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tv   To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe  CBS  December 29, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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one i thought it was an acting job. tyrod taylor warming up on the sideline. he was only 13 yards back instead of the 15 and that changes the rules regarding the punters. jim: second and 4. well covered up by matt elam that time on a.j. green. phil: that is how you stop spies wide receiver screens. defensive backs and safeties need to react fast. matt elam, rookie from florida. first round pick. he is coming through. he has a bright future. you want to be a really good defense, you need a safety back there that can make those types of plays. jim: four receivers for the bengals. third down 3. jim: again it is a screen. bernard hurdles to the 20-yard line. giovani bernard.
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phil: here comes the blitz. the game is great. it frees up daryl smith. you always have to be alert for the screens with this offense. and they want to get the football to number 25 as many times as possible. a nice adjustment wasn't it, hanging with the football. there is a lot of shake in this guy's game. looked down the field. concentrated on the football again. im: picks up 15. and on first down pump fake and now the throw away by dalton. we have another update on the steelers-browns game. james: pittsburgh doing its part. shannon: they need a win and a lot of help. his wayds, bell barrels into the end zone.
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james: jim and phil. second belichick amongst scrimmage yards in rookies behind only lacy. second and 10. the end zone and almost pulled in with a one handed grab by green. phil: beautiful anticipation. a.j. green waits just a second long to turn his head. ebb outside. >> lardarius webb, great cover guy. jim: third and 10. they are 3 out of 4 on third own.
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gets it off just in time. a time-out was called from the sideline. there was concern again that they might not beat it, the snap that is, in time. it is a second time-out called by the bengals. both times battling against the lay clock. well, the six seed. yeah. you have the seeding issues for all of those division winners. baltimore needing a win and a miami loss. miami up in that game right now. or they need a win and san diego loss or losses across the board for all of the teams that have a shot at it. ravens are not out with a loss but need all kinds of help. you have pittsburgh already up on cleveland. phil: jets down inside the 10
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against the miami dolphins. in case you are a ravens' fan you want to know. jim: on third and 10. dalton going to the end zone and throws wide of the mark. phil: it is the late blitz. andy dalton does not see whitworth make that initial move. otherwise he will have a chance for a touchdown. jim: mike nugent hasn't had an attempt in the last three games. phil: why is that? jim: because they are so efficient in the red zone. phil: they are smoking in the red zone, no doubt. he is 16-20 on the year from 30 yards out. nugent is good.
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ram. jim: well, the bengals able to
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withstand two early picks and only surender a couple of field goals and now score 10 nanswered. bengals have just mauled their opponents. outscored their opponents 69-6 in this quarter. jacoby jones wants it from 18. out past the 20. a flag is out. 33-yard run back and flacco is some kind of durable. never missed a game in his career. >> during the return, holding receiving team number 36. 10-yard penalty, first down.
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jim: he is having a rough go so far today. you can see that he was limping. the big hits. really not able to protect himself because the hits are coming so fast. jim: by the way, as he held that knee on that one hit that you time. second or third he told under the circumstances last night he will not need surgery. a lot of people were speculating that there would not be an issue with that. lag out. >> false start offense. number 60. james: d-line help on the o. >> rex ryan says sheldon richardson, get in there.
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7-7 ballgame. jim: how about that. phil: sheldon richardson. jim: that is marlon brown with the catch. greg gumbel and dan dierdorf. this is his final regular season broadcast. he will be retiring in a couple of weeks time from the booth fter a decorated career. second and 11. and it is pierce with the bengals right there. perfect. sets him back two yards. jim: vontaze burfict he is the leader of this defense. recognizes the screen and gets
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the tackle. burfict is absolutely the m.v.p. of this bengals defense. leadership. knows what to do. man, when he goes to make the tackle there is no doubt about it, he runs through the person with the football. pierce is stopped well short of the first. normally it is rice catching the screens but he is not seeing a lot of action today. phil: no, he is not. there is nowhere to go that time. watch him surround the short pass. joe flacco can't wait to throw it. ook at that. jim: third straight three-and-out for the ravens.
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is coming up as they are taking on the early action. the latest scenarios on the verizon halftime report. phil: coach cower trying to explain to them all what is going on. jim: you don't think they can figure it out themselves? >> he is the coach and the leader. something goes wrong, you blame him. jim: first down for the bengals. dalton out over to alex smith. he fumbles and it is recovered by cincinnati. just the third catch of the year by smith as the top two tight ds are inactive, gresham and eifert. phil: he dump its off. you said it. third catch by smith. not used to handling that football in a crowd. very fortunate that whitworth was there to get it. jim: alertly falls on it. it is a second and 3.
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phil: they are looking for big plays, this offense. they have die it is going deep. jim: quick wide receiver screen to hawkins. inside the 30 and finally tackled out at the 23. marvin jones and a.j. green. phil: you think i am overstating the case? a little quick screen outside. you have burr giovani bernard. how about hawkins. fast, quick in space. he sees where to cut. cut its back. awesome move. jim: how about the blocks by green and jones. phil: yep. these wide receivers catch it and they are all excellent blockers >> jim: picks up 22. hil: they have it all. im: it is a one-yard play.
