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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  December 29, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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up top a.j. green answers down below and into the end zone. he would score another touchdown. 17-6. dan: how does a.j. green get that wide open? bill: ryan tannehill making the throw to mike wallace. big fellow, sheldon richardson from one yard out. geno smith, look at the effort here and gets into the end zone. 14-7 jets. boomer: pittsburgh steelers. a miami loss. a baltimore loss and san diego loss. bell with that five-yard touchdown run. james: coach had a little extra juice in that highlight. boomer: trent richardson goes n. shannon: matt ryan.
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jason snelling. absorbed the big hit from thomas davis and into the end zone. thank you. into the end zone he goes. cam newton just popped a touchdown to ted ginn jr. dan: these folks have families too. they have to show up and pay the bills. bill: the only touchdown here comes from door darrel patterson, a rookie, took it 50 yards on the run. etroit 56 yards at the half. dan: there is the texans. matt schaub is having a good first half. james: we look at ted ginn getting it done. shannon: that is cam newton. why are you jumping? he scored anyway. james: say for whatever reason.
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andy dalton. boomer: he got off to a bad start and a little nerves but a nice play by cory graham on the first interception and then he overthrows a.j. green on the second one. playing quarterback in the nfl, you have to have a short memory and overcome adversity through all of the tough times. he throws two touchdown passes. i don't know why baltimore play thad kind of defense. how about the catch by sanu. two touchdown passes on the day. breaks the record of carson palmer. a tremendous game since the second interception. shannon: the ravens are in cover 6 meaning quarter, quarter, half. quarters at the top. half coverage the bottom of the field. but whatever the coverage they are playing they should have been in that coverage. they had the perfect call for the perfect coverage.
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bill: andy dalton, they do not lose confidence. jay gruden continues to attack. up best when they are aggressive. i know phil simms mentioned that. i will will tell you, andy dalton has a short memory. dan: go ahead. boomer: i picked the bengals in the pregame show. you want me to sign this? to shannon with love. dan: the defense has been all over the ravens. they have to pick it up. shannon: you know i think at this point maybe you go to your backup. joe flacco's mobility limited. see what you can get with your backup. bill: it is unbelievable that this baltimore team, the inconsistencies on the offensive side of the ball. they can't get a running game. dan: they don't do anything really, really well. james: boomer have promo work?
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>> scout by cotchery. the steelers with a quick strike. >> dalton has a man wide open. touchdown with a.j. green. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, duck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at jim: getting ready for the start of the second half. the ravens will be receiving the second half kickoff. let's listen to some of the sounds here. as far as the effort by the
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ravens. after talking to john harbaugh, he was talking about climbing a mountain here. this team would be coming out and playing a much more inspired effort than what they saw last week against new england. >> i thought they played inspired. there is no doubt about it. this is a really good football team they are facing. they overcame a horrible start. we saw the talent that they have. the ravens, it is a tough task even though they are down. new york jets are beating the dolphins at the half. i know they talked about it at the halftime. they have to make something early. jim: i know it is only halfway through the 1:00 game but things are breaking in the right direction for san diego and you can even say for pittsburgh. the dolphins trailing the jets at halftime. here are the first half
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possessions for the ravens. field goal, field goal and then very little to account for after that. one first down the last four drives. and their wide receivers today, hree catches for 14 yards. it is rice. right into the line. maybe able to get a yard out of it. here are the first half numbers or the quarterbacks. dalton, 2-2. two touchdowns after the early picks. econd and 9. that is incomplete. looking for jacoby jones with adam jones on the coverage. phil: pacman jones.
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adam jones, he has really played well the last few weeks. teams like to throw to his side. he has three interceptions. what he couldn't do before, he does now. find the football when it is in the air. he has been doing that very well. jim: total yards after the two raven field goals, 189-34. third and 9 and flacco is sacked for the second time today. crocker, you saw him ready to pounce on the blitz and he got to him. phil: three linebackers inside. who is going to blitz? they don't know. and that frees up chris crocker from the outside. so it really caught the ravens in a tough situation. you have the crowd noise. you can't make the adjustments at line of scrimmage. awesome call by mike zimmer.
