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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  December 29, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PST

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29th, 2013 good morning, i'm mark kelly. i'm michelle griego, in tod for anne mak . >> it's 7:30 a.m. on sunday december 292013. good morning i'm mark sayre. >> i'm michelle griego in for anne makovec. no rain expected for the rest of the year so 2013p, driest calendar year on record. a few days after burglars swiped christmas gifts from bay area homes. >> new laws about to kick in for the start of the new year. we'll let, you know, what to expect. first a quick look at weather. >> a dry next couple of days but this morning, a live look at the bay area. the sun is coming up on the beautiful sunday morning. let's take a look at our
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conditions. 27 degrees and chilly in san jose. 39 oakland. 44. here's what we could expect the rest of the day. >> we lost it. >> we lost it. we'll come back to weather later on in the show. >> it will be nice i hear. >> yes. less than three days left 2013 which will go down as the bay area's driest calendar year on record. those records go back to 1849. as kpix 5's don knapp reports, the rain is measured in not in inches but in feet. >> lack of snow in the sierra but no snow is more concern for the state's water supply. the main source of water for the east bay municipal
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district. it's for hatchhachi. it's around the mount, 250 inches a year. the county is headed for a record low with 10.5 inches of rain. it's full at this time down to 58%. it's called for a voluntary cutback on water use and may consider rationing at the meeting. the lexington reservoir is dramatically low but that's deliberate. the district pulled out the water and put it in storage. the santa clara district makes it reservoirs. >> it's into the water basin in the wintertime and the spring and also making room for winter rain in our reservoirs. >> it's no need to worry about water for next sum iser, at least not yet. >> looks like weather conditions haven't changed but talk about what changes in water usage we need to call for
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in the community. >> reporter: even in los angeles, it's not a concern because it gets water in the california river and they've been socking it away with record amounts throughout the system. still, they are hoping for rain. >> we're all mindful of the fact it's gorgeous out here. we appreciate it, at the same time, we're concerned because it will have been a driest calendar year on record. >> reporter: in san jose, don knapp, kpix 5. a woman was shot and killed in san francisco at about 1:45 outside of the sun dance movie theater with at least one gunshot wound and later died of her injuries. so far, police are not releasing the victim's name or possible motive for the shooting. it's an option being considered by sam trans for the proposed service between palo alto and frequent stops would
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be eliminated. there's a dedicated lane specifically for the direct bus line. the agency said the study is still in the preliminary stages. >> we want to go out into the community. we want to talk to all of the communities impacted. we want to talk to our riders and get their input on it. so it's something that sort of the purpose of the study to get community feedback. >> the goal is to reduce congestion on al camino and give a quicker option. an alleged band of burglars is behind bars and a happy family in newark. ryan explains how good old fashioned police work paid off. >> it was the night before christmas when a group of grinches got away with gifts, games, and jewelry from three newark homes. they even stole a little boy's bike. >> the one thing i wanted for
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christmas was that bike. >> better a few days later, a tip from a jewelry store. someone selling an engraved bracelet that seemed like it might be stolen, so newark police went to work. >> she declined to buy that but she did take a photo of that with her phone and the men left with the jewelry. >> reporter: this is what investigators found after serving three search warrants, a few thousand dollars worth of electronics and jewelry and a couple of bad guys guns. >> we felt that the best gift for the community was to arrest these people and maybe minimize their effect on other residents. we're happy about it. >> reporter: so far, these stolen items trace back to one of the three burglarized homes. but police caught the alleged criminals and they're working on finding that bike still. brian web, kpix 5. a train struck and killed
