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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 28, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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a gang of grinches thought could steal christmas from several bay area families. i didn't see anything under the christmas tree. >> always presents were gone. >> a gang of grinches thought they could steal christmas from
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several bay area families. they thought wrong. kpix 5's brian webb reports from newark, where police just busted half a dozen suspected burglars. brian. >> reporter: brian, it started out as a heartbreaking story. the gifts stolen before christmas. then a heartwarming story with police paying for new presents. and they made several arrests and found a lot of the stolen items. >> reporter: it wasburglars stole a little boy's bike the night before christmas. >> i started crying a little bit because i wanted my bike. >> reporter: a few days later a break in the case. a tip from a jewelry store. someone was selling an engraved bracelet that seemed like it might be stolen. so newark police went to work. >> they didn't sell it. she declined to buy it but she took a photo of it using her phone and the men left with the
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jewelry. >> reporter: this is what they found. a few thousand dollars worth of electronics, jewelry and a couple of the bad guys' guns. >> we felt the best gift for the community was to arrest these people. >> reporter: so far these stolen items only trace back to one of the three homes but police called the alleged criminals and they are still working on finding that bike. so police are still investigating. they still think those suspects are behind all three burglaries. they also say they were able to match the stolen items to serial numbers kept by the family. they suggest all families keep those records. brian webb, kpix 5. >> thank you. a tip about a suspicious person digging through garbage cans led police to a suspected car burglar. they say 27-year-old clinton skelly broke into a dozen cars near san mateo county medical center yesterday morning. they said he had several items
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from the cars in his possession at the time. an oakland man was shot and killed while hosting a friend's birthday party. it happened last night outside an apartment complex on 9 sixth avenue. the man died this morning. the killing was the 88th homicide in oakland the year, down significantly from this time last year when there were 130 murders. how dry we are. 2013 will go down in history as the bay area's driest year ever. kpix 5's don knapp tells us in some spots the shortfall of rain being measured is not in inches but in feet. reporter: skiers and borders are lamenting the rack of snow in the sierra but no snow is more worrisome for the state's water supply. snow melt feeds a river the main source of water for east bay m.u.d. snow melts also the source of water for hetch hetchy, san francisco's sierra reservoir. it may be too soon to be worried but water managers are concerned. marin county depends primarily on rain collected in lakes
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around mount tam about 52" a year. this year there is just 10.5" of rain a record low. the reservoir is normally 68% full at this time are down to 58%. the marin water district board already called for a voluntary cutback on water use and may consider rationing at its april meeting. the santa clara california water district's the lexington reservoir is low. but that's deliberate. the district put the water in storage. the santa clara district has learned to save water often and early and that seems to be paying off. >> the water that the fills our reservoirs we release all summer and make sure it goes into the ground water basin so it's there in the winter and spring and makes room for winter rains in the reservoirs. >> reporter: so while south bay folks enjoy a warm dry day in in the park celebration, there's no need to worry about water for next summer at least not yet. >> in february if it looks like weather conditions haven't changed, then we'll really start to talk about changes in water use
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efficiencies in the community. >> reporter: even in los angeles, the driest rainy season in memory isn't yet a concern. there's because l.a. gets water from northern california and the colorado river. and water managers say they have been socking it away saying they have record amounts of water stored throughout the system. still, they are hoping for rain. >> you know, we're all mindful of the fact that it's gorgeous out here. we appreciate it, at the same time we are concerned because it will have been the driest calendar year on record. >> reporter: in san jose, don knapp, kpix 5. >> as for why it's the driest calendar year on record, it's all because of a pacific high because of a high pressure that's parked abeam the bay area. it has not moved and it's not going to. so we get another week of sunny weather and as far as the eye can see, there's no rain heading toward the bay area. there's also red flag warnings posted as a consequence with building winds out of the northeast. air quality "spare the air" alerts are posted for today and tomorrow. they will get gusty tonight so with those dry northeast winds and low humidity in the east