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phil: here they are. they do so much. shift in motions. wide receivers. running backs. they have wildcat. phil: pretty good. not quite fast enough but i try. jim: bernard takes it out to the 6. i said when you look at this offense, that is what is coming up. jay gruden has thrown a lot at them. they absorbed it over three years and we are seeing the result of it. it is dangerous to say the least. jim: they are go to let it run down to the two-minute warning
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call 1-888-xarelto or visit jim: you see suggests and dumervil both on the sideline. the bengals scored on their last 12 red zone drive touchdown. did he pull it in? yes, he did. it is jones with the touchdown rab.
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phil: it is a big key for this football team and throwing the football. did he get his hands under it? it looks like he does. looked like webb might have even pass interfered. what a catch by marvin jones. we have seen that before in the end zone. jim: his 10th touchdown reception of the season. he had a four touchdown game earlier in the year. his first ever touchdown came week 17 last year against baltimore. now that makes it 13 straight touchdowns in the red zone for cincy. extra point is good. and the ravens have allowed now touchdowns on the last 10 red zone possessions by their opposition. dalton sets the new team record
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with 33 touchdown passes in a season. phil: well, jim, let's look at the touchdown and see what happens. the safety is in the middle. they will be up inside in that seam trying to give the offensive player just a bit of room. they do it. a good release off line of scrimmage and a perfect throw by andy dalton. webb is all over him. nothing you can do about throws like that in the end zone that are high. jim: boy, that is quite a catch too by marvin jones. we were talking to him on friday about his first ever touchdown in the nfl. here it was just a year ago. this against baltimore. phil: he is having quite a year. last year got in rhythm. worked on his game in the off-season. he will just continue the good
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stuff. he is all excited about getting married in march. getting married to jasmine. that is exciting. lot more to do this year. jim: jacoby jones fourth in the league this year in kick return average. 32-yard run back to factor in. williams brings him down. dalton not only sets the single season mark for cincinnati with touchdown passes bettering the 32 that had been held by carson palmer. he also sets the cincinnati single season record for pass yards. 4,170. phil: you look at this baltimore offense, they have to get joe flacco time first and foremost and they need drive starters. he has rice in the game and a diving catch. no.
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incomplete. pitta. joe flacco misses him. i have seen a lot of games by this ravens team and joe flacco does not miss open receivers. he has to adjust. hang in there. settle down. when he is there he has to make the throw. jim: ravens have all three time-outs. second and 10. it is back to pitta for the first. phil: you know what makes it tough, too. it is easy to say all of this stuff but this is one rough defense. you can move it sometimes but they have pass rushers, an excellent blitz team and you always have to be on high alert. two linebackers inside.
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into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history a third straight year. they could move up as high as number two and get the bye if new england loses to buffalo and the bengals win the game. phil: if they do win they will be eagerly watching the tv creen later today. econd and 2. in trouble and he is banged around again. michael johnson and marcus hunt.
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>> they had both defensive tackles switch positions and the offensive line did not adjust. they opened up the lane and flacco goes down again. phil: and a loss of eight. they are running after him. he throws it in the direction of pitta. it was dunlap this time who really broke up flacco's intentions. phil: watch the linemen do this. they don't have an answer for it. joe flacco just not able to move. it will be interesting. i think that there is a decision for the baltimore ravens. jim: koch to tate. the bengals have one time-out. they are trying to do something ere before the half.
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there is a flag out. after a 49-yard punt by koch and an 18-yard return. >> during the run back, illegal block in the back. jim: tuesday cbs sports with its long tradition of broadcasting the sun bowl continues down in el paso with virginia tech and ucla tuesday at 2:00 eastern time on new year's eve day. phil: you know jim as i said this, joe flacco in his second half. you will still be the starting quarterback. see how it reacts. if you think it does not give you the best chance to win it is
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not the worst for his protection and your team you might have to play taylor here in the second half. jim: well, they are down 11. jets are threatening to go in. they have a goal to go situation down at miami with that game tied up 7-7 late first half. that was part of the equation. 17-6, the last 17 of the half belonging to cincinnati. green with the long touchdown catch. later jones with a beautiful grab. you are watching the nfl on cbs.
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james: welcome back to our new york studio and the verizon halftime report. i am james brown along with coach, shannon and boomer. shannon: andy dalton did not get off to a great start. two interceptions on the first two possessions.
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up top a.j. green answers down below and into the end zone. he would score another touchdown. 17-6. dan: how does a.j. green get that wide open? bill: ryan tannehill making the throw to mike wallace. big fellow, sheldon richardson from one yard out. geno smith, look at the effort here and gets into the end zone. 14-7 jets. boomer: pittsburgh steelers. a miami loss. a baltimore loss and san diego loss. bell with that five-yard touchdown run. james: coach had a little extra juice in that highlight. boomer: trent richardson goes n. shannon:


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