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14 people in russia. it showed the moment it happened. you can see a bright orange flash followed by a plume of smoke. it came several months after a rebel leader called for new attacks. today's bombing happened about 400 miles southeast of sochi, the winter olympic games site john kerry heads to the middle east to continue peace talks. kerry is scheduled for the palestinian territories, discussing ongoing negotiations from leaders on both sides as israel is about to announce plans to build more jewish settlements to anger palestinians. feels like we say it every year, but if you haven't had the flu already, it's time to get the shot. >> the h1n1 virus is back and proven to be deadly. this holiday week, dr. wally
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seen double the amount of patients, many with the flu, none armed with the flu shot. >> it's never too late to get the flu vaccine. >> reporter: this year, it's more than the sick children and elerly getting the flu. it's the seemingly healthy and h1n1 may be the culprit. >> we are thinking that it might be it because when we got h1n1 in 2009, that's when we first saw otherwise healthy people coming down with severe flu. >> reporter: people like dustin wright, the 30-year-old texan got the flu the week before thanksgiving. doctors said wright had the h1n1 flu strain, also known as swine flu. he never got his flu shot. december 5th, the husband and father died. >> we're always worried about my son getting a flu shot. we're never worried about the two of us because you don't think it will happen to you. >> reporter: only 45% got a flu
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shot last year. this shot includes shot for h1n1 as well as influenza a and b. typically peaks in february but the best guarantee of not getting sick is lining up for your flu shot not so you're not lining up for the emergency room later. >> for now, what i see this season, it looks it may be well contained this season. >> just seems like it gets earlier and earlier. >> got to get your flu vaccines. believe it or not, i never got one growing up. i don't know your tradition or not. >> i never got one either. i've never had one. >> got to start this year. >> i know it. as 2013 draws to a close, look at new laws about to take effect. we'll look at the changes coming up. >> 2014 will be the last year for san jose mayor chuck reid turning out. the field of contenders for the bay area's largest city. >> right after the newscast,
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cbs's face the nation, look at nsa's surveillance and the state of privacy in america and how new technology is changing our lives. face the nation, 8:30 this morning on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is shaping up to be a nice day. taking a live look at sso right now. you can see clear skies. the sun is rising, shining on the buildings there. today, we can't forget about this. the raiders take on the broncos at home. kickoff 1:25. great football weather too, right? 65 degrees. >> good time to be watching. >> awesome. >> with the new year coming, it's not too soon to think about the 2014 elections. one of the bay area races will be with mayor chuck reid in his second and final term in the race to replace the mayor has a
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cornucopia of contenders. six current or former council members declared their candidacies. cortezi, rose herrera, pierre olivero. he's looking to move ahead with at least two major infrastructure projects. >> one involves the movement of water through tunnels. the other? the movement of people by rail. here's phil matier with the discussion of the politics involved. >> reporter: for the year ahead, california is looking at very big projects and joining
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us, willy brown. no stranger to big and chronicle reporter foley. we talk two of the biggest projects they've seen. the tunnels the government wants to build to connect northern california water and send it south and the high speed rail. these things are incredibly expensive. jerry is a good that likes to talk small and is talking bigger than ever >> you define them as big. jerry will not refer to the budgets as being big, bill. he'll talk about the necessity of california handling the 40 to 50 million people that will be here over the next 20 to 30 or 40 or 50 years and for 100 years, we'll be enjoying the benefit of both the tunnels and the rail. >> two words to that swimming pool. there's a resentment because northern california. >> that's what it comes down to. in los angeles, people swim in their pools with nice yards. you can talk small all you