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and north bay hills, with those gusts up to 30 miles per hour, red flag warning in december. we'll have the complete weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. samtrans is looking into installing a rapid transit system along el camino real. it will go from daly city to palo alto for shorter travel time, fewer stops and amenities at the stations. the study is still in the preliminary stages. >> you want to go out into the community, we want to talk to all the communities that will be impacted. we want to talk to our riders. we want to get their input on it. so it's something that's sort of the purpose of this study is to get community feedback. >> the plan is part of a regional strategy to reduce congestion and ensure people can travel efficiently throughout the region. three more east bay cities will ban plastic bags starting on new year's day. stores and restaurants in el cerrito, richmond and san pablo will no longer provide free plastic bags for purchases. many will have paper bags though available for a small fee. but customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags. several new state laws are taking effect in the new year. teenaged drivers will be banned
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from texting while driving even with hands-free devices. students could be suspended or expelled for cyber bullying and the state minimum wage jumps to $9 in july. there's a spate of new gun control laws set to take effect. there is a ban on high capacity conversion kits for ammunition magazines. safe storage requirements for handguns, and new firearms possessions restrictions for people who are mentally ill. still ahead, he knows his name. but not much more. >> i have been struggling with this and i just been so frustrated. >> a bay area man's quest to find himself and his forgotten past. >> plus, it's about time. after nearly 70 years a beautiful bay area timepiece will finally be running like clockwork. ,, sofa... desk...
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. and no memory of who he is. no idea.... of who he is. he spoke with nick janes about mission to unlock a vallejo man says he woke up one morning with no identification and no idea of who he is. he spoke with nick janes about his painstaking mission to unlock the secrets of his past. >> so what's your name?
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>> reporter: this vallejo man isn't sure exactly who he is or the city where he was born. with no driver's license or social security card -- >> this is only id i have. >> reporter: he can't even prove vincent bordeaux is his real name. vincent lives and works at a vallejo homeless shelter. >> this is where i stay. >> reporter: he believes he came here from the east coast in 2011 on the promise of a job. he even remembers having a cup of coffee at a man's apartment. >> it was from 1936 sutter street and i never should have gone into the guy's apartment. >> reporter: he says the coffee was spiked. the next thing he remembers is waking up days later dazed under a freeway overpass and suddenly his past was fuzzy too. >> i have been struggling with this and i just been so frustrate. >> reporter: his attempts to find his family have hit dead ends. he thinks he may have grown up in north carolina. staffers at the shelter like
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don see all walks of life. do you believe him? i do not does believe him. >> reporter: the mystery of a man and missing memory. he will stay here until he answers the question, who is he? is his name even vincent? where is he from? so far it's a mystery he hasn't been able to solve. >> by the way, vincent says he wants to at least get a social security card so he can get a job. eventually he hopes to go back to the east coast where he thinks he is from. anybody going to mill valley on miller avenue would see a clock atop a high school and said, i hope that's not the right time. it has not been for a long time. that clock tower installed more than 60 years ago has had some trouble doing the one thing it's supposed to do, keep time. the clocks on the tower have been out of sync for a long time so the alumni association raise the money to fix them.
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an expert says the overhaul could not have come at a better "time" > the outside numbers were falling off the wall. and so it needs a total restoration replacement of numbers, movement and the central control system. >> it will be controlled by a gps system relying on satellites to now keep perfect time. coming up, how your old christmas tree may power your house antipopular bay area beach open after a lengthy closure that and the forecast in a minute. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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christmas trees into much me than just mulch. garbage collectors will be picking trees curbside between januy santa cruz county is the latest in the bay area to recycle christmas trees into more than just mulch. garbage collectors will pick up the trees curbside between the 6th and 10th of january. some will end up as mulch but others will be used for electricity generating biofuel. people can drop off trees in special recycling bins at fire stations in the county. visitors were welcomed back to muir beach today after a six- month renovation. access had been blocked since july while construction workers built a parking lot, a bridge, and new restrooms. path to the beach is moved out of the dunes to protect the habitat of several species. work was also done to restore a more natural flow of water to the area from the wetlands. >> it's very lovely. and it's a beautiful day today.
