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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> glor: round two goes to the >> glor: round two goes to the government. a federal judge says the n.s.a.'s phone surveillance program is legal. chip reid on a fight that seems destined for the supreme court. more than a million americans are losing long-term unemployment benefits tonight. major garrett is at the white house. a setback at the bottom of the earth. the first ice breaker can't reach a stranded ship. bill whitaker has more. and steve hartman "on the road." no adoptive family was willing to take him, until a social worker found the perfect place. >> she knows my worst side. and she still cares about me and still loves me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, everyone. everyone, scott's off tonight. i'm jeff glor and this is our
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western edition. two rulings, two dramatically different opinions. a federal judge in new york today said the n.s.a.'s bulk collection of phone records is legal. writing: he dismissed a challenge brought by the a.c.l.u. this comes 11 days after another federal judge in washington said the program is almost certainly unconstitutional. we begin with chip reid. chip? >> reporter: well, good evening, jeff. today's decision is a powerful defense of the n.s.a. program and it increases the likelihood that this issue will eventually wind up before the u.s. supreme court. in a 54-page ruling, new york federal judge william paule said the n.s.a.'s phone collection program does not violate the constitution's ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. he cited specific examples of
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he cited specific examples of terrorist plots that were foiled by the n.s.a.'s collection of every thread of telephone call information and added: referring to data from hundreds of millions of calls, including phone numbers and duration but not the actual content. less than two weeks ago, federal judge richard leon in washington, d.c. reached the opposite conclusion finding that the n.s.a. program is "likely unconstitutional" and calling it "almost orwellian." the lawsuit that led to today's decision was filed by the a.c.l.u. in june, soon after the program was revealed by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. the a.c.l.u. said today it will appeal, a process that's expected to take many months. earlier this month, a presidential panel recommended major changes in the n.s.a. program and, jeff, today a senior white house official here
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in hawaii told me that when the president returns to washington in january he will propose a specific set of n.s.a. reforms. >> glor: chip reid traveling with the president in hawaii tonight. chip, thank you. at midnight tonight life will change for more than 1.3 million americans. all have been without a job for 27 weeks or more. until today, they have had long- term unemployment benefits. those end as the new federal budget kicks in. major garrett is at the white house tonight. major? >> reporter: jeff, the nation has never cut off extended unemployment benefits with a national jobless rate of 7%. we found two americans in states with even higher jobless rates. they are about to lose their benefits and the ability to make ends meet. 30-year-old lynn richards lives in elgin, illinois. a mother of a 14-year-old son with another child due in a month, she's been out of work since april. $500 a week in extended jobless benefits disappear saturday. >> it's definitely a fear of the
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unknown not having a major chcome in our household when we live pretty much paycheck to paycheck, it's going to affect mortgage, bill pays, anything that we do as a family, car payments, that kind of thing. so it's scary. >> reporter: the unemployment rate in illinois is 8.7%. to richards-- a former purchasing agent-- the economic recovery is just a rumor. >> it's hard on your self- esteem. you don't feel like you're contributing to society. it's very -- it's very frustrating, feeling essentially useless. >> reporter: paul hallsey lives in new york city. he lost his job in educational publishing in june. the state's jobless rate is 7.4%. his jobless benefits of $375 a week will expire in a matter of days. >> i've had seven interviews. i've answered over 500 ads, but i haven't had any job offers and
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my unemployment is going to run out next week and i'm going to have no income whatsoever. >> reporter: it costs $25 billion to extend jobless benefits for one year. president obama is asking republicans to extend them for three months and worry about the cost later. but that's a nonstarter and no help to richards, hallsey or thousands of other jobless americans just like them. >> glor: major, as you mentioned, the president is making it clear he wants an extension here. what is he doing about that? >> reporter: he's calling sympathetic senators, republicans and democrats, and the senate is poised to act jeff, right after the beginning of the new year. but house republicans said if the president wanted to extend the benefits he would have provided by offsetting cuts in the budget deal he just signed. when the president didn't do that, house republicans interpreted that as a sign he wasn't all together that serious and the pressure for a while was off them. >> glor: major garrett at the white house, thank you. major will be filling in for bob schieffer on "face the nation" this sunday. among his guests, michael hayden, the former head of the
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n.s.a. and c.i.a. u.p.s. said today they will issue refunds to some customers who paid for delivery by christmas but didn't get their packages on time. the delays also affected fedex and led to anger from shoppers. manuel bojorquez found some people in texas still waiting. >> reporter: u.p.s. said it was making deliveries in every zip code in the u.s. today but still experiencing heavy volume. stephen cullen is waiting for four packages in keller, texas. he said he paid extra for u.p.s. to deliver them by christmas eve. >> and they did not keep their promise. they still have not told us when they will deliver our products. >> reporter: you're frustrated. >> of course i am. i'm angry! >> reporter: icy weather and a shorter holiday shopping season were already pushing u.p.s. and fedex to the limits. but it was a record rush of online orders last weekend that made the difficult impossible. >> it will be months before it's picked up.