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want. the price of the projects is not just big, it's swollen from the estimates and they'll hit jerry brown on that. not on much but these two. >> it's swollen because of the delay, delay, delay. we are 50 years behind schedule for moving the water from north to south as the population shifted to the bottom line. >> you're focusing on just the cost. keep in mind that on the water side, the southern california users pay for it. >> what are the big selling points on both high speed rail and possibly this one is jobs, it's a big jobs project as california coming out of the recession, is that a strong enough point to sell? >> what else is he going to talk about? sell it. >> you're really hostile when you're on a train to nowhere? >> train to nowhere. >> if you can move me from downtown san francisco to union station in los angeles in three
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and a half hours, that's far preferable than going out to the airport, getting through security on a plane, landing, coming all the way from the airport downtown los angeles, no. i would prefer. >> take it from fresno to bakersfield. >> i don't go fresno to bakersfield. >> the rail project is back and forth. >> on both issues, we'll see what happens. >> that's right. new state gun laws will take effect for buyers in 2014 including a ban on high capacity conversion kits for ammunition magazines. safe storage requirements for handguns and new possessions for people mentally ill and safety tests for buyers. other laws taking effect, sending text messages for driving, banned for even hand free devices. could be suspended or expelled and state minimum wage jumps to
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$9 per hour in july and local wages also go up in san francisco. and three more local cities adopted a ban on plastic bags, free single use plastic bags no longer available at stores and restaurants in richmond and pablo. paper bags are available for a smaller fee. expired for more than a million americans out of work. cbs reporter jeff reporting on what it will take to get benefits back. >> it's not a crutch. it we didn't do anything for christmas. $50 for our daughters. that's it. >> that one? >> among the nation's long-term unemployed. out of work for 27 weeks or more. approved by congress in 2008 at the start of the recession, the
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emergency unemployment compensation program extended benefits, a combined total of months in states. the congress opted not to be in the recent budget agreement, guaranteeing heated debate in the senate next month. the majority are in favor of an extension and cost more than $25 billion a year, but most republicans are against it unless the cost is matched dollar for dollar with cuts elsewhere in the budget. house speaker john boehner. >> i said we should consider it as long as it's paid for and as long as there are other efforts to help get our economy moving once again. >> in huntington, west virginia, lisa floyd lost her job eight months ago and found another one just in time. >> nothing aggravates me more than to be pigeon holed to be thinking the long-term unemployed. it's to me. >> making $7,000 less than she
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used to make as a manager. mary lowe is looking for employment and a boost for the government. >> i would have lost my home had it not been for those benefits. this isn't a bargaining chip for me and it's my lifeline. >> two u.s. senators work on a bill to restore benefits when they return on january 6. the white house support s that proposal. >> let's look at temperatures with our doppler. 27 degrees and chilly, but mountain view, 46 degrees. oakland, 44. san francisco, 49. chilly but clear out there. and look later on today, temperatures will rise. 64 degrees in san rafael and 62 in pacifica, great there and 66 in livermore. this is a look at our seven-day forecast. you can see pretty smooth for the rest of the week in the
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high 60s. dry though. that's not good. dry at least until the new year and then a few days into the new year. there you go. >> something to look forward to. u.s. war veteran finally gets a proper sendoff. six decades after he passed away. when we return, a look at why it took so long. ,,
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as art it took a while but the prayers of an american war widow have finally been answered. >> as art reports from southern california, it took years to give a proper burial with the recognition he deserves. >> answer the lord, let me live to receive this closure from my husband. >> reporter: the passage of time has not tarnished her love for late husband. at 94, this is the day she waited for. >> my husband was a wonderful man. he was a good husband. >> reporter: with the american red, white, and blue draped over the casket, it passed by the riders and plethora of american flags. >> i remember him especially because he was so helpful to this young greenhorn as they call us in those days >> a funeral service 63 years after the former p.o.w. was captured during the korean