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so it's a good day to open it again. >> the $4 million restoration was largely funded by settlement money from the 2007 cosco busan oil spill in san francisco bay. let's begin where we left off which is the note there are red flag warnings in the bay area. it started this afternoon through tomorrow morning. it's because we are getting offshore winds, northeasterly winds that are very dry and they are going to be gusty tonight and tomorrow especially in the ridgetops. and so we are going to be looking at those things to be posted the red flag warnings posted through tomorrow morning, wind gusts to 30 miles an hour in the east and north bay hills mostly so at the high country. surface winds will not be bad but ridgetops will be. toward milpitas, concord 50 degrees. oakland 53. livermore 56 and san francisco at 56 degrees. and if you were heading out tonight, it's good mid-50s tonight under clear skies and for tomorrow, once again clear skies. and the numbers top out in the mid-60s a little cooler at the
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coast with temperatures only in the low 60s. but still plenty of sunshine and no rain in sight. a good football day as kim coyle point out a few minutes ago. kickoff at 1:25 tomorrow in a game broadcast on kpix 5. sunny and mild at the coliseum a temperature of 65. fireworks looking ahead to new year's eve looks clear if chilly in the bay area. 9:00 temperature 53. it will cool to 49 at midnight but looks like a great night for fireworks with no threat of fog and low clouds or for that matter rain. satellite and radar showing that that high pressure is keeping everything up to the northwest, finally seattle will get a little bit of rain this week but we won't. it will just be sunny and warm all the way through the week with high pressure simply persisting offshore so in the headlines, those read flag warnings are posted. the winds could gust to 30 miles per hour tonight only up in the east bay hills and in the hills at the north bay and it will be sunny and mild all week. the extended forecasts go for a couple of weeks out into the future. they are not showing anything. they are showing winds picking up a little bit, the hot red colors are mostly lining the
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spines of the bay area hills and that's where the stronger winds are expected. again, down on the surface not much. overnight lows tonight 35 in santa rosa, 45 pacifica, tomorrow 10 degrees above average in some spots. livermore tomorrow 64. average 55 degrees. in san jose about 4 degrees above average for this time of the year. mid-60s in the south bay tomorrow, santa clara has 65 degrees. and 66 for milpitas, 61 degrees at union city. the same for hayward. out in the east bay tomorrow mid 60s will do it. concord 67 tomorrow, travis air force base 64 degrees. and 65 out at brentwood, 68 in dublin and pleasanton. 61 stinson beach. 67 at rohnert park. farther up 101, santa rosa looks good, 68 for cloverdale. nothing but sunshine for the most part this week, clouds on tuesday and then by the latter half of the week look at the
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numbers by the end of the week. we'll be near 70 degrees inland with readings around the bay area in the mid-60s and high and dry right through next saturday. bad news in weather, what about sports? >> got some good news in sports. >> tell me all. >> we are going to take a little trip down memory lanele i know this is one of your favorite things, one of these coaches as we show the best sound bites in 2013. and what's inside the box? a christmas surprise for one bear fan. coming up in sports. ♪
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arizona teams, with the wars beating the suns and the sh winning against the coyotes. last night the bay area teams got off to a good start. afterwards the warriors and sharks took to twitter congratulating each other on the wins. a little later the 49ers chimed in applauding the wins over the arizona teams. the 49ers will complete the desert sweep against the cardinals tomorrow. so how did the 49ers o line prepare? eating prime rib, of course. >> who can pound the most meat? > mike u upati. >> he and the rest of the o line eating 42 pounds of beef. but the real winner was rookie center carter by could you ski who had the 32-ounce double king henry. the house of prime rib has been hosting the annual dinner for over two decades. hopefully they won't have a meat hang go over. they will be playing a desperate cardinal team that needs the win and new orleans loss to get in the play-offs. carson palmer off a big win last week in seattle but as raider fans know, palmer is
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known for throwing just as many picks as touchdowns. >> i'm excited to see him pick. definitely does it. >> 21 this year. >> hope he throws 25 tomorrow. >> we know they are going into the play-offs so we have a chance to send them into the play-offs with a loss. and that's really the only focus that we can have. we can't worry about scores or injuries in new orleans. you can't be trying to find out what the score is. we just need to focus on the 49ers. >> the bears dominated furman from start to finish. tyrone wallace with the feed. then he does it himself from behind the arc. three bears had 18 points including wallace. cal undefeated at home with a 90-60 win over furman. >> yankee stadium hosting what else? the pinstripe bowl. rutgers and notre dame. irish quarterback tommy rees threw for over 300 yards. 2nd quarter hands off to it.