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>> reporter: bernard weinstein teaches business economics at southern methodist university. >> it's really the retailers who are at least partly to blame because they did overpromise. too many retailers were promising overnight delivery, two-day delivery when the capacity to deliver just wasn't there. >> reporter: those guarantees, along with offers of free shipping, helped push online sales in the final days before christmas nearly 40% higher than a year ago. one retail tracking firm found u.s. store visits in the week ending december 22 dropped 21% from last year as procrastinators overwhelmingly chose to go online than to the mall. neither u.p.s. nor fedex would reveal exactly how many packages were delayed, saying the majority were delivered on time. while they try to catch up, they are dealing with a wave of returns and exchanges. jeff, they tell us that peaks on january 2. >> glor: manuel, thank you. help is within sight for a russian vessel trapped in ice near antarctica tonight but that
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is not enough. the russian ship got stuck on tuesday about 1,700 miles south of new zealand. as bill whitaker reports, changing weather conditions are keeping rescuers away. >> reporter: the stranded researchers aboard the ice-bound ship were happy to point to some good news. some were in such good spirits they could joke about their situation. >> what's that on the horizon, chris? >> that's the ice breaker coming to rescue us! >> brilliant! >> reporter: that speck on the horizon, a chinese vessel coming to free their research ship the "akademik shokalskiy," locked in ice since christmas eve. >> i'm not sure if you can see but just over my right shoulder is the chinese ice breaker "snow dragon." it turned up about an hour ago and it's making steady progress at around two knots. >> reporter: lead researcher chris turney has been filing video updates throughout the ordeal. >> there's a lot of relief amongst the team and a lot of happy faces. >> reporter: but shortly after that transmission, the weather
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worsened. the "snow dragon" found the ice too thick to cut through and turn back to wait for better weather leaving the researchers stuck at the bottom of the earth. two more ice breakers are racing to their aid-- one from australia, another from france. when we spoke to professor turney by skype a short while ago he said there's more than 13 miles of ice seven feet thick blocking them from open waters. and that's too thick for the ice breakers to get through? >> individually, yes, that's right. but working together they can actually break apart, clear it away, break apart, clear it away. >> reporter: so in the best-case scenario, when do you see yourself breaking out of this ice? >> if we're fortunate, the next three to four days would be absolutely fantastic. but that's an optimistic view. the weather at the moment is pretty stable, which is good. who knows after that. it's so changeable. >> reporter: jeff, professor turney said when the french ship arrived it had engine problems
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but they have since been repaired. as for that australian ice breaker? well, it's been stuck in the ice before. professor turney, though, says morale on the ship remains high. >> glor: bill, do they have enough food right now? >> reporter: well, jeff, they say they have two weeks of fresh food and another two weeks of dehydrated food so they're okay for now. >> glor: bill whitaker in los angeles, thank you. in japan, the governor of okinawa signed off on a controversial plan to relocate a major u.s. military base. the base would be moved out of a congested urban area and rebuilt on a former landfill. about 5,000 u.s. marines would be relocated to guam. opponents want the base moved off okinawa completely. lebanon has been dragged further into syria's civil war. today in beirut, a powerful car bomb killed a former government minister and five others. more than 70 were hurt. elizabeth palmer tells us about the man who was assassinated and why.