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war in 1950 and died in march of 1951. >> this is the greatest gift to see for his wife. >> reporter: the purple heart and bronze star. >> this is something unique and special for this lady to have her husband come home after 60 years of not knowing where he was at. it's just a special, special occasion. >> reporter: but this is not just about a celebration of his life. it's a celebration of a love affair. you see, clara never remarried. >> i had a lovely time being a married woman. >> reporter: the remains of sergeant first class joseph made it here to ingle park cemetery, honors clara patiently waited for. >> that report. in 1903, gant died in custody. recently, his remains were identified. more than a million people
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now have enrolled for insurance in the improved web site. the health and human services department said in the week leading up to the december 24th, nearly twice as many people enrolled as in the first part of december. the number being reported today is only partial. that's because the administration does not have an update yet on the 14 states including california running their own web sites. now a mystery in solano county. he had no idea who he was or where he was born. he woke up dazed under a freeway overpass. he believes he came here from the east coast in 2011 on the promise of a job. he last remembers having a cup of coffee at a man's apartment before passing out. >> i've been struggling with this and just so frustrated >> he works and lives in a
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homeless shelter. eventually, he hopes to make his way back to the east coast where he believes he's from. you can call it the effect after teaming up to make 5-year- old miles scott' superhero wish come true. seen a 26% increase during the holiday season. the number of wishes that has also increased and make a wish is getting more complex requests. >> positive experience for our organization and i might suggest that just because something is harder doesn't make it negative. so if this means we've got to pivot and make some other considerations, we'll certainly do that. >> the charity will have granted 14,000 wishes by the end of this year ranging from meeting celebrities and athletes from trips to amusement parks. the average cost per wish is $18,000. playing out in the arabian desert. camels compete in a 15-day
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contest. they're strutting their stuff in several categories, judged on the size of their heads, length of their necks as well as their lashes and lips. a lot of categories there. top prize winners can sell for millions of dollars. >> still, i always like camel's eyelashes. beautiful eyelashes. >> got to curl them. still to come in the next half hour, a look back at a turbulent year. >> horse back riding turned frightening. injured several people. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a part of your sunday morni. the time is _ _ _. i'm mark kelly. >> thank you for making kpix 5 news a part of your sunday. it's 8:00. i'm mark sayre. >> i'm michelle griego. in today for anne makovec. a lot to talk about in the next half hour. suspects are arrested in a local burglary case that ruined a family christmas. >> and will we ever see the rain? 2013's going to the record books as the driest on record in the bay area. so how concerned should we be about our water supply? >> there was nothing dry about the year in politics. a look back at the political battle in washington in 2013. >> at the top of the news, an alleged band of burglars in
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custody thanks to an astute jewelry store owner, a happy family in newark. how good old fashioned police work paid off. >> reporter: 'twas the night before christmas when thieves stole a little boy's bike. >> the one thing i wanted for christmas was that bike. >> reporter: a break in the case, a tip from a jewelry store. someone selling an engraved bracelet that seemed like it might be stolen. so newark police went to work. >> they didn't actually sell that. she declined to buy that, but she did take a photo using her phone and the men left with the jewelry. >> reporter: this is what investigators found after serving three search warrants, a few thousand dollars worth of electronics and jewelry plus a couple of the bad guys' gun. >> we felt the best for the community was to arrest these
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people and maybe minimize the effect on other residents. we're happy about it. >> reporter: so far, these stolen items only traced back to one of the three burglarized homes, but police caught the alleged criminals and they're still working on finding that bike. brian webb, kpix 5. commuters along el camino, it could have its own reign. the agency is starting the feasibility of the proposed plan. >> we wanted to go out into the community and talk to the expanded communities impact and talk to the riders and get input on it. it's the purpose of the study to get community feedback. >> the plan is part of a strategy to reduce congestion by having people travel more efficiently.
