing the smiles on their faces is so heartwarming. >> reporter: these dogs are part of the unique program introduced by the spca that's been in place over the past few weeks to keep spirits high. these dogs trot around the airport with a sign that says,
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pet me. >> she is so cute! oh, i love dogs! hi, sweetheart! >> we miss our dog so much. >> reporter: sfo has more than 2 million people travel through these terminals during the holiday season. no matter where you're from, puppy love is a universal language among flyers. >> that's why i see, a big smile. the kids especially, really appreciate having the dogs around and the parents and people who are stressed, they generally just have a big smile on their face. so it's been a good response. >> reporter: right now kona and donner are only two of six teams of dogs here at sfo. airport officials plan to expand to 20 teams and good news, they are going to be here for good. at sfo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> sfo isn't the only airport with those therapy dogs. san jose has jumped on board, as well. you think the dogs were cute. wait until you see this next story. >> what some california researchers spotted that reminded them of seaworld without the tanks. next.
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an amazing performance out santa monica bay. they said "it was like sea d without the tanks" reporter greg mills has a look at their s. four killer whales dazzled researchers in the bay. it was like seaworld without the tanks. greg mills has the story. >> reporter: this is something to see. even for a marine biologist. she has been studying killer whales off the coast of california for more than 30 years. she took this video last monday. eight or nine miles off redondo beach, there are only about 150orcas who live of the coast so it's easy for them to division the family of four she followed about a decade. >> it's a mom with four kids. >> reporter: she said the family came to the palos verdes area every year since 2008. watch this video shot below the surface of the ocean by
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researcher eric martin. >> one popped up within three feet of his hand with his camera in the water. we are very surprised. he was shocked. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what she loves about them is their intelligence and personality. >> the comet, the little 3-year- old daughter she is right in the bubbles like a jacuzzi. >> reporter: this was the trip of a lifetime. >> it was absolutely amazing. it was probably 30 on a scale of one to 10. it was incredible! >> reporter: she studies the common gray whale, too. she said there are more than 21,000 and they are fairly easy to spot. >> yeah. i have seen a couple. i think maybe five? >> reporter: 12-year-old david gibson lined up along the fence with others who brought binoculars and expensive cameras to the point vicente interpreter center on the palos verdes coast. they got a show a few feet away. >> that was greg mills reporting and scientists say you can see them right here because the whales' home turf is monterey bay. >> it's incredible we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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laws to california.. why t's causing a last- minute surg sale now at 6:00 tonight the new year brings in new gun laws to california. why that's causing a last- minute surge in gun sales right now. >> and the $13 million makeover at a bay area beach. what you'll see along the shoreline that disappeared for several decades. >> those stories and more at 6:00. thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> glor: round two goes to the >> glor: round two goes to the government. a federal judge says the n.s.a.'s phone surveillance program is legal. chip reid on a fight that seems destined for the supreme court. more than a million americans are losing long-term unemployment benefits tonight. major garrett is at the white house. a setback at the bottom of the earth. the first ice breaker can't reach a stranded ship. bill whitaker has more. and steve hartman "on the road." no adoptive family was willing to take him, until a social worker found the perfect place. >> she knows my worst side. and she still cares about me and still loves me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, everyone. everyone, scott's off tonight. i'm jeff glor and this is our


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