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-- 2nd quarter hand it off to tj jones who runs it in for the 8-yard score. notre dame wins 29-13 in a game that featured eight field goals. last week you remember team usa and canada exchanged blows on the ice. today was a friendlier game. they went to a shootout. hilly knight scores the lone goal on the u.s. beats canada 3-2. it's the americans' third straight win over the rivals. as we wrap up 2013, we take a look back at the best of they they said it. >> foyle's war. is that coming back? does anybody know anything about that? i just love that show. >> how do you get your guys into game 7? >> get them on a bus and it arrives at the ramp over here. we get off the bus, we go on the court and we play. >> one night i had five phone calls from five different schools. kind of like when i was in high school. i never had five girls call me. so i wasn't used to it. >> i can say anything i want.
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that's the beauty of this country. i can answer it -- here, i'll stand backwards and answer the question. i'm going sideways. at the appropriate time, we'll make that --the announcement. >> and we are going to beat up that woman beater, the one that beat up his wife, man! his wife in front of his kids! you guys like that [ censored ] this woman beater? he must have learned that in -- he must have learned that from his dad. woman beater, baby. we're going to beat that woman beater. >> every canadian kid grows up dreaming about winning the stanley cup. not many little boys grow up dreaming about their wedding day. >> don't put words in my mouth. kiss my [ censored ] if you want to write something different. >> the franchise hasn't played in a game 7 since 2002. >> who cares? >> i'd say that's the stupidest thing i have ever freaking heard. no coach in their right mind -- this isn't "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> he will never emotionally fulfill you ever. know that. >> know that. >> let's talk about our big guy. two for eleven. how can you go two for eleven? my wife --my wife!!
6:56 pm
can score more than two buckets on eleven shots. know that! the bears and packers have one of the oldsest rivalry in the nfl. the winner of tomorrow's game goes to the play-offs. the loser goes home. so you can imagine why one bears fan was slightly disappointed with the christmas present. >> it's something you're supposed to like. hopefully they got it right. [ laughter ] >> they screwed it up. this is supposed to hester. [ laughter ] california: >> hell hath no fury like a girl who didn't get her bears jersey. >> i want to watch the game with her tomorrow. >> her dad thought it was a
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joke. >> not fund funny. >> serious fan. >> thanks, kim. a scary situation for horse trainers and riders in southern california. >> all of a sudden i turned and there was a stampede of horses running towards us. >> tonight at 11 what led more than a dozen horses running out of control and tossing their riders some of them children. >> all at 11:00 tonight. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, have a great evening and believe me when i say, i hope ann notarangelo is feeling better. [ laughter ] >> good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald one of the greatest plays i have ever seen. i don't think i have ever been involved with a football game or something that good happened in a game.
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>> it's in the hands of bowman who has found green grass! navorro bowman! going to take the 9ers to the play-offs! [ applause and cheers ] >> going to have to redo the top ten plays. somebody upstairs really loves us. >> really loves us. >> craziest game i have ever been part of. we thought the defense couldn't get any worse. after the on sides kick he makes a huge play. >> i was and still am happier and a pig in slop. >> you can see why the 49ers are still riding high after monday night's win. it kept alive their chances of winning the nfc west and earning a first round bye and if both seattle and carolina lose, san francisco would be the


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