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there's less than three days less in 2013 which will go down in history as the bay area's driest calendar year on record. keep in mind, those go back to 1849 and as kpix 5 don knapp reports, the shortage of rain is measured not in inches but in feet. >> borders are lamenting the lack of snow in the sierra, but no snow is a more worrisome concern for the supply. the main source of water for the east bay district. it's san francisco's sierra reservoir. it may be too soon to be worried but they're concerned. depends primarily on rain, connected in rains in and around the mount. this year, the county is headed for a record low with 10.5 inches of rain. reservoirs normally 68% full down to 58%. the district is calling for a
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cutback and may consider rationing for the meeting. the lexington reservoir is dramatically low but that's deliberate. the district pulled out the water and pull it in shortage. the santa clara district. >> we make sure it percolates so it's there for us in the wintertime and the spring and also makes room for winter rain in our reservoirs. >> there's no need to worry about water for next summer, at least not yet. >> in february, it looks like weather conditions haven't changed. then we'll really start to talk about what changes in water use efficiency we need to call for in the community. >> reporter: even in los angeles, the driest rainy season in memory is not yet a concern because l.a. gets water from northern california and the river. water managers are socking it away saying they have record amounts stored throughout the system. still, they are hoping for rain. >> we're all mindful of the
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fact it's gorgeous out here. we appreciate it. at the same time, we're concerned because it will have been the driest calendar year on record. >> reporter: in san jose, don knapp, kpix 5. >> it certainly has been dry. let's get a live look at our weather on sunday morning. clear, there's a beautiful shot of the bay bridge in san francisco. here's what to expect. santa rosa, chilly. livermore, a little higher at 43. here's what to expect later today when you plan your day. mostly clear start and cold in spots. sunny and mild and it's a spare the air day. we've seen several of those in the past week for consecutive days and then, dry for the rest of 2013. going into the new year. >> we need some moisture. let's get something going here. >> this year, one store in the bay area that came up again and again. it's not going away. >> sat down with two political insiders and asked, what was the big story? >> no question, it was tech and
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it will be tech in the year of 2014. >> what do you see in the crystal ball? >> it will continue to reshape the bay area, the wealth continuing to shape the bay area and start to reshape the politics. >> there's a libertarian streak in the tech community that's not quite in sync with the san francisco progressive liberal itch. we'll see a clash there. they want government hands off. >> you've got to know, joe, that in the tech world, they really have not yet focused on the traditional kind of things that happens politically. ron conway is probably the most important connection between old politics and the potential new politics of the tech world. i would guess that if the attack continues to come on block from moving employees from one spot to another and doing some of the other things, you'll find the techies coming out being as creative as
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they've been on producing iphones and all the other incredible gadgets they've done. they're going to be the gang gadgeteers of the world of politics. >> what does it mean for organized labor? >> organized labor is the mother's milk of traditional democratic politics here and the techies, they don't play that game. it will be a push and pull of that. there was pushback on the bart strike, for example. why is the system gone this way or these old work rules in place? why is the paper scheduled like that? there's a disconnect there and that's going to be continuing in 2014. >> i've been watching as far as the reshape of the bay area, but it's become increasingly the biggest issue is affordability. in san francisco, we have seen housing prices go up and all across the bay area, we've seen much of the same. the question is, what can be
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done to help the middle class in this? as somebody in the housing business for years, what do you think? >> you'll organize the whole business of housing production in the entire san francisco bay area, not just san francisco. there's land in san francisco and you have some of the most incredible powerful political forces that do not wish to have san francisco developed except on their schedule. that's the cartel, the choo choo organizations, et cetera et cetera. they're not interested in having houses really built in san francisco unless it's built on their direction. in my opinion, oakland has got to become the bedroom community to respond to the affordability question. >> you mentioned that, housing seemed to be the big story of the year, right? >> it really is. you've got local residents who have always lived here coming up against the newer techies moving in. there's not enough apartment units. >> the golden state warriors