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>> reporter: the blast shattered beirut's downtown, an area known for its five-star hotels and expensive shops just as the working day was getting under way. the target of the bomb was mohammed chatah, a former finance minister and one-time lebanese ambassador to the united states. chatah was a sunni muslim who often spoke out publicly for moderation and tolerance, as in this 2011 interview. >> lebanon has an interest in peace. has an interest in maintaining a liberal democracy where individuals can live freely. >> reporter: clearly, not everyone in lebanon shared his vision. already, senior politicians are blaming hezbollah for the bombing. chatah had been an outspoken critic of hezbollah, the iranian-backed militia which uses lebanon as its base. and also its ally, president bashar al-assad in neighboring war-torn syria. hours after the bombing,
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hezbollah denied it had anything to do with it. >> glor: elizabeth palmer is in our london bureau tonight. liz, what's the potential fallout from this attack? >> reporter: well, lebanon is a very fragile society. it's come through its own civil war not so very long ago and it's still very vulnerable to the kind of sectarian tensions that have been laid bare in the conflict in syria. today's bombing is the sixth since july in lebanon and many people think this is just the beginning of what's going to be an escalating spiral of tit for tat violence. >> glor: liz palmer, thank you. police in connecticut released crime scene photos and video from last year's shootings in newtown. much of this was heavily redacted. the new documents provide little insight into why adam lanza shot and killed 20 first graders and six adults at sandy hook, elementary school. we learned a january on the confronted lanza telling him to drop his gun. lanza also killed his mother.
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one of her friends told investigators nancy lanza had been planning to sell the family home. new trouble for americans signing up for health insurance. this time with state-run web sites. rescuers battle waves to free a man who drove off a cliff. and an honest cabbie strikes it rich in vegas when the "cbs evening news" continues. ♪
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>> glor: target said today it's confident customers' pin numbers were not compromised in that massive data theft. hackers stole data from as many as 40 million credit and debit cards, including pin numbers. but the retailer says that information is encrypted and should be safe. this week, traffic picked up on as millions rushed to sign up for health insurance that begins january 1. but wyatt andrews has learned thousands may miss out because of problems-- not on the federal site but on sites run by states. >> oh, for heaven's sakes. >> reporter: when hillary and charlie o'brien tried to enroll in obamacare, they were blocked by the web site used by residents of massachusetts. when they asked health care navigator ken moore for help the site failed again. >> so we're going to convert to paper. >> reporter: the o'briens applied in long hand and were able to enroll. >> it's tough and you're never sure what you're going to end up filling out the right way.
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>> reporter: out of the 14 states and district of columbia that built their own obamacare web sites, massachusetts is one of three states unable to do reliable online enrollment. on the oregon web site, you can shop but not sign up. in maryland, the web site works but only part time. the troubled web site in massachusetts led the state to stop paying the main contractor, c.g.i., which was also the largest contractor for the failed original version of the federal web site jean yang is the executive director of the massachusetts health exchange. >> the system that is in place right now is not performing very well. that has translated to many frustrating experiences. >> reporter: in response, massachusetts officials say they will guarantee enrollment or give one month of temporary coverage to the tens of thousands of residents who applied on paper. in a statement, c.g.i. says it's still working with state officials and:
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next wednesday, new year's day, obamacare coverage will begin, but with the federal web site now mostly repaired, jeff, some of the biggest gaps in coverage could come from state web sites that have not been repaired. >> glor: wyatt andrews, thank you very much. for two russian cosmonauts and all day space walk ended with a glitch. that story is just ahead. ctile - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis.
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the most famous rifle in the world was hailed as a symbol of russia. at his state funeral today, mikhail kalashnikov was buried in a cemetery for national heroes near moscow. he developed the a.k.-47 which for six decades has been a favorite for guerrillas and more governments around the globe. president vladimir putin was among those who paid his respects. kalashnikov died on monday, he was 94 years old. today two russian cosmonauts completed a marathon eight-hour space walk. it ended in failure. the two installed a pair of high-resolution cameras outside the international space station. it's part of a commercial venture to beam images of to internet subscribers. the electrical connections failed, so the cosmonauts had to haul the cameras back in for repairs. there was a remarkable rescue outside los angeles early this morning after a man drove his car off a 300 foot cliff into the surf below apparently on purpose. take a look at this.