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jim: we mentioned the numbers before that third down snap resulting in a nine-yard sack. 24 yards of offense since tucker's second field goal. first snap of the second half for the bengals and dalton throwing it into the ground in the direction of orison charles. how about the rebound by dalton after a couple of poor throws at the start to come back and throw a couple of touchdowns. , we heard boomer talk about it at half. you are going to make mistakes in this league. at least they are trying to be aggressive when they make those mistakes. andy dalton said i am going to go out there, play well and shut
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up everybody who doubts my talent. jim: over the head of a.j. green with smith on the coverage. phil: but i think even that statement he made to us says a lot about him, that he is determined. he is not worried about the nay-sayers. we know in this league, even though he is a young quarterback you have to win a super bowl before we validate your career. incredible the way it is. that is the truth. but he had another solid year and he keeps getting better in is third year. this offense, it is about the quarterback distributing the football. jim: it is a third and 10 for dalton. wide open is hawkins. out to the 45 of the ravens. a gain of 14. phil: one thing that i really noticed is a difference between the previous two years is when the pressure in the pocket
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starts to collapse he stands right in there and throws over the top of the defensive players. it is the blitz. there is a blitz and the pocket caves in. beautiful throw over the middle. gives a lot of credit to this offensive line. how about that. 17-6, three straight throws. overthrown. excellent coverage by jimmy smith. he was right there with a.j. green. if you thought your fantasy season was over, it is not. you can play nfl playoff challenge. eight players. four rounds. learn more at phil: talking to andy dalton on friday too, we covered enough of his games. i remember seeing him late in the year. he looked like a rookie that
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kind of hit the wall. he said what a difference, still fresh late in the year. >> gives to green-ellis running right behind the replacement center, trevor robinson for three. now you see another player, alex smith, hobbling to the sideline. they lost kyle cook in the first half. phil: two starting tight ends are out too. hich you talked about. im: third and 7. intercepted and it is webb who has it. very nearly had jones strip him from behind. so webb who only had one pick on the year coming in, that was
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against dalton in the earlier match-up. he gets him here. phil: it is pressure on the quarterback. that pocket really collapsed fast. i think that he overthrew a.j. green on the under route as he comes across because he had to throw the football before he was ready. that is a bad mistake. you can't take chances. you have to understand the score and be more careful in a situation like that as your quarterback. jim: let's see if this is the park that the ravens needed. flacco to pitta. he is down at the 41. that reception stands. by the way this is the first time that dalton has been intercepted in his career. hree times in a home game. phil: i give him a lot of credit. they pushed the pocket and made
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him throw the football before he was ready. jim: second and 4 over to brown. phil: good start in this drive by the ravens offense. joe flacco gets some rhythm throwing the football. he got easy throws finally. and also the bengals defense, it backed off. the ravens took advantage of it. jim: torrey smith has just one atch in this game. >> neutral zone infraction, 98 defense. five-yard penalty. irst down. phil: it is a big drive for this ravens' offense. whatever you saved for the second half, you bring it out now.
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two linebackers near the center. jim: first and 5 over to pitta. he has blockers ahead. and he is out of bounds with another first down. phil: awesome job by joe flacco. chris crocker once again comes on the blitz untouched. catches it. looks. gets rid of it. it is a good thing they had a screen to the tight end. jim: the draw to rice. tried to cut outside. maualuga had a hold of him
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quickly. gain of two. phil: linebackers, a really good group for the bengals. they see a run and watch how fast maualuga comes up. rms around and takes him down. jim: second and 8. empty backfield and flacco throws it away in the direction f smith. , we said it about andy dalton. joe flacco, if it is thrnt. try to take a sack. definitely do not turn it over. a field goal gets you to one core down. jim: they need to get to the 13
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this time. pitta. cannot cut it upfield and pick up the first. he is three yards short. he will have to go field goal to bring it down to a one possession game. phil: it shows you what a job that time chasing pitta down and brings him down. when you move the ball on the bengals, they have answers. they can change you up and take you out of rhythm with different combinations, pass rushers and blitzers. ravens are not able to take advantage of it. jim: tucker has set the franchise record for points scored in a season tries from 34. he is 3-3 on the day. justin tucker. so three interceptions by the ravens today. all three times the result was a field goal. ♪
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never found the end zone. tucker, 6-6 on field goals. last week a touchdown against the patriots. one touchdown in their last 35 possessions. the run back is a good one all the way out to the 32. well, look who is working on new year's eve. j.b., cris and phil simms. ringing in the new year. phil: don't sound so shocked that we are working. jim: balloons will be flying. there you go. , we are go to drop cris collinsworth on his head. that is how we celebrate the new year. jim: phil simms wednesday night on showtime. phil: thanks, jim.
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it is bernard. he gets out to the 39. that burst is good for seven. phil: how about this bengals offensive line though. they get a injury in there, kyle cook, the center. they move it around. i noticed that. they have depth. they have players. they have versatilities and still get it done to give their quarterback a chance. now you have andrew whitworth at left tackle instead of left guard. jim: second and 3. bernard again. the ravens went right down the line with him, including elam. the rookie pounding the ground as he makes a tackle behind the line for a loss of four. phil: he had one of the best games have i seen the safety had all year. when he plays near line of
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scrimmage he can tackle. he can blitz. diagnoses plays quickly. he was definitely worth a first round draft pick. jim: we will see if the ravens can get the bengals off the field in a hurry. phil: give them a taste of their own medicine as they fake the blitz inside. >> false start offense, number 67. jim: that is twice today andy dalton tried the hard count. if they are go to blitz, you get them offsides. with those hard counts the offensive linemen they have jumped both times. third and 12. the pass is well defended.
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no flag. looking for jones. phil: i tell you what, andy dalton definitely is not shy. that football looked like it might have been wet. it slipped out of his hands. jones going across the field. you have to square that route off. he is drifting away. he gets defensive backs to cut underneath you and get interceptions. jim: so, a three-and-out is forced by baltimore. the first time today. my gosh. it is into the stands. there is a snap hook. phil: the side judge never saw it. jim: i have never seen that. saw shanks. look out left. phil: the rush made him do it. jim: it is a 10-yard punt.
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jim: punting. phil: look at the ball turning when he dropped it. he hit the outside of it. that is darren simmons, the special teams coach. jim: it traveled only 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. so, the ravens have the ball at the cincinnati 40. phil: well, you talk about three turnovers and that punt. you can't get many more chances than this if you are the ravens offense. jim: they stack the left side and go gun. the pass is threaded to


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