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coming over to san francisco and yeah, again. 2014, national politics. president obama began second term and congressional gridlock led to a shutdown. >> two supporters of same-sex marriage and flocked in its initial rollout. danielle nottingham looks back at the year. >> solemnly swear. >> reporter: president obama began second term with ambitious agenda and gridlock on capitol hill. a push lobbying from gabbie giffords and newtown families went nowhere. >> it's a shameful day for washington. >> reporter: senate offered hope to millions of illegal immigrants looking for a pass to citizenship but the bipartisan reform legislation stalled in the house. >> people have to have confidence. the border is secure before
8:09 am
anything is going to work. >> reporter: a divided supreme court struck down part of the voting rights act and handed down a pair of syndicates. it issued another opinion allowing same-sex marriages to resume in california. republicans continued their fight to repeal president obama's healthcare law and refused to pass a budget until parts were scrapped or delayed. texas senator ted cruze spent 21 hours speaking against it with a bedtime story for his daughters. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. >> reporter: the standoff led to a 3 day partial government shutdown. >> i'm disgusted with them. >> reporter:, the web site where americans were supposed to buy insurance launched october 1st, but did not work. >> actually, i didn't realize it wouldn't be operating optimally before the launch. >> reporter: critics argued it went beyond >> this bill is fundamentally
8:10 am
flawed. it's causing people to lose the doctor of their choice. causing them to lose their health plan. >> reporter: a military judge handed bradley manning a 35 year prison sentence for giving thousands of classified documents to wikileaks but the army private was acquitted of the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. former contractor, edward snowden, took on the intelligence community revealing programs and finding asylum in russia. chris christie won reelection in new jersey and told washington to take note. >> if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv z right now and see how it's done. >> reporter: christie's speech hinted at a presidential run in 2016. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> so disturbing experience for some horseback riders in california. find out what went terribly wrong. >> and the popular local beach
8:11 am
is open again after several months, the improvements that visitors can now enjoy. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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(anchor does weather) a mad dash back to the barn turned 8:14 right now. let's take a live look out at ocean beach. look at how beautiful that is right now. clear skies. and look at this. new year's eve forecast, 53 degrees around 9:00 and then midnight, the very important time. 49 degrees and great night for fireworks because it will be clear, just a little chilly. cover up. >> light jacket. >> light, light jacket. a mad dash back to the barn turned a horseback ride for a group of i quest leans.
8:15 am
>> it was terrifying. >> they're expected to fully recover from the injuries. the vessel is stuck in multilayered ice, more than 10 feet thick. 74 scientists and tourists pin their hopes on a rescue by a chinese ice breaking ship after the helicopter flying overhead from the chinese ship but the weather took a turn for the worst. another rescue ship is now on its way. >> let's take a look at our weather for this sunday morning. first, current temperatures are 39. chilly in napa. a warmer 50 in fremont and then today, we can expect in fairfield, pacifica, 62 and mountain view, 65. for the next seven days, it's going to be dry, guys in the
8:16 am
bay area and 64 on tomorrow and new year's day, also 64. 66 further inland but 204, we're needing some rain. >> we are. good beach weather. you can go to marin county's beach. the pass to the beach is out of the dunes to protect plants. work was also done to restore a more natural flow of water to the area from the wetlands. the $4 million restoration was funded by settlement money from the 2007 costco oil spill in san francisco bay. still ahead, the best of the best in 2013. people who made a big difference in the bay area over the past year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ufc silva broke his leg on a kick ending the match. the bears dominated from start to finish. second half wallace from behind the yard. three bears at 18 points. in front of john. usf and portland, final seconds down. alens off balance for the tie. gets the go and then in overtime, gavin hoffman, the baseball pass to hollins, 86 wins on the road to portland. the world of baseball. arrested in florida for
8:20 am
speeding. caughtthat's the sports. have a great date. >> we're inspired by quiet heroes. >> kpix 5 kelly the jefferson award for public service. they showed some of the uplifting stories and ideas. >> go, go, go. >> from little league to special needs. from homeless -- >> desire, his will is to be whole. >> to healthcare. >> the bay area jefferson award winners never waiver in their commmitment to community. and they give us endless ideas for ways we can all get