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he was seriously hurt but rescue crews struggled for 90 minutes to free the man as they were slammed by waves. he was flown to a hospital for treatment. there's an update on that honest cabbie in las vegas. gerardo gamboa found $300,000 in cash in his cab and turned it in. his company gave him a thousand dollar reward. the money was left behind by a poker player. he promised to give his own reward to gamboa and today he made good on that, a $10,000 tip. no one seemed to want him until he found an unexpected home in an unexpected place. "on the road" with steve hartman is next. hartman is next. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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sales. next at six. weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special sponsored 7-day gra then we wipe to end tag >> glor: finally tonight, there's something very special about being home for the holidays. one woman has dedicated her life to making sure every child has a home of his or her own. steve hartman met her "on the road" in st. petersburg, florida. >> reporter: from all four walls, success smiles down on 50-year-old social worker connie going. these are just some of the more than 1,000 tampa bay area foster kids she has helped match with adoptive parents. >> every child is adoptable. there's a family for every child. >> reporter: it's your job to find out who that family is? >> yes. >> reporter: but when you get a kid like taylor -- that heavy
5:56 pm
sigh punctuates a ten-year struggle over this kid. for ten years connie tried to help taylor get adopted-- to no avail. >> it was always somewhat my fault. but i didn't realize that, you know, when i was growing up. >> reporter: neglected by drug- addicted parents, taylor and his two sisters entered the foster system in 2003. this footage is from a local news segment aimed at trying to find the siblings an adoptive family and eventually they were adopted. someone took all three. but then gave taylor back. said he had anger issues. connie eventually found him another family but they returned him, too. same reason. >> i was just so mad because i thought that they weren't going to keep me. i was just trying to test them. >> reporter: but they were going to keep you. >> yeah, i know. >> reporter: when you feel you're not lovable and you're up against someone's loving you, that's a pretty scary thing.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: throughout the whole process, connie never gave up believing there was someone out there for taylor, someone who could see his potential and help him realize it. but after that second family returned him she stopped looking. >> all i could think about was how he was feeling and how he was blaming himself. again. >> reporter: connie says she felt so bad for taylor she got this physical ache in her stomach. but it was a pain that came with an epiphany. she says she realized right then and there she couldn't be his caseworker anymore. the next day, she made arrangements to drop him as a client and take him on as a son. you'd looked all over for somebody to parent him. >> and it was me. >> reporter: their adoption was finalized last summer. connie-- who's divorced with two biological children-- welcomed her first boy with open arms. of course, taylor still had his anger issues. that mirror in the bedroom didn't break itself. but most of the madness stopped a few months ago after taylor
5:58 pm
told connie he was running away from home. and he'd go "i'm leaving, i hate this." and i'd say "i'm not sending you away, taylor." he'd look at me, take his backpack off and go back in. (laughter) >> i'm like, yeah, this is where i belong. she knows my worst side and she still cares about me and still loves me. >> i put "mom" because i couldn't fit connie. >> reporter: sounds like someone's adopted a new attitude. steve hartman "on the road" in st. petersburg, florida. >> glor: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for scott pelley i'm j
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald now at 6:00, rifles, shotguns, flying off store shelves! good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. a new gun law set to take effect in just a few days is behind the rush on long gun sales. new at 6:00, our linda yee with the new requirements and why some people say they are an invasion of privacy. linda. >> reporter: well, juliette, bay area gun stores like this big five in daly city all reporting a slight uptick in gun sales, long gun sales, but nothing they say like last year at this same time after the newtown, connecticut school shootings. back then there were people who were afraid that long guns would be outlawed. this new law is designed to help cops identify the owner of a rifle or shotgun in case
6:00 pm
those guns were used in a crime. just like handguns, all rifles and shotguns sold will be tracked. the make, the model, serial number and owner will be registered with the department of justice. this gun store owner says his sales have gone up by 50% because many customers want to buy long guns before the registry requirement on january 1. >> these are law-abiding citizens. these aren't people trying to beat the system or anything li they are just people who don't want to be tracked. >> reporter: big five sporting goods stores have noticed sales going up. customers here did not want to go on camera but some said the new law is just another step that chisels away at our second amendment rights. this hunter was buying a shotgun, but it's a gift for his son. >> teach my son hunter safety. we do


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