8:21 am
involved. >> i want to start an organization that help young people find the biggest and best versions of themselves. >> says her for acting and singing. >> reporter: the performances given through lesley's peter pan foundation have raised for local charity. >> if i had an army of them, we could really change the world. >> reporter: that's what people think of karin and trisha. the pair smashes the myth of the self-centered teenager at ski resorts and distributes to homeless shelters. >> i like to walk down the street wearing the things we gave them. it's wonderful to see their eyes light up when they get their clothes. >> sometimes, the service project takes off in ways the
8:22 am
founders never imagine. >> it grew into something beyond my wildest dreams. >> kathy's tutor program blossomed in the alliance pairing hundreds of students with adult volunteer mentors and sometimes the simplest ideas do enormous good. >> i love cooking. my passion is cooking and it's kind of therapeutic for me. >> there's no better place for cynthia to share her kitchen skills than at this san francisco senior center where she's been feeding dozens of people every week for more than ten years. >> when i see seniors be happy, when they're served and they come and healthy, it feels satisfying. >> in one operation, they can change the life of a child. >> for 20 years, they've led operation rainbow. a nonprofit organization that
8:23 am
provides free orthopaedic surgery to needy children in underdeveloped countries. >> the same drive to help can have a good samaritan in his own backyard or a garage. >> in this garage, you come here with your shirt out. you're free and comfortable. say everything you want. >> he runs a men's group in the garage of his oakland home. dozens of men discuss the issues of life and steer younger members on to the right path. >> i just listen the first time and avoid the bumps in the road. >> whenever you find inspiration, consider getting involved. donate, contribute, volunteer, share your expertise or your passion. and join us in the new year for more stories of the jefferson awards for public service. happy holidays. >> we posted the story with links to the project. organizations of all of our local winners online.
8:24 am
you'll find them on our home page at giant strawberry in a big jam. happens to spoil one new year's eve tradition. ,,,,,,,,
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the student let's do one final look at your weather on this sunday. first, let's take a look at the highs up in santa rosa. 67 degrees. 62 in pacifica. 65 in oakland and 64 in san francisco and then over the next seven days, it's just dry dry dry. so by wednesday, by new year's day, 64 degrees. partly cloudy there but dry into 2014. >> new year's eve dry though, so that's pretty good, right? >> yeah. student body at high school in valley is saying it's about time the clock tower got fixed.
8:26 am
the three clocks facing different directions on the 68- year-old tower are out of sync for a while now, fixed many times over the years. like clockwork, gears start to fail every now and then. this time, they hired the expert from out of state who they help permanently fix the problem. >> i keep it. it's like having children. i go all over the country keeping time and after a while, i just get comfortable with the fact they're all running and operating perfectly. >> the clock will now be controlled by gps system. it will rely on satellites to keep perfect time. >> mystery remains regarding who has a winning megamillions lotto ticket purchased at an east san jose gift shop. >> they purchased at gift and kids ware and let to come forward. the person is one of two winners splitting the second largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. a winner has come forward. the ticket is worth up to $173
8:27 am
million before taxes, the ticketholder has up to a year to claim the prize. new year's eve might not be the same in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> it's to lower a giant strawberry instead of a crystal ball but the 80 point illuminated strawberry fell during a practice run. a faulty harness is to blame while organizers say they're working now feverishly to replace it in time. my hometown in scranton, pennsylvania, they would drop a diamond because it has a coal mining history, diamonds, coal. >> got it, got it. >> a pennsylvania thing, i don't know. >> maybe they can borrow the diamond in harrisburg to lower it and something right. that's good. thank you for joining us this morning. >> face the nation is up next here on kpix 5. ,,
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>> major: today on "face the nation." a look back at the story of the year. surveillance in america and look ahead to what to expect in 2014. >> the conversation occurring today will determine the amount much trust we can place both in the technology that surrounds it he and government that regulates it. >> edward snowden says his job is finished, many say he won the year by disclosing the most secret. some sahl him a traitor others a hero. we'll hear from both sides of the issue. we'll talk about the future of towner terrorism with former nsa and cia boss general michael hey den and snowden's advisor and nsa former employee. we'll hear from reporters who broke the snowden news.


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